The Logicians of Sacred Atrocity

It is frequently asserted that Islam is insane and irrational, and that the actions of devout Muslims are therefore capricious and without logic. This is hardly the case. Muslims are generally quite rational — they just have very different logical premises than we do.

Muslims do not commit bizarre, inhuman acts for no reason. They do so for quite precise reasons, which may be determined from reading their source texts (plus tafsirs, or authenticated exegeses) closely. If you begin with bizarre, inhuman premises, and follow the rules carefully based on them, then PRESTO! — you’re a Muslim. A good Muslim. You’re a devout servant of Allah, a god who demands that you follow his intricate instructions down to the minutest detail.

Every time someone refers to a jihad massacre as a “senseless tragedy”, he reveals that he has not done due diligence with respect to Islamic law. Those acts are not senseless, not in the slightest. And they are not “tragedies”, they are atrocities. Intentional, deliberate, methodical atrocities carried in rigorous compliance with Islamic law.

Islam is, by and large, a huge compendium of rules derived from the Koran and the sayings of Mohammed. Taken together these comprise the shariah, or Islamic Law. They form the basis of the fiqh, Islamic jurisprudence, which judges the actions of all people according to whether or not they are in accord with the shariah. And the rules are not for Muslims alone; the kuffar (unbelievers) are also subject to the fiqh, provided that Muslims are locally present in sufficient numbers to bring coercive force to bear.

Islamic justice enforces laws that are logically derived from premises found in the Koran and the Sunna. The rules were worked out over a period of several hundred years after the time of Mohammed by jurists and theologians. After that the established rules became fixed in stone, as it were — as the saying goes, “The door to ijtihad is closed,” where ijtihad is the process of independent reasoning from which interpretations of the scripture may be devised. Any further ijtihad is thus considered blasphemous.

The logic employed to construct the shariah is not an Aristotelian sort of logic. The traditions of the ancient Greeks do not inform Islamic thought. Yet Islam still employs a species of formal logic: the scholar examines a given thing in the light of premises that are found in the Koran, the Sunna, and the authoritative rulings derived from them. Then, using those premises, the Islamic jurist determines whether that thing is haram or halal, forbidden or required. Occasionally a thing is neither haram nor halal, so it is permissible but not recommended. Those instances are relatively rare — almost every human action can be shaded one way or the other under the shariah.

If devout Muslims follow the logic of the shariah scrupulously, actions such as the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan are the inevitable result. Likenesses of the Buddha violate the shariah in at least two ways:

1.   They are representative depictions of the human form, which are explicitly forbidden by Allah, and therefore haram; and
2.   They represent the worship of an entity other than Allah, which is shirk, or polytheism, and thus haram and subject to obliteration.

The same fate awaits the great monuments of ancient Egypt, if pious Muslims ever come to power in Cairo and gain access to modern technology.

It is not widely understood that most of the destruction inflicted on Egyptian antiquities was carried out during and after the Islamic conquest of Egypt, when the zealous and pious conquerors attempted to erase all relics of the jahiliyyah, the time of ignorance before Islam. However, the new Islamic rulers were limited in their technological abilities and thus unable to complete the destruction, especially where the Pyramids were concerned.

If, say, the Islamic State were ever to overrun Cairo, it might well manage to complete what the Rashidun Caliphate failed to do in the 7th century. Especially if it were to gain access to nuclear weapons — the problem of all that monumental stone shirk could be resolved instantly in a single blinding flash. A plain of green glass and tens of millions of corpses would pale into insignificance compared with the magnificent fulfillment of the shariah that would be accomplished by the destruction.

And all of this would be arrived at quite logically, according Islamic premises and Islamic rules.

If we want to defeat this enemy, it is imperative that we understand him. And he does not think the way we do. Muslim thought processes are different, especially in societies that have been Islamic for many generations. But they are neither insane nor illogical, they are simply alien.

Those who believe that the lower average IQ in Muslim cultures guarantees their defeat are failing to observe the current conflict closely enough. The war we are engaged in is primarily an information war, and up until now Islam has been winning it handily. Agents of the Muslim Brotherhood have easily infiltrated all the major institutions of the West and subverted them intelligently and shrewdly. They have sapped our ability to fight back against Islam, or even to recognize that Islam is at war with us. We are being defeated by an enemy we are unable to identify.

We’ve spent trillions of dollars in “the sandbox” bombing caves and killing terrorists, and in the process generating millions of Muslim refugees who migrate to the West and live there at taxpayers’ expense while they gradually construct a shariah-based legal system. In the meantime our politicians, media people, and academics fall all over themselves to proclaim Islam a wonderful, enlightened, peaceful religion, without any logic and against all the evidence.

And we’re smart and they’re stupid, right?

If we’re so smart, then how come they’re beating the snot out of us?

And not just beating us, but weaponizing our own institutions and cultural practices against us to defeat us. To achieve victory without ever mounting a horse or swinging a scimitar.

As I have said many times before, intelligence is overrated.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

It’s time to move past the idea that Islam is insane, stupid, or illogical. It is none of those things.

If we want to defeat it — and remember, we are currently losing, and losing badly — we must understand it. We must learn to think like Muslims. We need to practice seeing the world as Muslims see it, using their premises and their logic and their rules.

That is only way we can ever hope to avoid being overrun by the Islamic Caliphate.

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  1. How about using biblical premises, biblical logic and God’s rules.

    Then the LORD said to Moses: Write this down in a book as something to be remembered, and recite it to Joshua: I will completely blot out the memory of Amalek from under the heavens. Moses built an altar there, which he named LORD-nissi; for he said, “Take up the banner of the LORD!* The LORD has a war against Amalek through the ages.” (Exodus 17:16)

    [. One passage from Scripture is enough. Especially if the passages are bloody-minded…Admin]

    • How about using biblical premises, biblical logic and God’s rules.

      There’s an old saying, “even the devil uses Scripture”. That’s because “God’s rules” were hammered out by MEN over thousands of years, unending bouts of political and doctrinal disagreement. The parts of the Bible you quote are separated by time and tribe and whatever the exigent need was at the time. That’s just one reason there are two versions of the Garden of Eden story – one from the Yahweh tradition, the other from the Elohist faction. IOW, the North and South…

      We’re talking about 12 fractious tribes who were genetically designed to argue, yet still managed to survive. It took “forty years” (i.e., a very long time) to reach their Promised Land because they couldn’t agree on much.

