Do They Really Mean It?

Last night’s post about French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron started a conversation in the comments about whether or not Mr. Macron sincerely wants to stop (or slow) the encroachment of Islam in France. The translated article concerned the French President’s requirement that the French Council of Muslim Worship come up with a plan for regulating the training of imams in France and removing foreign influences from the process.

The consensus seems to be that Mr. Macron is trying to poach some support from Marine Le Pen of National Rally, who would probably win the next presidential election if it were held today. With every incident of deadly violence that escapes the banlieues and impacts the lives of ordinary native French people, the more voters turn to Ms. Le Pen.

Emmanuel Macron may have a vestigial sense of French identity and culture, but he is clearly an opportunist. In his lofty position as head of state, he can hardly be unaware of the dire peril that Islamization poses to the French state. In my opinion — which is not based on statistics, since the French government has for many years prohibited the collecting of statistics on ethnicity and religion in France — the country has already passed the point of no return. France will become an Islamic republic within a generation at most.

If Mr. Macron and his handlers are aware of these facts — and one must assume they are — then they are simply maneuvering to give themselves the best possible positions of advantage during the rapidly dwindling time in which non-Muslims retain control of the French government. And, as someone pointed out in the comments, the president may well be keeping an eye on the military, which has its own agenda concerning Islamic violence.

I’ve been watching the careers of Emmanuel Macron, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, and British Prime Minister Boris “BoJo” Johnson since long before they achieved daily prominence in the news headlines. Despite their widely differing personalities and styles, they seemed to be cut from the same political cloth: ambitious, unprincipled, unscrupulous men who would do whatever it took to achieve and maintain their positions of power.

The career trajectories of BoJo and Boy Kurz have borne out my early assessment of their characters. It’s still too soon to determine how well Mr. Macron fits the mold. And he may not be as shrewd a player as the other two, since he is obviously more like a golem assembled from bits and pieces of political dross by the banking cartels.

All three men are clearly tools of the globalists. I hardly need to mention that the same is true of Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and innumerable other lesser thespian apparatchiks who strut and fret their hour on the twilight political stages of the West.

So what makes these charlatans appear to be different? No one who pays close attention to political affairs would ever suspect Mrs. Merkel or Mr. Obama of having any identifiable principles, nor any love for their respective homelands. How is it that Messrs. Kurz, Johnson, and Macron manage to convince nationalists — tentatively and contingently — that the three wily rogues might have at least a shred of devotion to their countries?

I don’t know about Mr. Macron, but the other two have repeatedly demonstrated considerable skill in political legerdemain. They’ve trimmed their sails to the nationalist winds with remarkably good timing.

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There are very few prominent Western politicians who are truly principled and not yet wholly owned by the globalists. Geert Wilders, Viktor Orbán, Matteo Salvini, Marine Le Pen, Jair Bolsonaro… And Donald Trump, of course.

I could definitely count them on the fingers of two hands. No need to take off my shoes to complete the list.

46 thoughts on “Do They Really Mean It?

  1. Boris Johnson is essentially a communist at this point, so any nationalist pretext is certainly gone with him, the level of control he posses over his countrymen is more akin to Xi Jinping than to your run-of-the-mill western progressive, laws passed willy nilly that smack down on the common man with no resistance. Won’t be long now before he assembles his very own NKVD to elimate all anti-lockdown voices.

    I think Macron is a case of the situation in France having devolved so much he can’t afford to ignore it.

    • BoJo’s behaviour should have been predicted, as mayor of London he wanted to naturalize all illegal immigrants in the city. Now he takes orders from his girlfriend.

    • Bojo is a puppet on a string in the middle of a hurricane, people like this idiot get hit by lightening and are soon gone. Now what will take this guys place is a whole other story.

    • Boris Johnson, 2005:

      “To any non-Muslim reader of the Koran, Islamophobia — fear of Islam — seems a natural reaction, and, indeed, exactly what that text is intended to provoke. Judged purely on its scripture — to say nothing of what is preached in the mosques — it is the most viciously sectarian of all religions in its heartlessness towards unbelievers. As the killer of Theo Van Gogh told his victim’s mother this week in a Dutch courtroom, he could not care for her, could not sympathise, because she was not a Muslim.”
      Boris Johnson, 2015

      “Islam is a religion of peace”

      The closer they get to power, the more they lie to promote Islam.

      In the courts and Parliament of the UK it is Verboten for the non-Muslim to touch the Koran (this prohibition is found in a multitude of official documents). In Gitmo the guards had to wear gloves to pass Mohammed’s manual of terrorism to the terrorists.

      Decades ago the elite in the West enshrined in legal procedure the Islamic hatred of the filthy Kuffar.

