After More Than Two Centuries of Peace Sweden Prepares for War

From a Norwegian writer:

According to Aftonbladet, the Swedish government is preparing to reissue the pamphlet “If the war comes” and send it to all 4.7 million households in the country. The director of communication of the Defence Authorities Svante Werger stated that “we are anticipating the possibility of an armed attack by a foreign nation.”

The pamphlet was first issued in 1943 during WWII but was retired after the end of the Cold War. As such, its revival marks a level of fear of conflict not seen for three decades. While the Defence Authorities do not explicitly state which foreign nation they are referring to, given the recent debates in the Swedish parliament, it is widely believed to be Russia.

Yes, Russia again. It seems like they are every leftist’s favorite villain these days.

However, there may be another reason closer to home that they’re concerned about preparing the populace for war. For several decades, Sweden has had a sclerotic immigration policy under which uneducated and often illiterate people from poverty and war-stricken areas would be free to come to the nation.

They have been gathering in ghettos rejecting Swedish culture and civil values while collecting their welfare checks. These ghettos have turned into no-go zones in which ethnic Swedes cannot safely enter.

It is in these places that large groups of young men, mostly Muslims, have been accumulating military grade weapons. Yes, that’s right. They are building a paramilitary army. This has resulted in Sweden having a hand grenade problem. Only countries at war have as many hand grenade attacks per capita, and they are escalating.

[Continue reading here. The author explains why the military will be necessary to return order to Sweden’s neighborhoods.]

Here’s the author and his bio:


International Correspondent at Onar is a Norwegian author who has written extensively on politics, technology, and science. He has a mathematics and physics background and has been a technological entrepreneur for twenty years, working in areas ranging from biomass gasification and AI to 3D cameras and 3D TV. He is currently also the Editor of the alternative news site Ekte Nyheter (Authentic News) in Norway.

36 thoughts on “After More Than Two Centuries of Peace Sweden Prepares for War

  1. The Swedes are being eaten alive from the inside out, and they’re worried about an external threat?

      • True that. At long last, some sane heads in the Swedish government (all 1.35 of them) are beginning to worry about the enemy INSIDE the gates. But of course, they can’t bring themselves to admit they are first and foremost responsible for the Trojan Horse themselves. So that’s why the fairytale about the Russians.

        Actually, I would wager that the whole country being overrun by the Ruskis would be preferable to being overtaken by Somali thugs. In the former scenario, underneath the occupation Sweden would remain Sweden. My wife is from Poland and all thru the Cold War, it was so to say occupied by the Russians. There were Soviet units stationed in her city. But despite that, the land, the people and the culture remained intact.

        • I know a little Polish and sometimes read Polish publications. They write that during the Soviet Union, everything that happened in Poland – forests, factories, shipyards and so on, belonged to the Poles, not Soros or unknown magnates from across the ocean.

  2. If Sweden loses the war with the immigrants they might get liberated by Russia, I suppose. Hard to see any of their fellow Europeans stepping in.

  3. What a puny ploy tho. Has Gustav III returned from the grave looking for a rematch for 1788-90?

    I get what you are saying Baron but I just can’t believe that the […] leadership who let them all in now thinks it is going to fight them for possession of Sweden.

    Maybe the Swedegov fears that their dear guests–emboldened by what’s been going on — are going to go for a takeover before the point of overwhelming numbers is reached. Given the opposition they have had so far –why not?

    Of course, if the imported won such a coup, executing the present Swedish Establishment would be the first order of business. That is a threat that might wake said Establishment up–so long as others have to fight/die in their defence rather than the political porkers themselves.

    • Maybe they’re worried about native Swedes waking up and fighting back…

      On a 100 year horizon, a Russian invasion is probably the best thing that could happen now. That’s how bad the situation seems to be.

      I cannot see Sweden as a livable place in 20 years, pretty much no matter what.

    • Mr Ecks:

      This is not my post; it’s Dymphna’s. But she didn’t write it (not most of it); she’s quoting someone else.

  4. Does anyone (in the world) believe that the Swede’s will give their military that required ‘free pass’ in order to rectify the ongoing process? 8D

    Because that is what the situation needs.

