Alerta! The Abortion of Rome Reborn?

Our Colombian correspondent Diego sends this précis of the past decade of European history as seen from a Latin American perspective.

Alerta! The Abortion of Rome Reborn?
by Diego

When I was a child, you could say my family had a pathological fear of the EU.

Why? Well, I grew up in a fundamentalist “Evangelical” family. I don’t know if the term carries the same connotations in the USA/Europe as it does in Colombian environment. Because we had no nearby church for most of my early childhood, we spent Sunday mornings watching people like Jack Van Impe and John Haggee, and when they turned to Bible Prophecy, there was one common theme:

The European Union was the Roman Empire reborn, where the Antichrist would arise in the End Days.

It’s been a long time since then, almost a decade. At the time, seen from Colombia, such a perspective seemed quite likely. The EU was overtaking the US economy. In Colombia, up until 2011-13, the euro was more expensive than the US dollar (I think the euro was around 2500-3000 pesos, versus 1900-2500 for the USD — now it’s nearly 3400 pesos the USD).

Politically it seemed to the outer world as if the EU was a cohesive unit, and migration was not even in the table. Back then we in Colombia did not even speak much of Latin illegals crossing into the USA, much less about Muslims into Europe.

What made this perspective begin to shatter? I believe it was the 2008 crisis.

Colombia was a lucky country. We heard a lot about how this would be a second 1929, but Colombia soldiered on, with a superb Minster of Economy (Oscar Ivan Zuluaga) and with a government (the Uribe Administration) that was competent overall. The crisis was felt in external commerce, but our everyday lives were not much affected. However, we noticed from here how the situation in Europe went downhill.

A second moment was Anders Behring Breivik’s attack on Utøya. It was big news, and it was definitely something unexpected. But it did bring to our attention the issues in Europe, beyond the mere economic aspect.

I think it is in “Mother Earth”, a short story by Isaac Asimov that deals with the final fall of the Terran Empire, where a very interesting perspective on history is presented. at the beginning of the story. A historian says that he is only waiting for the end of the Empire to publish his work, aptly named “The Rise and Fall of the Terran Empire”. During the conversation, he divides the end in three points, one that is a tiny nub that begins the process, a second point, where a bit of hindsight and the ability to read tell you what is going on, and — the least important — when the fall is finally obvious.

I am not experienced enough to place the first point with assurance. But I’ll take a leap in the dark and say that it’s the end of the Algerian War in the 1960s, and the shift in Middle East politics that accompanied it. Up until the loss of Algeria, France was Israel’s staunch ally, supplying her with weapons. The USSR did the same with the Arabs, and the USA looked on from afar (and supplied weapons to the Shah). However, one could say that France’s dream had been to rule an Empire of Sand. With the loss of Algeria, which was considered an integral part of Metropolitan France, French policy shifted to the attainment of political control over North Africa, using amongst their tools, a degree of appeasement. This led to a “rapprochement” between France and North Africa, which, mixed with the 1957 Treaty of Rome, and eventual French political supremacy (along with German in the economic sphere) in the EU, set the stage for what we are living now.

The second point is when these problems begin to become observable to the outer world. I’m tempted to say that, while some people have been aware of it since the 1990s, the problems were brought to the public attention in full strength only after 2005, and more significantly with the loss of internal cohesion — or the appearance of it — in the 2008 crisis, mixed with the deplorable actions of a Norwegian madman. This “storm” allowed topics that had been well under control by the PC elites to be suddenly brought back into public discussion.

The third — and least important — point is that moment when the fall is obvious, and complete — the moment where it appears like a great neon sign in the heavens for all to see…

Just like in Asimov’s story, we have not yet reached that third point, but it is approaching fast, way too fast. In the story, that third point is the main story line, a “final” war that ends with Earth defeated and isolated, and sets the stage for the Robot Series. The action unfolds in the month following the discussion that opens the story.