  2. There is too much weirdness in the political world for people to grasp. Most readers of this blog would be shocked to discover Angela Merkel’s party and Viktor Orban’s belong to the same ‘centre-right’ bloc in the European Union Parliament, or that she was one of the very few Western leaders to defend the Danish Muhammad cartoonists—even gave them awards for it.

    Macron is just a sleaze.

      • Exactly what it is , she is a heavy traitor to Germans!!, all the money in billions!!she spend for this savages and parasites almost none of them leaving from the Hartz IV , they have between 5-9 kids , everything from tax payers money,everything is demanding, what she did is the biggest crime against own people and country, and she still in the office after 15 years , keeping destroying everything!!, unbelievable..,

        • your point is marginal. Merkel, could have defend some cartoonist, or some other people, for political propaganda; but don’t let that isolated fact confuse you on the whole thing: look at the BIG PICTURE. She is the most highly political responsible for the importation of milion of muslism since 2015.

    • In short: as blatantly obvious as this should be, don’t believe leaders lean a certain way based on rhetoric and lip service, judge based on actions (Amazing that’s been forgotten!)

    • Merkel is a bloody communist and always has been, her actions speak of this on a daily basis and the bloody idiots let her into that party like the snake she is and everybody acts surprised she is a snake doing what she does. The point is moot anyway, democracy is dead for you ain’t voting your way out of this bloody mess now and the military is going to be the deciding factor of all things great and small soon enough.

  3. I just am curious how these evil elite scum leading, cajoling, or dragging their nations towards a mongrelized, denationalized future think they will evade summary executions and a shallow grave once chaos breaks out and law and order collapses. No matter how many guards they have or hidey holes in New Zealand they have purchased, it will not be enough once those whose livelihoods were destroyed, savings wiped out, and loved ones brutalized and raped by imported orcs finally reach the point of not caring about punishment and have even less left to lose.

    • Also, Ref “Do they really mean it”?. No, they do not. They are absolutely intent on their objective.

      Everything else is simply whatever public expression will permit them to progress to that objective and when that begins to fail they feel they still have the ultimate power of the state to enforce compliance.

      They feel.

    • You keep on predicting this Caucasian revenge month by month. But given white European birthrates, where are the indigenous streetfighters in say 2035, especially as the German army soldiers and also e.g. the Berlin police are increasingly foreign, in many cases Turkish and Arab?

      People don’t just start becoming experienced in urban warfare in their 40s or 50s the way they take up a new hobby e.g. tennis or knitting.

      Even if the whites managed to train and get weapons in Russia or Hungary, they are still up against Merkel’s future active service young and fit Africans and Arabs.

      It may rather be that tribal ethnic warlordism occurs, with Somali or Turkish or Senegalese urban districts, manned roadblocks every few km. and elderly white Germans wheeling along in their wheelchairs hither and thither to obtain dwindling food, if permitted before curfew.

      • “especially as the German army soldiers and also e.g. the Berlin police are increasingly foreign, in many cases Turkish and Arab?“

        There are a grand total of 1,400 Muslims serving in the Bundeswehr, of 185,000 and no military Imams. There are 300 Jews (with Rabbis) out of a much smaller population.

        • A Turk or Arab need not declare himself to be a Muslim to serve in the army, I think.

          Government statisticians will likely class anybody with a German passport, also in the Army and Police, to be “German”, which is also what happens when “a man” , as opposed to an African/Arab/other country-shopper happens to decapitate some indigenous European all over the EU.

          Helmuth appears not to have been following the controversy over lower standards (language skills, criminal record) for recruitment to the Berlin police, which is key because it is the current and future force of repression in the capital city

          But the main point is that of birthrates: you can already tell now the ethnic origins of the recruitment pool of 18 year old males in, say, 2030 or 2035.

      • For one, I don’t think it will wait until 2035 to be dealt with. The elites will not be able to keep the debt cakewalk going for that long, and economic collapse will create the conditions for dealing with non-european invaders once that has occurred. I think the time of it being dealt with will be within the next few years, or sooner if the elites keep pressing the throttle to the floor on the Great Reset before the plebes fully awake.

        You’re absolutely correct that fighting skills don’t just develop out of nowhere. I don’t think the military will become a large scale training ground for islamic toughs in any meaningful numbers. Discipline and islam do not go together, and the vast majority of muslim foot soldiers will continue to cut their teeth selling drugs and street fighting. Admittedly this puts ethnic europeans at a disadvantage at the outset of conflict, but they still have numbers in their favor and it will be their lands and their way of life they will be fighting for. War isn’t just about fighting; far more important will be intelligence, logistical support, and control of infrastructure such as power, water, sanitation, fuel, and the means of food delivery. Those will remain firmly in the hands of ethnic europeans and none of them are competencies of the islamic invaders.