  5. This is a very bad sign that you have an outdated manual. This means that the authorities intentionally make their people unprepared for the challenges of the time. This means that the population is destined to go under the knife. The last war, when soldiers killed more than the civilian population, was in the 19th century. In the 20th century, the balance changed
    I think this publication is interesting

  6. While it’s sobering that a Norwegian describes Sweden in such apocalyptic terms, how is the situation in Norway?

  7. I think, when the Swedish officialdom speaks about external threat they actually mean it to be Russia. One theory is that they are not so bright, but there is another possibility: that the US will keep provoking Russia until it has no choice but to respond or loose face.

    • There is a tv series about Russia invading either Norway or Sweden to access natural resources. The hero of the story lives in the far north and is married to a black woman so you can guess how leftist the rest is going to be.

      Russia is being painted up as the bad guy by the left.

      • Russian leaders aren’t good people. Just look at Dead-Eyes Putin as an example. Are they as overtly totalitarian as the USSR?? No. But covertly it remains a hard place to stay human…lots of KGB, including Putin, just migrated into governance.

        • That’s what the people really think about their leaders.

          positive / neutral / negative / very negative

          Many people think that there really is no Putin. There is a simulacrum, a cardboard cover for the colonial oligarchs.
          In addition, it looks like it was changed since 2007. It’s quite another person.

        • Russia is also infested by Asian Muslims. I am not sure how true is it but recently I found out on the Internet that state one of the richest “Russian” is an Asian Muslim. So, not surprising to hear that it is difficult to stay human in such a cesspit.

          • Russia is also infested by stalinists, imperial supremacists, organized crime, oligarchy, monarchists, Orthodox fascists, state bureaucratic corruptioners, Kadyrov’s jihadists, etc.

            the country is un-productive, inhumane archaic jungle relying on
            – oil/gas blackmail,
            – threats of nuclear weapons, and
            – export of wars, corruption an crime.

            has someone ever seen something useful, at least nail or bolt, made in Russia?

          • If you are talking about Usmanov, he is a Bukharian Jew. Mostly our oligarchs are from the “God-chosen people”. The rest are ethnic. They did not create anything themselves. Wealth they did not inherit – they were appointed by the oligarchs to plunder the country.

        • this is understatement.
          Putin’s Russia is nuclear-armed, secretive, archaic/fascist/nihilist eclectic, – destructive, aggressive and unpredictable.

          as JP says, – the worst possible combination, resentment, deceit and arrogance.

          so, Swedes feel danger from both sides..
          As Russian proverb says, calamity doesn’t come alone.

          • I do not consider Russia to be a politically independent country. I think that the world has long been not the same as we see on the world map. Yes, Putin acts in someone’s interests. In whose – it is not clear, but it is not the interests of Russians.
            Whose problems he solves in Syria – no one understands.

  8. Are these hand grenades military explosives? Unless I’ve missed something it seems that a lot of these have gone off and very few if any people have died. Or are they being used to vandalise property, terror tactics, rather than aimed at people?

    • Yes, they are surplus military explosives , mostly from the former Jugoslavia. And, yes, so far it seems that they are mostly used as a terror tactic and for vandalization of rival gang property. They do keep chugging them towards people too, but generally, the perpetrators being under the average IQ of the population, they don’t really seem to understand how a grenade works. Many of them are found with the safety pin still attached, or they are just thrown randomly in the correct direction.
      Sooner or later though, they will learn…

  9. Елена
    not sure if your Protocols-style conspiracies will be that popular among American folk.

    Putin’s allies in Syria are Iran and Hezbollah, who are both declaring, and comitted to, and practicing the destruction of Israel. Sometimes Erdogan joins them – he is also hostile to Jews.
    not sure how that fits your hints that Putin acts in Syria on behalf of Zionist cabal. 🙂

    as far as I can see, in Syria, Putin solves his problems of imperial expansion, affirming Russia’s “greatness”, and testing military tactics and weaponry.

    Putin’s Russia is infested by anti-Semites, too.
    sorry forgot to include them in the list of infections.

