A Nightmare, Reborn

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Our Central European correspondent Max Denken returns with an overview of the “migration crisis” — not just the current metastasis of the disease in Europe, but also the symptoms exhibited throughout the twilight of the Western world.

Update: One paragraph of the text has been revised to answer objections raised by readers in the comments.

Victims of a capsized migrant boat in the Mediterranean Sea

[Credit: “Dying on the doorstep of Fortress Europe”, Socialistworker.org]

A Nightmare, Reborn

Part 1

by Max Denken

Hope for thee, suicide for me

Like Goethe’s Young Werther (The Sorrows of Young Werther (German: Die Leiden des jungen Werthers, 1774) Europe is committing suicide.

An unrequited love, as was the case with Goethe’s protagonist, except in this case it’s not for Lotte but for non-White, non-Christian “humanity.” An inability to take one’s own side in a conflict — ditto Werther, plus that’s the very definition of “Progressive.” A conviction, like Werther’s, that her suicide is necessary to restore balance and happiness — in her case, of the world. And voilà: the shot booms.

This being the 21st century, a pastiche of Beethoven’s and Schiller’s Ode to Joy is playing in the background, affirming the suicide’s undying “celebration” of the “European values” of “unity in diversity, freedom, peace, and solidarity.” Which would have been great, had the diversity not been artificially torqued to include at least 50 million aliens from all corners of the Third World. The great majority of whom are unalterably alien and unabsorbable Muslims.

Now even that has been superseded by prostration before a drowning tide of “refugees” from Africa and the Middle East — mostly Muslims, too. Muslims that Europe has fought at least ten major wars between AD 711 and 1699 to keep out of Europe, not counting dozens of bloody regional wars that individual nations had to wage to protect themselves from Islamic aggression, e.g. Russia (nine wars with Turkey alone ending 1878), Poland, Hungary, Byzantium, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and others.

All that is accompanied by massive propaganda, lying, obfuscation, subterfuge, blackmail of dissenters and sheer terror at the hand of the states’ and EU’s ruling elites, hired “anti-racist” hounds, journalists groomed by postmodern Marxist mentors, freelance Antifa shock troops, and their Muslim allies. The psychotic illusion started long ego, when Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi’s foisted his European Union “dream” onto the European elite in the 1920s. The elite then foisted it on a bamboozled population, beginning in the 1950s-60s (see Jean Monnet, Giscard d’Estaing, Helmut Kohl and others) [1].

Coudenhove-Kalergi, a rich cosmopolitan aristocrat who, like today’s European and American potentates of the New World Order, never held a real job or balanced a checkbook, wrote in his Practical Idealism:

“The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”[2]

He also wrote, in his Pan-European Manifesto (Eng. trans. Alfred A. Knopf, 1926, as Pan Europe) “Every great political happening began as a Utopia and ended as a Reality.” How true: we might adduce such additional examples as the Children’s Crusade in 1212, Communism, Maoism, National Socialism, and even Jim Jones’s Peoples Temple, of Jonestown, Guyana fame.

If Coudenhove-Kalergi is the utopian Karl Marx of “Pan-Europeanism,” those who are implementing his ideas — among them recipients of the European Prize Coudenhove-Kalergi: Herman Van Rompuy and Angela Merkel — are its “realist” Lenins. After all, they see daily how Europe, under their ministrations, is turning into a dark nightmare, though with faster trains and healthier food than in bygone days.

In his 2012 acceptance speech for this prize, Mr. Van Rompuy described the unification (and deconstruction) of Europe as a “peace project.” This, in an era when the Coudenhovian elite’s pet demographics butcher British soldiers or Dutch artists on the streets of their own hometowns, “groom” tens of thousands of little British girls and rape tens of thousands of Scandinavian women, shoot up with military rifles French, Belgian, Danish and German autochthon citizens, toss hand grenades in Sweden and petrol bombs in France, blow up commuter-stuffed trains in Spain and trash bins in Italian high schools, set up terror-ruled sharia “no-go” zones all over Europe, decapitate in Syria, and now riot, attack ferries, trains and buses, pull people out of their cars by their hair, and murder Nigerian Christians at sea and Sicilian grandparents on land.

Neither the exact number of “refugees” is available nor their composition; too scary, that. Official European statistics are as camouflaged as are the pixelated, skin tone-altered photos and videos of perpetrators of major crimes featured in European media reports.

The UN has stated that the number of “migrants risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean to Europe” has soared past 300,000 so far this year, and some 2,500 more have died trying. That the migrants’ risking their lives or “dying while trying” is not the business of Europe but the business of the migrants can no longer be mentioned in the estrogen-dripping mental asylum of “humanist values” that Europe has become. Quite like the inability of Americans to comprehend that all modes of immigration are meant to benefit the country taking in the immigrants; whether it helps the immigrants is their concern alone.

According to Frontex — a curious European creation supposed to guard EU’s borders while keeping them open and facilitating invading “refugees’” access — more than 350,000 migrants were “detected at the EU’s borders” in January-August 2015, compared with 280,000 detections in 2014.

Confusing European Commission reports (Eurostat) compel researchers to pore over the numbers. Per BBC News, Eurostat’s data shows that the number of asylum claims in the EU rose to 626,065 in 2014, up from 435,190 in 2013. The 626k figure in 2014 does not quite agree with the Frontex “detections” of 280k in 2014. Oxford’s Benjamin Henning, on his geography/demography blog, computes 570k asylum claims for the same year, based on the same Eurostat data. But then, none of these counts the uncountables anyway. Neither can Eurostat’s number of 417,430 officially recorded asylum claims in the first half of 2015, computed by Henning, compared to 350k “detected” through August by Frontex.

Eurostat’s tables named “Country of immigrants’ origin” instead show European countries in which the immigrants are present. Frontex has published some partial numbers that allow for an educated guess as to the origin of the refugees — in descending numerical order: Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Kosovo, Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa and Pakistan (BBC News report 1.9.2015). Libya is strangely missing, though it’s a major source of the invasion flotilla crossing the Mediterranean.

At any rate, all that is just the beginning. Preparing Europe to meet its destiny, the UN warns of “record high” 60 million displaced persons in broadening global conflicts. “The Great Migration will be with us for decades,” advises a recent headline in the British Telegraph, advising wisely, “It is not war, but money that drives people abroad. That is not going to change any time soon.” However, infected by the standard Western cultural spongiform encephalitis, the Telegraph treats “migration” as though it were a supreme force of nature, uncontrollable and irresistible.

Africa’s population, now 1.1 billion, is projected to grow to 2.4 billion by 2050. Pew Research Center estimates that the Muslim population of the Middle East and Africa alone will have grown to 552 million in 2050, from 317 million in 2010. India, whose current population approaches 1.3 billion, recently announced that it will be seeking “to emigrate” 300 million of its own. If you don’t know already where all this Third World surplus will seek to relocate, you are either an important member of the European Commission, an official in the Obama administration, or a do-good Christian, Jew or “humanist” white person, particularly of the female persuasion.

Already, well over 12 million — 20% of France’s population — are the foreign-born and their children, most of them African and Middle-Eastern Muslims. The respective ratios are 22% in Sweden and 16% in Norway. Sweden (population 9.6 million) is the top self-dissolving nation with 33,000 “refugees” granted asylum in 2014, then Germany (pop. 86 million) with 48,000, France and Italy (21,000 each) and the UK (14,000).

In multiple European cities, the majority of male babies born in area hospitals are named Muhammad. Other than the name and the creed, it’s quite the same in the United States. There are 147 Latinos, 41 Blacks and six Whites born every hour in the United States — asserts a powerful consortium of megabusiness (e.g. MasterCard), the Obama White House (Cecilia Munoz, WH Director of Domestic Policy Council), race/ethnicity plunder groups (same Cecilia Munoz, ex Sr. V.P. of La Raza), politicians, and rich (and white) progressive do-gooders (e.g. Pew Charitable Trust) that assembled recently under the auspices of Washington Beltway “news” magazine National Journal. This can’t be true, yet, as the 2010 census shows that 54.4% of births were to non-Hispanic whites — however, it does show the ruling elite’s fond anticipation of that hallowed year, 2043, when the majority of U.S. population will be non-white. And in Sidney, Australia, schools are becoming “Anglo-ghettos,” with students of foreign background ranging from 52% in public high schools to 22% in independent schools (2011 stats; now it’s worse).

