Stephen Coughlin on the CVE: “A Narrative Overriding the Facts”

This is the first part of a series of videos that Vlad Tepes and Maj. Stephen Coughlin have put together explaining the CVE meme — “Countering Violent Extremism”, which is what has replaced JIM in the strategies and materials generated by the national security folks here in the USA. Thanks to the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in our political and military institutions, no one is allowed to discuss Islam or jihad; instead we must focus on “Violent Extremism”, in order to avoid driving “moderate” Muslims into the arms of the “radicals”.

Running concurrently with the CVE is UN Resolution 16/18 and its associated initiatives, which are the work of the OIC (and the Muslim Brotherhood) at the international level. As Maj. Coughlin points out in this clip, these two strands — CVE for domestic consumption, and 16/18 internationally — are now beginning to intertwine, as the ten-year effort by the OIC finally bears fruit:

A few recent examples of actions that implement Resolution 16/18 in the West:

Major Coughlin’s new paper on the CVE, ‘Burning Down the House’, can be downloaded for free here or from his website here.

16 thoughts on “Stephen Coughlin on the CVE: “A Narrative Overriding the Facts”

  1. Blasphemy laws & “defamation” of Islam.

    Most of us share the sentiment: “I don’t want to die–particularly a violent, painful, gruesome death.”

    If I am in a public, high-profile, vulnerable position, then I just might sacrifice free speech as it is expressed “illegally” toward–according to Islamic Sharia–toward Islam. Particularly, if I have a family. Most of us have some family, if not children. Those of us who aren’t in those public positions just might not appreciate what it takes to confront Islam from public perches.

    Having stated that, those who are not willing to sacrifice their lives and the lives of their families by taking public positions against Sharia Law, should not be elected to hold such positions.

    I do not hold such a position. What would I do if I were asked to take such a job? I don’t know.

  2. These things are part of a good propaganda machine. For instanse:

    1) Control the word and you control the ideas. Lawyers do this in court a lot.
    2) Disinformation. Get the person to look over there not here. (UFOs are from space. Not secret military craft). They eveybody is talking ‘spacecraft’, both pro and con.
    3) Get official backing for your views. Use statistics and ‘experts’. People in the know.

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but not ALL of the people ALL of the time”. –Abraham Lincoln.

  3. Coughlin is a very complete and detailed scholar. The civilization jihad waged by Islam on Western societies has so many points of attack that it seems that it takes a specialist to understand all the facets.

    I’m in my third reading of “Catastrophic Failure”, so of course I’m familiar with the details and strategies that Coughlin brings out.

    I wonder if the biggest threat is not the terrorism, but the subversion of our institutions. The Muslim Brotherhood is not opposed to violence, and are more than happy to use it in a tactical sense when necessary, but actually the Islamic march through our institutions is so well advanced that the violence can be kept at a minimum, so far. The second danger of the Countering Violent Extremism initiative is that by focusing purely on violence, it covers up the relatively peaceful subversion of our cultural values and institutions.

    For instance, the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University is funded by a Saudi prince. The professors there, completely compromised intellectually, are able to assign grades, choose faculty, and exert make-or-break power over the careers of academics and students. With this type of power to subvert US educational institutions, who needs violence?

    I am grateful to the voices in the wilderness, such as Coughlin, Jihad Watch, and the Gates of Vienna. So far, the details of the Islamic penetration are available to anyone who is willing to simply put in the time to read about them. In my opinion, to maintain freedom and cultural identity, there has to be a long-term movement, not necessarily completely open about itself, to recapture the institutions of government, education, and culture, and refocus itself on the Western ideals of liberty and freedom. The Muslim Brotherhood has been subverting religious and political freedom for a century; we can’t reverse that by simply winning debates or printing exposes.

    • RonaldB

      Indeed. It bugs me that it seems to be impossible to get a listing of Muslims in gov., US as well as Europe.

      Same is with institutions, some are well known, such as CAIRE and the “Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding” at Georgetown University.

      But others? And there must be loads. Handing out such lists to people whom one knows, could prove to be vastly more effective then quoting Quran, hadith, etc.

      I ‘love’ that “Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding” – Jesus Christ! Goebbels would be delighted and full of admiration for such a propaganda stunt.

    • I wonder if the biggest threat is not the terrorism, but the subversion of our institutions.


      An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America

      by Mohamed Akram
      May 19, 1991

      The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.


  4. This whole mass refugee scenario is an incitement to hate through the social impact it has such as robbery , rape , gangsterism , terrorism , bankrupting the social welfare system etc and is appointed to de-stabilise the social structures of each and every society for the socialist agenda of the left . The more diluted a culture the less identity , the easier to manipulate .
    It is now becoming harder to contain the hate , and the police , who are now political pimps , are trying to keep the lid on by warning you to keep your mouth shut , otherwise there might be retribution from the invaders . They are mad if they think we will submit to them and the Right is now driven underground and hard to detect . I believe that this is merely the beginning of the hell that is to come . The police might be targeted too , that wouldnt surprise me.

