A Little Bit of Tunisia in Sweden

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Tunisian Man Reportedly Charged With Knife Attack on Jewish Woman in Sweden

by Fousesquawk

Hat tip JC, Fria Tider and Nyheter Idag

Back in May, a Jewish woman in her 60s was severely stabbed in the Swedish town of Helsingborg. A suspect, not further identified, was quickly arrested in Denmark, where he had allegedly fled after the attack. At the time, the public was assured that this was not a hate crime and had nothing to do with religion.

Now it is being reported that the man who is charged with the crime is of Tunisian origin. The article below from Fria Tider has been translated by Fousesquawk.

Tunisian Behind Knife Attack Against Jewish Woman

June 3, 2019

Domestic: A 30-year-old man of Tunisian origin has now been charged for the brutal knife attack against an older woman in Helsingborg. The woman belonged to the Jewish congregation.

It was in the middle of May that the world’s critical attention was turned toward Sweden after a woman in her 60s belonging to the Jewish congregation was severely stabbed in Helsingborg.

The act occurred in the morning when the woman was on her way to work.

Within a day, the police seized a suspected perpetrator in Denmark, but they did not want to release any details about the man.

The Israeli media, however, who were interested in the case the same day because of the woman’s Jewish affiliation, quickly published information that the suspect was a Muslim man.

The information came from the Israeli Foreign Ministry and also said that the suspect was previously known to the Swedish police.

Today, a man in his 30s has been charged for the brutal knife attack.

According to News Today (Nyheter Idag), the man comes from Tunisia but has received Swedish citizenship. He is, for likely cause, suspected of attempted murder. The man has previously been sentenced for several crimes in Sweden, including assault and illegal threats. When the newspaper asked the prosecutor for any motive behind the attack, she did not want to comment on it. However, the female victim is reported to be on the road to improvement. In other local media it has been said that the man is suffering from psychological problems.

So once again, the public has apparently been misled about the nature of the attack. Once again, they are told that the man had mental problems. Nothing to do with religion. No hate crime.

It should be noted that the Swedish sources reporting this latest, Fria Tider and Nyheter Idag, are conservative sites.

I could be wrong here. Maybe it was road rage or a lover’s quarrel. I would bet the farm, however, that this woman was attacked because of her religion.

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