And Yet Another Symptom…

Once more Tucker Carlson’s people go out and about to film the homeless human wreckage on the West Coast while he adds commentary. I like the way he stays off the screen for the most part.

[I was under the impression he was a California native, but it turns out Carlson was born and raised in the D.C. area. Back in November, his home was attacked by a bunch of speech suppressors while his wife was there, alone. The Antifa mob managed to break the front door before police arrived.]

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This time he opens with California’s boat people but then moves quickly on to Eugene, Oregon, where he finds some hope.

Eugene, a smaller city, has a college, making it a liberal bastion. But it also has a group of Vincent de Paul workers who have set up tents for the homeless. Unlike my experience with the Salvation Army – a hard-working group in Charlottesville – the Vincent de Paul workers take in the drunks and drugged out. That’s quite impressive and unusual. Like Jordan Peterson’s advice on how to take charge of your life, the workers do require that beds be made and personal gear be stored away. The large tents they use appear to be old military surplus equipment.

I wish they’d had a longer interview. When I was first placed in an orphanage, the whole routine was healing in the long run. And it included making our beds each morning. The experience made me love routine. This all-too-brief interview left me wanting to know more about the program. [For some reason, I keep thinking of an early poem of the Baron’s titled The Decay of the Social Fabric in Tidewater VA…can’t find it in my files, though.]

For those who are interested, here’s more information on St. Vinnie’s, as they call it.

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  1. According to Tucker himself, he grew up in Pacific Heights – the same neighbourhood as that zombie Pelosi.

  2. Umm, no, your impression was right. Tucker Carlson is a California native, as he has said on more than one occasion. Born in San Fran, raised in La Jolla.

    • Thanks for the correction. He just seemed so Californian, and now I know why.

      Bet there aren’t any homeless camps in La Jolla but San Francisco is becoming (in some areas), a living hell. The inability to clean up the mess has attracted thousands of rodents which have, in turn, made City Hall a flea-infested hellhole. What a nightmare.

  3. The canonical explanation of the mechanisms of this decay is the great Life at the Bottom: The Worldview That Makes the Underclass by Theodore Dalrymple. He started to write these essays in 1994. His keen observations and insights are quite relevant today.

    But it is a profoundly sad book.

    • I agree: it was a sad book and now it’s even worse.

      I thought he failed to address the underlying issues, the most damaging one being the welfare state. Not being ultimately responsible for oneself hollows out the soul. The elimination of grammar schools was another harmful idea – there was a time in Britain where the innately smart kid could work his way up.

      And prior to that return to the status quo ante is the rigid class system in Britain. That class system is designed to destroy chavs like Tommy Robinson, who won’t shut up and sit down in his pre-assigned place.

      Britain began to rot when it tossed Winston Churchill to the curb, initiated the welfare state, and elected to bring in lots and lots of strangers without asking the permission of its citizens. Or maybe it was spiritually destroyed by two long wars which chewed up it best and brightest men and spit out meaninglessness.

      Whatever it was, America was hurrying to catch up. But between Donald Trump and his noisy (but peaceful) followers, there is now a spanner in the works.

      • Churchill’s rejection at the polls in 1945 was despite people’s gratitude for the way he led us through the war, and largely because of the class system you rightly denigrate; returning troops had seen enough of that system in the attitude of many of the officers to the enlisted men.

        Read a nice Churchill story in, of all places, “The Railway Magazine”. During WW2, his train was delayed, and a nearby signalman complained loudly about the excellent cuisine the PM was enjoying. Churchill had his steward take a meal over to him!

  4. if anybody thinks that this homeless situation is some unintended consequence you don’t understand how communism works. this is exactly the situation these politicians worked to create. it is a communist’s job to DESTROY the existing order. they have been doing it one city at a time in the united states since the 1960s. I have told people since the 1960s if you want to see you future under liberalism go to any inner-city in the united states. it will be staring you in the face.

  5. An interesting chart, for the hell hole mostly democrat mismanaged cities here:

    Yet more democrat communist destruction of religious freedom, courtesy of 1A weakening, or destruction:

    Medically, I had mentioned how nutrition as vegetarian can dramatically change depression, and reverse heart disease, prevent and sometimes stop cancer. Here is a guy with the diet program training approved by medicare, (based on evidence and particular vegetarian diet, plus meditation, exercise), Dean Ornish MD. See him here mentions having trained 20,000 SFO S.V.DePaul homeless shelter individuals, in eating and thinking healthy. No idea of any tracking, as to percent remaining homeless. Apparently happened around 2008 or so. Pub. 2012. Dean Ornish, M.D. at TEDxSF (7 Billion Well) 20:04

    For a quick review of the dramatic research on mental improvements from depression, this video will serve well. How to Stay Healthy Until You’re 105 (It’s In Your Gut) 56 mins

    Thanks to conservatives having let the democrats run irresponsibly wild for too many decades, we have many problems, to overcome, to restore America. Dennis Prager in a fireside chat thinks the Bible will save America, as I at least help America, in this unusually interesting presentation.

    And not to be outdone, a great description of what got us into this mess so deeply, is offered quite nicely by a great author, here, along with very helpful comments: The Brainwashing of a Nation

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