      [If you want to see doubled-down fighters, have an Irishman marry a Jewish lass and then look at their progeny…]

      • Logic is definitely overrated. It is useful within certain limits, but man does not live by logic alone. (And woman even less so).

        Human life is based not on logic but on faith.

        There is not a single human civilisation which is not based on a religious faith. Communists tried to build a civilisation on the atheist foundations, but it collapsed as soon as people lost faith in Communism. As a substitute of religion Communism has not lasted long.

        The greatest of all human human civilisations has been the one based on Christianity. This is only logical, as Christianity is by far the greatest of all religions. Unfortunately, Westerners have grown tired of Christianity’s lofty ideals and strict spiritual discipline, and have begun to find simple animal pleasures and comfort more appealing. Thus, they have cut themselves from the source of life and strength. Therefore, they have become soft targets for an enemy with a religion, no matter how inferior his religion is to authentic traditional Christianity – as expressed by the Scriptures and by the holy Fathers of the Church.

        I hope this is quite logical.

    • Especially if the passages are bloody!

      The object of the exercise is to discover the answer to the question: What in these narratives of herem warfare could be law for today?

      For excmple, the execution in 1962 of Adolf Eichmann could be rationalized according to the Amalek scriptures.

    • This article is correct in the Islam is a logical extension of a set of truth claims made by Arabs.

      Thus, persuading Muslims using Western morality will ALWAYS end up in failure. They will always use their own morality in preference. This is why the ‘deradicalization’ programs will always fail – because Muslims reason from a different set of axioms.

      The fundamental axiom of Islam is that it is true. Thus, everything in the Koran and Sura are permissible because the claim is Islam is true.

      Now, it turns out that Islam’s “truth claims” about its origins do not match the modern archeological scholarship of the region.

      Hence, Islam is NOT TRUE and is FALSE. Thus, every action Muslims make is based on FALSEHOOD and not on truth.

      Here is some of the archeological evidence against Islam:
      An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings

      .. and there is more, such as modern scholarship as to the story of Al Mahdi which is a plagiarism of the Christian work The Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodious (with the insecure Arabs substituted as the heroes in place of the Romans).

      Appealing to the morality of Muslims using Western ideas of morality won’t work.

      We have to attack the truth claims of Islam, and it turns out we already have all the factual evidence we need to show that Islam is FICTION and is FALSE.
      An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings

      The Baron is part of the way there with this article, by showing that Islam is a logical extension from a set of axioms. The problem for Islam is, the fundamental axiom that Islam is true is false – and we have the PROOF to show it is false.

      The way to defeat Islam is to show the claims about its origins are FICTION and are FALSE. That is why I’m promoting a video that shows some of the evidence so heavily here:
      An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings

      Islam is defeated with archeology and logic. We don’t need to study the Koran (fiction) more, we need to study the archeology (truth) more !!!!!

      • Bingo! You just hit on the reason Saudi Arabia is paving over much of Mecca. They hate archeology because it reveals the lie that islam is unchanged from the time of its creation, or even it’s divinity, as the Kaaba in Mecca is actually an early pagan idol. Todays Koran was codified in 1925. The problem is that one of the oldest Korans exists in the British museum out of muslim control. We can easily compare that to todays Koran and see that they have in fact been changed and modified.

        Christianity has also been condensed and codified to fit the central message of the religion (see Council of Nicaea), but as one studies it, you begin to see how fundamentally true it’s teachings are vs. how fundamentally false islam is. To me, islam is more than false, but is something satanic. To be compassionate toward evil or satanic things is to be uncompassionate toward ourselves and the rest of humanity. This is the greatest problem area for todays Christian, as the central message that is taught in the church is “turning the other check” or to love those who persecute us, even toward those who desire to destroy us.

        Is fake compassion the only message of todays Christianity? If so, then Jesus is a totally fake, false hypocrite, as he was the one who stood up to evil men with a whip, and told his followers to sell their cloaks and buy a sword. Neo Marxism has used Christianity against itself. Many churches today are infested with Neo Marxist thinking. You can never be compassionate toward evil. That is a greater evil.

        • Furthermore, Jesus was not at all compassionate towards the devils that afflicted the people he cured. He cast them OUT.

  2. The Cinese and Islam have one thing in common, or at least partially so: both are great borrowers from other cultures. Thus, the former borrow anything from Western culture they deem helpful – the printing press, classical music, science-based medicine, IT innovations, Christian religion as a way to soothe the masses, etc. They don’t believe in property laws when it comes to paying for “the borry” of these items, despite the bitter protests of creators and inventors.

    Islam, on the other hand, has ever only been interested in the things they can use to further the destruction of anything or anyone perceived to be an obstruction to final supreme reign of the Ummah over all the world. Thus they ingeniously use cell phones as detonators, and are geniuses at establishing unconnected cells or robotized human death machines. They use modern medicine’s inventions to dull the senses of those people – many of them children – who are benumbed and then tricked out as walking bombs.

    But Islam resists other aspects of modernity. The printing press wasn’t permitted into Iran until 1840 or so, and even then its use was restricted to running off copies of the Koran. It resisted modern medicine until they realized it was useful in saving lives that would otherwise have been lost in battle. Even now, it uses Israel’s trauma technology in Israel’s own hospitals to save PoorPalis’ lives. Islam doesn’t admire Israel’s compassion for human life; it finds the West inordinately stupid in its belief in compassion or fellow-feeling.

    Where the Caliphate rules there is a general dumbing down of the populace, but so what. Where the Chinese would say “let a thousand pianos bloom”, Islam declares music haram, killing musicians and performers.

    Personally, I hope my descendants will have to learn the Chinese alphabet. I hope Arabic becomes one of those extinct languages studied only by linguists. Any culture that has fallen under the spell of evil, loving death more than life, deserves to become extinct itself.


    • The Japanese Bushido was also a death cult and fearsome in battle. It took some time but they were decisively defeated. I do wonder why we don’t use the lessons from their defeat to clarify the minds of our muslim enemies.

      • For the sake of intellectual fairness, I would disagree about the Chinese being mere borrowers. As for printing press, they, in fact, invented wood block printing. They also invented porcelain, gunpowder and paper. They domesticated the bombyx butterfly (whose caterpillars are known as silkworms) and thus were the first to make natural silk fabrics. They also were the first to build an oil pipeline – made of bamboo pipes which brought oil to saltworks where it was used as fuel. They also invented an original writing system which may cumbersome as compared to the Greek, Latin or Cyrillic alphabets, but is rather well-suited to the Chinese language.