In real life, that final moment could surely be the collapse of the EU. This collapse wouldn’t occur by itself, and would most likely be accompanied by a situation in which most national governments west of the Oder-Neisse line would collapse (and probably some behind it), along with endemic violence in the levels, at best, of 1980s Colombia with racial and religious elements added in.

All in all, this would mean the end for the second Roman Empire, Rome reborn. The World Hegemon we have identified with Bible prophecy seems to have been aborted.

We may hope that what rises from those ruins won’t be a great evil, but the more time passes, the most likely it is that from the ruins of the EU and her globalist project, a truly evil World hegemon might arise.

Perhaps this is not truly the aborting of the rebirth of Rome, but only postponing it for a decade or two.

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(P.S: Sorry for the pessimistic view, but something like this has to be said from time to time.)

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21 thoughts on “Alerta! The Abortion of Rome Reborn?

  1. I suspect a Europe of national states with strong reactionary nationalist Governments against Lefty NWO ideas and mass immigration. Perfectly understandable. A series of rightist- even Leftist dictators in the countries that spring up from the failed “EU”..

    Serves the Multiculturalist Left right….The next thing is then to ensure the culprits are arrested and tried for crimes against humanity.

    • I see the biggest problem to that scenario the possibility of US intervention, in same manner as in the Bosnian and Kosovo Wars in the 1990’s.

      There is no doubt that once real European nationalism begins to assert itself, there will be ethnic cleansing: the incompatible Muslims will be expelled from at least those territories in which they initiate fighting.

      This is exactly the rationale needed by the multiculturalist Democratic administration to intervene and topple the nationalist European militias. A Republican administration under George W Bush or McCain, and likely the contenders Kaisich, Rubio, Christie, Fiorina and Jeb Bush would do exactly the same thing. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudi-backed Wahhabi mafia has deeply penetrated the political and cultural institutions of the United States.

      • The govermnents would collapse regardless, a US intervention would not save them, but it might allow them to regain control.

        The question is, will the USA be economically and politically able to do so?

      • Interesting post, to give you an idea of what to expect, look at Germany:

        When the Germans were somewhat cheesed off with the power of the Vatican, the rebelled. Peaceful and docile as they were; well, they did enjoyed a good life. At that time Germany had a population of about 15 million people. After 30 years of war there were 6 million left. About 3 million were killed, partially by the black death and partially by the effects of the war. That is famine due to agricultural destruction, dead artisans, etc. That means 6 million war dead, about the same as in WW2, just a few hundred years prior to that, and with only a small fraction of the population of the 1930’s and 40’s. Incidentally, that’s what Germans refer to when they talk about the ‘real war’. 50% of the population dead! And they recovered and grew.

        When it gets critical, the Muslims will probably try to escape to Pluto or to Mercury, it’ll be much nicer there for them. And the Muslims are not as numerous as the Catholics were, nor will the Germans wait until they are. The Germans are now perceiving the Muslims as what they are, invading alien colonists. Which the Catholics were not. Oh, Catholics are still a small minority in Germany – they were an even smaller minority afterwards. Though, with Bavaria joining the fray their number increased, a bit.

        Further, in Germany there is practically already something that can be described as ‘low level civil war’. Migrant centres are burning daily, or are being drowned (opening all the tabs, closing all windows and doors, afterwards the building is wrecked and needs to be demolished.) The German government tries to keep everything under wraps, ’cause it hopes to ‘keep the lid on’. Wont work. The German army is for years training anti- and counter insurgency warfare. Much to the detriment of other operations.

        In Britain there’s a bit of counteraction, again, blacked out. France and further west, I am doubtful. Though, that may be because I am Anglo-German.

        What has been said for Germany can also be said for the Balkans, whilst Russia too has a massive Muslim problem.

        American interference / promotion of Islam? Let us look at the ‘resurrected Roman Empire’. The answer is that this is highly probable, but everybody is looking at the wrong half. The EU is just that, the EU – wishful thinking. It’s Byzantium, the eastern half which will, quite likely, result from all this.

