Stabbed to Death in the Drugstore by a Culture-Enricher

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Teenage German Girl Stabbed to Death in Drugstore by 15-year-old Afghan

An original translation from B.Z. Berlin:

15-year-old Afghan stabs girl to death in supermarket

December 27, 2017

A 15-year-old Afghan stabbed a German girl of the same age to death in the town of Kandel in Rhineland-Palatinate. An argument between the two teenagers preceded the attack, Prosecution Landau and Police Headquarters Rhineland-Palatinate announced.

The girl died from her injuries in hospital. Passers-by overpowered the young Afghan after the crime; police arrested him.

According to preliminary investigations, the victim was in drugstore in the company of a friend. But the arrested youth did not enter the shop together with the 15-year-old. The trigger for the argument is still unknown.

The Afghan will appear before the committing magistrate on Thursday. It was not announced whether or not the youth was a refugee.

Translator’s note: the above text is a dpa (German Press Agency, Deutsche Presseagentur) text, which is currently featured in identical wording in dozens of German newspapers. According to police, the crime took place at 3:20 this afternoon.

54 thoughts on “Stabbed to Death in the Drugstore by a Culture-Enricher

  1. Baron, all that is needed to put this avoidable atrocity into perspective is to publish that infamous photograph of the three young German women standing self-righteously behind a banner saying, ‘Refugees Welcome’.

    May the Lord forgive those stupid children for what they did, for I cannot.

  2. “Another day, another stabbing: Europe today.

    Knife crime in Germany has rocketed. Chancellor Merkel made matters exponentially worse with her illegal open borders declaration. Compared with the 2007 figure of 350 knife crimes there were 3,500 such incidents in the first ten months of 2017, that is to say, as many each month as for the whole of 2007, or more than 10 per day.

    Coming soon, to a supermarket near you… ”

    Extract from “Killing Someone Who Deserves To Die” at Liberty GB

  3. According to the article, the argument between victim and perpetrator could have been due to some kind of relationship. More will be revealed on Thursday.

    European parents need to educate their children to never, ever, have anything to do with them, not “polite conversation”, nothing.

    • I wonder What the parents will do now , write the letter to Merkel ??!, another crime another Merkel pets committed horrible crime..

      • I’m sure you’re joking, as nothing in the text hints at a temporal stay and “Afghan” and “rich” don’t seem right in the same sentence 🙂

    • from a rather reliable source

      — companions of the girl got hold of him and gave him to the police.
      — girl and afghan have had a relation for some month that the girl has ended in beginning of december.
      — afghan is now in custody by order of judge and refuses to speak.
      — afghan has threatened his former friend in socail media.
      — parents of the girl have reported the threats to police already two weeks ago. He got called in to police, which he did not follow. New request has been handed to him personally by a policeman the day of murder.
      — rumors say the afghan came as an unaccompanied minor and got registered in 2016.
      — he was known to police for making trouble at school.

      • So it could’ve been prevented had they arrested him the first time he didn’t follow the police call.

  4. I have an infant granddaughter in Bavaria. If anything happened to her or her parents by the hands of an enricher I don’t know what I would do. Not that it would be any better from a native German but that gd Merkel has ruined her country and put her people in serious danger. Personally, I think this is her revenge for when Honeker threw in the towel.

    • Me too , I have baby granddaughter in Berlin, I’m very worry about my daughter and granddaughter, sometimes I’m going crazy, if something happens to them from the hands of this criminals, Merkel imported “refugees “,she doesn’t have kids , so she doesn’t care , This is like bad dream , I live in Vancouver ,I’m so disgusted by All this horror circus Merkel created ..

      • If you visit New Westminster, Moody Park, you can find a third world meeting place there too. Plenty of woman dressed in garbage bags. Among other issues, that’s why I moved back to Hungary… What I wanted to say: you are not immune in Vancouver, thanks to a dumb substitute drama teacher.

    • @tedh754:

      with due respect to your fears, the population replacement is being run not only in Germany and is not based on any particular “bad person” such as Merkel. It occurs in other countries too.