        If I had taken more interest in Chinese history I might have give more examples but even this short list made from memory is rather impressive.

        And besides the purely material culture, Chinese developed interesting and profound philosophical systems as well as arts – great ancient literature and painting, interesting music and theatre.

        I am not a great admirer of China which I find too pragmatic and materialistic, but I wouldn’t be unfair to it.

    • Loved that last paragraph (particularly) Lady D, and I agree!

      One of our new neighbours and his wife recently returned to Canada from Saudi Arabia, where they were ‘adopted’ by a small black and white cat which they came to love so much they went through all the red tape and brought him back to Canada. We like him too–the only good Arabian we’ve ever met, or know about!

    • What you seem to be saying, as well, is that with all that applied opportunism they use like a craft, they also have that in common with Russians ( or old Soviets)

    • Islam will be remembered as a mass delusion that is FALSE.

      The way Islam will be defeated is that the “truth claims” about its origins are already known to be false and once these are widely known then Islam will lose people at a faster rate than it gains suckers, because Islam is a FICTION that doesn’t match the archeology of the region:
      An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings

      We don’t need to study the Koran (fiction) more, we need to study the archeology (truth) more. This is the ONLY way we can defeat Islam.

  3. I remain of the opinion that our leaders want to use Islam as a blunt instrument to destroy Judeo Christianity in the belief that they can then impose their one-world religion over the top, they assume that the Islamic hordes are going to be so exhausted as to welcome the One World Religion with open arms an go quietly into the ‘slavery for all’ that it offers.

    What they may not realize is that the outcomes of social engineering are unpredictable, even with television quietly manipulating the popular consciousness of the masses (brainwashing), I suspect that the plans of Islam are too well laid and already the garrotte is in place around the neck of western civilization. The distributed tyranny of Islam is already massively embedded and ready to take control, the deep state has been bought and the (purse) strings are pulled from the GCC.

    • I sadly agree. It looks like a very user friendly experiment taking place. The left believes in can use Islam to its political ends. And Islam believes it can use all the help, and good will, it gets from the left to its end. That sets the quandary of our time. Which wins? (My confidence is waning)

      However, the Christians (I mean clergy, hierarchy of many mainline churches) are flirting with the same dilemma. Some knowingly and many ignorant to ultimate results. Is it too late? Islamists hope so. But I do fault many modern Christian teachers. Light is to overcome darkness. Not…..

    • MC, agree with you, however there is a small chance that the world order leaders (globalists) are waiting for a single event to occur of such magnitude where muslims impatience oversteps themselves, like an event like 9/11 except something far more catastrophic. once this event occurs, it will be like someone threw a switch and all the worlds free nations will turn against Islam at the same time to burn it . Of course if this happens, this action will most likely be the one-world order, one-world religion and will trample down the entire globe, and would also look to silence fundamentalist Christianity in the same way Islam does. This would be the final beast system that the scripture discusses. The beast will either be islam (see and listen to Joel Richardson for a convincing argument) or the new world order that would destroy it.

  4. This is the same case with the Askenazi jews, worldwide AND in israel, AND esp. in NYC. THe jews have done this same thing, in Jerusalem, since the time of Moses and Joshua from the days of the Exodus, to today. Controlling the non-jews wherein they reside.

    Askenazi jews are controlled by the Laws of their Torah/Talmud, from the time they get up, to which shoe they put on first, to which foot they step forward on.

    You must remember, that the koran was taken from the jews “holy” texts, sothis is the results.

    • The massive difference is: Jews use persuasion, Muslims use FORCE. This is similar to the difference between romance and rape, or charity and socialism.

      • The Jews are also not trying to tell other groups how to live. They may not consume pork products, but they do not care that I do.

        The Ummah on the other hand….

    • Every culture has had to do the same thing to keep its identity. ‘When in Rome do as Romans’. Why? because otherwise cultural dilution takes place.

      Askenazi Jews CHOOSE to keep the tradition, as do Sephadi Jews and if non-Jews choose to live in the Jewish State of Israel then they must behave in a way that does not disrupt their hosts.

      Why do you resent the Jewish traditions and culture, does it hurt you in some way, does it bother you that they put on one shoe first?

      The Torah of Moses is the foundation of western civilization, yet you appear to impune it. It is the (Jewish) principle of one law for all that protects us all from the tyranny of the rich and the powerful.

      As for NYC then they must keep the laws of the land in which they dwell, I do not hear of ‘no-go’ areas in Brooklyn…..

  5. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
    But in ourselves…”

    I have to register a qualified disagreement with the Baron’s assertion that we have to learn about Islam to defeat it. The actual facts on Islam are not that difficult to generalize, and the information is available on hundreds of websites and even on books sold in mainstream bookstores and on Amazon.

    Therefore, the real question is, why does the structure, organization, and political power flow of our own society permit (or encourage) its very obvious takeover by alien interests?

    I can’t give an answer, but I believe there are several pretty credible categories of possibilities.

    1) The change is being driven by small groups of special interests whose primary focus is personal profit rather than the preservation of any civilization or set of values. Examples of these are international bankers and financiers interested in accessing the oceans of money in the oil states, or in arranging international loans and currency transactions driven by the dissolution of national borders and identity. A subcategory of this group is the academic prostitution of education to obtain the grants and salaries provided by wealthy sharia states. And also, there are the politicians, especially Republican establishment, addicted to posh living and guaranteed lifetime post-electoral employment.

    George Soros has a philosophy based on socialism and globalism, but let us remember he does very, very well financially with the current system of government-controlled international financial markets.

    2) The change is being driven by a general, Darwinian, deterioration of the intelligence and instinct for survival of the inhabitants of wealthy, sophisticated welfare states who have no particular pressures to adapt or survive. They become vulnerable to any population that has a strong, expansionist instinct.

    3) The change is being driven by a cabal of philosophical destroyers who take advantage of the leverage of government power and financial support. Any organization is vulnerable to a cohesive pressure group, and government is most vulnerable, for the reason that obvious failures in government initiatives can continue to receive financial support through political pressure. In companies, the loss of profits provides a feedback mechanism that often encourages a change in direction before complete disaster occurs.

    An example of this is the cultural Marxism dictating the dissolution of any familiar cultural institution, or the Paneuropean movement of Coudenhove -Kalergi holding as the highest virtue the centralization of decision-making and the dissolution of national and racial identity.

