German State TV Tells Its Audience What to Think And Feel About the Murder of Mia in Kandel

The video below is a piece of shameless PC propaganda by the state-owned broadcasting service in Germany. It concerns the murder of a 15-year-old girl named Mia by Abdul D., a culture-enricher who is allegedly the same age as the girl he killed.

This television program is intended to force viewers to take the accepted multicultural viewpoint on Abdul D.’s egregious act, and to steer them away from any assessment of the relationship between the government’s “Welcome Refugees” ideology and the stabbing death of young Mia. It tries to paint the public reaction to the murder as being influenced by the NPD — the neo-Nazis — and, as an added insult, conflates the latter with AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). There is not even a hint that the reason those townspeople marched in the candlelit procession was that they had finally come to their senses about the Great Migration Crisis.

The presenter and the guests barely touched on the possibility that the murderer is not the young teenager that he purports to be. Just to set the record straight, I’ve included one of the unpixelated photos of Abdul D. at the top of this post. You can take a look at the stubbly youngster and make your own evaluation of his likely age.

Our German correspondent Egri Nök provides this terse summary of the program:

The German State Broadcaster ARD visits the town where a 15-year-old girl was just fatally stabbed by an Afghan “refugee”.

State TV downplays it as a “romantic drama”, and dismisses even polite criticism of Germany’s refugee policies as “hate” and right-wing extremism.

A silent march held for the girl by hundreds of locals is also portrayed as right-extreme, and distorted to make it seem that the left-extremists who attacked the march were the ones being attacked.

Anton, who did the bulk translation for the video, summarizes the state-funded monstrosity and its cultural context:

In early January, Germany was hit by another spree of killings and attacks carried out by “refugees”.

In one such incident, in the town of Kandel a young girl named Mia, whilst shopping in the drugstore, was murdered by an Afghan refugee who claimed to be 17 years old. Many, including the victim’s father and the police, have their doubts whether this is true. It is beneficial to the perpetrator to be under the age of 18, because then the punishment is much less severe.

Back in 2017 Germany was shaken by the murder of another young girl, who was raped and murdered by being drowned in a river. The alleged perpetrator was another man claiming to be a youngster. In fact, his father in Afghanistan has said the man is 33 years old.

Young children, so-called “anchor kids”, are sent to Europe by their parents. European laws do not allow children to be deported. So the child is allowed to stay. The government never questions their age. And they do not need to supply proof of identity or age. Once they are in the country, the government organises the rest of their often very large families to be flown in to join them.

The cost of taking care of these “children” runs at €80,000 per capita per annum. The government is currently spending €5 billion on housing them. In total, Germany is paying about €45-50 billion per annum to manage the so-called refugee crisis. Even though only around 2% of the two million people who have arrived actually qualify for refugee status.

Shortly after Mia’s death, local residents organised an evening procession with candles to solemnly and silently commemorate their loss. When the large crowd of local people arrived at the scene of the crime, the local drugstore, they were confronted by a few dozen left-wing agitators who physically blocked the procession by holding up rainbow-colored umbrellas.

The national news program on Channel 1, which more often than not refuses to broadcast such events, was forced into mentioning the death in an earlier program. In the past, when foreign nationals have died, the German state media has broadcast extensive coverage over a period of months. This double standard has been heavily criticised. The report ran for twenty seconds.

A few days later, the main German state news channel broadcast the following analysis, slamming the right-wing racists for causing dissent in Germany.

Many thanks to Anton, Ava Lon, and Egri Nök for the translation and annotations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Anton also includes this point-by-point commentary on the broadcast:

00:40   40 seconds after the news presenter Karen Miasga begins her sermon, she has already deflected attention away from the Afghan man who stood over the girl’s dead body with (according to an eyewitness) “a dirty grin on his face” as the 20cm long knife lay in a pool of blood beside him. She has also brought the other 200 innocent refugees who live there into the picture.
01:10   We see here how the state TV cameraman shows pictures of the conflict. We are not shown how this conflict came about. We just see the disturbance accompanied by a narrative of “aggression”. That the mourners were ambushed is not evident.
01:38   At this point, the cold-blooded murderer who stalked the 15-year-old girl with a 20cm long knife in his pocket, with which he stabbed her in the heart, is no longer a murderer. He’s a “suspected” 15-year-old culprit.

