Søren Grinderslev: “There is Something Rotten in Denmark, and That Needs to Be Changed”

Below is a campaign video by Søren Grinderslev, who is standing for parliament in Zealand as a member of Rasmus Paludan’s Stram Kurs (“Hard Line”) party.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   This is a lovely country, it spreads wide with birch trees
0:08   near the salty eastern beach.
0:16   I have made a decision. To understand why I am running for office — in order
0:19   to understand ME, you only have to understand what I am worried about,
0:22   or what I am tired of (Danish idiom: I am tired of the mill grinding poorly).
0:27   When I lived in Copenhagen some years back, I grew tired of seeing police helicopters hovering
0:31   every evening and every night on the boundary between Nørrebro [immigrant/Islam area]
0:36   and the northwestern area of town. I grew tired of knowing why the helicopters were present, and
0:39   I grew tired of nothing being done about it, at least nothing real other than a little treatment
0:43   of the symptoms. Last night casual bystanders, a woman and a man, were struck by bullets in the
0:47   “Red Square” area [Nørrebro]. I grew tired of hearing the sound of gunfire right around the corner.
0:52   I grew tired of seeing burning cars and lawlessness a stone’s throw from my address.
0:57   I grew tired of almost not being able to go to the 7/11 without dressing in Kevlar.
1:02   I am tired of noticing that nothing has changed.
1:03   [Gang war moves to new area of the city: Man shot several times]
1:05   “There have in recent days been unrest and shootings in the Capital city area. They have
1:06   [New Weapon in Gang War: Now they are running over each other]
1:08   therefore initiated a stop-and-search zone on large parts of Nørrebro and the Northwest quarter.”
[Gang conflict: Both groups have shot at each other]
1:11   [Two men on scooter shot and killed (ad libitum) in gang wars]
1:14   I am tired of seeing these bollards in both large and small cities in Denmark.
1:18   I am tired of a townscape where freedoms in Denmark become restricted day after day.
1:23   I am tired of the conscious and unconscious feeling of insecurity and anxiety that goes
1:26   hand in hand with these bollards. I am tired of not removing the reins of power from the tyrants,
1:30   but only making it a bit more difficult for them to kill, knowing full well that
1:33   if they really wanted to hurt somebody they would have no problem finding a way.
1:34   [“Normalizing terror? No thanks”]
1:36   Concrete or columns won’t be able to prevent that. If not trucks or full automatic weapons, or
1:41   nail bombs at children’s concerts, then it will be with another type of weapon nobody has foreseen.
1:46   I am tired of not being allowed to call these bollards by their appropriate name: Quran blocks.
[Vermund [politician] charged with racism: “They’re called Quran-blocks”]
1:50   Because which people are the main reason that these bollards are being placed?
1:54   Danish Prime Minister: “It is apparently some fanatics
1:57   who in some strange way have raped one of the worlds largest religions.”
2:02   Be honest! Come on, be HONEST! This is no religion that has been raped or abused in any way,
2:08   when the same totalitarian ideology has more than 109 verses
2:12   mandating the extermination of so-called infidel dogs,
2:15   and the [Islamic] conquest of the world, then one has completely understood one’s religion.
2:19   I am tired of these bollards being “designed” and masquerading as beautiful art installations
2:24   in the cityscape architecture, like crafty and subtle brainwashing intended to make us deny
2:28   and not mention the reason for the presence of the terror barriers.
2:32   I am tired of the statistics, those depressing statistics.
[Immigrants and their descendants commit almost a fourth of all violence and are behind a third of all homicides in Denmark.]
2:35   Non-Western immigrants and descendants, with primarily an Islamic background,
[Unique numbers: 10 out of 12 rapes committed by immigrants or descendants]
2:39   are disproportionately represented in these statistics. I am tired of the lack of action
2:42   [Children of immigrants commit most crimes a new report reveals]
2:43   to tackle these numbers, but that our government just passively observes them.
2:46   I am tired that those with enough influence to effect a change
2:49   don’t do a damned thing. There are people behind these statistics!
2:52   Behind every number in the violence statistics there is a victim of that violence.
[Immigrants and their descendants commit almost a fourth of all violence and are behind a third of all homicides in Denmark.]
2:56   Behind every number in the rape statistics there is a victim of that rape,
[Rapes. Period 1/1/2016 to 8/5/2017. 12 perpetrators sentenced for rape, 10 of whom were immigrants.]
2:59   a person who potentially will never again become a “whole” human being.
3:02   The statistics don’t tell about the physical and psychological injuries done to the victim.
3:05   I am tired, sick and tired of knowing that of course these injuries ARE there,
3:11   and there is no sign that the negative development is turning around,