        That leaves the question of the US. Intervene and topple, you said. I don’t think that’s likely. The Byzantine states, including Germany (and potentially even the Scandinavians), are well aware of the US’s servitude to Islam, or rather to the gulf states. Whilst Europe looked the other way during the Balkan wars, hoping the Muslims get thrashed, the US interfered, taking the lead over very reluctant Europeans. Strengthening the two Muslim nations in Europe, Bosnia Herzegovina and Albania, whilst also establishing a new one, Kosovo (That’s where king Lazar made his famous last stand against the Muslim hordes: “Today we give up everything for Christ, and Christ for nothing!”). A friend of mine watched and facilitated as a peacekeeper the destruction of countless churches and the ethnic cleansing of Christians, as also happened in Albania. Still makes him sick. Many Europeans are well aware that the first rape camps were established, and run for several months, by the Muslims, the Bosnians. The Serbs then retaliated massively – which brought in the Americans to protect and promote the Muslims.

        Likewise, the Europeans, east of France that is, are flabbergasted about Americas submissiveness to Islam/gulf states. Even though the US is the Muslims prime target, far more people killed than in Europe since 9/11, practically every week. Yet, there are hardly protest demonstrations, never mind an uprising against the invaders/colonists. Nor low level counter actions, except for “nation building”; hilarious. And that from a people who are armed and have easy access to weapons, it’s just stunning. Really stunning from European point of view. Byzantium will look far more to Russia than the US, they will definitely ally, if not merge. Even the AfD (Alternative fur Deutschland) is making friendly overtures to Russia, and Russia is responding in kind. I do have my doubts that the US would take on an alliance of Byzantium and Russia, I doubt that very much. I also doubt that the American public would want to enter a suicidal war for the Muslims. Neither would the politicians, the US couldn’t hope to win such a confrontation, not in it’s wildest dreams. Nuclear, that’s suicide for the Muslims, not an option either. Moreover, many Americans begin at last to realize that we are in the same boat, facing the same enemy. An attack on Byzantium (by whatever name)? Perhaps under Obama, yes, but by that time he wont be in power. With him the Muslims have played their strongest card.

        Sorry for the length, but given the complexity of the issues, even that reply is too short…

        • You are forgetting the major issue in the U.S. in the last decade: Electing a muslim (or muslim-sympathizer, either way it’s the same) as President of their nation. Although every president since George the First has kowtowed to the in-turn fat and ugly top cat ruling over the Saudis, it’s the current muslim-enabler in the White House the one who excels at attacking American traditional values and opening a bridgehead for muslims to invade the U.S. For example, under his watch (or actually, lack thereof) muslim population in the U.S. increased exponentially. There are no precise numbers, because everything pertaining to the muslim plague is kept in the dark. CAIR and the muslim brotherhood are over-represented in many branches of the Executive powers. National Security agencies and police departments throughout the nation are informed that anything muslim is out of bounds. Muslim savages are out of control at American schools, colleges and universities. Sharia law, which should be a non-issue, is discussed in every State’s legislature. Mosques and halal shops are popping up throughout the country without any control, and terrorist attempts perpetuated by muslims (who else?) are in the rise.

          • I have been scratching my head and wondering why our MSM in Britain has been painting a fabulous red herring picture of Russian military aggression against Europe. This has been an increasing theme recently.

            At first I thought it was just a distraction from the muslim demographic invasion.

            The penny dropped today when I read an article in the Daily Mail about the US relocating military hardware in Scandinavia – in response to Russian military probing. Russia is not threatening Europe militarily.

            So, this military hardware is not being relocated primarily in an anti-Russian strategy. I believe military hardware is being increased in Europe to deal with resistance to Europe’s Islamisation.

            Its not a question of whether I am paranoid, but whether I am paranoid enough…..?

          • NativeGladius says: “…So, this military hardware is not being relocated primarily in an anti-Russian strategy. I believe military hardware is being increased in Europe to deal with resistance to Europe’s Islamisation.

            Its not a question of whether I am paranoid, but whether I am paranoid enough…..?”

