Totentanz: Austria’s New-Old Waltz

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In his debut essay for Gates of Vienna, our Central European correspondent Max Denken examines the historical roots of Austria’s current policy of national suicide.

Totentanz (Death dance), Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493, attributed to Hans Holbein the Younger

Totentanz: Austria’s New-Old Waltz

by Max Denken

The news at the end of July 2015 was that the Public Prosecutor in Vienna has launched a criminal investigation against Geert Wilders. And that’s on the day when a poll by Dutch national TV revealed that Wilders’s Party for Freedom (PVV) is now the biggest party in the Netherlands.

Citing an Austrian law that prohibits “hurting religious feelings” or “inciting to violence against a religion,” with a penalty of up to two years in prison, the prosecutor seized on Wilders’s March 27, 2015 speech in Vienna as a pretext to speed up the self-obliteration of Austria by Muslim immigration. In that speech, invoking the saving of Vienna from Islam in 1683, the Dutch political leader spoke of the necessity to contain that corrosive religion’s expansion in Europe. He called for a ban on the Koran, and elaborated, “No more mosques. Close all Islamic schools. Today! No to mullahs and imams.”

Austria is not unique in its welcoming self-erasure by a tidal wave of Third World immigrants and its brutal colonialist ideology: Islam. But the lemming waltz it dances is the stuff of a particularly biting satire.

There was no people more Nazi-loving than the Austrians. In the plebiscite held in 1938, 99.7% of the Austrian people voted in favor of unification with Germany (Jews were not allowed to vote). Throngs of young Austrian women wept in mystical ecstasy at the sight of Hitler, not unlike the female multitude in America that wept at the sight of Obama in 2008. Indeed, its native son Adolf Hitler was Austria’s second rock star. The first, a more wholesome and talented one, was Franz Liszt, an ethnic Hungarian.

Besides Hitler, many of the worst human monsters in the Nazi machine, and particularly in its death camps, were Austrian. Among them were these Nazi mass murderers (and that’s the tip of an iceberg, two hours’-worth of research):

  • Alois Brunner, key Adolf Eichmann’s deputy and SS commandant of the Drancy internment camp in France, directly responsible for sending more than 140,000 European Jews to the gas chambers;
  • Anton Burger, SS officer, second commandant of the Theresienstadt concentration camp, where 33,000 people died as a result of their captors’ sadism, disease and malnutrition. Burger’s signature act was to order the 40,000 camp inmates to stand at attention for hours in sub-zero temperature, for a “census”. 300 froze to death. Oversaw also the deportation of thousands of Greek Jews to death camps.
  • Irmfried Eberl, SS officer, medical doctor, director of the euthanasia institutes in Brandenburg and Bernburg and first commandant of the Treblinka extermination camp. Eberl was dismissed for incompetence because he was murdering people in numbers far larger than could be “orderly processed,” with thousands of decomposing bodies strewn about.
  • Karl Fritzsch, SS deputy commandant of the Auschwitz extermination camp. Pioneered the use of Zyklon B for mass murder. Innovator in other ways too, for instance killing people by immurement or arranging a pile of dead bodies under the camp’s Christmas tree as “Christmas presents” for the Polish prisoners.
  • Odilo Globocnik, SS general and Police Chief in occupied eastern Poland. Responsible for the implementation of Operation Reinhard, originator of the idea of the extermination camps in Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka and Belzec, their builder and overseer. Murderer of over 1.3 million people in those camps, more than 1 million Jewish. Responsible for major atrocities against the Polish population, including ethnic cleansing through the forcible resettlement and dispossession of 1.7 million Poles, looting and devastation of eastern Poland, many dead.
  • Amon Goeth, commandant of the Plaszow concentration camp in Krakow, known for shooting children with a scoped rifle for sport while breakfasting, and other similar amusements (see Schindler’s List).
  • Aribert Heim, SS doctor also known as Dr. Death, killed and tortured inmates by various “experimental” methods at the concentration camp in Mauthausen. Also served as “doctor” in the Sachsenhausen and Buchenwald concentration camps.
  • Ernst Kaltenbrunner, SS general, Chief of Security for the Third Reich including its various polices forces (Gestapo, SIPO, Kripo, SD etc), responsible for numerous crimes against humanity committed by these forces, e.g. mass murder of civilians in occupied countries by Einsatz Groups, ethnic cleansing, large-scale population enslavement in forced labor camps, mistreatment of prisoners of war and more.
  • Hermann Michel, SS Staff Sergeant at the Sobibor extermination camp, responsible for making speeches to Jews before they entered the gas chambers.
  • Karl Rahm, SS and Gestapo officer, third Commandant of the Theresienstadt concentration camp, known for taking pleasure in brutal beatings of prisoners and overseeing their torture sessions.
  • Franz Reichleitner, Gestapo, then SS officer, assistant supervisor at the Hartheim Euthanasia Center, second commandant of Sobibor extermination camp (250,000 victims);
  • Eduard Roschmann (“The Butcher of Riga”), SS officer, commandant of the Riga ghetto in 1943 responsible for many murders and other atrocities (see Odessa File).
  • Franz Stangl (“White Death”), Gestapo, security officer for the T-4 Euthanasia program, first commandant of the Sobibor extermination camp, first commandant of the Treblinka extermination camps, responsible for 1.15 million murders, tried for 900,000.
  • Josef Schwammberger, commandant in 1942-44 of various SS labor camps in the Krakow district, murdered for fun by whip, pistol or German Shepherd, organizer of a mass execution in the Przemyśl camp in 1943, arrested with eight bags of loot taken from murdered Jews;
  • Siegfried Seidl, SS officer, murderer of thousands of people in the Theresienstadt ghetto, first commandant of the Theresienstadt concentration camp, commandant of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, deputy to Adolf Eichmann
  • Gustav Wagner (“The Beast”), SS-Sergeant and deputy commandant of Sobibor extermination camp under Franz Stangl. He decided whom to kill and whom to save for slave labor.

Immediately after the 1938 “annexation” (Anschluss), Vienna’s burghers forced Viennese Jews to scrub the sidewalks with toothbrushes. But after the war and its devastating impact on Austria itself—history’s rebuke—the country, unlike Germany, refused to cleanse itself psychologically. As late as the mid-1980s, Austria refused to address its role in World War II and its multiple genocides, including the Jewish Holocaust. It refused to investigate Austrians who had been senior Nazi figures and war criminals, or to return artworks that had been looted from Jews. It supplied a lying Nazi and officer in Hitler’s Wehrmacht, Kurt Waldheim, to head the United Nations in 1972-1981, and then elected him President of Austria for six years. When Israeli commandos raided Uganda’s Entebbe airport in 1976 and freed over 100 hostages held by terrorists from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Waldheim voiced his displeasure at a “serious violation of the national sovereignty of a United Nations member state.”

