A Nightmare, Reborn

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Below is the second part of Max Denken’s analysis of the multiculti nightmare that is currently engulfing Europe. This installment pays special attention to Germany.

20 August 2015: Europe’s aging population watching the arrival of its successors and future masters at the Greek island of Kos, a few days after 1,500 such ‘migrants’, mostly arrived on rubber dinghies from nearby Turkey, rioted on that island. (Daily Mail, 20.08.2015)

A month later: The queue outside the Berlin Office of Health and Social Affairs. German altruists in the upper right corner (Daily Mail, 26.09.2015)

A Nightmare, Reborn
Part 2 of 3

by Max Denken

The two countries that have been animating the European Union also power, since the 1950s, Europe’s drowning-by-Muslims, the refugee tsunami included. They are France and Germany.

Their pre-peoplehood enmity was noted already by Julius Caesar. Perhaps they now share a benign view of grafting Islamic hordes onto Europe because they devastated each other directly or by proxy for over 150 years of internecine Christian religious wars begun in the early 16th century. In modern times, they went at it in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, World War I and World II, after which they decided that the only way to bury the hatchet was to integrate in a pan-European entity and draw in the rest of the continent with them.

Unique pathologies have developed over that long history. France is to European history what the writer Spengler called in a 2003 article, “the sacred heart of darkness.” Spengler referred solely to French delusions of mystical grandeur that perhaps started with Cardinal Richelieu’s spymaster, Father Joseph du Tremblay. Fr. Joseph was convinced that France was God’s instrument for the salvation of humanity, hence justifying any and all means for the attainment of her “noble” goals. This led to France playing both sides in Europe’s religious wars; for instance first a mass murder of its own Huguenots, and then financing Protestant Sweden in its war on Catholic Central Europe.

But what is one to make of the French Revolution? Apart from the horrors it inflicted on France, it is the mother of communism and socialism, state terror and the citizen as the state’s servant, hundreds of million dead in a little over 200 years, militant secularism and the fraudulent cult of equality. Then came Napoleon and submerged Europe in a sea of blood under the slogan Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

In our times, France has been the architect of the Muslim invasion of Europe ever since opening its borders, under de Gaulle, to millions of North African Arabs. France has been the instigator of Eurabia, metamorphosed of late as the hopefully-named Mediterranean Co-prosperity Sphere. France is where pogroms of Jews and cartoonists are the norm, Marseille might as well be in Morocco, 1,000 infidels’ cars are torched each year as a Muslim celebration of the Winter Holiday, and productive citizens pay a 75% marginal income tax rate while half of France’s at-least 7 million Muslims live on public welfare. France sued Brigitte Bardot five times for “inciting racial hatred,” and is now suing Marine Le Pen for “racism” because she criticizes the vast expanse of upturned Muslim posteriors occupying many a public square and church plaza in her country five times a day. It’s that France that’s now pushing suicide-by-Muslim-refugees on the whole of Europe.

But Germany is the more interesting case.

Deutschland schafft sich ab

When the German politician, financial expert and member of the Executive Board of Germany’s Bundesbank (central bank) Thilo Sarrazin published his book Deutschland schafft sich ab (“Germany abolishes itself”), he became an instant pariah to the ruling elite and a folk hero to the common serfs. Sarrazin lost his job with the Bundesbank, his position in the Social Democratic Party, his social standing, his friends, and probably some family too. Germany’s mass media and politicians crucified him virtually and would have, if they could, done so physically as well.

But why? Even the liberal-left Der Spiegel itself that called Sarrazin “The Man Who Divided Germany” (it’s never the Progressive saboteurs who “divide”) acknowledged that his conclusions about the failed integration of Muslim immigrants are “beyond any doubt,” And that is already at least one level off from the truth, which is that to have expected “integration” from imported products of ancient, hostile barbarism was, and continues to be, the essence of lunacy itself.

Frau Bundeskanzlerin Merkel called Sarrazin’s conclusions “absurd” and assumed the facial rictus of one force-fed live maggots when she as much as heard his name mentioned in TV interviews. And that was before all hell broke loose because Sarrazin speculated that the Jews’ high degree of intelligence is due to a shared gene, i.e. inheritability.

German media erupted in an uproar about the “disgusting realm of race theory,” “shadow of Hitler” and so on. The Central Council of Jews in Germany — -typically for the progressively demented Jewry of our times — condemned Sarrazin in the strongest terms. The funny thing is that Sarrazin based his remark on a paper by an Israeli geneticist, Gil Azmon, “Abraham’s Children in the Genome Era: Major Jewish Diaspora Populations Comprise Distinct Genetic Clusters with Shared Middle Eastern Ancestry.”

One of the few important people who came to Sarrazin’s defense sought to explain this madness by stating that Germany was overshadowed by its Holocaust history. There is something to it and it’s obvious, but the whole is much wider, and it’s buried deep inside.

First, to put it bluntly, it’s the worthiness of the deal: murdering 6 million European Jews and importing in their stead what will very soon be 6 going-on-10 million West Asian and African Muslims in Germany alone. A former French government minister, Patrick Devedjian, hinted at that when he said, recently: “Germany took our Jews and gave us Arabs.” Poignant, though France gave up its Jews willingly and replaced them with Arabs willingly, too.

A fuller “profit-loss” reckoning transpired when an anonymous Spanish poet wrote in 2010 in a poem widely reproduced on the Internet:

Europa murió en Auschwitz. Nosotros asesinamos a seis millones de judíos para acabar importando 20 millones de musulmanes. En Auschwitz quemamos la cultura, la inteligencia y la capacidad de crear… el resultado de relajar fronteras …el absurdo pretexto de la tolerancia han sido estos 20 millones de musulmanes, a menudo analfabetos y fanáticos. Hemos cambiado a la cultura, por el fanatismo la capacidad de crear riqueza, por la voluntad de destruirla . A la inteligencia, por la superstición…. Hemos cambiado el orgullo de sobrevivir, por la obsesión fanática por morir, y de paso matarnos a nosotros y a nuestros hijos. ¡Que error que hemos cometido!

[My inexpert translation: “Europe died in Auschwitz. We assassinated 6 million Jews in order to end up importing 20 million Muslims … In Auschwitz we burnt the culture, intelligence and power to create … As the result of relaxing borders … the absurd pretext of tolerance… we have 20 million Muslims (and millions more now), mostly illiterate and fanatical. We exchanged culture for fanaticism, the capacity to create wealth for the will to destroy, intelligence for superstition. We exchanged the pride of survival for the fanatical obsession to die, killing us and our children in the process. What a mistake we have made!”]

2015: Germans smile and greet Muslim ‘refugees’ as they arrive at the main train station in Munich (The Telegraph, Photo: Corbis)

1935: Germans smile and look on as three German-Jewish businessmen are forced to march down Bruehl Strasse in Leipzig, carrying signs that read, “Don’t buy from Jews. Shop in German businesses!” (Photo credit: William Blye Collection, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives)

Standard social psychology theory of cognitive dissonance and internal justification predicts that Germany’s political and intellectual elites would seek to deny the consequences of their Muslims-for-Jews “trade.” Let alone, when their own power and fate among their countrymen depend on the force of that denial. Accordingly, they chant as one the mantra that imported Muslims are Germany’s salvation.

When the earlier trickle turned into a burst dam, Angela Merkel voiced her expectation that “refugees” will be future employees of German auto makers. Her Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that “migrants” will solve Germany’s major economic problem: its skills shortage. Yes, of course, pending such minor obstacles as acculturating and training in 21st century procedures aggressively pre-medieval Muslim men. And Jens Weidmann, the president of the Bundesbank, repeated the refrain that Germany will be stronger if it integrates the refugees and other immigrants successfully. Sheikh Muhammad Ayed agreed with them all at a speech he gave at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Take our workers, old, decrepit Europe, he said, so that we can breed with you, trample you underfoot and incorporate you in the Caliphate.

Galina Ivanova, a Russian woman who grew up in Kazan among Muslims and now lives and works in Munich, kept a diary from January through August 2015 in which she recorded the bizarre goings on[1]. She relays that already in January 2015, Bundestag politicians were touting the “strong arms, designed to save the German economy.” Preference was given to young Muslims from Africa and the Middle East. Any doubt about the viability of such a scheme was being muffled with accusations of “racism” and “Islamophobia.”[2]

Since a similar suicidal scenario is foisted on the local serfs all over Western Europe, the Eurocrat nomenklatura’s very future is dependent on defending it by all means necessary. And so, the EU commissioner responsible for migration offered the trope that “Europe will need a big number of skilled workers,” and the Vice President of the European Central Bank echoed that immigrants can stop Europe’s ‘demographic suicide.’ Both gentlemen failed to specify correctly what kind of immigrants and from where might provide such skilled labor and stop the “suicide,” but their jobs are too posh to lose over such trifles as the truth. And The Economist applauded all that in the headline, “Europe should welcome more refugees and economic migrants — for the sake of the world and itself.”

Indeed. Let’s examine that in light of recent headlines — again, for the sake of future archeologists. They may one day serve as shards of German porcelain found in mounds of detritus of the people who supplanted the Germans, just as the remains of Christianity are nowadays found under 18 feet of mud in Turkey.

1. Economic reality check

Just for 2015, per German Federal Ministry of the Interior forecasts reported in the press, German taxpayers’ costs for the initial absorption of “refugees” will be 10 billion euros ($11 billion). That’s on the basis of 800,000 “refugees,” though as this has already morphed into 1,000,000, the German people ought to reckon with a hit of about 12.5 billion euros to their collective paycheck and indebtedness. For this year alone, with large non-direct costs omitted and an inestimably large detonation of Germany’s social capital — all that careening downslope into the future per the “unlimited” flow of “refugees” solicited by Frau Merkel’s government.

