A Nightmare, Reborn

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Below is the third part of Max Denken’s analysis of the multiculti nightmare that is currently engulfing Europe. This installment focuses on the Gentile genocides perpetrated by Nazi Germany in Europe during the Second World War. Previously: Part 1, Part 2.

Execution of Poles in Kórnik, Poland, by SS-Einsatzgruppe, 20 October 1939 (German Federal Archive)

A Nightmare, Reborn
Part 3 of 4

by Max Denken

‘Migration’, German Style

On August 22, 1939, one week before Germany’s attack on Poland, Adolf Hitler gave a speech at his mountain home in Obersalzberg in which he said:

“Our strength consists in our speed and in our brutality. Genghis Khan led millions of women and children to slaughter — with premeditation and a happy heart. History sees in him solely the founder of a state. It’s a matter of indifference to me what a weak western European civilization will say about me. I have issued the command — and I’ll have anybody who utters but one word of criticism executed by a firing squad — that our war aim does not consist in reaching certain lines, but in the physical destruction of the enemy. Accordingly, I have placed my death-head formation in readiness — for the present only in the East — with orders to them to send to death mercilessly and without compassion, men, women, and children of Polish derivation and language. Only thus shall we gain the living space [lebensraum] which we need. Who, after all, speaks to-day of the annihilation of the Armenians?”[1]

In Mein Kampf, Hitler had clarified the lebensraum concept as follows:

“Nature knows no political frontiers. She begins by establishing life on this globe and then watches the free play of forces. Those who show the greatest courage and industry are the children nearest to her heart and they will be granted the sovereign right of existence.” After complaining about the passive and pacifist nature of the advanced nations, Hitler adds: “Nations of inferior quality succeed in getting hold of large spaces for colonization [lebensraum] all over the globe”[2]

He surely meant to change that. Wikipedia, citing Operation Barbarossa: Ideology and Ethics against Human Dignity, by André Mineau, and Nazi Empire: German Colonialism and Imperialism from Bismarck to Hitler, by Shelley Baranowski, relays succinctly:

“It was the stated policy of the Nazis to kill, deport, or enslave the Poles, Ukrainians, Russians, and other Slavic populations, whom they considered inferior, and to repopulate the land with Germanic people. The entire urban population was to be exterminated by starvation, thus creating an agricultural surplus to feed Germany and allowing their replacement by a German upper class.”

Lebensraum — clearing “inferior” Slavs’ territory of Slavs in order for Germans to migrate there — was the key motivating factor of Germany’s aggression in World War II. Before we move on to some detail, let’s observe that in a hellish mirror image, now Merkel’s Germany and its ideological West European pals offer themselves as lebensraum for far more primitive peoples while persecuting all who dare mention that they are primitive. Perversely, Germany has also forced those EU members who were the battered victims of its ‘migration’ then to take in Muslim ‘migrants’ now.

To understand how such loathsome craziness is possible now, one has to apprehend the nightmare craziness that unfolded then. Although the largest victim of Germany’s eastern aggression was the Soviet Union, and Czechoslovakia and Serbia also suffered major damages and other Slavic and Baltic countries lesser ones, we’ll focus here mainly on Poland, for its devastation was more complete than the Soviets’ was, and unlike the Soviet Union it did not emerge from the war a spoils-laden winner and absolute ruler of one third of Europe.

On 1 September 1939, Germany invaded Poland on several fronts with five armies, a total of 1.5 million troops. By 9am, the Luftwaffe was bombing civilian targets in Polish cities with incendiary bombs. Later that day, and continuing for weeks to come, hundreds of Luftwaffe planes would strafe columns of fleeing civilians, all over the country.

Mass executions of Poles started immediately in multiple towns, and continued throughout the German occupation. Initially, the murders followed a careful plan of “cleansing” Poland’s western and northern regions of anyone who might provide resistance to the impending expulsion of the indigenous Polish population and ‘migration’ of Germans into those lands. Intelligenzaktion (“Operation Intelligentsia”) and Tannenberg Aktion consisted of rounding up and transporting to remote locations Polish university professors and teachers, scientists and engineers, top entrepreneurs and business executives, doctors, public intellectuals, artists, priests, officers of the reserve, aristocrats, elected politicians, top administrators, lawyers, labor leaders, even Olympic champions.

Special units of Einsatzgruppen (“Task Groups”) and Selbstschutz (“Self-help”) were transporting truckloads of Poles to remote locations, shooting and burying them in lime pits. In some cases, these executions were held in the center of town, to terrorize the population. It’s estimated that 100,000 Poles[3] were murdered this way within a couple of months; an initial list of 61,000 had been prepared by the Gestapo in Berlin in the two years prior to the invasion per information from sources in the German ethnic minority (Volksdeutsche) in Poland. This minority also yielded the Selbstschutz units that engaged in open massacres of Poles (and Jews, that goes without saying). It had a twin in the Czech-German Selbstschutz that engaged in similar operations in Czechoslovakia. Members of these units had received military training in Germany prior to the war’s outbreak[4]. We will recall all that later in this analysis.

Soon, that cleansing extended nationwide under Außerordentliche Befriedungsaktion Aktion (AB-Aktion = “Extraordinary Pacification Operation”). The totality had been conceived as an overall decapitation of Poland, so that it would have no capacity to rise from its planned slave role to the German Reich and its ‘migrants.’ Just in the suburban forest of Palmiry, near Warsaw, a total of 7,000 persons were murdered in this aktion, 358 of them trucked in and shot in rows in a single 24-hour period, 20-21 July 1940. By then, the list of those marked for death by hanging, shooting or extermination camp had grown to include also anyone caught crossing the border, operating a printing press or distributing uncensored publications, hiding arms, possessing a wireless set, eating or storing beef or helping Jews in any way. It depended on sheer luck whether the same fate met one making a critical comment, failing to raise his hat or make way for a German on the pavement, or not registering with the German authorities.

“Food rations in Nazi-occupied Warsaw were allotted by race: 2,613 calories per day for a German, 699 for a Pole and 184 for a Jew,” reminds Thomas J. Craughwell in “The Gentile Holocaust” at CatholicCultutre.org. Mr. Craughwell is wrong in only one detail: it’s Germans, not “Nazis,” who occupied and devastated Warsaw and its people.

When the German invasion began on 1 September 1939, the ink on the secret Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact had been dry for one week. 17 days later, the Soviet Union invaded from the east, and captured the eastern third of the country. Poland, which had already fought twice as long against Germany as France would soon, no longer had a fighting chance. On 6 October 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union divided the whole of the country between themselves and annexed their new fiefdoms.

The ensuing “Katyn Massacre” of 22,000 Poles by the NKVD is widely known now. Less known is the synchronicity between what the Soviets and the Germans did to Poles in the areas under their respective control. First, of the 22,000 about half were military or police officers; the rest were doctors, lawyers, university professors, industrialists etc. — the same categories that were being eliminated also by the Germans. Second, the timing of the Katyn massacre, April-May 1940, parallels the AB-Aktion in the “General Government” (GG) part of Poland, occupied by Germany. Both aggressors employed the encirclement/ hauling-net method, forced the victims to leave everything behind, confiscated their property, and transported them in cattle cars to their destinations. The Germans would then either dump them as starving refugees in parts of Poland not yet designated for German ‘migration’ or, if the mess was too big, just deliver them to extermination camps. The Soviets wrenched 700,000 to 1,000,000 Poles from their homes and dropped them off 4000 km away, deep in the Asian parts of the USSR, there to vegetate or die. There is much literature, going back to the Polish clandestine press in 1943, arguing that these and other genocidal activities against Polish elites and the middle class were coordinated in advance between the German SS and the Soviet NKVD in the multiple meetings they held after the Fall ’39 conquest.

As the repressions mounted, so did the resistance. According to the occupiers’ policy of collective responsibility, for each German casualty of Polish resistance attacks, the Germans rounded up between 100 and 400 civilians and murdered them, with the names of the victims then posted in the streets. Eventually, even those “selective” mass murders gave way to often random, indiscriminate shootings and hangings. But that was just the beginning.

Auschwitz was built in 1940 to hold Poles, not Jews. By October 1941, when construction on the Jewish Holocaust nexus, Auschwitz II-Birkenau, began, 10,000 Polish Catholics and 10,000 Soviet prisoners of war had already been “processed” at Auschwitz I. In addition, at least 20,000 inhabitants of the Polish town of Oświęcim and surrounding farmlands had been expelled from their homes, to clear the necessary space. Part of that was to be refashioned into a model German town; two years later 6,000 German Reich citizens had resettled there, not counting the Auschwitz “operating crew” of 7,000.

Once educated and prominent Poles were “dealt with,” the time came to “administer” the rest of the plan: mass extermination, capture and deportation into slave labor in Germany, expropriation, expulsion, sterilization and intentional starvation. The “conscription” for most such treatments was done by means known to purse seine fishermen. German troops and police would encircle a section of a town and start driving passersby and streetcar and bus passengers toward the middle or, in a different variant, dragging them out of their homes.

The Germans would sort out such proscribed categories as Poles in any kind of leadership positions, suspected members of the underground, quotas of random hostages condemned to die, Jews, homosexuals or the handicapped and send them off, to extermination. Able-bodied Poles, designated in official German policy as slawische Untermenschen (“Slavic sub-humans”), would then be transported to where the Reich needed their slave labor: in heavy industry deep in Reich territory, in the Polish zones slated for German ‘migrants’’ settlement, or, in the case of some women, in soldiers’ brothels.

Called Łapanka (“Grab-Snatch”) by the Poles, this “fishing” for slaves and candidates for extermination became a daily terror for the Polish people. Altogether 2.5 to 3 million Poles were impressed as slave laborers. In addition, 300,000 Polish military prisoners of war who had surrendered after the Soviet assault piled on top of the German one, were reclassified as “involuntary laborers” and sent west, to Germany. Initially, only the 14-70 age bracket was deemed suitable for this “recruitment,” but as the war progressed and turned against Germany, the “fishing” went to the bottom and hauled children as young as seven off the street.

Łapanka (“Grab-Snatch”) in Warsaw (date uncertain), from a Polish Internet page devoted to this particular form of genocide

The German Herrenvolk (master people) forced their slaves to work under such harsh conditions that over 140,000 of them died, not counting babies lost to Polish slave women[5]. As to the survivors, their mental and physical health would be gone, irreparably.

On top of this depopulation, the Germans kept a keen eye out for any Polish children whom they deemed to have “Aryan characteristics.” The children were either seized forcibly from their parents, or were taken after the parents had been murdered. They would be taken to “children’s education camps” (Kindererziehungslagern) that were in fact centers for racial examination and selection, just as today’s German children are taken, compulsorily, to children’s education camps called “public schools,” where they are indoctrinated to believe that race is a social construct, preference for one’s own is racism, black is beautiful and Islam is an integral part of Germany.

After multiple tests that included such Nazi standards as cranial measurements, children deemed fit to be “Aryanized” were steered one way, and the rest were sent off to die in Auschwitz and other mass murder centers, often by direct phenol injections. Of the Aryan-to-be children, the 2- to 6-year-olds were sent to SS Lebensborn (fount of life) “kindergartens,” where they were given a German identity and put up for adoption by SS families. Older children were hauled off to boarding institutions deep in Reich territory, where they would be subjected to an extensive Germanization process.

There is no solid estimate of how many children were kidnapped this way, but it’s known that about 200,000 were transported to Germany; only 30,000 of them were found after the war. The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg decreed that this was a form of genocide.

Then came population replacement: German ‘migrants’ replacing the indigenous Polish population in Poland — reflected in the ‘Twilight Zone’ karma mirror of 2015 as Muslim ‘migrants’ replace the indigenous German population in Germany.

The expulsion of 2.5 million Poles from their lands happened in various parts of the country, primarily in the years 1940-43. It was most severe in the areas that Germany annexed outright and renamed with appellations such as Reichsgau Wartheland, Reichsgau Danzig-Westpreußen (Reichsgau=“District of the German State”), Oberschlesien and others. There, not only much of the population was expelled but all traces of Polish culture were obliterated, monuments, libraries, museums destroyed[6], teaching in Polish was forbidden, and thousands of Polish enterprises and farms were seized without recompense to the owners.

The designated Polish provinces having been made sufficiently Polenrein — the more famous term is Judenrein— German ‘migrants,’ encouraged by the Reich, started streaming in and settling in properties confiscated from the expelled Poles. Those were mostly ethnic Germans (volksdeutsche) who had lived as minorities in Romania, Estonia, Latvia, and Soviet Russia. By the end of the war, over a million of them had migrated to Poland, though it was only a small part of what the Germans envisioned. The full German concept, from 1941 on, was to destroy the Polish nation completely so that in 20 years 85-90% of the people would disappear through mass murder, deportation, prohibition of marriage, mass sterilization and other such means, leaving only about 3-4 million fit to be remade into “Aryans”

“Evacuation of Poles in Western Poland; Evacuated Poles on the way to the rail station” [trans. from the original German], 1939, (Bundesarchiv, photographer Holtfreter)

SS Administrator of annexed Western Poland Arthur Greiser (executed in 1946 for war crimes) greets the millionth German ‘migrant’ resettled to the area under his command after expulsion of its Polish population. Looking on is SS officer (later General) and war criminal Heinz Reinefarth—after the war a German politician and mayor of the town of Westerland. March 1944 (Bundesarchiv, photographer Hoffmann)

The title of a fundamental book on this subject, Isabel Heinemann’s Rasse, Siedlung, deutsches Blut: Das Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt der SS und die rassenpolitische Neuordnung Europas (Wallstein Verlag, 2003) translates as “Race, Settlement, German blood: The Race and Settlement Office of the SS and the Racial-Political New European Order.” Is it not a Racial-Political New European Order 2.0 that Germany’s ruling elite is pulling out all stops to implement now, 75 years after its predecessor German elite did so with version 1.0?

The ledger for all that German migrating hyperactivity in 1939-1945 is thick, and so will be the one history is compiling again, for “Migration 2015.” In 1939 there were 35 million Polish people. Six years later, there were 24 million. Of the “missing” 11 million, at least 5.8 million, half of them Jewish, were murdered by the Germans (Polish Institute of National Remembrance, 2009). Another million fell victim to the Soviets. 40% of people with higher education had been murdered, on purpose. 2.5 million Poles were expropriated and replaced by German ‘migrants.’ 3 million were enslaved at hard labor for the Third Reich.

The Germans destroyed 40% of Poland’s cultural goods (e.g. 25 museums), 43% of educational and research institutions, over 50% of transportation and telecommunication infrastructure, 55% of the health infrastructure (e.g. 352 hospitals), and 60% of industry. War damages have been estimated by various Polish government commissions at about $650-700 billion (2004 dollars). The material damages to Warsaw alone — -90% destroyed — were assessed by a special commission at $45 billion (2004 dollars), not counting the loss of 800,000 lives and health damage to the survivors, such having been deemed beyond valuation.

What is known in the West as “The Holocaust” came on top of all the above. The Germans situated their main extermination camps for Jews on Polish soil in Treblinka, Bełżec, Sobibór, Auschwitz II, Majdanek and Chełmno. They carried out massive genocidal operations also in the ghettos where Polish Jews were penned. Half of the nearly 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust were Polish. The stench of German death factories spread over the Polish landscape, and pollutes the mental scape of the West to this day, as we shall see anon.

Poland has received no German reparations for any of that, nor benefitted from any Marshall Plan or its like. To the contrary, despite Poland’s having been one of the fighting Allies, with a quarter million of its soldiers escaping from their conquered country and fighting under British command, and close to 400,000 fighting in the clandestine Home Army on Polish territory, the big boys in the Alliance, Roosevelt and Churchill, betrayed it to Stalin at Yalta. The war that had started to save Poland from Hitler’s aggression ended with its deliverance to Stalin’s aggression. Poland lost 48% of its territory to the USSR, and its political and cultural sovereignty as well.

The country’s admission to the European Union in 2004, and EU funds that have been flowing to it since, mainly courtesy of the German taxpayer, have been a backdoor way to admit German responsibility for the devastation, and Europe’s shame, too. That is now off, as Germany and the European Commission have explicitly decoupled the transfer payments from World War 2 history, and made them a quid pro quo blackmail tool in coercing Poland to partake in the “European values” of suicide by Muslim migration.

But even all that is just a piece of the whole. We need to enlarge the tale of Germany’s erstwhile “migration,” its close-mouthed quasi-acknowledgement of responsibility via membership in the EU, and now the use of that membership as an arm-breaking Muslim migration lever, also in regard to the other Eastern Bloc and Baltic countries that were admitted to the EU between 2004 and 2007: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, plus the ones still outside.

’Migration’ wide and glorious

The plan for German ‘migration’ into territories cleared of its Slavic peoples was far more expansive than Poland alone, though nowhere carried out with the speed and intensity of Poland’s “decapitation.” There was the Generalplan Ost (General Plan East), the related Generalsiedlungsplan (General Plan for Settlement) and Gesamptplan Ost (Overall Plan), divided further into the near future and the long term. In addition to murdering all the Jews, the plan called for the removal by murder or deportation of over 50 million Slavs to the Asian steppes and Siberia, per ratios of 100% of Latgalians, 85% of Poles and Lithuanians, 75% of Russians and Belarusians, 65% of Ukrainians, and 50% of Czechs and Estonians. The lebensraum so created would be populated initially by 14 million German ‘migrants’ plus the remnants of the more favorably treated Czechs and Estonians, and a small Slavic slave minority.