All that started much earlier, with virulent antisemitism much worse than in Protestant Germany. Ironically, Austria’s Jews contributed more to it than any Jewish community had in any other country in the world. Karl Lueger, Vienna’s mayor from 1897 to 1910, was an open antisemite with a popular political platform to match. Hitler cited him as his personal inspiration. In World War I, when hundreds of officers in the German army were Jewish, the few that were allowed in the Austrian army had to be Catholic. converts.

Even that is not the beginning of the villainy. In no country persecutions of Protestant dissenters had been worse (e.g. as chronicled in the Anabaptists’ “Martyrs Mirror”). As to the treatment of Catholics, in 1683 Poland sacrificed its best soldiers and its treasury in order to save Austria from destruction and enslavement by Islam. Nine decades later, in 1772, Austria repaid its debt by invading the now-weakened Poland and grabbing one fifth of its territory.

And now, it’s Islam über alles. Per a Deutsche Welle report in February 2015, Islam is the fastest growing religion in Austria. As of 2013, nearly 7% of the population – 573,876 people – identified themselves as Muslim. 150,000 did so in 1990 and nearly 339,000 in 2001. That’s roughly a doubling of the Muslim population every ten years. These figures must have shot steeply upward in the last twelve months, what with Syrian, Iraqi, Somali and other Muslim “refugees” streaming in to this most popular destination (current data not available).

That trend is much accelerated in the capital city, Vienna. According to statistics relayed by Gatestone Institute’s Soeren Kern in March 2014, Muslim students now outnumber Roman Catholics at middle and secondary schools in Vienna, and are on the verge of overtaking Catholics in elementary schools. In the districts of Margareten, Rudolf Fünfhaus, Ottakring and Brigittenau over 80% of the children are from homes where German is not spoken (Gates of Vienna report, January 2013).

Books teaching Islam have already been introduced in the elementary schools but, after protests, withdrawn for some camouflage work. No doubt they will be reintroduced. Some schools have ceased teaching those parts of Austrian history that might be “offensive” to Muslim students. Austria having once been the Holy Roman Empire and Christian Europe’s bulwark against the Turks, there are many such parts.

By 2014, “one out of two people” in Vienna, as Vice Mayor Maria Vassilakou from the Green Party put it, were of immigrant origin. Frau Vassilakou, herself an immigrant too, added, “Integration is yesterday’s topic, now it’s about acceptance and promotion” (The Local, 7.27.2015)

It’s clear that Austria is doing away with itself at a far quicker pace even than Germany does as per the memorable title of Thilo Sarrazin’s book. And the faster it’s doing it, the more determined it is to lie about it and suppress critical voices. Geert Wilders is simply the latest and biggest stumbling stone to the Austrian state’s frantic whirl dance. But that radical “anti-racist” Islam-friendly façade that allows Austria to do away with itself barely covers a very ill national soul that has never found a way to reconcile itself to its genocidal past.

The self-obliteration by willful subjection to colonization by Muslims and other distinctly non-European peoples (e.g. Sikhs, Tamils) may be a form of a pathology known in psychiatry as “Deliberate Self-Harm” (DSH). In people, this may have several underlying causes, including genetics and autism, but the one that I beg to adduce in Austria’s case is what the British Mental Health Foundation defined as “A response by some people to profound and overwhelming emotional pain that cannot be resolved in a more functional way.” To wit, some otherwise normal people experience self-loathing, depression, stress, emotional numbness and low self-esteem so acutely that they disassociate themselves from it by self-cutting, stabbing, biting, burning, eye-gouging, head banging and, in extreme cases, amputation, eye or ear removal and genital self-mutilation.

Self-harm may be psychologically addictive as a coping mechanism. It’s estimated that in the United States alone 2 million people engage in it annually, and the World Health organization estimated worldwide annual DSH deaths at 880,000.

The signs of a psychosis and self-mutilation of the soul are plentiful in Austria’s general culture too, not just its demographics. The country that once originated gemütlich kitsch paintings by Adolph Hitler now glorifies Hermann Nitsch’s blood-soaked trivialities, often involving butchered animals and naked, blood-dripping women. The country that gave the world its greatest musical treasures in the 18th and 19th centuries now features a bearded drag queen pop diva, Conchita Wurst, whom it features at the Vienna State Opera — once the house of Gustav Mahler and Herbert von Karajan. The opera house, once a major temple of Western civilization, now also serves as backdrop for artistic productions such as mock slayings of Palestinian children by “Israelis” portrayed by Austrian and New-Austrian (i.e. Muslim immigrant) activists.

The country that expelled and therefore gave America its greatest filmmakers in the 1930s, names such as Billy Wilder, Otto Preminger, Fritz Lang, Fred Zinneman and Max Reinhardt, now flaunts self-lacerating depressants by directors such as Ulrich Seidl, whose vision of love (in Paradise: Love) is a middle-aged Austrian woman trolling for young African studs on the beach in Kenya; vision of Christianity (in Paradise: Faith) appears as a pious Austrian Catholic woman bickering with her Egyptian Muslim husband, and hope (in Paradise: Hope) appears as an obese 13-year-old falling in love with her summer fat farm director, forty years her senior.

Michael Haneke, another celebrated Austrian director, likes to limn French whitey’s Islamophobic and entirely gratuitous racism (in Caché) or German whitey’s pre-Hitler evil (In White Ribbon). For respite, one may see Haneke’s The Seventh Continent in which an Austrian middle-class family in the 1980s, hating its prosperous life, decides to flee to Australia for no apparent reason, but then changes its mind and commits suicide instead: little Eva first, then the mother Anna, and the father, Georg. Or maybe Benny’s Video in which the son of prosperous Austrian parents invites a girl to his home, shows her a video of a pig being slaughtered, and then slaughters her. Or The Piano Teacher, which is less about the piano and more about the teacher’s sexual self-mutilation and other sexual deviancy. On and on and on from Seidl and Haneke, and from others like Stefan Ruzowitzky, Barbara Albert and Florian Flicker

It’s no different in contemporary Austrian literature: vice, evil, self-disgust dominate, with Elfriede Jelinek having won the Nobel Prize for this specialty of hers, and Gerhard Roth (representative title: The Will to Sickness), Robert Schindel, Anna Mitgutsch and others not far behind.