What are the prospects that ‘migrants’ would contribute enough in taxes to offset that, let alone to create a surplus to take care, according to the ruling elite’s fondest dreams, of Germany’s aging autochthon population?

In a 05 June 2014 interview, Der Spiegel queried the demographics expert Reiner Klingholz about his study, “New Potential.” Klingholz had presented a cheerful image: even as Germany is becoming a “country of immigration,” German companies are attracting immigrants who are “better qualified than the domestic population.” It transpired in the interview that those were immigrants from Southern Europe that Dr. Klingholz had referenced. He disclosed that only one in four children of Turkish immigrants graduates from high school — that’s a real high school still, not the softened variety known in mixed white-black societies — versus 43% for Germans. Of course, being an academic and a German, Dr. Klingholz then went on to blame Turkish Germans’ underemployment on “discrimination in the job market”[3].

The Central Foreigners Register is German enough to know with precision that of the 400,000 Romanians and Bulgarians who live in Germany only 7% are unemployed (6.4% is the national figure) and 10% receive welfare (Der Spiegel, Jan. 2014). These figures and those of Polish immigrants’ participation in the labor force are cited by officials and their media stooges to prove how Germany benefits from immigration.

But try to find the employment and welfare ratios either at the Federal Register or at the Statistisches Bundesamt for the Turks, Somalis, Afghans, Sudanese, Iraqis, Syrians and other Muslims who live in Germany; disclosing such would lead to comparison with the Eastern Europeans. That would lead to “racist” conclusions and Germans would rather be dead than racist, just as not so long ago they were industrial-scale butchers of people in preference to being non-racist. But there is data from elsewhere that may be applied to Germany.

The Munich-based Center for Economic Studies informs in a 20.09.2015 report that the illiteracy rate “even among” the 14-24 age group is 4% for Syria, 18% for Iraq, 34% for Nigeria and 53% for Afghanistan — therefore, the “‘refugees” are poorly prepared for the German labor market, and Germany will have to “invest” not only in language courses for them but “training” as well.

One who knows the iterated countries and whose job does not depend on the expression of this opinion might say at this point, “Good luck with that training.” In Great Britain, reported Migration Watch UK in 2009 with hilarious understatement, ”Somali, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Iranian immigrants are likely to be 81%, 56%, 55% and 48% economically inactive respectively.”

To add mirth to the good cheer expressed by the leaders and opinion makers of Germany, CES relays that “Many refugees will remain in Germany in the long-term and bring their relatives into the country,” and “Migratory pressure from North Africa and the Middle East will remain high.” And then the happy conclusion: “The supposed immediate integration of immigrants into the German labour market does not stand to benefit the German economy.”

Compare that to Der Spiegel’s happy headline of 27.08.2015: “Rx for Prosperity: German Companies See Refugees as Opportunity.”

Meanwhile, until they start operating the super-modern factories of Siemens and Volkswagen, cheering for Bayern München with beer-sloshed work buddies, marrying nice, blonde fräuleins and raising lovingly a brood of good German children, the ‘migrants’ have already bestowed further blessings on Germany and Europe since we visited with them on 17 September.

2. Crime Report

Already in late August, riots erupted in a refugee camp in Suhl, in Thuringia, because an Afghani ‘migrant’ tore pages from the Koran. That led to an attack by some 50 enraged ‘migrants’ armed with iron bars and stones on police that came to restore order. Seventeen people were injured, including at least four policemen, As well, the “refugees” ransacked buildings and demolished walls in their German refuge, and smashed car windows.

Future saviors of Germany examining torn Koran pages in Suhl, 20.08.2015

17 September 2015, a future skilled German worker by the name of Rafik Mohamad Yousef severed an ankle monitor he’d been ordered to wear after a 2004 assassination plot and 2008 conviction for belonging to a terrorist organization. Mohamad then went out on a Berlin street and started threatening passersby. When police arrived, he stabbed a policewoman in the neck and was shot and killed by her colleague who, accidentally, also shot the policewoman. For this, for the cost of importing and subsidizing that refuse of Asia since years before 2004, for the threats of decapitation he’s made to a German judge and Immigration workers, Mama Merkel, as she is called by ‘migrants’, did not apologize.

The number of “Islamic extremists” in Germany had grown by 400 since June and is now 7900 according to German domestic intelligence (BfV) statement on 22 September. The BfV also voiced its concern that “Islamists” in Germany are recruiting among asylum-seekers. Some morning police raids were even carried out in Berlin, but it’s hard to understand why all this concern. After all, German intelligence also disclosed that of the 740 “Islamists” who had left Germany to join jihadists in Syria and Iraq, about one-third have returned. No doubt, to draw welfare benefits, hang out at the mosque with comrades and in discos with infidel tarts, and to groom some young German flesh, male and female. Yesterday there, here today; what’s the big deal?

Galina Ivanova’s diary offers a peek at life in Multiculti Germany. Her entry for 5 March, 2015:

“The integration of refugees is proceeding at mind-spinning speed. The truth does not lie where naïve burghers expected it [snip]. Data sources are unofficial but I can vouch myself for information about more frequent home robberies and assaults on Germans, maltreatment of women of all ages, purse-snatching, narcotics crimes, road accidents with the participation of African cyclists, and especially theft in stores. Germans’ reaction: “What can you expect? They live off welfare! These unfortunates simply have no other choice!” Yesterday during my son’s competition for the first time in ten years they robbed the students’ locker room. Money, smart phones, tablets…. Police has not opened an investigation on the basis of the new decree about ignoring “small crimes.”

She adds on 14 August:

“And what’s happening in the places of rich German culture (that’s a quote from Merkel)! The Police practically never leaves: brawls, knife fights, rapes (what is happening in the toilets and showers is indescribable: all around excrement, even traces of dirty fingers wiped on the walls). There is discussion in the press: how to force refugees to clean up their own excrement? Germans are unable to understand that these people will not clean it up. And they have not in their entire lives, for generations.”

3. Rape

The reality that’s being forced onto German women by a wave upon wave of young, sex-deprived and white-women crazed Muslim barbarians cannot be apprehended fully, as Germany’s entire ruling establishment keeps the cover on tight. But that reality may be reconstructed from occasional fragments, and from personal testimony.

Galina Ivanova’s entry for 20 May 2015:

“Yesterday, the harassment of women began. Africans, with all their insolent frankness propose “love and friendship,” and if a woman is outraged, they beat her up. They can simply kill: a few days ago a 34-year-old “refugee” from Africa stabbed a 48 years old woman from the city Lesum. It’s becoming more and more interesting in Germany. I thought that I saw the worst in the 90s, but no. Yesterday in the park, two blacks raped a 34-year-old woman. You can no longer jog by yourself. It’s dangerous to go out at night. Everybody is acquiring pepper spray. Now we have security forces not only in swimming pools, water parks and beaches, but in the entire state transportation system, in every street car. The official version: [it’s] protection against the neo-Nazis.”

Ivanova’s diary contains several related entries, for instance on 26 April: “A well known publishing house got ‘smacked on the head’ for the line: ”Six men raped a female student in a schoolyard; these were Arab immigrants speaking a foreign language.” That may be anecdotal, but Gatestone Institute’s “Germany: Migrants’ Rape Epidemic” by Soeren Kern brings the resources of a professional research organization to reveal a tale of a ‘rape-by-Muslim-migrant’ pandemic, with two dozen referenced cases of individual and gang rape, and a whole system of horrific, normalized rape in multiple “refugee” shelters.

Kern cites the hypocrisy of the German state in all this. On the one hand, “Police are refusing to go public about crimes involving refugees and migrants because they do not want to give legitimacy to critics of mass migration.” On the other, “Police (snip)…. issued a warning to parents not to allow their children to go outside unaccompanied… [or for] women not to walk to or from the train station alone.”

Another Gatestone article, “Migration Crisis: Germany Wants to Be ‘Miss Congeniality’ And Have Europe Pick Up the Tab“ (Vijeta Uniyal, 20.9.2015), quotes ZDF (public TV) editor-in-chief’s defense of suppressing a rape-by-’migrant’ story: “We don’t want to inflame the situation and spread the bad mood. [The migrants] don’t deserve it.”[4]

Pastor Ulrich Wagner proposed the employment of prostitutes (at taxpayers’ expense, it goes without saying in Germany) to provide ”sexual aid” to ‘migrants’ and so alleviate German women’s fears (Münchner Merkur 08.03.15). In a country as crazed as Germany that may not be a bad idea. Remember, however, all those millions of eager Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya dishes throughout Dar al-Islam, with average annual household incomes from $100 to $1,000 and a few hundred million young Muslim sex-deprived males dreaming of all the free goodies, fornication, and eager jizya offered by the nice people of Germany.

4. Expropriation of Germans

Germany has begun a gradual confiscation of real estate from Germans in order to house the future “Germans” and their large brood.

Demand for housing is going to exceed supply for many years to come. Every possible public building is being repurposed. Now even high school kids and their teachers are being evicted from their classrooms (Jahn-Realschule in Lübbecke), Luftwaffe bases are turned into “refugee” dorms (Erding), and 400 Bundeswehr soldiers have been kicked out of their barracks in Klietz and placed in tents for the next two years, to make room for 700 “refugees”. But all that is just fingers in a ruptured dike.

Already on 5 February Sueddeutsche Zeitung hinted at what’s to come in a headline ”Senioren sollen große Wohnungen aufgeben“ (Seniors should give up their large apartments). In Berlin, reported the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung on 25.9.2015, the Green-Red ruling coalition has confiscated vacant “luxury apartments” whose owners receive monthly rent set by the confiscators. The city’s better addresses may contain 5,000 currently unoccupied dwellings subject to the confiscation. In addition, Berlin’s Senate has been seizing large commercial real estate properties. Hamburg, too, is planning forced rentals and confiscation of commercial properties.

