Pollyanna — Please Come Home

In the following essay MC tackles the dire state of affairs in the fragmented country formerly known as the United States of America.

Pollyanna — Please Come Home

by MC

I truly believe that Communism/Nazism/Socialism is Satanic. Whilst the useful idiots may actually believe that they are doing the “good works” of Socialism, to Yah they are as “filthy rags” (in the Hebrew this is understood as “used sanitary towels”): “All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away.” (Isaiah 64:6)

Socialists of all stamps seem to feel righteous and superior when they inflict their ‘good’ doctrines upon us. But their coercion and forcible conversion are essentially meaningless in the realm of Yah’s knowledge of Good and Evil, and they too will be judged against the Ten Commandments. They will be held accountable for their theft (redistributive taxation) and their murder as well as of throwing their ‘gods’ in Yah’s face (first commandment in Hebrew).

In Acts we read of a community of “followers of the WAY (of Yah)”. The important thing to understand is that this was a totally voluntary community, no coercion; people were happy to share what they could bring to the community. Anas and Safira sought to deceive and were struck down, not by the community, but by God himself.

But this Acts community is not Socialism or Communism where the community is not voluntary and the ‘pigs’ exploit Snowy — Snowy must join the bread queue whilst the ‘pigs’ have their food brought to them by servants.

Many point out the nasty side of the Bible, the death penalty for sodomy, adultery and fornication, for example. But this was for the same voluntary community structure that we read about in Acts. You keep the Commandments, leave and go to one of the refuge cities, or be put to death.

What is missing from Socialism is the “voluntary” element. The few who believe themselves ‘enlightened’ and thus qualified to dictate to the rest of us how we should live. This is forcible conversion, not to a ‘religion’ as such, but to a much nastier and more ruthless political religion.

The COVID-19 vaccine mandate falls into this category of forcible conversion. Everything about the SARS-COV-2 saga is a lie. But an effective one that has panicked half the world into compliance.

I have never been a fan of vaccination. From the days of Edward Jenner it has been a huge revenue-earner, and this always seems to have been of greater priority to medical professionals and their Big Pharma owners than the safety and effectiveness of the products.

This link sums up the Naturopathy view of vaccines: dangerous biologicals for the treatment of non-dangerous (in clean and well fed-people) diseases.

If the Covid vax were safe and effective, then why worry about a so-called “pandemic of the unvaccinated”? Why are the unvaccinated deemed to be a danger to the vaccinated? Is this a political stunt rather than a medical one? The evidence that it is becomes more and more convincing as we listen to the vaccine effectiveness countdown, now at 3% and dropping.

In Socialism, forcible conversion and slavery walk hand in hand. First one enslaves the ‘dissidents’ and sends them off to the Gulag; then one broadens the definition of ‘dissident’ to include “collective guilt” whereby all Kulaks or Jews are collectively guilty and must be enslaved and eventually exterminated. It is a progressive process.

Slavery happened in my lifetime, and it was nothing to do with skin colour, but the failure of Democrat-controlled media to report it. Slavery has always been a Democrat institution. It preserves their exclusivity by creating an environment hostile to creativity and entrepreneurial activity.

In the UK, government overreach started with mandatory crash helmets and fitted front seat belts, innocent enough, but it did not stop there. A few decades ago ‘Childline’ was set up whereby children could report on their parents. At face value, a good thing — maybe, but what damage did it do to overall parent-child relationships? Now you no longer ‘own’ your children, you only rent them from the state, and the lease agreements are getting more and more odorous.