Fewer than 10,000 Jews live in Austria now, down from 172,000 with another 100,000 partly Jewish or converted to Christianity, in 1938. The dream of a Judenrein country has nearly been realized, though the way by which it was attained has traumatized the sons and grandsons of the perpetrators and produced a psychological coping mechanism. That, ironically, is the replacement of the lost Jews who had been so woven into the Austrian fabric (think Johann Strauss, Ludwig von Mises, Hedy Lamarr and many more), with imported aliens whose main advantage is that they are as remote from real Austrians genetically, culturally and historically as it’s possible to be. That they hate Jews and evince a design to conquer Austria for their descendants and for Allah is not a topic that the Austrian population is allowed do discuss.

Genocidal acts and comments against Jews are no longer allowed for real Austrians, but they are allowed for the regime’s New “Austrians.” A certain Ibrahim B, a Turco-“Austrian,” posted on his Facebook page a picture of Adolf Hitler, accompanied by a statement praising the death of Jews. That, averred the state prosecutor in Linz, is a legitimate expression of “displeasure toward Israel.”

On another recent occasion, an “Ibrahim A” — a Ghanaian Muslim — vandalized four churches of Vienna. He was caught in the act of vandalizing one of them, St. Stephan’s, but was let go because police did not realize that he had already carried out several such attacks that day. Plus, he was decreed a “madman” — and what can you do with that? Nothing to do with Islam’s hatred of the kuffar.

How refreshing therefore that Austrian law is still in defense of religious dignity. The law ran roughshod over an indigenous Austrian, Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, for merely stating that Muhammad was a pedophile, which he was as per Islam’s own telling. She was convicted of “Denigration of Religious Teachings” and punished with a large fine — a conviction upheld in appellate court.

“We want an Islam with an Austrian character,” said Austrian Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz in October 2014. But Islam, via Bosnia-Herzegovina, has been a part of the larger Austria for over 100 years, and it has not shown its “Austrian” character yet — except in a way that modern Austria tries desperately to forget, when the SS Hanjar Division was comprised of up to 20,000 Bosnian Muslims.

Gatestone Institute’s Soeren Kern calls Austria “Springboard for Global Jihad”. The news website of the Österreich newspaper declared: “ISIS: Austria is terror hotspot”, in September 2014.

About 190 “Austrians’ — mostly Chechens who had been granted asylum — have left to fight for ISIS. “Austrian” teenage girls leave to become ISIS brides in Syria. “Austrian” Muslim preacher Mohammed Mahmoud is believed to be one of the founders of ISIS and of its Central European operations. “Austrian” Muslim preacher Adnan Ibrahim has criticized ISIS for killing Muslims, but praised Hamas for murdering “non-believers” and Israelis.

With OPEC and IEAA headquartered in Vienna, Austria has also been Iran’s springboard for laundering funds, acquiring nuclear technology and generally circumventing the West’s embargo. Vienna was the natural site for the comic operetta of the West’s recent nuke agreement with Iran that left the muggable Obama-EU nomenklatura ecstatic and Iran’s mullahs laughing.

The mystery is why individuals may often find cure from self-harm psychosis in simple cognitive behavioral therapy, but states refuse to recognize, analyze and find rational cures for their own psychoses. Instead of listening to the sober counsel of people like Geert Wilders and Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Austria merely speeds up the tempo of its Totentanz, its waltz of self-erasure

Totentanz, the dance of death, originated in the Germanic lands in the 14th century. It was a danced drama performed in graveyards, where Death was portrayed seizing people one after another, indiscriminately. It must have been a way for frightened crowds to cope with the incomprehensible tragedy of the “Great Death” of 1348 -9, when one third of the population of Europe died of the bubonic plague and large territories became empty wasteland.

And what was the Hitler machine, with its Austrian gears, but a repeat, in another form, of the bubonic plague? This one worse, for its genocidal aspects were willful, planned and executed with great care and dedication. However, a sophisticated European nation, heir to a great cultural and intellectual legacy, does not build its own grave and dances on it too with every means at its disposal, even if it has a heinous past to atone for. It does not punish its future generations for the sins of long-ago Nazis. It analyzes the trauma and finds a way to move forward toward a more wholesome future that does not involve self-termination.

The madness of past Austrians does not justify the counter-madness of current Austrians. Closing its borders to non-Europeans and engaging in intense cognitive behavioral therapy is what Austria needs now. Let it call Dr. Wilders onto its psychiatric treatment team, rather than try to jail him for his curative efforts.

Vienna welcomes Muslim immigrants, Feb. 2015

Vienna welcomes drag queen pop diva Conchita Wurst, May 2014

Vienna welcomes Adolf Hitler, March 1938

Max Denken was well on his way to PhDs in Economics and Political Science until he discovered that the former was based on quantifying wildly fanciful assumptions and the latter was much closer to Scientology than to Science. Born Central European, he has become Marginal American: wrong race, wrong gender, wrong sexual orientation, wrong religion, wrong thoughts.

63 thoughts on “Totentanz: Austria’s New-Old Waltz

  1. Coincidence?…
    This article suggests the unelected EUrocracy is being put on notice by the sheikdoms of Islam who are determined to enforce their hijrah against the waking/resisting/undhimmified West…
    Aug.8, GulfNews: Migrant crisis testing Europe’s solidarity of purpose
    Bloc needs to ensure an effective and uniform implementation of its mechanisms for migrants

    “This issue, while underlining the political plight of countries such as Syria, Libya, Eritrea and others in sub-Saharan Africa from where the bulk of migrants come, is also showing up the European Union’s inability to sift its politics from policies.

    The resolution by European leaders in April to triple the funding of maritime operations in the Mediterranean to stem migrant drownings at sea is but one aspect of this issue. There are other imperatives that Europe needs to address urgently.

    First, it needs to reassess its decision of closing some of its borders.”

  2. Muslim immigration and national suicide as … self-mutilation? Interesting idea, and I personally haven’t come across this particular explanation before, but I think it definitely has some merit. That said, I don’t think that I noticed the word “evil” (I could be wrong) in the above article and, indeed, would even the great Geert Wilders himself, God bless him (ahem!) use the word to describe the actions of the traitors among us and the invaders that they are bringing into our societies? Perhaps he would, but my point is one that many have made in the past: it’s not just madness but evil that assails us. And the application of cognitive therapy (or electro-convulsive therapy, for that matter) is not necessarily going to help us in this regard.

    Secularism cannot seem to stand against Islam, and my suspicion is that unless we in the West develop some sort of spirituality – not necessarily Christianity or Judaism, perhaps, but something other than soulless, empty secularism – then I fear that we shall succumb to Islam’s onslaught. Whether we take steps to address our societies’ mental failings or not.