Both Europe and the United States have already lost control of their borders, but the consequences are direr for Europe. The strife, chaos, disorientation, despair and seeds of future decline, anarchy, tyranny, internecine war and genocide that Europe’s rulers have dumped on their subjects may be apprehended from a small roster of recent headlines, reproduced here for future archeologists of lost civilizations:

  • “Chaos in Hungary as huge crowd of migrants force Budapest station to evacuate after trying to board trains for Germany and clashing with police”
  • “Refugee children, close to death, found in van in Austria”
  • “Smugglers who drove EU migrants to death part of vast web”
  • “Screaming passengers threatened to smash windows of Eurostar”
  • “On Border Wait, Refugees Claim ‘Fake’ Syrians Try to Get Across”
  • “Migrant crisis: Pakistanis, others dumping IDs to become ‘Syrian’“
  • “Migrants Trudge Through Balkans in ‘Dramatic’ Challenge to Europe”
  • “Migrants Halt Channel Tunnel Trains for Second Day Running”
  • “Italy: Muslim Immigrants Gang-Rape, Beat Head of Reception Center, Destroy Facility, Attack Care Workers”
  • “Refugees Have Little Fear of Hungary’s Fence”
  • “Hungary to deploy army to stop migrants at border”
  • “Munich overwhelmed”
  • “Murder of elderly couple in Sicily fuels Italy’s growing anti-immigrant sentiment”
  • “Greek Island Turns Into War Zone as Syrian and Afghan Migrants Clash”
  • “Muslim refugees Chant ‘Allahu Akbar,’ F**k You [in Hungary], Attack Citizens, Throw Feces [in Italy]”
  • “ISIS recruits shout “Allahu Akbar” in refugee trains going to Germany”
  • “Extremists recruiting Syrian refugees in Germany”
  • “Spain warns of jihadist infiltration threat with ‘avalanche’ of refugees”
  • “ISIS Caught Crossing Into Europe Posing as Refugees”
  • “New migrant clashes on Lesvos as EU chief [Donald Tusk] warns ‘exodus’ could last years”
  • “British taxpayers are forking out around £36,000 a year to detain every illegal immigrant that sneaks across our borders.”

And all that on top of somewhat earlier “refugees” and “Welcome Immigrants” news, such as:

  • “Jihad families used UK welfare benefits to fund flight to the Islamic State”
  • “Every Deported Illegal Household Saves [American] Taxpayers More than $700,000”
  • “USA at ‘Highest Threat Level We have Ever Encountered’” [Hint: the threat is not from 6th generation Italian-Americans or 2nd generation Korean-Americans]
  • [Palestinian “refugee”] “Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez texted friend link to Koranic verse before attack” [killed five, wounded two]
  • “Teen who joined Isis returns to Sweden”
  • “Exploding Muslim Immigration Overwhelms FBI”
  • “Virginia Town Rocked by [lethal Salvadorian gang] MS-13 Vandalism Days After Illegals Murder High School Student”
  • “They came with knives, machetes and iron bars: Albanians attack German public school and heavily injure students”

On the Greek island of Lesbos alone, more than 1,000 illegal immigrants float in daily on rickety boats from Turkey. Finland has revised its 2015 estimate of asylum seekers from 15,000 to 30,000. More than 100,000 refugees have been registered in Hungary in 2015 alone. 3,000 asylum-seekers now pass Macedonia, and at least 3,000 enter Hungary, daily. So many of the refugees are pregnant women — and Islam is already conquering Europe via the power of the womb, just as Mexico does the United States — that in Hungary, where refugee centers are less well-equipped, desperate conditions prevail that may spawn a contagion.

In a single September weekend, 20,000 refugees entered Germany via Hungary by train, bus, and on foot. In any 24-hour span, more than 13,000 refugees stream into Germany via its Austrian border. But even as it acknowledges “desperate conditions” at that border, Germany begs, “Give me more.” Its Vice Chancellor has announced that his country will be willing to take 500,000 “asylum seekers” every year from now on, in addition to the 800,000 expected to arrive before the end of this year.

Alarms are ringing all over Europe — so far, in vain. Italy’s foreign minister has said that the deepening immigration crisis is threatening to rip the “soul” out of the European Union. Hungary’s Prime Minister, Victor Orban, has said that the refugee deluge is threatening the Christian roots of Europe. Hungary’s Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo has called the “refugees” an “invasion with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar,’ aiming to take over.” Geert Wilders has told the Dutch parliament that the refugee crisis is an Islamic invasion. The secretary general of Danish Refugee Council has said that the refugee crisis may lead to a total collapse of European society: Armageddon. UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has said of the “refugees welcome” policy that it is “mad to take this risk with the cohesion of our societies.” Hans-Peter Friedrich, a former Interior Minister of Germany, said in an interview that opening Germany’s borders to the “migrants” was an unprecedented political mistake with devastating consequences.

The Czech Finance Minister has called for NATO to defend against “the biggest threat to Europe” — i.e. “migrants.” That one won’t fly, but the Czech Republic being one of the eight or nine remaining countries where autochthon Whites have not “progressed” to terminal insanity, Czech President Milos Zeman has called on the Czech Army to defend the country’s borders, as Hungary’s army is doing now. And Switzerland, another island of sanity, has ordered its army to engage in the Duplex-Barbara war game, per a scenario of France caving in upon herself and some of the predatory fiefdoms that form — demographic guess, anyone? — launching a looting attack on Switzerland. This, after the Stabilo-Due exercise in 2012 per a scenario of “great migrations” after the European Union disintegrates.

And still, Europe, like a Japanese mother taking her brood with her as she suicides by drowning, is deliberately entering a roiling tide, firmly grasping her children. The difference between the two is that Europe lies, and is so perverse in her deed that she cares more about alien children drowning than she cares about her own that she is about to drown. America, competing for “progressive” creds with Europe, watches the advancing wall of water with yearning and curses the Gun Nuts, Bible Freaks and White “Racists” who still hamper her with fraying cords.

Quantum Lunacy

As if the West’s homicidal lunacy were not enough, Europe’s and the New World Order’s princes urge her to do more. Pope Francis has called on Catholics to not only welcome refugees — i.e. Muslims being persecuted by other Muslims — but to house and absorb them. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, pleads for open borders. Mr. Juncker also asserts that poverty rather than Europe’s own “Welcome” impotence drive migration, so he proposes to take 1.8 billion euro from European taxpayers in order to create a trust fund for Africa — that won’t, cannot, help. And Cecilia Wikström, Swedish Member of the European Parliament and priest in the Church of Sweden says that EU member states are doing so little “to help guarantee safe passage” [of the 2.5 billion or so inhabitants of the failed states and cultures of Islam and Africa] that in the future it will be compared to Sweden “turning a blind eye to the Holocaust.”

The United Nations — in various ways a branch of the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation — issues daily appeals to Europe to do “more,” to engage in a “massive common effort,” despite the curious, total absence of any fabulously rich Muslim state from this humanitarian effort on behalf of Muslims being persecuted by other Muslims.

François Crépeau, the UN “Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants,” urges the West to adopt a “global humanitarian plan,” asserting with the certainty of a national security expert, which he is not, that “walls and tear gas won’t stop migrants.” The UN Refugee Agency opts for another gambit altogether, by urging that legal channels for migration must be expanded so that fewer people “in need of international protection” have to undertake “dangerous irregular journeys.”

The United States is already an expert on the latter, as it lets in, legally, 280,000 Muslim “migrants” every year, Breitbart News reports, and that is a number, expert agree, that will grow in the future. With that, of course, will grow the number of terrorist attacks, sabotage, sharia no-go zones, honor killings and the size and weight of the American Tower of Babel (84 languages spoken in Boston Public schools currently). With that will grow an enormous fascist state machine clamping hard on the entire population in lieu of preventing the importation of the minority from which the lethal acts and the chaos originate.

Barack Hussein Obama lit up the phone lines to Berlin to tell Angela Merkel how much he loves her “leadership” in the migrant crisis. The Obama Administration, not content with turning Minnesota into the second largest Somali state in the world and always responsive to the wishes of the African-Activist-in-Chief, is increasing its 2016 “Refugee Quota” to 75,000, of whom at least 10,000, Mr. B. Hussein has ordered, must be from Syria. Muslim, it goes without saying. The immigration watchdog organization Numbers USA informs in a mass email:

“The Executive Branch has as history of using the Office of Refugee Resettlement to circumvent Congressional limits on immigration by granting refugee status to certain groups of foreign citizens whether or not their refugee claims are legitimate. For example, most illegal aliens who crossed the border during last year’s border surge were allowed to apply for refugee status even though they did not fit within the international definition of a refugee. As a result, the United States has resettled 500,000 of the world’s refugees since 2009, accounting for 70% of all refugees designated for resettlement worldwide.”

In a manner familiar to students of faked and media-fanned “Israeli atrocities” in Gaza, every image of a dead refugee child, or just one looking distressed, is used skillfully to express more tears from Europe’ s and America’s lachrymose glands. The media has no interest in disclosing that the dead child’s father is a smuggler of “refugees” who drove the unsafe boat himself.

“In Nordics, many refugees encounter a paradise lost,” asserts a Reuters headline. Thousands in Sweden sign up for ‘Refugees Welcome’ rally. A group of Swedish police officers posted a video on Facebook with a warm welcome to newly-arrived refugees to Sweden. Two “Swedish” entrepreneurs (with Muslim names) set up Refugee Air — “aimed at enabling refugees to safely travel into the EU.”