The already-overpopulated region of North Rhine-Westphalia must absorb at least 176,000 ‘migrants’ this year, based on a mandatory allocation of the anticipated 800,000 “refugees” (now it’s 1,000,000), but there are no suitable accommodations for them. Cities such as Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen are therefore broaching confiscation of private properties that bureaucrats deem susceptible, e.g. if they are off the market for whatever reason (WDR-TV Internet page, 27.8.2015).

German low-income renters have no choice at all. Already in 2014, local initiatives were opting for eviction of German tenants and their replacement with “refugees.” Per reports from MDR (Central-German Broadcast Network), in towns like Braunsbedra and Merseburg, BIH, an outfit with a district-wide license for “care and integration of refugees,” was taking over (buying, apparently) apartment blocks, evicting near-indigent German tenants and cramming in African and other ‘migrants’. It appears that, for each refugee, BIH is being paid 235 euros by the Saal county (MDR 01.04.2015) and 317 euros rent paid by the Social Welfare Office (MDR 10.24.2014), with the density ratio as high as four tenants in a 16-square-meter room, i.e. total revenue to BIH of over 2200 euro per month from a low-quality living space the size of a suburban German family’s garage. Now the local municipality in Nieheim has made even the British press (The Telegraph) by terminating the leases and evicting German tenants from state-owned apartment buildings, in order to turn them into ‘migrant’ accommodations.

This massive expropriation is proceeding at such speed that just a couple of days after I completed the above section based on scans of the German press, Gatestone’s Soeren Kern came out with a 5000-word article, Germany: Migrants In, Germans Out (27.09.2015) citing an erosion of property rights that had progressed much further and farther.

Among others, in Hamburg, things have “progressed” to a parliamentary bill to confiscate by force vacant commercial real estate whose owners are not cooperating otherwise. After all, 400 ‘migrants’ arrive in Hamburg daily, and no space is left in the existing refugee shelters. In Tübingen, Mayor Boris Palmer (Green Party), is promising to go the Hamburg way if vacant property owners do not submit voluntarily. So between halting the migrants’ flow and halting the spread of fascism in Germany, the choice is to let fascism flow.

5. Religious tolerance

The major German newspaper Die Welt published a report on 27.09.15 under the title Religionskonflikt; Islamisten bedrohen Christen in Flüchtlingsheimen. If we translate the last word as ”refugee camps,” the meaning of the rest of the title is inferable by anyone ignorant of German but as-yet untouched by the epidemic of white-race-specific cognitive spongiform encephalitis (my neologism).

What the Muslims are doing to Christians and Yazidis in those refugee camps, and between Sunni, Shias, Afghanis, Kurds etc., is not a focal point for us. It’s just the standard brawls and beatings, threats of murder, gestures of slitting the throat, shouting Quranic verses that usually accompany decapitations, emoting with lyric Muslim poetry like “We will kill you and drink your blood.”

More significant is what a whole panoply of German “experts” are saying. They recommend that the refugees should be separated by religions. They want to formulate a “German mission statement” about “the fundamental values of democracy and a pluralistic society” and a subsequent “orientation aid for refugees.” They recommend “Affiliate guidance tailored to the country of origin.” They speak of “forthcoming integration issues,” “socio-political visions” and “future-oriented concepts.” They call for a “higher model” for the Germans with which the refugees can identify — and must (my emphasis). They affirm emphatically that “Particularly intense religious Muslims must learn to live with other religions.”

The only thing they are not saying is that importing the Muslims was an egregiously lunatic idea in the first place, and the only remedy for it is to ship them back whence they came.

Locusts and Lemmings

104,460 “refugees” arrived in Germany in August, for a total of 413,535 and still over half a million to go, according to the Merkel government’s fondest wishes. At least 80% are Muslim (Soeren Kern at Gatestone Inst., citing the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, ZMD). At least 80% are male, as per multiple references in the international press, probably based on head counts in refugee centers.

After weeks of deluge that necessitated the reintroduction of border controls, “only” 7,000 ‘migrants’ now arrive in Germany each weekend, compared with the previous 20,000. That’s according to one major source — but another reputable one cites, for the same mid-September period, a “sharply risen influx”, with 9,100 “irregular” entries on a single Wednesday, versus 6,000 the previous day.

Brigitte Meier, Commissioner for Social Affairs in Munich, stated that her city had reached the limit of what it could cope with and may be facing a humanitarian catastrophe. Markus Söder, Bavaria’s finance minister, expressed a similar opinion, from the fiscal side.

Deutsche Bahn (German Railroads) will keep its service to and from Austria and Hungary suspended until 4 October, apparently so that the government can deal with the multitude of future Germans already in the country. Train crossing controls of course cannot stem the flow of ‘migrants’, as their favorite sport is pulling the emergency brake on trains taking them out of Southern Europe — but not before roughing up the staff, sundry ransacking and mountains of rubbish, food, and feces left behind. They then jump out and walk on foot to Germany, into the arms of pathological altruism. Until words like “border” and “treason” resume the meaning they once had, all else is just the sound of one hand clapping.

One can only wish Godspeed and Good Luck to the good people of Germany, as the German government upped the ‘migrants’ ante from 800,000 to 1,000,000 in 2015 alone. Not happy enough with that, Mama Merkel said in a newspaper interview on 5 September that “the right to political asylum has no limits on the number of asylum seekers.”

Should compassion wear off and narrow down to “Syrian refugees” alone, 10,000 fake Syrian passports have already been seized in Bulgaria. Deals offered on Facebook (in Arabic) include £1,000 for a fake Syrian passport and £800 for smuggling from Turkey to Greece, per person. To spice things up a little, multiple fights have broken out between real Syrians and fake Syrians on the migration routes.

Some of the more noteworthy recent headlines from the Useful Idiot press include, “A global surge in refugees leaves Europe struggling to cope”; “As tragedies shock Europe, a bigger refugee crisis looms in the Middle East” and “The Arab world’s wealthiest nations are doing next to nothing for Syria’s refugees.” But nothing can disrupt the momentum of a German when he decides to eliminate a people, including himself.

“Dark Germany, Bright Germany: Which Side Will Prevail Under Strain of Refugees?” asked Der Spiegel on 31 August, inveighing as follows: “Germany is experiencing an unprecedented influx of immigrants who will fundamentally change the country. They represent a burden, but also a chance to create a New Germany [my emphasis], one that is more cosmopolitan and generous.”

On the same day, Der Spiegel published an interview with the president of the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, Manfred Schmidt, under the title “Countering the Hate.” Queried as to how many refugees Germany can still take in, Schmidt answered: “When it comes to the absorption of people who are fleeing persecution and require protection, there can be no upper ceiling.”

Again, on that same day, Deutsche Welle published “We are all Germany” with interviews of “German celebrities.” The five ‘celebrities’ featured four genuine products of the German soil named Gerald Asamoah, Enissa Amani, Abdelkarim, and Jaafar Abdul-Karim.

That part of the German people that doesn’t want to do away with itself has been called “Dark Germany” by Germany’s President Joachim Gauck, and a “disgrace” by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, chairman of the Conference of German Bishops. Angela Merkel’s relative epithets have been “vile,” “disgusting message of hatred,” “spreading hate,” “shameful,” “no place in Germany” and “not my country,” just as she has formerly said of the leaders of the anti-Islamization PEGIDA movement that they have “prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts.”

23.09.2015, Einsiedel, Saxony: Anti-’migrant’ demonstration of 1,000 out of a total of 2,000 residents in that town on top of whom Merkel’s government wants to load 2000 refugees. The sign reads, “Merkel must go.” (From the Facebook page “Einsiedel Sagt NEIN zum Heim,” “Einsiedel says NO to home [for migrants].”)

Minister of Justice Heiko Maas, who is quite fond of hanging out in the mosques and Islamic centers of his government’s favored clients, is now pushing censorship measures applied to Germans who are not in favor of population replacement. Due to his pressure on Facebook relative to “racist abuse,” “illegal posts” and “misunderstood tolerance,” later augmented by Frau Merkel directly to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, German media have reported (e.g. Bild on 14.09.2015) Facebook’s initiatives to start a propaganda campaign for “counter-argument to racism and xenophobia with the help of international experts,” a “task force to deal with hate messages on the Internet,” and a partnership with Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Service Providers (FSM).

FSM is some kind of Orwellian creature that describes itself on its website as the “accredited self-regulatory body for the field of telemedia within the system of regulated self-regulation [sic] introduced under the Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media“ [text captured at www.fsm.de/about-us on 24.9.2015]. But the “Network Against Nazis” that Facebook is inviting, along with other NGOs and German political operatives, to its task force “to illuminate hate speech on the Internet” is a choice specimen in its own right. It describes itself on its website as the online portal of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation “encouraging action in conformity with the motto ‘words and deeds against far-right extremism’”. The Chairwoman of Amadeu Antonio Foundation is Anetta Kahane, an East German Jewish communist and Stasi agent (1974-82, code name “Victoria“, disclosure by Berliner Zeitung 2.4.2003).

All that is just the beginning. Where Facebook goes, Google cannot be far behind. Stern magazine reported (17.07.2015) that Google has deleted a map of refugee centers in Germany because it violated the “terms and conditions” by its caption, “No refugee center in my neighborhood.” And the iron fist of the German state is being primed too. Volker Beck, a militant homosexual and Germany’s media darling Green Party’s parliamentarian and spokesman said in support of the Minister of Justice that “sedition is no freedom of speech.” He recommended that the issue be discussed in a judicial conference, because “prosecution has to be optimized” (“Kein Ort für Rassismus,” Der Tagesspiegel, 27.8.2015).

But it’s not just some nefarious cabal of the ruling political establishment and their media megaphones. At train stations all over Germany the ‘migrants’ have been greeted with rounds of applause, songs, bags of food and sweets, toiletries and toys. “Refugees welcomed in Germany like war heroes,” The Telegraph called it. Not even a quarter of Germans think the country is accepting too many refugees, and about an equal percentage think it should take even more, per a recent poll for ZDF Television.