  6. Excellent, concise article. This should be posted everywhere, and repeated often. I am afraid that the large-scale and long-term brainwashing of “educated” Westerners precludes many from being able to absorb this information rationally. Godspeed.

    • We don’t need to study Islam, because it is fiction. We need to study the clear archeological evidence that shows Islam’s truth claims are FALSE.
      An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings

      When every counter-jihadi knows the PROOF that Islam is false, then we will persuade others and we will start winning.

      Stop studying the Koran (fiction), study the archeology instead (truth).

  7. There is a fundamental problem with Islam that the narrative will not admit but was proven by Ibn Warraq in his compendium, “Christmas in the Koran.” Syriac, the refined form of Arabic, is a Semitic language that lacks symbols for the vowels as what the Greeks developed and conquered the world with. This lack of linguistic certainty has left the Koran open to all sorts of interpretation, and never mind the palimsest that the Ankara manuscript is. If you track the evolution of Sharia and the Koran you will find the humble truth being exchanged for the convenient and self-serving lie that is presented as the truth to a populace that is not fully informed under pain of death if questioned or disagreed with. We have seen that similar operational paradigm at work in cults and among activist groups.
    The reason that the camel has been allowed into the tent is that the Elite find the religion useful in the production of a manageable population that will serve their interests as the willing serfs they desire. Christianity was tried, but it valued the individual above the group as salvation is a personal decision. Islam values the group and demands that the individual subsume all prerogative to the group for the glory of Allah. Sadly, this is the same ethos that has been adopted by cults, political parties, and activist groups. The Christian voice of reason is being drowned out by the clamor. The Last Days prophecy of people against people, tribe against tribe, and nation against nation is really the only possible and logical outcome of what is presently happening with Islam in the vanguard leading the way.

    • An interesting and well reasoned comment about what boils down to crowd control.
      Exactly why westerners find these god-fearing, hate-mongering desert religions so fascinating, escapes me.

      • Faith can do great things; even it is the faulty faith. Faith of moslems are so strong; it fascinates gullible westerners.

        • Faith in the belief that you can have it your way if your only follow ALL of the rules. That is the diametric opposite of faith as defined by YAH and Christ, which is faith in their love for you and superintending will that will care for you always. The former, much the same as the Catholic Church I was raised up in, requires only an outward show. Faith in YAH through Christ requires an inward commitment that results in an outward show as an integral part of the person’s character and not the put-on that any follower of a works-based belief will manifest in nascent hypocrisy.
          Ok, now out on a limb here and please do not moderate this before you fully consider it. Satan is a created being and was created to be the chief of the Cherubim, aka the living creatures. There is an interesting study of the parallels pf the living creatures in heaven and the species of fauna on the earth, but that is for later.
          As a created being Satan is limited and can only see the outward but cannot see the inward. Therefore, any religion that he would devise to draw us to worship him instead of YAH would only focus on the externals as that is the extent of his awareness. There is no such thing as a relationship with Satan as there is with YAH through Christ as YAH knows the beginning from the end but Satan does not. We need to keep this in mind. Yes, the premises of Islam are false and a lie and a counterfeit of Christianity because Satan devised it as the antithesis of Christianity and the means by which he would eliminate Christianity and Christians from the face of what he considers to be his planet.

    • Islam is not the truth, it is FICTION. The archeology shows Islams claims are fiction. The satellite images show that Islams claims are fiction. The textual analysis shows Islams claims are fiction.

      We are losing because Westerners treat Islam as if it could be true. It is not, it is FICTION and is ****PROVABLY FALSE****.

      Islam is FALSE. Stop pretending it is ‘misrepresented’ or true in any way.

      The archeology shows Islam is false !
      An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings

      Islam is a “truth claim”, but it turns out that claim is FALSE.

      • I’ve watched the Jay Smith video several times: it is interesting, factual, enlightening and devastating to Islam…for anyone who listens to it and thinks about it.

        Unfortunately, that defines Muslims: they are impervious to outside comments or knowledge on Islam. Smith himself describes how the Muslims know what he is doing, and refuse to debate him or contradict him in detail.

        So, Smith has probably converted between 0 and 10 Muslims, inclusive. Ali Sina used to have the same approach; as a former Muslim, he knew Islam backwards and forwards. He published multiple debates he had with Muslim scholars and imams on his website.

        Sina’s claim was that Islam was hollow at the core, and so vulnerable to reason and facts, it would begin shrinking. But, in fact, Sina is now almost invisible, and Islam continues to advance and expand.

        Most Muslims are impervious to facts or reasoning. So, why do they put so much energy into preventing criticism of Islam? They are showing who’s boss. Islam is a philosophy of control. The details and historical accuracy don’t matter, but Islam must show that it dominates.

        • Sina may be tired. He’s getting old. He has no wife and kids. Sina is still visible, though. I check his website in order to respond to your comment. His latest entry in his website is dated 29 march 2017.

          Let’s hope that Sina be able to publish movie about Muhammad. He planned that project years ago and never says to abandon it.

          • Let me say I am very impressed that you researched an answer you gave me. A lot of the time, people post from memory or from opinion, and don’t take the time to actually check the facts.

            However, I still still think the central issue needs to be debated further: the actual facts of Islam 1) don’t influence the attitude of the vast majority of Muslims towards Islam; 2) are not what drive the policies of the leadership elites in Western countries.

            I’ll give a concrete example. Female genital mutilation is a very simple concept. There is really not much debate about whether it is widespread in Islamic countries. To hear the term is to know most of what you need to know about it. And yet, there is absolutely no pressure by feminist organizations to crack down on FGM. Therefore, it is not facts that drive policy.

            On Ali Sina, I said he was “almost” invisible. My evidence is the long list of anti-Islam blogs available on the homepage of Gates of Vienna. The Ali Sina website is not listed.

            The Ali Sina article you referenced was actually about not Islam, but about the existence of God, a red herring Sina appears to have chased for quite sometime. But a slightly earlier article
            does discuss the undesirability of an interreligious marriage to a Muslim man.

        • Thanks RonaldB. The goal is not to persuade Muslims, it is to persuade non-Muslims. When non-Muslims stop treating Islam as anything other the the Scientology of the Dark Ages then Islam cannot progress in the West.

          At the moment non-Muslims treat Islam with far too much respect, instead of the ridicule and contempt (justifying pedophilia, for example) it deserves.

