The Great Migration as a Work of Art

The Italian government is subsidizing pro-migration propaganda to the tune of €1.5 million. They even have a new word for all the subsidized movies and plays that celebrate Italian diversity: “Migrarti”.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

We pay 1.5 million euros to finance films on migrants

The announcement by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for cinema and show projects that illustrate the different cultures present in Italy

by Claudio Cartaldo
January 4, 2018

Migrarti. Or art and migrants. The project of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, directed — for now — by Dario Franceschini has renewed for the third year in a row the funding of about one and a half million euros to produce theatrical performances and films that tell of “the different cultures in Italy”.

The Migrarti project

On the website we read that the “Migrarti project was born in 2016 with the aim of involving the immigrant communities that are permanently resident in Italy, with particular attention to second-generation young people who are now an integral part from the point of view of the human, economic cultural and working of the social fabric of our country.” Integration, in short. This is the password. But with the help of cinema and culture, it risks transforming itself into propaganda. The unique thought that immigration is always a good thing and never a problem to face, solve and manage.

Propaganda pro-migrants

The “cinema and entertainment projects dedicated to the various cultures present today in Italy” will therefore again return to the center of government attention this year. As La Verità writes, these are two announcements for which candidates can register again for a week. Then two winners will be chosen: “The Entertainment Show is open to theater, dance and music projects, while the Cinema competition is open to reviews, short films and documentaries,” the ministry website writes. “Both announcements are aimed at consolidating the link with the ‘new Italians’, recognizing and enhancing their cultures of origin.” To give an example, in the cinema category contributions will be granted “for the realization of projects aimed at the enhancement and knowledge of the cultures of immigrant populations in Italy as well as the development of comparison and intercultural dialogue”.

“Migration,” said Minister Franceschini, “helps the creative expression of the many cultures and communities present in our country and fosters their knowledge, facilitating comparison and integration.”

9 thoughts on “The Great Migration as a Work of Art

  1. and meanwhile in Germany….
    we are looking forward to a movie – fasten your seatbelts- about Germans having to take refuge in Africa! to be broadcasted on february 14 th on public tv, thus publically funded.
    Sure enough, the screenshots show downtrodden unwashed people in need of help.No new top brand sneakers or iphones.
    This is supposed to be a dystopia, but the real ones were based on factual situations and their projections into a future, while this one is not.
    To wit: Europe was taken over by right governments and now freedomfighters, gays and sure enough …. muslims face prosecution and are directed by handlers to South Africa, where they will face all the problems that refugees face here, so the makers make us believe.
    And this is where if ever a reasonable dystopia ends, because:
    Which country would let in millions of Germans?
    Will they get ashore seemingly unharmed and unstripped of their least possessions?
    Will South Africa provide food, shelter( equipped kitchen, wall to wall carpeting..) phones,clothes and some pocketmoney to gamble with and aknowledge their doubtful vocational diplomas?
    And last but not least: who are those future governments staffed with and how will the prosecution be executed? By then incontinent AfD members running on Zimmers?Who will physically expell the unwanted persons? The ferocious army of teddybear- launchers or even the police that gets beaten up by ” youths”?
    Btw, the producing firm is subsidiary of public ARD and is run by a lady who happens to be the daughter of secretary of finance Dr. Schäuble and has an annual budget of 400 mil.€
    Is this possibly the ” real” dystopia?

    • Germans are too dumb to understand what is really happening in their country.
      Germany is sinking very fast; the only hope is to change completely the government; I mean completely get rid of: Merkel, Schulz, Greens, Gabriel, and on and on. These individuals are destroying Germany in a speedy way.

      Support AFD, this is the only sane party; they want their own country back.

  2. Speaking with my painter’s hat on, one would think art-world is full of rebels, misfits and reactionaries but it’s the exact opposite in my experience or rather, there are such types but almost always to the left of the political spectrum and if not, they are starved of funds and get blacklisted, subsequently art-schools and the art-world are some of the most politically-correct places in the West.
    One might find much modern art deliberately offensive, incomprehensible or absurd but almost always never ‘right-wing’.

    Politicised (what isn’t these days?) subsidies and grants are used to advance politically-correct projects, which in turn means young artists produce increasingly pc work to attract sponsorship or grants.
    It’s self-perpetuating.

    • You’ve just explained why, in almost three decades of painting (mostly landscapes), the Baron refused to apply for grants.

      • and he most surely should not apply at the Vienna academy!
        Excuse the punch. I had had to think of a painter of landscapes long gone. No foul intended.

      • I can relate to that.
        For example looking at Arts Council grants and projects available at the moment in my neck of the woods, several are for ‘environmental’ projects while 6 artists are being tasked to produce work, to the music of an African musician residing in the UK.
        Another example was the recent taxpayer-funded ‘rappers’ named ‘Young Fathers’ and their puerile ‘performance’, supposedly undermining ‘white privilege’ at the National Gallery of Scotland.
        Which we covered at the Participator.

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