Stephen Coughlin on the CVE: The Triumph of the Narrative Over Reality

Below is the second part of Major Stephen Coughlin’s analysis of “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE).

The greatest achievement in the history of the Muslim Brotherhood has been its successful subversion of the American intelligence community over the past fifteen years or so. Carefully placed agents of the Ikhwan have managed to persuade the Pentagon, the CIA, and the FBI that examining Islamic doctrine and law is not only a form of ethnic and religious discrimination, but also helps to validate the ideology of the “radicals” who commit violent terror attacks in the name of Islam. By some unspecified magical process, any study of Islamic law by the DIA or the FBI would cause the “extremists” to believe even more fervently in their misinterpretation of Islam, and help draw other misguided adherents to their violent cause. Therefore intelligence and law enforcement professionals must never, ever examine the ideology of Islam or consider it as a possible motive behind any terrorist attack.

Instead an entire new bureaucratic structure has been built around the concept of “Countering Violent Extremism” — which has no inherent meaning, and is just as real as phlogiston. Normally an “extreme” ideology is an extreme version of something — the word should, after all, be an implied comparative modifier of some unmentioned substantive.

But not Violent Extremism. It is kind of just hanging out there in the aether, somehow causing people named Mohammed and Hassan to blow things up and behead people while shouting “Allahu akhbar!”

The only time the CVE will ever be applied by federal, state, or local law enforcement will be in operations against men who carry firearms and drive vehicles sporting Gadsden Flag bumper stickers. Then it will come in very handy — just wait and see.

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8 thoughts on “Stephen Coughlin on the CVE: The Triumph of the Narrative Over Reality

  1. So, US security personnel are told that they must ‘not validate the narrative’ of jihadism. This shows that there is a meta-narrative at work – the Nothing to Do With Islam meta-narrative that subverts any attempt to make connections between violence by muslims and Islam.

    This meta-narrative has in itself the force of an extremist ideology or religion. It holds to a fixed idea about the ‘religion of peace’ unshaken by evidence; it refuses to join the dots, yield to facts or factor in crucial information. As the interviewer says, it is the death of Enlightenment epistemology.

    Presumably behind this is thinking that considers itself sophisticated – the idea that acknowledging the link between muslim violence and classic jihadism only publicises and encourages it. But if it were just this, proper intelligence gathering could still continue quietly, as it has always done. That the work of security agencies has been hobbled shows the NTDWI meta-narrative based on belief and vain hope driving what on first sight might appear to be prudence.

    It’s never prudent to deny reality. But the highly educated and sophisticated people in the Obama administration who are doing this don’t believe in reality. Like all post-modernists, they believe that there are no bare facts but simply competing narratives. Their answer to inconvenient truth is a war on words and thought, because everything is ‘just’ narrative.

    • It’s important to remember that the process that became the CVE narrative was well under way under the Bush administration, before Obama took office. “Islam” and “jihad” had already been purged from much of the training materials for the FBI etc.

      The process accelerated and became much worse under Obama. But it was not a departure from the policies of the previous administration.

    • Excellent. You have expressed the problem perfectly.

      “Like all post-modernists, they believe that there are no bare facts but simply competing narratives.”

      Now if only someone could convince these opportunistic philosophers that their de facto religious belief is not just “wrong” according to some imaginary logical argument, but actually connects to reality and is causing more real-world harm than good.

    • The blindness is so universal, and so consistent across administrations and countries, that it’s very difficult to believe there isn’t a significant network of money to our leaders involved.

      The connection of the Bushes to big money, and specifically to Saudi Arabian money, is well known. Nobody has ever explained the fact that the Bush administration allowed important members of Saudi families to leave the US right after 9/11 after cursory questioning by the FBI. George W Bush was totally uninterested in ideology or ideas, but he did understand financial support.

      The Clintons barely cover up the fact they are totally for sale, much of their money coming from large fees Bill Clinton receives from the Gulf countries to give rambling speeches.

      So, the question is, has the US brainwashed itself, with a little push from the organized Muslim Brotherhood, or have bribes been strategically placed to move the narrative, which is then carried out by top-level administration figures, who set the tone with their control of jobs and promotions?

      The US should institute laws forbidding the use of foreign money in religious, media, educational, and especially political institutions. If the US can’t support its own churches and schools, we’re already in bad shape. I don’t think it would hurt the state of knowledge in the least if Mexican, or Arab investors were not able to buy the news conglomerates. It might hurt some business profits.

      I’m thinking that a past elected official of the US should not be able to accept payments from foreign entities. I don’t think we’d be any worse off with leaders who do not look forward to getting filthy rich from their friends, whose interests they protected while in office.

  2. Gotta see to believe:
    A simple screen shot of the narrative should be enough to shock folks into viewing Coughlin’s essential videos:

    Battle Command Training BCTC-135 ESC-193 MP BN-20 EN BN
    Leader Development and Education for Sustained Peace
    LDESP 1-3 December 2009 @ Fort Hood, TX (same year as Fort Hood attack)
    1530-1645, Module 6 – The Theology of Islam
    Dr. Louay Safi, Islamic Society of North America

  3. I’ve been saying for years that part of the jihad of Muslims and liberals is presenting surrealism, bizarre-ness and or absurdity as reality, forcing it on us and making us crazy trying to figure out their crazy. You can bet that it gives them no cognitive dissonance, however.

  4. Trump may be a bit bombastic, but should be less prone to selling out the nation. If I’m wrong then God help this country.

    Open borders have got to stop & NOW. Our country & our people deserve better, much better.

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