          And I disagree. All Muslims claim to be searching for the truth. Some have already been persuaded by Western morality, but other are not persuaded by Western morality because they think Islam is true. When enough people are talking about the evidence against Islam then a decent fraction of Muslims will also become ex-Muslims.

          Stop with your ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’ against Muslims. We must strive hard (‘jihada’, lol) to persuade non-Muslims and reachable Muslims with the TRUTH – Islam is fiction.

          Pretending the truth won’t sway any people is not a smart move.

          • “Pretending the truth won’t sway any people is not a smart move.”

            Well, respectfully, it depends if the truth will sway people. If it won’t, then treating truth as a sufficient condition for change is also not a smart move.

            I’m tending to see things more and more in light of the use of power. For example, take the violent protests by Antifa when someone like Milo Yiannopoulos or Ann Coulter speaks. The purpose of the riots is to prevent them from speaking. And yet, it is the easiest thing in the world to watch YouTube videos of either Ann or Milo making full presentations of their views, or to google full and free internet articles presenting their arguments.

            Therefore, the riots have no effect at all on preventing people from hearing opinions or finding facts.

            What the riots do is to limit the ability of people to organize, gather, or express their opinions publicly. So, they are a raw assertion of power and repression.

            Against bats, rocks, and assaults, the truth is not a defense. I know “the pen is mightier than the sword”, but the writer has to have the use of a sword as well.

            Our defense against Muslims is not to convert them. If we allow Muslims to enter our country, they will eventually gain control. The proper defense against Muslims is to keep them outside, in their own countries. As I stated before, I’m totally against sponsoring wars or rebellions in Muslim countries and injuring or killing Muslims in any situation other than direct self-defense. But, with all due respect, they are not convertible. If they are present, they will threaten their host society.

            To address your point, yes: our job is to persuade our people to take the power to stop Muslim (and other immigration) encroachment.

  8. Fine explanation of the Koran’s effect on the ME, Muslim mind and ethos. It is based on a foundation but it is a faulty one when viewed from a civilized Western prism. And frankly, it is a 7th c one which has no reality except to enhance evil, demonic forces to eliminate every infidel. The West is soooo tolerant that by the time the stark reality of evil murderous tactics and strategy are worked out, like the EU , it is too late to strike back and hold off the pagans as the West sees them. As I see them. The US is near that tipping point. Perhaps that is why both types of ethos, eschatological views from Islam , Judaism, Christianity seem to be gravitating to an End Days scenario. Whether true or not from Jesus’ point of view, it is a scary foreplay .

    • Nope. The Islamic story of “Al Mahdi” is taken from a Christian work called “The Apocalyse of Pseudo-Methodius”. This is because all Suras of the Koran after number 43 come from centuries after Mohammed was said to have died. That is, the Koran cannot have come from Mohammed, and is FICTION.

      All the Islamic claims about the origins of Islam are fiction and modern archeological scholarship shows that Islam is fiction and false. Here is some of that evidence:
      An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings

      Islam will be defeated when all the people of the World understand that its claims about its origins are fiction and are FALSE. When Muslims understand Islam is FALSE then they will leave it.

      There is nothing spooky going on here and sky ghosts are not involved – it is just us primates responding to campfire fairy tales and our Confirmation Bias kicking in. Be of good cheer, Islam is going to be defeated with the Truth – that Islam is FICTION and is FALSE.

      An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings

      We are not at the End of the World, but we are close (in archeological timescales) to the End of Islam.

      • You’re absolutely right about the koran, and the maddening thing about it is that moslems insist they cannot follow our western laws which are ‘man made’, they can only follow shariah laws which come ‘from god’, meaning their non-existent moon god allah, who somehow passed the entire koran on to an illiterate warlord! (who remembered it all verbatim? Oh, spare me!)

        With the exception of the ‘stans’ of the old Soviet Union, where Russians insisted on literacy, the entire islamic world boasts a literacy rate of only 56%; indeed some of the western Sahara states are less than 20% literate,but what more could we expect of a so-called religion which eschews learning, but insists it’s followers bang their heads on a prayer rug five times a day and raise their backsides in the air. (to moon allah?)

        And to think, the followers of this murderous, cretinous cult are running rampant through the entire western world, aided by most western governments, and a sizable percentage of brainwashed western citizenry–shame on them!

  9. Gosh and I thought I was the pessimistic one? Islam is about to get its backside kicked, simply because the West Capitalist system cannot afford its nonsense anymore. I am quite hopeful now for the future.

    People still don’t fully understand what the Trump victory means. He is a businessman-profit and loss. The Gulf States are running out of oil and China is fragile too. Europe will survive and recover. The very fact that the Moslem world cannot feed itself and relies upon us in the West says it all. Islam is weak and growing weaker. It cannot sustain itself without Western help. That burden has bankrupted us, as have its parasitic “Useless Mouths”. The welfare state cannot feed the other “Useless Mouths” either.

    The Baron has identified the cause of the problem but failed to ask why is this being encouraged? Ronald B gives good response. I encourage the reader to watch this series of Youtube videos. They are excellent. And deserve a wider audience…

    • As a Christian, I question most respectfully your calling another human being, “a useless mouth”. Do you think your God or your Christ views any human soul in such terms? Is that how Jesus viewed the hungry multitude he fed with those scant loaves and fish?

      By no means do I intend to imply the actions of the followers of The Profit are not mired in a materialism of evil and death, or that they do not represent a clear and present danger to mortal life. But they remain God’s creations.
      As such, we Christians must be meticulous in our descriptions, prescriptions, and remedies for the evil that enshrouds these people bent on death, including the ceaseless slaughter of their own. Islam kills far more of its adherents than it ever does other groups.

      But this plague they represent (and re-create) is epigenetic. It can be eradicated if we can somehow change the basic structure of what passes for Islamic “family” or tribal life. Change must begin there, just as surely as it must in the current poisonous paradigm of modern family relationships in the West.

      How to bring about the change in ourselves is the crucial question. Until we do that, Islam remains a dangerous spirochete, burrowing into the body politic of Western values.

      • I was using the metaphorical term employed by Marxists. Of course, human beings are sacred in the eyes of God.

        But our SJW warrior classes and those like Soros etc see the world as a type of laboratory. And, no, I do not think the world’s refugees are useless mouths as the Left do. The article states it very clearly- we must learn to understand how the enemy thinks and behaves. I spent years studying how Islam thinks. I simply employ their terms to do just that. Nature is nature. We cannot be soft in our approach to this. Our civilisation is doomed by our “Do Gooding”.