        Certainly you are correct about warlordism and roadblocks, but it will work to our advantage, as the self segregation of muslims into ethnic ghettos which lends itself to this, also makes it much easier to confine the muslims in their ghettos while a solution is worked out as to what to do with them. Depending upon the atrocities committed by muslims on the ethnic european populace this might be as lenient as mass deportation to another country or as violent as wholesale artillery barrages or chemical attacks to spare infrastructure. You must ask yourself though, what do you believe to be more likely; that europeans will meekly acquiesce to creeping islamization of their lands, or that they will one day reach a breaking point and violently deal with the invaders and those who collaborated to inflict them upon their countries?

        • I do confirm every word of your second paragraph. One example as proof: whenever we saw cavalcades of militia pickups from any muslim country on the planet on TV, the guys were shooting entire clips of ammo into the air for the pure fun of it.
          In a decent military environment, this waste of ammo would lead to disciplinary sanctions. And morover, the short fuses they have prevent any cool strategic and tactic action beyond simple ambushes.

      • I fully agree with Moon on his assessment as to the timeline and to how it will unfold. Merkal and the rest of the politicians in western Europe will fall to military coups despite these very same politicians best efforts to reign in their militaries, it is the greatest reason Merkal tries to starve the German military of funds to fund her 3rd world pets and appease the bloody turks. Well this is going to go sideways soon as Moon states and when it does, the natives are not going to share rare resources with the 3rd worlders and they will fight. Think of each 3rd world enclaves as a mini state and whatever means available will be used surround and to rid of them, so you can forget about deporting these savages, they will simply be dealt with a cost effective round. The horror and bloodshed that is coming is going to be epic and the so called elites really have no idea that none of them will be spared once the Great Purge begins.

  4. I disagree with the thesis that France will become – along with Belgium, Sweden etc. – an Islamic Republic within a generation or two. The kind of future postulated by Michel Houellebecq in his short novel Submission. The average Frenchman, like the average Swede, will not allow it. So long as the control of the police, along with the armed forces, remains with the governments and thus the non-Muslims. I am under no illusions on just how dhimmified France and Europe are, they keep setting new lows every year, and it is going to get worse. I know. Yet there will come a point in the public consciousness when enough is enough, and they will snap. There will eventually be public uprisings, even military coups that will overthrow their dhimmi governments and the backlash will be huge, indeed many innocents will be slaughtered or forced to flee. This is a zero sum game and there is no avoiding it. The French and Europeans have a long and dark history of mass violence, against themselves, Jews etc. And for no good reason, other than dark irrational forces at play. But when they have a good reason, namely Islam, don’t think these forces won’t spring back into action. It is all there beneath the surface of polite and false ‘civilization’. It will be a terrible thing to behold, because it is a boiling pot and when the lid of dhimmitude is blown off, the boiling water of violence and revenge will not be confined to Muslims, the whole nation and Western Europe itself will suffer convulsions.

    • I’ve long predicted that there will be another Holocaust-like event in Europe.

      What I don’t know is whether Muslims will be on the receiving or the “giving” end.

      Neither is good. While I have no use for Islam as an ideology, I don’t have a problem with its (non-violent) adherents at an individual level and do not wish such an ending for them – or for native Europeans (obviously).

      The time to act to prevent this kind of thing was… 30 years ago.

      At this point, the *best* that might happen is a sort-of split of the continent, is my guess.

      • At this point, it is unavoidable that you will gave to get your hands dirty to thrive and survive. There will be no split of Europe, there will only be natives of Europe and 3rd worlders and their leftist enablers and Quislings, there will be only killers and victims, Victors and vanquished, sheep or wolves. Islam is violence and if they follow islam, they are violent and against our western civilization, period, end of story. If you think that you will be able to avoid the coming conflict? Good luck being the sheep.

        • I don’t think that it’s avoidable.

          I do see a possible scenario where native Europeans just keel over without a fight, mass conversions to Islam, etc.

          The people of Poland won’t, though, just like they didn’t the last times. But the French? They well might. That’s how a partition scenario might happen. Which, knowing the demographics, just means a continued progression, in the long run.

          One thing I find here (Canada) is that it’s often immigrants who are the most aware of how bad this problem is. Ex-Muslims, for example, are well aware of what we’re up against. So are Coptic Christians. It’s the “United Church” and SJW types that effectively act as enablers. I could easily see them mass-converting, because I think that a part of their perversion is a form of power-worship.

          • When it comes to islam, it always ends in blood, without exception, so yes, it is unavoidable where mass violence is concerned, it will come to the US and Canada as well and darn good chance of Australia and New Zealand as well. Once the blood begins to flow, the Europeans are not going to be interested in deporting anyone, they will do it the good ole fashioned way it has always been done, rules be bloody damned.

      • The “best” that could happen is the invaders get ejected from Europe. Partitioning the continent is only prolonging the war and kicking the can to one’s children and grandchildren to deal with. Islam and Christianity cannot coexist, indeed islam cannot coexist with any other religion or belief system, and barely tolerates the less virulent strains of islam.