The German soccer league — as close to religious observance as remains in that country — is wearing “Refugees Welcome” patches on its jerseys. Saarland University has waived all entry requirements for refugees that still apply to Germans; only a test in one’s native language and one year of German study are required. And an “anti-fascist” popular song from the 1990s has now returned to the top of pop charts: Die Ärzte’s “Cry for Love” — much of it consisting of repeating the German word for as****e in reference to “far-right extremists.”

So many Germans are so addle-brained that in a recent privacy-activists’ rally in Berlin, next to the new, enlarged headquarters of Germany’s spy service, BND, the motto was “Refugees welcome, BND go away.”[5] They don’t understand that’s just like in America and elsewhere in the West, immigration by millions of barbarians — of whom 10% are actual or “sleeper” terrorists and a majority are active sympathizers — is a ploy by which governments that import and welcome potential terrorists turn fascist tyrannies to their own peaceful serfs under the pretext of protecting them from “terror.” As if to confirm that, the main thing Germany’s “spy chief” Hans-Georg Maassen had to say in a 27.09.2015 radio interview was a warning that “the far-right” is becoming radicalized because of the influx of “refugees.”

These are deemed “fascists” in Germany: Demonstration by 400 anti-Islamization protesters in Leipzig, 26.09.2015 (Daily Mail/ AFP/Getty Images)

These are deemed “Anti-fascists” in Germany: ”Counter-protest” of more than 1,000 “left-wing activists” against the 400 ‘far-right extremists’ in Leipzig, 26.09.2015 (Daily Mail/ AFP/Getty Images)

“Germany in a state of SIEGE,” read the Daily Mail’s headline on 26 September. What a relief, therefore, to learn that a few months earlier, Munich-based Airbus Defense and Space completed the construction of a 900km (± 600m) state-of-the art border fence (Picture) to protect against Muslim invaders. In Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, in turn, has pledged to help Germany with its own Muslim invaders by building 200 mosques in Germany.

Meanwhile, Jürgen Todenhöfer, a journalist who’s spent time embedded with ISIS, writes in a just-released book that ISIS is preparing “the largest religious cleansing in history” — a “nuclear tsunami” to wipe out “hundreds of millions” of, well, you, gentle reader. Being the good German that he is, and a former MP with Angela Merkel’s CDU party to boot, Todenhöfer believes that the West cannot defeat the ISIS Caliphate by military force. But I say, if not by force, than by a ruse — a brilliant stratagem of the West’s ruling elites that the German journalist fails to account for:

Grow ISIS by exporting “democracy” and destroying every despot who still holds his Muslim people in some kind of order. Before ISIS comes to you, bring it in, as “immigrants” and “refugees.” Recruit ISIS into your nuke universities, industries and military, leaven with subsidized mosques and imams, and push it up the ladder for the sake of “racial justice” and “religious tolerance.” In charge of your nation and your armed forces put women, as Europe has done, or hermaphroditic African crypto-Muslim Marxists, as the United States has. Anoint George Soros as The Great Sage and Benefactor of the Western World. Persecute relentlessly the critical voices within. Voila! No more ISIS problem.

Galina Ivanova’s diary, concurrent with her effort to emigrate from Germany, ends with a 26 August post:

“We understood the words about the end of the world improperly. We were expecting something like a worldwide flood. But the flood was of a different kind. These people, they are the locust.”

I beg to change the focus of that observation. It’s the flooders, the bringers of the locust, who have to be understood, and not the flooding locust. I propose as a working hypothesis that the first Holocaust by German hands was of the Jews, and the second, much larger, was of the Slavs. And now the third one is aborning: an unwitting Holocaust of the stupefied Germans themselves and, spilling from Germany into the future, of what used to be called “the white race.”

We all know about the first one. But as terrible as it was — probably the most evil barbarity that ever has one people inflicted on another — its “limited” scope: six million dead compared to such figures as Muhammad’s (and successors’) inestimable hundreds of millions, Mao’s 60+ million and Stalin’s 40+ million — cannot, by itself, explain the great counterpolar madness consuming the descendants of the perpetrators three generations later.

In order to understand the third Holocaust, at present just filling the critical mass reservoir, we need to know something about the second, for it alone brings Hitler into the Mao-Stalin League. More importantly, the Germans need to be reminded too, as, in contrast with their exemplary penitence for the first Holocaust, they have largely buried and covered up the second, to the point of repeating some of it now. Repressed cognition of unspeakable horrors does have a way of coming back in unexpected ways…

Adolph Hitler salutes German troops advancing toward Poland, 1 September 1939 (Bundesarchiv)


1.   Ivanova’s diary was published by Komsomolskaya Pravda in the original Russian on 2 September 2015, under the title (trans.): “Chronicle of the destruction of Germany: In order to appease the refugees, the Catholic Church refused to baptize infants.” Komsomolskaya Pravda, once a mainstay of the Soviet press, is now Russia’s highest circulation tabloid. It’s co-owned by Russia’s biggest business, Gazprom, and Norwegian investors.
2.   Ibid.
3.   In “Turks in Germany are a Time Bomb” at the Family Security Matters web page, 22.03.2013, Dr. Sami Alrabaa states that 80% of Germany’s Turks are on welfare. However, no sources credible enough are cited in support of this figure.
4.   This situation is not unique to Germany and does not relate to “refugees” alone. In every Western country, stories about major crimes committed by racial minorities are blocked, censored, manipulated or softened in order not to lead the audience to “racist” conclusions.
5.   Quote reported by Dustin Volz at the nextgov.com federal government technology website, 8 Sept 2015.

Max Denken was well on his way to PhDs in Economics and Political Science until he discovered that the former was based on quantifying wildly fanciful assumptions and the latter was much closer to Scientology than to Science. Born Central European, he has become Marginal American: wrong race, wrong gender, wrong sexual orientation, wrong religion, wrong thoughts.

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102 thoughts on “A Nightmare, Reborn

  1. No words can describe this….


    This is open takeover of Europe by the Communists facilitating its entry into the Kalifate.

    “Insane”? “Evil”?-no not adequate.

    “Mama Merkel”? What about “Mama Todt Merkel”?

    This is a full blown invasion and Red revolution.

    Even in UK they are now confiscating private property and ejecting tenants to make way for this evil…

    • @Bishop,

      No words? What about super, smashing, marvellous. Sorry to quote Jim Bowen at you.

      We need this to happen. Only shock therapy will suffice. We Europeans need to be slapped in the face before we will react. And even then it isn’t guaranteed. But it is a chance. As things were, with the slow invasion, we were set to lose. Too invisible, too easily ignored by the masses.

      So celebrate the rage, the anger, the hate. All coming to a German town near you very soon. Hopefully.

      By the way, do I detect a touch of glee expressed by the author about Germany’s apparent current woes? Surely not!

        • We have already been bitch-licked by Merkel and it still seems not to have worked , neither has the increase in rape . The ” it will not affect , harm or happen to me ” syndrome is also a major contributor to the problem .
          The problem has to reach catastrophic levels before any serious reaction will happen. My question is , what will be the outcome ?

          • The cushioning effect of ‘comfort’ television is both new (relatively speaking) and profound. It has created an inertia, a disconnect between fantasy and reality that most people cannot surmount, whole nations are hypnotized by controlled TV/media output.

            Never before has propaganda been able to completely submerge the reasoning of vast tranches of the population in an ocean of mythical “well being”.

            What will it take to pop the bubble? We don’t know, this is a new phenomenon, there is nothing else like it in known history. It is without precedent.

          • I was asking a friend about a mutual acquaintance’s children we had seen recently. These are 3 middle school-aged kids who I’ve not had occasion to interact with before. I was struck by their subdued affect; they weren’t exactly unresponsive but they didn’t seem wholly present either. The friend explained that for the occasion they’d been required to leave their cellphones at home; normally they were permitted unlimited access to them and in addition had many video games. She called their affect “electronic zombification”.

          • Yes, exactly. This is the crux of the matter: our current situation is without precedent.

            Mass total-immersion electronic entertainment. Instantaneous global communication. Government surveillance and monitoring of the populace on a scale never before seen. The creation of imaginary wealth backed up by “the world’s reserve currency” whose value is totally fictitious. And the most sophisticated, smothering, all-encompassing government propaganda that has ever been known.

            These things have never existed before. That’s why history is of limited value when attempting to predict what lies ahead. Anyone who says he knows what will happen is snowing you: we don’t know. We simply can’t know.

            It’s the epistomology, stupid!

          • Michael, already there are many awake to what is happening and many have already taken that first step to push back at those who have been bullying us all into their brand of Utopia, but not all of those now wide awake will seek to have redressed what concerns them most. Many are simply too cowardly to raise a whimper, let alone a throaty howl of protest.

            I have read MC’s, Dymphna’s and the Baron’s responses to your comment. There is indeed some profound thinking within them all and we should accept that at this time in history we now find ourselves in has no recorded parallel, although the fall of the Roman Republic and what came after it, has many similarities, for instance: Bread and Circuses.

            I would also suggest that those who have become awakened to the current status quo no longer give the god in the corner of the lounge room much attention these days and have their sights firmly fixed on righting where we have all gone wrong. Throughout history there has always been that minority that set the stage for change, and I can see no reason for that to be any different today. We have been witnessing an acceleration of the Globalists agenda since 9/11. The question we should now be asking ourselves is why now?

            Could it be that their plan may be coming unstuck?

          • Controlled by technology but also liberated by it: The truth has never been easier to find – thanks to technology.

            And the fact that controlling technology is losing out to liberating technology is evidence that we are moving in the right direction.