3:14   “…and you also say somewhere that Rasmus Paludan is a Nazi…
3:19   “Yes…” (can be heard) Mimi Jakobsen to Rasmus Paludan: “…what you are saying
3:23   is so close to the Nazi way of thinking.” I am rather tired, but
3:27   at the same time also a bit bemused that the “decent”, tolerant, moralists in their ivory tower
3:31   are stripped completely bare. It is so pathetic and childish that they see the world through
3:34   so caricatured a lens, that they see Nazis and super-villains on every street corner.
3:38   The most absurd thing is that they at the same time are wearing blinders, and cannot see how
3:42   the “religion of peace” is invasively undermining our free and democratic Danish society.
3:45   And THAT I am especially tired of. I am tired of gender-segregated swimming pools,
3:47   […Danes are against gender segregated swimming: It is like something from the Middle Ages. (83% of Danes incensed over Copenhagen swim-club and their gender segregated swimming)]
3:49   even gender-segregated cafés! The repression of women!
3:50   [Gender segregated café in Vollsmose: “This is how our law works”.]
3:52   the removal of gender equality, demands for prayer rooms in educational institutions,
3:54   [Ministers decline to forbid prayer rooms at schools. The government won’t forbid prayer rooms, but will instead write a letter to the schools. Not nearly enough, says Danish People’s Party.]
3:56   the removal of pork in public institutions.
3:57   [Kindergartens forbid pork. All over the country more and more children will have to do without liver paté, meatballs and sausage because their institutions forbid pork.]
3:59   I am tired of seeing Christmas being removed from certain areas of town in Copenhagen.
[Nørrebro offers cultural “Christmas” calendar without the word Christmas on the poster: “That we are making special considerations for Muslims is out of order.”]
4:02   I am very worried that our whole welfare system is headed towards a breaking point
4:03   [The bill for non-Western immigration: 33 billion a year for the next 82 years.]
4:07   under the weight of the expense of nearly 33 billion DKK ($5 billion) a year
4:11   because of non-Western immigration. That four out of ten young Muslims
4:14   want Sharia law over Danish law, and that that number
[Danish Muslims: The Quran should define Danish law. Almost 4 out of 10 Muslims are of the opinion that Danish law should be based on the Quran.]
4:17   is steadily climbing. I am tired of the repression of our fundamental right to freedom of speech.
4:21   It can’t be right that we are not allowed to create satire or art at all,
4:24   based on what others determine is above our constitution!
4:25   [Imams: This is why one must not draw Mohammed]
4:27   Parallel societies, lost areas of our cities, no-go zones,
[About 76,400 living in parallel societies]
4:30   where neither police cars, fire engines or even the home ice cream trucks can go!
4:33   “…We [unintelligible] against police, threw rocks at the police.
4:36   They ran away, they’re like little dogs.”
4:39   “…set fire to 14 containers and when the police arrived they were attacked with pipe-bombs.”
4:44   …areas where neither postmen nor parking attendants dare go,
4:45   [Police are vexed that parking attendants have withdrawn from Nørrebro]
4:47   where student trucks [trucks full of celebrating graduates that drive around town] are attacked,
4:49   [Copenhagen Pride chooses to avoid Nørrebro area]
4:50   and where homosexuals and Jews flee from because they are being hunted.
4:52   [Jews are now persecuted in Denmark — by Palestinians]
4:53   This is neither about race nor xenophobia. It is about a clash of cultures.
4:57   I am tired of seeing that the society our forefathers sacrificed both life and limb to protect
5:00   that freedom, that society THEY have created and that we stand on the shoulders of,
5:03   is crumbling away. Slowly but inexorably.
5:07   The people in the bell jars say that we are intolerant and inhumane,
5:11   and that integration from non-Western countries just takes a bit of time, you know!
5:15   We just need to wait, just wait a little bit more. They have been saying that
5:20   for thirty years. There is something rotten in Denmark, and that needs to be changed.
5:23   What is needed is a shift in the political landscape in order to make this change.
5:27   The most important task of a government is to protect their OWN people.
5:31   Their OWN citizens. The elites have failed.
5:34   And that is why I am doing this. It is my damned duty.
5:38   I am not an automated “just-making-a-living” suit controlled by a spin-doctor.
5:42   I am actually not even a politician, but I NEED to do this,
5:45   for my sake, for your sake, for the sake of Denmark’s freedom.
5:49   I am running in Zealand constituency, and my name is Søren Grinderslev.
5:52   A wild card, an outsider and a joker. But my guarantee to you is that
5:56   everything I am tired of, I will, without fail, do my best to change.
5:59   We are all at a crossroads where we have to make a choice. I have made mine.
6:03   What will be YOUR choice? You can choose Stram Kurs (“Hard Line”) if you feel the same way I do.
6:08   Thank you for your attention.