      Because senior politicians and EU functionaries have been talking about it regularly. See also the notorious comment by Peter Sutherland of the Word Trade Organisation.

      That is why when for example a Swedish ex finance minister says in a speech in Africa that there is no such thing as Swedish culture, it is easy to relate this to Merkel’s recent description of ethnic Germans merely as “those who have been living here for a while”.

      Incidentally, it is unfortunate at GoV that many contributors evidence the US, small town-type Tea Party or libertarian faith in corner store or small tradesman capitalism. For example, they use “socialist” as the unmistakeable US term of opprobrium.

      But I imagine that Messrs Bracken and Coughlin were severed from consulting US government on Islam because they did not or could not fall in with the corporate programme aimed at the US and the EU.

      Because the MENA invasion to the detriment of white indigenous or longstanding whites in Canada and US is a corporate capitalist scheme and not communist at all. It is true however that the identity politics Left has become an accomplice of this corporate move.

      Ongoing economic growth seems to be the aim of the hijra, along with medium-term jihadi recruitment for use against Russia and China, no. 1 US rivals.

      That growth can be:

      – bank interest income on consumer loans and mortgages to youngish fertile Somalis and Afghans,
      – growing retail sales at big box stores to Nigerian women who average 6 children,
      – higher rentals and property prices paid by big-family Gambians
      – lucrative fee-paying charter school expansion for scared whites moving away from welfare immigrants
      – private medical insurance for longtime residents who prefer not to be knifed while waiting in a public ward with welfare migrants
      – private security against welfare migrants, provided by both IT surveillance (software sector profits) and personnel, for those who can buy it

        • Yes, great points. Reconquista’s post is quite an important one because it provides us with a key to understanding what’s going on. Frau Merkel zum Beispiel (for example) didn’t just wake up one morning, see the clamouring hordes and out of sympathy and the kindness of her heart decide to let them in. She already knew what The Plan was, what she wanted to do (what she and her government wanted to do) and so *this was The Opportunity. Then it was just a case of “What to Tell the People”. This is The Eternal Rule of Politics (What are we going to do (if we can)? // What are we going to tell the Sheeple?) being played out once again. This is how I see it, anyway. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

      • @reconquista. Your comment is spot on. And when the dust has settled, there would be a rootless, cultureless, brainless unipeople, which would be easily manipulated and exploited and ruled over by a tiny ruling ‘elite’.
        Those architects of our destruction truly forget the lessons of history.
        I refuse to believe that humans have become too soft and selfish for bravery. Our children and grandchildren deserve better.

        • It will be a vast, poverty-stricken Egypt. Hard to believe how prosperous and green Egypt once was, before the arrival of the desert people. Egypt went from a literate people supplying grain to the Mediterranean to its current state. Only those who somehow managed to keep the remnants of their own culture, the Copts, managed to prosper – even though they are randomly persecuted and their marriageable girls frequently stolen.

          • Agreed. If this last generation who have experienced real freedom, enlightened, critical thinking and prosperity allow the stone age cult the free run of our green and precious lands, this is indeed our fate.. they have not got critical mass yet. Sites such as this are unvaluable as bastions of free speech. Thanks to both of you. And a Happy New Year..

      • For example, they use “socialist” as the unmistakeable US term of opprobrium.

        That is because we have seen what state-sponsored socialism has done in undermining initiative, innovation, and productivity among its over-taxed citizens.

        Socialism has never succeeded in improving the lot of its future generations. That’s why Europe is hollowed out and dying. A country truly growing could not help but repel these invaders.

        The unintended consequences of WW II live on.

        • I fear for our freedom and self-determination. Many friends and acquaintances to whom I speak just do not want to listen. I guess they think whistling past the graveyard will save them. With such cowardly inertia, but also the top-down stifling of discussion and increasing atomisation of societies here, this will spell doom indeed. My bags are packed. I am of an adventurous disposition. I would rather be free in a mud hut somewhere than a slave in a palace. Blessings.