        Our populations are suffering because of the very fact that in order for the enemy to exploit Islam it has been attacked by its own elites. Sorry if my “language” offends but unless we start to think correctly and rid ourselves of this “Do gooding” sickness we will end up as refugees ourselves.

        I see homeless Britons on our streets, many poorly fed and living out of soup kitchens. The bill for this mess is in the hundreds of billions for the UK alone. Then we see our elderly going without and presented as a “problem”. Our children are the pawns of the elite and their madness.

        I protect my own flock, as I am charged to do. On the scale of things, I am a useless mouth too as we all are in the eyes of these monsters. They want us gone.

        I see well-fed refugees with up-to-date technology and designer clothes. while many of my flock are simply dismissed as “Useless mouths”… When I was a soldier not that long ago I was taught to study and learn from my enemies. Maybe my language is “unsuitable” but charity and sympathy begin at home.

        Recently a fully functioning RC Church was all but sold to a Moslem group. The sale would have destroyed the local Community and my Parish. We stopped it… for now. The local priest has been removed.

        I tell it as it is and I am one very angry Bishop. Genocide of any people or population is wrong but that same population has a duty to look after itself, not feed upon others. This is Reality- a reality clearly understood by our ancestors.

        • This further elucidation clarifies greatly what you said in the first comment.

          Thank you for taking the time to do so.

      • I like the reference to “followers of the Profit”. It is very apt for people like Soros, Macron or Blair and vast majority of our ruling elites. They seem to me more dangerous than the followers of the (pseudo-)Prophet.

    • In addition, your Grace, our sickness, and its remedy is not fundamentally economic, though that realm has much to provide in the way of healing…or further disease. The current form of Capitalism is an unfortunately deformed creature that tends to swallow individual effort.

      You might try – if you haven’t aleady – Murray Rothbard’s Anatomy of the State”

      Or, even closer to home (culturally), the French economic philosopher, Frederic Bastiat. His brief book, The Law has changed minds and galvanized actions.

      People have been re-discovering Bastiat since the 1850s (the place in Western history when many say ‘modernity began). One reader’s review is this:

      What a simple and poignant essay on governments and politicians. This is an absolute must-read primer on government bodies and politicos constantly overstepping their bounds. In a world chock full of superficial and vapid political arguments spewed by mainstream media and propagated by indolent social media shares owing to human’s natural predilection for inflammatory headlines and negativity in general, this book offers deep and simply stated insight into a theoretical manifesto of what a fair government should subscribe to.

      History repeats itself. Seemingly, it’s all it’s been doing in the annals of mankind. The similarites, nay the identical political atmospheres, drawn between now and Bastiat’s 19th century references of American and Europe should make any thinking citizen, of any country, motivated to understand what a country is and the role of its governing body.

      This book is not a bible. It is just an additional thinking voice in a world which has become diluted by inane “debate” and “issues”. Read this book and think with it.

      Bastiat proved that Christ taught economics, too. His “render to Caesar” aphorism has remained a touchstone of Christian economic thought. Homo Economus is a vibrant, necessary strain despite Karl Marx’ fantasies.

      • Christianity is the only way to defeat this awful ideology. Economics and Christian fairplay are the winning factor, as they always have been. But a clear dichotomy must be maintained between secular power and the Church. My belief is that neither Trump nor Putin will tolerate a Moslem Europe or “Kalifate” with nuclear weapons, especially Wahabist politics.

        Korea is a distraction. The real battle is here in the West. China nor Russia will engage in war if they can avoid it. However, an aggressive Kalifate may change that.

  10. Excellent article, Baron, but “we should know our enemy?” I fail to understand why we should go out of our way to examine in minute detail, a miserable, medieval cult run by violence-prone cretins, immune to reason; and that’s all we really need to know about the followers of allah. (urine be upon him)

    • Sun Tzu is right. The the failure to know one’s enemy is a fatal mistake. If you do not have a good idea of what makes your enemy tick, then you are far more likely to be defeated by him.

      The fact that we are losing this war so badly is indication enough that our failure to know our enemy is a catastrophic failure indeed.

      • don’t think it is primary issue.
        to kill a crocodile, one shouldn’t get PhD in crocodillish.

        the reason West is in trouble with Islam is different – West is fragmented, essentially that concerns compromising morality.
        it is all about Westerners puting Islamic oil money in the basis of theri countries’ finances and logistics.
        in the end, both migration and terrorism are supported from there.

        defeating Islam would be good thing, who wouldn’t like that, but it is better to be realistic – separation and containment are most practical options in these circumstances.

      • We don’t need to understand the fiction (Koran) better, we need to understand the facts (archeology) better !

        You have written an excellent essay Baron to show that Islam is a LOGICAL extension of a set of axioms. These axioms just happen to be different from those that make up Enlightenment Civilization.

        The key to defeat Islam is not to persuade Muslims assuming they agree with our axioms (Western Morality), but to attack and destroy the flaws in their axioms.

        And it turns out that Islam’s axioms have a colossal flaw – the claim that Islam is true based on its origins is false. Islam’s claims about its origins do not match the archeology ! hence Islam’s claim it is true is false, and all of the logical extensions from that axiom (such as jihad is justified because Islam is true) are destroyed too.

        Hence, we MUST attack Islam’s “truth claims”. This is easy since we have all the evidence we need already:
        An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings

        Now, all we need to do is to get EVERYONE to understand that Islam’s claims about its origins are false and then Islam will begin to die.

        This is my mission.

        Like I said, you wrote an excellent essay pointing out that Islam is a logical progression from a set of axioms which are different to the axioms underneath our own civilization. The next step is to criticize and destroy the flaws in Islam’s axioms.

        We can defeat Islam, we don’t even have to do the archeological digs ourselves, this has already been done. All we have to do is broadcast them and Islam will be taken down without violence 🙂

        This is why Islam moves to censor its critics with UN HRC 16/18. They are not trying to censor Islamic violence (because that strikes terror into unbelievers) they are trying to censor the FACTS that show Islam is fiction and is FALSE.

        This video should be much more widely known:
        An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings

        And this one too – which shows that no “Mahdi” will arrive to save Islam from destruction:
        “Islamic Antichrist Debunked: The Mahdi Origins” – Chris White

        And Tom Holland’s work, of course

        We are losing because Westerners do not reject Islam’s claims as FALSE. Once they know the archeology is against Islam then they will reject Islam. This is how we defeat Islam ! You are part of the way there, Baron. Keep follow your reasoning and you will see we must attack the truth claims underlying Islam.