Unfortunately, being assimilated into the Borg cooperative is what the population wants. It was the same when the Czar organized pogroms against Jews, and the populace was happy to comply. He drove an intelligent and educated Jewish community to dangerous extremes, the Jew Bronstein (Trotsky) being one of them. Trotsky was a Menshevik follower of Kerensky — almost a moderate — but was absorbed by the Bolsheviks. Even as Lenin’s right hand, it was known that Russians would never accept a Jewish Head of State, so they got Stalin instead…

In the next few weeks we can expect the (Brandonised) Pete Buttigieg supply chain bottleneck to get much, much worse:

  • California won’t allow trucks older than ten years into the state.
  • All trucks in California must be electric by 2030.
  • No electric trucks are currently available.
  • Buying new diesel trucks in California makes no economic sense as they must be off the road by 2030.
  • Ships are stacking up in west coast ports waiting to be unloaded.
  • Stevedores are in short supply — it is more profitable to live on handouts.
  • Spare parts for trucks are running out.
  • Spare parts for agricultural vehicles are running out.
  • Spare parts for aircraft are running out.

We are in a downward spiral. Soon the supply problem will begin to feed on itself as shipping is increasingly at anchor waiting to be unloaded.

The elites who planned all this jumped on the back of a tiger, thinking that they could control it.

Much like the ‘renewable energy’ dream is turning into a nightmare, so the great pandemic die-off seems to be going into a tailspin, too.

When one takes on God, one is taking on the Creator, the guy who knows where all the nuts and bolts are, and where the nipples need to be greased to keep life, the universe and everything moving.

Childhood diseases primed the immune system so that it would work well for the next three score years and ten. Until, that is, they, the childhood diseases got vaxxed out of existence and immune systems ceased to be effective. It appears that mRNA vaccines also destroy the immune system, so what will happen to the Gateses of this world when a very intelligent and angry mob turns on them?

Money can buy anything, except when there is nothing left to buy, at which point money becomes valueless. A bag of eApples is not very nutritious except for maybe listening to the Grateful Dead….

What is really going on? Is this an attempt to reduce the world population to Malthusian comfort levels? A manmade pandemic which will make the Holocaust look like a kiddies’ tea party?

Those of us who survive the pandemic will then have to survive the total breakdown in crucial industries and services: health, electricity generation, transportation, food supply. But then will come the invaders, the hordes of those too poor to be vaxxed and those treated with ivermectin in India and Africa.

When you ride the tiger you cannot control the end point. You go where the tiger takes you. If you fall or climb off you become food for the beast. You hope that at some stage the beast will drop from fatigue, too exhausted to eat you.

Lenin did not survive — he may have been murdered/poisoned by Stalin. Trotsky had an unfortunate encounter with an ice axe. Stalin, too died under questionable circumstances, his staff being too scared to check on him for two days.

This time it seems that the revolution is happening all across the world at the same time. That has to have been planned.

When world leaders march in lockstep be afraid. Be very afraid.

But the tiger here is a newspaper tiger. Controlling the dialogue is vital, and the journalistas who cull the truth are the nasty little worms that are sacrificing all that is honest and decent for a few dollars more. Giving God the finger, they uphold criminal politicians and corrupt causes.

I was nine when I first saw the Disney movie “Pollyanna”. Now, sixty years later, I am still moved by the intrinsic goodness and belief embedded within it. It may be the stuff of dreams, but it portrayed an era where everybody had value because everybody had values. There was not a problem of right and wrong, per se, but the heart of the discussion was what was the best way to proceed to improve the lives of people.

Pollyanna became a despised concept. The idea of a little girl spreading ‘gladness’ became an accusation. How did that happen? To try to be sweetness and light was to be a despised ‘pollyanna,’ so we stopped listening to the “babes and sucklings” and listened to the Gateses and the Faucis instead.

Sderot is in many ways a ‘heavy’ society. It has improved since Iron Dome stopped the missiles from landing, but we could do with a ‘Pollyanna’ making us refocus on the half-full cup instead of the half-empty one.

In this world one often reaps what one sows. If you sow the despair of the half-empty, you impregnate the society around you with that same despair, and there is no getting out of the slough of despond.

Pollyanna, a young girl of about 10 or 11, refocussed her society on the half-full, and which inspired the society around her to seek to become three-quarters full.