    • It was all a little more complicated than I presented it here, but only that much of it could fit in a readable Web-essay. Emperor Franz-Joseph was quite a benign ruler, and kind to Jews too. It all started deteriorating after he died. And the officer corps too — there must have been quite an intricate set of formal and informal rules as far as the admittance of Jews was concerned. Ludwig von Mises, for instance, known as a Jew, made artillery Captain in WWI. But then he had a nobility tittle, as did several dozen prominent Jewish families, and could have converted to Catholicism pro forma, as did other ambitious Jews for the sake of their advancement in Austrian society.

      • Knowing nothing about Austria I nevertheless would guess that just as America has a significant political and artistic death cult but a much much larger sane or at least non-suicidal population is that not also the case in Austria? Another way of putting it: does Austria have the equivalent of America’s silent majority, and if so will Austria’s silent majority say enough is enough at some point and take a stand, peaceful or violent, to save itself and its culture?

        • I don’t know whether or not the silent majority will make a stand, but what I do know is that opposition to the status quo is getting louder.

  3. Thank you, Max Denken, for your essay.
    Pardon my pedantry, but please allow me to point out a few interesting ambiguous wordings.

    “Franz Stangl (“White Death”), Gestapo, security officer for the T-4 Euthanasia program, first commandant of the Sobibor extermination camp, first commandant of the Treblinka extermination camps, responsible for 1.15 million murders, tried for 900,000.”
    So he tried for an achievement of 900,000 murders, but he exceeded his goal and succeeded in causing 1.15 million murders.

    “Josef Schwammberger, commandant in 1942-44 of various SS labor camps in the Krakow district, murdered for fun by whip, pistol or German Shepherd, organizer of a mass execution in the Przemyśl camp in 1943, arrested with eight bags of loot taken from murdered Jews”
    So he was murdered for fun (by a camp innate?), and he arrested (someone who was carrying) eight bags of loot.

    One ambiguity is caused by the fact that “to try for” has two meanings: [1] to make an attempt at (some challenging task), and [2] to put (someone) on trial for (a crime).
    And in both these quotes an ambiguity is created by the fact that the past tense form of a verb and its past participle are the same: “murdered” is meant as a past tense form (he murdered someone), but can be taken as a past participle (he was murdered), but in the next phrase, “arrested” is meant as a part participle (he was arrested), but could be taken as a past tense form (he arrested someone).

  4. Hmmm…. Various things come to mind.

    1. A fall from great heights can cause a lot of physical damage. If one should be so unfortunate as to lose an arm or a leg in the process, one will never again be able to act as one once did.

    2. A priceless dish that is dropped and broken into many pieces then becomes a little pile of rubble.

    3. Maybe most important, in 1492 Columbus discovered America seriously enough to establish word of it to the western part of the Eurasian continent. Soon enough a couple of countries in “Christian” Europe blossomed into great powers in a new world order…. Certainly that had to be defeated…. But, one hope of success ended in 1683. In fact it ended again in 1918.

  5. Why would a ruling class want to solve the sort of self-mortification that you describe when it can be so easily and usefully leveraged?

    The Nazi history you described has been blamed on intolerance and a lack of tolerance. Therefore, everyone has been lead to believe that they just need to be super tolerant and this time they’ll never be Nazis again.

    The problem is that I could easily blame this Nazi history not on intolerance, but tolerance. But how is that possible? How could such Nazi atrocities be caused by the panacea of tolerance?

    The great tolerance shown by the people under the Nazis was tolerance of atrocity and evil.

    The National Socialists have been replaced by the International Socialists, but has anything else really changed other than a mantra that leads to the same conclusion?

    This is why International Socialism loves “tolerance” so much: it encourages tolerance for whatever they do regardless of how evil it is.

    • Yes; tolerance by many to the “killing fields” and even acceptance of a name change to Kampuchea.

      Again world wide tolerance of governmental over ride in Peking, whoops and we all accepted another name change for that city.

      Just figure all the name changing in the last 40+ years and the tolerance the western world does in accepting that, and you will find it is not far away from another tragedy/massacre from another “”tolerant”/control system”

      • One belief, more than any other, is responsible for the slaughter of individuals on the altars of the great historical ideals – justice or progress or the happiness of future generations, or the sacred mission or emancipation of a nation or race or class, or even liberty itself, which demands the sacrifice of individuals for the freedom of society. This is the belief that somewhere, in the past or in the future, in divine revelation or in the mind of an individual thinker, in the pronouncements of history or science, or in the simple heart of an uncorrupted good man, there is a final solution.One belief, more than any other, is responsible for the slaughter of individuals on the altars of the great historical ideals – justice or progress or the happiness of future generations, or the sacred mission or emancipation of a nation or race or class, or even liberty itself, which demands the sacrifice of individuals for the freedom of society. This is the belief that somewhere, in the past or in the future, in divine revelation or in the mind of an individual thinker, in the pronouncements of history or science, or in the simple heart of an uncorrupted good man, there is a final solution.

        Isaiah Berlin.

        • tolerance should be defined and knowing the difference between right and wrong but allowing wrong to exist by tolerating it in the forlorn, and questionable, hope that it will go away or become right.
          Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good. They get to live with their Kafkaesque choices that made for an inverted reality.
          So how tolerable is a zoo? I suppose it all depends upon which side of the bars you are on.
          So…..right or wrong we all must be tolerant. So why not cut to the chase and simply dispose of right and wrong and then tolerate others’ behavior as long as I am not hurt by it.
          OK, but I think I will go to church and pray for you instead.

        • Isaiah Berlin had the unique knack of distilling very complex issues into short statements which could be comprehended by anybody with a grade school education. The above quote is no exception.

          I recommend “Conversations with Isaiah Berlin” by a former student of his (with an Indian surname) who decided that Berlin’s profound, erudite yet thoroughly accessible wisdom should be recorded in a series of interviews published in book form.

          Unlike those pretentious and unreadable French poseurs: Foucault, Derrida, Lacan, Barthes, etc, Berlin strove not to demonstrate how clever he was, but to reach the broadest possible audience.

          • In some restaurant in London to which Winston Churchill repaired for a meal he was told that the famous Mr. Berlin was eating at the next table. Churchill asked to join and started a conversation about Berlin’s ideas. It took a while to transpire that it was Irving Berlin he was talking with, not Isaiah. True story.

    • The National Socialists have been replaced by the International Socialists, but has anything else really changed other than a mantra that leads to the same conclusion?