The murderer’s face is hidden, and the narrator explains that it is a simple case of domestic violence. Not an act of malicious murder by a purported teenager, who had threatened to kill her in the past, and according to is at least ten years older than he claims. Because of his aggressive nature the father had been to the police a number of times to place a formal complaint.

they even bring into play the theory that this “15-year-old boy” was confused and hurt because she finished the relationship. The news team have transformed the killer into a poor confused boy, whose emotional state somehow caused him to ram the knife into her heart.

02:00   The news team now explain how all the town wants to do is to mourn, but they can’t because of right-wing extremists. They show a man silently and peacefully protesting in front of the drug store.

The man say cautiously that Germany cannot take in everyone who arrives without a passport. A woman reiterates her criticism of Merkel’s disastrous policies.

02:20   The peaceful and quiet commemorative march is shown. We’re told they are right-wing extremists. Again the clash is shown, but not how it happened.
02:50   The emails the mayor got were not nice. But there were no death threats there. The fact that someone wrote “this could end fatally” is true. Mia is dead. It is a statement of fact, not necessarily a death threat as suggested.

Now, the reason why nobody wants to talk is supposed to be because of death threats. Yet German state TV does everything in its power to stop people talking about this, regardless of death threats.

They could have interviewed one of the hundreds of people they showed in the procession. They chose not to.

03:50   So, now they make the jump to the NPD (a very right-wing, nationalist party). It doesn’t take long to blame these people, who criticise open borders, for Mia’s death.
04:05   Now, the third resident they interview also criticises Merkel’s policies: open borders, no passports, no deportation, family reunification in Germany, waste of taxpayers’ money, financial benefits for “refugees” and the way pensioners have to live on a pittance.

And they call this contrary position “hatred”. “Hatred that enshrouds” the town.

04:25   This woman honestly suggests people are scared just because they don’t know the “refugees”. They should meet and talk with them then they will not be scared.

Mia, a 15-year-old student did just that. And she now dead. The stupidity of this woman is unbearable. At the right of the picture you can read the IQ from the refugee’s face.

04:50   So now the news team has drummed up their expert to confirm the news report. Again, we’re talking about a case of domestic violence. This guy now attempts to denounce all those who warned what would happen when you open the borders and allow anyone to come into your country.

Note that all through this, these people are not talking about the murderer, but about the Internet and the extreme right wing. Where are they in this story?

He suggests there is an open discussion in Germany. This is not the case. Germany does not allow criticism of Merkel’s policies. Anyone who does is ostracised; they lose their job and their standing in society.

06:35   This is just another “isolated incident”. German has over 200,000 such “isolated incidents” of immigrant crime every year. Again: this is a domestic crime.
06:45   The “expert” now brings into play the idea that the culture of the refugees could have something to do with this. What does he mean? The Muslim man’s view of women as property, perhaps?

If we can talk about it somehow the problem become less of a problem?!?

07:00   So now the presenter reiterates his paid mantra: “Stay calm; there is nothing to see.” Note: Germans like order (“Ordnung”); without it they panic. So this guy is now introducing order into a chaotic situation (remember the umbrella scene!).

Meanwhile the “expert” raises the rule of law. Angela Merkel broke every law in the book when she allowed murders and rapists to enter Germany unhindered. The news people never talk about this, however.

The “expert” talks of “terror”, but not of acts of terror, simply terror. Maybe he means the bombs, nail-bombs, shootings, stabbings, mass rapes over New Year’s, being crushed by a truck at a Christmas party?

And of course an open refugee camp is better than a locked one.

Well, the man who killed Mia lived in a luxury five-bedroom villa with a number of other 11- to 45-year-old refugee “children”.

It was open. If it had been closed, she would still be here to talk about it. But she was murdered instead.

The Islamic “beheading” mentality is associated not with the Muslim killer but with those who criticise Merkel’s policies. How perverse can you get?

07:50   So, again, death threats have been made. Really?
08:30   Now we need to understand how refugees live. In Germany they live in luxury.
08:45   After important news reports (the initial report about Mia’s death lasted 20 seconds, so it wasn’t important), they have a paid left-wing media representative who explains to the public the way in which they should understand this, and how they should react.

Don’t let yourselves be manipulated — except by us, of course.

