Gagged in Quebec — And Beyond

We’ve reported in the past on a pernicious piece of legislation known as Bill 59, which is up before the legislature in Quebec and is considered likely to become law. It effectively implements UN Resolution 16/18 in Quebec, criminalizing “the call to hate, demonize, and dehumanize certain groups”. We all know what the “certain groups” will be, and I can guarantee they won’t include any Anabaptists or Amish.

With Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau now in charge of piloting the Canadian ship of state, we can also expect that Bill 59 will eventually be extended to the entire Canadian commonwealth and become the law of the land. Like the Human Rights Commissions, only statutorily-based.

Vlad Tepes, who lives in Ottawa just a stone’s throw from Modern Multicultural Quebec, is considering possible workarounds in anticipation of the day when government agencies start blocking certain websites. Below are excerpts from his post about virtual private networks:

Using a VPN to bypass censorship in Quebec — Bill 59

From my post here:

As passage of Quebec’s totalitarian bill C-59 looms imminent, it becomes more and more important how a free person, in what must remain a free nation, can obtain information that allows them to make freely made choices. Quebec Canada may be the first nation to pass a law such as this which forces a certain set of behaviours at the front end, instead of the more typical rear end approach used by most oligarchies where a person who doesn’t think the right thoughts or say the right things is put in a gulag or imprisoned in re-education facilities like China does etc, but it won’t be the last. Germany has already brought on a czar who will monitor the internet for people resistant to the Merkel plan for national self-destruction.

So how can a free people remain free to access the information they need to guarantee freedom of decisions for themselves, their families and their futures?

The best way we know of is a program you can install on your computer or web browser called a ‘VPN’, or, ‘Virtual Private Network’. This is a handy little tool that tricks the internet into thinking your computer is somewhere other than in a zone which is information-restricted so sites like this one, or any other site you wish to see, may be blocked and you may be tracked for trying to see them. A VPN puts your computer in Australia or New York if you want or anywhere on its list of proxies.

(One other huge advantage for Canadians is it may let you watch some American programming on some of your favorite streaming services that are only marginally worth the money without it)

Here is how you can do it:

The work around is simple, people use VPNs and Proxies for all sorts of reasons, but Bill 59 and ones like it are the reason they exist. if you use a VPN, no-one should be able to track your surfing behaviour, there are thousands of options to choose from. Here are a few:

I think this is probably the most popular, fairly simple to use on any device, limited technical support, pretty good, i know people who have had accounts with them for over 5 years.

A bit more corporate from F-Secure a big player in general IT security, good if VPNing multiple devices in a home or office, better technical support.

Just another VPN provider, smaller outfit, hear good things about them from someone who has a low tolerance for technical issues.


Build your own

Well, that would be my first choice, cost is about the same, you get no support at all, but if you want to be 100% not even the VPN provider is snooping (I didn’t earn the nickname double condom for the reason you might think).

There are also proxy services you can use which are far simpler, tend to be less reliable and slow, but some even free (with loads of advertising). here’s a couple I have played around with before. and

And a giant list here which you can use with plugins such as foxyproxy who offer their own VPN and proxy services.

This is something I would attend to rather sooner than later. Once Bill 59 comes in, rumour has it that Quebec will instruct all Internet Service Providers to block certain sites from its customers. A VPN will get around that without a problem for the user. My guess is Canada, Germany and Sweden and probably Norway will follow suit right after. A term of Hillary Clinton in the US likely will as well. Average cost for a professional VPN with good user interface and support is around $5.00/month. Have one beer at home instead of out and you cover it.

23 thoughts on “Gagged in Quebec — And Beyond

    • Most people think we are on the way to a “1984” World. They don’t realize that they’ve been in “1984” their whole lives – with sociopaths and Collectivists shaping what they hear, see, and thus, think.

  1. Western governments have become so swollen, maybe the same steps when civilization has become uncultured and anti-Christian. Canada, or more specifically the province of Quebec is a proof of this. Political correctness creates minorities to be protected, and an extra layer of protection so that they are not criticized by anyone, even if their behavior incites the true hatred. One thing is to have a practical or moral conduct, another thing is to make this practice or irreproachable conduct; and this is exactly what the government does. In this war promoted by the government and the media to create minorities to divide and conquer, the government has taken liberties of both sides. The same feminist groups that invade churches, and calling for the criminalization of Christianity in public life, are those that foster and embrace immigration policies, other “minority” ethnic supposedly fall into this equation, and that locupletam with feminists, to have a victim card to allude to an alleged phobia of his political opponents.

    I know that the issues cited above has no relation properly with this article, but it’s the way I see the situation you are in Quebec. Not only the province of Quebec, but other countries, including my own.

    • Sorry, Ronie; your statement that “The same feminist groups that invade churches, and calling for the criminalization of Christianity in public life, are those that foster and embrace immigration policies, other “minority” ethnic supposedly fall into this equation, and that locupletam with feminists, to have a victim card to allude to an alleged phobia of his political opponents” is beyond my experience and/or understanding.

      Could you please give me some help here? (no sarcasm intended; I really don’t get it)

      –What feminist groups have invaded churches? Clearly, I’ve missed these news articles! Not all that surprising given my up-and-down state of health. I’m usually horizontal or nearly so with a book (I don’t own a laptop), so I know that a lot of news passes me by.

      –Is it these same feminist groups that have called for the criminalization of Christianity in public life? Or have others somehow done so?

      –I think the middle of your sentence refers to left-oriented activists who endorse immigration policies which are to the long-term detriment of their own interests. If not, please let me know what your correct intention is.

      –And I’m completely lost after the word “locupletam.” This could of course be a typo, but I can’t offer a re-wording of the balance of the sentence in a way that is clear to my own reading.