The far horizon saw 100 million Germans living where the Slavs once had. Meanwhile, 20 million Slav slaves were abducted and impressed into hard labor for the Third Reich, replacing at least 20 million German men who were implementing Germany’s ‘migration’ plans.

“What happens to a Russian and a Czech does not interest me in the least. What the nations can offer in the way of good blood of our type we will take, if necessary by kidnapping their children and raising them here with us. Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death interests me only in so far as we need them as slaves for our culture: otherwise it is of no interest to me. Whether ten thousand Russian females fall down from exhaustion while digging an anti-tank ditch interests me only in so far as the anti-tank ditch for Germany is finished. (Heinrich Himmler in Posen speech, 4.10.1943)

To clothe the German genocide of the Slavs (plus cultural kin Hungary and Romania) in figures, one has to contend with the respective governments’ investigations and scholarly debates raging since 1946. Combing through various statistics and pulling the ones that seem more recent and comprehensive, that genocide — just the noncombatants — comprised in total about 26.5 million victims, as per this detail:

USSR:   19,000,000[7]
Ukraine:   3,100,000[8]
Poland:   2,900,000
Belarus:   547,000[9]
Yugoslavia:   530,000[10]
Czech Republic:   235,000[11]
Hungary:   40,000[12]
Romania:   10,000[13]
Slovakia:   [14]
Bulgaria:   3,000 (Clodfelter, 2002)

So it’s not “6 million Jews for 20 million Muslims” as the Spanish poem states, but 26.5 million Slavs, 5.8 million Jews, 200,000 (est.) Roma, about 1 million other non-German European civilians, 1 million German civilians during the war and up to 2 million dead in reprisals after: a total of 36.5 million European civilians murdered by the Germans directly and indirectly. If you add to this a rough consensus figure of 14.5 million Allied soldiers dead on the battlefields of Europe, plus 4.5 million Axis soldiers most of whom would have preferred to go to work and the pub back home, the deal becomes even more irresistible: 55.5 million actual and potential fathers and workers eliminated in Europe by Germany during Hitler’s escapades in order to replace them and their unborn descendants some decades later with 25 — soon-to-be-75 million African and West Asian Muslims. What a migration deal!

Execution of 56 Polish civilians in Bochnia by German soldiers, 18 December 1939 (NAC, Poland’s National Digital Archive, from a photo album of a captured German officer)

“Sadism: The transcripts reveal how ordinary German soldiers revelled in massacres during the Second World War. Here a soldier poses next to civilians shot dead in Yugoslavia” (Photo and caption reproduced from Daily Mail 16.09.2012

Memorial to the 88 children of Lidice (Czech Rep.), murdered by the German occupying army, along with 192 men and 60 women, in June-July 1942

The Mark of Cain

“Then the LORD said to Cain, ‘Where is Abel your brother?’ He said, ‘I do not know; am I my brother’s keeper?’ And the LORD said, ‘What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground. And now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand.’” (Genesis 4:9-11 [ESV])

What do you do when your father, your grandfather, your uncles committed the most heinous crime in the history of Western Civilization, while your mother and her sisters cheered them on and, when all was lost, denied the crime and asserted the righteousness of the deed?

It was not the “Nazis,” either. Those were ordinary Germans[15]. Even at its peak, the Nazi Party had only 8 million members in a population of about 68 million, while at least 20 million Germans were involved directly in the war and its associated repressions, mass murders and holocausts. And they were “regular guys,” not escaped homicidal mutants. According to published recollections of Polish maids who worked in their Auschwitz homes, Rudolf Hoess, the camp’s Catholic commandant who admitted to responsibility for 2.5 million murders directly plus one million indirectly, was an exemplary father to his five children and famously kind to animals, while Gerhard Palitzsch, Hoess’s deputy who personally beat, tortured and then executed hundreds of prisoners, was a good father and loving husband with a quiet, affectionate home life.

Not only were those ordinary Germans, but many liked what they were doing. “I liked to shoot everything — women, kids… it was kind of sport,’ confessed one regular bloke. “I liked to shoot women pushing prams,” reminisced another[16]. Again, countless accounts and documents exist. Raul Hilberg, for instance, the preeminent researcher and historian of the Jewish Holocaust, relayed in his The Destruction of the European Jews (Yale University Press, 1961) that the worst of the worst: the “special task” non-combat Einsatzgruppen mass murder units, comprised in at least their plurality people with university education.

Even those who didn’t “do,” knew of and supported the “doing.” Robert Gellately’s Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany (Oxford University Press, 2001) — -a survey of German press archives for 1933-1945 — demonstrates that Germans who did not participate directly in the worst horrors, knew of them, at least broadly, and supported them. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen’s Hitler’s Willing Executioners (Knopf 1996) put forth a similar thesis, but based it on a premise I find false: that a unique vestige of deep antisemitism existed in Germany. Were Mr. Goldhagen an unbiased product of European soil, he would have known that Germany since the early 19th century was probably less antisemitic than any other Central or Eastern European country. Something else was at work here, akin to a viral brain disease — -moreover, a disease quite close in its etiology to the one consuming the “progressives,” the bleeding hearts, the gutmenschen, the bien-pensants, the “antifascists,” now.

While 900,000 Germans were in the SS alone, it is certain is that the operation of over 42,000 concentration camps and ghettos — that astounding number the result of 13 years of research laid out in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933-1945 — could not have been accomplished with “Nazis” alone, or without the families and lovers of the direct perpetrators knowing about it. Plus there were all the other execution components in the lebensraum and Final Solution operations such as the very large and truly German civil service, the railroad system (it alone had 1.2 million employees), heavy industry and agriculture that employed slave labor, and so on.

So the question looms, ever large, Why? And the secondary question: How do we avoid this in the future?

On the site of the former SS/SD/Gestapo Headquarters in Berlin, one will now find the Topography of Terror Museum. Well thought-out displays seek to explain how it was possible for National Socialist propaganda to mobilize all of Germany for the hellish Hitler project. Here is one of the displays, showing a huge crowd of Germans celebrating a Nazi landmark day in Berlin, 1933.

There is no museum however, in Berlin or elsewhere, explaining how, on 24 July 2008, it was possible for International Socialist propaganda to produce a crowd of 200,000 Berliners to welcome Barack Hussein Obama — already then fully evident as a hater of the white race and committed destroyer of the United States and, with it, Western Civilization itself.

As the decades flowed, remembrance of the details of the deed has waned; what remained is a karmic Mark of Cain and an overwhelming desire to erase the equation Germany= Racism=Genocide in the hope that the mark will disappear with it. It’s like the son of a notorious mass killer, living with a compulsive-obsessive disorder of washing his hands every hour instead of reflecting and noticing that he is developing homicidal tendencies himself. Racing away from genocide, Germany is careening toward self-genocide. Led by its intelligentsia, formerly white Western Europe clutches the same demographic bomb with as much glee as Major T. J. “King” Kong does at the end of Dr. Strangelove, as he rides the nuke to its appointment with destiny, down below.

The reasons are probably circularly karmic too: conscious and unconscious blowback in directions opposite from the past. Let us not forget such inconvenient details as Adolf Eichmann going to Palestine in 1937 in order to discuss the possibility of mass emigration of European Jews there, and being denied entry by the British government that was staunchly opposed to such a ‘migration.’ Other civilizational missteps range from medieval Catholic intolerance through 19th century colonialism to collaboration in the holocaust of the Jews, past misogynism and so on. But nothing excuses creating a fictitious reality and operating in the real world as though it is that fictitious world. For that is the very definition of mental illness.

Sickness of the soul

The Germans have lost their mind, individually and collectively, for the second time now, validating one of Karl Marx’s truest observations: that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. In the 1930s they lost it first, to a second rate psycho[17]. Ever since the 1960s they have lost it again and became psychotic themselves, by reverse-engineering and repudiating the message of the earlier psycho but omitting their own propensity to fall for malignantly mendacious messages: uplifting on the surface, bearing great evil underneath.

It’s not the “normal” people I am calling psychotic. The “normal” ones, then and now, just get 8-15 years of school, work, marry, spawn some children, worry about paying bills, get their false image of the world from contemporary mass media and other makers of false opinions, adore the ‘celebrities’ of their age, get sick and die without ever apprehending the true nature of the forces shaping their times, let alone the eternal laws of reality. But they retain at least a workable comprehension of the social reality surrounding them in their daily life while those who shape their events and perceptions, who rule the working serfs, are reality-is-what-I-say-it-is mentally ill.

The origin of this mental illness is Franco-German, and it was a great German thinker, Eric Voegelin (born Erich Hermann Wilhelm Vögelin, 1901 — 1985) who dissected it definitively, named it pneumapathology — “sickness of the soul” — and placed the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Merkel, Juncker (Jean-Claude), Blair, Clinton, Obama and their ilk in the same taxonomic basket[18].

Voegelin identified Auguste Comte’s Positivism, the intellectual systems built by the greats of German philosophy: Hegel, Nietzsche, Marx, Hegel and Heidegger, and the 20th century mass-movements derived from their ideas: Communism, Nazism, fascism, progressive liberalism, positivism and psychoanalysis, as “gnostic.” He meant that like the Gnostics in the early days of Christianity, these philosophers, and the 20th century mass-movements that they spawned, posit that the world and humanity are steeped in evil, and it is only they—the possessors of superior wisdom and special knowledge — who know how to root out evil and perfect man, society and life itself.

Demonstrating that these revered thinkers suppressed essential elements of reality in order to be able to construct an image of humanity and history to suit their megalomaniac visions, Voegelin called Hegel “charlatan,” Marx “swindler,” and Heidegger “emptied of all content.” He wrote of the founder of Positivism, “The entire Western World can thank Comte for the word “altruism” — the secular-immanent substitute for “love,” which is associated with Christianity; altruism is the basis of the conception of a brotherhood of man without a father.” He likened as well the prohibition of questions in the closed systems conceived by Comte and Marx, to Rudolf Hoess, the commandant of Auschwitz, and his famous statement that questioning orders was unthinkable.

University-educated elites that inhaled the fraudulent philosophers’ ideas now implement those ideas in the countries they govern, turning them into a very large lunatic asylum:

Gnostic societies and their leaders will recognize dangers to their existence when they develop, but such dangers will not be met by appropriate actions in the world of reality. They will rather be met by magic operations in the dream world, such as disapproval, moral condemnation, declarations of intentions, resolutions, appeals to the opinion of mankind, branding of enemies as aggressors, outlawing of war, propaganda for world peace and world government, etc. The intellectual and moral corruption which expresses itself in the aggregate of such magic operations may pervade a society with the weird, ghostly atmosphere of a lunatic asylum, as we experience it in our time in the Western crisis. (Voegelin, The New Science of Politics, p.170)

Under Hitler, Germany careened into a gnostic orbit of madness: a Yang kind of madness versus the Yin madness that Voegelin addresses in the above quote. Hitler was building an Aryan Utopia, reconstructing the German nation based on a magic recipe revealed only to himself and to the insiders of the Nazi cult. Though prohibition of criticism, disapproval, moral condemnation and branding of enemies as aggressors went quite beyond what these terms normally imply even in gnostic societies, the declarations of intentions, labeling of war as peace, aggression declared as defense, boundless self-confidence, refusal to recognize error and failure were typical of the soul-sick paradigm. The harder the Nazi project collided with reality, as it did in January 1943 in Stalingrad or in June 1944 in Western Europe, the more hardened Hitler’s rejection of reality became.

But if the gnostic madness now is different from then, it’s mainly because what Germany once did to foreign peoples, it is now doing to itself: slowly, with no declared evil intent, but denying the already-visible catastrophic consequences and repressing those who point them out with nearly the same vehemence, if much less violence, than the Third Reich did. That the dire results are not seen at their worst yet, they were not in Germany either when Hitler published Mein Kampf and the SS was formed, in 1925.

Toxic Amnesia

The Cain stamp is so strong that mere self-destruction is not enough. One must deny the self-destruction and glorify it as an epiphany of goodness, even farsightedness. But that too seems insufficient. Over time, German society has started blurring chunks of bad history, even deflecting and diverting the blame.

If you search Czech + World War 2 + Mass Murder + Civilians, what you’ll find is German media or international Nazizoid entries about the revenge that the Czechs took on the Sudeten Germans — the volksdeutche whose participation in the Nazi regime and its genocidal deeds we glimpsed earlier.

The Federation of Expellees (BdV, headquartered in Bonn), agitates on behalf of the millions of Germans who were expelled from Eastern and Central Europe at the end of the war, and demands property restitution for their descendants. The federation was founded in 1957 by Hans Krüger — a volksdeutch from Poland, unrepentant Nazi, SS judge during the war and German cabinet minister thereafter. BdV’s charter does not mention the 650,000 volksdeutche who served in the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, and possibly the worst — the Ordnungspolizei (Order Police), under the direct command of Heinrich Himmler[19] and against the people whose neighbors and friends they had been since their ancestors had ‘migrated’ from Germany centuries earlier. It mentions nothing of what the Germans had done to the population of those countries with the enthusiastic support of millions of the volksdeutche (total number 10 million) who were not actually firing rifles or operating gallows or gas chambers’ levers. With all the suffering that did come to innocent volksdeutche as revenge for their co-ethnics’ deeds, Germany has been trying to shift focus from its majority that opened the gates of hell and shoved in an entire continent, to a minority of its not-guilty ones who were dragged in by the victims.

In 1956, Alfred Benziger, a former Nazi secret police sergeant then working for Agency 114 — American Cold War ally and nest of unprosecuted Nazi criminals — invented the term “Polish Concentration Camps” and outlined a plan of coordinated action to shift the blame away from German war criminals who might be prosecuted in the future. Sixty years later German media still use the term “Polish concentration camp” and “Polish extermination camp” (polnischen Vernichtungslager) — and it’s not some alternative press rags but the largest national information/propaganda platforms: national TV networks ARD, ZDF and Arte and some of their regional broadcasters individually, the most prestigious newspapers and magazines like Der Spiegel, Der Tagesspiegel, Stern, Focus, Die Welt, Junge Welt, Die Zeit, Bild and many others, even a school textbook. The practice continues despite multiple protests from the Polish government.

The willed amnesia came into full bloom once Mama Merkel’s demonstration of Germany’s “basic humanity” (her term) turned out to be in the realm of non-magic humanity an open-ended tender to the world’s young Muslim men of a subsidized hijra to Europe with a promise of lifetime jizya and comely virgins for the taking without the need to die first to enjoy the bounty. Faced with the resulting deluge, Germany, France and their vassals in the European Union hatched a scheme to offload some of that burdensome baggage on their poor cousins in the east. Met by resolute opposition, they proceeded to shove the offenders into the commonwealth of Suicide-by-Islam by insult, bribery, threat and blackmail.

The countries that the Allies had betrayed to Stalin, and EU’s retread Marxists were now sabotaging again, have no use for magic incantations and gnostic visions of a multiracial, multireligious, multicultural Paradise on Earth. They have learned the rules of reality under harsh taskmasters: Hitler and Stalin. Moreover, in the Balkans, Hungary and Poland, they have eight centuries of experience with Muslim ‘migrants’ from the East, with the largest ‘migration’ barely halted at the gates of Vienna in 1683, and the pleasures of sharing a country with Muslims not ended in the Balkans until 1913, though neither for want of many desperate attempts earlier nor completely (e.g. Bosnian War, 1992-1995).

A revolt was inevitable.