            I think it is too easy to fall into despair. Of course they have more power than we do – there would be no struggle if that wasn’t the case. But we know that the truth is on our side and we should be encouraged that our side is growing because that means theirs is shrinking. The first ones to see the problem are always in the minority – so what?

      • No, no glee at all. Ridicule, yes. And sorrow. There was another way of dealing with the guilt and shame, without destroying innocent future generations for what their forefathers did in 1933-1945. More on that in Part 3.

      • It’s as if Merkel and co. are looking to speed up the rate of immigration whilst Europe is still anaesthetised, yet slowly coming to our senses. The question is whether we will be fully compos mentis in time to reverse the damage that’s been done or whether we remain groggy and ineffective whilst ridden roughshod over.

    • The thing that amazes me is that the European people are putting up with this. If the government attempted not only to allow members of an immigrant group to commit rapes and murders and get away with it because “we can’t be racist toward them,” but also to engage in the mass confiscation of real property to house them, there’d be armed resistance in America. Heck, you’re still democracies, right? Why can’t you just vote the scoundrels out and put governments in place which will defend your own people?

      • Jordan and othesr posting: Agree, the people of Eurabia (all countries taking in Muslim immigrants) are stuck in stupid and seem not to care about this problem including the future generations. The killings will start soon, the purge of the so called infidels by jihadists, killing millions. When a certain percentage of Muslims are there, they will form ISIS militarized groups and the white dumbed down Europeans will submit without a whimper. The E.U. beta males are gelded cowards that will hide in the closet when their women are raped and killed without lifting a finger to protect them. Alpha males don’t appear to exist. Europe gets everything they deserve-big time losers! They will have hell on earth soon, if not already.

    • It does seem likely to me that Angela Merkel will go down in infamy in German history — almost necessarily so, because unless Germany wakes up in the next decade, there won’t be much more history of a land called “Germany.”

  2. Max Denken = Tekuan Seiyo

    Are any actual Germans still visiting here? I hope they are wiser than that.

    • I don’t care what his or her name is, this is the best English article on what is happening in Germany now that I have read so far. Hats off. To think the day would come when we turn to Komsomolskaya Pravda to find out what is really happening in a NATO country. A brilliant spot. (The short introduction to the Russian piece, btw, ends on the ominous line, “This truly is the death of Europe.”)

  3. A people’s Nationality, Language, Identity are their spiritual legacy hardwired into their very DNA. The concept of Nation State is the summit of ages of slow and agonizing civilizational process born of common struggles, collective hard work; wars, famines and other calamities faced together by one people. The people who were of one family in antiquity and who expanded into a tribe and then a village , then a principality and finally a Nation State. Nation is the final golden reward to the perseverance and long legitimacy of a people.
    It was to protect this hard-won final reward of ‘Nation’ that political thinkers like Montesquieu came up with solutions like the Separation of Powers between Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. So that if one arm of the Nation fails its people the others support the citizen.
    In the above case, the different arms of the Nation seem to be conspicuous by their absence, instead there seems to be an alien-super-nation masquerading as legitimate authority.
    The fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood is being played on a massive scale…….but with no happy ending ..only ‘THE END’

    • A bit off the subject , but I heard that Little Red Riding Hood was the name given to the first Russian contraceptive……….

      • Good grief, Michael, you’re giving your age away- that joke’s nearly as old as me (67)!

    • It’s odd how people who like to yammer about “community” (as against selfish individualism) are often so contemptuous of real, organic human communities that have coalesced through generations of close proximity and shared habits and values.

  4. Maybe Germany, if not all of Europe, would have been better off if Russia had taken over all of it. The old Warsaw Pact nations better return to the USSR before the EU makes these countries servants to the Muslims.

    • Knowing something of what life was under the Soviets in those nations that the Allies yielded to Stalin, I’d say no. But you are right that with nouveau-commies now in charge of the West, and communism practically gone in Eastern Europe, the road to some viable future lies in that part of whitey’s world one might place roughly east of a perpendicular line through Dresden between the Baltic and the Mediterranean. I’ll have more about this in Part 3.

      • The communist past of Eastern Europe is one factor, insofar as it has created an awareness of the preciousness of freedom. But another factor is that Eastern Europe was directly facing the Islamic jihad for centuries. They have a better awareness that Islam is an enemy of their culture.

  5. The article highlights why it´s so important to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy regarding the Holocaust. Its like a Leftist version of original Sin and undermines any resistance to the ongoing destruction of white, Christian Europe.

  6. There is no limit to the outrages that can be forced onto an unarmed populace. At least American womyn (is that PC enough?) can shoot the Cultural Enrichers.

    • “There is no limit to the outrages that can be forced onto an unarmed populace…” Surely the limit is that point where people react. Europeans don’t tend to fly off the handle at the drop of a hat (excuse my mixed metaphors) – if they did Europe could not possibly have developed as it has: Patience and diligence are necessary for technology and civilisation.

      But that doesn’t mean to say we are prepared to put up with anything forever, not even our patience is infinitely elastic – whether we are armed or not.

      • Just try to resist and the full force of the German state will come down on your head. And they’ll do that with a self-righteousness that defies belief. I expect the German government is just waiting until it can start cracking German heads of those who dare to protest. This is the modern suicide of the Western elites. But before they go over the edge they’ll crush any who defy their will. It’ll be like watching a dark fantasy as thousands of crimes by Muslims are committed DAILY and the German state won’t lift a finger against it. But then they’ll turn around and ruthlessly crush even the slightest infraction by German locals. LOL

        • But the full force of the state grows weaker every day because it has less support every day. It has got to a point that the state is now unwilling even to argue its case – a sure sign that it has lost the argument whilst maintaining its authority. I don’t think such an imbalance can last.

  7. “…and Germans would rather be dead than racist.”

    So death they shall have.

    Of course as an American I say that in the full knowledge that the same madness infects America’s “best and brightest,” and I realize death is coming to us as well.

    • The term “racist” , quoted above, is incorrect since it implies hate and extermination , whereas ” racialist ” emphasizes the “love of ones own country , culture , language , tradition , history etc”.
      There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a racialist and take note that it is a word the Left never uses since it doesnt have the effect of “Nazifying” an opponent publicly which is their most common form of attack .

    • ricpic: from laura in ala. usa: got to agree, but as long as Americans refuse to give up their guns, we can resist, but with Muslims coming here settling in over a hundred or more communities, Jihadists will rise up with future attacks on malls, schools and events where large groups gather. (sporting, concerts, rallies, etc) and nothing will be done. The central bankers and globalists are pushing for world control with a massive reduction of population or genocide. Civil war will break out in countries with Muslim immigrants with mass die offs. Our leaders are also catering to Muslims, and very few seem to care.

      • laura m:

        There is already going to be a massive demographic implosion around mid-century. Since there has never been one of this size, no one can say what the consequences will be, only that it’s a mathematical certainty. The UN says it’s preparing for it, and China has dropped its one-child policy, though the average urban Chinese citizen is in no hurry to follow the govt’s urgings.

        There are a number of books out on the subject; one of them is on our sidebar (and by my bed) – look for Sir Gregory Copley’s “Un-Civilization”.

        It’s not that few care about the catering to Muslims, it’s that far more care about their football teams. That’s the way of the world. We’ll just keep on keeping on. What else can you do?

  8. You deleted my original post. [.

    [Note from the Baron: Yes, I did. We have no interest in that sort of vile invective here. There are plenty of sites out there that share your views; please give your custom to them. This is your final comment here on our premises.]

  9. Merkel looks uneasy to me. Only she knows, but as far as I’m concerned she certainly doesn’t look happy. Which is odd. Merkel is a firm believer in the many many benefits of mass immigration. Seemingly single-handedly she’s manufactured within a very short period of time the mass immigration of hundreds of thousands of immigrants. According to her own logic this feat will have bestowed infinite benefits on the Germany of tomorrow, so why isn’t she looking happy? She done good.

    • Maybe the ‘news’ she is getting from out of the ‘boonies’ is not very encouraging to her way of thinking?

      Have a pint for me, manatthepub.

    • Maybe she is worried that it is too much, too soon. Things were progressing nicely for the destroyers of the west: a nice, regular flow of Muslims, not too few as to be irrelevant, not too many as to frighten the masses. Nicely in the Goldilocks zone, so to speak. And now all over the news, support for Pegida certain to rise, mutiny in the ranks of previously docile citizenry. Maybe, just maybe, this the big mistake we have been waiting for.

      For me, the stein is definitely half full.

  10. Thanks, Baron. I will gladly re-post this URL.

    The only difference between Merkel and Hitler’s delusions of not being invaded is Der Führer (at least) mustered his forces to actually fight back after Normandy.

    Soros is loving this. This is Hitler’s revenge on Europe in general and the the German people in particular.

    I can only hope England, seeing this in the light of geographical determinism, will come to it’s senses and use it’s natural isolation to preserve itself (at least somewhat…perhaps allow Robert Spencer and Pam Gellar back in? Nahhhh… That’s asking too much).

    Buraq Hussen is attempting on duplicating this here in slow motion, abetted by the GOPe useful idiots in congress but not disguised enough to escape the attention of patriots on this side of the pond. Muslim (and other third-world) invasion in America must be halted and the majority of the people know it. Ben Carson has finally breached the wall of silence about Islam/sharia and actually gotten much more airtime on CNN than he has on Fox. Trump did the same re: the Hispanic invasion.

    Ultimately, this is all connected. Baron and many others understand this all too well. This essay shows all the dots and draws all the lines going back over 200 years.

    There is a very large awakening happening in the U.S. electorate. Eric Cantor was the first prominent victim. Bohner was the second. ¡Yeb! will be the next. His donors are in a state of panic. He is mired in the single digits and has been for a couple of weeks. Already they are beginning to flee to Rubio, but he hasn’t a chance (gang of 8 amnesty lover that he is).  There will be plenty more lower level casualties when primary season rolls around. 