In the Netherlands, Dutch women assemble to sing to the flooding tide, “You are welcome! Welcome in my country.” Finland is raising taxes on “the wealthy” to cover the cost of “migrants.” Finland’s Prime Minister offers to take “migrants” into his own home, as do many Icelander volunteers. In Estonia, still spared the contagion, a governing Useful Idiot — Member of Parliament Eerik Niiles Kross — means to change that by opining in the Up North blog, “Estonia Is Not Threatened by ‘Masses of Islamists’, but by Total Provincialization.”

On Saturday, 12 September, in Copenhagen, 30 thousand people demonstrated for “open policy versus ‘refugees,” with placards that read “Welcome Refugees.” “Tens of thousands” marched in London in the ‘Solidarity with Refugees’ event, egged on by the newly elected commie leader of Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. Ben Riley-Smith, political reporter for The Telegraph, tweeted “Red Flag booms over Parliament Square after Corbyn speech. Thousands cheer. It has begun!”

Indeed it has. But not what Mr. Riley-Smith has in mind.

Further in the UK, families of British jihadists killed in Syria are preparing to sue the government for compensation. But the hashtag #refugeeswelcome is the hottest Twitter thing among British “celebrities,” exceeding even their self-loving selfies. And the centrist Daily Express reports that a sign with [Field Marshall] Kitchener telling Muslims to get out of Britain is “sick hate.” Par for the course in a country that sentenced its own Royal Marine to life in prison for killing a Taliban enemy.

Stephen Colbert, one of American TV’s most powerful showmen, opens the first night of his Late Show ridiculing illegal immigration opponent Donald Trump and implying that Trump is the KKK. Actress Emma Thompson, reports the British press, blasts her country’s failure to take on more refugees as “racist.” No one reports why Western mass media consider the socio-political opinions of nincompoops with good cheekbones and a talent for mimicry worthy of publication.

ABC News photo of Cruel Whitey and poor refugee woman

And this is most important: Al-Jazeera and Al Arabiya, whose satellite dishes stick out of even tents and mud huts in Muslim Asia and Africa, report all that. So does China’s official news agency Xinhua, which urges the United States to do more in the refugee crisis while China itself refrains from doing anything. Always the smart ones, the Chinese.

The Endless Emergency

No one can possibly surpass the Germans when it comes to doing away with oneself, but Germany is a special case, deserving its own chapter. And what about the others? Why the enthusiastic welcome of self-submergence in hordes of feral Muslim aliens who share little in common with the invaded peoples?

Here, the answers are all over the map, and they are all wrong. The Nationalist Right alone has been alert to the horrible calamity ever since it began — but it forfeited all for its monomaniacal blaming of the Jews. What we are witnessing is the subconscious (New-Age types would say “karmic”) death-wish of the civilization that persecuted Jews cruelly for 2000 years, mostly for outrageously bogus reasons (“Christ-killers” etc.) and eventually abandoned them to a horrifying wipeout by the self-appointed apotheosis of “Whiteness” — Hitler’s Third Reich. Taking Hitler’s side in this equation is not only wrong, but hopelessly dumb.

The “conservatives” blame “godless socialists” — but that’s obvious myopia, given the outsize role played by both sincere Christians and women of all political stripes in this self-wipeout. The International Left blames the great Satan — United States — plus Wall Street, Republicans, “white racists” etc. Daniel Estulin blames the Bilderberg Group. David Ickes blames the Babylonian Brotherhood of shape-shifting reptiles.

I blame mostly the political and cultural ruling elites that I call The Club of Traitors, Thieves, Malignant Narcissists, Estrogen Dupes and Useful Idiots. In their open sabotage of the fundamental laws of biology, of survival, they are more stupid than a six-pound common rooster — ironically, the national symbol of France. That little fellow with big feathers will scuttle tirelessly to ward off interlopers, no matter how big, from the territory where his hens are. But the West now is a coop run by clucking hens and capons; roosters are not welcome.

Some of the Club’s members have a sinister motive: to mire the developed West in an endless state of emergency that can only be contained by more government power: more power and privilege to the ruling elite and a much heavier yoke for the serfs. But only some have that particularly sinister motivation: it’s probable that even more just want to do “good.” No matter: the result will still be gradual destruction and endless emergency.

Whatever the motive, the Immigration tsunami that currently undergoes its latest phase — the one predicted in 1973 by Jean Raspail in his The Camp of the Saints — appears to be a reprehensible crime against humanity, for neither Europe nor America want to commit suicide — only their ruling elites force them to. But there is another view:

People who elect an Obama in America, a Hollande in France or a Brundland or Stoltenberg in Norway, deserve what history has in store for them. European-origin peoples who put Burundians in cabinet positions in charge of “Equality,” as Sweden has, or Mexican foreign agents in their parliaments, as the U.S. has, or Pakistani Muslims in their House of Lords, as Great Britain has, deserve to be swamped by the kin of those they elevate.

People that put women in Minister of Defense positions, as Europe does, or in military combat units, as the United States does (latest unforeseeable news: “Women injured twice as often as men, Marine study finds”) deserve that Russia, China, and the troops of Islam run circles around them. While China now patrols Alaska and expands its space warfare capabilities with American money and technology, and Russia builds an air-base in Syria and who knows what in the Arctic, America worries about how to integrate transsexuals in its military, promote more melanin-rich officers and import more imams for its soldiers.

Peoples that allowed NKVD (i.e. KGB) to turn their intellectual elites into Useful Idiots already in the 1920s can’t complain that they are now headless. Peoples that permit Justin Bieber, Rihanna, gold-festooned gangstas and vulgarian reality-TV celebrities to occupy their cultural space to the exclusion of almost all else save for “progressive” propaganda, do not deserve that their cultures survive. It’s too late to complain about the ruling elites, when the demos has been degenerating for as long as ours has.

There are, however, two exceptions. One is the minority in each Western country that hasn’t lost its mind and traduced its soul — it’s just powerless in a democratic system in which the ruling elite has betrayed the people, and the deciding majority couldn’t care less. The other exception are the countries of the former Iron Curtain, preserved and protected from Europe’s lethal virus as if they were an ancient gnat sunk in amber. They are the last preserve of Old Europe, a unique ecosystem still populated by the indigenous species.

They are also the last refuge for the kind of ‘migrants’ that the world will soon see: white people population-replaced in their own countries, fleeing from chaos, persecution and tyranny. And here lies the crux of yet a bigger crime by Merkel, Hollande, Juncker & Company, for by blackmail, threats, censure and other pressure means they mean to destroy those last natural ecosystems and last European peoples’ havens, too.


1.   There are many well-researched books on the related deceptions, e.g. Booker, Christopher, and North, Richard, The Great Deception: The Secret History of the European Union, Continuum International Publishing Group, 2003
2.   Coudenhove-Kalergi R.N., Praktischer Idealismus, (Practical Idealism), 1925, pp. 20,23.

Max Denken was well on his way to PhDs in Economics and Political Science until he discovered that the former was based on quantifying wildly fanciful assumptions and the latter was much closer to Scientology than to Science. Born Central European, he has become Marginal American: wrong race, wrong gender, wrong sexual orientation, wrong religion, wrong thoughts.

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  1. Scotland welcomes refugees

    The online “information hub” also provides links to charities working with refugees and advice on hosting fundraising events.

    It was set up by the Scottish Refugee Council and Scottish government.

    Minister for Europe and International Development Humza Yousaf said: “Scotland is firm in its commitment to helping the most vulnerable people in crisis and to accepting our fair share of whatever number of refugees the UK takes.

    “The first minister has made it very clear that 1,000 refugees coming to Scotland should be seen as a minimum and very much an initial, immediate figure – it is not a cap or a limit, nor is it spread out over five years like the announcement made by the prime minister last week.

    The Conquest Overseer of the dispossession of the Scottish people an example of that “good immigration” touted by those who should know better.

    • So even Scotland is on the road to self-destruction. Sad. Isn’t there a safe haven anywhere i Europe? A place where ethnic europeans can make a last stand?

      • Very bizarre goings on in the land of already serious high and low ethnic and religious tensionz.

      • From a natural defense perspective, Ireland fits this requirement. It is surrounded by water. This strength however is mitigated by the ease by which it could be blockaded by the usurped navies of the moslem-occupied European nations which in short time will soon be executing the interests of the ummah rather than the interests of indigenous Europeans.

        While Ireland is capable of producing the essential (food, shelter and clothing) needs of a blockaded population doubled or tripled following the retreat from the continent, all future technological advancements (‘puters, smart-phones, smart-watches and smart-glasses) will have to be off-loaded from Israeli and allied submarines.

        By 2050, the ummah will have control of the nuclear arsenals of the UK and France via ‘legitimate’ democratic demographic proceedings and UK Prime Minister Mahound Ali Galloway-Sharaf in cooperation with French Prime Minister Mahound Karim Bellanger-Ferhaoui will unleash the mahoundian hordes against an Israel-like Ireland. Might these circumstances inspire the new Irish to become more Israeli-like in innovation and bravery, enabling them to fend off the invaders? Who knows?

        Maybe I should write a novel. A prescient lot; them Irish!