(conclusion next week)

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


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3.   My sources for this and other accounts of the German occupation here are too numerous to list in such a quickly conceived framework, except sporadically. More so as I have relied in part on sources in Polish, Czech and German. A vast martyrology literature exists and is still widely read in Polish, Russian, Czech, Serbian etc. relative to each nation’s horrors and misfortunes under German occupation, in addition to relevant sources in English and German. The Holocaust of the Slavs is as well documented as the one of the Jews is, except it has not penetrated into the mass consciousness because its victim peoples would be sealed off from the world for fifty years starting in 1939. By the time the Iron Curtain broke in 1989 they were broke too and have since needed to attend to present survival needs. For cursory research, Wikipedia has good entries, each with a long bibliography, on all the topics of this account. Primary documents are Internet accessible in depositories such as this, primary research is accessible at sources such as this, and condensed accounts by witnesses or specialists are available at a mouse click in, among others, “Holocaust of Non-Jewish Poles During WWII” by Dr. Jan Moor-Jankowski and “Why Do We Allow Non-Jewish Victims to be Forgotten?” by Dr. Richard C. Lukas, author of a key book on this topic.
4.   It’s emblematic of the low-grade fools and others in the ruling “Club” that they haven’t learned from this slice of history either and therefore think nothing of letting “Germans,” “Swedes,” “Englishmen” and “Americans” who were volunteer fighters with ISIS return to the countries of their misbegotten citizenship and resume life there after their turn at Muslim butchery is done.
5.   Again, vast records, testimony, photographs, books, narratives etc. exist in this genre too. In Poland, it took 30 years of researchers’ efforts after the war before the surviving slaves mustered the psychic stamina to undergo interviews. By now, the accounts of 489 former slave laborers have been published, and more are in preparation. And this is just Poland; other Slavic victims of Germany maintain archives documenting this part of their martyrology too.
6.   Perhaps it’s natural that even the current super anti-Nazi Germany seems agreeable to the main tenets of Islam, including its most fanatical tendencies.
7.   7.4 million murdered outright, 4.1 million starved to death or perished from diseases, 2.2 million deported to Germany and dead from slavery conditions there — total civilians: 13.7 million (Russian Academy of Science, 1995). 3.3 million Soviet POWs killed in German internment camps (Christian Streit, 1978) and 2.9 million dead from starvation in Soviet areas not held by the Germans (Russian Academy of Science, 1995). With whatever quibbles may be raised as to some of these figures, given that many Russian and Western researchers estimate the losses as much higher, an aggregate of 20 million non-combat victims will do for us here. Deducting the generally accepted figure of 1 million Russian Jewish victims, that leaves 19 million Slavs.
8.   It’s even more difficult to establish reliable figures for countries with a history as convoluted and contested as was Ukraine’s in that period. I chose to rely on estimates of Yuri Kondufor, Director of the Institute of History, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (1984). Kondufor, counting correctly from June 1941 rather than September 1939, cites 7.5 million dead, including all 2.4 million slave laborers taken to Germany, 1.4 military and POW, and 600,000 Jews. That leaves 3.1 million Ukrainian ethnics and Slavic minorities, excluding the actual slaves’ death statistics that I don’t have.
9.   Siarhei, Bohdan, “Why Belarus is Missing in World War II History,” Belarus Digest, 2012, pegs the total number at 1,300,000. Number of Jewish victims in that is impossible for a non-specialist to assess accurately, as dedicated sources cite a range from 245,000 (Lucy Davidowicz) to 800,000 (Associated Press). I selected the number of 751,000 of Jewish victims per “Annihilation and deportation sites in Belarus in 1941-1944” in the compendium Executioners testify. Annihilation of Jewish population on the occupied territory of Belarus in 1941-1944 (Minsk, 2009). Deducting from Siarhei’s 1.3 million civilian victims 751,000 Jews and 2,000 Roma (Arno Tanner, 2004) yields 547,000 Slav democide victims.
10.   Controversial, because of an internecine war between Serbs and Croats, Croat collaboration with Germany and an internal holocaust it carried out in its territory, etc. I chose the net, non-Jewish, non-combatant figures of Vladimir Zerjavic (a Croat), available here.
11.   320,000 overall (Erlikman, 2004), less 80,000 Jewish victims (EHRI-European Holocaust Research Infrastructure) and 6,000 Roma (The Columbia Guide to the Holocaust).
12.   This is controversial. The tone of this work is resolutely pro-Hungary, pro-Victor Orban, but the underlying philosophy is that all lies, all hypocrisies, all massaging of fact and history must be torn down in order to start dealing with real solution to the problems of the real world. We must note, therefore, that in direct contrast to the zeitgeist prevailing in Hungary now, other than its minorities of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and a small number of Hungarian opponents of Nazism otherwise, that country was not the victim of Germany in World War II but its ally and accomplice in the Holocaust — hence the difficulty in establishing the number of Hungarian “victims.”

To reconstruct that number, in a situation of considerable unclarity and obfuscation, I used the following methodology:

The number of Hungary’s civilian victims is estimated in multiple sources at around 600,000. Of that, about 450,000 were shipped to Auschwitz under Eichmann’s direct supervision. According to Jorg K. Hoensch in A History of Modern Hungary: 1867-1994, 1996 (Chapter 4, here), included in that number were opponents of National Socialism, including Communists, leaders of the Smallholders’ Party, Social Democrats, journalists and academics. Since the number of Jews in those Eichmann “transports” is reliably established at around 430,000, we can surmise 20,000 Hungarian gentiles, too.

Then we have an estimated 28,000 murdered Hungarian Roma, 15,000 Jews machine-gunned into mass graves by SS units in Kamenets-Podolsk in August 1941, 3,000 Jewish slaves in the copper mines in Bor executed by the Germans during the death march to Győr in August — October 1944, 80,000 Jews murdered by the Hungarian Arrow Cross between July and October 1944, and an undetermined percentage of dead among the 70,000 Jews who were forced by the Arrow Cross into a ghetto, in December 1944, during the Soviet Army siege of Budapest. Applied against the total of 600,000, it leaves us with about another 24,000 Hungarian civilian victims — and even in that number we don’t know for sure how many were killed by the Germans, and how many by fascist Hungarians. I therefore opted for the “Hungarian victims” number 40,000.

13.   Another controversial issue. The figures out there vary widely, though (non-Romanian) more reliable sources quote about 450,000 civilian victims, including Jews. The Antonescu Iron Guard did not just collaborate with Germany but actively massacred the Jews not only of Romania but also of parts of Ukraine. In Romania itself, the number of Jewish victims was between 280,000 to 380,000, according to the International Commission on the Holocaust in Romania (2003). To that we have to add 36,000 murdered Gypsies (Rudolph Rummel, 1998). A subtraction yields 84,000 civilian victims, but those were overwhelmingly Iron Guard opponents, murdered by their own countrymen. We cannot, in good faith, load more than 10,000 on the “German” ledger.
14.   There are no reliable numbers for any Slovak civilian casualties, other than Jews and Gypsies. There must have been some casualties, plus collateral damage, but that was in fighting between the Slovak pro-German government and Slovak National Uprising forces. That’s outside our interest here.
15.   Comments that “not all Germans were” are redundant and insulting to the intelligence of the author. Of course “not all German were,” and the author is well familiar with the main ones who weren’t. Nevertheless, the post-war cultural taboo against stereotypes, generalizations etc. renders the West blind and stupid, making the discernment of the very contours of social reality impossible. The question is not whether a minority portion of any group, say women, Jews, the Chinese, does not fit the group stereotype. The question is whether the majority stereotype is true and supported by inductive and statistical facts. If it is, discussion between intelligent people ought to dispense with the obligatory recitation of caveats and weasel words such as “Nazis” and “Islamists,” as those weigh down and muddle the momentum and the clarity. The Chinese operate on the basis of thousand-year old stereotypes, and they are doing quite OK for themselves.
16.   These quotes are from the book Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing and Dying: The Secret Second World War Tapes of German POWs, review by Daily Mail here.
17.   The non-thinking often say, “It’s easy to know in retrospect,” or “We can’t know the future.” No, it’s not in retrospect, and yes, we can know the future. Hitler was as clearly a histrionic psychopath in any of his pre-1933 speeches as he would be seen by history 50 years later. “Retrospect” was not needed to have known in 2000 that George W. Bush did not belong in the White House, or to know in 2008 that, in electing Obama, the American people have collectively shot themselves in the head. Nor is clairvoyance necessary to know what’s the future of Afro-Arab Europe. Arguably, the Germans now lost their collective mind for the third time, not the second. The first one was World War 1. But that was one of the cases where the future was unknowable, unlike the first case with Hitler and the ride-to-future-hell now, with the likes of Merkel-Hollande-Obama-Clinton-Cameron-Bush-Blair-Juncker driving the coach.
18.   All my references to Voegelin are based on two of his books:

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19.   650,000 is the number cited by Rolf Michaelis, a German author specializing in the history of the Waffen-SS, in his The Volksdeutschen in the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, Ordnungspolizei in World War II, Schiffer Publishing, 2012.

Max Denken was well on his way to PhDs in Economics and Political Science until he discovered that the former was based on quantifying wildly fanciful assumptions and the latter was much closer to Scientology than to Science. Born Central European, he has become Marginal American: wrong race, wrong gender, wrong sexual orientation, wrong religion, wrong thoughts. For his previous essays, see the Max Denken Archives.

150 thoughts on “A Nightmare, Reborn

  1. Remembering the horror of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis is unpleasant. Yes; but what
    they did must not be forgotten nor downplayed as to the depths of the horror which they visited on their fellow man.

    My father was in the U.S. Army Infantry during WWII, in N. Africa, Italy & Germany.
    He was shell-shocked for the rest of his life; and he lived to be 81 yrs. old. You don’t
    see dead bodies stacked several feet high for a distance of about one-eighth of a mile
    at a concentration camp and just sashay back home and forget about it. (There were
    many more of the camps than first publicized, with deeper outrages than even were
    known – although what we did know from the first was terrible enough.)

    As General Eisenhower said when he gave the local Germans tours of the camps, that
    if they did not see this horror for themselves; some SOB, someday would lie and say it
    never happened; and he was right! Denial is an unfortunate human trait.

    It happened; and we must NEVER FORGET!

    • ‘Within living memory’ is only three generations. For the grandchildren of the Baby Boomers, Nazi atrocity will be as remote as Genghis Khan.

      • The problem is that the educational brainwash, media lobotomy and state tyranny that were a pendulum backswing to the “Nazi” atrocities will not be remote; they will have built, they already built, an integral prism through which a white person views and interacts with reality, with no knowledge whatsoever that it’s a psychotic distortion instilled already in his grandparents due to prior events he will know nothing about, except “Holocaust.”

        And “Holocaust” means, even to us now, racism, “religious intolerance,” hatred of minorities etc. Something every good man and woman must condemn, right? It’s not coincidental that Eurocrats always link “Islamophobia” with “Anti-Semitism.” We all know that the latter is bad; how can we not know that the former is, too?

        So here is the subsidiary problem: Muslims, Africans, the Chinese, the Indians haven’t had the same psychotic prism installed in their corneas. And they are, they will be, all over the West, in every country, expanding and displacing us, as a force of nature does when it encounters a vacuum.

          • Well recommended,
            The first is this, the second sentence in particular:

            “In the pursuit of Holocaust sacredness [initially by the Jewish community for their community], a new, universal version of Holocaust history was crafted, one that Jews hoped would give the rest of the world a personal stake in remembering the Holocaust and keeping it holy. Holocaust remembrance transformed into an all-encompassing, generic, universalist doctrine dedicated to “protecting the oppressed” worldwide from “bigotry, intolerance, and hate.”

            That this “universalist doctrine” has been saturating the brains of anybody born since 1965, or the gullible, dull-witted and/or impressionable born since, explains precisely why all those Western countries are so mad keen to import alien, ultra hostile, implacably unassimilable hordes from MENA countries as well as other Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, Mali, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

            The little-recognized sting is found in the second of, Jewish, Coles’ nutshells:

            “Giving the gentiles a share of the Holocaust may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but, as the Netanyahu fiasco demonstrates, the founders are rapidly losing control of the faith, as other groups of people—including some who are not overly fond of Jews—are using Holocaust icons and images for their own purposes.”

            These other groups of people are the Left and “those not overly fond of Jews”, where a very substantial overlap takes place. Does anyone imagine that any of the Antifas thugs or any member of the current Swedish cabinet gives a tinker’s cuss about Jews? They, especially the latter and their counterparts elsewhere in the West and Western media, have appropriated, and do so quite explicitly in Sweden and Norway, “Holocaust sacredness” as a tool to bludgeon anyone who does or might disagree with the “universalist doctrine” into submission. Or they try to.

          • Please insert the following omission after the words:
            ” Well recommended,” in the first paragraph of my comment of 11/7/2015 at 10.33am:

            “Cole has it in two nutshells.”

  2. The god of this world will never forgive the Poles who in the manner of the Rohirrim charged into the hordes who had gathered at Vienna to besiege it, destroy it, and then the rest of Europe in the name of this world’s god who calls himself Allah.
    From then on, the Poles faced one existential challenge after another, singled out for Allah’s enduring wrath. I stand to my feet and salute them, men who without their help America would not be the ‘free’ country it is today.

  3. One must not forget that there is a part of history liable for plunging the Germans into such darkness. This did not come out of the vacuum or their own genes. A pendulum swinging back will swing over.

  4. One generation’s evil persists and is passed vertically through time and massaged and kept viable by the gnostic psychosis in many of its descendants.

  5. My mother was one of those Polish slaves, at 90 she still has horrible memories of being yanked away by the Nazis at 13 in the village of Petrikov in 1940, after the Germans tortured and executed her father in front of her. She described how her and the others were stuffed into freight cars to the point you could only stand and then transported to Germany. They gave the people no water or food during the trip. If you could get a few handfuls of rain water you were lucky.

    After working at one of the Messerschmidt factories which almost killed her, she ended up as a slave laborer on a German farm until the end of the war when she was liberated by the American Army. By the time they did, she was so emaciated they could only feed her Cod liver oil until she regained enough of her health to eat normal food.

    She was also witness to some of the goings on at one of the death camps – memories of which come to the surface anytime she’s stressed. Her descriptions of what she saw are not fit for a family blog like this.

    To this day, there are still events she will not talk about at all. She mostly relays the happier times before or after the war.

    • Yet the elderly Nazis are still untroubled in their minds by the atrocities they committed. They have a schizophrenia where the part of their consciousness, which, as they are human, ought to suffer guilt, has been frozen and denied entry.

      I just hope that they at least suffer from worse nightmares than your poor mother!

      Even though Christians are supposed to forgive, some acts are unforgivable. Only God can forgive them if they repent, not us!

      • Di Mu, There aren’t any “elderly Nazis” left in 2015. Tho youngest person to have voted for the Nazi Party (34% maximum electoral support) and still alive today would have been born in 1915, ie 100 years old. Even to have been a 15 year old Nazi at the end of the war means such a person would be 85 now. Having raised several children who have attained and surpassed 15 years of age, I wouldn’t have placed much credence on the political views they held at that age. The German 15 year olds, moreover, knew life only as subjects under a dictatorial, heavily indoctrinating, mass-censoring regime.

    • My heart goes out to your mother who has endured the worst possible experience of what it is to be human on this planet of Good and Evil.

      • My own mother went through worse, and her own mother and the rest of her close family, through the very worst… Her only brother, wearing his Sunday best, was shot to death in front of her by the SS on a sunny afternoon in a verdant plaza in front of the church because he was not properly deferential. She couldn’t bring herself to talk about it until 50 years after the war’s end.

        If this world were not falling apart before our eyes, I’d be crafting a novel based on her wartime experiences, which I had her tell me in tape-recorded sessions, instead of trying to inveigh on the events du jour…

        • The current crisis in Europe could be the catalyst for complete unravelling of the New World Order – you may yet get to write that novel.

  6. Very interesting.
    One thing I don’t understand. There are other Europeans with the same kind of madness with no nazi guilt, for example the Swedish that seem to be even in a worse situation.

    • The Swedes have a major Nazi past. Funny how one more time they are in lock-step with their fellow German socialists. They dodged the trials at Nuremberg somehow. However it will interesting to see how the current insanity pans out. It takes just so much denial of truth before insanity kicks in or lashes out.

  7. I feel that the god of this world invented certain religions consequent to events at Calvary; first based on Constantine (no Torah), then Mohammed (No Bible) and lastly Darwin (No Yah).

    These religions have each created mayhem in their turn,and are now uniting in a final attempt to place old Nick on the world throne as the third Adam.

    But when Yah created Adam in His own image and likeness he embedded in him (Adam) a ‘homing’ instinct that, when unfettered by worldly considerations, starts each Adam on the Way, the Truth and the (creation/Torah compatible) Life. When the ‘logos’ was made flesh and dwelt among us it should be borne in mind that the Hebrew words ‘Torah’ and ‘Debar’ were both translated as ‘logos’ in the LXX.

    “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil (Gr: Pleroo . to make complete in every particular, to render perfect)

    For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.
    Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”

    Matt 5 v 17 – 20

    • MC, religion was only ever meant to be a guide in one’s life. It has been individual humans who have perverted religion for their own ends. Surely you cannot class Islam as being a ‘religion’ as Islam by any definition of the world’s many other religions does not fit any of their criteria.

      I would suggest that something very, very, evil got into old Mo’s ear. No God worth that name would set upon Mankind such an evil ideology masquerading as religion.

      • Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8)

  8. This was a great article, with lots of historical facts and lessons.

    The catastrophic evils and slaughters were and continue to be due to centralization of political authority. Germany would not have been able to carry out the catastrophes of the twentieth century if that land had remained decentralized as it had been up until it was unified in recent history.

    The victors of WWI and WWII should have insisted on the breakup of the German nation state. The German people, to a large extent, and not confined to the Germans only, appear to be subject to mass psychosis and also are subject to manipulation on a grand scale. The solution is the break up of the nation state. Small political entities don’t have the resources to cause great evils that have been inflicted by large political ones, which can draw on seemingly inexhaustible resources.

    • It reminds me that whom much is given, much is required.
      The German people were given Martin Luther and all the light that shone to them in the Reformation.

      They have not simply turned their back upon it, but have turned their noses up at it.

      That which brought them to the marvels of brilliance in manufacturing and advancements in so many ways, has not only been discarded, but condemned.

      I wish that I could distance myself from it by saying, “they all want this and will get what they deserve” but I have read too many European patriots who are battling forces of evil within government, business and media. They are, truly, David versus Goliath.

      God have mercy on the good people of Germany, Sweden, and throughout Europe who are afraid of the history that breaks before them, with each new day bringing more news of judgment that is falling upon them.

      Islam is a supremacist ideology which can, and must, lead to violence.


      I am looking for authors to join the fight.