    Read up on the GOPe “Operation Hummingbird”, Karl Rove’s brainchild and be forewarned. Here is the URL:


    • I guess Trump being the wildcard in this circus has to be dealt with. That smarmy Rove, and along with those he supports, will all get their comeuppance one day – I just hope I live long enough to witness it.

      • It will happen, maybe not immediately but we will see the treacherous louts ejected from their seats. I want to see tax collection drop, federal budgets slashed and K St boarded up.

    • Why “Hitler’s” revenge? Whatever can be said about him, he never propagated multiculturalism and non-European mass immigration.

      As for the future: I am sure Alemanya and Brittanistan will have splendid bilateral relations once there are enough trained Arabic/Pashtu translators available.

      • I guess he means that for Hitler, who was defeated by other European nations and scorned posthumously by all and sundry, not least the Germans themselves, could perhaps have a schadenfreude perspective on the decline of the German state and Europe. I however, think that he would be turning in his grave over what is happening.

        • It is well know that Hitler stated that if nazi-Germany would lose the war that the German people would be the weak ones and therefore the Germans have no right to exist.

          The Germans from today are so full of guilt about the Holocaust. They are now on a mission to prove the world that they can co-exist with the beast called islam.To make up for the Holocaust. No matter if they take the whole of Europe down with them in proving their gutmensch stance…..

          The least we can say about the current situation. The Germans and democracy is not a good combo. They are to emotional for a complex thing like democracy. Let the Germans engineer all they want. Dont let germans get involved into the decision making branches.

          The Germans are not sane. They were not sane in the Weimar republic. They sure as hell are not sane voting Merkel into power in our era.No good can come of the German people. History has proven my harsh words.

          Hitler despised them in his final moments. And i must say. The Germans are doing a great job in creating instability again.

          • “No good can come of the German people”


            I take it granddad never did get his bicycle back then?

            And that’s the first time in recorded history Germans have been described as “too emotional”. But you have a point. There is a strong sense if sentimentality in German culture and tradition.

          • You are being deeply unfair to the German people. Yes, they suffer from collective Holocaust guilt and the official “gutmensch” stance is directly related to that. There are tens of millions of fine German people who disagree with Merkel.

            German culture has made huge contributions to Western civilization : science, literature, music, art, philosophy and much else.

          • @Julius O’Malley

            Next time they put the whole continent on fire i will listen to Wagner, okay?

          • Wagner would be appropriate, Julius (and I enjoy
            him), but Bach and Beethoven represent the Germans at their best.

          • Like i care Mark. I was beeing sarcastic.Wagner was Hitler’s favourite in case you did not notice.

            What’s Jules point anyway? A single German can make ” good” music therefore the Holocaust was not a German political concept? I raise Jules with the organized murder on 6 million Jews. O wait. Wagner and Beethoven made up for that German atrocity. Germans and ” democracy”. What a joke!

            My point is about the German people and politics. They seem to make choices that are a direct threat to the safety of all of us. Angela Merkel has gone insane. Either the Germans remove her out of power or we see the next drama for Europe unfolding. And they wont get away this time with: wir haben es nicht gewusst.

            Next time – for your comfort- we’ll speak about the coward nature of the Dutch people.

          • Good grief.

            The. Germans are not reproducing.

            This they are being invaded by the more fertile.

            Sad but that’s the root.

          • There is something odd about the AntiFa scum and tho official tolerance of them and their masks and stones. I see them as a useful fringe element, unacknowledged shock troops for the government. They materialize in large numbers and their malice seems disconnected from any legitimate political faction, other than one espousing a formless anti-Nazi position. Does one ever speak or is all they can do just hurl paragraphs of concrete?

            I say there’s official financial support. Let some German patriot express opposition to immigration on Facebuch and it’s Alf Wiedersehen to your job. But pitch up at a PEGIDA rally and physically attack one who attends and you are untouched.

            So there’s a hard edge to official Germany on top the Gutmenschen. And Frau Blucher has nothing on that stunning redhead right out of Stasi central casting. Nothing says “democracy” quite like choosing a Stasi operative to have on speed dial when you need to stifle free speech. Angela must yearn for the good old days.

            So maybe this is a stretch but it’s not hard to see what those red street fighters were like when the SA was taking them on.

        • ” I however, think that he would be turning in his grave over what is happening.”

          I think you idealize Hitler too much. I’m not accusing you of sympathizing, but Hitler was far more evil than you give him credit for.

          The article by Raddatz, Globalisation as War Against Man, Part 1

          showed that Hitler had far more in common with the Muslim invaders of today and their left-fascist supporters than he ever would with those who wish to defend European culture and racial stock as it is.

          Also, Hitler blamed the German people (rather than his crap strategy on the Russian front) so he gave orders that the entire German infrastructure should be destroyed.
          Albert Speer and the German high command conspired to ignore those orders, leaving Germany at least something to build on.

  11. “Of course as an American I say that in the full knowledge that the same madness infects America’s “best and brightest,” and I realize death is coming to us as well.” ………. maybe …….. I don’t think the western way, speaking as a Canadian, is the same as the EU experiment. We are feeling the muslim push already of course but there is hardier resistance than that which has been shown overseas. We are more independently minded, still predominately Christian, well as armed and knowledgeable for the most part of the threat.

  12. What a well written, but so very depressing essay Max. You must have had nightmares writing about this subject. And while the prognosis for such insanity looks grim, there are flickers of hope in the current political reaction throughout Europe to what the lying media refer to as, ‘far right parties’, through a significant rise in their numbers and local representation.

    But is it all too late to counter what has now occurred through peaceful political means?

  13. The unbearable sickness of Germany and France in a superb essay!

    Those two countries should be seperated from the rest. Keep them in a closed enviremont. Speak to them gently, listen to them (dont believe a word!) Pet them. Say yes or no, whatever they wanna hear ( and do exactly the other thing.)

    Germany and France. Devil and Angel. Entangled in their own unbearable crazyness. (some would say: Grandiose illusions) .

    Somebody should do something about that unholy dance between two psychopatic nations.

  14. The immigrants will make good workers for Germany?
    Maybe, if they had a history of assimilation. They don’t.

    Think of fine German engineering. What kind of products come to mind?
    Think of Turkey, Egypt, etc. What kind of products come to mind?

    Germany may have a right to self destruct, but I maintain that they have no right to deny the world such fine craftsmanship. Guess I’m going to have to go back to the Japanese products.

  15. It’s like waking up to first shocked reports on evidence of the Holocaust. It’s happening again, but this time it’s the German people themselves who will literally be consumed in rolling rape epidemics, nightly rioting, nightly burning of 1000’s of cars in cities all across Germany, cities turning into Beirut in a matter of months … it begins. And Germany inflicted this on itself. More than 75% of Germans think the migrant waves are a wonderful opportunity. Germany is descending, again, into collective madness.

  16. “Police (snip)…. issued a warning to parents not to allow their children to go outside unaccompanied… [or for] women not to walk to or from the train station alone.”

    When I lived in Munich long ago, I sometimes went to an evening concert at the Gasteig or the Herkulessalle, and then walked back across the city alone, which took nearly an hour from Gasteig as I recall. I didn’t worry (much) about my safety. When I first arrived, the newspapers carried stories for some time about a young woman who was murdered, and I got the impression that it was a big story because it was so unusual.

    I used to think I’d like to visit Munich again someday, for nostalgia’s sake. Not anymore.

  17. “Europe died in Auschwitz. We assassinated 6 million Jews in order to end up importing 20 million Muslims … In Auschwitz we burnt the culture, intelligence and power to create … As the result of relaxing borders … the absurd pretext of tolerance… we have 20 million Muslims (and millions more now), mostly illiterate and fanatical. We exchanged culture for fanaticism, the capacity to create wealth for the will to destroy, intelligence for superstition. We exchanged the pride of survival for the fanatical obsession to die, killing us and our children in the process. What a mistake we have made!”

    My late father sent me this once. I pointed out that the “we” didn’t make any mistake because the majority of Europeans have never supported mass immigration by Muslims or blacks or any other enriching community. I also pointed out that Holocaust is used as a justification for mass immigration by Muslims into Europe, not least by the many influential members of the Jewish community who welcome non-white immigration and propagandize for it.

    He had no reply. I was surprised that he’d been taken in by such sentimental and tendentious tosh. But then, like a lot of people, he tended to admire power for its own sake, so he didn’t like to hear anything negative about the Jewish community.

    • To completely abolish the “We” thesis you’d also have to deal with the other side of the equation: the 6 million Jews. Obviously, it’s absurd to blame all whites or all Europeans living at that time — let alone now — of complicity in the Holocaust. Yet, undoubtedly, the majority of Germans and Austrians were, as well as large pluralities in countries such as Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Collaborationist governments in countries ranging from Hungary and Slovakia through Holland and France delivered their Jews to the Germans, though it was possible not to do so as Denmark showed at that time. Other European countries had minorities actively engaged in identifying and delivering found Jews to the Germans. And everywhere, including in the Allied countries, at least a low-intensity anti-Semitism prevailed.

      Hence, “Hitler’s Revenge”: white intelligentsia’s, including its component that governs every Western country, recognition that the form of anti-Jewish racism that existed then culminated in the extermination of half of the Jewish people, hence every possible form of racism, including such tangents as ‘racialism’ or white ethnocentrism, must be eradicated, suppressed, submerged, by any available means now.

      We –our civilization — have never engaged in a rational, dispassionate discussion of our anti-Jewish (and anti-Negro) racism then, including the broaching of subjects like whether the disliked populations contributed in varying measures to that sentiment. And we have never discussed rationally either whether, even if all the worst can be said about pre-1946 anti-Semitism, the hysterical, self-erasing measures that our ruling elites have imposed on us since, were and are the right response.