    • I, as a representative of the Russian nation, are not a beneficiary of Putin’s policy.
      And what does antisemitism have to do with it? Putin’s oligarchs are Jews, this is a well-known fact. But I know the fine people of the Jews. I have nothing against them.

      Many in Russia believe that Putin is- Colonial administrator and enemy of the Russian people.

      His oligarchs and government officials are pulling billions abroad. His government buys us Treasury bonds instead of invest[ing] in the country. His officials and “patriots” keep their families and their children in Europe and the United States.

      That’s what’s happening now with Russia, and there is no greatness.

      • “And what does antisemitism have to do with it? Putin’s oligarchs are Jews, this is a well-known fact. But I know the fine people of the Jews. I have nothing against them.”

        you wouldn’t mention it at all, then.
        but you do, because you want to convey the message, that it is important.

        several – certainly not all – of Putin’s oligarchs are Jews.

        many – a lot! – of anti-Putin dissidents are Jews as well.
        Some were killed, many are exiled.

        [redacted for violation of commenting rules re civility]

  10. The Swedish government is fearing a Russian invasion!

    In my opinion a Russian rescue operation is more likely some day!

  11. Елена
    so called “Georgian ribbon” is not sign of “patriot of Russia”.
    this is badge of loyalty to Putin’s neo-imperial, militarist, supremacist caste.

    the matter is, in Russia you can’t do any big business without showing loyalty.
    there is no rule of law, no independent judiciary, de-facto no property rights.
    everything is decided by Czar and his close circle.
    this is reason every rich man displays loyalty badge, Jew or non-Jew.

    readers can find ref to other photos, well known in Russia, of Boris Nemtzov, riddled by bullets, on the bridge just in front of Kremlin, where he was murdered for his exposure of Putin’s crimes.
    this is like, if Hillary Clinton was murdered in front of White House.
    Nemtzov was Jewish.
    since that, another activst who tried to preserve Nemtzov’s memorial there, was murdered on the same place. family name of that man was Ukrainian, but that doesn’t mean much, he could be Russian, or Jew, or Ukrainian.

    there are many decent people in Russia who, against all odds, resist the darkness.
    there are others who only try to find and blame Jews.

    • Nemtsov is an ambiguous figure. Billionaire, as it turned out. He also participated in the looting of Russia in the 90’s. When he was removed from the trough, he had nothing to do but go to the opposition.

      What’s the difference whether I blame someone or not.
      I can not influence this in any way. In any case, I will not transfer my attitude to these people to my Jewish dentist.

      • why, at a sudden, a “Billionaire” needs such level of resistance, at which he is murdered.
        it needed something else.

        Indeed it matters if you systematically try to single out Jews, spread negative information about Jews, and tell dubious jokes about Jews.
        you can influence this certainly.
        you can just stop it.

  12. I need to point out here some errors of the author: I understand that the left today somehow tries to find in Russia an imminent physical enemy. But that does not mean Russia poses no threat. Unless the author wanted to apologize for the invasion of Crimea and Georgia, then I might consider that like the leftists, the character of the author is as flawed and criminal as.

    In addition to the aforementioned facts [of the invasions], we still have the fact that Russia supports communist regimes around the world; Asia, Central America and Latin America. Is Vladimir Putin’s resolute support for the North Korean and Venezuelan regime just a bluff? Or perhaps an invention of the left trying to find in it an enemy to use scarecrow and pretext for the imminent internal risk? I do not think so.

    It is safe to say that the Swedish authorities ignore internal enemies that they themselves have brought into the country, but even so the author fails to level Russia as a mere scarecrow for the left to hide and unravel the problem that she herself It is causing. I do not want to take the merit of the author, but I think he was unhappy in that part. In addition, I reiterate here an issue that I have been saying for a long time to the inconsequential admirers of Vladimir Putin: Russia is the main supplier of arms to the Iranian regime, which, in turn, arms Shiite groups both in Iraq and in the rest of Iraq. Middle East. It is known today that Hezbollah is even active in the Western South Hemisphere. Knowing this, besides the fact that the leader of the country supports communist dictatorships, does the author really want to believe or make us believe that he [Putin] is a saint and a victim of the left?

    Note: The author I am referring to is not Dymphna.

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