        • We are losing because Westerners do not reject Islam’s claims as false, but also because they have absolutely no idea that, after a Muslim dies he stands before the judgement seat of Christ and is sent to eternal damnation by reason of professing Islamic beliefs.

      • The need to know an enemy’s motivations and tactics is only going to be a factor if the two sides are in relative parity. If your enemy is strong enough that there is a chance he can beat you then yes, you want to know everything you can about how he fights, why he fights etc. You need that information to sway things as best you can to your advantage.

        But when the disparity in power between the two sides is so ridiculously mismatched to where one side could squash the other like a bug if it desired, there’s no need to drill down to the lower levels to try to gain an extra edge by studying your opponent’s motivations and tactics. Muhammad Ali in his prime wouldn’t need to study boxing films of me in my prime. All he’d need to know is what time does the fight start.

        The West is losing against Islam because it doesn’t really want to fight Islam.

        • Well, you still haven’t gotten us any closer to winning the war unless you can identify (and counteract) the reasons why we don’t want to fight Islam.

          The problem is complex. One of the main reasons we don’t have any will to fight Islam is the success of the Muslim Brotherhood in infiltrating our institutions and convincing almost everyone who counts that (1) Islam is a religion just like Judaism and Christianity, and (2) opposing Islam is akin to racial prejudice. Those two ideas are mutually exclusive — which just goes to show that Islam has managed to short-circuit our logical wiring.

          It would never have been successful in its efforts, of course, if the post-modern cultural Marxists hadn’t already plowed the ground and manured it, leaving a fertile bed in which Islamic could plant its demonic seeds.

          • Yes, I agree with your explanations on why we don’t fight. No argument there. I don’t have any answers on how to counteract it. I’m not optimistic. But as you’ve said, we do what we must.

            My point above was only to suggest that we, with our overwhelming technological advantages, don’t really need to devote too much time and energy trying to learn more about Islam in order to defeat it. The problem is us.

            We have all the information we need about Islam.

          • YOU have it. I have it. About 75% of the readership of this blog has it.

            But what about everybody else? Only about one ten-thousandth of one percent of the population reads this blog. How do we get the information to them? That remains the central problem.

            One of the reasons why the information is difficult to spread is that the Muslim Brotherhood has been very effective at inserting roadblocks at strategic points on the information superhighway. Yet another reason to study Islam, to figure out how they’re doing this so effectively, and how to undo it.

          • “You have it, I have it….”
            Bu Baron, I have to agree with gjest, we don’t have to learn how moslems are inserting roadblocks at strategic points for us, for the way I at least see it, they are not–our own people are doing it, bending over backwards to accommodate the never-ending demands of moslems.

            Well, we could argue this ’till the cows come home….

          • I don’t think we can understand the reasons for our own culture’s failure — for the treason in our midst — without also understanding what Islam is and what it is doing to us. Those two processes arose mutually over the last century or so.

            I thought about including ideas about such matters in this essay, but it would have made it too long. I’m saving it for a separate piece.

        • “The west is losing against islam because it doesn’t really want to fight islam”.

          BINGO! gjest, but you should have added “and all islam’s enablers”, for without them islam would not now be invading the west, and western goverments and police would not now be holding their own people at bay, protecting the invaders.

      • Who is our enemy in your article? From your own writing “Muslims do not commit bizarre, inhuman acts for no reason.” I conclude it is muslims, not Islam. It is muslims who can tick.

        Enough with muslim vs Islam. The trouble with Christians is how to apply ‘Love thy enemies. Pray for them. If they want to take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.’ when the enemies are muslims wanting to destroy the Christians?

        • You’re fighting a straw man. I don’t quibble between “Muslims” and “Islam” — Muslims are those who believe in, are committed to, and practice the ideology known as Islam. Simple as that.

          I consider the arguments about Islam vs. Muslims to be largely a waste of time.

          • I remember you once replied to me about why is it so complex to blame the moslems because … to what book any moslem believes in. By the way I settle by your reply today about ‘simple as that’. I agree. Concerning Islam vs Muslim, I think that when the world or any country reaches a certain point when resistance in the form of violence erupts in many places, the argument loses its merit (now Dr Bill & others still think it has merits). I rest my case, we’ll reach that point. Thank you Baron, for great article and your response.

          • A Muslim who does not believe in Islam, as laid down in the Koran and Sunna and explained in the tafsirs, is no longer a Muslim, regardless of what he may call himself. He risks his life if he reveals his unbelief, or expresses support for anyone else who has fallen away. That’s why Islam appears so strong and invincible.

            Part of our job as Counterjihadists is to try to find ways to make it safe for more ex-Muslims to leave Islam without risking their lives. It’s one of our more difficult tasks — I don’t know that there’s much we can do to help.

      • Having said that, it’s essential to actually declare ***war*** on this enemy. This changes the paradigm from “a bunch of criminal thugs” to “our savage enemy,” at which point we can eliminate most of the legal bleatings that we hear and concentrate on dealing with them in the most appropriate way(s).
        The biggest problem is that we continue to define Islam as a “religion,” and despite most of us being secular (and consequently often utterly irreverent toward religion), we offer it a reverence it doesn’t deserve.
        Ultimately we must become a reflection of this “religion” and behave in like manner (you know, the old “proportionality” myth favoured by our legal system). The alternative is to be utterly defeated by it.
        The main problem is to convince our “lords and masters” that at this point in time, this is our only approach.

  11. Great article Baron.

    The way to defeat Islam is to show that it is FICTION and is FALSE. The claims Islam makes about its origins do NOT match the archeology of the region.
    “An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings”

    Look at Koran 9:29, the word “Religion of Truth” are used. Muslims are commanded to fight because they believe Islam is true. But Islam is not true because the claims about its origins are now PROVEN to be false by Western scholarship.

    We defeat Islam not by understanding it as Muslims do, but by understanding it as Western scholars do – that Islam is a FICTION concocted by Caliph Abd Al Malik to justify his reign and advance Arab Supremacism. Islam was designed by evil men to enslave all other men and, especially, women.