            Well, even the paranoid have enemies 🙂

            The Russian incursions? Yes, they want to test, their strength and our defences. BTW, we do the same…

    • “I suspect a Europe of national states with strong reactionary nationalist Governments against Lefty NWO ideas and mass immigration.”

      That’s essentially what I see after the fall of the EU. Which leads me to disagree with Diego’s assertion that “from the ruins of the EU and her globalist project, a truly evil World hegemon might arise.” I think that what will arise will undoubtedly be messy, just not necessarily evil. Because frankly, I don’t see the fall of the EU leading to the rise of another super-state, quite the contrary.

  2. Fascinating perspective. The fall of Western Europe is now demographically in place. All that is left is a choice of how the decline happens.

  3. From the essay: This led to a “rapprochement” between France and North Africa, which, mixed with the 1957 Treaty of Rome, and eventual French political supremacy (along with German in the economic sphere) in the EU, set the stage for what we are living now.

    Yes; And everything would be different–in France and elsewhere–had the Christmas day, 1994 hijacking of Air France Airbus A300 by Algerians succeeded in, “crash[ing] the plane into the Eiffel Tower in Paris.”

    • Having lived and worked among Algerians for over 3 years I can tell you it’s remarkable they were able to hijack that Air France flight in the first place.

  4. The current Pope would certainly seem to be fulfilling the Antichrist role! A combination of spiritual, economic and political authority based on ‘saving the planet’ while really building-up internationalist forces. Now, however, all are welcome to the party – you don’t have to be a Trinitarian Christian any more – in fact you’re probably more welcome the more heterodox you are. Allah – Jesus – Gaia – it’s all the same!

    • Which is why it’s ridiculous that the pope is saying Trump is not a Christian, I’m not sure the pope is. Certainly with all his inter-faith nonsense he doesn’t project Christianity, let alone Catholicism, as the path to god. He comes across, much like the bulk of established churches, as a wealth redistributor, with the aim seemingly to suck the life out of the middle class to promote a burgeoning third world population that will be the global serf class of the new global elite class.
      …and yes, that was horribly written, but churches today encourage their parishioners to aid moslems instead of supporting their own religion so there is a real disconnect now with the original Christian message of charity and the modern secular charity organisations these churches have become.

      • Daniel: you nailed it. And I’m even going to go out on a limb and guess that you aren’t even a practicing Catholic! Bravo.
        There are some among us true, serious Catholics [some might say orthodox] who suppose that we are now in some sort of “culling” phase: separating the wheat from the chaff, especially given the strong influence of the Heresy of Modernism.
        We’re really shaking our heads about Jorge. (Note that nomenclature denotes total lack of respect for the man.)

    • Well, it seems that identifying popes with the Antichrist is a big trend… Francis looks like the right hand though…

  5. I’m not a big believer in prophecies at least not in the fundamentalist sense. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t mean anything because they seem to suggest certain patterns that occur throughout history and repeat. So certain prophecies that will come true in the future seem to have already come true in the past, perhaps several times.

    For example, take the following:
    Jesus Christ died for the sake of everyone.
    Mohammad ordered everyone to die for his own sake (ostensibly for “Allah” or Islam)

    Even if you don’t believe anything, it’s prey obvious that Mohammad was the conceptual opposite of Christ.

    The “Roman Empire” may be less of a geographical reference and more of a reference to a large empire in which worship of anything outside of the state is not tolerated.

  6. Some, well-intentioned I’m sure, prophecy teachers have taught for a long time the idea that endtime happenings are centered in Europe and focus on the Vatican & the

    However, I find myself looking at other ideas that are more Middle East centered,
    focusing on Islam with its prophet, Mohammed & future Islamic leaders to come on
    the scene. More things are adding up with the insane hatred of Israel & the Jewish
    people by the Jihadists.

    I just try to make peace with the realization that whatever will be, will be & trust in
    the Lord who can handle it all.

  7. Algerians never had it so good before or since their days as a French colony. In many ways the French created a more functional society in terms of infrastructure, education, and trade than they have today. I guarantee the streets of French Algiers were far cleaner than what you find there today.

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