Farid Smahi: “There is no more French, there is nothing anymore!”

Farid Smahi is an apostate from Islam who confronted the mayor of Paris on the street yesterday in the wake of Thursday’s deadly Islamic terrorist attack on the Champs-Élysées. Below are two videos of the incident recorded by different cameras.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Vlad includes this exegesis on the first video:

Ex-Muslim in Paris gives the Mayor a piece of his mind

This is quite a clip and has a couple of cultural references that need adding. First, the man on a rant, Farid Smahi, who was hauled away from Anne Hidalgo yesterday as she left the Marks & Spencer store where terrorist Karim Cheurfi was gunned down by police, referenced the most famous case of malpractice of French jurisprudence.

From the translator, Ava-Lon:

Farid is using the expression J’accuse which entered in the French language about 120 years ago during the cause of Dreyfus.

Dreyfus was a Jewish officer in the French army who was tried for treason (in favor of Germans, who France was fighting at that moment) in 1894 in an atmosphere of prejudice and where evidence against him was fabricated.

“J’accuse” was an open letter of French writer Emile Zola, published in January 1898,concerning the case of Dreyfus, where Zola was accusing French government of antisemitism, bias, and unlawful jailing of Alfred Dreyfus. For that letter Zola was himself prosecuted for libel and found guilty in February 1898. He had to exile himself to England to avoid imprisonment. He returned to France the following year and continued his defense of Dreyfus, who was retired the same year, found guilty again, but was pardoned (all seems to point to the government trying to save face).

Only in 1906, on appeal, Dreyfus obtain annulment of his guilty verdict and even awarded the Legion d’honneur the highest French media (with mention “for a soldier who has endured an unparalleled martyrdom”).

The expression “J’accuse” since became the call of everyone who is fighting greater power. Even if Farid wasn’t aware of the exact case he sure used the expression well.

Also the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, is a well known leftist and muslim sympathizer.

In fact she is creating legal and financial problems for an excellent French counter-jihad site because they did a mocking caricature of her.

Oz-Rita adds the following about Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris:

She came to politics via Francois Hollande. At the time the now (still) French President was still living with the mother of his 4 children, Segolene Royal, and it was reported that the latter was very unhappy about their “relationship” and did not like Hidalgo.”

When some Saudi was “offended” by some French writer and sued him, she took the side of the Saudi etc. she is a nasty piece of ‘work’

Transcript video #1:

00:00   It’s you who have created those S-files [terrorist files].
00:04   You should arrest them! —Stop it! —Let go!
00:08   Take it easy, I told you, sir! —Criminal government! —Calm down, calm down!
00:12   Criminals, criminals! —Calm down, sir, I told you, calm down, sir! — They’re coming to parade here!
00:16   Calm down, sir, please, OK? Enough, sir —Your BS! —That’s enough, that’s enough, sir, calm down!
00:20   Let go! I let go, and you calm down, OK? —It’s the government that has to be tried!
00:24   Calm down, sir! —All the S-files have to be deported! It’s you…
00:28   it’s them, the responsible ones!
00:32   Not a single candidate talked about the dead
00:36   in Nice, the Bataclan! And it continues!
00:40   And yesterday they all opened their big mouths, because they pet the Muslims with the nap;
00:44   the Muslims of France! I used to be a Muslim!
00:48   I am not any more! I am ashamed!
00:52   We need to try all the Ministers of the Interior from the right and from the left!
00:56   It’s a disgrace! “J’accuse!” [I accuse] as a French writer said! [Emile Zola re Dreyfus]
01:01   Voilà, they were just parading on the blood of a police officer,
01:05   who lost his life and who left behind a wife and a child!
01:09   Me, Farid, I accuse all the governments! They are responsible
01:13   for all those Muslims — and the one who is talking to you is Muslim himself — who veil their wives
01:17   and who are slaying our women! Where is Madame Simone Veil [French politician]?
01:21   Madame [unintelligible] to forbid that s****y veil!
01:25   Those governments, those presidents who will shake hands with the Saudis, all while women
01:29   have no right to drive! And we tell ourselves we are in the Elysee [presidential palace]!
01:33   Oh, well, it! I am ashamed! I am ashamed! I am ashamed!

