Arrested for Wearing a Pig Hat

I’ve been following political developments in Europe closely for the past ten years, and I’m sensing a qualitative difference just in the past few months. People are being prosecuted and convicted for “hate speech” in Denmark, which used to be immune to such nonsense. People are being arrested for criticizing immigration on Facebook.

And in the PowNed news video below, you’ll see a man being arrested at a PEGIDA protest in The Netherlands for wearing a silly pig hat.

The translator includes this summary of what happened:

There is a protest with hardly a Mohammedan in sight. One of the protesters wears a funny hat, in the shape of a pig. This hat does not cover his face in any way. Much less than a headscarf (or worse) does. Therefore the police have no legal reason to ask him to remove this hat. Nevertheless they do. Their reason? In order not to offend Mohammedans.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   It’s Saturday, therefore everywhere demonstrations against AZCs [refugee centres] in The Netherlands.
00:09   And today we choose Ede [to film].
00:14   [music]
00:22   To stand for norms and values doesn’t make one a racist. That seems clear enough.
00:25   That’s very clear language! That’s it. We’re tarred as a bunch of weirdos. Which is nonsense.
00:30   We’re just concerned citizens, who stand for our country.
00:35   I don’t want to call for violence, but it appears to have worked.
00:38   You really think so? Yes, regretfully it’s necessary.
00:43   We achieve something, don’t we? Geldermalsen is canceled, Heesen is canceled. Slowly we’re getting somewhere. High time!
00:49   [interruption] Go stand in front of another flag, not ours! I’m fed up with you!
00:52   I’m just interviewing this chap here.
00:55   I’m standing on public property.
00:59   I’m having a reasonable conversation with this man. I’m trying it again.
01:04   [arguing]
01:12   I’m only watching for the fun of it. I saw mounted police over there.
01:16   I thought, ‘What’s going on?’ You never see them [the mounted police].
01:21   You really aren’t allowed that little piglet on your head?
01:24   Obviously not. Did they give a reason why not? Because of the context — it could be perceived as insulting.
01:30   Edwin, what’s going on? Because of a pig-hat you get arrested.
01:33   Are you being arrested? That lady was ordered to take it down, and I refused.
01:39   It’s outrageous! You can buy them anywhere.
01:42   A bit of carnival? Yeah.
01:46   Sweetie [to the cop], I’m just asking him a simple question. Come on guys, this is public property.
01:49   You arrest someone for wearing a pig-hat.
01:52   That’s news and I can film/video that.
02:03   I’m getting something to eat and to drink. I assume because of a pig-hat one gets arrested in The Netherlands.
02:10   I’m flabbergasted. Whether or not it was provocation, it is and remains a pig-hat.
02:15   I don’t see any provocation.
02:18   He’s being transported, in the police van. I’m officially not allowed to comment.
02:23   But I find this way too much.

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  1. Once again, it’s the police!
    Don’t know about others here, but the way I see it police have no need to act the way they do, yes I realize they have to obey orders if they want to keep their jobs, but they don’t have to do it with such enthusiasm.
    Personally, and regretfully, I have come to equate police over most of western Europe as traitors–along with their bosses, and I’d pay good money to see accountability and retribution.

    • Excellent point Peter.

      Mainly our Police Officers are outstanding individuals. Can any of them explain the necessity to encourage our societies to descend to levels of freedom like a totalitarian dictatorship?

      Do our intelligence services condone this direction?

    • Denmark has been conquered under Shiria law, people are told what they can or can’t wear just like in Muslim countries. Denmark is full of losers who kow tow to police and Islamic rules. Cowards for sure. They will out law pork eating next or selling it in grocery stores. Danes will kow tow to eating camel meat then.

    • Michael, I think we’re mainly singing from the same hymn sheet, but this is [an allegation that I find less than credible].

    • The police will do circus tricks to anyone who pays them and ensures they retire with a nice fat pension. Hence being Beyonce’s security detail even though she and her husband hate the police with a passion.

      Another label for them is “useful idiots”.