      “At a large open-air meeting in Berlin, Otto von Habsburg stood on the fringe of the crowd with a group of Communists who had been abusing Hitler. Then the Führer made his appearance and before he opened his mouth those who had just been berating him all at once were enthralled. “He had them before he even spoke. He had some sort of magnetic gift.” By the end of the speech, to young Habsburg’s amazement, the Reds around him were cheering along with the rest of the enraptured crowd.” (Toland, ‘Adolf Hitler, The Definitive Biography’, Kindle Loc. 5959)

      “On his own, Goebbels joined the Reds in a wildcat strike of Berlin transport workers asking for a pfennig or so an hour increase in pay. It was not the first time that the two parties, with many goals in common, had fought together; and for the next few wet, raw days the Communists and the National Socialists ate communally on the picket line. Side by side they pelted rocks at strikebreakers, tore up streetcar tracks and built barricades.” (ibid, Loc 5976)

      “Finally someone suggested that the most sensible course was to summon Strasser and patch up the quarrel. Whereupon Hitler ordered his chauffeur, Schreck, to find Strasser “at any price.” But he was already at his apartment in Munich, hastily packing to leave for a holiday in Italy. To a friend, who happened to drop by, Strasser said in a resigned voice: “I am a man marked by death.” He warned his friend to stay away from the apartment. “Whatever happens, mark what I say: From now on Germany is in the hands of an Austrian, who is a congenital liar, a former officer, who is a pervert, and a clubfoot. And I tell you the last is the worst of them all. This is Satan in human form.” (ibid, loc. 6126)

      “It appeared as though he [Hitler] was creating a society of workers. To them he was the soldier-laborer, and they helped propagate this image. Thus millions of Germans humiliated by defeat in war and brought to the edge of economic disaster in peace readily identified with the warrior-worker hero. In ever increasing numbers Communists, whose leaders were in concentration camps, found a home in National Socialism. It was not at all difficult to accept Hitler’s definition of the difference between socialism and Marxism: “German socialism is directed by Germans; international socialism is an instrument of the Jews.” (ibid, loc. 68610)

      “From [their] words one would never guess at the true relationship between ordinary Reds and Nazis. While they fought each other relentlessly, they felt a unique comradeship, and it was no rarity for them to unite if one of their brawls in a bar or beer hall was interrupted by the police. Both groups were driven by fervor for a cause, both believed that the end justified the means. They shared similar socialist goals and had the same contempt for parliamentary procedures. On the previous May Day they had paraded down the streets of Berlin arm in arm, in joint protest against suppression of marching demonstrations, shouting their common slogan: “Freedom, Work and Bread”. (ibid, loc 5252)

      • The sad thing is that a very large number of Jews do support International Socialism. Somewhere between 69-78% of Jews in the U.S. voted for Obama, an obvious International Socialist candidate. (I would argue that the Nobel Peace Prize is actually the International Socialst Prize and is now awarded for contributions to International Socialism based on the assumption that International Socialism is the religion of peace. This explains why it would be awarded to Obama for doing nothing beyond getting elected.)

        The reason Jews would support International Socialism is because International Socialism promises to support pluralism, which should in theory be beneficial to anyone who is any sort of minority. Unfortunately it also supports pluralism towards the anti-pluralistic and anti-Semitic Islam, which means that support for International Socialism ends up being support for anti-semitism.

        It seems that some Jews in Europe have finally figured this out and left for Israel. If they had realized what was going on earlier then they might have figured this out, supported better ideology, voted differently, and avoided the problem. It seems to be too late for that in Europe as International Socialism becomes increasingly more like Islamic Socialism.

        Hopefully this can be prevented in the U.S. but it will require promoting the understanding that pluralism can’t tolerate anti-pluralism even when the anti-pluralism is coming from some sort of “special” minority.

      • National socialism isn’t International socialism – the difference is in the name.

        • It was not at all difficult to accept Hitler’s definition of the difference between socialism and Marxism: “German socialism is directed by Germans; international socialism is an instrument of the Jews.”

          So you’re agreeing with Hitler?

          • What? It sounds like you’re the one accepting his definition if you don’t consider it difficult to accept.

            International Socialism is not an instrument of the Jews, but a majority of them (at least in the U.S.) seem to falsely think it supports their interests, probably because they think it supports pluralism. Unfortunately it doesn’t support pluralism, it supports zero-sum conflict theory which means that Jews end up becoming targets of it as soon as they’re not being perceived as “oppressed” enough.

            If international Socialism were an “instrument of the Jews” they’d be able to stop it from turning on them. Since it has turned on them more than once, that would suggest that it isn’t “their instrument”.

  6. I appreciate Max Denken’s essay on Austria and its history. Its ferocity towards the Jews during World War II even exceeded that of its masters, the Germans. Similarly, Austria helped in the cover-up and promotion of unrepentant, lying Nazi diplomats and politicians like Kurt Waldheim.

    I have a personal interest in the Austrian history, as my father was a Jewish refugee from Austria who made it out by the skin of his teeth. He always maintained an affection for Austrian culture, and never understood why Austria turned against its loyal Jewish citizens.

    I don’t understand it myself. I know from Denken’s essay that official Austrian anti-semitism didn’t just pop up with the Anschluss when the Germans marched into Austria to the cheers of the Austrians. Jews were barred from being commissioned officers in the Austrian army during World War I, an event even more surprising, as the Austrian army was a conglomerate of the different races from the Austro-Hungarian empire, and had established protocols for making troops with different languages and cultures into a (somewhat) effective fighting force.

    It’s easy to think “the Austrians have it coming”. But, that’s like being in a lifeboat, and saying, the person on the other side of the boat deserves drowning. There’s really no way the other person can receive his just deserts without my drowning also. This anecdote no doubt originated prior to the habit of the Muslim boat people of simply chucking the Christians overboard. For civilized people with Western values, we live or die together.

    I sincerely wish the Austrians would get their act together and survive as a people and culture. As I recall, it was the blinding stupidity and arrogance of the Austrians that got Europe into World War I in the first place. If Austria does pull out of its nosedive, it will be because of people like Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who is a national treasure.

    • Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia are very anti-Islam, they’ve seen the results of the little by little invasions and are not having it.

      Muslims are the one group who have really benefited from the holocaust, and they were not innocent of it. The west’s obsession with ‘isolating’ Nazi racism, the flames of which are fanned by cultural Marxism, mean that there is no longer any defence mechanism that can be brought to bear on the issue.