Pollyanna, both the book and the movie are a wokist nightmare, (the book is here). There is no ‘racism’ or ‘white supremacy’ because it was a homogenous, small town American setting from the turn of the 19th/20th century. At the time of the film’s release, Democrats were fighting to stop racial integration…

We are in acute danger of losing that desire to improve our lot. Masks, lockdowns, suspicion, ‘gotcha’ culture — they all work against the intrinsic essence of the creative society.

The entrepreneur has to be able to trust his society to not destroy his enterprise simply because it can. If he knows his investment in sweat and dollars is just going to be gobbled up by power-hungry pols or bored social justice warriors looking for a cause, he then fears for his safety and he does not invest, so society loses the benefits it might otherwise have accrued.

The Founding Fathers created an environment where it was difficult (not impossible) to rob the entrepreneur just for being successful, but over the past few decades that safe environment has been eroded. I suppose it started with the land grabs of the late 19th century, which destroyed the ‘range’ and the cattle ranches that depended on it. It was a redistribution of wealth. Even if the ranchers, who had originally tamed the land and put it to good use, did not have legal title to the land, they had built up a productive industry around the then status quo, the carpet of which was pulled from under them without compensation or any other acknowledgement.

Latterly, the destruction of manufacturing in the USA followed a similar pattern. Communities that had invested in, say, steel, found the rug pulled from under them and given to China as a gift. The communities involved did not own the factories, but were stakeholders who had invested decades of loyalty, sweat and toil which, in the end counted as nothing.

Last year saw my job moved to India. 40+ years of experience and knowhow, replaced by an Indian about two years out of school but at supposedly a third of the cost. The analytics and modelling driving offshore markets do not take account of human factors. Never mind the quality or the risk; just lower the costs.

I think the hidden risks of offshoring are now coming home to roost, but it is not the elites who are suffering the consequences — yet.

So now we are in an asymmetric war with China, with a compromised administration and the consequences of a mismanaged WMD attack weakening our resolve. Our cup is emptying fast. Oh, Pollyanna, please come home, your country needs you!

Hayley Mills as “Pollyanna” sings “America the Beautiful”

I can be GLAD that ‘Brandon’ is President because it gives me an opportunity to get involved, to help clean up the mess — Let’s go Pollyanna!

I am not American, but I hold the United States of America in high esteem as the country that put Yahovah at the centre of the Constitution and a Bill of Rights, and reaped the benefits thereof for two hundred years. The intrinsic problems were overcome, the institution of slavery was left behind, Jim Crow was brought down, but now we must take on the skin colour hatred and racism being pushed by political-religions of the Left in order to undo God’s finest work. I would call on ALL Americans to be GLAD of their CITIZENSHIP and do all within their power to preserve the God-given right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness — for all.

(Written on an American Computer, with American software, by an author whose livelihood for the past fifty years has depended upon a rich and friendly America, and who, but for those who gave their lives six years or so before I was born, would have been writing this in German, assuming they, the Nazis, did not discover my Jewish ancestry. God bless America and deliver it from all Brandons.)

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

16 thoughts on “Pollyanna — Please Come Home

  1. MC, I hope to see you when the Church is called home to be with Yah Shua as His bride.
    As for the rest of it, you are spot on. I warned my professors and class mates about the dangers of Globalism only to be shouted down as a heretic. It now comes around that I knew what I was talking about and was rather accurate in my predictions, but that doesn’t matter, only professing the party line does anymore.
    As for the moneyed elite, they will find that their gold that they sold themselves for is worthless as it won’t feed them and they will throw it out into the streets, just as Isaiah said that they would.
    So I’m not sweating it, just working hard to remain faithful whilst waiting for the voice of the archangel and the last trump (no, not him or the card either, the musical instrument).

    • I do believe Yah is active in the world today, He appears to have done a deal with Satan (see the book of Job) not to directly interfear and to have set up some ‘rules of engagement’.