      At most we have our “Neos” of various sorts, whose response to the latter is to deny the former — i.e. Holocaust denial. That is galloping psychosis crushed by the weight of the best documented event in all of history. There is no need to deny the Holocausts (there were two, as Part 3 will demonstrate) in order to brand Holocaust 3.0 as the greatest treason in the history of mankind, with perhaps the direst consequences.

      • Given Europe’s history and the Holocaust- A Holocaust on a minority which was there for a Thousand or so years- the sheer thought of importing another group into Euope is plain madness.

        Multiculturalisme is an insane concept. Especially after the Holocaust.

        • You are more right than you realize. First, it’s not 1000 years but 2000. Ashkenazi and Sefardi Jews are descendants of the Judean slaves that victorious Romans brought to Europe in chains after the failed Judean revolts in the 1st and 2nd centuries. Second, the Jews have made such major contributions to Western Civilization in the last 200 years that its level without them (e.g. in science, medicine, entrepreneurship) would have been quite a lot lower. And more than in any in any other, those contributions were in the Germanic countries, in German. That is particularly astounding given their small number.

          There is no hope that Muslim imports can equal such intellectual achievements and contributions, their vast numbers notwithstanding (compare the Nobel prize winners etc.). And the Jews have neither displayed aggressive behavior nor sought to convert “infidels” by force or otherwise.

          And still it didn’t work out at the end, even with the Jews. Why repeat that kind of gambit with Arabs, or worse, Afghans, Somalis etc.?

          • Europe has had 70 years when its hundreds of millions have had silent voices deadly whispering, nightly, during sleep, over and over, “We did that. We allowed that.” The weight of their guilt is now becomng irresistible. They have decided that they are the rot and slime beneath the scum and that they must escape this mortal coil and change themselves.

            ….a legacy disease of mentation. Is there a rule?: Historical wrongs always exact payment?

        • So the main danger resulting from mass third world invasion into Europe is …… the Europeans might harm the invaders? That’s the main concern? That it might end in a Holocaust directed at the invaders?

          My main concern is Europe, our people, our culture and our identity. I could not care less as to the welfare of the Muslim invaders. That includes women and children, by the way. Let them all leave.

          • I am with you Piggy.

            I am criticising the pro-immigration factions in the European traitor class. If the people had a say- in a referendum- the answer would be: no to immigration. Not even these so called ” refugees”.

            Given the holocaust and the 2000 year history of the Jewish people in Europe. Immigration might not be such a good idea. That’s what i am saying.

      • We – our civilization — have never engaged in a rational, dispassionate discussion of our anti-Jewish (and anti-Negro) racism then, including the broaching of subjects like whether the disliked populations contributed in varying measures to that sentiment.

        I think they did — and do. But that’s precisely why certain people don’t want a rational, dispassionate discussion of the topic. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote Two Hundred Years Together, but it hasn’t been published in English to date.

        And we have never discussed rationally either whether, even if all the worst can be said about pre-1946 anti-Semitism, the hysterical, self-erasing measures that our ruling elites have imposed on us since, were and are the right response.

        Agreed again. And here is one of the elite trying to make sure that a rational discussion never takes place:

        “In the immediate term, intelligence-gathering and sharing across Europe must increase. It is now well known that all of the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris were on the radars of intelligence and police officials. The question of prevention must be readdressed, because the current paradigm is simply not working,” Dr. Kantor said. “Police and law enforcement also need to be strengthened. This includes actively enforcing laws against incitement and anti-Semitic speech, and taking a firmer approach against those who promote hate and violence.”

        “Never before, has Europe’s intellectual elite joined with the continent’s senior political leadership and top-legal experts within the same conference to genuinely address the very real threats faced by al Europe’s citizens. Now we must transfer these important words into real action.” Kantor said.

        Moshe Kantor demands an end to free speech

        • Solzhenitsyn’s is a great book, and true; the great man was incapable of lying.

          Lots of Moishes of the kind you are citing, prominent and not so. A certain Barbara Specter-Lerner of the risibly misnamed “Paideia” Institute in Sweden has now been immortalized — until Europe’s fascist fist tightens– in a clip on YouTube. But first, we have to deal with it rationally: there is no ‘Elders of Zion”; it’s fear, a deep-seated psychosis, and a very understandable one, too. Except “understandable” doesn’t mean “acceptable.”

          And then certainly not all Jews are like that, and many gentiles are, especially those steering Europe’s leaking ship. So I am not defending any existing taboos but just advocating for rationality and a conscientious effort to stay close to the truth.

          • And the truth is, as I have so often emphasized, that Jews are over-represented in the movement I’m part of. This is true for the USA, Canada, and Western Europe: the proportion of Jews among those resisting the Islamization of the West far, far exceeds their percentage in the general population.

            This statistic must be also be taken into account when making blanket statements about “the Jews”.

          • And the truth is, as I have so often emphasized, that Jews are over-represented in the movement I’m part of. This is true for the USA, Canada, and Western Europe: the proportion of Jews among those resisting the Islamization of the West far, far exceeds their percentage in the general population.

            And what about those promoting the Islamization of the West? And if you include Mark Steyn among the resistors, can explain why he said this?

            Europe’s problems — its unaffordable social programs, its deathbed demographics, its dependence on immigration numbers that no stable nation (not even America in the Ellis Island era) has ever successfully absorbed — are all of Europe’s making. By some projections, the EU’s population will be 40 percent Muslim by 2025. Already, more people each week attend Friday prayers at British mosques than Sunday service at Christian churches — and in a country where Anglican bishops have permanent seats in the national legislature.

            Some of us think an Islamic Europe will be easier for America to deal with than the present Europe of cynical, wily, duplicitous pseudo-allies. But getting there is certain to be messy, and violent.


            This statistic must be also be taken into account when making blanket statements about “the Jews”.

            Nobody’s making blanket statements.

          • Oh, but lots of people are, all the time. I see them every day, here and elsewhere.

  18. “More than 75% of Germans think the migrant waves are a wonderful opportunity.” Do they really? I find that very hard to believe.

    • The claimed 75% figure is utterly ridiculous. A Pew poll of ethnic Germans would I suggest reveal a figure much closer to 10%. And they would be overwhelmingly people under 30 years old.

    • Talking to myself… Something I tend to do after Sunday lunch in the local.

      Anyway, take a close look at the accompanying photograph “2015: Germans smile and greet Muslim ‘refugees’ as they arrive at the main train station in Munich (The Telegraph, Photo: Corbis)”. Wierd, or what?

      The man on the left has a bizarre expression on his face that the caption tells me is a smile, and the man next to him is reaching out to touch the ‘migrant’ as one might reach out to touch a saint. Eh? And this we are told is Germans smiling at the prospect of having ‘migrants’ share their country? I’m not convinced.

    • That’s not “the whole story”. If someone has punched you in the face and you try to punch him back, that’s not the whole story. The whole story is why did you punch him in the first place.

  19. And, if Germany wants to self-destruct, why shouldn’t it be perfectly entitled to do so? So long as it cannot export it’s self-destruction to the countries around it… Yet at the same time as it’s welcoming its migrant “saviours”, it’s telling other EU countries that they must “show solidarity” and take their “fair share”… stipulating, that the migrants are not allowed to look for jobs in other EU countries, including Germany, failing which they actually risk deportation!

    I’m all for experimentation. But what self-respecting scientist would make an experiment, without sealing it off using test tubes, pressurised rooms, protective suits etc? Yet it seems that the current trend is to seek to enforce the Great Multicultural Experiment on every country, and every culture. (although, it seems, only “white countries” are naive enough to want to take part)…

    • If Germany becomes the sole Islamic Republic in Europe in the future (excuse my mistake if Albania and Bosnia constitute as such), which is unlikely given how far down the road France and Sweden are, I’d advocate an invasion force eventually to reclaim it for Europe, as it is in the heart of Europe and would be a potentially very dangerous aberration at and a neighbour I’d rather not love.

      • The only trouble is – who would lead this invasion force? The Islamic States of America, indebted to the Saudis and dependent on the votes of the Latinos, with quite different priorities on their minds? Or perhaps Russia, with its armed forces >50% Muslim? Otherwise, Eastern Europe may still (hopefully) be uninfected by Islamisation and political correctness, but are we going to rely on the Polish and Czech armies to save the day in Europe?

        • I’m thinking in the long term future when the German flag is green or black with a crescent moon, by which time the political landscape will have changed and hopefully the rest of Europe will have galvanised themselves.

          • Which “rest of Europe” do you have in mind? Sweden is on a very similar path, while others are following closely – demographically speaking. I’m struggling to see which country would lead this counter-jihad resistance? Because it seems to me most of Europe has similar problems to Germany. Unless you think that Poland, the Czechs, Slovaks and Hungary will roll their tanks into Western Europe and save the day?

          • There seems to be the notion that other European countries can “learn” from the demise of Germany ….or Sweden ….or UK …..or whichever country has this week been nominated as the most cowardly and pathetic by the commenters here. Given that all western nations have been weakened to more or less the same extent, no one will be able to sit back and watch. All countries will go down together.

            I think a bit more solidarity is needed. A bit less sniping at individual peoples and more recognition that the political class/media has done this. Ordinary folk are not to blame. They are not cowards and not heroes.

  20. This nightmare is the result of many agendas; most importantly the consensus among the worlds political elite in the aftermath of WW2 that national entities had to be erased in favor of international one world govt. From their perspective, having just come through the nightmare and considering the very real possibility that round 3 would be fought with nuclear weapons this was a reasonable and very necessary policy. Of course it also fits with the world’s corporate elite; free flow of capital, goods and LABOR! But then neither the political or corporate elites live in places like Rotherham.
    We are seeing some pushback, notably here in the Trump candidacy, it will be interesting to observe how far the string pullers will go to sink Trump.