        The Sea Around Us (Dominic Behan)

        They say that the lakes of Kilarney are fair
        No stream like the Liffy can ever compare.
        But if it’s water you want, you’ll find nothing so rare
        As the stuff that flows down by the ocean.

        The sea o the sea, it’s geal grá mo chroí*,
        Long may it roll between England and me.
        ‘Tis a sure guarantee that somehow we’ll be free
        Thank God we’re surrounded by water.

        The Danes came to our land with nothing to do
        But dream of the plunder, all Irish they slew.
        You will or you won’t boys with Brian Boru
        And drove them all into the ocean.

        The sea o the sea, it’s geal grá mo chroí,
        Long may it roll between England and me.
        ‘Tis a sure guarantee that somehow we’ll be free
        Thank God we’re surrounded by water.

        The Scots have their whiskey, the Welsh have their leeks,
        Their poets are paid about ten pence a week
        Providing no harsh words gainst England they speak
        O Lord! What a price for devotion!

        The sea o the sea, it’s geal grá mo chroí,
        Long may it roll between England and me.
        ‘Tis a sure guarantee that somehow we’ll be free
        Thank God we’re surrounded by water.

        Two foreign old monarchs in battle did join,
        Each wanted his head on the back of a coin.
        If the Irish had sense they’d throw both in the Boyne,
        And Partition back into the ocean.

        The sea o the sea, it’s geal grá mo chroí,
        Long may it roll between England and me.
        ‘Tis a sure guarantee that somehow we’ll be free
        Thank God we’re surrounded by water.

        * bright love of my heart

        The Dubliners in their own inimical style


        • Norwegians. The Danes went to England.

          Anyway, being on an island won’t save them–the muslims will DEMAND to be ferried over.

          And they will be.

          • Visit Ireland. Listen to the blind pro Islamic rubbish they have bought into. “Islam is one of the great Abrahamic religions and is welcome here”.

        • Verse three should read?
          ‘Now, the Danes came to Ireland with nothin’ to do,
          They raped and they plundered,
          Old Irish they slew,
          Ye will in yer pike said Brian Boru
          And he flung them right back in the ocean.

          Hopefully the Irish and the Danes retain some of that same spirit to bring the Muslim games to a swift halt once they attempt begin in earnest .

  2. Looking for an answer to why Europe (particularly Germany) is committing suicide as though it were a virtue to voluntarily smother itself to death with a Muslim prayer rug, or, in the U.S.’s case, with a Mexican sombrero? It’s a philosophical question. I offer an answer.

    http://ruleofreason.blogspot.com/2015/09/just-do-itkant-and-immigration-crisis.html and http://ruleofreason.blogspot.com/2015/09/just-do-itpart-two.html

    Ideas have consequences.

    Humbly, but steadfast, the author

    • It is an enlightening article. But do you really suppose that the political elites are so UN-self-serving? I had the distinct impression that beneath their ‘holier than thou,’ sanctimonious hypocrisy is something far more sinister.

      Right now the financial sector (which runs the political elites) is champing at the bit to get back into Iran and they have never been out of Saudi Arabia. It seems to me that the USA and EU (as well as China, India, Russia etc) desperately wish to do business with both. Alas they are rivals – Sunni SA versus Shia Iran. What to do? I know! SUPPORT BOTH SIDES OR NEITHER! USA is now doing the first option. Perhaps the EU continues with the second.

      Of course, every now and again there may be a sacrifice one has to make to keep the trading partners happy. Iran is thrilled to see the exodus of Sunnis out of Syria and SA is happy NOT to have them in their locked-down dictatorship in case they upset things, because Syria is a more liberal Islamic culture.

      Killing two birds with one stone, the Saudis would be prepared to assist the Syrian settlement into the EU by building mosques which will become centers of Wahhabi indoctrination and also weapons storage for the oncoming Muslim takeover of the EU. They have their army in place. they have their weapons and they have a weakened native population, as they fervently hope.

      I pray they have badly miscalculated on the last point!

      • Imran Shahid who was jailed for murdering Kriss Donald on 15 March 2004.

        Kriss Donald was abducted by five men associated with a local Pakistani gang led by Imran Shahid.

        The young Glasgow victim was taken on a 200-mile journey to Dundee and back while his kidnappers made phone calls looking for a house to take him to.

        Having no success at this, they returned to Glasgow and took him to the Clyde Walkway, near Celtic Football Club’s training ground.

        There, they held his arms and stabbed him 13 times. He sustained internal injuries to three arteries, one of his lungs, his liver and a kidney. He was doused in petrol and set on fire as he bled to death.

  3. Beautifully written, precisely on point. You are helping change minds. Thank you. I have to be long-term optimistic and hope. Reality–the noumena…what is actually out there and is objective–has to eventually change thinking, doesn’t it? Or are we walking to real gallows whilst dreaming?

    Historians, if any survive, will have great times discussing these psychotic times in the faculty lounges a thousand years from now.

    • I think the madness of our time will be as difficult to understand in the future as it is for us to understand the Millenial Madness leading up to the year 1000 in Europe.

        • There was mass insanity about the Millennium. Thousands upon thousands of people, maybe millions, thought the end was at hand, and Jesus was about to return.

          I don’t remember where I read about all that, but it’s well-documented. It was as significant as the Black Death in its own way.

          Our madness will seem just as mysterious to future historians — assuming that a remnant of our civilization survives to research the history of this bizarre time.

    • These times will not be discussed with interest by some intellectuals in a far off future time. If it continues colonising Islam is the end of humanity as a mindful species.

  4. In the above article it states: “Noting that there are 147 Latinos, 41 Blacks and six Whites born every hour in the United States,…” When I read this I said, “Nah. No way. I’m pretty sure there’s more than six white kids born every hour in my apartment building alone,”
    So I checked The official birth numbers by race for the year 2014 in the USA are: White (non-Hispanic) 2,146,482. Black (non-Hispanic) 589,016. Hispanic…914,116

    • Thank you for the correction. It appears that I may have been repeating propaganda spewed by the Minorities-Megacorp-Politicians’ Treason Club, e.g. here “The Economic Impact of Changing Demographics in the United States” http://www.nationaljournal.com/sponsored-content/mastercard/economic-impact-changing-demographics-united-states?q=None&a=&c=None&e=None&s=None&t=hispanic+and+latino+americans.

      There are some big, powerful, prestigious, rich entities there; why they would be lying, I have no idea. I’ll have to research this further and maybe then the Baron will allow me to tweak that paragraph, if necessary.

    • We have 24 hr/day * 365 day/yr = 8760 hr/yr, so the number of each group born per hour in the U.S. is White 2,146,482/8760 = 245, Hispanic 914,116/8760 = 104, Black 589,016/8760 = 67, versus the claimed numbers of 6, 147, 41, respectively. Quite a difference.

      Two sentence previously it is stated, “In multiple European cities, the majority of babies born in area hospitals are named Muhammad.” Here too, no citation is given. Since half of all babies born are girls, this must mean that some newborn girls are being christened “Muhammad”. Well, at least this strikes a blow for feminism and transsexual acceptance.

      • I’m submitting this for Max Denken, who is having computer issues and has been unable to post comments:

        The item I wrote about the different races birth ratios is correct as I wrote it. This is indeed what the Business-Migra-Pols axis asserts. However, I’ll need to add a comment about how this checks with reality. As to the Muhammad business, I appreciate your sarcasm but I’d like to see you write an article marshaling at least 500 different news items, statistics and factoids into one coherent whole, pro bono and without research assistants. Since those two points of criticism are the only thing you found it in yourself to comment on, I cannot help but think that the content has somehow displeased you.

  5. Excellent article- Exactly right and to the point…..No waffle and wordsmithery! I could not better it!


  6. There is a dangerous invitation to racism in this unprecedented tragedy. It is a fact that there are a small number of very well-integrated people with large amounts of melanin in their skin who have contributed to the Western societies they live in. The emphasis is on ‘SMALL NUMBER’ as a percentage of the total population.

    There is an approximate fit between skin color and culture but it is by no means absolute. Not all white people are educated and ‘civilized’ in the best Western sense. Many dark-skinned people have Western educations and fit in well, specifically those from India and many parts of Asia and non-Muslim Africa. They are professionals of high standing in their communities, so let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Europe is facing a CULTURAL problem! Muslims do not integrate very well and since 9/11 they have become more fundamentalist, where formerly many were secular. We can see this change in Turkey. Muslims also range from almost white to black.

    All people of goodwill, no matter what their melanin levels, should proclaim loudly their allegiance to freedom, democracy and the need to be consulted about major changes in their communities. We ought to oppose equally the brutal ideology of Islam and the totalitarian, Post-Modern PC Marxism of the ruling elites and the destructive agendas of the bitter, failed Left.

    • “Not all white people are educated and ‘civilized’ in the best Western sense.”

      Hicks and schemies being denied and dispossessed of their inheritance of western civilisation in the name of “good immigration”. The overdressed and overeducated of “good immigration” are in fact the elite vanguard of the multikulti project the counterfeits are merely the imposters and impersonators of western civilisation.

