Red-Pilled by the Bataclan

In the following excerpt from a roundtable discussion on French TV, a woman explains how the terrorist attack at the Bataclan restaurant in 2015 made her understand the danger that Islam poses to Western Civilization. She lived in the same building that housed the administrative offices of the Bataclan, and she knew one of the victims who was killed.

At the end of the clip she addresses a question to Daniel “Danny the Red” Cohn-Bendit, the notorious Green/Communist politician and pedophile, but we never get to hear his answer. I also noticed that Eric Zemmour was among those listening to her story.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Immigration and borders. Good evening Caroline Christa Bernard,
00:04   Good evening. —You are a lawyer and you are disappointed
00:08   and say you are worried for Europe. You live close to Calais.
00:12   I want to tell your story in a couple of words, first, because it’s special.
00:16   You too, by the way, participated in Erasmus [international youth study program], you were
00:19   in love with Europe at the beginning, you loved the European Union for a long time. A couple of
00:24   years ago you lived in the Bataclan building. You were therefore
00:28   “in the first row” when the attack happened,
00:33   and you then decided to move out. And within only a few years
00:37   you totally changed your point of view, while being confronted with a reality
00:41   and especially the one of migrants in Calais; since you were living
00:45   just next to Calais. What have you seen? What reality are you talking about?
00:49   Well, good evening, I hope I’m talking loud enough. —Yes, we can hear you well.
00:53   Put the microphone close, and… —I lived for ten years in the administrative building
00:57   [offices] of the Bataclan. So all the Bataclan team had their
01:01   offices on the ground floor, and I was there on November 13, 2015,
01:05   in the building, and so I was confronted with the death
01:10   of a person who was at this office. And I would say
01:14   that in 24 to 48 hours my outlook
01:18   on France, on “coexist”,
01:22   changed, truly, because
01:26   for me, what happened at the Bataclan
01:30   had really carried an Islamic signature,
01:34   meaning an attack against
01:38   our European Civilization —
01:42   [Hold your microphone closer!] — our values,
01:47   our democracy, our secularism, voilà.
01:51   So my opinion has really changed, because I
01:55   suddenly felt that the peace in our country
01:59   was threatened. Europe has been presented to us a lot
02:03   as being a rampart, a force for that peace,
02:07   and suddenly I really felt a threat
02:11   against that peace. And so things
02:15   have really evolved in my way of perceiving
02:19   the situation in France, because, basically, [in] that Europe,
02:24   which was built in order to allow for that peace,
02:28   [we] had in parallel an extra-European immigration
02:32   which has been arriving for the last 30 to 40 years in France,
02:36   in Europe, and which,
02:40   in my opinion, is bringing Islamization,
02:44   which is a danger for
02:48   national cohesion, for peace,
02:52   for civil peace. And this Islamization,
02:57   we can see it everyday, I think that
03:01   there is now a visibility of Islam
03:05   in our everyday life, and French
03:09   European observe it
03:13   and talk about it increasingly. It’s undeniable.
03:17   And so, my fear for a Europe
03:21   of open borders is that our
03:25   identity, our European Civilization will be
03:30   threatened, that we’ll be — perhaps
03:34   only a few years from now— in the minority, with
03:38   a different civilization that would make itself at home.
03:42   But: getting back to the subjects that were brought up. We talked about
03:46   agriculture, European directives. For example,
03:50   I’m surprised to see that in France there’s an increasing presence of halal meat.
03:54   Normally there are European directives that foresee
03:58   a method of slaughter, and all of a sudden we notice for example
04:02   that in Paris 70% of restaurants
04:07   are using halal meat.
04:11   It’s already a form of Islamization. I’m not Muslim and I don’t agree: on one hand
04:19   to have this ritual imposed,
04:23   and on the other hand Europe-proposed norms, I think,
04:27   which protect the animals. Voilà. Another example. —Madame Bernard.
04:31   There’s a question that I was going to ask you. You allude to two things: you say the borders
04:35   are too open, and Islamization which, for you, is taking up
04:39   too much space. Is it a national problem or is it, for you, a European problem?
04:44   Well, it’s a European problem. I think that all the countries
04:48   note that situation. Some countries,
04:52   start reacting, you see it clearly with Italy, with Hungary.
04:56   But France, voilà, I’d say
05:00   there’s still political correctness.
05:04   Another example: we were talking about Erasmus, and you were
05:08   talking about couples that were forming.
05:12   In my family I also have Franco-Muslim couples,
05:16   even around me. Well, surprisingly,
05:20   French women had to go to have the ceremony in the mosque.
05:24   They had to give Muslim names [to their children].
05:29   Do we see, I would ask, on the other hand, persons of the
05:33   Muslim faith taking a step towards us, and telling themselves, the first names are
05:37   French, there’s a — [we cannot hear you;
05:41   bring your microphone closer] — also a Catholic base in France. —There are also conversions
05:45   in the other direction, let me point out —No, not many. —They exist as well… —Voilà, there are
05:48   conversions, but, but… —And they are threatened with death by Islam. — OK, well, they also exist.
05:53   So in reality, voilà. — Do you have a question or remark to put to Daniel Cohn-Bendit?
05:57   Well, in fact, I left Paris for the Pas-de-Calais, [northern France],
06:02   where the situation is also rather delicate,
06:06   since there’s the migrant situation:
06:10   we see them in many towns in the northern Pas-de-Calais.
06:14   Of course we have to help them, to be humane, but
06:18   we note in the field, as you were saying concerning that
06:22   youth, there’s a lot of poverty, there are French youth who are disadvantaged
06:26   and they are also asking questions concerning
06:30   their future, and they are also confronted with
06:34   young migrants, and there are questions that arise; and so here’s my question,
06:38   Mr. Cohn-Bendit: we hear a lot from the politicians,
06:43   even from the responsible people in humanitarian associations who are saying
06:47   that this migratory process is only a beginning,
06:51   that, in fact, it will intensify, it will accelerate,
06:55   so therefore what will be the place of — I would say —
06:59   French of European descent,
07:03   in the future, when
07:07   those migratory fluxes will be very important?