        • @Dymphna: you remind me of a British Liberal talking of why the Irish were to get no food aid during the Potato Famine. Do you have voodoo dolls of FDR and LBJ (Great Society program) you stick pins in?

          I refer you to the fundamental economic history work by Karl Polanyi, The Great Transformation. It was written in WW2.

          You will see in that book how both fascism and communism grew over decades as a reaction to the iniquity and desperation of the market capitalism you perfume with innovation, productivity and initiative.

          It has always amused me how capitalists propose starvation wages for the poor so as to incentivise them to work´(the stick) , whereas if anybody suggests cutting CEO pay to incentivise them too, the argument suddenly becomes: “a CEO will not be productive unless he gets a good reward.” (the carrot)

          • No, I don’t have voodoo dolls for either one, but LBJ would be first on my list. He cheated his way into business and then into politics, rigging elections in Texas shamelessly.

            Small business capitalists don’t propose starvation wages for their employees. If you’re talking about non-productive “work” – e.g., moving money around, then I have no quarrel with you. But I know many small business owners who are proud of being able to employ their neighbors. They can do so when they hold their workforce under 50 employees.

            Go over to “big” business and you’ll be buried under bureaucratic paperwork and regulations.

          • @Dymphna: it also appears that LBJ played a or the leading role in the death of JFK, cf. the US books on that by Phil Nelson.

            However, you do realise that your apparent adulation of productivity, innovation and initiative are Trojan Horses for migrants?

            Because this rhetoric among others is used to justify mass immigration. For example, we are told that young hungry Africans (or Poles, or wetbacks, or whoever lives over the nearest low-wage border ) are “hard workers” and “entrepreneurial” ; that Sergei Brin “fleeing Russia” founded Google; that “migrants” have always integrated, it just takes a generation if at all before they become Oracle’s Larry Ellison or George Soros, etc.

            Now “productivity” is measured by the degree to which cheap machines running on fossil fuels since ca. 1880 replace workers. “Unit labour costs”, etc.

            And innovation and initiative invariably run on fossil electricity, eg Bitcoin causes massive power consumption.

            Which brings us to the question of climate change.

            I am aware that GoV tends towards the climate denialist; it is one of the current tragedies with C02 at a 3 million year high and rising seas that those who see Islam clearly for what it is, and how it is being weaponised by US-EU against Russia and China, are at the same time often pre-scientific in their Climate views.

            Whereas liberaloid SJWs pay at least lip service to (their) tribalised facts of climate science, even if they are incapable of realising what their beloved Open Borders mean for economic growth and warming, as innovation, productivity, and initiative are heat engines (cf. Tim Garrett, U of Utah)

          • Oh, please. This comment is all over the place.

            From conspiracy theories about the LBJ-connected assassination of JFK to perfervid beliefs in climate change…?

            I be done with this conversation since I can see from here the rabbit hole in which you would have me sojourn. No thank you.

      • Effectively the ….. taxpayer is paying for vast numbers of muslim immigrants to sit at home all day and breed……
        This is white genocide, and the saddest thing is we are all paying for our own destruction,
        Mark Collett
        Author, “The Fall of Western Man”
        “How the British Welfare System Favours Muslims” – youtube

        • Muslims always develop a less-effective approach to forbidden concepts. For, example, Islam forbids the paying of interest. Muslims have evolved a type of load where the amount loaned is a smaller fraction of the amount payed back. It’s not interest, but it rewards the originator of the loan. The system is far less flexible than interest: there is no reward for prepaying the loan early.

          Incidentally, Muslims consider the present system of social security and Medicare to be a form of interest, since it involves a prepaying of principle and benefits based on the initial investment and time. The Muslims have their own pension system which involves the fiction of current contributions covering current needs.

          The main fact to know about Muslim systems of finance and pensions is that Muslims will opt out of paying into medical schemes and social security as soon as the flow of benefits is not favorable to them. So much for bringing in hoards of young Muslims to shore up the social security system of the North American and European countries.