      Here’s the thing people don’t get, where on god’s green earth did people get the idea that agents of the state(which police are) are there to look after and protect them? They aren’t, they do the state’s bidding. If it means rounding up the native women and giving them to Muslims they’ll do it.

      This applies to LEO’s in the U.S. as well.

      • For sure, they are just robots doing their masters bidding. Nowadays that is. I know someone who used to be in police training. Ten years ago or maybe more, she told me she left the police because “young people today are not motivated and few have any values at all”
        Training was an impossible nightmare and when the standards were lowered dramatically or nobody would ever make it, she left.
        She was very worried for society, and she has been proved right.

    • This is the kind of conclusion one is compelled to draw, when one operates in the “Explanatory Vacuum” — the vacuum in this case being an absence of data indicating some phenomenon going on other than willfully seditious self-destruction (e.g., millions of relatively decent and modestly intelligent ordinary people who persist in a variety of ways to whitewash Muslims, out of a sincere disinclination to be “bigoted” and “racist”, and not out of any nefarious designs to destroy their own West).

      And the absence of data being not an actual absence, but the result of a failure to notice the data that is there and properly interpret it.

      But the Counter-Jihad, like Nature, abhors a vacuum, and if it’s not filled with the above-mentioned data, it will be filled by some more outlandish, and perhaps more emotionally satisfying explanation.

      The Counter-Jihad Abhors a Vacuum

  2. This is beyond ridiculous. Wearing a child’s pink piggy hat gets you arrested because it’s allegedly provocative?

    Wouldn’t the intelligent response to muslims’ abhorrence of pigs be to tell them in no uncertain terns that pigs are big in European culture. That Europeans love pork. That pigs feature in children’s fairly tales, nursery rhymes and songs.

    They can damn well deal with it or leave.

      • Certainly the cops under the current various regimes across Western Europe are part of the nude state.

    • What I find interesting in these actions is the need to preempt any reason for offense. I mean that the Dutch have already submitted to their Muslim masters because they are trying to anticipate actions that might anger Muslims.

  3. “I have a little list, they never will be missed”

    Mark Rutte is on it.

    We shall make the punishment fit the crime; I think boiling oil occurs in it.

  4. Who is holding a gun a Europe’s head that you can’t even wear a silly hat anymore? Hopefully, the more this stupidity happens the more people will wake up.

  5. [The paste left here by the commenter was too long and not on-topic for this post. However, it was good material, so I moved it to the news feed.]

  6. Yes, my thoughts exactly… “something” is changing in European law enforcement. Not necessarily towards “culturally” enriched crimes (burglary, muggings, rape etc) – these are just as unpunishable as before… but if one is an infidel who likes to express his un-PC opinions, he faces much more of a clampdown…

    But given this is Holland, where last month a “solidarity march” was staged with the victims of the Cologne Groping Jihad, consisting of men wearing womens’ skirts, perhaps there can also this time be a similar solidarity march, but with everyone wearing a pig hat? They can’t arrest all the thousand of those attending, surely?!

    • The problem with mass simultaneous resistance is that it has to be organized in advance. This means advanced planning by a fairly large group of leaders. Such groups are inevitably and immediately infiltrated by agents of the state, who sow dissent and fractiousness, cause delays and inefficiency in the planning process, and — this is the most effective tool — provoke the group into actions that guarantee arrests and a crackdown by the state.

      An example of that last technique of provocateur action can be found in the recent standoff in Oregon. A well-placed federal agent (or several) managed to persuade good, patriotic people to do something stupid and pointless that would never gain them any widespread support. Instead of the intended outcome, one person was summarily executed by the federal political police, and all the leaders were arrested. What a waste!

      • Perhaps then a change of tactics is needed… less reliance on large groups like the EDL, and more on small local outfits – maybe even groups of 5, 10 or 20 patriots who spontaneously decide to gather somewhere with placards, leaflets or pig hats?

        The fact it’s not announced would also surely mean more difficulty in the usual suspects mounting a “counter-protest”.