09:30   Up until now, the anti-Merkel AfD party has not been mentioned. But the state employee doesn’t miss her chance to attack them here. I’m surprised she didn’t mention them earlier. They try to turn anger into hatred. I did not see this in the article. Maybe I missed this…? Maybe I didn’t. Maybe she just made this up.

Video transcript:

00:02   This is German TV Channel 1 with the daily news.
00:12   Good evening. The murder of a 15-year-old is one of those crimes that cause extreme shock
00:17   In the communities where they take place.
00:20   Thereafter, it becomes synonymous with the act.
00:23   The small town of Kandel in Rhineland-Palatinate is such a synonym
00:27   ever since an Afghan refugee stabbed a girl on December 27.
00:32   This community is famous beyond its city limits for the horrible act,
00:37   but it also stands for dealing with the same, and this is just as awful.
00:42   Before the authorities investigated the crime and the residents
00:47   could mourn the loss of the girl, right-wing extremists hijacked the grief
00:51   and commemoration and spread so much fear that hardly anyone dares
00:57   to speak about the events, let alone about the other
01:01   200 refugees living in this town.
01:04   This is how Peter Sonnenberg experienced it. He spent several days in Kandel.
01:11   It is loud in Kandel, too aggressive to be real mourning.
01:15   Today it is a quiet at the moment at her former school classmates commemorate
01:21   the murdered Mia with a moment of silence,
01:24   and it feels like it’s really quiet for the first time in two weeks.
01:28   what happened has changed the small town in Southern Palatinate.
01:33   Mia is dead following a knife attack in the drug store. She was 15 years old.
01:37   The suspected culprit is allegedly a fifteen-year-old Afghan refugee.
01:42   The victim and perpetrator knew each other. They had had a relationship for a few months,
01:47   but the girl ended it. A romantic drama possibly caused by misunderstood pride.
01:53   Kandel is shocked. So many people would like to mourn, but shortly afterwards
02:00   the crime awakened hatred in others. The tragedy becomes the stage for slogans.
02:07   Perhaps one cannot take everyone in who shows up without identity papers.
02:13   I warned two years ago of the consequences of Merkel’s politics.
02:19   A few days after the crime, right-wingers organized a march by candlelight through Kandel.
02:24   The citizens of Kandel marched with them also, but what began as a funeral procession ended in turmoil
02:30   as opponents of racism opened colorful umbrellas.
02:40   Violence also erupts verbally, mostly anonymously, over the Internet.
02:44   The mayor had organized regular meetings between the townspeople of Kandel and the refugees.
02:52   On the internet he’s called “the matchmaker of Kandel”.
02:55   He must also read that blood is on his hands,
02:58   and that such actions could end fatally.
03:02   The result of all of this is that hardly anybody wants to talk about events.
03:06   Local refugee helpers in Mia’s school have been silenced.
03:10   only the local mayor still expresses his outrage publicly.
03:13   I have an e-mail here. It arrived yesterday, and it goes like this:
03:17   “you should only walk around with a bodyguard” and “I wish you a slow death”
03:21   are some expressions, and we can’t find out where they came from.
03:26   Even Mia’s grieving family is mocked with open letters.
03:30   In the eyes of the offender the father is a pimp for Muslims,
03:35   who fed them a white infidel whore.
03:38   This writer openly calls for vigilantism:
03:41   I know what I would do myself in such a circumstance.
03:46   Also the NPD hopes that their slogans fall on fertile ground these days in Kandel.
03:50   Well, the mayor deserves this criticism. I’m not sorry for him.
03:54   Normally his head should have rolled. He should have been kicked out of office.
04:00   And with some listeners, theses words fall on fertile ground.
04:05   Without ID? Deport them, and “no” to family reunion! They get more money than my pension.
04:12   All the hate that seems to enshroud Kandel is being defied by action.
04:17   Max and Moritz is that cursed refugee bar. It was supposed to be closed down,
04:22   but today, volunteers are again giving free German lessons.
04:27   If they would make an effort to invite somebody,
04:30   or occasionally to have contact with somebody,
04:33   and talk to them directly, then the fear would go away.
04:36   Everyone lives with grief differently in Kandel, just not together,
04:40   because many would like to wipe away opposing views.
04:47   Andreas Zick is a social psychologist and renowned researcher on violence and conflict.
04:51   And now we are going live to Berlin. Good evening Mr. Zick. Good evening Mrs. Mioska.
04:57   A domestic crime had lead to a veritable outbreak of hatred, intimidation
05:01   and fear. How can this be explained?
05:05   Well, this is part of a campaign following the crime in Kandel.
05:09   Immediately afterwards, in the first days we saw high levels of Internet activity in populist,
05:13   right-wing extremist media.
05:16   This crime has been used in the campaigns to tell you
05:22   our prejudices were never prejudices; they are not ideologies, but rather
05:26   this is the truth, and they play on the massive uncertainty
