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Below is an encomium written by a Dane to Giorgia Meloni, the next prime minister of Italy, whose recent electoral success has caused alarm in Brussels and all the other nests of Western globalists.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Snaphanen:

Giorgia Meloni is the winner of the election

by Bitten-Kirsti Nielsen

I had been eagerly awaiting the results of the Italian elections. Would Meloni win to the delight of the Italian patriots, but to the great annoyance of Brussels, where Ursula von der Leyen has for some time threatened the Italian voters with sanctions if they voted — as they have now done?

Yesterday [Monday Sept. 26] morning Corriere della Sera published the final results for the three winning parties, which together received 44.06%, with 26.12% for the Fratelli d’Italia, 8.90% for the Lega and 8.27% for Forza Italia. This gave the centre-right coalition an absolute majority in both chambers. This is a victory not only for Italy, but also for all Europeans, who can hope for a return to a Europe of nations.

The leader of the Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), Giorgia Meloni, will thus be in charge of forming the new government under President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, writes Il Giornale. “La Meloni”, as Italians call her with the definite article in front of her name, is a beautiful gesture to a “lady”. Dear Italians… you make me smile.

The rise of Islam in Europe is the main theme of the Fratelli d’Italia national party and the new coalition that wants to fight mass immigration and the Islamisation of Europe. It is now a question of defending the family, Christian roots, Italian identity and the conservative values that the globalists prefer to ignore.

In a speech in Rome in 2019, Meloni’s message to Muslims was as follows:

“If you feel offended by the crucifix, don’t live in Italy. The world is big and full of Islamic countries where you will not find crosses, because Christians are persecuted and churches are razed in these countries… Europe must not be turned into a Muslim continent”. Her programme is also strongly inspired by the Frenchman Eric Zemmour.

Meloni speaks clearly, because there must be no compromise with Islam, and together with [Matteo] Salvini she proposes to close the ports to NGOs that want to land ships with immigrants on the Italian coast.

And if Brussels was once able to block Salvini’s path with the help of Merkel, Macron and Conte, that is not the case this time. Because the Italians have spoken and Meloni has won the election, so the mother of democracy, Ursula von der Leyen, can do nothing. Respect for the people must come first.

Hungary holds another example of a politician demanding respect for people’s right to be masters of their own house. So Meloni and [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor] Orbán now stand as two top politicians fighting for the right of the European peoples, and waiting in the wings — perhaps in the near future — is the Frenchman Eric Zemmour to join them, if troubled France manages to get him elected before the country can be fully assimilated like ruined Sweden.

In the distance, the first wail from the globalist camp could be heard in the morning hours, rising in a crescendo to a scream. They had just got up and were on the news, and soon all the European television channels were expressing their anger at the brave Italians and Meloni, whom they saw as a parallel to Mussolini, and all the patriots of Europe as fascists and racists at that.

Oh, how we know their ‘song’, these followers who have buried the ability to see the danger they themselves are in, and who have them on a leash. What will be interesting, however, is what we can expect from this 45-year-old politician in coalition with the Lega and Forza Italia.

Sources: Riposte Laïque, Il Giornale and Corriere della Sera.

9 thoughts on “Giorgia on my Mind

  1. And then one day for no reason at all the people elected…
    Who counts the votes is of no matter in Clowny World?

  2. The EU elites have no one to blame but themselves. Without the colonizers from muslim countries there never would have been the rise of nationalism.

  3. Re: “If you feel offended by the crucifix, don’t live in Italy. The world is big and full of Islamic countries where you will not find crosses, because Christians are persecuted and churches are razed in these countries… Europe must not be turned into a Muslim continent…”

    PM-elect Meloni is so very close to the heart of the matter – as close as any recent European leader, in fact – but she is not quite there yet. Muslims do not migrate to non-Islamic countries out of desire to become Italians or whatever the case may be. They go to those places in the name of Islam and at the command of their prophet, to spread the faith among the infidels and unbelievers, if not by persuasion then by the sword.

    Hejira (hegira) is conquest-by-migration, and the practice is as-old as Islam itself and absolutely central to its practice. Indeed, it marked the watershed between Mohammed’s years in Mecca and his years in Yathrib (now Medina), and thus the dividing line between “Meccan” (peaceful) Islam and “Medinan” (war-like) Islam.

    The migration with his followers to Yathrib ultimately allowed Mohammed to conquer the whole of Arabia, a prerequisite necessary for the spread of Islam after his death.
    Even today, devout Muslims wishing to emulate the prophet heed their imams and go forth to wage jihad in Dar al-Harb (The House of War) – which is what they call the non-Muslim world. For only when the whole world lies within Dar al-Islam (the House of Islam) and all have submitted, can the mujahadeen and shahids lay down their weapons.

    There are five “pillars” of Islam, rituals or practices which every devout Muslim must undertake. These are zakat (the giving of alms), fasting (sawm), the profession of faith (shahada), prayer (salat), and the pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj). Mohammed himself said that waging jihad against the infidels was of such importance that it ought to qualify as the “sixth” pillar of the faith. Holy warriors who perish while waging jihad, are promised paradise in the after-life.

    Prime Minister Meloni is right to be vigilant about Islam: The mujahadeen have wanted to conquer Italy for many centuries, since it is the site of the Vatican and emblematic of Christianity to them. Indeed, many a war-lord has dreamed of quartering his horses in the heart of St. Peter’s Basilica.

  4. Seems there is cause for a little hope. I suggest if you’re a Christian to pray for her and Orban. They’ll be under constant attack, and plenty of subterfuge. I would vote for a woman like her here in the US. I think Taylor Green is as close as we come. Anyway, if we don’t get any men who walk the walk, then a woman will have to be resourced. Don’t know if ANYBODY can negotiate the Swamp.

    • But they do. A very serious Muslim one. Together we can beat this some Russians thought. Then the retreat from Afghanis Tan.

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