      Sorry to be such a dunce! And thanks in advance for any help you provide. 🙂

      • I’ll horn in here: Femen, the bare-breasted feminist activist group, invaded an Orthodox church in Russia during a service and took over the area around the altar with some of their loud shenanigans. I don’t remember what their issue was. And I may be confusing them with Pussy Riot!

        Also: A topless Femen activist used a chainsaw to cut down a cross on a hilltop in Slovenia (I think it was) in a video that went viral.

        • I (finally) had an opportunity to look at yesterday (I *cannot* believe they qualified for the .org classification).

          What a bunch of loonies! (and I’m not referring to Canadian money) They actually seem to think that going around in public without–at least–clothes on the tops of their bodies, but in some cases completely unclothed, will achieve Political Change??? If they resort to these tactics when Muslim men are around, the “Fe(wo)men” will almost instantly regret it, because to Muslim men, any woman who isn’t “covered” is required to be dominated by a Muslim man (i.e., raped).

          I just kept shaking my head as I read down their landing page. “Special training” is required to participate in their “actions.” I really don’t want to know what this “training” involves.

          Amazingly naive in some ways but completely dangerous (to themselves) and offensive to others as well. Still shaking my head in disbelief 24 hours later….

          • It is not about “Women’s rights”, is it? When left[]ists (of any extraction) demand “rights” to any group, two things are happening:

            a) they are actually defending the opposite of what they claim;

            b) the special-interest group they are arguing for (the so-called “minority”), already has those rights anyway – like demanding the “liberation” of someone who is already free – so their demands are for privilege, not Equality.

            These are not mutually exclusive. Anything that swings the progressive wrecking ball at the foundations of the Judaico-Christian building is welcome.

        • Read the blog post (had to scroll UP through maybe 180 responses to get to it!). Again, I am behind the times: an SJW can’t mean Single Jewish Woman in this context, so…?

          Taking a stab in the dark, so to speak: Social Justice Wymyn? And then what is SJWAL?

          thx. “Continuing Education” is a lifelong endeavor; I highly recommend it to everyone! 🙂

      • Well, I’ll explain to you what I wrote. Firstly I’m not European, I do not speak English or any other, I am Brazilian, so I speak Portuguese. Yes, you’re right: the sentence is sometimes out of order and makes the confused understanding. Indulge themselves means an increase, so when I say “if locupletam”, I’m referring to the fact that they add to each other in a certain symbolic value, and if I refer to the same feminists who protest against patriarchy means, they point as derived from Christianity, they are the ones that speak out against the “racism” of those who are against mass immigration. Fjordman, who is an author I like a lot already talked about this. It is a fact that feminists are against churches, and in today’s Europe, much of the anti-Christian radicalism is part of political correctness inserted in academia and etc. In my country feminists protesting against Christianity and ask for the decriminalization of abortion, while that gay Muslims throw buildings and enslave women. Feminists my country are concerned about tar and invade churches in favor of abortion, but do not worry or solidarity with Muslim women. It is widespread, I believe it is not only in my country.

        Just did not understand his penultimate comment: “Left activists endorsing immigration that goes against their interests”? Mass immigration of people from hostile cultures has always been part of the left-wing agenda. I, in my travels over the Internet never met any leftist group that was against mass immigration. It gives the impression that you believe there is some value in feminism somehow, as if he could be beneficial. Radical feminism is against Christianity alone is not against Islam, because Islam is part of the left strategy. This is notorious. Well, I hope I have cleared up. I hope this text is understandable, I use the translator, so do not blame me. Lol

        • Thanks to all of you who responded to me. It has brought me (sadly!) up to date on these sacrilegious actions by committed secularists (i.e., anti-Christian activists), esp. women who identify themselves as feminists.

          I say “sadly” because, according to my understanding, I myself am a feminist; that is, I believe that men and women should have equal rights and responsibilities under the law.

          You don’t like Christianity? ==> Don’t go to church.

          You don’t like Judaism ==> Don’t attend synagogue services.

          You like to hang out with destructive, vicious women? ==> Sorry; I can’t help you there. 🙂

          And, Ronie, it now seems obvious even to the politically unsophisticated person that the Islamic invasion is part of a left-coordinated worldwide action. Your statement that “Islam is part of the left strategy” is exactly correct, and “This is notorious” is an excellent response to that statement.

          Thank you again. My Portuguese doesn’t exist, but muchas gracias (Spanish), merci beaucoup, danke schoen.

  2. I’ve used several of these services over the years, and they work fine. Do a little research first though, and make sure you choose one suitable for your specific needs.

    You might also want to consider using one that lets you pay using ukash, or as it is now known paysafecard, or something similar.

    And there is also the Tor browser.

    • Not in Gibraltar; in Malta. It was evaluated/review in some magazine as the best VPN out there 2 years ago. I use it for those 2 years, and I am very happy with it.

  3. Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye.

    In the present report, submitted in accordance with Human Rights Council resolution 25/2, the Special Rapporteur addresses the use of encryption and anonymity in digital communications. Drawing from research on international and national norms and jurisprudence, and the input of States and civil society, the report concludes that encryption and anonymity enable individuals to exercise their rights to freedom of opinion and expression in the digital age and, as such, deserve strong protection.


    Available here:

  4. We all know what the “certain groups” will be, and I can guarantee they won’t include any Anabaptists or Amish.

    Yup. But they will include Muslims. And another group, who shall remain nameless.

  5. Perhaps in a few years, the only advantage of the new “Trudeaupia” (to use Mark Steyn’s phrase) will be geographical – the fact that it’s thousands of miles from the multi-kulti paradise of Europe, rather than ten kilometres from the Turkish shore, will mean that it’s spared the levels of enrichment of Europe. And this may yet trump all the other negatives.

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