      Well written, comment, William.

      Peter Hyatt

    • William, the solution is to not break up the nation state but to institute political changes whereby the people are given direct responsibility in electing individuals, rather like the American Presidential race, into office without the influence of political parties. It is the current political systems of all Western nations that have lets us down. When a vote is for a party then all who are elected that represent that party then owe their allegiance to the party they belong to instead of the people whom they are elected to represent.

      That has been the major problem all along and that is why ‘Democracy’ will never work while political parties hold the reins of power. Even the American system has failed, and in what used to be a Republic is now considered a Democracy, but a very poor representation of one like other parliamentary systems.

      Direct election of a President and direct election of non-politically aligned individuals to safeguard us from a rogue President like Obama with personal accountability a concrete barrier to prevent such partisan and destructive measures that the tyrant knows only too well.

      If we could get that kind of system in place then the Collective Left will have failed in their dream of a socialist utopia and ideologies would gain no traction anywhere.

      • Nemesis, I agree that political parties are corrupting. But I see no way to avoid parties. Factions and politics seem to be bed fellows. Factions are created to influence voters one way or another. The problem with Hitler and Merkel, as only two examples, is that they had and have too much power. Today, many German people have shown their displeasure with Merkel and he co-rulers. Unfortunately, they have no way of removing themselves from under her control, outside of emigrating. She is at the top of the political food chain and all doctrines flow from upon high down to the masses. With a fragmented, federated system in which power is dispersed, with no one person at the top to dominate, there would be no Merkel or Hitler.

        • And it is via political parties that people like Hitler and Merkel can gain power. While ever the elector has no choice but to vote for a person who represents a political party we will never solve the inherent problems that come with the democratic system.

          We must through historical necessity begin to vet every would be elected representative and only those who can pass that test should be considered for office. That simple procedure would go a long way in providing suitable applicants via a procedure that has never been done before. Also the personal accountability aspect of office, for which in this present climate there is none to be seen anywhere throughout the West, even when the elected are known to be committing criminal offences.

          Only when each voter gets to elect a person who has no known record of political affiliations and is answerable to a President, also elected by the people and the people themselves through recall, will we have any kind of guarantee that those we get to elect will abide by the peoples wishes.

          Change for the better has to start somewhere.

      • Your worshipful admiration of the American Constitutional system is grossly misplaced. I regard it as a contemptible document, but I suppose, it’s no worse than the constitutions of any of the other elective dictatorships.

        Many of America’s so-called ‘founding fathers’ openly expressed a profound contempt for most of their fellow citizens and considered them unfit to have any meaningful influence on the conduct of the government. Consequently, the American system was carefully designed to be an elective dictatorship from the start.

        In that regard it is no different to any of the other elective dictatorships on this planet where the people have no power over the lunatic political cultists who, with their news media allies, have quite easily managed to seize the reins of power in every single one of them.

        Incidentally, I never, ever refer to those governments as democracies. The use of such a term misleads people into thinking there is something good about them.

          • Surely you’re aware the extent to which the federal government would like to take all private ownership of guns? NY and Connecticut have passed laws to that effect and there have been many individual cases of violations of the 2nd Amendment. However, even though those two states are lining up against gun ownership they’ve passed laws they don’t dare enforce because of the wide distribution of guns among criminals. Any place that passes unenforceable laws is eroding the rule of law.

            Chicago has an insoluble (at present) problem of guns on its southside while prohibiting guns within its borders. Thus Spike Lee’s movie about “Chiraq”.As our institutions become increasingly progressive – penalties and prohibitions of even “microaggressions” – the divide between gun owners and those in charge becomes ever greater. And the various plans to make ammunition difficult to acquire continue.

            Here’s some evidence: http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/

        • Worshipful admiration of the American Constitutional system is a characterization that I do not possess. I admire some of the principles upon which the Constitution was based, which have since been disregarded and contravened.

          Hindsight being always crystal clear, and unfortunately for us, being warned by its critics, namely the anti-federalists, that the document had shortcomings and did not provide enough brake to the powers of the central authority being created, it is today blatantly obvious to us the document does have problems. But I fail to see the contemptible nature of it. Would the judgement that the Constitution is a contemptible document be a result of reading into the document, as against reading it literally? The liberal left and progressives are well known for, and have a proclivity to reading into the document and finding much not stated, which accounts for most of the problems today where we are beset by the menace of a leviathan central government.

        • It is the criminally minded who subvert the most significant document to guarantee natural human rights ever to come about – The American Constitution – not the document itself which is now being ‘interpreted’ by a collective Left wing cabal of supreme court justices to suit whatever the President requires.

          The American system of government was designed from the start to preclude for as long as possible the criminal influence of those who deemed the recognized law of the land as a worthless piece of paper – you must appreciate that the founding fathers intelligence and foresight has kept the system still workable for over two hundred years.

          Executive orders has a lot to answer for in turning presidents into dictators – perhaps if you investigated that further it would provide to you the start of the problems we can now observe.

          It was reported that an unknown woman accosted Benjamin Franklin as he was leaving the place where the constitution came about, she said to him, “Sir, what have you given us?” He replied, “A republic madam, if you can keep it.”

          As a founding father and with much experience of humanity and its foibles, he was concerned with how the law of the land could remain uncorrupted in years to come, he realized there would come those who would wish to usurp what he and the others put in place – that is not being contemptuous of your fellow citizens, but a realization of how the world works.

        • Sorry, but you’re missing the boat. The founders were absolutely right to be suspicious of the average person’s influence on government. If you think the average decadent dope walking around today could sustain a healthy republic, ponder for a while how a majority of voters elected Obama twice.

          • The ‘average’ person walking around today does not have the intelligence or the God given common sense of their forbears. Give those who lived through those times their due credit and do not judge the past on what you now live and observe because the times are so very different.

          • The Founders were indeed determined to keep the U.S. from being a democracy. We forget that they were not besotted with the madness of the idea of the universal franchise.

            They would have been disgusted to learn that welfare has insulated millions from personal responsibility and that those parasites could protect their interest in political theft and legal privileges at the ballot box.

            The Founders feared the direct influence of the non-parasitic people, there being no option to depend on federal or state governments for anything. What eventually occurred was an order of magnitude worse than their deepest fear.

    • William,

      Regarding the first sentence of the below extract of your comment:

      “The victors of WWI and WWII should have insisted on the breakup of the German nation state. The German people, to a large extent, and not confined to the Germans only, appear to be subject to mass psychosis and also are subject to manipulation on a grand scale.”

      After World War 1, the victors did so or tried to do so, but were only partially successful. The stripped Germany of the Saar, German-speaking Lorraine (permanently) and of East Upper Silesia (permanently) – mining and industrial areas of vital importance to Germany and accounting for substantial percentages of pre-war Germany’s coal, lead and iron ore mining output as well as steel-making output. In the interwar period, having failed to persuade other victors at Versailles, the French surreptitiously funded and controlled both Rhineland and Bavarian separatist movements.

      After WW2 the victors tried again to break Germany up into component parts but the immediate onset of the Cold War put a brake on that. The Saar was again taken by France (for 10 years), eastern Germany (including all of Silesia, East Prussia and trans-Oder Pomerania) went to Poland, while central Germany became a Soviet puppet-state.

      Your second sentence makes a disturbing contention: you are implying that there is some cultural and/or genetic defect in the German people “to a large extent”, albeit you acknowledge that this is contended “mass psychosis” not confined to the Germans. The English (I am, myself, a UK citizen and one of my parents and three generations back are all English born and raised) generally have a delusional, extraordinarily propagandized and historically ignorant, view of the United Kingdom’s supposedly noble role in both WW1 and WW2 that persists to this day. “Great” Britain’s maritime trade supremacy and industrial paramountcy was, in the three decades up until 1914, being challenged by a recently unified, burgeoning, Germany and the British didn’t like it. Nor did the French. It was pure realpolitik dictated by economic imperatives that caused Britain and France to declare war on Germany in 1914, not some bogus concern over the neutrality of “plucky little Belgium”.

      For Britain and France in WW2, Poland was the Belgium casus belli, though the analogy with WW1 has less potency due to the Nazi regime being a nasty, expansionist one. A very substantial proportion of the British ruling clique in government, bureaucracy, industry, media and society, however, were perfectly comfortable with the Nazi regime.

      • That last part is exactly true. If Hitler had stayed within the prescribed limits on what he was allowed to take, plunder, exploit, occupy, and destroy, his regime would have been quite acceptable to Britain and France. But he didn’t — he wanted to break out of the cage they had constructed for Germany.

        If his mania had not required him to take down the USSR at the same time as he was subduing the West, he might well have succeeded. This was one of those moments in history when ideology trumps expedience and prudent strategic considerations.

        • And if that had occurred, I would suggest that Churchill would not have risen to prominence. And the pro-Nazi’s within the British establishment would have taken great delight in that.

          • Indeed, they would have. And, happily for them, no more uppity attitude from those “downstairs”, the proles in the slums and the neo-serfs in the shires.

        • Prudent strategic considerations and expedience were not Hitler’s strong suit. Goering, formal No.2 man in the regime, was desperate to avert the invasion of Poland. After the invasion of the Soviet Union, which he also vehemently opposed, he lapsed back into morphine addiction and then contented himself with amassing looted artworks and jewelry.

          Field Marshal Eric von Manstein strongly urged the destruction of the 335,000 strong Dunkirk pocket of remnants of the British Expeditionary Force and those French and Belgian armies trapped with them. The BEF had to abandon all their heavy equipment at Dunkirk, leaving Britain with little in the way of defence armaments. There was no “miracle” at Dunkirk – it was the serendipitous outcome of the imposition of the will of a strategically inept and ideologically driven, indeed possessed, maniac at the helm. One who greatly admired and respected the British and the maritime empire they’d built out of force. Out of ideological conviction, a stunning string of runs on the board and his own deluded sense of personal greatness and capability, Hitler believed the British would come sensibly come to terms with him and agree to share.

          Von Manstein argued that immediately post-Dunkirk that Britain was virtually defenceless – in army, not air or naval strength – and that Germany should have instantly pressed home its advantage and landed just a few divisions across the Channel. His advice was ignored. And would be for years to come in the East until he was forcibly retired with a few baubles to ease the ignominy.

      • Julius, When I said that the Germans appear to be subject to mass psychosis, I did not mean it to disparage the people. I do not hold the German people in contempt. Actually, I admire them. It was an observation from what occurred during the last century. Newsreel images of hundreds of thousands of Germans cheering ecstatically at Hitler (I know the images were created for propaganda purposes, but there is no denying that Hitler had massive support) impress on me the people had lost their rational faculties during that period. It seemed like a psychosis, similar to our reaction here in America to celebrities.

        On the division of the nation state after the war, I was not referring to a scavenging of a defeated nation, of which the conquerors would divide up into parts among themselves, as what seemed to have taken place. I meant the central government should have been made impotent and political power should have been returned to the regions, the states, and the local municipalities. I know I am being naive because the powers that defeated Germany most likely only could conceive of nation states, like themselves.

        • William,

          Fairy nuff. Your temperate and quite reasonable response is appreciated.

    • That is exactly right. The horrors of the last century were made possible by totalitarian regimes whose leaders were unhinged. Dictatorship of the proletarian, the perfect democracy (Pol Pot), lebensraum, world revolution, Soviet Man, five year plans, the Final Solution, non-market economies, class warfare, etc. we’re lunatic ideas without roots in law, business, history, custom, tradition, or religion that, when they floated unexamined and stupidly into the mind of those at the pinnacle of power, had the machinery and resources of the total state to implement them. Think of a leaf falling into a rushing stream. Even good ideas could float into anyone’s mind, and so much the better. It seems if they were not to prevail in the minds of those fixated on power and adept at intrigue and murder.

      The number one goal of the left post WWII has been to obscure this fact (the evil of unrestrained discretion), primarily by characterizing National Socialism as a phenomenon of the right.

      The number two goal of the dishonest left is to characterize National Socialist Germany as a manifestation of “nationalism.” Thus, the European Union could be sold as a salutary solution to that “problem,” while being itself a neo-totalitarian entity with an unelected – and contemptuous – commission and president with a joke of an elected assembly.

      Voila! Dictatorship and destruction of the nation state. But, thank God, no “nationalism” or anything with “ethnic” or “native” or “home” in it.

      It’s an age-old problem, the substance of which our Framers tried to provide safeguards against, even if the precise details of the madness could not have been foreseen.

      None of this is inconsistent with Mr. Denken’s analysis, which is an erudite elucidation of the exact nature of the Hitlerian madness (once it had taken root and flowered) and its, yes, yet-more-lunatic sequelae.

  9. A brilliant essay! One of the most interesting books on the Nazi mentality is ‘THE NAZI DOCTORS -Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide’ by Robert Jay Lifton (Basic Books 1986).

    Genocide promotes the idea of ‘killing as a therapeutic imperative.’ (p 15, The Nazi Doctors’). In Hitler’s case, it was to purify the race and under Communism, to exterminate the enemy classes. Now WE, who embrace the Democratic European heritage, are similarly talking about the Muslims polluting our culture! So I guess we are treading on very thin ice, also.

    We have legitimate reasons to think thus, but at the same time we have to remember that our enemies are human beings, however misguided and evil, and never sink to the temptation of mass murder, although we may wish it out of frustration, fear and fury.

    The Germans didn’t exclusively possess a genocidal gene. That potential is embedded in all of us. We feel justified in condemning the Nazis for their racism and the Marxists for their brutal tyranny and today’s PC political elites for their willful power grab under the feint of social engineering. Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’ tells us that no matter how justified we feel,and how deservedly we can visualize the enemy as little better than a cockroach – murder is still murder.

    This makes our dilemma extremely difficult, which is what Merkel is banking on. As people with a moral conscience, we are torn. That will only change with news of the mayhem caused by the invaders until a tipping point is reached. The more rapes, weapons arsenals in mosques and migrant centers, thefts and social welfare costs are reported, the less our consciences will be troubled by pursuing violence. For this reason the mainstream media is silent on Muslim atrocities and if not for places like Gates of Vienna, we would be in the dark.

    It is amazing that the Muslims themselves do not understand the peril they are in. Perhaps most do and perhaps they try to ‘behave’ themselves. But as Pamela Geller has pointed out, the majority is irrelevant! The majority of Germans didn’t lift a finger to stop Hitler, same for the Russians, the Chinese and the Japanese.

    Our first task is to replace the PC quisling governments which have visited this disaster upon us. But if that fails….? Only a week or so ago, the Canadians voted for a man who makes Obama look like Machiavelli – he is so incompetent, so socialist and a pro-Muslim, anti-semite to boot. But he has a pretty face and flowing locks! The Canadians are fiddling while Rome burns.

    What can be salvaged and what will be lost, we cannot see because we are still in a state of shock.

    • Thin ice? That’s a specious argument if I’ve ever heard one.

      “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.”

      That’s just one of the many Koranic injunctions enjoining the faithful to murder, maim and enslave us.

      Not to mention the injunctions in the Haditha and in Shariah.

      Yes, we do think that our culture is superior. And we have a right to defend it. And a right to defend our own.

    • It is Islam itself and those who follow to the letter Islam’s dictates that we need to rid ourselves of. Many Muslims would just like to be left alone to live their life as they see fit while disregarding the dictates of Islam. Many of these Muslims and their offspring soon become Westernized and abandon any pretence of being Muslim – they are the one’s we need to protect from Islam’s fundamentalists.

      I understand your angst when push comes to shove with Islam, but those who live by sword will most assuredly die by the sword. ‘Ye shall know them by their actions.’

      • But the “fundamentalist” ISIS types are only a tiny minority of the islemmings sheeplies total – maybe 15,000,000 at least or most depending on how you want to lie to yourself. We have a Muslim problem – period. They are dealing with their problem – us. Sooner or later we are going to have to start protecting ourselves from the fundamentalists of Islam – without conning or converting or cavorting.

        • No, we have an Islamic problem. There may be well over 15,000,000 Muslims who toe the Islamic line, but it is Islam that is the real problem, the Muslim is a symptom of Islamic intolerance and if Islam can be discredited as a ‘religion’ which it most certainly is not, then the Muslim fanatic can be sidelined and dealt with later, by death if necessary. The number one enemy though, is the Collective Left and the destruction it is now wreaking amongst us. That is the enemy we should be concentrating on – Islam at this time is just a distraction.

          • Any Muslim who swears an oath of allegiance to the U.S. and/or the Constitution swears a false oath. Abjuring Islam must be a precondition to citizenship but even that will be a waste of time. I am uninterested in policing this suicidal allowance of a primitive enemy into my country.

            And, yes, the left is responsible for feminism, reckless spending, a parasitic underclass, the subversion of the Constitution, and the hatred of the White majority.

      • Yes the same sort of “Westernized” Muslims who suddenly go Jihad when they ibibe too much of the Koran, even though they were born and raised here?

        They are all walking time bombs, especially the young. ISIS shows that.

        • Well, believe it or not anon, those ‘westernized’ Muslims you refer to who do the Jihad are those who have not become ‘westernized’. They may live among us and appear to be just like us, but their thinking is completely alien to what you and I hold dear. No, they are fundamentalist Muslims who are encouraged at a very early age to follow old Mo’s example when they visit their indoctrination centres as requested by their fundamentalist parents.

