The Caravan of Light: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

It looks like another flood of migrants is preparing to surge from Turkey into the Balkans, and thence into Germany, much as in 2015. This time there is no Mutti standing there with open arms beckoning to all of them to enter the Land of Milk and Honey, but they are on the march anyway.*

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Asylum crisis approaching: Turks send hundreds of thousands of migrants to the Greek border

Will we soon see images like those of 2015 again, when the migration crisis escalated and over a million migrants stormed Europe? New reports suggest that the Turkish leadership is guiding the refugees and migrants in the country.

According to the British Guardian, up to 100,000 people, mainly Syrians (but also other nationalities), are supposed to gather in western Turkey in order to push as a large group into Greece and from there via the Balkans to Central Europe, similar to what happened in 2015. In view of the fact that there are still more than 3.5 million Syrians in the country, who are repeatedly confronted with xenophobic attacks, the success of the “Caravan of Light”, as the organizers call the convoy, could have a huge pull effect.

The first people have already made their way to the assembly point in Edirne, which is close to the border with Greece. According to the organizers, there were increasing attacks by the Turks, who asked them to return to their homeland. That’s why they decided to storm the Greek border. According to video recordings shown on Greek television, they are being supported by Turkish border guards.

While Syrians are officially behind this new migrant movement, a Greek report points to a group of eight Turkish smugglers known as the “Krupp Brothers” who have been active for at least seven years. The report states: “The individuals behind the “Caravan of Light” have close ties to the Turkish authorities and are reportedly helping to unblock the flows when it is in line with Ankara’s policy, but they are also stopping them, if the Turkish government wants to show that it is working with Western countries.” [It’s called taqiyya, stupid.]

The following video is currently circulating on many social media channels, but is said to be from 2014 or 2015.

While the border region between Greece and Turkey has been fortified since the 2015/2016 migration crisis, as evidenced by the widely successful repelling of a migrant influx in 2020, it is uncertain how long these border fences will be able to withstand the onslaught once the crowds increase to 100,000 or even more.

What can Europeans expect in the coming weeks and months, especially as activity on the Balkan route has increased significantly in recent times? As Report24 previously reported, the Hungarians are already complaining about the massive onslaught — how bad will it be when the Greek border fortifications collapse?

Afterword from the translator:

And now when you look at the whole thing in one context, namely the destabilization of Europe and the ultimate destruction of Germany, you’ll see that everything is planned down to the smallest of details, processed and implemented by the Globalists. “Visit Europe (while it still stands)”.

*   Note: Until I find some good shots of the 2022 migrants, I’ll be recycling photos of culture-enrichers from the “Wir schaffen das” year of 2015.

5 thoughts on “The Caravan of Light: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

  1. The US started all these colour revolutions and caused these population flows and the EU is the one thrown under the bus. All to support the petrodollar and avoid hyperinflation when their debt reaches 35 trillion? which is soon apparently.
    Germany is now described as a “US hostage” in the alt media. Has it been a hostage since 1945? Have these elections been illusions and that is why nothing ever changes? We could never understand why the German people kept voting for these traitors. Propaganda has been incredible but maybe the elections were rigged as well.

    • I feel the same frustrations as you do (I am from germany and hate the “people” who sold us out.

      I always remember the scene in “SIN CITY” where Hartigan lies in a hospital bed and Senator Roark tells him: (NOT the original text of the movie!)
      Power comes from lying.
      When the others tell the same lies as you then you have them by the b.lls.
      And they will support you because if they stop lying the entire house of cards comes crashing down on them.
      (Implication: If the house comes down they die, so to survive they must continue to lie.)

      And in the german SF novel series ALDEBARAN Earth is ruled by big money grubbing industrialists and later one of them explains how it all works: They pay money only to politicians who support them and they have a continous propaganda campaign ongoing where the people are told what to think, whom to vote etc.
      And if a politician steps out of line, then he is eliminated or some nasty pictures of him or of his activities are found. But as long as the politician follows his orders all of his ahem activities have no consequences for him.

    • It turns out when the Lord… PET… Masters say jump, you have to say how high .OR ELSE………..

  2. Just awful what is happening in Germany,?as long people vote for a wrong parties ,, traitors, this country will continue to be destroyed , they have to change government quickly, AFD can help to restore, but takes years or maybe decades, to do that ..

  3. What an amazing sight it would be if the Greeks opened fire with Ma Deuces, M-3’s and some M-134’s, it would put a top to this invasion right quick, enough is enough! Open fire!

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