      • The Globalists want to keep Islam for sure. If you think about it, it is the perfect control for the masses. While Christianity lost its teeth as societal control (it was not as aggressive to begin with as Islam), the cult of Islam stayed unchanged and their members just as happily beating to pulp anybody from their own group, who accidentally born with more brains than them… for 1400 years, without any change. For the Globalists this is an extra advantage, they will not need to keep an expensive and dangerous army or police force. (dangerous because they can bite their master’s hand and took over). Islam is cheap, reliable for the new “consumer” society. The technology will be maintained by the new progressive leftist cast… Purple-haired, safe-space loving, multi-gendered wussy transvestites will be kept in line with some muslim muscle, while muslims will be held back with remote controlled drones and other advanced weaponry. Dissenters from either group will be at the mercy of the others, with no possibility to mount any cooperation across the society. This will be the “bright new world” in the style of the Hunger Games and Elysium.

        • To CrossWare

          I have some problem with your concept of the elite globalists wanting to use Islam to control the masses.

          Islam, in fact, is not that great a tool for a stable means of control. Other than the Caliphate in Turkey, Islamic governments and societies tended to get embroiled in violent wars and revolutions and internecine fighting on a regular basis. Look at the Saudi oil billionaires. It seemed like there was no government as devoted to the perpetuation of royal wealth and privilege than the Saudis. And yet, the prince is now frog-marching oil billionaires into a hotel and literally hanging them upside down until they cough up money for the government. By the way, this is exactly what the English king Henry VIII did with the church.

          Add to that, the wealthy elites and financiers of the West have more money than they know what to do with, and literally unlimited privilege. The only thing they can’t do is make their spoiled, under-challenged, pampered and neglected kids act like human beings.

          Anyway, it’s hard to see how bringing in hoards of brain-damaged, low-IQ, unskilled, violent Muslims and Africans will add anything to the wealth and privileges of the privileged class. They themselves will be replaced as soon as the political power of Muslims reaches a critical point.

      • To Reconquista

        Your ideas tend to be jumbled together so it take some analysis to look at them objectively.

        Idea 1
        It is capitalism bringing in migrants for profit, rather than communism, which is responsible for the migrations.

        I point out the school of cultural Marxism, which is a sub-branch of Marxism. Cultural Marxism holds as a base tenet that Western culture is evil and needs to be destroyed. Also, Western peoples are evil, over-privileged and greedy, and need to be overwhelmed by the presence of non-Western peoples. I emphasize: these are canonical doctrines, not subject to analysis or derived from other principles.

        You also present a goulash of ideas supposedly showing that the presence of immigrants represents profits for corporations. There is a market for cheap immigrant labor: chicken farms, slaughterhouses, crop picking, and in the technological realm, cheap technical labor like software maintenance.

        But, immigration represents a net drain on society. Most immigrants are on some sort of welfare, and every immigrant will work a few years, and expect full participation in the network of social benefits. Further, the class of immigrant being brought in from the Middle East and Africa are unemployable from the start. They go on welfare and don’t go off.

        So, how does a class of unemployed, unemployable people generate profits for companies? They receive benefits from the government. If the housing and retail markets benefit from the vast Middle Eastern and African migrations, it is because the migrants serve as the transfer point for government money. So, is the transfer of vast sums of money from the productive class to the non-productive classes closer to capitalism or to communism?

        Let me pick up on one or two additional threads.

        But I imagine that Messrs Bracken and Coughlin were severed from consulting US government on Islam because they did not or could not fall in with the corporate programme aimed at the US and the EU.

        Bracken, as far as I know, was never employed consulting with the US government.

        Coughlin describes the details of his consulting and purging of his classes and materials quite thoroughly in his book

        Coughlin quite clearly attributes his elimination to the influence of Muslim organizations and the Muslim sympathies of the White House. Are you more privy to the reasons for Coughlin’s firing than he is?