Transcript video #2:

00:04   Madame Mayor! —Thank you! —Madame Hidalgo!
00:08   Madame Hidalgo!
00:20   It’s the government that is responsible! Responsible! The S-files!
00:24   It’s your government that is responsible —Careful sir, careful!
00:28   But you, Madame Hidalgo, could you tell us a little more about
00:32   paying your respects… — Madame Hidalgo, just a word, please!
00:36   Please! —Criminals! Criminals!
00:40   Criminals! —Calm down!
00:44   …accompany. Not even accompany them!
00:48   Voilà, I, I haven’t forgotten all those children who were crushed
00:52   before the eyes of their mothers in Nice. I, I haven’t forgotten that police officer!
00:56   I cried because of them last night! And the Bataclan!
01:00   And it’s not over! We know that they have S-files [Muslims who have terrorist dossiers].
01:04   Let’s abolish dual nationality, for God’s sake! I am calling on the government. I don’t know
01:09   where all that comes from; I did become an atheist; let’s repeal dual nationality! One cannot be
01:13   Algerian-French, Moroccan-French, and those media: “a French-Algerian!”
01:17   “a French-whatever”! We ARE French or we are NOT!
01:24   We are exclusive of all the others. And this is the tragedy: we became a nation,
01:29   a nation of double nationals! There is no more French, there is nothing anymore!
01:33   [Look at] those females, who walk all veiled in front of the prefect!
01:37   But where are we going?! Where are we going?! What education
01:41   am I supposed to give to my son? What am I supposed to talk to him about?
01:45   Of Clovis? [First king of the Franks, who united the proto-French in the 5th century]

20 thoughts on “Farid Smahi: “There is no more French, there is nothing anymore!”

  1. We have been betrayed.

    Hidalgo’s face told a story too. They know we know.

    They feel secure behind their lines of armed police and surveillance systems. Good, important they do so until the time comes.

    For those same surveillance systems monitoring in on sites like this, I hope the confidential reports passed to the Hidalgo’s etc express very clearly the view that they need to change direction and quickly..

    • Hidalgo is a Spaniard by birth and citizenship, which should have been automatic disqualification for the office she holds.

      I would be very curious to see if she has received any payments from the Gulf countries, or representatives of said countries.

      It would not surprise me if she were already an Ummah member. She fought against ‘cults’ in France, including the Church of Scientology.

      Gee, I can think of a cult in France that is far larger and more problematic than Scientology…

      • You know, that’s exactly the thing: it’s about time we start calling a spade a spade, and a cult a cult.

        Just because it has a lot of adherents doesn’t mean that it’s not a cult!

    • Cops ain’t gonna do anything.

      Soldiers ain’t gonna do anything.

      These men are mostly automata. They are fit for following orders; and they follow the orders of those who reward them. Discount them as allies.

      Politicians ain’t gonna do anything. Just as the aforementioned, they have too much invested in the “system”… from which all of their wealth and status flow.

      Which leaves “ordinary men and women”. BUT, if those “ordinary” people set themselves against Islam, then they automatically set themselves against the French’ State. Not one in ten-thousand has the courage to act.

      I conclude, therefore, that France is Royally [carnally known]. (to be followed by Germany, Holland, Belgium, etc. England, too.)

  2. Magnificent! THAT’s the reaction I was waiting for!!!

    As for the elections tomorrow and in the second round, I don’t think however that Le Pen can win. I have known the French all my life, and they are a people that can be counted upon – rock solid – to do the wrong thing time and again. I am just being honest and realistic here. The Dutch are more sensible than the French, and yet they by and large gave Wilders the finger. You cannot expect a people like the French to be sane where the Dutch weren’t.

    Americans and Europeans. BIG difference. BIG BIG difference.

    • You would think the French would vote for Le Pen, if only to give a giant middle-finger to Merkel and Germany by pulling out of, and probably collapsing the euro, a Franken-currency that is the Deutsche mark in drag.

      • Brexit makes sense because the British want to get away from the EU, i.e., French-style economics.

        Frexit doesn’t make as much sense, because it would be the French trying to get away from… themselves.

        They need reform more than they need to ditch the EU, really.

    • @Outlaw Mike

      “Americans and Europeans. BIG difference. BIG BIG difference.”

      What big difference? The Americans who supported Trump thought they had elected a warrior.

      Look what he’s turned out to be. A “BIG BIG” zero.

      Nearly every campaign promise broken.

      At least Wilders is still Wilders. And, win or lose, Le Pen will still be Le Pen.

      • Trump has been fighting the swamp since getting into office so achieving what he wanted is going to take time. That said the wall is being sourced and illegal immigration is at record lows already.
        Wilders and Le Pen can say what they like because they’re next to being useless. They poll okay but those polls never translate into actual political power.
        Meanwhile the EU continues to bring in parasites from Africa and Asia. How much money and time have the Italians used up ferrying Africans into Italy off the coast of North Africa?
        The insanity is breathtaking in its scope.

      • The jury is still out on Trump, but so far, I’m moderately optimistic and I still feel that with my support, I have stood on the right side of history. A man who appoints people like Mattis (no one better qualified to run America’s power projection in this world) and Gorsuch (solidifies the Conservative Vote in de SC for decades) and Priebus (an excellent manager who turned the GOP’s finances around) cannot be bad.

        I don’t mind the strike at the Syrian airport that much. It served many purposes. It was a brilliant stroke in at least four or five respects.

