The Day Women Burn Their Uniforms en Masse, Islam Collapses

Many thanks to LN for translating this op-ed from Snaphanen:

How Islam is broken down

by Lars Hedegaard

Alleged feminists agitate for female cover-up as a right for women. Just as slaves have the right to wear shackles.

Unrest continues in Iran, where residents fed up with clerical rule are defying the regime’s bullets, tear gas and arrests. The demand is for the Islamic Republic to end.

The regime has responded by intensifying violent repression. Dozens of protesters have been killed and the government has shut down the internet to prevent the protests from spreading. But they have spread to dozens of cities, including the capital Tehran.

In the town of Osvanieh in Iran’s north-west, gun battles have broken out between the mainly Kurdish population and the regime’s repressive apparatus, and many women have taken the opportunity to burn their hijabs, the Islamic headgear that the clerical regime forces all women to wear.

In the West it can be difficult to understand why Islamic rulers place such importance on women’s attire. In this country [Denmark], there are even left-wing opinion leaders and alleged feminists who advocate female headgear as a right for women. Just as slaves have the right to wear chains.

Where does Islam’s sick preoccupation with women’s clothing come from? To understand this, we need to go back to the origins of Islamic ideology and society, which arose in Arab tribal societies of 1,400 years ago.

That is why Muslim women in the West are not allowed to meet infidel men

Such a society is characterised by constant fighting between tribes or clans over land, camels and other resources. Weak clans fall to strong clans, and the clan that cannot gather enough warriors is doomed. Therefore, it is important for the clan leader to control the women so that they are not conquered by hostile neighbouring tribes and do not enrich them with their male offspring — i.e. more warriors.

That was and is the essence of Islam. This is why Muslim women in the West are not allowed to have a relationship with infidel — e.g. Danish — men, and why Muslim women’s offspring always belong to the man.

The outward sign of female control is the hijab or other variants of the female uniform, which shows that the woman is owned by the Ummah — the Islamic nation.

The day women burn their uniforms en masse, Islam collapses.

16 thoughts on “The Day Women Burn Their Uniforms en Masse, Islam Collapses

  1. So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people–greedy, barbarous and cruel.

      • Indeed. When Lawrence was interrogated (and beaten*) by the Turks, as in the film, he explained his fair hair and blue eyes by saying he was Circassian (a former Tsarist province just east of Crimea), ie he was not a native “Palestinian”.

        *He was actually raped, but this coudn’t be portrayed in an early 1960s film.

  2. It will never happen.
    The Biden Administration refuses to even acknowledge that women are oppressed and abused by the Iranian Revolutionary regime.
    The Iranian regime can rest assured the Biden Administration will not criticize the Iranian Revolutionary regime, so they are free to continue their police and even military crackdown.
    After all, the Iranian Revolutionary Regime killed/executed thirty thousand political prisoners in 1988, and there wasn’t any opposition from western leaders or the press, so the Iranians know they can get away with massive numbers of executions of political prisoners without any repercussions at all, and in fact just the opposite, they will get billions of dollars in cash, relief of sanctions, and be able to sell their oil on the open market to reduce inflation in the US and western countries, so that’s likely how this will turn out, thousands of people opposing the regime for any reason at all will disappear, and likely be executed, or die in prison with no chance for release, while the Russians negotiate a blank check deal for the US to sign, and it will be reported as a wonderful foreign policy victory for the Biden Administration by the western media.

    • If they, the Iranian uprising movement, needs the US to validate their long held beliefs and frustration and cannot do it without the US then they are surely winning their “Darwin Award”. It will be better for the US and them to fight thier own battles. God helps those who help themselves.

      Furthermore, if Iranian leaders kill and murder too many of their young females or have access to obtain through east African slave trade there will be no warriors. So there’s a finite limit This is the whole that that trade route exists.

  3. With the exceptions of Hungary, Poland and now Italy, European nations are destroyed. It will take a few decades to see the changes in the names of the cities and countries, but they have already lost the war to Satan’s favorite religion, Islam. If you don’t have enough children, you disappear!

    • I’ve thought about this a lot.
      Life is more and more reminiscent of Stanisław Lem’s utopia “Eden”. Humanity is hopelessly lost and confused.
      We will die and stop suffering. Why else suffer our children and grandchildren? It is better for them not to be born in such conditions.
      Let those who have usurped power on this planet mock the Somalis, Pakistanis and Tajiks.

  4. Hijab is a religious observation and requirement in Islam, like halal meat, it is ibadat and part of Shariah, not personal choice. Furthermore, all schools of Islamic law are clear that it means full-body covering of a woman, not a headscarf. The headscarf is ultimately to lead to the burqa and niqab.

    Muslim women wearing the hijab head covering in the West are not making a fashion choice, it is a deliberate announcement of Shariah, that Islam is here (and taking over). The mullah’s murderous response to protest is about the subjugation Islam requires in any “Islamic Republic”, women exist as part of a collective ummah (and as the property of men). Islamic law has always upheld the death penalty for apostasy (the only reason it survived at all after the death of Muhammad was compelling Muslims who wanted to leave Islam, to remain, at the point of a sword). That said, early last century nothing was considered more backward than Islamic garments and shariah law in many predominately Muslim countries. Like Persia, they were westernized, Islam collapsed.

    Yet here we are now.

  5. Want to get rid of islam, start eliminating their top clerics and blowing up their places of devil worship, no messenger, no message.

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