          The truly ‘westernized’ Muslim wants no part of Islam or other Muslims for that matter because they know the kind of culture their parents escaped from is not the kind of culture they wish to embrace because their parents have drummed that aspect of Islam into them. The one’s to watch out for, that is the fundamentalists, are the one’s who readily self- identify as Muslim as if being Muslim is a badge of honor that gives them an edge of superiority.

          The truly ‘westernized’ Muslim will employ local natives treat them as equals and warn them to stay away from those who pray five times a day and visit their Mosque weekly – they call them the ‘crazy’ ones.

          All Western governments have the means to thwart completely the would be jihadist and protect those Muslims who just wish to be left alone, but none yet have developed the cojones to put that into practice. Maybe you should be asking yourself why that is.

    • A reminder: Justin Trudeau’s papa laid the conceptual foundation for the “multicultural state” and made Canada the first in the world to decree itself by law as one…

  10. Ya think this stuff is going away?
    Ya think it is EVER going to go away?
    The past is not the past. The past is merely prologue to the present and what will come in what is left of our future.

    Whatever passes for “governments” in the West these days has no clue about how to defend their populations from this attack–and also lack any desire to do so. It fears getting its hands ‘dirty’ with the respect to invaders–but will do WHATEVER IT TAKES when ‘dealing’ with its own citizens who object.

    We must re-organize our selves for this fight.
    The enemy is NOT who you might think.
    The sooner, the better. Delay is NOT our friend.
    It will be small. It will be local. It will get VERY, very nasty indeed.

  11. There is so much within this article that I wish to refute, condemn, and outright ridicule as foolish, unnecessary, illogical and fiercely exaggerated.

    Being a student of history, however, I am unable to do anything but read, fear, and pray.

    thank you for the warning and continued awakening that human nature does not change, and as we ignore the lessons of history, we sentence ourselves to an encore performance.

    Peter Hyatt

  12. Multiculturalism appears to be an incoherent doctrine positing that all cultures are of equal value; but Western culture is uniquely oppressive and racist and evil.

    Take the tenets of international socialism and in place of the term “proletariat,” substitute one or more of the following terms: “third world people,” “Muslims,” “Africans,” “Blacks,” “dark-skinned people,” “Hispanics”etc., etc., and what does this give us?

    Multicultural Leftism, the current doctrine pushing us toward chaos.

  13. The problem is that while it is abhorrent to us what the Germans and their allies did to East Europeans, Christians and Jews, that memory, that legacy prevents us from dealing with the muslim question in Europe and the rest of the civilised world. But I suppose that’s what this essay is ultimately about.

    • It should not prevent us if the subject were dealt with rationally because there are substantial differences between what Germany did and what a rational (and even humane) response to the Muslim invaders by the western nations would be. Substantial differences.

      But the whole topic cannot be discussed rationally in the mainstream media and elsewhere because of the hysteria promoted by the multicultural leftists.

    • P.S. Even Australia’s response is more rational and humane. Humane for both Australian citizens and ultimately for the migrants themselves.

  14. This describes why the Germans are in the situation they are, now what about the British who are doing the same and all the others playing this game of roulette?

    • The Brits have their own pendulum swinging back at them via a self-destructive psychosis, having never confronted the sins of the past in a rational, wholesome way that would not entail constructing an alternative universe based on maudlin lies. Colonialism, class divisions, mild racism, chauvinism, sense of superiority, that kind of thing. I deal with one very small sample of that in Part 4, when representatives of the 200k+ Polish Army (+ Air Force, Navy) of the West that had distinguished itself under British High Command in the Battle of Britain, Tobruk, Narvik, Arnhem etc., with 50k of its soldiers part of the British Eight Army in the retaking of Italy and winning Monte Cassino for the Allies, were not even invited to the Victory Parade in July 1946. Its once-upper class generals and officers, their country betrayed by Roosevelt-Churchill to Joe Stalin, had no place to return to; they stayed on in the UK finding work only as laborers, dishwashers and janitors, their collections of British medals on the walls of their hovels, and “Poles, go home” graffiti all over the urban landscape. When you consider what the UK is now doing to draw in and pamper “groomers,” cockney ISIS, Paki baronesses etc. you’ll see the pattern of grotesque farce replaying former tragedy.

      In Sweden and Norway it’s something else: rule-by-women in a secular-socialist-society. And that too is a back-swing of the pendulum as these countries were the very opposite of what they are now as late as in the 19th century. You can see the critique of Norway’s suppression of women in 19th century Ibsen plays, or a critique of Sweden’s rigid social stratification and religiosity, in Strindberg’s plays and novels.

      • Imagine being one of those Poles who were not invited to the victory parade, despite making a military contribution that seriously began with Polish airmen in the RAF in the Battle of Britain? I know the grandson of once such man. It broke his grandfather’s heart. One son (father of the grandson) migrated to Australia, where he became a successful and sophisticated criminal, rejecting most notions of societal decency and holding the law in utter contempt. He died a natural death as a wealthy man. He wasn’t a great father as looking out for number one was his life’s maxim.

        • It’s remarkable how much you know. That episode, and others like it, feature prominently in Part 4.

      • The British aristocrats and upper class were well known for dumping on their own people. Go study the enclosure movement to see that.

        Heck they didn’t have democracy until the 20th century.

        Their elites were always a cold blooded self-serving lot. Go back to WWI, where the British generals had a penchant to marching their soldiers across the battlefield to be machine gunned down. You’d think after the fist few times they’d realize it didn’t work. Instead they kept throwing their men’s lives away and it culminated in the Somme offensive – which cost them 20,000 dead and 60,000 wounded all for nothing.

        Or look at Gallipoli another senseless nightmare created by generals with all the brains of a chicken.

        No British general was ever punished for stupidity.

        • anon, I read your comment yesterday and felt I needed to respond to it somehow – so here goes.

          The average British general in 1914 was in his late forties or early fifties and had been through Sandhurst during the 1880s as a sub-altern or second lieutenant. He was trained in 19th Century warfare and the use of cavalry as a means of breaching the enemies defences. In short, he was firmly stuck within the military of the 1880s and was not prepared for what the First World War brought to the battlefield – mechanization – i.e. aircraft, machine guns, quick firing artillery that dwarfed anything the 1880s produced and a myriad other devices that made the killing of the enemy from a relatively safe distance so much less personal.

          Haig’s persistence at the Somme and through France and Belgium while running up unimaginable numbers of casualties that today would see a general sacked, is what eventually turned the tide of war to the point where the Seigfried Line became breached in places forcing Germany to call for an armistice – it must also be remembered that Germany had not been militarily defeated.

          The outstanding general of that war was John Monash whose own background as a civil engineer in Melbourne and throughout the state of Victoria instilled in him an appreciation of working to his advantage the latest technologies – in that regard the war was no different in terms of using what was available to get the job done while limiting to his best ability, casualties, that the Australian and New Zealand governments were most concerned with as the Anzac was a volunteer soldier and numbers were getting very light on the ground by the end of 1917.

          Monash combined the Tank, aircraft and artillery to assist the infantry in their attacks which were so successful, that the trench warfare stalemate became a thing of the past.

          Monash did not attend any military school and his sole military skills were learned in the militia forces. He was a citizen soldier and of Jewish background – and that is another story in itself – so he was not ‘tainted’ in 19th Century warfare thinking.

          If you really wish to throw darts at some British generals who thought nothing of sending young men, in some cases just boys, over the top to become sacrificed to suit their own sense of what made a ‘good’ soldier, may I suggest you start with Sir Richard Haking and Hubert Gough. If ever there were men who did not deserve their positions it was surely these two.

  15. My goodness! I feel like I just took another one of my mandatory high school Holocaust education classes.

    At the end of the Max’s four (4) articles I was feeling exactly the same thing that I did way back then after the weeping old lady rolled up her sleeve and showed us her tattoo: we really need to ethnically cleanse or exterminate the German race (or German “coethnics” as Max puts it) for the sake of all humanity!

    Those Israeli rabbis must be right: Europe and all its anti-semites–German, Polish, Serbian, Slovakian, French, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish–are really getting just what they deserve.

    • Bill,

      Once again, I get your heavy-handed deadpan sarcasm, but what is your point?

      Max, as he promised in earlier essays, is telling the story of the genocide of non-Jews in Europe, as committed by Germans between 1940 and 1945. These events are historical facts and are well-documented.

      He did not ignore or play down the Soviet genocides from the same (and earlier) years, but they weren’t the focus of this essay.

      As far as I can detect, Max doesn’t recommend, advocate for, or feel any enthusiasm for the idea of “exterminat[ing] the German race”. From what hat did you pull that particular rabbit?

      In fact, as he told you last time: “The only remedy — not that I expect it’ll be taken — is [for Germany] to lie on a psychiatrist’s couch, as a nation, have the deeply buried pulled out of you, made explicit and cleansed, and then start afresh in a direction the promises renascence and rejuvenation rather than self-termination.”

      Max and I and most of our readers fervently hope to see the German nation pull itself out of its collective mania for national suicide.

    • You have missed the entire point of the exercise, and you are dishonest, too. There is almost nothing in this long essay about antisemitism, “the” Holocaust or Jews, and the Jews that I iterate, including in the next part, are not limned positively. You do have that wind-up bird in your brain and it’s the bird talking, not your uncritical, attentive mind.

  16. I found Denken’s essay to be moving and informative. In particular, it serves as a counter-weight to books such as Diana Wests “American Betrayal”, which tends to focus on Communist atrocities, while being light on German atrocities.

    The question in my mind is, what useful concepts can we take from Denken which would be useful in maintaining what remains of our freedoms, culture, and identities?

    I was struck by one passage in particular:

    “When the German invasion began on 1 September 1939, the ink on the secret Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact had been dry for one week. 17 days later, the Soviet Union invaded from the east, and captured the eastern third of the country. Poland, which had already fought twice as long against Germany as France would soon, no longer had a fighting chance.”

    In other words, Poland had a credible self-defense force, as did Czechoslovakia before it. The momentum of World War II really came into its own when the independent countries, each with its own borders, either succumbed or was overrun. Spain, though formally an Axis ally, retained its independence and stayed out of World War II, probably to the greatest benefit possible to the Spanish and the Allies. Hungary and Italy only really became involved in the killing of Jews once the Germans took direct control over their governments.

    I’m reminded of an interview given by Will Durant, in which he notes that the only reason Hannibal was able to physically reach Rome was that Rome had previously conquered the independent barbarian tribes of Italy, and turned them into vassal states. As such, they had no independence to protect and no land truly their own to defend. A few years earlier, each tribe would have fiercely, and independently, fought Hannibals armies and probably would have stopped them cold. As it was, the tribes just waved them through.

    This brings us to the Gnostic impulse described by Denken, where leaders or civilizations tend to view the world in terms of two sides, one representing evil and one light. The tendency of empires and their leaders is to see countries which are not under the light as being in darkness, and to want to bring the light. Thus, George W Bush toppled the Iraq regime, ultimately opening the region to the Islamic State. Obama continued the bringing of light by deposing Muammar Gaddafi, the very flawed Libyan strongman who helped keep Africans out of Europe. Obama is also trying to depose the flawed Assad of Syria, a move which without a single doubt would open all of Syria to the Islamic State.

    Similarly, the leaders of Germany, prior to and including Merkel, see the greater union of Europe as being the light, and the independent, often nationalist states, as being part of the dark. Germany manifested control over the union by encouraging the smaller states, such as Greece, to spend beyond their income, writing the checks on the German bank account.

    By jettisoning the Gnostic view, it is no longer necessary to demand a perfect state, but allows the tolerance and appreciation of separate, independent, flawed states more reliant on themselves than on a flawed union. Israel has built an extremely effective border-control apparatus. Even the extreme left-wing in Israel cannot argue that Israel has any hope in relying on a regional solution to maintain its safety.

    I would thus argue that to pull the fat out of the fire, so to speak, the correct direction is to encourage the existence of independent countries, governments, and economies. Each country has responsibility for its own borders, and it is well within conceivable thought that a country such as Sweden will voluntarily complete its self-suicide. The trick is to understand that the border between Sweden and other countries should be made impenetrable, and Sweden allowed to live out its own choices.

    • RonaldB, you have put much thinking into your synopsis and I agree with most of it. but, perhaps the Romans did not believe that any army would seek to attack Rome via the Alps which then left the backdoor wide open?

      And if a ‘war on terrorism’ was the main goal of the Bush admin, why pick Iraq? Why not Iran where the real terrorism was and still is promoted? Are you aware that the Baghdad Museum of antiquities was ransacked as well as some ‘archaeology sites’ by specialist U.S. forces?

      Why was that done and for what purpose?

      • Thank you, nemesis.

        I hope nothing I said can be taken as a justification for George W Bush’s invasion of Iraq, or of the inept and extremely destructive occupation for which he was responsible. I don’t know if the destruction of the Museum of Antiquities was ransacked directly by US forces, or merely as a result of the US-mandated complete destruction of Iraqi security forces, such as the police.

        I did attempt to say that Bush’s invasion of Iraq might be seen in the Gnostic terms of the harbinger of light (US) pushing back the forces of evil (any country Bush didn’t like). This is the malevolent point of view described by Denken:

        “Gnostic societies and their leaders will recognize dangers to their existence when they develop, but such dangers will not be met by appropriate actions in the world of reality. They will rather be met by magic operations in the dream world, such as disapproval, moral condemnation, declarations of intentions, resolutions, appeals to the opinion of mankind, branding of enemies as aggressors, outlawing of war, propaganda for world peace and world government, etc. ”

        My point with Rome was precisely that the point-of-view of light versus dark (Gnostic) leads an empire to put all other countries under its control. This is a general impulse, predating any strategic considerations, such as whether Hannibal could cross the Alps successfully. In looking at a map of Italy, you can see that Hannibal still had to cross 300 – 400 miles of Italian terrain to reach Rome. The point is, if Rome had not already subdued all the local tribes in Italy, Hannibal would never have made it. His armies would have had to fight every foot of the way.

        • Your use of the term gnostic is far too simplistic in describing the intricacies of geo-politics and what drives individuals and groups to do what they do.

          The term gnostic is far too vague and ambiguous with which to describe anyone’s personal position/ambition.

          The Iraq Museum was ‘looted’ by persons who knew precisely what they wanted, where it was located, had keys to the many safes where valuable items were stored and stand-by heavy lift equipment for those real heavy objects that had to be extricated via the roof.

          A well executed military exercise one might say.

          Too, American engineers (Army) were photographed and filmed using extensive machinery to dig around some ancient sites.

          Why, and for what purpose?

          States will encroach into other states due to many reasons – resources, better land, political or religious – but there are many states who have done this for strategic reasons, such as Russia and China. It may also interest you that Australia was colonized to counter French expansionism in North America.

          The above examples I have used are all based on military strategy, not battling the forces between the Light and the Dark.

          Hannibal was able to sack Rome because the Romans may have placed too much faith in their ‘client states’ to protect the city state, however, it was the use of the Elephant as a four legged Tank against which no opposing Army could withstand, and Hannibal’s strategic planning to attack via the back door that saw Hannibal sack Rome.

          Well thought out strategic planning, leaving nothing to chance, will win through every time.

          • About that Museum looting:

            The looting of the museum had nothing to do with “gnostic.” But yes, the entire American exercise, and practically everything that Bush did for 8 years, was “gnostic.”

            I know that you are an expert at keeping public order and the tactics necessary to do so. Since you’ve retired from police service, you’ve become a well-informed observer of Muslim crowd behavior and cultural quirks, too. So let me take you back to what I was watching on multiple studio TV monitors, that day:

            In the background, Iraqi men darting to and fro into the museum and out, carrying things. In the foreground, U.S. Marines standing on guard, armed to the teeth and facing the camera. Meaning they were facing away from the looting scene. They were under order “not to intervene.” And that is “gnostic” squared.

            Rumsfeld, the fool architect of the whole exercise, later explained this inaction on TV: “In war, s**t happens.” He may have not used the 4-letter word, but I remember the meaning of his statement. The crux of it all, however, was not in the looting, however regrettable. It was in the absolute, strategic and tactical necessity to show that you are in control, that public order will be maintained whatever the cost, that Americans are no pushovers, that Americans know it’s only force that counts and produces respect and obeisance in a Muslim country.

            We failed on all these counts, right from the outset. And I knew, then, that this war was lost, no matter how many Iraqi divisions we pulverized.

            That’s what America’s “gnostic” view of the world produces…

          • Thank you for further sharing your experiences, Max. I’m not actually looking to win a point over somebody, as to get closer to the truth. So, I also appreciate the contributions of nemesis, but…

            I never claimed the looting of the museum had anything to do with the Gnostic philosophy. But, the decision of George W. Bush to invade Iraq, with poor foreknowledge of the culture and even poorer plans for the details of occupation and governance, was definitely an example of thinking from the Gnostic roots:

            “He meant that like the Gnostics in the early days of Christianity, these philosophers, and the 20th century mass-movements that they spawned, posit that the world and humanity are steeped in evil, and it is only they—the possessors of superior wisdom and special knowledge — who know how to root out evil and perfect man, society and life itself.”

            All the US had to do (in the eyes of the war’s architects) was topple the (evil) regime of Saddam Hussein, and let the light (Western-style democracy) in.

