Baby Doc: “These Murderers Don’t Represent Any Religion, or Any Muslims”

The following video shows excerpts from remarks made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau about the recent Islamic terror attacks in France. I’m not sure how many beheadings had happened before Mr. Trudeau spoke, but I think he made his comments before the Orthodox priest was shot in the stomach in Lyon.

Many thanks to Sassy and MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   First, we will always protect freedom of expression.
00:05   It is a right protected in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
00:11   It is a value and a fundamental principle for all free societies,
00:15   and we will always defend it. But freedom of expression is not without limits.
00:20   We don’t have the right, for example, to shout fire in a crowded cinema.
00:26   There are always limits. In a pluralist, diverse, and respectful society like ours,
00:35   we must be aware of the impact of our words, our gestures, on others.
00:41   Especially toward those communities and populations that still live
00:46   in a system that continues to discriminate extensively.
00:54   So, yes, we will always defend freedom of expression,
00:58   but we must act with respect toward others
01:05   and not hurt them arbitrarily and unnecessarily,
01:10   those with whom we are sharing a society and a planet.
01:19   So, I understand that you think we shouldn’t show cartoons
01:23   and make fun of religion. That’s what I understand with your comparison
01:27   of shouting fire in a crowded movie theater. Should we be afraid of the terrorists
01:34   who use this pretext to slit people’s throats?
01:37   First, I think that in a society like ours, we must seek to always be respectful and
01:46   not to insult others… with whom we share a society… uh… it’s all about respect.
01:55   It’s about not seeking to dehumanize or deliberately hurt…
02:03   I think there is always an extremely important debate to have;
02:07   it’s extremely sensitive, about possible exceptions, about issues…
02:13   We don’t want to hurt. Often, the intention is less important,
02:19   and it can still be upsetting and thus, in a society based on respect for others,
02:27   listening and learning, we need to have these complex conversations
02:32   in a responsible manner. But, I’ll repeat what I said yesterday:
02:37   there is absolutely nothing that could ever justify
02:43   the dreadful and awful terrorist acts that we have seen in France,
02:51   that we see elsewhere in the world. It’s unjustifiable
02:55   and Canada empathically condemns such acts. At the same time, we stand by
03:02   our French friends who are living through a extremely difficult time.
03:06   However, let’s remember that these terrorists, these criminals, these murderers
03:15   don’t represent any religion, or any Muslims
03:21   here in Canada or around the world.
03:26   And we owe it to ourselves not to let them represent this religion.

15 thoughts on “Baby Doc: “These Murderers Don’t Represent Any Religion, or Any Muslims”

  1. and you wonder why they call the county that is north of the U.S. Adanac. It’s ’cause they have it backwards.

  2. While Macron is an elitist worm and a globalist [epithet], Baby Doc is just a willfully ignorant fool who likely actually believes the bilge he vomits. Poetic justice would be him winding up short a head after first being used by several dozen islamists in the same manner as Erdogan’s billy goat.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more ! The Dauphin (Baby Doc) is a fool, and my fellow citizens, who voted this trust-fund ignoramus drama teacher into office — TWICE — aren’t much brighter. Sad collection of sheeple.

      Canadians have lost the ability to connect the dots — a skill learned by their forefathers by the end of eighth grade, if not earlier — even when the dots are as big as basketballs !

    • You paint a beautiful picture of Canadas Village Idiot/Part-Time Drama Teacher/Bouncer In A Gay Midget Bars’ last moments.

  3. “we must be aware of the impact of our words, our gestures, on others” . . . so, does he intend to include Muslims in his remarks? The Muslim beheading “gesture” cannot be tolerated. Hope Muslims and their simpleton apologist Trudeau get the message. These attacks must be condemned without reservation.

  4. When the theatre is on fire it is your duty to shout “Fire!” in order to warn people.

  5. Translation: “Diversity” is bringing us the end of free speech.

    Remind me why “Diversity” is “our strength” again, please?

  6. The painful part of the story is that at least 51% of the world see no problem with this person.

  7. How could this person be elected, not just once, but twice?

    This Beggars belief,

    Seems that election politics is easily rigged, probably currently half of populations are brainwashed confused poisoned sheep.

    Seems clear that all the current crop of political leaders in the west have been put under a order, to betray there own people and let Islam take over the world.

    How can people resist? They r using now the police as the gestapo to beat u up, drag u off to courts and jails if u refuse to comply.

    The People will start killing the cops, I can’t see any other way. The world now is on the edge of the nightmare. Brought about by merkel and myriad others.

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