Decoding the PC-Speak on Tagesschau

Last week we featured a video of a program called “Tagesschau” on German state TV. It was a blatant propaganda piece about the murder of a young girl named Mia, who was stabbed to death in the town of Kandel by a culture-enricher named Abdul. The TV segment was obviously intended to obfuscate the plain facts of what happened and direct public opinion towards politically correct conclusions.

The two talking heads in the video were Caren Miosga, the presenter, and Andreas Zick, who leads a lefty organization called the Institute for Interdisciplinary Conflict- and Violence-Research (IKG).

Anton, who translated last week’s video, sends this graphic about the same program, from Twitter:

He translated the graphic, and I added the English text to it:

6 thoughts on “Decoding the PC-Speak on Tagesschau

  1. Thank you, Anton and Baron, for the translation.
    Translations are needed more and more. They show how Left-speak is essentially dishonest, used to cover up the Left’s shortcomings..

  2. This is funny to read.
    Too bad we can’t have right wing subtitles that could be turned on and off for every thing in internet print and on in TV.

    • Incredibly, the left is often the most guilty of what they accuse the right of being. You can almost take verbatim what they profess and flip it 180 to get to the truth.

      • Pretty much what the Russians had to do in the USSR days.
        They became very adept at reading between the (Pravda) lines.

  3. @Baron: it is inadvertently misleading to call Tagesschau merely “a program called Tagesschau”.

    It is the premier German State TV news program broadcast at 8pm when everybody is home from work, assuming they are not in the gig economy and working all hours in spite of the “need to import migrants to do jobs Germans won’t”, or perhaps being bashed or molested in/outside an infidel bar by some shaheed as part of da’wah.

    This news program in fact has or had enormous credibility. Until 1990 or so there was no commercial TV in Germany, so there are still millions of citizens who rely on its lies for their information, having been used to it from childhood.

    It competes with another government news program one hour earlier, ZDF Heute-Sendung, which did not have or has the ratings.

    Until recently at least, ZDF was the more conservative of the two, to use misleading terminology from the period 1945-ca. 2015. Because the arch capitalist Merkel now talks like a Green social worker.

    Compare Tagesschau with the status of CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite, for older US residents: Cronkite was greatly believed.

    • very true, Reconquista!
      May I add another cheat sheet coming to my mind just to cheer up your weekend a bit? It is from my dictionnary ” women- men:
      w: I just have to put on my shoes, then we can leave, darling!
      m: Get back on the sofa and finish ” War and peace”!

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