05:30   after such an act. Citizens are insecure; they are afraid. This is being played on.
05:34   This has been going on for some months. This embeds itself in such campaigns,
05:40   and will be immediately utilized, and this has been going on for days, and now
05:44   we have it in the room, because that is often the end. We then see the protest
05:48   in social media; they seek the conflict, too.
05:51   You have already spoken of the uncertainty that apparently
05:54   falls on fertile soil for people who are not necessarily aligned with the right.
05:58   Has politics underestimated this uncertainty in the population?
06:02   No, I believe that politicians have discussed and registered this uncertainty.
06:08   I do not know if they have the correct recipe. We have been discussing
06:12   the refugee crisis for two and a half years; the dangers,
06:15   the issue of safety; but we tend to discuss the issue as if
06:19   we were certain we had an infallible security solution, and people believe that the politicians
06:24   have lost control, because what has happened after Kandel is that we immediately
06:28   have a political discussion whether we are determining the age [of refugees] quickly enough,
06:34   but that does not shed light on this single case.
06:37   Given their uncertainty, the people have to first understand what exactly happened there.
06:42   How did this come about how could a domestic crime lead to…
06:45   how could this happen? How much has the cultural imprint actually played a role here?
06:50   If you understand that, then this reduces the uncertainty.
06:54   Instead, the politicians promise quick measures on a completely different level,
06:58   and that creates new losses of control and helplessness. —You’re saying
07:03   they really want to enlighten people and keep them calm? Or how should politicians behave?
07:08   Well, we have a principle of the rule of law. We have here first a suspected homicide offense.
07:12   We have a constitutional state. This case will be clarified.
07:15   We will get expert opinions, and it is very important now for the community,
07:19   after such a deed has occurred, with such a homicide,
07:23   it could be other crimes, we have experienced acts of terror, so that
07:28   people may understand how it could happen. They need advice on how to reduce risks.
07:36   An open refugee home is really a better way than a locked one
07:40   and protests on the street and a “heads-off” ideology,
07:43   an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
07:46   This undermines the rule of law.
07:50   It is grist for the mill of those who say it’s out of control,
07:53   but that’s what they want.
07:56   What can people in Kandel do who get death threats, and are afraid,
07:59   and who are even afraid to speak up? I believe that students today have to send a clear signal,
08:05   because they have very clearly mourned; they have been silent.
08:09   We live in a culture with such mourning rituals.
08:12   The school kids, the young people who are actually the affected ones,
08:16   they mourn and remain silent. We must stand with the victims.
08:19   We have developed a culture for that, too.
08:22   And the second is that members of the community must compromise with each other,
08:26   as weird as that sounds, but you must understand how refugees live,
08:30   and then you have to combine this with a domestic act of violence,
08:34   and it means in any case not to exploit this incident further,
08:38   because then you turn the victims into victims a second time.
08:42   Thank you very much for your assessment, Mr. Zick. —Thank you.
08:46   And now we have Brigitte Weber commenting on the hatred and the fear in Kandel
08:51   from Southwest Broadcasting. —One wants to urge the people of Kandel have courage!
08:58   Do not let yourselves be instrumentalized, but that’s easy to say when you’re far away.
09:04   Allegedly a 15-year-old Afghan stabs a 15-year-old to death.
09:09   Horrible for the parents and the friends, and of course there is mourning, pity, sadness,
09:14   even among those who are for coexistence between Germans and refugees.
09:20   Feelings are right and important. For me it’s clear that our society depends on empathy for others,
09:27   but these feelings are abused in a cool, calculated way
09:30   by the NPD [neo-Nazi party] and AfD politicians, by right-wingers
09:34   they try to convert the rage into hatred, to turn horror into fear,
09:38   with an avalanche of insults, all the way to death threats. The words of those who
09:44   try to stay human are smothered. They abuse Mia’s death.
09:50   The worst thing is, the maneuver may succeed. Many fall silent,
09:54   and where clear positions are demanded of politicians,
09:59   a choir of many voices rings out, for example, on the issue of age-determination. I think if
10:04   the impression emerges that the German state lets the wool be pulled easily over their eyes,
10:09   then one make it easy for the agitators.
10:12   And what about the people in Kandel, those who are dithering, who are presently silent?
10:17   My hope is that they will not allow their empathy to be taken away.
10:22   Neither for the German victim, nor for the refugees,
10:26   because the people in Kandel represent us all
10:30   For this reason. Have courage!

