Christine Tasin: “The Dhimmis Are Also Assassins”

Christine Tasin is the founder of the dissident French website Résistance Républicaine. The clip below is from “Rant of the day by Christine Tasin”, Coup de gueule du jour de Christine Tasin.

Christian Estrosi is the Mayor of Nice, where three people were killed in a terrorist attack on October 29.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Quite a show this morning: Estrosi, masked
00:05   in front of an Isla(m)burger
00:09   to talk about the terrorist attack that killed three people,
00:13   including a woman who was decapitated, and the symbol of decapitation
00:17   is no small thing. What’s more: these deaths,
00:21   these attacks, THIS attack took place
00:25   on the anniversary (and this cannot be a coincidence)
00:29   of the birth of the prophet, of Mohammed.
00:33   It was today, according to the latest elements,
00:37   according to the moon, the year etc., published by
00:41   the so-called “wise Muslims”.
00:45   Voilà, the photo of the dhimmi Estrosi
00:49   in a city that was bereaved back in 2016
00:53   by the attack during the fireworks of July 14.
00:57   he has no problem
01:01   posing, being photographed in front of
01:05   an Isla-Burger. It is the whole of France that is humiliated
01:09   by this photo; it is the whole of France
01:13   That is completely in dhimmitude, sold out,
01:17   into Islamic servitude. On the day when three people died,
01:21   a woman beheaded, instead of being photographed
01:25   in front of the Basilica, which corresponds
01:29   to our identity, an identity obviously targeted by the assassin
01:33   and called into question, of course!
01:37   He lets himself be photographed
01:41   in front of an Isla-Burger, sign of the Islamisation
01:45   of France, sign of the Islamic conquest
01:49   which dares not speak its name. What a disgrace, Estrosi,
01:53   what a scandal. This photo will remain
01:57   as a stigmata on your forehead for the rest of your days.
02:01   May it at least open the eyes
02:05   of our contemporaries, of those who have, for ages,
02:09   voted for Hollande, for Macron, for Sarkozy
02:13   for Giscard, always the same ones,
02:17   the accomplices of Islamisation,
02:21   the Islamic conquest. Because the aim of all this,
02:25   we know it, WE DO, and WE denounce it,
02:29   is to frighten our people so much
02:33   that they convert to Islam, to escape
02:37   (they believe) the decapitations,
02:41   the violent deaths reserved for them by the terrorists
02:45   who apply the precepts of Mohammed, who apply the Koran
02:49   and the precepts of the Hadith. Voilà, where we are at!
02:53   SHAME ON Estrosi! may the French send him
02:57   many words, many letters to make
03:01   him understand who he is and what he does
03:05   and what it is for. Let him not come and whine
03:09   about what’s happening in his town, about
03:13   what’s happening in our establishments, about Samuel Paty,
03:17   about the people killed this morning. Ah, don’t let him come!
03:21   He wanted this, he has done everything needed for that aim.
03:25   Islam = Assassin. But the dhimmis are also assassins.
03:29   IN ISSOS

5 thoughts on “Christine Tasin: “The Dhimmis Are Also Assassins”

  1. Two things come to my mind:
    1. Very well said about Dhimmis also have blood on their hands. Also those who welcomed Muslims into their lands must be regarded as killers and still continue voting the operatives of the criminal cabal.
    2. Comparing Dara to Muslims is way too vulgar and out of ignorance. As I understand it Alexander was way closer to Muslims: A dirty godless homosexual globalist killer following the doctrine of “Kill, Eff, Die” just like Muslims. Come on! Madame learn before you talk! Someone killed someone somewhere in the world and Dara, a student of Abraham, is to blame. Madame! you also have blood on your hand if you glorify a pest like Alexander.

    • @Rec from Iran

      A man who had as a teacher Aristoteles could not be a homosexual, he could not be godless,a pest and a globalist.Such a man had principles.
      When he came and flatten your country it was because you murder his father and before that you had come to conquer Greece and eventually Europe,after you had burned down the city of Athens.
      The laws of the Greek cities,punished homosexuality by death.
      About this read Plato’s laws,Aesxines(against Timarchus).
      3.I advise you to read the life of Alexander in parallel lives by Ploutarchos,The Campaigns of Alexander by Arrian.
      We are very proud that Alexander is our ancestor and he belongs to Europe,have you an ancestor like him for whom Arrian said that country which did not know Alexander never saw the sunshine.

      • You live in lies.
        1. Dara never attacked Athens. Athens was afraid of Sparta. They knew the Sparta Communism will lead to disaster. Dara tried to support Athens against Sparta, and sent them talents, but he failed and Athens fell to barbarians of Sparta. Your version of history is made up by lefties.

        2. Aristotle belongs to a line of lefties. If he was alive today he would be a Muslim affiliate. His teacher Plato went to Egypt and sold his soul to devils.

        3. As long as you admire criminal minds like Alexander, Plato and Aristotle there will be Merkels and Timmermans and Hitlers in Europe. And you wonder why you are always in trouble. That’s because you cannot tell friend from foe. Instead of thanking Dara who tried to help Athens you demonise a friend and admire criminals who took Athenians as slaves. You keep admiring tyrants and psychos till you find yourself helpless in their hands. Then you wonder: “how did we reach situation?”

        4. Alexander was a homo and everyone knows that. All Sparta was built around homosexuality. The theories of left which was imported from Egypt turned those poor ignorant Spartans to slaves of globalists of that those days: feminism transferred all the wealth to women. Men were just slaves living in barracks, ate in barracks and had sex in barracks.

        5. I respect Athenians, but not all. For me Epictetus is the admirable man, not the ilk of lefties you are proud of. If you read Epictetus you will find joy in real intellectual material he produced. If you cannot understand why Epictetus wants freedom and joy for you, and Plato wants poverty and slavery for you, then probably you deserve to be trampled under the feet of Left-Islam alliance. You want left, you get left.

        • I can always tell a Iranian when the history of Persia comes out and the old libels come into play. Too bad those desert Bedouin arabs bred the Persian out of you people, for every so called civilized Iranian who is cosmopolitan in their views, there are hundreds of thousands of unwashed illiterate inbred peasants high on islam. If it wasn’t for those pesky Spartans, the Persians would have taken over Europe. May we in the west find our inner Spartan to push every last bloody 3rd worlder out of the west.

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