        • And it may take more courageous individuals like this guy, who just say, “Damn the police!” and put on the hat anyway.

          Small, individual acts of defiance that might add up. At this point, it’s probably the best we can hope for.

      • I’m concerned that you suggested that US federal agents infiltrated a US city and encouraged irrational behavior in the populace. I spent a lifetime in federal law enforcement and cannot recall one instance of such a thing occurring, nor can I imagine this even being considered. The antics of those militia members in Oregon endangered the public and the law enforcement officers that protect us. Imagine the precedence these irresponsible militia members set – what could stop an equally equipped militia of Mohammedans from pursuing such a stupid strategy in your town or mine!

        • One of the people who insinuated himself into the leadership of the group that included Bundy family members was almost certainly a federal agent. There may have been others. I don’t want to be any more specific about it than that for fear of running afoul of libel laws.

          Even without any specific knowledge of what happened within the leadership, the operation at Malheur was an obvious instance of infiltration/provocation. The provocateur played on the leaders’ sense of injustice, as well as their own egotistical ambitions, and induced them to engage in a foolish maneuver that was doomed to failure and could never attract widespread popular support. It enabled the government to roll up that particular group of patriots and put them out of action. And their actions were such that they could be convincingly portrayed as dangerous lunatics, making it easier for the government to pre-emptively crack down on other patriot groups.

          I’ll bet the FBI are congratulating themselves right now on a job well done.

          The patriots involved got played for fools. A man was executed, and the cause damaged, for no useful purpose. An outsider could easily have told them, “Whoa! Wait a sec — it’s obvious you’re being manipulated. Don’t jump into this one!” But I doubt they would listen to an outsider.

          • The agitators brought it upon themselves by their declaration of “militia” and open carry of firearms which were hitched onto a pair of completed civil proceedings. This opened up the path for law enforcement to get a US Attorney to approve investigations under USC 18 1962 RICO – which is often abused. The “Patriots” who were gullible enough to fall into this trap have effectively neutered the future for their militia organizations. Militia is meant for civil disturbances when local police lack responsiveness during loss of life and property events, and in the unlikely event of an invasion or tyrannical government take over.

          • Yes, that’s exactly what they did. It was all so pointless, and could have been avoided.

            And it was all instigated by someone who was working for the federal government, egging on the patriots, who (I assume) were naive enough to swallow the line that was being fed to them.

        • I haven’t been keeping up with this situation so I don’t really have a specific opinion, but I have to wonder….

          You’ve never heard of an undercover agent infiltrating a “problematic” organization? That seems difficult to believe.

          • Yes, and in this particular case it was quite obvious who one of the infiltrators was. His background and role in the events made it quite evident. I assume he wasn’t the only one.

            There are many people in the patriot movement who are smart enough and experienced enough to know that infiltration will occur, and are alert for the signs that point to an infiltrator. Presumably they are men able to do the counterintel, so as to neutralize the threat, and even make use of it.

            But among the group that gathered at Malheur, there didn’t seem to be anyone who had the relevant training and experience to deal with that sort of thing.

      • Baron: laura from Alabama: I agree totally, which is why I don’t join any groups incl tea party meetings or gatherings now days. Oath Keepers too has been infiltrated and other groups I won’t name here. So here is a short article on what to do anywhere in any country. Here it is: Leaderlessresistance by Louis Beam- just type it in google. Keep groups small and not connected to other groups. Make sure you choose your group with like minded friends.

    • This is actually Edwin “Utrecht,” the leader of PEGIDA in the Netherlands. His arrest is no accident.

      Now we have Tommy Robinson, in the UK, Lutz Bachmann, in east Germany, Tatjana Fersterling, in west Germany, and General Piquemal (who, though not affiliated with PEGIDA, is being charged with leading the Calais PEGIDA demo) all facing trials in early spring, presumably now including Edwin.

      It is hard not to conclude that there is some coordinated effort to get these coordinators off the scene, before the next Muslim migrant wave hits with full force this summer — in Hungary, they have already worked out the barbed wire fences may be cut, and are streaming in, in growing number — so that democratic opposition to the inevitable, is duly curtailed.