        • Thank you, Ronald B. I wasn’t willing to wrestle with that tar baby of a comment. In fact, I ought to have deleted it for its bad-faith premises, but I couldn’t make myself read the whole thing.

          I missed the insults to Steve Coughlin and Matt Bracken…next time I’ll make myself wade in…this fellow is proving to be a troll.

          You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

  5. Merkel Germany for today , this is absolutely outrageous, What is this whole [intensifier] point of this criminal politician to bring this Stone Age criminals to Europe!!!, can somebody explain?? Beacuse I don’t understand anything anymore, This Afghans are most dangerous and savages ever , and they don’t want them deport even if they illegally..

  6. Note that whereas the apparent ethnicities involved as given in the police report are replicated in some media reports, SPIEGEL ONLINE as of 0300h on 28.12 suppresses both the fact that he was Afghan as also that she was German.

    I say this to because this liberaloid source is often erroneously treated as some sort of “newspaper of record” by the naive outside Germany .

    Note also that German and e.g. Swedish media invariably describe non-ethnic Germans such as naturalised Turks or Afghans as “German” i.e. “ius soli” German passport holders when it suits their reporting aim.

    But in this case the poor girl is likely to have been “merely” an ethnic German because the media would have been all too eager to bewail the murder of a Turkish or other non-European holder of a German passport. And so the victim would have been desdribed e.g, as “Deutch-Türkin”, a German-Turk.

    • Yes indeed. It’s very much a case now of different strokes for different folks. Just observe the functioning of Germany’s legal system.

  7. It would not surprise me at all if the victim was one of those girls photographed with the “Refugees welcome” signs.
    Likely took on a “refugee” as a boyfriend, then when the nature of these barbarians became apparent, tried to break the relationship; thereby becoming a prime candidate for an “honour” murder.

  8. This Afghan savage is probably 24 or 34 , they all lie about age to stay in the country, I cannot believe how stupid and naive this government is ..

  9. Obviously a particle physics discussion went sideways. The freshly arrived Afgan scientist got into an argument with an ignorant local about the Higgs-Boson particle behavior close lightspeed in a neutrino dense environment. I simply cannot see any other explanation, do you?

    • A Catholic priest found a Higgs Boson particle in his church. “Hello, what are you?” he said.

      “Well, some people call me the God Particle.”

      “That sounds to me like blasphemy; I think you’d better leave!”

      “All right, but if I do, you’ll have no Mass.”

  10. why do we not see a fotograph of the 15 year old perp?
    Does he have receding hair, a beard and a ill- fitting denture?

    • You got it! You see that’s why not necessary to put a picture there. You were able to describe him to the last detail.


      You can see the perp here. Note the fleshy cheeks, the age lines on his chin and forehead, the confident way he wears his formal clothes. If I had to make a guess, knowing nothing else, I would say he’s about 26 to 28.

      As I’ve said in another post, I doubt if one single person dealing with this guy thought he was younger than 23 or so, but there is literally no way any official can bring up the question. The agency heads don’t care and don’t want to deal with any tricky questions, so they discourage any such initiative on the part of the officials who actually deal with the lying scum.

  11. This is why vigilante justice rises up. Here is a young girl of German ancestry murdered by an invader. Since justice will not be done by the courts, it will have to be in the hands of the girl’s family and friends. Track down the invaders family and friends, and eliminate them in very gruesome and obvious ways.

    The way of the Christian Bible is not the law of the jungle, but Western citizens are fighting in an Islamic jungle created by their leadership. As the cancer of the Islamic jungle spreads, even government imposed martial law will not stop its violence. Eventually, it is war in the streets between civilization and barbarism. Surrender and appeasement is not an option.

    • Isn’t it? Surely it’s the increasingly likely one.

      Yeah, I know, pessimism ain’t good but pessimism = realism in this case.

    • All other questions aside, if a native German actually took any private actions against an immigrant, the entire police and security apparatus of the German state would be used against the native German.

      In other words, actions have to be taken within the confines of the law.

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