      Satan is trying to get us to kill ourselves to leave him the master of the planet with a few willing slaves. Yah wants us to leave the pigsty, and humble ourselves as servants of the Creator, to walk the path of ever maturing righteousness as wee listen to His servants sent to meet us and escort us until we reach the Father’s gates. Hence Paul describes himself as a ‘follower of The WAY’.

      I emerge from the pigsty covered stinky slime, as I progress along the way the slime drops off and my formely odourous garment becomes clean and presentable – I arrive at the Father’s gate dressed in the garments of sonship, my cup is no longer half full, it runneth over, there is spare to distribute to those around me…

  2. It may only be relevant in God’s realm but I would add one more item is missing. Love of God and neighbor. I can’t quote the location but without love, it is of no value to God. I prefer to use good will but that is just me. If it is out of love makes it voluntary.

    I mentioned in another comment, what happens if the vaccine is accidentally injected into the bloodstream and other tissues because the done factories for spike protein creation?

    • Yes, “seek the love” (1 Cor 14 v 1) – the Pollyanna books are full of love both the unconditional love of the little girl for the people around her, and her growing love for Jimmy (in the sequel).

      The Covid vaccine is a chymeric abomination, DNA is the computer language of YAH, and we mess about with it at our perril. I believe that pre-flood they messed with DNA, and that Noah was chosen because he was untainted.

      It is very easy to look for changes in a digital message. if we count the bits in the message using a hashing algrithm (cyclic redundancy check CRC) we can add the resulting MAC (message authenticating code) to the end of the message. If changes occur in transmission, the MAC of the received message will be different to the MAC of the sent message. I am pretty sure our DNA is the same, and if we use mRNA to change any sequence, it will show in the ‘MAC’ – Hence Yah knew that Noah was “pure in his lineage”

    • “For now I show you a better way – although I speak in tongues of men and of angels. if I have not Love, I am as a clashing cymbel” (paraphrased from 1 Cor 13)

      • Leviticus 19 :18b you, love your neighbor as yourself.
        Leviticus 19:18a Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay.
        So in Matthew 22:37 Yah Shua said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.”
        Matthew 22:39 he added, “and the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
        I like His conclusion in Verse 40, “On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”
        Now, if we all obeyed these two simple and direct commandments we wouldn’t have all this BS to contend with, such as the use of living babies recently taken by force from their mother’s womb that are cut up while alive without any anesthetic to remove the needed body parts and then left to die in misery. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be that clinical technician who will come face to face with the YAH Himself and the child He created that was aborted in final judgment.

    • I tried to love my neighbours but they kept me awake till 3am playing loud music – I had to get up at 6.30am to go to work.. They paid no attention to my complaints and eventually I had to sell my house and move.

      • We once had neighbors whose son had the loudest VW Bug in this world. He was constantly arriving and taking off – it was like a missile.
        When he was home, he played extremely loud music. We waited (impatiently but silently)for 2 years, but in the end, we prayed the family right out of the neighborhood. And they made a nice profit selling their home!

  3. “All trucks in California must be electric by 2030. No electric trucks are currently available.”

    A small point relative to the overall thrust of the essay, but one that shows the left’s refusal to accept reality is the fact that municipalities that tried electric buses have all mothballed those expensive white elephants. They cannot service city bus routes much less multiple hundred mile long hauls with heavy loads. We are being ruled by malevolent children.

  4. Has anyone seen Satan? – he gets a lot of mentions,
    But maybe only lives in imaginations.

    • Yah Shua did and was tempted by him. One-third of the angels rebelled against YAH with him so he has quite a cohort to do his bidding.

  5. God helps those who help themselves, if you are waiting for God to save you from the coming wars? You’re in for a long wait. The only person who is going to save you? Is you! Sheep? Or Wolf? The choice is stark and clear.

    • God helps those who humble themselves and pray, and seek His Face and turn from their wicked ways.

      That is what Tanach says – 2 Chronicles 7 v 14

      • Being the Catholic in poor standing that I am, I’ll go with the Catholic version because waiting for God to intervene on your behalf is how you jews ended up in camps, gulags and pogroms.

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