    • roger, that kind of thinking was well in place before the end of WW2. Remember – the League of Nations came about due to some domineering tactics by one Woodrow Wilson who was also heavily influenced in his socialistic thinking by his top advisor – whose name now escapes me.

      Wilson had no time for the Europe of old, he wanted to mould the world into his own image.

  21. Quote from Hitler (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nerobefehl)
    „Wenn der Krieg verloren geht, wird auch das Volk verloren sein. […] Es sei nicht notwendig, auf die Grundlagen, die das Volk zu seinem primitivsten Weiterleben braucht, Rücksicht zu nehmen. Im Gegenteil sei es besser, selbst diese Dinge zu zerstören. Denn das Volk hätte sich als das schwächere erwiesen und dem stärkeren Ostvolk gehöre dann ausschliesslich die Zukunft. Was nach dem Kampf übrigbliebe, seien ohnehin nur die Minderwertigen; denn die Guten seien gefallen.”

    My Translation:
    “If the war list lost, then also the future of the German people is finished…It will be unnecessary to make even the most primitive consideration for their continued survival. Quite in the contrary, it will be better to destroy the things oneself because the German people have proved themselves to be the weaker and the future belongs exclusively to the stronger peoples of the East. In any case, those who remain after the battle are only the weak, the good will have fallen.”

    So the seed of the death wish is already there in the apocalyptic National Socialist mindset. Merkel and the Left, both national and at EU level, are only fulfilling that death wish.

    • The next round belongs to the German people themselves, only they have the power to change policy.

      If they are duped, they will indeed die.

      Militarism, Nazism and the Holocaust ‘mindset’ are just symptoms of a malaise that particularly affects Germany; one might call it the ‘leader’ syndrome, in this case, although Merkel is obviously wrong, the Germans will follow her lead because she is the designated leader and to deviate is to risk isolation.

      Germans are rigidly ‘schooled’ from an early age, home schooling is illegal in Germany and all children must be ‘socialized’. Indeed Erich Maria Remarque starts his novel “All quiet on the Western Front” in the schoolroom with the young men being ‘radicalized’ and marched off to the recruiting station. To fail to conform is to be non-German.

      This fear of ‘non-German-ness’ looms large in the German psyche, and renders then very vulnerable to manipulation.

  22. What a good article by Max Denken, facts interspersed with diary entries by Galina Ivanova. I would love to read her whole diary. I am sure I would have to read his article three times to really understand. I enjoyed most of the comments which often help round out the story. What anyone can get is that Germany is in deep trouble. As are several EU countries. It would be better to shed the EU snakes skin sooner than later.

  23. I’m an American of German Christian and Slavic Jewish descent, who was adopted by a family of Russian and Polish Jewish descent. I grew up in New York City in the 1960’s and 1970’s, a time when popular awareness of World War II was a large component of US culture. My father served in the US Army in World War II, and my mother was a terrified schoolgirl in New York City hearing the rumors of the Holocaust, only to find them confirmed and worse than anything she’d imagined when Germany surrendered and we captured the concentration camps.

    So — understand — I am well aware of the horrors of World War II, and the madness of Nazi Germany. I’m not at all friendly toward fascism or racialism.

    Having said that, what Angela Merkel is doing — and she’s obviously merely the standard-bearer for a larger movement in Germany — is insane. Even a 15-year old Volksgrenadier in 1945, born in 1930, would be 85 years old now. Those old enough to have materially-affected the policies of the Third Reich are almost all dead, not even counting the fact that many of them died in the war.

    The people of Germany today have done nothing to deserve punishment for the sins of their fathers, grandfathers and (in many cases) great- and great-great- grandfathers. Nor would be submission to foreign barbarians — for that matter, foreign barbarians of the exact same strain which helped inspire Adolf Hitler’s own barbaric policies (he admired Islam and specifically the Turks for their determination to conquer) — an appropriate punishment in any case.

    Before Hitler, Jews generally liked Germany — we saw it as a land of high civilization and culture, compared to the lands to the east. Some of Germany’s greatest scientists, writers and artists were of Jewish descent. Absent the Third Reich, Germany would today have a very large and productive Jewish minority — one of the worst things Hitler did from a German POV was the immense self-inflicted wound of the Holocaust, which deprived Germany of this element (and sent the smartest and most determined German Jews to America and Israel, where they helped make those countries great).

    Even after the Holocaust, a lot of Jews had (and have) fond memories and favorable traditions of Germany as it was before the Third Reich. We generally wish Germany well — even if we didn’t quite trust Germany enough any more to want to move back there permanently. When I grew up in New York City, the most common second language of my co-religionists was Yiddish — basically, a dialect of German.

    Importing Muslim barbarians, who loathe German culture and hate the German people, is not helping the matter. Why does Angela Merkel imagine it will? Is she so blinded by her own perceived infallibility that she can’t see a horrible mistake while she’s making it?

    • Maybe Merkel’s formative years in East Germany permanently skewed her moral compass. Or maybe in East Germany they took your compass away when you were born. She is not a Westerner. That is her great tragedy and will be Germany’s ruin.

      • I actually didn’t know she was originally from East Germany. I bet that makes her attitude toward the Holocaust complex: from what I understand the Easterners were told by the Communist regime that their Communism absolved them of any guilt in World War II, but after unification the smarter ones realized that the very regime which had told them this had itself been tyrannical and untrustworthy.

        • It gets more interesting. Merkel is actually… Polish. Her father’s name was Ludwik Kaźmierczak; moved to Germany from Poland in 1920; changed name about 1930. Her mother’s maiden name, Jentzsch, also indicates long-ago Polish provenance (Jencz). History of that region is incredibly complicated; Eastern Germany even 1000 years ago was a Slavic (and pagan) province (e.g. see Wendish Crusade). It all started with that people’s forced Christianization by tribes more to the west…
          So you have more possible motives: growing up an “outsider,” immigrant’s daughter, therefore empathizing with those in a similar position, as American Jews largely do as well as current “rainbow” immigrants.

    • My background is very similar to the description of yours.

      What drives Merkel will not be clear for a long time, if ever. She herself will not let down her mask. Whatever happens she will not see any of her actions as a mistake but when things go wrong it will be the failings of the German people in not fully committing – but make no mistake, it won’t be sold as the failing of all German nationals but just the ones that have their ancestry in the German nation.
      The German people do have the failing in yet again letting their fate be determined by a single individual, the blind belief ‘in the Kanzler we trust’. Their political system, including the state media, has become so closed, so undemocratic that no one dares to challenge in time.

      • “What drives Merkel will not be clear for a long time, if ever.”

        Are we discounting the obvious possible motivations? After Tony Blair stopped being Britain’s Prime Minister, he was handed a job with the impressive title of “Middle East Peace envoy”. (with, naturally, a very nice pay packet to go with it).

        In the same way, could Angela Merkel not be rewarded for her actions while chancellor, by being “promoted” to a much better-rewarded job, after finishing her term? Perhaps with a similarly-grand title of “Expert advisor on immigration control and border security”?

    • I believe one factor above all drives those who know what they are doing is wrong, but is a trait so lacking in their personality that even if they could they would not stop doing to their people what should not be done – and that is a general lack of empathy for those they do it to. A general psychopathic tendency which I can see within Merkel and those who surround her.

  24. Thank-you for this article. For anyone living in Germany: Jeden Tag um 18 uhr “Merkel muss weg” rufen oder hupen.


    Rücktritt der dt. Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel und sofortige Neuwahl der Bundesregierung

    Frau Dr. Merkel handelt unverantwortlich nicht nur Deutschland gegenüber, sondern auch der EU und ganz Europa. Sie setzt Gesetze außer Kraft, ohne die Folgen zu bedenken. Sie und Ihre Regierung sind nicht mehr “Herr der Lage“ und somit weder fähig Deutschland zu regieren noch bei für die EU relevanten Belange, weitreichende Entscheidungen zu treffen.

    Resignation of the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and immediate reelection of the German Government

    Dr. Merkel is acting irresponsible not only for Germany, but also for the EU and whole Europe. She is overruling laws without considering the consequences. She and the German Government are no longer “master of the situation” and therefore no longer able to run Germany or to have a strong political vote in the EU.

    Démission de la chancelière allemande Dr. Angela Merkel et nouvelle élection immédiate du gouvernement fédéral

    Mme Merkel agit de manière irresponsable non seulement envers I’Allemagne, mais aussi envers I’Union européenne et toute I’Europe. Elle retire des lois sans réfléchir aux conséquences. Elle et son gouvernement ne sont plus capables de contrôler la situation. Par conséquent, ils ne peuvent plus ni gouverner I’Allemagne ni prendre une décision concernant des affaires de I’Union européenne.


    Ich unterschreibe, weil Frau Merkel gegen den Amtseid verstößt und keinen Schaden vom Volke abwendet, sondern dem deutschen Volk schadet. Desweiteren unternimmt sie nichts gegen die verbalen Entgleisungen von Frau Göring-Eckardt, als diese volksverhetzende und diskriminierende Worte in Richtung von 17.000.000 deutschen Bürgern im Bundestag äußerte und somit Poltikstraftaten duldet. Desweiteren unterstützt sie die öffentliche Verleumdung von mind. 40.000.000 Deutschen, die als Kritik übende in die braune Ecke gestellt werden. Ebenso eine Straftat zum Nachteil des deutschen Volkes.

    Die Zukunft unserer Kinder tritt sie mit Füßen in den Abgrund. Für Kindergärten, Schulbildung, Kinder-, Alten- und Pflegeheime werden nötige Mittel gestrichen, zu Gunsten von illegal ins Land flutende Massen.

    Tausende gewalttätige Islamisten werden ins Land gelassen, in dem geltende Gesetze kurzerhand außer Kraft gesetzt werden. Gegen bereits hier lebende Terroristen wird nur scheinheilig etwas unternommen.

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