            Your example of the non-interference by US troops with the wanton looting of irreplaceable archaeological treasures was an excellent example of the drifting exhibited by the Bush occupation.

            By the way, Nemesis, Hannibal never got to sack Rome. He beat many Roman armies, but never managed to breach the walls, and was eventually forced to leave Italy altogether, with Rome intact.

          • RonaldB, my presentation was only to persuade you to expand your thinking into a more goal orientated reasoning for the invasion of Iraq and the attempted – and I stand corrected – sacking of Rome by Hannibal than simply through gnostic thinking.

            Bush may have had grandiose illusions of taking ‘democracy’ to the Middle East and it may have been his signature on the invasion order, but by golly he was pushed by his own advisors who for reasons best known to themselves (Colin Powell stepped away from that one) wanted something out of Iraq rather than to give Iraq a forced dose of ‘democracy’.

            Perhaps the invasion of Iraq was just another false flag operation attributed to the Bush admin designed solely for another purpose in mind?

  17. I’m not sure I understand where the author is going in this article. The Mark of Cain is something that signals/causes others to assault Cain, it doesn’t cause Cain to assault himself. And yet the author is saying that Germans, who bear the Mark of Cain, are paying themselves back in self-inflicted suicide by invasion for the horrors they visited on others. This, to me, indicates that the Germans suffer from massive guilt. Guilt so great that they want to extinguish themselves. But that is not the same thing as bearing the Mark of Cain. Further confusing the picture is that these same Germans adamantly refuse to acknowledge the extent of the horrors their German forebears committed. That they in fact go to great lengths to deny those acts. That some go so far as to induce amnesia in themselves as regards the Nazi “episode.”

    All of these contradictions leave me in a muddle. If I have misread or just as likely failed to grasp a unifying thread in the author’s argument I apologize. And I mean that sincerely.

    • No offense taken, though I am not going to elaborate further what I have already stated in copious detail. The main thing for you to carry out of this is that I dwelled on Germany because that country is now the center of suicide-by-‘migrants’, and it also carries the heaviest burden that predisposes it to psychosis in this matter. However, I could have carried the same argument, with slight changes, relative to the UK or US, France or Sweden, though without the stark contours that the case of Germany affords. Hope that Part 4 will make it clearer for you.

      • “I dwelled on Germany because that country is now the center of suicide-by-‘migrants’, and it also carries the heaviest burden that predisposes it to psychosis in this matter.”

        Max Denken,

        Thank you for your response to this comment. It motivated me to read your article again, in the light of your summary.

        I don’t see a strong logical connection between the actions of the leaders of Western Europe, and the idea of atonement for their compliance in the German genocide of Europeans in World War II. The fascists of the left certainly use the term “racist” as the stated justification for their violence suppression of opposing thought, but whether it actually motivates them is a different question.

        I think your description of “sickness of the soul” coupled with the Gnostic view of the world of light overcoming the world of darkness, is a more likely explanation. The leaders of Western suicide are not reacting to the Hitler crusades for “room to live”, but are continuing it.

        I think Hitler’s racial justifications for his aggression was simply a cover. The real harbinger of light was Hitler. The German people were simply the means. Recall that once the war was obviously lost for Germany, Hitler in his bunker gave orders for all road and all industries in Germany be destroyed. This was his revenge on the German people for failing Hitler and losing the war.


        Obviously, in Hitler’s mind, the racially “superior” Germans were simply a means to glorify Hitler. I’m reminded of the line in the movie “North Dallas Forty” where Nick Nolte confronts the owner of the team:

        “We’re not the team. You’re the team. We’re only the equipment – like the jockstraps and the helmets.”


        I don’t think the so-called leaders have any identification with the countries they are supposedly leading: Merkel, Obama, Cameron, Juncker, Trudeau…they are all products of a milieu which glorifies them as a class, and ignores any possible connection with an actual culture or society.

        The wholesale surrender of Europe to hoards of unskilled, young, aggressive Africans and Muslims is merely a continuation of the hubris of “leaders” who see their own glorification as the objective of history.

        • I did not state that this is necessarily a conscious atonement. To the contrary, I used terms such as “karma,” “history’s pendulum” etc. Part 4 is hardly about Germany at all, but I discuss there similar processes elsewhere, in countries that were on the “good side” in WW2, yet have other things in their histories’ closets that generate the same kind of conscious AND subconscious backswing as the one I adduced relative to Germany.

          The solution has always been to pull the skeletons out of the closet, expose them to sunlight, bury them, and consciously chart new directions that are not psychotic 180-degree backswings into lunacies on the opposite side of the amplitude, but rather confronting what happened before, extracting what was true in it, but channel it in more wholesome directions.

  18. What we should learn from the bloody Nazi history of Germany is this:

    1) The German people should be very modest about what they think is right.
    2)The German people should be very modest about what they consider to be just.
    3)The German people should realize they have no clue about the concept of democracy.
    4)The German people should realize the rest of us have not forgotten about their Nazi past.

    It would be best if the German people realize they have lost their say in Europe for the next 100 years or so…

    No matter how hard the Germans try to maskerade their ” gesundenes volksempfinden” behind a mask of sanity. The rest of us will still recongnize the insanity that seems part of the German mind ever since they followd that immigrant from Austria.

    And now get rid of frau Merkel! Do something good this time. Or [emphatically keep silent].

    • “It would be best if the German people realize they have lost their say in Europe for the next 100 years or so…”

      I quite agree with you, except to say that no country should wield the power over a disparate collection of countries, languages, and cultures such as Germany holds over Europe.

      The problem is that as socialist welfare-states, they lived beyond their means, financing government benefits through German loans. This alone was enough to give Germany an inordinate influence.

      • “This alone was enough to give Germany an inordinate influence.”

        Correct Ronald.

        And they are more than happy to use that influence for their own purposes. I consider the EU as a German vehicel of German power over the rest of Europe.

        Look at what they are doing to a country like Greece. Forcing Greece to buy their Volkwagens with loans in euros. And thus financing their export at the expense of all of us.

        After i finished Daniel Goldhagen’s book Hitler’s willing executioners i knew enough about the German mindset.
        I am not saying all Germans are bad! The collective German political mindset is. At least in my book..

        Off course we see the same problems in Sweden and the UK but these two countries never plunged Europe and the world in a massive existential “crisis”. The Germans now want to beat Sweden as the human rights world powerhouse. That ambition – whether it comes out of guilt or some other mindset- is insane in more than one way.

  19. “Before we move on to some detail, let’s observe that in a hellish mirror image, now Merkel’s Germany and its ideological West European pals offer themselves as lebensraum for far more primitive peoples while persecuting all who dare mention that they are primitive.”

    Exactly what I’ve been thinking… the past decades have seen much talk of difference in birth rates, between Europe and the Middle East… now this multitude of Muslim males, due to their immense number, cannot find jobs or a livelihood for themselves in their homelands. So what we’re seeing unfold this year is surely nothing more than the new Ubermenschen coming to claim their Lebensraum, in Europe, and at the expense of Europeans?

  20. I just finished reading the book from Timothy Snyder, Black Earth, the Holocaust as History and Warning. It seems to me that Timothy Snyder and Max Denken are one and the same person, since large part of this part of Denkens essay are transcripts from Snyders book. I could be mistaken for thinking so, but I find it astonishing that under the name Max Denken no entry is to be found in Google.

  21. The contribution of Ronald B ist most interesting. Since I also read Diana West´s book “The American Betrayal”, I would like to draw the attention to another interesting book over the period Diana West was describing. The book has the titel “The Black Book of Communisme, Crimes, Terror, Repression” by several French authors. There are two volumes, volume 1 appeared in 1997 and volume 2 one year later. These books are a fine balance to the contents of the essay of Max Denken and worthwile reading.

  22. No one is angrier about what is going in now or working more to oppose it than me, but I do not think this article or approach helps matters at all, apart from it containing certain dubious claims and errors of fact. It is this very sort of one-sided and selective propagandistic version of historical truth that has done so much to lead to this current situation, whereby the Germans after over half a century of relentless bombardment with hatred and accusation for the allegedly uniquely criminal and irredeemable evil of their nation in the Nazi-period, are now rendered completely defenseless morally and psychologically against the current coup from above and invasion on the ground that is being imposed on them. The article is too long to critique thoroughly here and now, and I am too tired from months of almost nonstop opposition to this crisis, but a few points will illustrate. The quote that opens the article is a fabrication, a false version of Hitler’s speech that day that was put about by the German opposition and relayed via an American reporter (Louis Lochner) in Berlin to the British embassy and thence to eternal recycling ever since. The actual content of Hitler’s speech is reliably recorded in multiple other versions by credible witnesses and was established as such at Nuremberg, where the Lochner version was not admitted to evidence due to its obvious unreliability (and it ends with a truly ludicrous flourish that has Goering dancing madly on the tabletop in front of the assorted generals, which was not only impossibly absurd but denied specifically by him at Nuremberg). Hitler’s actual words that day were far more realistic and restrained, and he said nothing about Genghis Khan or exterminating all Poles or the Armenians. I have researched this topic at length in both English and German and there is no doubt about it whatsoever. Mainstream historians who sometimes use this quote cite other secondary sources that merely take it as established fact without looking deeper into it. It was included in a collection of documents by the British that is separate from the actual official Nuremberg trial records, which gave it a sort of legitimacy it does not deserve. Certainly Hitler was harsh to the Poles once he went to war with them, originally having wanted to recruit them as allies, but a fabrication remains a fabrication.

    Also there is the usual exaggeration of German participation in and knowledge of the Holocaust etc, as well as downplaying to the point of neglibility of the very widespread non-German participation, even a large part of the SS was made up of non-Germans by 1943. And most Germans did NOT know, and had no way to, what was going on in the East. It was not reported, was classed as a state secret, and actually experienced only in limited instances by a small percentage of the men of military age for the most part ie outside actual killing units. There are many testimonies that bear that out, from ex-Chancellor Schmidt to relatives of mine. Most of the claimed ‘42000 camps etc’ were merely forced labourer holding points, often of as little as a single work-gang. Forced labor in the Third Reich was on no greater a scale broadly speaking than in Stalin’s USSR. It’s also claimed Poland received no reparations – that’s quite false. The provinces of Silesia, (most of) Pomerania, Danzig, and the southern half of East Prussia were annexed by Poland, along with all their property, and many thousands of Germans were subjected to forced labor in Poland (and elsewhere) after the war, as well as other forms of mistreatment including massacre and torture, well documented in credible sources. The attempt here to downplay or excuse such indiscriminate treatment on account of Nazi atrocities is an old trick and a particularly despicable one with no foundation in justice. And in fact Germans had lived in central-eastern Europe since Roman times, and were there before the Slavs, who were in fact the original invaders. Also the USSR exacted massive reparations from its occupied zone of Germany, impoverishing it to such an extent that it never recovered, especially relative to the West, a key factor in the collapse of the DDR and the Soviet Bloc. And the plans of Hitler and a handful of his cronies are not fairly attributed to the German people as a whole who were not privy to them or their formulation, any more than the Russians were to Stalin’s plans. Also there were no firm plans for mass deaths of Slavs, just certain disputed and short-lived proposals or projections in Nazi parts of the bureaucracy mainly, under pressure of total war and blockade, and most of the wartime deaths were not due to genocide but sheer destruction of war, famine caused by priorities and negligence of both sides, etc, and also partly based in the Nazi mind upon previous atrocities by the Soviets and even Poles against ethnic Germans and others. The figure of 19 million Soviet noncombatant deaths is complete nonsense. Total deaths were 20-25 million in reality (the current official estimate is an exaggeration based on Stalin’s rigged censuses), of whom half were military, and several million of the rest died under Stalin’s control (due to policies scarcely less harsh than those of Hitler). Not to try and excuse Hitler and the Nazis, who were certainly ruthless and brutal enough, but neither should the actually extant evidence be treated sloppily, selectively, or exaggerated.

    I could go on but it’s rather a waste of time right now. But as I said, taking the current situation as an opportunity to revive old-school black propaganda against Germany is NOT helpful, and is just reinforcing the very rot that has led to this current crisis, with even Merkel explicitly acknowledging the Nazi past and its practically universal infamy as a reason for her actions and policy now (ie as some sort of recompense or reversal of Germany’s reputation). I have fought this sort of approach for a long time, and its role in the genesis and course of this disaster is absolutely central.

    • Actually, replying to you would be a waste of time. I could do it, and refute you point by point, but have more important things to do. You are, however, erring not only in facts and interpretation of facts, but in strategy too.

      Outside of what I am saying about WW2 and Germany’s part in it, most of my criticism of what’s going on in the West has been voiced before–for 60+ years at that–by every sort of “extreme ring wing” association, including Neo-Nazis. How come virtually no-one listens? That’s because they took your approach: whitewash Hitler, redeem the good name of Germany, deny “the Holocaust,” blame everything on those evil Joos and their propaganda.

      In fact, “the Holocaust” is the best documented event in all of history. And so is “Holocaust 2,” the one that’s my subject here. “Whites” who belittle the first one, spit on the graves of “Whites”murdered in the second one. But both these holocausts are out there, still surviving in musty archives, thousands of books and millions of photographs and film footage. And in first-hand accounts too–accounts by still living victims and repentant perpetrators; accounts that I heard from my parents too, who had experienced it all.

      It is NOT helpful to do what you are doing, what the Neo-Nazis have been doing: trying to rewrite history that’s still very much alive and present. Admittedly, you have to hang out in Prague, Warsaw or Donetsk to really feel how very much it is present and alive, but it’s still there, in the collective conscious and subconscious, even in the West. Trying to camouflage it, to chip away at it, merely tarnishes as contemptible clowns those who would otherwise have something to say that might be worth listening to.

      Part 4 will elaborate that all this is not an exercise in remembering WW2, or even reviewing what’s going on in Germany now; the two are connected, but I use that only as the most extreme example of a syndrome ravaging the entire West.

      • Your reply is shocking. Nowhere did I or have I ever denied the Holocaust or blamed the Jews. Nor have I whitewashed Hitler, or have any desire to. What on earth are you on about? That’s just a cheap smear trick, straight out of the dirty-tricks playbook I have encountered before from Stalinists in particular. You can’t refute my facts so you resort to that? I actually expected better. And nowhere in the vast accepted scholarly literature is there a “Holocaust 2”. There was just the one, mainly of Jews, but also some Gypsies (or if anything that is the second one), and arguably limited parts of other groups, as I said, eg Polish ruling elements. As for victims, graves, accounts etc, there were enough in my family so don’t try to talk down to me like that.

        I am right on the facts, which I have researched at great length for decades, and on “strategy”. Germany’s current moral collapse is a DIRECT result of the Nazi legacy in fact AND ongoing propaganda. And in fact my current strategy is to focus on the current issue, I only addressed these points because of YOUR dragging them into the spotlight in such a biased and inaccurate manner. Frankly it makes me sick to have to not only fight the idiocy in Germany every day for months on end but to have to then deal with the sort of smearing vilification you perpetrate here, which does not help AT ALL.

        And YOU have more important things to do? Oh gee, how impressive. Before this nonsense I was working on issues of space tech amongst other things, nothing so high and mighty as your “more important things” though of course.

        • You too have a wind-up bird in your brain, and it’s that mechanical bird that’s talking, space tech work notwithstanding. If you can read my text above and question the term “Holocaust 2” you have programmed yourself for so long, so deeply, that you are beyond help.

          One other thing: it may not be “space tech,” but is very ancient Oriental genius, preceding space and tech. If you have a foe lunging at you with a real sword, you don’t deny it’s a real sword. You don’t even pull out your own sword and clash it back and forth against the other. You step aside, and using the momentum of your opponent, you send him crashing against the distant wall , sword and all.

          The fact that Germany’s and Europe’s nomenklatura have been using WW2 history since about 1950 to justify their demolition of the German people and of Europe in general does not prove that that history is false. To invalidate the conclusions that they have drawn from that history you attack the conclusions, not the history.

          Please go elsewhere; I really have no time. If the editors of this blog continue posting your “contributions,” they will remain without rebuttal.

          • Listen Mr Denken, with all due respect you are not the layer of the law in matters of history. The Holocaust is a term employed specifically (in the context of WW2) to refer to the Judeocide, ie an outright attempt at near-complete extermination of the Jews of Europe, in the years 1941-44 specifically. The only other case where it is properly accepted to some degree by the scholarly consensus is in the case of the Gypsies, or the mentally disabled of Germany itself. The Slavs underwent no such general genocide, even if there were many local cases of massacre, famine etc, and sketches of possibly genocidal schemes that MIGHT have been implemented in certain areas after a Nazi victory. But trying to make out that the ethnic Poles say suffered a Holocaust remotely comparable overall to the Jews is definitely NOT ‘kosher’ in accepted historical terms, and it smacks suspiciously of an attempt to gloss over the facts that despite the valiant efforts of many Poles to help Jews, there were even more who either gloated over their removal and regarded it as the one good thing the Germans did, or actually helped in the process. And in fact the mood on the Polish right in the years til war was to expel the Jews en masse from Poland anyway. About a tenth of the ethnic Poles perished due to all causes, hundreds of thousands it’s true from outright murder, but it’s not comparable to the specific fate of the Jews overall. And it’s your text above that I took issue with, or at least parts of it.