  5. I am antsy viz: French and UK nuclear forces.
    Europe is unrecoverable. Over. Period.
    We must have a contingency in place to deal with the impending islamic control of the weapons, delivery systems and support industrial complex NOW.
    Sink the subs and PGM the silo’s, I suppose.
    We had to blow the Vichy fleet out of the water to keep that out of Nazi hands. I see no difference with this impending grave issue.


    • Pssst, Kono, the militaries of Europe won’t fall to the savages of islam, in fact they will take over Europe. Take it to the bank.

      • I’m not as sanguine about Europe as some here are.
        Back in the very different world of 1980, I was very dismayed at the defeatist thinking of the younger eurogrunts I was deployed along side. The Benelux and German kids struck me as very unreliable. The older guys were very hard-core, but too few. Current trends show no improvement, and the manpower pool is even dumber.

        Politicized Officer Corps. Anybody that survives above Captain rank is 90% political, 9% other, and 1% military, and the last may be generous.

        Short History of Resistance to Gov’t and Elitist Totalitarianism in modern Europe:
        Euro military’s did not rise against fascism, Nazism, Communism, or any of the other isims and schisms.
        Never. They tended to pitch in with the vicious, scheming thugs.

        Resistance movements: Brave, plucky, esprit right up to here. With out massive support by other nations, they don’t amount to any more than an annoyance.

        Have a care of pathetic and anthropomorphic fallacy. Most Europeans cannot think of resisting, just as most leafs won’t, and too many American’s of the post-modernist stripe will throw in with any kind of lunacy, as long as it is painted green.
        All those collaborators come from somewhere, you know!

        • As one who has deep ties to Europe, trust me when I say, once things get bad, the European will have no choice but to fight or die and fight they will. You will see the rise of nationalism not seen in over a hundred years. Democracy is dead as we know it.

      • Indeed.

        When I was about 15, I was horrified at my aunt stating that in her view, those dependent on gov’t handouts shouldn’t get to vote.

        Now I see the genius of her take on things.

        A few tweaks, perhaps, but she had a good approximation of the right idea.

        • Yep. Interesting point.

          Should we also include those in the top one percent?

          In other words, only the people who are working their butts off to pay their rent, mortgages, bills etc., get to vote.

          Would that make things any better?

  6. In USA, watch this bunch kick out cops who are enforcing communist ideology,
    Enforcing the phoney covid pandemic genocide upon us! We must now all do same in Europe!

    Look at this jobsworhs with guns and badges, they doing the work of the NaZis,
    Causing more deaths than any virus! Causing starvation and ruiniation of peoples lives, they causing deaths and suicides!

    For gods sake we must refuse these blind dumb murderers who are get paid to murder us all.

  7. They always lie when looking to pacify the populace. Just like Merkel lied many years ago, saying multikulti does not work. It means nothing. It is not meant to mean anything…. apart from sending the message, see, don’t worry, go back to sleep, we are on top of it.

  8. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “We see ourselves as an inseparable part of Europe. However, this does not mean that we will bow down to overt attacks to our country and nation, veiled injustices, and double standards.” The
    president also called upon the EU to make the country a fully fledged member of the bloc. The statement echoed remarks Erdogan made on Saturday, when he claimed Turkey aims to “build our future with Europe.”

    • The Turks couldn’t conquer Europe (Vienna) by force of arms, so they have settled for subterfuge instead, even though the turks don’t have any subs.

      • And once again, the forces of Europe will be forced to deal with the bloody turks in the same manner they always have, with force.

  9. Micron is as fake as its younger twin Kurz: they are both Soros puppets. Merkel is on the same scam to bring in more millions, then start calling them europeans by giving them million of fake passports. Of course they will not do anything that prevent their beloved muslims to come and stay forever and ever. It is just some electoral propaganda, like maybe even closing a monsque or two, arrest some few useless people and deport some minor criminals. But the big multiculturalist and multietnic plan is not changing; after all, even winning the elections could not be enough to stop it, if the institutional system can go on with diffused frauds and justice tricks not to lose power.

  10. Macron is a Soros-minion surrounded by Jihadists. His former bodyguard and security adviser (and lover), Alexandre Benalla is a Muslim.

    He does not attack Islam at all, it is just Takiya. He wants to delay the backlash to Jihad, to keep Islam growing until they can take over the country.

    It seems to be a stealthy Muslim Brotherhood-style strategy what he is pursuing: harsh in words against ‘terror’ — but in reality he pushes the Islamisation agenda. So the fact that violent Jihadists are seemingly against him does not prove that he is Counter-Jihad or Counter Islam. It is rather the usual old ‘Stealth Jihadists vs. Violent Jihadists’ issue within Islam.

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