      The denigration and dispossession of the hicks and schemies is a multikulti class war tactic in the war against western civilisation the objective being to undermine and supplant the (white) underclass with the multikulti “superior” third world enricher. That palatable “good immigration” class chimes with the class prejudices and snobbery of the western elites.

      • Instead of crudely lumping all non-white people into the vanguard for multi-cultural warfare, which is ridiculous as it assumes all non-white, Western educated people are politically motivated to destroy the very culture the have grown to respect, and of introducing a specious comment about the white underclass which the ‘counterfeit overdressed’ non-white Westerners are hell bent on wiping out, perhaps you could recover a little moral decency.

        What Europe is fighting is a moral collapse thanks to the pseudo-Marxism (which you may be infected with yourself, judging buy your rhetoric) Post-Modern, PC ideology which combines a sanctimonious, intolerant obsession with self-identified victim groups, a moral relativism which denies any universal Good and a quest for totalitarian power by the political elites.

        Until this Western decadence is dealt with, the Islamic threat cannot be solved, unless by wholesale slaughter of all non-white people, which it seems you advocate!

        • Your point about “obsession with self-identified victim groups, a moral relativism which denies any universal Good and a quest for totalitarian power” is a good one, though I think you go too far in your assumptions about Jolie Rouge’s character.

          JR does raise a larger point which is, Why is encouraging immigration — esp. of non-whites — the most wonderful, excellent, best thing any white nation can do? If a very, and I do mean very small about of immigration were permitted it would be something that any nation could handle.

          As it is, it becomes a morally and factually tangled enterprise to distinguish between “good” immigrants from “bad” immigrants with, of course, numbers tallied in the millions and all the while that there is not a shred of discrimination as to who should come in or why. The West is theoretically a civilization that has representative government as one of its bedrock features but it’s clear that a fundamental transformation of the West is maniacally pursued by elites without a shred of concern for the wishes of their fellow citizens or with the nature of what is allowed in, other than the sacred principle that the incoming foreigners should be different. Apparently, the more different they are the better, even, obviously, if they are pathologically repulsive in their ideas, values, and practices.

          Native people anywhere should not have to ask themselves if foreigners around them are the right kind and they sure as heck are entitled to ask themselves why it is that their neighborhoods are overrun by foreigners. Are the Chinese so stupid that they bend over backwards to take in Africans and Muslim refugees? It’s a absolutely absurd question to ask because we all know that they would fall out of their chairs laughing at the suggestion. But in the West it’s just assumed that it’s a sacred duty, beggar the consequences.

          I don’t give a hoot whether foreigners are goodones or badones. I just want them gone and I am sick unto death of the injunction that we should twist ourselves into pretzels to accommodate their precious feelings, barbaric “religious” beliefs, and clownish manner of dress. They’re foreigners, for heaven’s sake, and they can get the heck out if all is not to their liking.

          You owe JR an apology for your “wholesale slaughter” comment.

          • Perhaps I do owe her an apology for the wholesale slaughter statement. I was extremely angry. But I think I made it perfectly clear that a community ought to be consulted about immigration issues. I find your attitude understandable but extreme. There has always been movement between cultures! When cultures are hermetically sealed off they become stagnant.

            I grew up in Australia and there were many refugees and migrants from UK and Europe. They have enriched Australian culture enormously.

            England itself is the product of waves of invasions as you ought to know.

            I absolutely agree that the mass migrations into Europe and the UK over the last several decades have been utterly disastrous because the breech between the immigrant cultures and the native cultures is far too wide and further, even if they were all people exactly like ourselves, it would still be a huge imposition to absorb so many newcomers.

            What I find extremely offensive is your attitude that if someone doesn’t look like me or is not like me they should get out, even if they have been living peacefully in our culture for decades and contributing to the society. Perhaps they even married into the culture. Perhaps they have kids who are natives now too. Do you wish to throw out everyone who is not lily white or who can’t trace their native ancestry back ten generations?

            In the USA where I now live, there is an African-American population, brought here as slaves. Yes there are still racial problems, mainly exacerbated by the Leftist race-baiting industry of Jesse Jackson and his ilk. But would you throw out someone like Dr Ben Carson just because he is black?

            This would be racist folly of the most immorally despicable type!

          • I understand that you were angry. Bravo for your graceful response.

            You are in error to say that my anger at immigration has anything to do with antipathy toward people who “don’t look like me.” Please.

            The key issue is one of cultural compatibility and Western “leaders” have been positively reckless at best in encouraging the entry of people who’s culture is just laughably inconsistent with and destructive of that of Western nations. In the U.S., for example, we stupidly grant citizenship to Muslims who deviously swear fealty to the Constitution whose provisions enshrine a respect for religious liberty. However, their religion, which they are not required to abjure, demands death as a punishment for apostasy and does not permit any kaffir law to be superior to shariah. And they know this very well.

            Our moronic official and legislatures, however, allow this and they are completely ignorant of the philosophical and legal ramifications of what they enable. No doubt they even dab the occasional tear from their eyes at the beauty and solemnity of this rite of passage (“Oh. Freshly minted citizens!”) while the Muslims laugh up their sleeve. The rest of us, our officials having now betrayed us, are left to face the pained remonstrances of those who say, “How could you be so mean as to want to deport anyone?”

            My point is that this is a horrendous burden for our officials to place on us, to require us to make meaningful distinctions between particular foreigners in our midst. All the more so when the numbers are in the millions and the complaint is, “But, but not all X are Y.” True, not all Muslims are terrorists but 100% of terrorists are Muslims; and 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing would not have happened had Muslims been kept OUT of our country.

            That is the proverbial Gordian knot that our leaders and the wet hanky brigade thrust in our face and, since it is an impossible to make useful judgments about Abdul (“such a good boy, such a striver”) and Anwar (the bomber, the beheader) the default “choice” we effectively make is that we can do nothing about the savages among us and we hereby acknowledge that we will agree to sink under the waves of Islamic fecundity in aid of the eventual extinction of our culture, nation, and posterity. That is the extreme position; mine is anything but. Tough, to be sure, but my position will ensure that my people and my culture survive.

            I say “Not no but hell no” to surrender, to intertia, to acceptance of the status quo and say the the ONLY choice we have is to reduce immigration to sane, minuscule levels, if that, where we are talking about non-European people. Plus, we have to reverse the damage that has been done by our treasonous and reckless elites. We have no obligation to accept the damage done by nation-destroying decisions of cretins.

            I don’t care a fig about having anyone “enrich” my nation and at the present the only “enrichment” I’m interested in is having lunatic leftists stop worshiping foreigners and start showing some understanding of and appreciation for this culture and its laws. The Age of the Worship of the Other must cease. We’re not talking about Zorba here but Mohammed . . . and the loathsome practices of his kind. Let them do what they want in their own countries and leave mine.

            If all you can get out of that is that I feel antipathy to people “who don’t look like me,” well, then, I am at a lost to know what to say to you.

        • Would have saved yourself some time by simply making the charge of racist or Nazi as your response.

          Interestingly in the UK the very culture the “good immigrants” of modern times have grown to respect is in fact the result of Marxist multiculturalism.

          Have the communities that for lazy and easy identification could be called the British working class not taken the hardest hits of both good and bad immigration to deny the identification of that group is a deceitful attempt to wipe them from the history books.

          • If you scroll further down I have already said that I intended no insult to the working class, from which parts of my own family come. Yes, they have had their suburbs trashed and have born the brunt of immigration from alien cultures.

            I am asking you not to tar everyone with the same brush! Lots of working class English migrated to Australia where I grew up. Even THEIR culture was different from ours, who had been living there for five generations. They used to be called the ‘whinging Poms’ because they were always complaining about something, but there were no mass protest movements to ship them all back to the UK! In fact, they, along with the migrants from southern and eastern Europe who flocked to Australia after the wars, made a huge contribution to Aussie society.

            The important criterion is that they were all from a Judeo-Christian culture and so integration was far easier than in a situation where two cultures have almost nothing in common.

            We now live in a global world, whether you like it or not, so there will always be some movement between cultures and nations – as there is within the EU already. Should all the Poles be banished from the UK?

            Likewise there are some people who have more melanin in their skins than you probably do, and yet have been educated in Western schools and Western ways, who can (and do) also make a contribution. The job of a competent Immigration Bureaucracy is to screen people who WILL fit in!

            Multi-culturalism has not worked because the numbers have been so enormous that ghettos have developed and it has become multi-nationalism instead – with many ‘nation’s living inside one country, which is ridiculous and divisive. In that situation there can be no national unity. It is a question of numbers and cultural compatibility.

            With Islam we are at the extreme of incompatibility. In Australia and the USA, the Vietnamese community has adapted very well. The older Chinese and Japanese communities have adapted well. They will always be a small proportion of the total population.

            If the Hispanics were in smaller numbers, they would not be a problem either, but as is happening in Europe today with Muslims, they are pouring un-screened across the borders in hordes. That is a huge problem!