      There is a huge gap between the idea of ‘white supremacy’ as defined by mostly no-whites, and the Aryan supremacy of Nazi Germany. That the two are confused is profoundly sad and stupid. Most of those who are accused of ‘white supremacy’ lost friends and relatives fighting Aryan supremacy.

      Austria is a strange case, it was ‘liberated’ by the Russians, it was not denazified, and was treated as an Nazi ‘occupied’ country. None of this was helpful. One must ask why the Russians did not want it too? Why was it more useful in the western sphere?

  7. There are some Jews in Israel who are so pressed by the Arab-Muslim viciousness around and inside Israel, they seek Austrian passports as an insurance against the greater application of the aforementioned viciousness.
    It seems such travels will not reduce their travails, but rather accentuate them.
    We in Israel try to balance the secular equal opportunity state with the reality of Muslim hatred and daily attempts at Genocide. The Seculars are slowly losing it, while the spiritual Jews, who adhere to the Bible and Prophecy and the Wisdom of the Millenia are gaining, becoming more entreched, numerous and self reliant

    • Dr. Brandsteter,

      Let me say I tremendously admire Israel not only for its fighting ability, but its technological contributions and perhaps most important, its innovations in maintaining freedom and a stable state while containing a backward and hostile segment of the population.

      I believe Israel and the US are separate countries with their own interests and preferences, which quite legitimately do not always converge. It is a basic and vital interest of the US that Israel continue as a bastion and example of Western values and culture. It is also vital that Israel maintain a Jewish majority and continue a preference for Jewish immigrants. This is not because I am a religious Jew, as I am an atheist. But, part of our freedom is the freedom to maintain our identity and heritage. Israel provides protection for many Christians, but can’t do so for all Christians. Israel will maintain a Jewish identity, and if Christians, or Muslims or atheists wish to be in a country where their own belief is predominant, rather than tolerated, they should be in a different country.

      But, I feel safest in a country, not where my own opinion is supported above all others, but where individuals rights and liberties are respected.

      • Sadly, those countries are becoming harder to find, even here in Canada, surely one of the most stable countries left, we are seeing ridiculous judgements where individual rights and liberties are being trashed by ‘judges’ so incompetent one wonders how on earth they made it to their ‘holier than thou’ perch.

  8. Every EU member state is now participating in the Totentanze in varying degree. “The train has already left for Auschwitz”, most just don’t know it yet. Glittering generalities, maybe, but having lived in Europe since the 50’s I distinctly know the differences of what is now so and what was. Austria used to be a vacation destination for us, and now there is only one living link with a person I know there who can say, “I lived in the time of Adolf Hitler, in the time of the Nazis”, who told me stories during my childhood. Invaluable.

  9. The death dance is being performed in all EU member states in varying degree and style. In a certain sense, the train for us Europeans has already left for Auschwitz. The cultural destruction, Islam settling across Europe, the importation of immigrants to destabilize Western governments. I am not very optimistic about the chances for Europe – our great weakness is our inability to fight for something, like liberty, which we are losing in small pieces. Having been here since the 50’s I think I know the difference of what was then and what is now so. My last living relative from Austria has added to the story. She is one of the disappearing few who can still say, “I lived in the time of Adolf Hitler, in the time of the Nazis” and has the stories and the photographs to prove it.

    • We don’t fight for our liberty because we’re still at the stage where we believe that that’s the state’s responsibility. That is after all its primary purpose.

      But the western state has cut itself free from the aims and aspirations of those it was designed to protect and it is no longer rooted in the defence of their liberty. It is more interested in redesigning them than it is in their protection.

      And it’s becoming increasingly obvious to a growing number of people that the state is not carrying out its primary purpose; it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do. They can see that the state has more important items on its agenda than their protection.

      And these people are beginning to wonder who will protect them if the state won’t. This number will continue to grow until a tipping point is reached.

  10. “A month earlier, during his frustrating excursion to Italy, the Führer had promised Mussolini to respect Austrian independence. It was a considerable concession since Anschluss, incorporation of his homeland into a Greater Germany, had been one of Hitler’s first goals. Despite this promise his own SS did not cease sending considerable financial and moral support to Austrian Nazis, who carried on a compaign of terrorism, blowing up railways and power stations with German dynamite and murdering supporters of Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss with German weapons.” (Toland, J. ‘Adolf Hitler, The Definitive Biography, Kindle Loc. 7679.)

  11. My first comment came out as Anonymous on August 9, 2015 at 9:40 and so I rewrote from memory best I could because I thought it was lost.

  12. Having ancestors ( Eberling) from the lower Tyrol and Salzburg area, I can only weep for this once great country as well as for Germany. How can a society that once fostered Mozart and Haydn choose to become suicidal? It’s hard to understand. But, of cource, Austria and Germany are not the only nations going down that path. The entire western civilization is showing signs of pathological self-hatred and a distorted sense of reality. The only explanation I can think of is the continuing destructive effects of socialistic ideology and propaganda. The irrational thinking caused by different socialistic movements, like nazism, is still with us and working it’s evil magic, because we never really took a hard look at these modes of thinking after WWII. We never confronted the ideological thinking that preceded the war, and at that time had saturated all levels of western society completely. And, as a result, the poison never left our bloodstream. I think the diagnosis given by people like F. A. Hayek and Eric Voegelin of this malady where spot on.

    • ” How can a society that once fostered Mozart and Haydn choose to become suicidal?” I’ll attempt to distill the “reasoning” behind all this in a simplified form:

      Because the society that fostered Mozart and Haydn eventually gave birth to Hitler and then heartily embraced his racist, genocidal nationalism, and drove the whole European continent into another catastrophic bloodbath. Therefore, that society must by all means and in every way drive out “nationalism” and anything that remotely resembles “racism,” lest that horrific and shameful episode be repeated. And the best way to defeat nationalism and racism is, of course, to import great masses of people from vastly different nations and cultures, with every possible skin tone, so there is no longer a majority ethnic group or culture, and the society that gave rise to Hitler is forever abolished. In its place, there is infinite tolerance. QED.

      • The drive to remove all forms of nationalism is precisely why the Western world is in the predicament it is. Nationalism is needed to bind people together as a cohesive people with common ground. Without it, people are rootless, listless and less likely to care, which is what we’re seeing today. A general apathy about life in general, explained away as being tolerant. In effect, our civilisation is suffering from chronic depression.