    • I can only think of one scenario whereby she might win: that’s if she’s in a runoff against Mélenchon, that idiot who might actually get #2.

      If I were French, I would seriously consider voting Mélenchon in the first round, figuring that Le Pen is almost sure to come in #1 or #2 regardless, and that the important thing is to have the most horrific candidate possible that has a realistic chance of being the other runoff candidate…

  3. Obviously, the leftists planned to use the Muslims to subdue their own societies. They (the leftists) do not want to submit to God (יהוה), who made them; they want to be like יהוה and to rule over others who are made in the image of יהוה. Thus, they most certainly only look to the Muslim invaders who they have imported as a means to end for them.

    However, they are not יהוה, and surely things will not work out as they had planned, but (thousands of years ago) יהוה said that this situation would arise, and it appears that יהוה has utilized them in order to make His Word come to pass:

    …the messenger of Jehovah saith to her, “Behold thou [art] conceiving, and bearing a son, and hast called his name Ishmael, for Jehovah hath hearkened unto thine affliction; and he is a wild-ass man, his hand against every one, and every one’s hand against him — and before the face of all his brethren he dwelleth.” (Genesis 16:11-12, YLT, emphasis added)


  4. Video 1 at 1:17
    et qui matent nos femmes = and who leer at our women (not slaying our women)

    at 1:21, Mme Badinter = an extremely wealthy so-called liberal feminist married to Robert Badinter, a socialist lawyer and ex.Minister of Justice under François Mitterand , responsible for the abolition of the death penalty in France. Protected by their insane wealth from the mayhem they wreak upon their host society.

    The Hidalgo woman is not even French, but I guess that as a socialist she considers herself above such labels. She is another of those traitors busily sucking up to the moslems and anything and everything that is not French. Where do they get off destroying what’s left of civilisation? Do those females harbour sick fantasies of being sold into harems or is she IQ-negative???

    the old Arab in the video is more French than she’ll ever be. I am ashamed that he should have been manhandled in such a fashion.
    And also like to extend my thanks to the translator because it must be be heart-wrenching to be exposed to what is happening day-in, day-out in what was once La Belle France.

    • I’ve noticed this phenomena in many places: that it’s (a part of) the immigrants that understand what is actually going on, because they’re able to see that the reasons why they left their original country are happening again.

      I suppose that today is the day. My prediction is that the second round will be Le Pen against someone, and that unless the someone is Mélenchon, the someone will win against Le Pen.

      In other words, my take on it is that the strategic voter today will vote for… Mélenchon!

      • As an interesting side note, if the final round is Le Pen vs. Mélenchon, then the European Union will be the loser, because both candidates are anti-EU — one from the Right, the other from the far, far Left.

      • Indeed, a few years ago there was a whole website where scientists and psychoanalysts who left the Maghreb to escape to a (still) free country where they were not in danger of having their throat slashed first thing in the morning, as it happened to an “avocat” (lawyer) and many many others, where such people warned the French about the dangers of letting in hundred of thousands of rabid muslims from the same Maghreb region (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) . They were very frightened, as well they should have been but the Left would not let go of their pet ideas and utopias of “everyone is the same” and the wealthy corporate Right jumped for joy at the idea of a cheap manpower.
        Now we’re back in the realms of myth and legends where the evil at the head of a nation pay of levy in human flesh and untold riches to appease the monster. So, myriads upon myriads will be ruined or butchered so that the Left may carry on dreaming their false dreams of a world utopia whilst enjoying their state-paid cushy jobs.
        But those few who escaped the moslem or communist hell-holes are very scared because we are running of places in which to hide.
        The French by the way are very afraid of Marine Le Pen’s economic programme and they want to hold on to every last scrap of the good life that some still enjoy.

        • France never should have opened its gates to Maghrebis in the first place.

          I spent four years in Algeria, and I have never seen such arrogance from a people who have achieved nothing and a culture that has almost nothing to offer in terms of music, food, art, architecture, etc.

          Of course, they hate the French to no end. Gee guys, all those magnificent buildings in downtown Algiers, the one that give the city the nickname ‘Algiers the White’, I guess those just fell from the sky, no?

          Given Algerian maintenance standards, a more apt nickname would be ‘Algiers the Beige’ or ‘Algiers the Dusty’…

  5. Hi everyone am here in France n i have read everyone wrote france says liberty equality fraternity but that is never true from my experience.By the way am married to France n am a Ghanaian n we are now in France since we came here i been seaching for job n i have never found one because i don’t speak franch n also to me France’s are not friendly so am not supplies if la pen is races they cover their fillings to outsiders

  6. To say that those with S files ( les fiché S) are Muslim extremists is erroneous. There are Muslim extremists and potential terrorists but not exclusively. Also gangland bosses and other serious criminals Muslim and non Muslim are fiché S.

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