They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha!

The urge to create the above image was prompted by the latest of uncountably many incidents in which a Muslim perpetrator of an atrocity was identified as having mental problems. In this particular case, it was a Tunisian man in Sweden who was described as having “psychological problems” after he stabbed an elderly Jewish woman and then fled the country.

The general rule seems to be this: If (1) there is a single perpetrator acting alone, and (2) his victims are unrelated to him and not among his acquaintances, then he has “psychological problems”. The incidence of the application of this rule by the media seems to be approaching 100%. When was the last time you read a news report about a “lone wolf” mujahid where he was not described as “having a history of psychological problems”, or words to that effect?

Contrast this practice with the immediate and routine description (often without evidence) of any white non-Muslim who commits an atrocity as a “racist”, a “Trump supporter”, a “white supremacist”, a “right-wing extremist”, etc. In other words, the motive for the deed is always described in ideological terms. But if the perpetrator is Muslim, the initially assigned motive is never ideological — as if adherence to Islam were not in fact evidence of adherence to an extreme political ideology.

Mind you, that doesn’t make the description wrong. Devout adherence to Islam is quite clearly a form of mental illness. Either people with mental problems are drawn to Islam, or being exposed to Islamic doctrine induces mental illness. Or both.

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12 thoughts on “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha!

  1. Either way, the propagandists have pounded it into the public’s mind that muslim = mental problems. Who wants to flood their country with a bunch of psychos?

    • “Who wants to flood their country with a bunch of psychos?”

      Answer is easy, most of the Swedes. Alas!

    • ” Who wants to flood their country with a bunch of psychos?”

      Those who are equally psychos or worse than muslims : namely stupid western infidels. On one hand they think they are better than 3rd world countries and want to extend democracy to them, On the other hand, they (infidels), feel they are subservient to the Third World muslims living, nay, ocuupying their cities.

      Traitors are flooding the west with invaders. The general public, are heedless of the invasion and utterly helpless to do anything because they are so oppressed and bridled. It’s Stalinism to the power of 10.

      “Devout adherence to Islam is quite clearly a form of mental illness. Either people with mental problems are drawn to Islam, or being exposed to Islamic doctrine induces mental illness. Or both.”

      Was invading Australia, New Zealand, the Americas a form of mental illness? What muslims are doing now is imitating those who inhabited these continents. No muslims know exactly what they are doing. They are not mad, or mentally ill. It’s us infidels are are mentally ill.

      It’s us who are confused, cowardly, subservient, servile, broken, with blurred vision deniers of truth, hypocrites, glaring liars.

      Europeans have forgotten the process that ends in wars? Was EU devised to avoid wars or to start a subtle satanic process of replacing population and ending in wars worse than ww1 and ww2. Or are they worsely stupid than muslims to see what is obvious to any one except traitors.

      Why don’t they take a lesson from Israel? It’s they who have occupied Jewish lands. Their rage with Israel is that they cannot occupy some of the land that muslims cannot invade. And not easy to invade like France, Sweden , Britain, New Z. and Brussels and the rest.

      • Besides the many traitors, there are also a few filthy rich people who are just getting richer by importing new slaves for their business (just look at big zeropean capital cities).

        Useful idiots are voting mostly for progressive liberal parties (which once at least in many western EU countries were of socialism (almost opposite ideology). The 2 groups, the leftist block of voters and the few economy and financial elites are complementary in the process. Voting is not enough.

        Maybe it could be an option also starting to boycott all the companies and humanitarian NGOs (like MSF, Unicef, Save the children, etc) who are involved in the migration scam.

  2. Mental problems absolute BS, IMHO these cultural misfits get their ‘inspiration’,guidance and suggestions as to dealing with the Infidel from the Muslim Manifestos, the Quran,Suras and Hadieths .

  3. and here I thought that Europe was the mental asylum that the Middle East sent its misfits to.

    • Quite true.

      And Brussels is where Europe dumps its misfits.

  4. Middle Eastern misfits were invited by all types of written agreements, meetings with muslims/esp. arab countries. muslims forced the zombie European countries to meet their demands and accept colonization or else. Europeans were / are courageous to kill each other, but when it come to fighting muslim invaders they are spineless jellyfish. They don’t even dare to look in the muslim faces: They pay jizya/welfare money with a dangling head and subdued:

    Quran 9:29 Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.

    Which part of the above is incomprehensible, democratic, inclusive, strengthening diversity, multiculti, indicative of equality, inducive to peaceful coexistince, respectful of others.

  5. Maybe they’re right: perhaps there is something about Islam that causes violent mental illness in more-than-average “quantity”?

    A mixture of cognitive dissonance without the ability to contain it with alcohol, perhaps?

  6. I can understand why people born into Islam are they way they are, but I will never be able to understand why a western person can read the Koran and believe a word of it and immediately want to go out and murder.

  7. They may have a point, considering that the founder of the insane rape and murder cult received his messages while hearing voices deep in a bat cave.

    • Auditory hallucinations indicate some damage to the occipital lobe. Also his fetish with cleanliness is another indicator. The minute attention to such behaviors is certainly indicative of some kind of damage.

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