      With respect to the police, I covered this point in a lecture last year:

      There is a specific and observable psychology. Police, forced by political correctness to ignore and overlook Muslim migrant crime, overcompensate with brutality towards natives over slight infractions.

      This tendency continues to be prevalent in northern English towns, with respect to the Muslim rape gang issue. Much the same happened in the old Communist states.

  7. The instigators of this rabid political correctness are afraid — very, very afraid. And that is good.

  8. Europa is sinking ever faster and deeper into utter despotism. Where is the revolution? If England (Britain) leaves the EU, will that start a stampede? Here’s hoping!

    For most of my lifetime, our freedoms have been steadily chipped away, often under the guise of “equality” or “equal opportunity” or whatever else they can think of, like somehow making up for past “sins” and this is really stupid.

    Right now it seems to be a major sin to “offend” anyone. But it depends on whom you are offending. I am offended daily but nobody cares about that — this poor guy wearing a pig hat is a good example of how the “offended” game works.

    PC is going to kill us all.

  9. Merkel intends to suppress all protest. This is a revolution by the un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels to wipe out all national sentiment and weaken the member nations.

    In Australia years ago, the government introduced a virus, myxomatosis, to kill the rabbit population. The Islamic invasion is Merekel’s choice of the virus which will kill the nations of Europe and herd them into her EU ANIMAL FARM.

  10. Political Correctness (cultural Marxism) at the orders of the feckless and spineless political class is destroying Western culture and ‘free speech’.

  11. So what’s next will papers like Juilland-Posten, no longer even be able to publish the cartoons their famous for? Maybe this is just a cop who is just trying to stop future disorder.

    These kinds of things present a good opertunity for people to take their case before a judge (I don’t know if most EU countries have jury trials). And if found guilty appeal to a higher vourt. But then I don’t know if most EU counties constitutions protect free speech as in the US.

    Let’s hope they do!

    • From working with European dissidents who have been prosecuted for “hate speech”, I’ve learned that the appeal process tends to be VERY expensive. Legal pushback cannot be undertaken without substantial financial resources. This means that either (1) the victim has those substantial financial resources himself, or (2) there is a well-organized group of committed volunteers who can donate to fund the appeal.

      Option #1 is unlikely, because few well-off people risk their resources by doing things that get them arrested. And #2 is difficult, because Europeans don’t have the mindset that lends itself to organized philanthropic endeavors — too many decades of Socialism, in which the State became the primary dispenser of philanthropy. If the State won’t fund a legal appeal, the unfortunate defendant is in most circumstances out of luck.

      • Exactly, and that seems to leave Eurabia up a certain creek without one of those paddle things; afraid to do anything–status quo.

        And unless a miracle happens, it’s game, set and match!
        IOW, mighty Europe overtaken by a rag-tag crowd of inbred third world rabble!
        Well, I don’t see anyone making a serious stand anywhere….

  12. Stories like this, wherein Europeans are carrying out the Ummah’s plan on their own initiative, really kill my hope for the future of Western civilization.

  13. The truth is Mohamedans are offended by the presence of any Christian or even nature itself. These are very sick people we are giving our power away to. They would make it compulsory for all Christians especially to wear these piggy hats – if they could. With cops and thinking like this I don’t see how we can survive very long.

  14. Pathetic – Muslims can openly call for the government to be overthrown, trample the national flag, call for the death of the infidels and display the ISIS flag and where are the “brave” Dutch Constabulary then?

  15. All this doom and gloom… Surely we should be rejoicing at such absurdity.

    The foundation stone of the establishment’s house of cards is the equality idea and this arrest is a beautiful illustration of that idea taken to its logical and idiotic conclusion. Our leaders(sic) are becoming a laughing stock. Their neurosis is showing. Clearly they’re paranoid about their system, and that tells us how much faith they’ve got in it. And to make things even better, they don’t appear to have the slightest idea how little credibility thay have.