28 thoughts on “German State TV Tells Its Audience What to Think And Feel About the Murder of Mia in Kandel

  1. The murder is 1% of the news story. The news story is 99% pre-emptive hit-piece against anyone who joins the dots between this murder and the Merkel policies.

  2. €45-50 billion per annum on refugees, €37 billion on defense. Whose side is Germany on? NATO has outlived its usefulness to America. We and our allies simply do not have the same priorities or values.

  3. Merkel will never surrender power. She is a Stasi plant. Collapsible communism, reerecting itself in West Europe. There is a war coming.

  4. Someone coined that phrase: “I could not eat as much as I need to vomit”.

    Right from the start the Blonde reading from the cue-card suggesting that the reaction to the “deed” (by the Right, of course) was JUST AS awful as the “deed” itself, has my blood pressure going for a new record. Comments on a slaughter = slaughter ??!!!

    Anton in his “point-by-point” commentary (an excellent but I suspect labor-intensive idea) writes: “…(the initial report about Mia’s death lasted 20 seconds…). I read that the excuse for not/minimal reporting of this Slaughter was that they “do not usually report on (mere) domestics”.

    The leftist (Rainbow-Antifa?) thugs at the silent march of decently mourning people, were described as “Anti-Racists”.

    And lastly, what I think about the pontificating end sermon by the impeccably coiffed female in decor-matching blue would possibly get GoV into trouble, but I can’t resist to ask, rhetorically of course: does she sleep with that priest/bishop of Cologne who switched off the lights of the Dom to push one of the first Pegida Marches in the West into darkness ?

    • I could not eat as much as I need to vomit”.


      If ever there was a more succinct meme for how I feel about the entire willkommenskultur mass suicide-pact, I’ve yet to see it.

      Thank you, Rita.

    • “… suggesting that the reaction to the “deed” (by the Right, of course) was JUST AS awful as the “deed” itself, has my blood pressure going for a new record.”

      That is a staple of German “debate culture”. It has been drummed into them for so many years that they sincerely believe it without hesitation. A “hate comment” directed towards a murderer is just as awful as the murder itself.

  5. Too many of Germany’s citizen’s are dumbed down and domesticated. Mia’s father, I believe, still supports Germany’s immigration policies. In my version of an alpha male society, the father would privately hunt Abdul D. into a very narrow corner, tell him a story about which he knows the ending to, and then execute him. In that kind of society Abdul would be running for his life.

    • This is part of the problem. In the West, people have become over-civilized. That would be okay if one did not then issue an open invitation to barbarians who do not operate by the same rules.
      – Hence, all we have in response to savagery is “education” and “training”. Savages only understand violence. But we are too “civilized” for that.

      • Disagree that Westerners are “over civilized.” Daily life in America is very crude and rude. Try going into a typical high school, walmart or family at dinner time, or try driving on a major freeway in an city with rush hour traffic.
        No, people don’t take things into their hands because they do not want to go to jail, and lose everything they have worked their whole life for. That’s the main reason in my opinion.

  6. Nazism never died in Germany…they went underground for a whale ..
    Now they are officially resurfacing..

  7. Propaganda used to be free, but today, taxpayers in many western countries are forced to pay for asinine government mandated propaganda media.

  8. I would like to add that, initially, state news did not report on this murder at all.
    Just as in the case of Maria Ladenburger, only the outcry on Social Media eventually forced them to mention it, the 20 second clip that Anton mentioned.