        Without nationalism we revert back to smaller tribal groupings, our sphere becomes limited to immediate friends and family and work circles. Anarchy by default. People aren’t coming together in the much hoped socialist utopic vision of multi-everything, instead people are retreating into their own groups and links between communities are being severed.
        This then provides fertile ground for criminal gangs, religious extremists to thrive and grow, again as we’re seeing.
        The ongoing attacks on the Channel tunnel are a prime example of an unwillingness to protect national interests in favour of promoting anti-racism.
        You start conjuring up great conspiracies to deal with the question of why so many politicians think that bringing hordes of unskilled, intolerant men from the third world into the EU is a good thing.
        Is it really tolerance at any cost, even if the cost is the destruction of our civilisation?

  13. Afrabia

    After there is no longer any Europe, there will no longer be any Eurabia. The new – old – continent will be Afrabia.

  14. I weep for my country. But my tears give me the strength to continue. I owe it to my daughter. I will never give up. I will not be silenced. And I will never surrender.

    Pathetic though this may sound, but I mean every word.

    • Sometimes – rarely – I’ll edit a comment, but it’s only for spelling or perhaps a repeated word the writer didn’t notice. But in this case, Elisabeth, I was rilly, rilly tempted to delete “Pathetic though this may sound”…you know why? Because it sounds like something a defensive American southerner might say about his beleaguered state or city.

      The Confederate flag, for instance, has been a token kind of patriotism to a lost cause. Lost and gone and not coming back. Nor do those whose families fought in that slaughter want it back…and it’s moving on to swallow up Andrew Jackson and even Thomas Jefferson bec he owned slaves. As did Washington. Believe me, Washington is on the list, but it’s too early yet. People have to be softened up.

      …those who carried that flag for sentimental reasons have morphed into a rebellious bunch. There is a growing animus toward those who would take away the tattered remnant instead of leaving them in peace. Not just take it away, but grab it, pushing the carrier to the ground and then trashing the cloth while calling the southerner “angry racist white boy”…

      Pathos has nothing to do with loving one’s ‘place’. It is deeply ingrained in human nature to treasure one’s connection to kin and (as they say down here) the homeplace.**

      The Baron is from Virginia but where we live that’s hardly enough to make him a home boy. He can’t name or claim a local network – and believe me, you can be “not from around here” if you were born in the next county. There are about 12-20 names so interwoven and multiplied over many generations that if you moved here with a surname that coincided with those, why it would be assumed you were ‘from around here’. It’s the same way all over the country (the original colonies anyway), but now greatly dispersed in much of the North because they took in so many European immigrants for the cheap labor. Few of them moved south because there were no jobs – there are now, of course, since the advent of air-conditioning and the movement of industry away from the heavy hand of northern unions toward the non-union “right-to-work” states.

      ** [Spell checker wants me to make that TWO words, but in the American south “homeplace” is one word and it’s loaded with more meaning than words can say]

      Yes! to a refusal to shut up or surrender. Never give up.

      • Oh Dymphna, l can so relate… Actually, l wanted to use the word “pathos”, which may be more succinct. Would you agree?

      • I fully agree, dear Dymphna. However, l did feel my words may sound a bit soppy to some. Hence, the pathos addition.

        • Then I am ‘soppy’ too, my grandchildren are in UK, their mother cannot perceive the danger they are in, at this rate the 2 girls will be very lucky if they are allowed to grow up in the manner and freedoms which have applied to females for the whole of my lifetime.

      • The confederate flag, the original one anyway, not the battle flag causing so many problems, has an Austrian connection. The reason the Stars and bars has only three stripes is that it is based on the Austrian flag.
        I thought it amusing that a Florida county removed the “confederate flag” from its courthouse only to replace it with the first flag of the Confederacy.
        If you allow people to dictate what symbols can and cannot be used, eventually all symbols will be banned as human nature has ensured violent acts have been done under every flag, by people using every symbol.

  15. Way off topic – didn’t Mario Kempes finish his career in Austria? Or end up managing an Austrian team, or something? He was some player btw.

    • Mario Kempes and World Cup 1978. I remember it well. I was thirteen and the world was a better place (or so I thought). Now it has all turned into a nightmare. Oh, for the innocense of childhood!

  16. I wonder whether Max Denken is a real person. can anybody assure me that Max Denken is not a fictitious charakter? Or a pseudonym?

  17. So who agitated for the anti-racist law in Austria? Given the essential Evil White Gentile nature of Austrians, who could have persuaded them that complete surrender to alien cultures and people was the Right Thing ™?

  18. One clarification: l did NOT call Mo a pedophile, but merely asked during the seminar “What do you call this behavior IF not pedophilia.” Big difference, but the judge didn’t want to catch the difference. Go figure.

    • It’s easy to figure. Dhimmitude. Would some lyricist write a song about Dhimmitude? The word has a certain ring to it.

  19. ‘The Jews’… If they have it all sewn up, as some suggest, how does one explain the fact that Israel is following the same route to destruction that the West is following?

    Maybe it’s a cunning ploy, but if it is, what’s the thinking?

    How does it make sense for ‘the Jews’, as the supposed architects of the multicultural society as a means of undermining national sovereignty, to undermine the sovereignty of Israel via egalitarian philosophy? I mean, what would be the point; how would weakening Israel further Jewish efforts ‘towards world domination’?

    • As a Jew, I know nothing of a ‘Jewish conspiracy’, all the Jews I know are part of the same struggle for existence as everybody else. If there is a ruling Jewish Cabal it is way above my head, and benefits me not at all.

      • I don’t know, but my suspicion is that there is a ruling cabal, that it consists primarily of Jews and Gentiles, that its primary purpose is the maintenance and development of its position of power, and that it is perfectly prepared to sacrifice both the West and Israel if it thinks that will further its aim.

        • this suspicion you have, about “a ruling cabal, that it consists primarily of Jews and Gentiles…” so are there any Chinese or Russians in this cabal? And why would it sacrifice the West? Sacrifice it for what aim? So it can rule in a ruined rubble?

          This does not appear to be a reasonable, detailed, or sourced contention. Please get back to me with your sources or your comment is coming down along with mine and any others who engage in this ‘argument’.


          • Unforunately, the answer is much more prosaic and at the same time infinitely more complicated. But the main movers of this are the MBAs, the managerial class: people who think in terms of markets, profit, efficiency, cost per unit, creating demand etc. And then there are the entirely different motives of the intellectual class and the media people, the governments, the do-good conceited billionaires, and more. The picture is too vast for most people to perceive.

    • “Odilo Globocnik, SS general and Police Chief in occupied eastern Poland. Responsible for the implementation of Operation Reinhard, originator of the idea of the extermination camps in Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka and Belzec, their builder and overseer. Murderer of over 1.3 million people in those camps, more than 1 million Jewish. Responsible for major atrocities against the Polish population, including ethnic cleansing through the forcible resettlement and dispossession of 1.7 million Poles, looting and devastation of eastern Poland, many dead”.
      Thanks for putting a name to the person who tortured my good friend and her family and community. She survived the forced relocation and slave labor, went to a DP camp after the war and came to the U.S.
      In fond memory of Katarzyna Momot Zawartka.

