Yet Another Mentally Ill Mujahid

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from France Bleu:

Police attacked at Colombes: The man shot dead was not radicalized according to preliminary elements of investigation

October 23, 2021

The national prosecutor at Nanterre states that the “investigation has not yet revealed evidence of radicalization of the person concerned, who reportedly was the object of a psychiatric hospitalization.”

The man shot dead Friday at Colombes (Hauts de Seine) after threatening police officers with a knife, had not been radicalized, according to the preliminary elements of the investigation. In a press release, the Nanterre prosecutor, Pascal Prache, states that “he was reportedly the object of a psychiatric hospitalization.” He stated also that “his judicial file has no trace of a conviction, and he is known for two previous offenses relative to other infractions.”

The national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office was informed Friday evening, but in view of the first elements furnished by the investigation, opened for “attempted murder of personnel of public authority”, the Nanterre prosecutor remains in charge. The police officers and the witnesses present at the scene were interviewed. “From the first elements gathered, it appeared that two police officers, who were making identity checks, used their firearms firing several shots at a man who was advancing on them armed with a knife and yelling “Allahu Akhbar” after throwing a glass bottle in the direction of the officers,” the prosecutor explains.

The man shot dead was 41 years of age; he resided “it seems at Garenne-Colombes,” in Haut de Seine. In spite of the intervention of medical personnel, the man died of his wounds. The autopsy is scheduled for October 24 2021. The investigation continues in order to clarify the sequence of events. The General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) is also involved.

9 thoughts on “Yet Another Mentally Ill Mujahid

  1. Sure, sure, he wasn’t radicalized, but was he devout? What is the deference between a psychopath and islamopath? Nothing.

  2. A muslim is a muslim is a muslim. There is no radical islam, just bloody God Forsaken islam. No more muslims = no more problem.

  3. Isnt it strange that all muslims who commit murder are directly declared insane – from persons who have never met them.

    If I remember correctly, before a person can be declared insane there must be at least one consultation with a doctor and this consultation must be a little bit longer than looking at said person and then saying “He is insane.”

    On the other hand: If patriots or bad persons (like Nazis) would just look wrong at a person, push the other person or god forbid attack the other person, then they are all totally sane.

    I smell something fishy.

    • Nothing fishy at all here.
      It’s a choice between whistling past the graveyard (the rest of you are going to be Good Muslims, right?) and starting a civil war, with plenty of international help ready to come down on the side of the enemy.

      • As there will be lots of international help for the natives, we have better/more arms and a certain ruthless flair the bloody muslims don’t have.

        • That doesn’t change the fact that the victor will win only ruins and the jihadis LIKE ruins.

          This is why the government tries to pretend that Islam and Moslems are not existential threats to Europe. Same thing for illegal aliens in the US. Even if the US could defeat and expel them, the US would be a ruin when it was over.

          And the Chicoms would LOVE both outcomes.

          • Cities have been rebuilt since time immortal and I am betting on western civilization and western tribalism to carry the day. As for the chinks? As per history, they are on their own road to ruin for they are not very good at strategic thinking and as always, underestimate western resolve and western ability to go completely ruthless at the drop of a hat.

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