    And without credibility, no matter what power they think they have, they’ll not get far.

  16. Really what’s happening here is that an agent of the government is confirming what everyone already knows even if they won’t admit it: way too many Muslims are extremely prone to violence and will get violent at even the slightest insult.

    The islamophobia (fear of provoking Muslims to violence by offending them) of the authorities has reached a rather extreme level when they are frightened to death of pig hats. We’re not even talking about Mohammad cartoons anymore, we’re now talking about a ban on pig hats.

    While most people continue with the infantile narcissistic action-response deterministic behavioral model that results in false beliefs like “Muslims won’t do anything criminal unless someone provokes them”, the mentally internal and independently generated Muslim crime and violence continues.

    • Bullying works because ordinary, non-violent people live in fear of ‘provoking’ the bully. So they cringe, fawn and avoid confrontation, sometimes paying for ‘protection’. We know from gang behaviour that this only makes things worse.

      European governments are acting like classic victims of bullying, trying to stave off moslem violence by cracking down on anything that might, just might, be offensive to the bully. They’re trying to buy peace and quiet with our freedoms. It’s the path of least resistance.

  17. In England a few years back, in a case that still makes my blood simmer, a man was thrown off a bus for reading to his child a story featuring piglets. He made oinking noises, and this upset one of the other passengers. The driver sided with the Muslim and threw him off. Yorkshire. Got into the press but doubtless many similar incidents do not. Both Britain and the Netherlands have major banks that have got rid of promotional piggy banks for children because of you know what.

  18. I eschew pork as a personal choice to follow the Levitical dietary guidelines. I don’t eat shrimp for the same reason, they are bottom feeders as is catfish. However, that is my personal choice and I don’t make a religion out of it.
    What we are seeing here is psychological ‘projection’ by both the authorities of the State and the Muslims because both live in fear of those in authority above them and neither have any guarantees beyond this life. Both are to be pitied and prayed for.
    As for the rest, why not dress up in a Miss Piggy costume for Halloween? Oh yes, and be certain to bring Kermit along as an escort. Miss Piggy will need one. 🙂

  19. Hollande & co also intend to suppress all protest, to wipe out all national sentiment.

    Helas in France, anti- illegal migrant protests get squashed, where the state ‘ I see no problems’ antifa run amok (again) in western France. The extreme left never get banned from marching through streets.
    Here a couple of ex-paras got arrested for defying no demos suspected to be linked to PEGIDA France, no walks in Calais. You can see one who has just laid flowers down at the local war memorial. Just a French flag and some flowers will get you arrested in France, it seems. 150 cops against a handful of peaceful marchers.

    spot the difference:

    • And, sinse you are among friends, you could tell us honestly who are those real masters in your opinion? You may get to any conspiracy theory. I have seen quite a few. Some are as old as Christianity itself (or older), and some are new, so please surprise me.

  20. acuara, yay! A somewhat cheerful memory brought back. Miss Piggy — I loved her back in the day and my kids watched that program so they were also well-acquainted with Kermit the frog.

    Good times.

    • tell you what, why don’t we hire a clothing producer to make the costumes. we can then smuggle them into Europe and sell them at cost to those who don’t like being told what to eat. they can even march and call themselves PIG-EDA! while waving German flags! 🙂
      OK, I will calm down, but the sight of it in my mind’s eye has me ROFL, big-time.

  21. The next time the anti-Muslim invasion protesters meet for a public protest, they should all wear pig hats. Hey, they could set up a booth to raise money and awareness for their cause by making and selling bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. Yeah! Will the police arrest them all? Will they arrest them for sandwiches?

    • Particularly cooking up that bacon, and making the sandwich, perhaps with a pork sausage, then eating the sandwich during Ramadan. 6th June to 5th July 2016.

      Would you like a slice of ham or bacon with those fried onions sir ?

      Should be great for a barbecue sizzle !

      A great way often raising money for some school, club or charity. I do know that sometimes permits are needed for these, but that is mainly to comply with health and hygiene regulations, with hygiene gloves, for handling food, and cooling (chilly bins).
      So easy compliance, to get that bacon sizzling for the summer takeaway snack.