  20. As David Goldman, ‘Spengler’, often says, “Europe will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz”.

  21. IHAM
    – I have a muslim neighbor, colleague, friend etc, so I’m not racist

    Anyone in that position is in a dangerous Stockholm syndrome place. From that point on, any suggestion from that muslim must be considered by the native European in question. Otherwise you might fall into the “racist” category, and you don’t want that.

    Then, as the multiculti politics of the EU tightens its grip, all “I have a muslim neighbor” citizens are already trapped, and may have difficulties finding their way back to independent thinking, and finally will be easily converted when the muslims reach more power in area after area.

    “I have a muslim” – Let’s shorten it to IHAM.

    IHAMs are a danger to our supposedly, free society, as they may easily be converted, while thinking they will withstand any attempts. How can we stop the IHAMs from fooling themselves, becoming dhimmis, later convert and dragging the rest of us into the swamp?

    • “I have a muslim neighbor, colleague, friend etc, so I’m not racist”

      I think the salient point of IHAM thought is: “I have a Muslim neighbor, colleague, friend, etc., who’s really quite nice, so I don’t see what could possibly be wrong with Islam!”

      • According to the Koran we kuffar cannot have a muslim friend. (only a muslim neighbour, colleague, etc..)

        If only many hundreds of thousands of dhimmis remembered that–or read the Koran.

  22. Sadly, the plan to weaken the Western cultural immune system went too far. Instead of damaging just the anti-Jewish part, it has wiped it out entirely.

    The immuno-suppressant drugs were not targeted (“antisemitism is bad”, “saving Jewish refugees is good”).

    Instead, they had general effect (“anti-anybody is bad”, “saving any refugee is good”).

    Not only did they kill the tumor of anti-Semitism (aka “the 4000 year-old hate” that afflicts all goyim everywhere on the face of the Earth), but they (metaphorically) killed hair, eyelashes, hearing, and have made Western culture subject to a host of opportunistic infections/cultures from all over the world.

    So what shall we Western goyim do? Withdraw from the various generic UN refugee and genocide treaties that first weakened our entire immune system? Rewrite them to say they are only for Jews? Cancel the innumerable generic hate speech laws that make it a crime to say anything negative about any race/religion/nation/culture/ethny? Rewrite them to make only Jew-hate illegal? Cancel the tens of thousands of generic, mandatory high primary and secondary genocide classes that preach eternal white race guilt?

    Regrettably, nothing will be done. Because (and as this article reminds us, over and over), without constant, daily reminders of their blood/race guilt, the goyim will start slaughtering Jews.

    And since there can be no peaceful change, all we can do is prepare for the inevitable explosion. For the West will not commit suicide.

    • The first part of your comment is spot on, brilliant. The second one looses me somewhere in the middle.

      This article focuses mainly on the Jewish Holocaust because there is a hellish, ironic symmetry in wiping out the Jews and expiating irrationally by flooding yourself with Muslim Semites or other 3rd world Muslims who are not only Jew haters but bring the tides of your own demise without carrying any of the Jews’ special gift. But for the sake of accuracy, let’s say that there were two Holocausts, and while you may have tired of hearing about the first, you don’t know nearly enough about the second: the murder of some 25 million civilian Slavs and enslavement of many more.

      The only remedy — not that I expect it’ll be taken — is to lie on a psychiatrist’s couch, as a nation, have the deeply buried pulled out of you, made explicit and cleansed, and then start afresh in a direction the promises renascence and rejuvenation rather than self-termination.

  23. Having just read this most interesting piece and all the comments I feel I must say something, but what is left to say is the question?

    Perhaps this, if America is to stop the down hill drive, it is obvious Hillary has to be stopped. I’m sure I’m wrong about this, but I’ll use the word “never” anyway, so here goes, “never” has someone wallowed more in deceit than Hillary. I mean self deceit. That somehow she could make an obvious decision then that her election would have a positive effect upon our country, her country. I (perhaps alone) can forgive her Benghazi caper, who among us hasn’t done something and lied about it later on, though her something was obviously more than a hands in the cookie jar moment. Of course framing that poor”film maker” was a contemptible act, worse morally because while the 3 murdered Americans were simply a colossal mistake, the framing of the film maker was a purposeful action to save her skin at his expense.

    She is smart enough to see the destruction that Obama has wrought and yet she campaigns on continuing his legacy. She will continue to screw the elderly (my doctor who has a lot of elderly patients tells me many have stopped coming, they had to cancel their insurance because of higher rates under Obamacare). She will continue to screw blacks (and whites too of course, though obstensibly Obama wanted to help young poor black kids most of all) with his continued socialist policies. Nice work you lying bum, promise kids hope and change, and give them nothing but speeches. No jobs when the government leads the way.

    But enough of Hillary, I got carried away.

    The desperation to move to Israel now, and I haven’t heard this anywhere maybe I don’t pay enough attention, one would think would be mitigated by the prospect of Iran getting (I can hardly say the word) nukes or a nuke. Which means either the U.S. elects a non moron when it comes to the world’s safety or Israel must use the power in its arsenal, even if they must use their nuclear capacity. Ques. does anyone know if its possible to have incredibly small nuclear bombs that can only do havoc on for example a five block radius?

    One more thing, sometimes people on this site, and I think I have read it elsewhere say well you just wait until the masses ………think Germany for example where the demonstrators of Pegida (sp?) are often outnumbered by the leftist swine, you just wait until the masses get fed up enough and then……….. And then what? No guns, no revolt. Bet you the real nasty Muslim organizations and radicals have more weapons then any what is generally called right wing groups.

    Here’s the positive thought though I am stretching here. If an American Prez with decency in his heart and steel in his spine is elected perhaps, just perhaps he or she, can talk up for not only America but for the globe. Otherwise, it’s gonna hit the fan harder and harder.

    BTW, not for nothing, if you are in New York City, run to the Empire 25 and see the movie Assassin, fictional work about the Korean underground looking to assassinate some nasty Japanese occupiers and trying to find the traitor in their mist in aprox 1933 and up through the end of WWII. English subtitles, very clear. On a Sunday night the crowd was huge, filled with youngish Koreans. My date and I were the only gringos there. Nice crowd. Great film, which had to be made from the heart.

    Mike from Brooklyn

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