Shotgun Jihad in Lyon

A Greek Orthodox priest was shot and grievously wounded yesterday outside his church in the French city of Lyon. At last word, the priest was in intensive care in the hospital, barely clinging to life. The perpetrator is at large.

The video report below is from German TV.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating excerpts from this article in FDesouche about the shooting in Lyon. Note: as I understand it, the suspect who was arrested has since been released:

Lyon: Priest shot and wounded in front of Greek Orthodox Church, his vital prognosis is life-threatening

(Update): A suspect arrested in a kabob shop in 3rd district

Firemen who crossed paths with the man who matched the description that had been disseminated. The suspect was arrested in a kabob shop in the 3rd district of Lyon, located on Baraban Street.

The perpetrator of the shooting fled. He is being actively searched for. “An individual described as Mediterranean in appearance, 1.9 meters tall. He was dressed in a long black overcoat and a black hat. He seemed to be concealing a sawed-off, pump-action shotgun under his coat. He shot in the direction of the Orthodox priest of the church and fled,” Ludovic Cassier, the department representative of the United SGP Police, told Franceinfo.

The perpetrator, who used a sawed-off shotgun, fired at the Greek priest, who was closing the building, before fleeing. He is being actively sought. Terrorist attack, personal issues: His motives remain unknown. The national terrorist prosecutor (PNAT) is evaluating the situation before deciding on an eventual referral.

The victim, hit in the liver by at least two projectiles, was transported to the emergency room in critical conditions. His prognosis is life-threatening. The investigation has been assigned to the Judicial Police of Lyon. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has set up a crisis unit.

An important deployment of police is in progress in the 7th District, Pere Chevrier Street, near a Greek church.

Video transcript:

00:01   A Greek Orthodox priest was shot in Lyon.
00:05   The priest, according to French media, was seriously injured
00:09   while closing his church Saturday afternoon.
00:12   The police announced on Saturday that the suspected perpetrator is on the run.
00:17   The priest, who is from Greece, is in critical condition.
00:23   Various media outlets reported that he was shot twice. The police completely cordoned off the area
00:28   around the scene of the crime. Just this past Thursday in Nice,
00:33   a man beheaded a woman in church and killed two other people.
00:37   The French government assumes the attack was Islamist-motivated.

2 thoughts on “Shotgun Jihad in Lyon

  1. So, a Christian priest has been shot and seriously wounded because an anti-Christian magazine got tired of making obscene and unfunny cartoons of the Holy Trinity and decided to publish a few crude and equally unfunny cartoons of Mohammed.

    How many innocent people have to get wounded or killed before it becomes clear to French authorities that forcing schoolchildren to look at obscene pictures is not the best way to defend the freedom of speech? By ‘innocent’ I mean people who have nothing to do with Charlie Hebdo and who may even disapprove of what it is doing. I am sure the wounded priest was no admirer of this filthy rag.

    And I do not understand why it is a filthy rag with pornographic cartoons that has become the banner of the European Civilisation? Aren’t there things in Europe more suitable for this role? Inspiring more respect? If the French can offer no better alternative to Islam than dirty pictures of the sort you usually see in public lavatories, than France is doomed.

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