            If we rightly accuse Islam of the worst crimes against humanity, then we ought to make sure that we are not degenerating into hating people because of the amount of melanin in their skins rather than pointing out that anyone, no matter whether a fair -skinned Muslim from Kosovo or a dark-skinned ex-cannibal from New Guinea, will be welcomed into the community according to the cultural and moral values we have in common with them, not their skin color.

        • DiMu, I pretty much agree with you–even if I share the concerns about this “camp of the saints” disaster on Europe’s doorstep expressed in this article.

          I live in an American community where there are Evangelical churches catering to Korean, Chinese, Latin, South Asian, and Middle Eastern immigrants as well as lots of “mostly white” congregations (which absorb a fair number of the English-speaking children and grandchildren).

          Further, while I firmly believe that the American Civil Rights movement very seriously lost its way and absolutely refuse to accept the “white guilt” meme, I freely and happily recognize that if you went into the typical African-American community and tossed an egg from a high building, it would probably splatter a sincere American patriot of the black persuasion.

          Lots of immigrants integrate and assimilate; and we also have laws that can be enforced on those who come to make trouble. Fierce opponent of homosexuality that I am, I don’t mind if people of different colors interbreed and the children want to mark two or more spaces on the great American color code.

          Finally, I’m of the mind that the thing that made the “white” nations great wasn’t lack of melanin, but all those generations which heeded the Christian Bible. But as I read that book, especially the letters of Paul, I see that the faith and values it inculcates aren’t any ethnic group’s exclusive property, but intended to be shared. I pray for the re-Christianization of the West and a recovery of confidence in the Triune God and his grace.

    • RE: “Many dark-skinned people have Western educations and fit in well, specifically those from India and many parts of Asia and non-Muslim Africa.”

      While they may be non-Muslim, many if not most are *not* non-socialist.
      In other words, they bring with them a different kind of threat: A threat to our capitalist-system and meritocratic heritage, much at risk in these latter days. Not to mention, of course, the risk or our CULTURE, presented by those who have no taste for adopting it.

      • There are some choice opinions expressed in this video that will curl your toes or make your blood boil, one.

        The lady in particular, a Sikh I believe, clearly expresses her intention to cling to the values of her Indian grandparents who were “economic migrants” and nothing more, thank you very much. She won’t be considering herself a part of the British people any time in this century and this is all conveyed in the poshest of posh accents that you can cut with a knife. Incredibly, she was head of the UKIP youth party, which is astonishing for a party with the words “United Kingdom” in its title.

        Not a manifestation of socialist thinking (though not necessarily inconsistent therewith) but Britain has and might yet survive that particular cancer. It’s doubtful it or any of us can survive this immigration madness that does not keep out masses of foreigners or demand more from those we let in than is evident in that clip.

        • A woman like this ought to be ridiculed! How dare she USE a country and give it no loyalty! It’s OK to fondly remember the ways of one’s grandmother, but if they reveal the kind of supercilious arrogance you have described, then she is not a good citizen. Of course, by that standard neither are all the uppity ‘lords and ladies’ of the native snobbish classes of Britain who continue to look down on us all from a great height!

          • Quite so. It’s a great tragedy that the political class of the West has embraced such a bizarre nation- and culture-destroying view. Seemingly in the blink of an idea, all that has gone before has been cast aside like a rag in favor of airy fairy globalist insanity.

            The woman’s disdain for Britain is what you expect from adolescents not mature, fawned-over adults.

        • Sorry to disagree Col. but the Sikh’s accent isn’t particularly posh. Her exaggerated mannerisms and puffery make her seem more posh and polished than she actually is.

      • Yes, a different kind of threat. Muslims bring a unique threat. The only pertinence to the non-Muslim immigration problem to the Muslim immigration problem is that the latter is riding on the train of the former. Otherwise, there is no pertinence, pace the Counter-Jihadists who like to conflate issues indiscriminately.

      • That is completely [insulting descriptive] as I know very well (from personal experience) many of them work in the private banks, in the professional and capitalist areas! I’m sure the poorer ones don’t but I was not talking about them.

        Perhaps they vote to the Left – but so do many native-born people (unfortunately)! And as I said before, some have married local natives, their children are native and have also married natives and are making a contribution to middle class culture.

        I was not discussing working class immigrants who are very problematic. Working class jobs are drying up everywhere as robots take over and industries change, therefore a high number of less-educated working class immigrants are placing an even greater burden on the already over-burdened welfare systems!

        This is an intractable problem with no solution for the working class that I can see. Labor is cheaper in China. 21st century industries demand a high and specific education. The socialist policies of all the EU governments have created fragile stagnant economies.

        If all these Muslims are allowed to stay, it is the interface between the EU working classes and the migrants on welfare that will erupt into violence and civil war! That’s where it will all begin!

        • If that is directed to my comment, I will say that I know many of *them* also, who work in our capitalist enterprises but who strongly support cradle-to-grave socialist politicians, once they’ve found such a comfortable home here in the US.
          And many of them look down at whites and treat us very poorly.
          My daughter, for example, is a ticket agent for a major airline, and she sees these people all the time: they are very condescending and rude to women, especially the men!

          As a group, I mean of course. They certainly hold no monopoly on such behavior — as no “group” is without its bad actors. But it seems to be a feature among Indians rather than a bug in their character.

          I say send them all back to their own people; and let us Europeans work things out on our own — the Poles, Hungarians, French, Irish — whatever. I don’t very much appreciate being treated with contempt by FOREIGNERS, much less so when that contempt is directed at my daughter.

          Our family has been here since the mid-1600’s — some of whom were brought as indentured servants, following a battle between the Scots and English. That’s enough for now. I’ve gotten totally off topic.

          • Your daughter should complain to the HR! I also know Indians here who are not like that. Indians, it is true, have a caste system that is analogous to the British. But their offspring and their offspring’s offspring, who go to school here are usually very American. All first generation migrants have a foot in two countries.

            If you have been here since the 1600s I guess there are a few skeletons in your family closet as well. I dare say the land your ancestors lived on was originally not theirs but was taken from the native tribes.

            I repeat that above all it is the cultural values of a people which are important, not their skin color. The cultural values of Islam are an existential threat to our civilization. Indian arrogance, along with the arrogance of many peoples, perhaps even our own, is a failing, but not an existential threat.

    • “as it assumes all non-white, Western educated people are politically motivated to destroy the very culture the have grown to respect, ”

      I’m no expert on classical music, but I have attended perhaps 50 such concerts in London in the last 30 years. Despite the over-abundance of non-white people in London, it is exceedingly rare to see even 1 asian or black in the audience of 100s of people at such events. And it isn’t about money – most asians and blacks in London have more money than me. Indeed, the same absence of asians/blacks is to be found in art galleries and museums in London, most of which are free.

      London now has its first “all black” orchestra (my my, apartheid didn’t die). You can be sure, the audience for this racist orchestra will consist almost entirely of white people.

      “Not all white people are educated and ‘civilized’ in the best Western sense. Many dark-skinned people have Western educations and fit in well, specifically those from India and many parts of Asia and non-Muslim Africa.”

      Wrong, wrong, wrong. Again, after 30 years in London, I moved to an area outside London which has a reputation among white Leftards and among non-white immigrants, of being a town full of working-class, white racist scum. Yet this town has extremely low crime rates, and almost every single encounter I have with the residents of this town amazes me in the politeness of these “scum”. Even children I’ve never met smile and say ‘hello’, when my neighbouring non-white British-born children in London cut me dead for the 15 years I lived there.

      “Europe is facing a CULTURAL problem!” Europe would be facing a cultural problem with or without muslims, as I’ve illustrated above. But what Europe is facing is not just a cultural problem, but a racial problem. I was brought up to be “anti-racist” and so designated myself between the ages of 12 and 50 years of age. But it is beyond doubt that as the white people of Europe are wiped out (and that is inevitable within a few generations), then the culture of Europe will be wiped out.

      But don’t fool yourself: we are facing genocide, both cultural and racial. This is something the Left will cheer on. They will bemoan the tragedy of some obscure species of tree frog being wiped out, but they will applaud the genocide of the European people.

      • An all black orchestra and white audience. Ha! Ha! It sounds like the so called Black And White Minstral Show they banned all those years ago. Should we stop anything with black and white participants because it “forces” blacks or whites to think about GWs? Ha! Ha! We need some serious earthquakes.

  7. It always comes down to be the fault of women, doesn’t it? Eve bit the apple. White Western women didn’t stay home where they belong and have enough babies, who would have automatically become today’s implacable defenders of Western Civilization — just as our remaining white college students stand so firm in their resolve to resist indoctrination by their “Progressive” professors. Much easier explanation for the fix we’re in now than, say, delving into how male philosophers such as Hegel and Kant undermined the Enlightenment. But there are women in our armed forces. We deserve to perish.

    I’m one of those who have not yet lost their minds or traduced their souls, “Baron”, but of course it counts for nothing since I do not possess a penis. I was taught the sanctity of reason by a great philosopher, but how could that be since she did not bow her head to the mythological Jesus Christ?

    If we have any chance of coming out of this in one piece, you good people are going to have to fight side by side with some very unsavory characters. Women. Atheists. Unless, of course, you want to emulate the winning side and put the hens and infidels back in their proper places under the heels of god-fearing males.