      A promotion of the products with suitable hats, badges, stickers could all be done with very little pre-planning, and the reason being a promotional for an industry, even if it is not so official. 🙂

      • Yea, and get the cured ham and pork from a Georgia State pork processor and label the products “Macon Bacon”
        Now I AM in trouble. And you wonder why I don’t eat it. It is way too tempting, e.g. Tony Roma’s Ribs.

  22. Strange! Don,t Muslims consider non- Muslims as pigs, so a non-muslim wearing a pig hat should not bother a Muslim!

    • Exactly my point. Maybe the fuzz wuz taking it personally. You know there are those infidels who continue to refer to members of law enforcement as such. It looks like the force may have found common cause with the fifth column.

  23. There is a day coming when even the most compliant infidel can’t do enough to placate muslims. When that day comes they may as well die. Or fight back. Europeans are inviting a civil war and they don’t even realize it.

    • Look at the mess after WW1 that eventually led to the civil war in Spain and WW2. The prospect of a bit of that again is truly frightening.

  24. Cops are never on duty ALL the time.
    The ‘uniform’ doesn’t protect them 24/7/365.
    ‘They’ have to go home sometime.
    ALL the way home.
    There are apartments.
    They have houses.
    They have families; friends, even.
    Those not ‘protected’ by the ‘uniform’.
    Families use the same streets/busses/towns we (normal folks)do.
    They shop for food.
    Food is not always healthy to eat.
    They have automobiles.
    Automobiles have tires.
    Tires are known to go flat.
    Brakes fail, etc.
    Houses have windows.
    Glass breaks-easily, etc. Costs $$$$$ to fix.
    Each and every time.
    Like ‘refugee’ housing, houses can catch fire.
    Our enemy is actually a soft target. In many ways a much softer target than the regular population which outnumbers them by orders of magnitude.

    The problem RIGHT NOW is that we do not recognize the problem/target.
    (Forget the Muslims for a while. Their problem will be easily fixed one the “authorities” are SCARED STRAIGHT. Dunno how much “scaring” it will take, But I expect it will be a lot less than one might think.)

    Evidently most people have not indentified the enemy who must be DEFEATED FIRST.
    Get him (them) on the people’s side.
    Then it’s time for the main event.

    “That’s called ‘dirty pool’ ”
    “What’s your point?”

    • Why was this post was not censored? Why would this be an acceptable strategy in a civilized society?

      • Because he was very careful in the way he said it. Mind you, he was dancing right on the edge.

      • In my view, such views should not be censored by the Counter-Jihad (even if they are couched more explicitly & frankly); they should merely be opposed with counter-arguments. The problem is more that certain veins in the Counter-Jihad seem to exist that more or less share the same gnostic alienation of that commenter above, leading them to become “Real Problemers” (i.e., that there lurks a “real problem” behind, and more important than, the problem of Islam) — and some of these Real Problemers don’t even seem to realize their consanguinity with said commenter’s Weltanschauungschmerz.

    • Trying to intimidate individual police doesn’t seem like a good move. If I were an officer trapped between a radical left wing government and radical right wing partisans, I’d probably just resign, paving the way for my Mohammedan replacement.

      I don’t know if this would help anyone much as I would probably be easier to deal with than my replacement.

  25. What’s next in Holland? Shaun the Sheep episodes sanitised of the three pig characters because they’re offensive to Mohammedans! Bag searches outside supermarkets for pork products!

  26. Wonder what will happen to Andre Rieu Orchestra . Are they not allowed to perform in European countries any more ??

  27. Why did you not see this coming 30 years ago.The writing was on the wall for all to read to comfy I take it it must be stopped now

    • Bat Ye’or’s Eurabia showed the sell out. Consequences of 40 years of going down the wrong track: no go zones, 2-court law system, death of speech, the plethera of the children being named mohammed, raping, arson and riots, death of cities, and the police following official policy enabling a quickening of their own culture’s destruction.

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