  5. Michael Lawson said: “…the Right is now driven underground and hard to detect . I believe that this is merely the beginning of the hell that is to come . The police might be targeted too…”

    You are correct. Hell has already begun. In Germany practically one ‘asylum center’ is destroyed every day, either by fire or flooding. And fights will increase and intensify. The longer it takes, the more support for the right, and unfortunately the ultra right too, there will be. Whom can people trust?

    The police, they have to follow orders – up to a point. Their moral(e) is deteriorating, rapidly. The ultra right is, in a way, delighted. Everybody who doesn’t toe the PC line is automatically labelled a Nazi. Thus they have allies and growth which they couldn’t even dream about. Or are simply being associated, with people who actually loathe them. But those who loathe them hardly have a choice; then there’s the old ad-dictum (I hope that’s the proper term) stating: ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Watch out for some very strange bedfellows to materialize.

    Returning to the police and your guess that they may be targeted too. I hate that I have to confirm this. The (European) police got a first taste of this in 2009 in Berlin, when they were attacked with poison gas. 47 officers were injured, many of them just managed to, literally, crawl to the safety of their comrades. I am sure, the US police forces are also aware of this. The event was kept under wraps for a while, then broke into the open. The PC media, Der Spiegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ proclaimed it to be the work of ‘left wing demonstrators’ – why not the 7 dwarfs? Of course, hardly anybody fell for that, for once the lefties operate differently, for another, the cops would have raised hell and torn them to pieces. No restrictions there.

    Sorry for sounding so downbeat, but the public will soon have enough. People just don’t like it that their women folk, and small boys, get f.d by the filth. As far as Germany is concerned, the German army is training for years with heavy emphasis in time and resources (monies spent) for anti- and counter insurgency warfare. Even to the detriment of existing equipment, meaning tanks, aircraft and similar. That is to say allowing the deterioration of such gear. It’ll take time. I mentioned in another thread what the Muslims can expect in Germany, referring to the 30 years war. It’s here if you want to have a look:

    • Absolutely correct! The far right now has a political voice it could only dream about. If the left does not correct the horrible bias it has created, the skinheads will become a politically viable force in Germany.

  6. I see another bad situation brewing which may have already brewed.

    So we have Muslim “migrants” committing lots of rapes, and the only socially acceptable response is to demonize all men: all men are rapists and similar statements.

    A significant number of non Muslim men may simply internalize the negative stereotype and decide that if they’re going to get treated like criminals anyway they might as well commit the crime.

    This internalization of negative stereotypes is mostly a problem with youth who are in an identity forming state of emotional development, for example young black kids in bad neighborhoods express the notion that they’re going to be treated like criminals anyway so they might as well commit crimes. Committing crimes then reinforces the perception of young black people as criminals creating a vicious cycle.

    So, will the inappropriate response “all men are rapists” simply expand this criminal identity problem even further and result in more rape perpetrators among the non-Muslim population as well? I suspect so, especially given the trivialization of sex already prevalent.

    When it comes down to it though it’s just another link in the cultural subversion cascade. Get ready for 1984.

  7. Soooo… I started out thinking this would be an appropriate article to send to the headmaster of my daughter’s classical high school. Sadly, half- way through the article it turns into a Catholic bashing article. It is so unfortunate that anti-Catholism is one of the few allowed prejudices in this country and around the globe. Most people don’t know that history was altered to appease the Protestant view of history. Who stood against the Muslims in Lepanto ? Do average church people in this country know that their children have a greater chance of being molested in public schools or in their own holy churches than the small percent of children under the age of 16 that were violated by homosexual priests ? Yes, there is a problem with “homosexual” not pedophile priests that are a product of the stupid 60’s and 70’s. Thank God that time will heal the wounds of that unfortunate age that was going to be cured by the APA. The next generation of priests will be warriors. If the happy, clappey, praise and worship christians can see that the battle lines are drawn, and stand up as warriors I can forgive them for their endless insults. I have three daughters . I always thought I would have sons. I now see that I was given daughters to raise more warriors. My girls are so smart that they can’t fit into this world of complacency. Sorry for the negativity. I studied European history as a girl because it was so fascinating. I don’t think that Europeans really want to survive.

  8. I just looked at the Southern Poverty Law Center hate map.
    It is interesting who Liberals view as the greatest threat to America ….. Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller? Are you kidding me??? How about 80% of the mosques in America that support the Wahhabist view of the world? Not one mosque on the map, not one Hispanic group that focuses on the “Reconquista” of the southern US (amazingly there are some black groups that now qualify as hate groups to them). This is unbelievable, if they are that biased, this does not bode well for the survival of the US.

    • IT is happening in Europe, the USA and Canada, those who dare question,discuss, or offer counter opinions are branded ‘enemies of the state’. They are harassed, marginalized,fired. and shunned.

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