7 thoughts on “Red-Pilled by the Bataclan

  1. “since there’s the migrant situation:
    we see them in many towns in the northern Pas-de-Calais.
    Of course we have to help them, to be humane, but”

    I see she’s still in thrall to political correctness.

    It’s not the responsibility of Europeans, or Americans, to help everybody out of poverty.

    First of all, most if not all the money goes to political corruption.

    Second, free aid is not helpful at all, but devastating to the receptor.

    The African population is exploding, especially in landlocked, poverty-stricken countries like Niger, totally dependent on foreign assistance. The more assistance, the more babies. The more babies, the more disease and revolution.

    Countries have to protect their borders and let the poverty countries manage their own affairs. There are always do-gooders, and more power to them. The Doctors without Borders got into trouble during the ebola outbreak, and Obama brought some to the US with active ebola symptoms. If there’s anything he should have been impeached for, it was that action.

    • Unfortunately, the Ancient Greeks were smart enough to limit there population to about 1-2 people.

      Any more and they knew war and death would follow within 20 years.

      In Africa, they have 10 damn kids unless the patriarch dies off.

      They don’t even try to control themselves.

      • How do you know the assertions you make? My grandmother had ten kids because she lived in a backward culture where reproductive information was verboten.

        Controlling animosity goes a long way toward enlightenment. We need more light and less heat.

  2. […] There are nations all across central and Western Europe. All are Christian and democratic. Islam and their Allah given pleasures will not be taking possession. Sadly one more time a huge price will have to be paid for our dithering foolishness. Maybe the US and Canada too?

  3. This comment is from France.

    Thank you Baron for this post. I missed that show but I totally agree with that lady: we are overrunned by migrants, mostly young Muslim men coming from the Middle East and Africa. They have landed on our continent by the hundred of thousands if not by the millions. All that with the active complicity of our governments.

    If nothing is done to stop the invaders, Western Europe will cease to exist as we know it. It will become a European Caliphate run by Sharia law. The Western civilisation will be dead on our continent. We have been betrayed by leaders.

    Fortunately there is today a glimmer of hope, I think. More and more people are beginning to realize, like this French woman, that we are in dire straits. An important election is coming this week-end and the polls show that Patriot parties are in strong positions in several European countries. ( This election is happening in all 28 countries of the European Union to send representatives to the European Parliament in Brussels. )

    In France the Party headed by Marine Le Pen is leading in the polls. (The Party of Macron is close behind.) Marine Le Pen is being helped by Steve Bannon, who is in Paris and has she was featured of several French TV shows, where he said he thought she was the best hope for France! This infuriates the Macronists. Mrs Le pen is also receiving support from the Italian political superstar Mateo Salvini.

    So in a few days we will see if the Europeans have at long last awakened from their slumber… We can only hope…

    • France’s gain with the presence of Steve Bannon is our loss. I understand President Trump still consults with him, but a major flaw in the Trump administration is his nepotism with his daughter and son-in-law. I think Jared Kushner is probably a lot more talented than he is given credit for, probably like Trump: he has a mediocre academic record, but seems to have that drive necessary for pushing the boundaries.

      Nevertheless, the presence of family in the Trump decision-making process distorts the dynamics, and is a strongly negative impact, regardless of how talented Kushner is. A President who has to go deal with family loyalties as well as objective reality in making decisions is setting himself up for failure. Kushner and Bannon clashed while both were in the White House, and Kushner apparently won. But the country itself was the loser. If you accept the version of Kushner, Inc
      Stephen Miller, the primary force for strong immigration control in the White House, is also deferential to Kushner, which is totally dysfunctional.

  4. Nobody could have predicted the pedophile commies who hate guns and America would ally with Islam.


    Interesting fact.

    When people get pissed off, they will beat you to death with their hands

    You don’t need guns to rewrite politics or history.

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