6 thoughts on “Søren Grinderslev: “There is Something Rotten in Denmark, and That Needs to Be Changed”

  1. Fabulous. Thank you Tania and Vlad for all of your work. This video laid out an excellent, clear statement of our civilizational crisis. The fact that someone from a country normally in thrall to PC has spoken so bluntly seems like testimony itself to how bad things are there.

  2. Good for him! Now we need another million or so like him. Anyone calling out the privileged elite like he has done is normally charged with an offence – hate speech is the preferred option for the state sponsored silencing of dissent. I hope he has support.

  3. Great! Stram kurs is the reality, face it danes or die under communista and islam killers of our great societys! You will now see that prob 90% od danes have been poisoned with leftists guilt propaganda,mpc, and feminazi brainwashing.

    Danes, u better wake up here or denmark will be gone in just a few short years!

    Rasmus paludan is your only hope to break out from the poison of left wing liars, crooks, marxist traitors whose aim is to overthrow denmark and europe, replace white people, with 4th world arabs and african retards,

    Save denmark, and save europe, vote for stram kurs !!!

  4. Well, the line is drawn in the sand. We have a person running for a political position with an open, anti-Islamic position, using ads publicly available. The ads make clear the deterioration of security and freedom associated with Islamic immigration.

    And what would it mean if Grinderslev loses?

    To me, it would be more-or-less unambiguous evidence that the population of Denmark itself has deteriorated, that they no longer have the survival instincts or logical thinking abilities associated with Europe. In other words, they are represented rather appropriately by stupid, venal, irresponsible politicians.

    From my own selfish standpoint, I don’t want these people immigrating to my home country, the United States. Lots of people talk like our immigration problems will be solved by importing mainly northern European types. I don’t think so. They will simply continue to vote for the same type of venal, short-sighted, politically-correct politician. I think these people need to stay in Denmark and deal with the mess they have irresponsibly voted in. And, I include the Jews with that. I am happy they have the right to go to Israel, but for the Jews who supported liberal politicians and open migration, stay where you are and deal with the consequences.

    As I have pointed out often, orthodox Jews are not liberal and do not support liberal politicians, so I have nothing against discriminating in favor of orthodox Jews in matters of immigration.

  5. Something is rotten in Denmark, and in Sweden, and in Italy, and in Germany, and in England, and _________ (fill in the blank). The odious stench wafts through the air of America. One can only hope and pray that more persons, after the manner of Søren Grinderslev, take up the cause with as much conviction as he. The clock is a tickin’!

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