            Now to be honest I don’t want an acrimonious debate over these issues here and now, perhaps we can agree to disagree on the interpretation of the historical facts, and put it partly down to different experience and perspectives, as well as research. Right now I am glad that the Polish nationalists have won, and hope that it won’t descend into another feud over the ghosts of history, which are not all on one side even if it’s clear that the Nazis were particularly atrocious. But you ought to try and understand one thing: currently the only people in Germany trying to put up serious resistance to this madness are nationalists of one sort or another, and it really will NOT help to try and kick the last props of German nationalistic sentiment out from under them, it will in fact only help the other side. Yes they must no be allowed to go overboard and deny the Holocaust or even the genuine sufferings of Slavs etc, but the full history is far from entirely one-sided and there have been many falsifications or exaggerations against the Germans too, some of which I have noted, as well as tremendous losses inflicted, vastly more than usually acknowledged. Answer or not I don’t care and don’t have time either, but if you let loose a blast such as you have done here then you cannot expect not to be challenged on it. And again, it will only help those who seek to increase and exploit division between Poland and Germany for their own malign purposes. The government has long ago abandoned all nationalism except economic to a limited degree, and will not be in the least pressured by such methods except to be even MORE ‘welcoming’ and self-destructive. What we need now is a common German-Polish nationalistic front, not a renewal of bad blood over events of the 1940’s.

            Btw regarding the German-Czech situation, you might be interested in this: http://www.dw.com/en/german-sudetenland-group-revises-charter-to-exclude-reclamation-of-homeland/a-18288165

          • Steve,

            There is another group against which actual genocide was attempted during the Second World War, and that was the Serbs. The perpetrators in this case were members of the Ustaša movement in Croatia under the leadership of Ante Pavelić. The most thorough account of the Serbian genocide is contained in Ustaša: Croatian Fascism and European Politics, 1929-1945 by Srđa Trifković. A revised and updated edition of the work was published by the author several years ago.

            Pavelić’s stated goals were to exterminate a third of the Serbs, drive another third out of Croatia, and convert the remaining third to Roman Catholicism. His program was relatively successful: about a third of the Serbs were killed in concentration camps (notably and most notoriously Jasenovac) by methods which were considered excessively brutal and barbarous even by the Nazis, who nevertheless allowed their Croatian vassals to do as they would with the Serbs.

            As a proportion of the population, the genocide of the Serbs is roughly comparable to the genocide of the Jews. Any discussion of the holocausts of WW2 should give equal prominence to both Jews and Serbs.

    • Steve,

      Regarding your first paragraph, Hitler stating “After all, who today speaks of the [massacre of the] Armenians” is directly quoted from an unimpeachable source: “Hitler’s Table Talk” – the post work book of the notes recorded in short hand contemporaneously by a stenographer put there by Hitler to record – in his own view – the great man’s words.

      Regarding your second paragraph on the other hand you are overwhelmingly correct regarding the territorial and forced labour “reparations” Germany and Germans paid Poland and those exacted from Germany by the Soviet Union – the latter of which deserves a trilogy of long books to be fully comprehended. Much of the industrial plant removed by the Soviets from to be West Germany, rusted away on railway sidings in Belarus, the Ukraine, etc. One book in the trilogy could be devoted exclusively to the forced mining of uranium in western Saxony under the euphemism of a Soviet-established corporation “Wismut”, ie Bismuth, they pretended they were mining the mineral bismuth.

      I have made the first of the two preceding territorial reparations points several times on this website, even in this thread from memory (I am as I write simultaneously organizing the logistics for the social activities today of several teenaged children who refuse to get drivers’ permits because they have become too parent-dependent for transport over the years, so I don’t have time to check). And you are correct regarding Soviet non-combatant casualties during WW2 – the Soviet government conveniently threw the Soviet people they themselves killed or starved to death into the total. Similarly with Soviet combatant deaths, they threw the numbers they themselves killed into the tally as victims of German. Antony Beevor notes that the Soviet’s official number of field executions of their own at the battle of Stalingrad alone was 19,000. And that didn’t include the much higher number of Red Army soldiers machine-gunned down by NKVD field “blocking units” for stopping or turning around whilst suicidally charging en masse at German strongpoints discharging withering firepower.

      And I agree with you that hammering today’s Germans is not helpful. It is counterproductive.

      Where I disagree vehemently with you is in your near ad hominem criticism of Denker’s essay. You seem to fail to grasp the deliberately limited scope and specific purpose of that particular essay and seem assume that it delineates his historical weltanschauung. If you had been reading Denker for a while, as I have for years, you wouldn’t be making statements such as: “It is this very sort of one-sided and selective propagandistic version of historical truth that has done so much to lead to this current situation.” in relation to his work. Not helpful.

      One could, however, make that statement quite legitimately about, say, Daniel Goldhagen and his father’s works. Further up this thread someone who “has just read” Goldhagen junior’s “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” – when was that published, 1993? – and has now become true believer in the Goldhagen thesis, without understanding that the Goldhagens are propagandists and just as bad, but on the opposite end of the spectrum as, say, Norman Finkelstein. Both ends are cashing in on the Holocaust industry for personal gain rather than seeking and illuminating historical truths.

      Finally, I’m sure you will agree, apropos your statement “And most Germans did NOT know, and had no way to, what was going on in the East” that the two million employees of the Reichsbahn, many of their spouses, family and close friends did. Just as nobody could disagree that there had been a large German ethnic presence in eastern and south-eastern Europe for many centuries, a millennium perhaps, in Transylvania, the Banat, historical Poland, the Baltic states and throughout.

      • Julius,
        You are wrong; Germans and Germany paid no territorial and forced labour “reparations” to Poland. Roosevelt and Churchill gifted Stalin with 40% of Poland at the Tehran Conference, according to the Curzon Line. As at the very time of that conference, which took place without any Polish representatives, nearly 210,000 Poles were fighting under British command, including 18 air squadrons that, as you have noted elsewhere, had distinguished themselves in the Battle of Britain, and as most of those soldiers had homes in the part of Poland now secretly ceded to Stalin, Uncle Joe’s allied dupes felt better about their betrayal by “adding something” on the the other side. So a provision was also included restoring to Poland –if and when the Allies won–the Polish territories that Germany had annexed, plus the cities of Danzig and Breslau that were either international or Prussian, but had once been Polish too.
        Look at this map of Poland in 1939, and check where the cities in its eastern third are now: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granice_Polski#/media/File:RzeczpospolitaII.png

        Or look at this map and see how the territories gained from the Germans –formerly Polish territories at that- were less than half of those lost to the Soviets that had been Polish for over 500 years:

        The betrayal was finalized a year later, at Yalta, when the Polish Government in Exile was delegitimized, a new government of Polish commies -Soviet tools recognized, and so on. In 1944-1946, the Soviets kicked out about 1.7 million Poles who had survived in parts of Poland that were now under Soviet domination–in many cases it was arrest and cattle car west, beyond the Curzon line.

        Yes, these Polish expellees mostly settled in areas from which German settlers had fled, or had been rounded up by the Polish commie government, held in sometimes atrocious camps, and then kicked further west, to Germany. A similar scenario played in Czechoslovakia. So please, talk about “German suffering,” but not “German reparations.”

        • Germany certainly did pay territorial reparations to Poland, de facto and ultimately de jure. Claiming the territories in question had once been Polish and therefore somehow don’t count is nonsensical. They had been majority German (or also Austrian in the case of Silesia) for many centuries, in some cases longer than the lost eastern territories had been Polish, where Poles were a minority anyway. And it is not entirely irrelevant that they were originally German before they were ever Polish, if you want to argue provenance, in ancient times, well documented in classical sources, when Germania as the Romans called the realm of known Germanic tribes extended to the Vistula and even beyond. Also there is the question of the property that went with the annexations, and known forced labor by thousands of prisoners, mostly civilians, if a lot less than exacted say by the Soviets. And according to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Territorial_evolution_of_Poland#1945

          “Poland lost about 178,000 sq km of its pre-war territory in the east, but gained some 101,000 sq km in the west and north.”

          That’s more than half, and it was wealthier territory too, and once the bulk of Germans were gone, much more ethnically homogenous.

          • Btw I agree that the Poles were quite badly betrayed by the Allies, though given Stalin’s intent and power it was hard to shift him short of war, but still. However, there was a certain reckless naivety on the part of the Polish leadership in those times that for all its undoubted courage lacked realism, as is admitted by quite a few witnesses of the time and historians since.

          • I did not intend to have this discussion with you, but with Julius. As I stated, you are beyond help. You have read a lot, but you have missed a lot. And not knowing the situation on the ground, or the local sources of data, or the zeitgeist and lore and still-living history surrounding all that, you have assembled an imagined picture in your mind and are confidently arguing with someone who was born and grew up in that area and read sources in the two relevant local languages. You remind me of State Dept “specialists” who were confidently perorating about Iraq in 2002 or Libya in 2011. Your behavior is not unusual: just look what Diana West had to go through, but I really can’t get into discussions to challenge fictitious historical tableaux. BTW, quite opposite to what you are asserting above, the people of eastern Germany –i.e. the lands between Germany and Poland– were Slavs, and remained pagan, like the rest of the Slavs, long after the Germanic tribes to the west accepted Christianity.

        • Max

          I am surprised at the vehemence of your denial that Germany and Germans made reparations, both in territory and in labour, to Poland.

          On the territorial reparations, I don’t need to be referred to links to maps. Cartophilia is a half century old vice of mine, so I could, from memory, draw a map of the territories Germany lost to Poland in 1945. (And those lost by Poland to the Soviet Union.) To be sure this was imposed upon Poland – it was shifted westwards – by the Soviets and acquiesced to by Britain and the USA.

          The many forced labour camps for German POW’s and dragooned German civilians in Poland post 1945 are well documented. One had a Jewish commandant who was notoriously cruel. Again this system was imposed by the USSR through their Communist Polish puppets. The second and third men in that Polish regime, one called Minc (some of his descendant relatives live in Australia) were “liquidated” by the regime they served.

          I don’t have a dog in this race, having neither Polish nor German ancestry.

          The most memorable occasion when somebody stated to me as an opening response “You are wrong” was as follows. I was sitting on a bench in the grounds of an inner city hospital in July, having just had an emergency appendectomy five hours earlier. Mobile, due only to Pethidine and was still hooked up to a wheeled intravenous drip stand and in hospital gown. I had just cadged and lit my first cigarette in 15 hours. It was an unusually sunny winter’s day. It was bliss: opiate, nicotine and sunshine. I turned to the fellow sharing the bench with me and said “It’s good thing they faced these benches north”. He asked (in a non-northern hemisphere accent) “Why?” I said “Because then they get the northern sun”. He responded with such stunning verbal and physical intensity I wondered whether the hospital had a psych ward (I found out, 14 years, later that it had a huge one): “NO! You’re wrong! The sun doesn’t come from the north!” In a soft careful voice I asked, as his eyes bored into mine with a guard dog’s challenge: “Doesn’t the sun rise in the east, move across the northern sky and then set in the west?”. He responded in a micro-second: “NO! You’re wrong!!” I naturally broke off eye contact and remained silent. Mightily pleased with himself that he had “out-stared” me and subdued me into silence with unimpeachable argument, he magnanimously offered: “It’s an interesting theory though”. Theory? I was, I confess, tempted to say “Even if I were wrong: it’s not a theory”. But didn’t. It was an extremely useful life altering experience for me (I was in my late 20’s) in terms of my future interaction with people.

      • Julius,

        The infamous “Armenian quote” is from the controversial Lochner version of Hitler’s August 22 speech at Obersalzberg, not the Table-Talk. Agree about other points of fact. Maybe Max has given more balanced picture elsewhere, I have read a bit of his stuff before, but it’s the here and now I’m arguing with. I don’t think it helps, even if it has plenty for an academic debate at another time. Re knowledge in the East, you make a common error of extrapolating far beyond the legitimate and established facts. Most of the Reichsbahn employees did not transport Jews east, and those that did were not privy to their fate in most cases, they were certainly not let officially into the loop, and even those that were were sworn to secrecy on pain of camp confinement or death. Yes some guessed and even whispered to family, the vast majority did not, and this goes also for the Wehrmacht. Even those Germans outside the actual killing apparatus (a small minority) who actually witnessed a massacre say (often camouflaged as an anti-partisan action or retaliation) usually did so only once, and beyond that knew nothing of the vast but state secret program being carried out out of public sight and knowledge. In war seeing a massacre is not so unusual and does not equate to real knowledge of the Holocaust as such. The credible estimate is that a few tens of thousands had pretty substantial knowledge, mainly the perpetrators, and relevant bureaucrats, a few hundred thousand more may have had more patchy knowledge, beyond that most knew nothing or heard only the vaguest rumors in some cases, often dismissed as enemy propaganda. A relative of mine who lived within an hour of one of the camps in Germany when they heard the claims at the end was shocked and went to see for themselves, but did not get past the roadblocks. In fact the Allies had better knowledge than most Germans did.

        • The string having expired where I posted your reply to my Comment to J. O’M, I need to clarify further that I addressed, however obliquely, for lack of time, your perversion of history in the southern part of the terrains between Germany and Poland, not the northern. This may refresh your knowledge of the “German” roots of the northern part, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teutonic_takeover_of_Danzig_%28Gda%C5%84sk%29 (first par. will be sufficient), though even that does not do justice to the horrors that, sorry, but Germans, inflicted on the Prussian people, too, further east, not to speak of what they did to the other Baltics, even farther. Please, you want to be an apologist for the German side, do it somewhere else; here, it’s just clogging the channels of communication.

          • With all due respect, Max (since I know nothing about the topic), a Wikipedia page prominently headed with a notice that “the neutrality of this article is in dispute” is not the best source to cite to underscore your point. Wikipedia is notoriously unreliable when the topic is politically contentious, and most topics involving Germans or Russians are contentious these days.

            I suggest citing primary-source historians instead, if you can. And if you know of any who are respected but disagree with your position, you might cite those, too, so that people may get a feel for the “other side” of the argument.

          • I am not perverting any history. The facts are clear. In ancient (ie classical) times the inhabitants of the whole current Polish plain to the Vistula and even beyond in some cases were known Germanic tribes, documented at length by a number of classical historians (eg Tacitus, based on various other sources). The Goths even had an empire in the Ukraine before the arrival of the Hunnic hordes. Over the following centuries, some Germanic tribes migrated elsewhere, and Slavic tribes moved west and north from their Carpathian homeland, spreading into what is now East Germany. Populations would have mixed to some degree. Then the Germans started an eastwards remigration, partly at the invitation of Polish magnates who wanted military and demographic support against the then savage and pagan Balts especially, and German technical skills. That is all well documented and uncontroversial, in the international literature, apart from Polish nationalist sources perhaps. As to the Teutonic takeover of Danzig, the Polish claims of large massacre are not generally accepted outside Poland, being based on known propaganda claims at the time, and the Order occupied the city by rights at the time, originally at the behest of a Polish Duke, who then refused compensation, so the Order bought it from the ruling Brandenburg house legally. You are making the BIG mistake of taking the Polish nationalist account of these matters as gospel, rather than examining the broader literature and scholarship as I have done. I have a number books on the Order, and both German and Polish history in English and German, as well as having researched online in some depth. I am not interested in anything but the actual truth, whether it favors the Germans or Poles (and it does both depending on the case in question). And my roots and relations are in that area, so again, don’t talk to me as if I am some foreign dilettante. Nor will a one-sided approach to the matter help the cause of German-Polish resistance to the current threats and crises.

  23. Dear Spectator,

    I have succeeded in an obstacles-laden life for one main reason: knowing that Assumption is the mother of all (insert your favorite four-letter words here). You are making some seriously pejorative insinuations here, so I should address the assumptions on which you based them.

    Max Denken is a nom de plume that I thought of maybe two years ago and started using at Gates of Vienna five months ago. I am not a “professional” writer, in the sense that I spent my entire adult life in a career in a different field and derive no income from my writing. Hence it’s natural that you can’t “google” Max Denken.

    Second, I’ve had heard of Timothy Snyder’s book, “Bloodlands,” but have never read it, or any part of it. There is not a single word, fact or idea that I have taken from Snyder. On the other hand, I knew what’s in the essay above before Snyder was even a glimmer in his future parents’ eyes: it’s my family history, see?

    I grew up a refugee on account of my parents’ families, homes, friends, social status, ancient roots and everything else having been wiped by the Germans and the Soviets, with my parents then forcibly resettled from bloodlands. My friends were daughters of Polish aristocrats whose wartime history in the bloodlands would make you throw up if you heard it, and with sons of Hungarians whose parents crawled through minefields to escape from commie Hungary in 1956. For decades, I heard stories at the dinner table that would suffice for Snyder to base a “Bloodlands: the Sequel” on.

    That’s the only connection.

    • Thank your for your explanations. I referred to Snyder´s latest book, “Black Earth, the Holocaust as History and Warning” which contained passages which were very similar to what you wrote in your essay part 3. That´s all and no offence. My mother had to flee from the advancing Red Army in february 1945, from an area near Posen/Poznan. That she, my brother and I survived, was sheer luck.