    Good luck with that.

    • While I am flattered that you assume I wrote this superbly-crafted piece, it’s not appropriate for you to address me as the author, since it was Max Denken who in fact composed it. Perhaps he will drop by to respond to your objections.

      My wife Dymphna may also have a word or two to interject — we’ll see.

    • If we have any chance of coming out of this in one piece, you good people are going to have to fight side by side with some very unsavory characters. Women. Atheists. Unless, of course, you want to emulate the winning side and put the hens and infidels back in their proper places under the heels of god-fearing males.

      There are so many mistaken assumptions packed into your comment – beginning with your mistaken assumption of author for this post – that it’s hard to figure out how to disassemble it without having the whole thing blow up into meaninglessness…

      The “winning side”? Islam’s intermittent triumphal slaughters, followed by the implosion and deep poverty wherever it takes hold don’t last. For all its purported “billions” of believers it doesn’t do much beyond create chaos and death; it never stays in power for long – no tyranny ever does. People stuck in a short-term view of life can’t see beyond the current disaster(s).Crisis tends to make us all short-sighted.

      [Islam is the only political juridical system I know of that un-invents things so that the skills lost during their dominance have to be re-learned. Donkeys and carts disappeared from Egypt for many generations under Islam. The USSR had similar experiences but our communication technology was so improved by then that knowledge was kept alive via the mimeograph. Such is the nature of tyrannies.]

      Women who are mothers are fiercer defenders of their people (not just their children) than those freed from the pressures of biology to pursue their individual interests. If their “interest” is founded on some kind of gender supremacy, then – as women around here would say – that’s a trifling raison d’être.

      As for atheists – well, I never met one who wasn’t as smug and self-satisfied as the nearest bible-thumper. Atheists aren’t known for their humility. I have been proselytized by more atheists than I have been by evangelical Christians, with both sharing equal success as far as capturing my allegiance goes.

      But your biggest error lies in believing we are going “to come out of this in one piece”. What does *that* even mean? The world is facing a series of crises. The various outcomes that prevail after (and after and after – because variations of chaos and destruction will be local and not synchronized) require that we have the resiliency to face the fact that there is no “coming out of this” in one piece or even in several pieces. We will NOT be who we were, nor will our expectations of the future be the same.

      Beyond your immediate circle who cares if you’re a feminist or an atheist? Both of those folks tend even more than other identities to cluster into groups of like-minded souls, seeing the rest of us as lesser beings.

      I’ve been dropped by long-time friends who “discover” I’m not a socialist/leftist but prefer small government and freer markets because they leave the most room for innovation and change. I don’t believe government can help me, but if I am treated right, *I* can be an asset to my government.

      I’ve been snubbed for refusing politely to declare my feminist leanings are a primary facet of my being- and excoriated when I wondered out loud if much of the cultural quagmire in the U.S. didn’t begin with the doctrinaire feminism that tore apart average families; no fault divorce created a heap of ruined children. Those shattered children are in turn raising some crippled kids of their own – because the basic fact of human nature is you can only pass on what you know. And those children born in the 70s ff know a heap of pain. Read the studies. Or just talk to the kids born in those years whose families did not survive. Either dad was looking for a newer model or mom was off to find herself. The kids were hung out to dry.

      • Dymphna, this unsmug (I believe) atheist ts deeply hurt!

        Regarding your last para, when divorce was more difficult, many women, in particular, were trapped in loveless and sometimes abusive marriages. The resultant atmosphere can hardly have been good for the emotional health of the children.

        • Dymphna, this unsmug (I believe) atheist ts deeply hurt!

          “…Deeply hurt” by what, precisely? The fact that some of your fellow atheists are aggressive and condescending? I’m not finding fault with you for another’s behavior, any more than I blame my evangelical friends for their confreres who ringingly tell me I’m going to hell for my failure to believe some tenet or other they hold dear.

          As for women “trapped in loveless marriages”, that is a problem between them and their spouse. The “loveless marriage” concept is soo very 20th century, Mark. Grown-ups who marry, have children, and then decide they don’t want to be married to the other parent of their children anymore do great damage to those kids by setting out to find “love” somewhere else.

          Abusive marriages are another, more complicated story. Sometimes, with help, the abuse can stop – in much the same way alcoholism or compulsive debt can be stopped. All of those maladaptive behaviors are open to change in many cases, though not in all of them by any means. But you’re making categorical errors by mixing these very different situations. Someone “trapped in a loveless marriage” with a partner who attempts to do their share, who provides stability for their children by staying with them – that person is acting like a grown-up.

          Nor are all women innocent of claims of abuse. I counseled about 3,000 abused *people* over the years and by no means were all of them women. There were men who stuck with it for the sake of their children, afraid of what might happen to the children if they were to leave them to the mercies of a mother prone to rage.

          • As one of the ‘abused’ I can say that I stuck it out for as long as I could for my son’s sake. We all make choices every day. What we have forgotten is that we must accept personal and total responsibility for those choices we make. No one else can or will take the responsibility that is ours alone.

        • Life has its downsides for all humanity. Look at the emotional health of the Mothers, fathers and children we have now. Are we healthier?

          • Good question, Living Lies. The ones I know who are happiest are families whose different generations are geographically close and emotionally whole, relatively speaking (yes, pun intended). I have given up “doing” Thanksgiving with relatives I don’t see otherwise. There’s not enough resiliency in those relationships to allow for much enjoyment when you don’t see them otherwise.

            Another generalization that is open to exceptions: it is the wife’s family that makes the best fit generationally since married women with children tend to stay more closely in touch with their families of origin.

        • In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think it’s productive or practical to muse over marriage and whether couples should remain in a loveless, failed, abusive or otherwise problematic relationship. It’s not relevant to our decline. People have the prerogative to marry and divorce as they please, one just hopes they do so after deep consideration of all possibilities and problems that may result. Not wishing to incur the ire of anyone, just stating that it is a moral digression from the issue at hand.

    • I submit for consideration Phyllis Schlafly, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Ann Corcoran, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Diana West, Ann Bernhardt, Dr. Sanity, Ilana Mercer, Julia Gorin, Publius Hulda, Tammy Bruce, The republican Mother, neo-neocon, Vanishing American, Dymphna, Alyssa Lappen, Two Chicks on the Right, and Pamela Geller. To say that I revere these stellar human beings is an understatement and I cannot believe that there is one other person who is in any way awake to the dangers we face who does not share my sentiment.

      These women have firmness, intelligence, humor, education, and courage and for you to say that it always comes down to the fault of the women is just absurd. We are enormously indebted to the luminaries and the loss of even one would be intolerable.

      I don’t know which ones bow down to the mythological Jesus and I don’t know what males spoiled the Enlightenment for us. I do know these women, today, cut a heck of a path through the woods all by themselves and we’re deeply indebted to them. And I never gave them permission!!

      If you could get over your resentment and the caricatures of male thinking that have rooted in your consciousness courtesy of the feminist “thinkers” who have conceived of a simply ludicrous version of human society, perhaps your name will appear in the above list in a month or two.

      Women can play a role in the military but there are limits to feminist imaginings about women infantrymen. Ain’t going to happen. More to the point, feminists are poisoning the minds of women and appear to have left you stewing in backwash of amorphous resentment. You bridle at Mr. Denken’s idea that a pathological type of female thinking is responsible for skewing the political life of the West. Fine. Let that point be debated but I assure you my opening shot would be to show merely one or two YouTube videos of certifiable feminist women expounding on their “ideas” about patriarchy and how very, very, very, very, very excellent their lives are without men. I mean, you just have to see that ____ to believe it. It’s frankly impossible to conceive of women that stupid.

      That same kind of thinking can be found occurring between the ears of Swedish females politicians, lest you think I’m unfairly focusing on isolated imbeciles. Not for nothing do I refer to that country as a lunatic country. I challenge you to show that a great many women in public life there aren’t just plain possessed. But, there I go. Blaming the women.

      • Trying for a while to dip my toes in the “New” or “Alternative” Right, and finding it antisemitic across the board, I used to make the same argument about Jews as you make about women. Indeed, I can and did reel off a long list of Jews who are on our side, some of them prominently so, e.g. Mark Levin, Michael Savage, the now-departed Larry Auster, Diana West, Ilana Mercer and many others, e.g. in Sweden the Ekeroth brothers. But that only calls for modifying negative statements, not for eliminating them altogether.

        It’s a fact that 78% of Jewish voters voted Obama (not to speak of his brain team, moneybags etc). There is no hiding from it and I will not accept any muzzling relative to discussing this in “group” terms. But when addressing the issue, one cannot ignore that 22% of Jews did not vote Obama. That calls for modifying any “group” attributions accordingly.

        My recasting of the JQ (insider term for the “Jewish Question”) didn’t sit well with the “New Rightists” so I am no longer there. But you have to see the parallel to the issue of women.