  9. Roger Scruton:
    “The Iron Curtain of censorship that came down in the wake of Powell’s speech has not lifted anywhere, if the EU has its way, it will be enshrined in the criminal code, with ‘racism and xenophobia’ – defined as vaguely as is required to silence unwanted opinion – made into an extraditable offense throughout the Union.
    The problem with censorship, as John Stuart Mill pointed out a century and a half ago, is that it makes it impossible for those who impose it to discover they are wrong. The error persists, preventing the discussion that might produce a remedy, and ensuring that the problem will grow. Yet when truth cannot make itself known in words, it will make itself known in deeds.”

  10. The opinions of the ‘psychologist’ are political and legal in nature; and rather utopian at that.

    Any decent psychologist is concerned not by what humans ought to be (‘everyone needs to come together’) but how they are. And the human drive to protect and nurture their social-kinship group is, though at a relatively very weak ebb in the West, still perhaps THE primary motivation of all life, including among humans. Whatever the legal rights and wrongs of this case, we are really looking at the kind of very basic urges Darwin spelled out – the battle for genetic survival. Something the psychologist entirely misses, in his focus on legality, politics, and the post-modern ethics of human rights, etc.

  11. Reading the commentary and the text of the report itself, several issues stand out clearly.

    1) Different people have different wiring for processing information. I’ve noticed it with my sister and myself. It’s like the Orwell double-think, except that people by-and-large either program themselves, or are simply hard-wired in their neurons to see things differently. In other words, the news reporter and social psychologist (I use these professional terms loosely) are not consciously spreading propaganda: they are using their own world views pretty honestly. They have no comprehension whatsoever there is a valid opposition viewpoint.

    The strategy of the Democrats in the US and left-wing parties in general is to import as many of these people as possible. Their socialist, tribalist brain wiring will not change and they will provide reliable voters and foot-soldiers for the totalitarian bureaucrats of government.

    2) Government control or influence over broadcasting or any other communications media is deadly. It permits news organizations like ARD and its reporters to totally ignore the formal requirements for a balanced presentation.

    A corollary of this is that people who look to government for the solution to abuses like the Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter censorship are missing the point. By conceding the right of government to regulate content, even if it’s to specify (for now) that no content can be filtered out, the ironclad protections of the First Amendment are weakened. In other words, for the immediate convenience of not having to find alternatives to YouTube and Twitter, patriots are giving up their future rights to unregulated publishing of their views.

    3) It is obvious that the mental-health and cognition professions, like psychiatry and social psychology, are thoroughly politicized and have turned completely away from empirical science. I’m thinking of the “psychiatrist” from Yale who declared Trump to be mentally unfit for the Presidency.

    • Thank you for that thought provoking post. I begin to think that the extreme political divide we see in this era can be attributable to the observation that people are wired differently such that ” They have no comprehension whatsoever there is a valid opposition viewpoint.” Yet we somehow need to breech the political divide lest we devolve into social chaos. We nearly have in demonstrations by groups such as Antifa.

      • Jonathan Haidt is good on this stuff – try reading ‘The Righteous Mind’ or watching him on youtube.

    • “They have no comprehension whatsoever there is a valid opposition viewpoint.”

      Yes indeed, this is an excellent point RonaldB, Thank you.

      The MSM people are simply uneducated persons who repeat whatever they are told to say.

      The best person I know to express plain simple thoughts is Ben Shapiro. Another who is brilliant at leading
      left wing idiots into the deep water, where they flap and flounder, is Tucker Carlson. Both on Utube.

  12. At least 35 years ago, we hosted some kids who were spending a semester living in our Connecticut town and attending the same high school as our kids. One of the “boys” was from land-locked and arid Botswana and he was very much taken by the greenery of New England. He was very well-spoken, charming and good looking and while we walked around a pond across from our home, he casually mentioned that he was 33 years old!!!!!

    I was very vigilant about letting my kids socialize with this group and was very glad we didn’t host any of the group in our home, but didn’t tell anyone as I had no proof he said it.

  13. Cool. Let us wait for the next victim. It shouldn’t be long. Perhaps they will be able to reuse the segment.

  14. As I listened, I could hear the noise of the American media. No alternative point of view or, if there ever is one, it will be outnumbered by screaming voices from the left. The war in the streets is coming, and no force can stop it now.

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