  24. Addendum re non-Jewish losses in occupied eastern Europe – of course exaggerated ‘reprisals’ also accounted for a large number (in fact often part of a very brutally conducted partisan war on both sides), and there were outright extermination actions against certain categories such as Polish and Soviet leadership classes (rather analogous to Soviet actions of a similar sort), but despite the noted proposals that did not get off the drawing board as such, there was no mass genocide of Slavs by the Nazis, unless general losses of war and scarcely avoidable famine (given the blockade and Soviet scorched earth policy) are counted, and even then, Slavs like Croats, Slovaks, (mostly West) Ukrainians, and Bulgarians were regarded as allies more or less and certainly not slated for destruction. One really should not play to such broad and sloppy notions as “the Nazis intended and tried to exterminate all Slavs”. But their actual crimes are certainly horrendous nevertheless. It ought to be noted also, that whilst the Lochner quote is a fabrication, the Nazis were aware of and to some degree inspired by (but also scared by) the example of the Mongols who had been written about by a Russian expat in Germany in a book which Himmler made required reading for his officers. It was regarded both as an example in some ways (of how to ruthlessly attain a great empire with limited numbers) and a warning of what awaited the Germans if Bolshevism triumphed, which given the slaughters perpetrated by the Communists since 1917 was not so far-fetched. But the fact of the Mongol storm, the greatest slaughter in Eurasian history, dwarfing even that of the Nazis overall, should be borne in mind when one seeks for roots of what happened during WW2. Such things were not simply the random product of some deranged Germanic mind, but part of a long line of historical cause and effect.

  25. Mr Denken, you say were a refugee, of presumably Slavic roots, and influenced by Poles and Hungarians. That explains what I consider to be your (admittedly not so unusual) bias in the matter. But you should understand that whilst the Nazis and Soviets were indeed vicious and bloodthirsty regimes, their peoples were as ‘normal’ as others, and their victim nations were not spotless on their own accounts, having at times had their own massacres and pogroms, if on far smaller and less organized scales, but they were certainly as capable of ethnic and class hatred. I don’t accept the characterisation of the Germans as particularly innately evil or deranged, rather it’s a question of a number of factors including at times terrible leadership (as we see now). In fact the Germans, Poles, Czechs, Hungarians and others are all pretty mixed genetically with each other since the middle ages and much of the difference is artificial via nationalism and other acculturations and conditionings. So let’s focus on leaders and ruling classes and treat the Europeans as essentially one greater ethnos if with different subdivisions, and not engage in vilification of Germans or any other European tribe as a whole.

    • Please note that I specifically refuted the theory that Germans were, or are, “innately evil.” I mentioned Goldhagen’s book and how preposterous his thesis is. Germans were no more antisemitic than other European peoples were at that time, and if they felt superior to Slavs, so did the English. Some of the latter still do.

      I am, myself, a great admirer of many contributions that Germany has made to my civilization. If not for “German” music I probably would not have made it to this day. My mother –a Slav–was a teacher, and lover, of German and German literature. She went through the worst of WW2, yes, but three times her life was saved by uniform-wearing Germans, who risked their own lives for that.

      And that, precisely, is the horror, and why all this is relevant to what’s happening now. I described the “thing” that changed so many Germans of the Third Reich into hellions as a mental virus. I also stated that the virus that has turned the entire West, including Germany, against itself is merely a mutation of that earlier virus. The interesting issue is not whether I had some tendentious motivations for discussing the features of the earlier virus, but how that virus has evolved into what’s killing us now.

      • Fair point re Goldhagen, and I grant your second para the serious respect it deserves. Re your last point, fair enough to that extent, but plastering the piece with pictures of executions and piling up so many claims (some accurate some debateable) of German wickedness (or viral insanity if you prefer) then may have a certain theoretical worth, but is as given practically unhelpful as such in my opinion for the reasons stated. We have to be able to accept and divorce a certain core of legitimate German nationalism and critical defense from the Nazi crimes real or alleged, otherwise the Left and their Islamist allies will win once and for all, that is the reality we are facing right now, Germany is crumbling before our eyes due to a sheer lack of self-belief and confidence in their culture and overall national past and cause, and deep-seated and conditioned ‘need’ for atonement for crimes those living now did not commit (with a few vestigial geriatric exceptions), but are never allowed to forget or even feel not responsible for.

          • We’ll see. But my point about there having to be some allowance for a legitimate (and peaceful) German nationalism, as distinct from the undeniably appalling Nazi excesses, is one that I will stand by no matter what, as without it, Germany is a goner, and Europe with it.

  26. A “refugee” receives more handouts than a local taxpayer
    in Scandinavia

    How can the Europeans accept this?! Is a muslim aka “refugee” worth more than twice as much as a local Scandinavian? Handouts to local in left column, and to “refugee” in right column

    Single “refugee” NOK 22,500
    Married “refugees” NOK 26,000
    Single ordinary local NOK 11,000
    Married ordinary locals NOK 14,000

    1 USD = 8.70

    No handouts for clothing estimated for local.
    NOK 2,500 for clothing for “refugee”

    What does the – muslim – “refugee”/Afghan/African/Syrian make a year in their own country? Would it be fair to say that they make at least, the same amount per month mascerading as a “refugee” in Scandinavia where, in addition, the cost of living is the highest in the world?

    These numbers speak for themselves.

    What will happen, however, when the taxpayers are both outnumbered and too exhausted to provide for the unproductive “refugees”, and their children and wives? Will the locals survive starting from scratch building parallel societies far away from the cities and towns that are now being populated with imported muslims?

    racism, jizya,

    • edit
      1 USD = NOK 8.70

      redistribution, socialism, one world order, sharia, jizya, (racism, actually)

    • edit

      redistribution, socialism, one world order, lebensraum, sharia, jizya, (racism, actually) “human’s rights” for muslims

  27. I need clarification. Merkel, Hollande, Obama are acting as if one mind. What are they, collectively, trying to achieve? They must be getting something in return from this massive, Islamic, immigration — and what is that? Money? Political favors? Free passage to hell? Thank God there is resistance from other heads of state to this insanity.

    • Ingrid, it is their ideology – their brand of fixing what it is they perceive that is wrong with the world – the final solution. However, the human traits of greed, lust for power etc, come into play within such ideologies and the mindset of ‘whatever it takes’ to achieve their goal comes to the fore and woe betide those who stand against it.

      In short, we are now governed by people who in another age would be widely considered as criminals and traitors!

      • Ingrid,

        The islamic conquest of Persia might shred a light into what you say/ask. Bribe the victims leaders/elite and you are well on your way towards your end goal. Submission or death to the infidel!

        Our so called “elites” must be on mohamed’s payroll. Otherwise there is no explanation for their ” nothing to do with islam” soundbites right after some major in the US army starts killing his fellow soldiers shouting: Allahoe Akbar…

    • Look beyond the puppets as to see who is behind it all. Cameron, Obama, Clinton and even Merkel are just the hired help. It’s their backers you have to look at.

      For the last 20+ years there has been what can only be called a movement towards globalization in the West or neoliberalism as some call it, mostly among the monied elites and the intellectual classes. It has been driven by changes in technology, law and finance that has erased national boundaries for businesses and the super wealthy. You don’t need them anymore to make money, lots of money.

      Thomas Friedman has been one of it’s central mouthpieces, same with the NYT, FT and WSJ. Same with all the major “institutes”, foundations, and “houses” which are basically fronts for the super rich and powerful anyways.

      The supporters today are the who’s who of the mega rich from Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Ellison, Adelson, Koch Brothers, the Google founders and so on. This support mostly manifests itself in support for open borders, unlimited immigration, trans-national trade agreements that ruin 1st world nations while enriching corporations, etc.

      They no longer think of themselves as Americans, but citizens of the world. Davos Men as Samuel Huntington has labeled them.

      They love open borders for a reason: Because it crushes the locals wages. Now instead of having a dozen or applicants for every job you have several hundred and you can fire those who have jobs with no worries. It is a business man’s dream.

      Politicians love it because it means lifetime positions by playing to these imports and lavishing them with freebies and money to buy their votes.

      They don’t care that it’s short term gimmick that will bring about the collapse of the Western economies and cultures – they’ll just flee to some private Islands they have and party on. The same way the Roman nobles fled to Byzantium to avoid being slaves of the barbarians.

      What the EU and Merkel(she runs the EU by virtue of Germany’s economic clout) have done is gone full monty globalist under aegis of humanitarianism. She and her backers think the Muslims imports will become a vast pool of low cost laborers for the factories. They don’t get the people they brought in are little more than savages who have no intentions of working in a factory or even capable of it given most have a IQ of 85 or less. They will remain a violent and ever growing indigestible mass of humanity that will eventually digest the German people if they are not removed en-masse.

      I have no doubt some of it is driven by Germans trying to prove they are morally superior or some such rot.

      But it wouldn’t happen without the buy in of the very powerful. That’s the key to it.

      • I agree with you. That’s why I always insist on knocking the “capitalists” equally with the “socialists”; you’ll see more of that in the concluding part.

        All that, however, does not negate the fact that the political elite which is in the pay–one way or another–of the global financial/industrial elite, manages to sway the population to get on with the program by playing on their maudlin feelings, high yet fraudulent ideas, and an ideological software that yet another toxic component of the system: leftist education and mass media have instilled in the people.

        • There is also the extremely important influence of the Western academics. Universities and colleges have been funneling a steady stream of the multiculticultural-leftwing indoctrinated into the mainstream media, government and the educational systems for many decades.

        • P.S. I see now that you have mentioned this in your comment. I think its importance should be emphasized. These are the ideologically-driven ideas which have undermined our civilization. And I agree that they have been conflated with Judeo-Christian ethics to leave western civilization ripe for the plucking.

          • I may be adding this comment too late to have it read, but I now realize, thinking back, that Max may have already covered much of this in previous articles.

            The cause of our current situation is multifaceted and so it is not possible to cover all facets in one post.

      • Well put anon! I hope Ingrid can gather all that in without making her swoon. It is a lot to take on board for someone still learning about the facts of life.

      • This is a rich vein to be mined.

        The Cold War was sufficiently riveting so that the elite had to abase themselves by appearing to have allegiance to their putative nation and kinsmen. Diana West, Fred Siegel, Stan Evans, Joseph Sobran, Thomas Fleming, Sam Francis, Garret Garrett, Eugene Lyons, Paul Gottfried, Robert Bork, Lino Graglia, Mark Levin, and others one way or another lay out the case for an elite who are, shall we say, not at all enamored of constitutional government or the wonders of our Western civilization. When the Soviet threat evaporated, the centrifugal forces were unopposed and we begin to see the appearance of dynastic government with people of huge wealth exerting equally huge influence on domestic and foreign policy.

        The futility of one’s belief in representative government (that might have miraculously survived the Clinton love in, the Bushian war on “terror,” and the descent from the clouds of the Undocumented One) became clear when the majorities handed to the Republicans, i.e., the shock troops of American neo-communism, resulted in The Great Post-November-2014 Silence of the Gravathon. In the language of mortarmen, one heck of a hangfire.

        Whoever was running American turned out not to be the people, and the election of Mr. Amnesty and Open Borders as Speaker of the House was just the cherry on top on that.

        Marilyn Barnewell has an interesting article on how the corrupt GOP establishment plays the game. How Mr. Trump has upset them.

        What may be said to characterize American society now is The Lie – the lies about human nature, about arithmetic, about borders/culture/language (h/t: M. Savage), about Islam, and about the depravity of European civilization. Economic collapse and the realities of Islam and third-world immigration will soon enough puncture the pretty little lies the Treason Class tell us and each other. In the meantime, that class will refuse to alter its course and those whom they can’t silence with their AntiFa Sturm Abteilung they will crucify with hate speech prosecutions.

        • Well put there Colonel! The assassination of the man who would have exposed most of that charade of which you write – Kennedy – is to my mind the event that not only shook America but the entire world.

          In my later years and after much informative research, I have come to the conclusion that the Kennedy assassination not only opened the flood gates to much of what you have written here, but buried any hope of America retaining its greatness and its industry, but the most important aspect of all, its moral compass. And as went America so too has the West.

  28. There is one especially interesting aspect of Denker’s essay that very rarely has any light shone on it.

    Before I get to that I would (and have for years urges everybody to be careful using the word “concentration camps” in relation to places like Auschwitz, Belsen and Dachau. The latter two were certainly “Konzentrationlager” in German, “KZ”s in the colloquial usage of the time. The first (but, see qualification below) was one of six “Vernichtungslager”, ie destruction or extermination camps, the sole purpose of which was to destroy/exterminate people, established in what had been pre-war Poland.

    What Denker wrote here:

    “Auschwitz was built in 1940 to hold Poles, not Jews. By October 1941, when construction on the Jewish Holocaust nexus, Auschwitz II-Birkenau, began, 10,000 Polish Catholics and 10,000 Soviet prisoners of war had already been “processed” at Auschwitz I.”

    is correct. The former Polish military barracks at Oświęcim was built for Polish prisoners of war and the Polish victims of the socio-educational “decapitation” policy of the Germans. Then it became additionally a place for special Soviet POWs after June 1941. It was a concentration camp. Meanwhile the Germans had been experimenting with mobile exhaust gas vans to kill Jewish internees at Chelmno (which would become one of the six) and decided that that method was too inefficient.

    The first use of Zyklon B to gas prisoners was at Auschwitz in a former army barracks building. They bricked up the windows and experimented using Polish internees and Soviet POWs. Then German purpose built a gas chamber at Auschwitz. It worked and Auschwitz morphed into a part “Konzentrationlager”, part .

    Then in the birch woods “Birkenau” to the west of that original camp, the Germans purpose built a new “Vernichtungslager” and it became known by them as Auschwitz II, the original becoming known as Auschwitz I. Then to the east of the original the Germans built an industrial centre using Jewish, Polish and Soviet slave labor in a synthetic rubber factory and others. This was known as Monowitz or Auschwitz III.

    Today the better informed use the term “Auschwitz-Birkenau” to accurately denote the epicentre of the genocide that took place at the principal, first and last “Vernichtungslager”.

  29. Baron (no reply option above),

    I’m aware of the Croatian fascist slaughter of the Serbs, however, the actual numbers killed are hotly disputed, and are generally estimated a well less than a third, it’s usually given as a couple of hundred thousand up to a more like 7-800,000 in Serbian/Yugoslav circles, not generally accepted elsewhere. Total Yugoslav losses in WW2 were about 1-1.5 million out of a population of about 15 million, and that includes quite a lot of non-Serbs. In fact there are a number of other ethnocides that occurred then even if numbers again are disputed, eg the Ukrainian nationalists on the Volhynian Poles, the Romanians on the Transnistrian Jews, various pogroms by other nationalities on Jews on a smaller scale (including in Poland), Yugoslav partisan massacres of Croatian prisoners at the end, and the expulsion of the ethnic Germans from eastern Europe from Poland to Yugoslavia in which about 3 million died or disappeared, including many by outright massacre. And of course that’s just in Europe, there were also huge slaughters in Asia at the hands of the Japanese especially, and in India during partition in 1947. Even the fascist Italians committed massive atrocities in Africa in Libya and Ethiopia, with Mussolini himself ordering extermination including by gas and even biological warfare. And a recent book is even titled Franco’s Holocaust, with reference to his massacre of hundreds of thousands of Republican prisoners. Then there’s Stalin’s purges. The list is endless.

    • The Serbian numbers (from the lowest to the highest estimates) are meticulously chronicled by Dr. Trifković in his book. Back when my eyes still worked, I read the entire book, including the appendices and every footnote, so I absorbed a lot of the data. I recommend that anyone who wants to understand a largely neglected aspect of the Second World War do the same.

      Taking the median of those estimates, approximately a third of the Serbs under Pavelić’s control were deliberately exterminated. Such extermination was his intention, just as extermination of the Jews was Hitler’s intention, and both men achieved roughly the same level of success. Therefore, by your own criteria, the treatment of the Serbs by the Ustaša goes beyond simple massacre and enters the realm of genocide.

      I wrote about this issue some years ago in “The Serbia Standard”. If I get time, I may update that piece and repost it.

      • A third of the Serbs under Pavelić’s control, that makes more sense, he did not control the ones in the occupied Serb state, although wartime Croatia was bigger than it is today. But I remember reading up about Jasenovac a while ago, and the numbers who were actually killed there is debated, estimates vary by a factor of 4 or so. Either way, you are right that there was apparently an intent at a partial genocide in that case, as in many of the others I cited. The difference with the Holocaust is the intent (at least for a while) to basically wipe out all the Jews of Europe, barring only a small number who were released in exchanges etc or kept alive temporarily as specialist laborers etc.

        • Yes, and it was Pavelić’s intent to eliminate all Serbs from Croatian-controlled territory. One third to be killed, one third to be converted, one third to be driven out. That is definitely an intended genocide, albeit with a one-third mix of “ethnic cleansing”.

          I’m not sure what his long-term plans for Serbia were for after the war, had the Germans won. Presumably he would have attempted to extend his extermination campaign all the way to Belgrade. Or maybe not.

          Pavelić survived the war, smuggled out of the Balkans to South America, like a number of of the Nazis.

          • Undoubtedly a nasty regime and leader, who escaped proper justice, like so many, unfortunately.

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