    Every counter-jihadi must stop acting as if Islam’s texts are true, because the reality is that while there may have been some Arab Ahmed who gained the title Mohamed the Mohammed of the Koran is mostly mythological. All the verses of the Koran after 43 come from well after the time of Mohamed and are plagiarisms of works such as the Christian Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius (where the Islamic story of Al Mahdi comes from, by interchanging Arabs as the heroes for the Byzantine Romans in the original).

    Islam is FICTION. The scholarship against it is what we should be studying.

    We will persuade very few Muslims by basing our arguments on Western morality, because their actions are based on Sharia morality. We have to attack the truth claims of Islam. This is the ONLY way we can defeat Islam.

    This is why Islam destroys the archeological evidence of the civilizations they have destroyed, because it all shows Islam’s claims about its origins are false.

    Every reader of the GoV MUST understand the truth: Islam is FICTION and is FALSE, and Western archeological scholarship proves this.

    Every one of is must know the archeological evidence against Islam by heart from this video:
    “An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings”

    The archeology is the silver bullet to Islam.

  12. As long as there is greed and desire for power we will have cruelty.
    Human nature must be controlled by kindness, justice, and cooperation for peaceful progress.
    Is there a mystery here or simple resistance to rationality?

    • Simple resistance to rationality. Simple for muslims, just refer to Koran. Resistance to (your) rationality? Of course. Koran is THE rationality for most muslims. Human nature must be controlled by kindness, justice, and cooperation? Of yes, kindness as stated in Koran, justice as stated in Koran, and cooperation with moslems brethren who agree with you.

      Without Islam and muslim, even with this ‘As long as there is greed and desire for power we will have cruelty.’, the cruelty in this world is no match compared to the muslims atrocities.

    • I’m a served Trident Strat Weapons Officer.
      Once, I was asked by a very well-meaning Seattle-ite, if I “would REALLY launch” my sub’s missiles, or if I “would do the ‘right’ thing [and not launch]?”
      My answer was, “Oh yes. And my smile would get bigger with every missile I pulled the trigger for.
      If the target was Mecca, my smile would have been even bigger, and impossible to erase.

    • I fall on this side of the fence because raw, naked force in all its horrific glory is the only thing that the Ummah fears and respects.

  13. Tom Kratman, from the afterword to his novel A Desert Called Peace:
    “It has been said more than once that you should choose enemies wisely, because you are going to become just, or at least, much like them. The corollary to this is that your enemies are also going to become very like you….
    If I could speak now to our enemies, I would say: Do you kill innocent civilians for shock value? So will we learn to do, in time. Do you torture and murder prisoners? So will we. Are you composed of religious fanatics? Well, since humanistic secularism seems ill-suited to deal with you, don’t be surprised if we turn to our churches and temples for the strength to defeat and destroy you. Do you randomly kill our loved ones to send us a message? Don’t be surprised, then, when we begin to target your families, specifically, to send the message that our loved ones are not stationery.”
    I say [intemperate imperative redacted]. I’ll live with the PTSD.
    My children and my Culture will survive.

  14. We consistently in the West discuss and think in qualitative terms when our problems are quantitative. Qualitative concerns such as “Who is my brother” are unresolvable. Strictly quantitative measures must be used. Simple assumptions, such as Muslims are the enemy, work well because the conclusions we seek are based on quantitative assessment; i.e., how many Muslims do we want in our hemisphere. No need to argue or hypothesize- just count. How many enemy are we going to able to police? How much will that policing effort cost? If we want to psychologize, we should ask of our citizens, how much does this extra policing bother you? Do you really want the TSA checking your shoes and clothing and body ad infinitum? How much does it distress you, Mr Non-Muslim, that Muslims receive generous welfare benefits? That their presence is ultimately the only reason we fought wars in Iraq and Afghanistan costing us trillions of dollars, and costing you hundreds of hours of your life if use airline travel often, and rendering once wonderful places to visit now horrid? ( thinking of Rome, Paris, Berlin, London )
    Muslims add nothing to our civilization we couldn’t ourselves add. Why do we allow them in our society at all?
    Ditch qualitative other-worldly conundrums. Ditch them once and for all. Forget the “holy” completely unreadable balled up nonsense contained therein.
    Just remember one thing: if you think living with ugly Muslims now is bad, and putting up with the TSA and terror police even worse, remember that none of this [odiferous substance] existed before they were allowed in, and none of it will end as long as they are here.

  15. I was a Muslim and embarrassed and had a guilty feeling that I was following a death cult. But abandoning that cult means death. Fortunately through a friend I came to overcome my dilemma and began living a civilized life. For those who want to follow me see

    • I’ve come across this before. It all sounds fine until you see the name Osho, otherwise known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh the charlatan who ended up in a commune in Oregon collecting Rolls Royces and with his disciples plotting to poison local officials who opposed him. Beware.

      • Haha.

        Thanks for the heads-up.

        I think, though, there is much to be said for the theory that the penetration of Muslims into our society is the result of bureaucrats, educrats, politicians, and financier parasites following their own immediate interest in maximizing their wealth and status.

        So, perhaps there’s a place for Swami Vivekananda and other cult profiteers who collect their wealth and women in part by pulling people away from Islam.

  16. ‘Satanic’ defined. I’ve passed this along. Or at least towards them. [Thanks for the company.]

  17. This is a great article and a great discussion, likely one of the best in the world now.

    I do not think I have anything of my own that needs to be added but I would like to offer ideas which have been offered by someone else:

    Uncommen knowledge, PJ Media; Thomas Sowell on the Vulger Pride of Intellectuals.

    That is your entry and perhaps someone else will know how to make a direct link. Fifty two min forty nine sec and worth your time. I think that Thomas Sowell is one of the shining lights of our era.

  18. One must think in terms of the Great Red Herring – firstly, that Islam is a religion, and secondly, that Islam is a religion of peace.

    The same people who have fallen for this red herring are those who purport to hate Fascism and all its tendrils and perceived spin offs which they call the ‘far right’. But in their absurd ignorance (or malicious intent) they are blind as to what fascism is, and to the damage that their own crypto-fascism and also Islamic crypto-fascim is doing to an obviously very fragile civilisation.

    Cry racist and let loose the shahid of chaos!

  19. “….the time of ignorance BEFORE islam.” I’m sure we all see the irony in this.

  20. Baron-

    Thanks for this excellent peace.

    I concur that, if we are not going to drop the gloves and apply pure force, it is critical that we understand our enemy in this conflict.

    It is frightening how well they understand us, our soft spots, and how they play our media and sentiments like fiddles to achieve their ends.

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