The Attempt to Domesticate Islam in France

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced his intention to tame Islam in France, in much the same way that the Catholic Church has been tamed since 1789. He is evidently looking for something along the lines of the control of Tatar Muslims in Czarist Russia. I say, good luck to him — he’ll need to be as ruthless as the Czars were in their suppression of Tatar zealots, and in the process throw out the EU’s rulebook on human rights.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from France24:

Islam in France: The CFCM presents Emmanuel Macron an imams’ council project

November 19, 2020

The French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) was received by Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée Palace Wednesday. At the request of the President, its leaders proposed to him a project for a national council responsible for supervising the training of imams in France.

On Wednesday November 18 the leaders of the French Council of the Muslim Worship presented Emmanuel Macron with a project for a national imams council. The head of State had asked them to create a body responsible for designating imams in France, stated the Élysée [presidential palace].

The chief of State has also asked them to write up, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, a “charter of Republican values”, to which the CFCM and the nine federations that make up the CFCM will commit themselves.

He gave them two weeks to return and present this charter to him, stated the Élysée, confirming the information from Le Figaro and Le Parisien.

The charter, the President requested, must affirm the recognition of the values of the Republic, specifying that Islam in France is a religion and not a political movement, and stipulate the end of interference or affiliation with foreign nations.

The objective is specifically to put an end, within four years, to the presence in France of 300 foreign imams sent by Turkey, Morocco and Algeria.

Stop the ambiguities

Since his speech on separatism and radical Islam at the beginning of October, and again after the murder of Samuel Paty and the Nice attack, the head of state increased his pressure on the governing bodies of Islam in France to fight against foreign influence, radicalization, and political Islam.

On Wednesday, he received the leaders of the nine federations that compose the CFCM for the fourth time since the start of the school year, according to the Élysée Palace. The president let them know that several of these federations are taking ambiguous positions on the subjects discussed, and that they need to stop these ambiguities.

Among these nine federations, representatives of one large part of the Muslim religious community — three of them — do not have a “Republican vision”, such as Milli Görüs, a Turkish (national), and the Muslims of France, (formerly UOIF, Union of Islamic Organizations in France), the Élysée revealed. “If some of them do not sign this charter, we will apply the consequences,” the president warned, who “took note of their proposals.”

Designating the imams

The council of imams, presented as a sort of council on modeled on that of lawyers, would not only be able to designate imams and give them an official card — at present, no designation is necessary, and it is possible for one to proclaim himself an imam — but also to withdraw approval in case of a breach of the charter, and a code of ethics, which it will have to draw up.

The President gave the CFCM 6 months to implement a training framework for imams.

Depending on their role (imams directing prayer, preaching imams, and imams who speak at conferences) different levels of knowledge of French and diplomas, up to university training, will be required. The council will have to bring current imams into line with this model.

The membership of CFCM in this new Muslim religious organization in France would mark a victory for Emmanuel Macron, the target of sometimes violent criticisms from Muslims in several countries for his remarks on an Islam “in crisis” and his words against radical Islam.

In addition to the calls for a boycott of French products, the French president, who rejects any accusation of being anti-Muslim and defends a neutral secularization vis-à-vis all religions, has himself personally become the target of jihadist threats.

15 thoughts on “The Attempt to Domesticate Islam in France

  1. France fights at least in some form in response to attacks, while Britain implements Sharia to police cartoons and hate speech.

  2. I commend you on the use of the word ” tatar”.
    Too many people spell this word “tartar” which is a sauce one puts on fish 🙂
    Mind you, if we cut moslem pigs into itty biity little pieces and bury them alive…
    We might be able to dig them up later and use them for fishing bait.

  3. Divorce. S*** for brains. Civil war is brewing hot. This is a very sick perverted disgusting relationship. Think of the children. The Muslims rape and humiliate as if they already have west Europe on both knees begging for mercy in defeat. Do something.

    • Ole Saint Vlad “Lord Impaler” Tepes is a patron Saint of the Eastern Orthodox Church for doing God’s(not allah) work in dealing with the bloody turk muslims. All hail Lord Impaler!

      The turks to this day still fear his return.

    • If it is for real then likely because of proximity to globalist elite scum and their nefarious designs. Even though he is one of them, it is possible (although unlikely) that their contempt for his fellow citizens is too much even for him.

      Why would a privileged citizen from one of the most cultured and refined nations on the planet want to cover it with merde dredged from the cesspools of the arab and african sewers masquerading as nations? Of course with Le Pen nipping at his heels there might be a simpler and more prosaic explanation, but one can still hope.

    • Because the military threw down the gauntlet and said it’s you or the muslims. Macron knows the military will eliminate him if he pushes them too far. Now Macron is stuck between a rock and a hard place, the military on one end and his globalist friends on the other.

  4. Macron is only doing all this as a diversion , which will help him to do something really BAD to Poland and Hungary, in their conflict with EU

  5. This comment is from France.

    I don’t trust Macron. He is doing this to gain votes later. Or he is delusional about what Islam really is.

    You can’t modify or ” domesticate ” Islam. Those who tried ended up with their throat slit. In the Middle Ages the moderate and open Mutazilites were exterminated. A few years ago a Sudanese respected old scholar, Mahmud Muhammed Ata, proposed to take out some violent verses from the Koran.
    He ended up in the shariah court, got condemened and was tortured and executed on Khartum main square.

    As Erdogan has said: ” There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam”.

    The imams in France have no intentions of changing their ways, I believe. They are just playing time because time is on their side. Every week thousands of muslims invaders, disguised as ” refugees ” , land on the beaches of Southern Europe. In Europe proper, muslim women already here make babies as fast as they can. Muhammed is the most common name given to new-born baby boys in France today.

    Muslims leaders here are just waiting for their numbers to be high enough so they can start a general uprising and take over.

    • Ernst, two thirds of the invasion isn’t even on the radar. Births, contingencies, global compact, resettlement, family reunification, Erdogan deal, distribution, legal non-EU marriage, citizenship. 66% is not related to the huge numbers arriving as illegal asylum seekers. Rule of thumb multiply all govt. Figures by three to get the real numbers.

    • That “general uprising” by Muslims will see new rivers originating in the ghettos of France pilled high. With Muslims and their less and less once numerous local fools they now use for tools. The French people will not be alone. I imagine.

  6. This ends as it always does, no more muslims = no more problems. Everybody keeps living in denial, under massive delusions and the muslims deceit that the savages of the 3rd world and muslims can change to our ways and become civilized. LOL It always ends in massive bloodshed. To the folks who think you can deport your way out of this now, good luck with that massive wishful thinking. You are going to have to get your hands dirty making the muslim problem go away.

  7. “Islam in France is a religion and not a political movement”

    This is why it will fail. To Muslims, religion and politics are one and the same. There is no separation and never can be.

    We see here an example of Western arrogance. The separation of Church and State is a specificly Western idea, yet we project it onto other cultures as though it was universal.

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