        I can cite twice as long a list of prominent women who are “on our side” as you have, and in my personal life have six who are not only friends but sisters in the epic struggle of our time. But that in no way invalidates any statements I make about the category “women” here or elsewhere, and I can flesh it out (e.g. check out the performance of women judges and jurors versus that of men) in hundreds of pages of not only polemics but academic studies, surveys, statistics etc.

        • I don’t see that there is any day light between us on the existence of women who are wide awake and women who are pathologically delusional. Identifying exceptions within a group detracts not from an examination of group behavior.

          If I understand you correctly, we should look at women in the same way that we should look at Jews. 22% of Jews voted against Obama so that requires that we modify any characterization of Jewish “group” behavior, but 78% of Jews did vote for Obama so no one should be muzzled in discussing Jewish group behavior. You parted company with the New Rightists because of your ability to identify a subset of rational Jewish behavior, which their thinking could not encompass.

          No sarcasm intended. I don’t know what % of women buy into civilization-destroying thinking. Judging from my personal observations, I’d say that imbecilic feminism, radical devotion to abortion as a human right, disdain for child bearing, and pathological altruism is horribly widespread, though I have no way of assigning a %.

          Commenter RRA evidenced a hostility to men and a passivity where it comes to individual action. Us “good people” [men] have no say on what she or any other woman chooses to do to advance the interests of our civilization. A woman who wants to weigh in can do so simply because it suits her to do so. She seems to want to stew in her resentment of men. Apparently the unsavory women with whom us good people will need to work with will not include her in their number any time soon. There’s a pretty obvious implicit “they” there in her syntax. It seems that feminist concerns will be adequately in any future policy in which Muslims might play a prominent part.

          • Re: “Imbecilic feminism, radical devotion to abortion as a human right, disdain for child bearing, and pathological altruism”

            Yes, all those, but I believe that the main reason is different. The great majority of women, like the great majority of Jews (whether in the 78% or the 22%) are good people. Notice no derision quote marks around “good.” And it’s that goodness that results in harm to their civilization, their people and ultimately to themselves. Think what Sweden is for females now or France for Jews, as a result of decades of policies that these respective groups supported overwhelmingly and with great activism.

            As to that female goodness, think about what the Virgin Mary symbolizes for Christians, particularly Catholics. This is a universal archetype, e.g. the Bodhisattva of compassion and mercy in Mahayana Buddhism, Qwannon, Shakti and others in Hinduism, Isis for the Egyptians.

            We NEED compassion and mercy. We need the unique female attributes. The problem is that they have to be in balance with the male element, the Yang – and in the West that balance was lost decades ago. The female, the Ying, has conquered and skewed our civilization, completely.

            I blame the males, not the females for this, just as I blame the WASPs, not the Mexicans, for the US becoming a satellite of Mexico, with a parallel situation in Europe. The task is to regain a balance, to rearticulate what the male is for in this world, and what the female is – while dropping unjustly –unjustly—discriminatory attitudes and practices that repressed females. The feminists won’t go with that, and that’s okay: let them stay in the “Rainbow” with homosexuals, Africans and Muslims.

    • I’m submitting this for Max Denken, who is having computer issues and has been unable to post comments:

      I have no patience for, and no wish of alliance with, identity freaks who value their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion etc. above their membership in a European-origin people and share in the heirloom of Western Civilization. The lady’s argument is specious, does not merit a reply, and I could bulldoze it with at least 30 facts and news items in a matter of 10 minutes—but I won’t. The truth about what the rampaging Western female species is doing to us — statistically, not absolutely, please? – is far more brutal than what I could state within the framework of this particular article.

      Similar negative conclusion could be drawn about the statistical categories: Jews, Scandinavians, gays, journalists, artists etc. I am not about to engage in fisticuffs with each offended member of such categories. However, I extend my hand in friendship to all outliers who have escaped the mean + sigma (or two) straitjacket and join me in the common struggle.

  8. So many great essays on GoV, it seems each one better than the last, and this one encapsulating perfectly the utter madness we see and hear of throughout Eurabia.

    How on earth could anyone with two atoms of intellect believe the trash from the MENA could possibly benefit Europe in any way, when they run away from their own countries instead of building them up, as whites and/or Jews (and atheists, rra!) would have done.

    Of course, the fact that they are lazy, murderous, sub-human garbage is not the issue; it’s the fact that they follow the demented ravings of the paedophile ‘prophet’.

  9. “The other exception are the countries of the former Iron Curtain, preserved and protected from Europe’s lethal virus as if they were an ancient gnat sunk in amber. They are the last preserve of Old Europe, a unique ecosystem still populated by the indigenous species”.

    I hail from one of those countries. The statements above are spot on. Ironically and paradoxically, these countries were pariahs comparing to “Developed West Europe”; e.g people from my country could not find work in Germany quite some years after we joined the EU.

    Is my country and a handful of insignificant lands east of Berlin taking the lead in this epic battle for the future of Europe? Honestly – I do not know. What I do know is that these lands will fight – as my fellow Texans would; ultimately the whole “old” continent – whose ideas bore The Free Republic of America – will fight and will win. In that regards I remain optimistic.

  10. “. . . the estrogen-dripping mental asylum of ‘humanist values’ that Europe has become.”

    But many women will unhesitatingly kill to protect their children. That’s the basic instinct. For women as well as for men.

    • Unfortunately for humankind, I think the female asylum inmates who are most dripping with the estrogen that Max talks about are those that have no children. In my experience, childless feminists are more likely to be filled with righteous wymyn-centered dudgeon than women who have borne children.

      • Even that no longer holds. I suggest you check the published parents’ reaction to the murder of their daughters by black or “imported” thugs in the U.S. and Africa. The last case was with the parents of the young woman who was shot by a criminal Mex alien in (sanctuary city) San Francisco. But perhaps the most famous of them all was with the parents of Amy Biehl, a young bleeding-heart Peace Corps volunteer who went to South Africa for the usual white reasons. She was murdered (don’t remember if rape was involved) by a group of blacks, i.e. from the group she’d come to help. The parents blamed the murder on racist society, shed much tears for the murderers and built the Amy Biehl Foundation in which they employed them too…

        • I venture to suggest that only a minority of Americans would think like Ms. Biehl’s parents.

          Granted this minority holds the power in the U.S.–in the government, academia and the media.

          Frightening how that happened.

          • A more common reaction would be the quip that an American conservative is an American liberal who’s been mugged.

  11. Well argued, Dymphna. In particular, I agreed with your point that

    “Women who are mothers are fiercer defenders of their people (not just their children) than those freed from the pressures of biology to pursue their individual interests.”

    Of course, this is not just true for women (though perhaps the biological component makes this rather stronger in the case of females, as opposed to males, in general). Anyway, it is apparent to me that hedonism and morbid self-absorption are certainly a couple of the (myriad) problems/weaknesses in our societies that have left us vulnerable to Islam.

  12. “Not all white people are educated and ‘civilized’ in the best Western sense.”

    The vast amount of airtime committed to the denigration and debasement of the white lower classes on British TV and in the MSM is phenomenal, progressive multikulti propaganda to destabilise and demoralise the human foundation of western civilisation.

    • It’s all part of the old KGB scheme. After DEMORALIZATION, comes DESTABILIZATION (that’s the fase we are in now), and after the resulting crisis, there will come NORMALIZATION. That’s when we all have been reduced to serfs under a new super-elite, and dissidents are safely tucked away in concentration camps for re-education. I believe Oswald Spengler was right when he defined civilization as the fase a society enters after culture has died. We are no longer a western culture, that has been destroyed by the lefties a long time ago. All we have are the ghost-like remains of civilization. Spengler saw already in 1922, when he wrote Der Untergand des Abendlandes, that our western civilization was in it’s final stage.

    • It seems I really hit a raw nerve! Perhaps I forgot that the UK is still a class-riven society. In the USA and AU which I know best, this is not the case. So I apologize if you think I was denigrating the Working Class. I was not! My own people have their roots in it! I will restate my view- there are many white people who do not have a moral compass, and those who are ‘ivory-tower’ educated are likely to be the most morally bankrupt of all!

  13. Now that we have passed the point of no return it is patently obvious that people like Joe McCarthy, Enoch Powell and Pat Buchanan were right after all, despite the lampooning and denigration by the self-hating liberal lie church (better known as the media)

  14. There are a lot of good articles here. Many I just can’t understand–i’m not well educated. So references to enlightenment authors don’t mean much to me.

    I live in South Florida, for 18 years. As time goes by I’m seeing more people that don’t look or talk like me.What bothers me is as time goes by I’m feeling like a foreigner in my own area.

    I’m just not comfortable about that, and I don’t think most people deep down are . I don’t care if that makes me racist or not.

    • Rob…it is a strange phenomen as we become the other minority in our land.

      I spend several weeks at my South Lake Tahoe timeshare each year. Eastern Indians who work in Silicon Valley are the new wealthy. Young men who share apartments are hitting the slopes. Families in mini vans pull over near waterfalls on Highway 50 to take pics. Interstate 80 is a parking lot going back to the Bay area on Sunday. Nightmare.

      Last winter I saw a woman dressed in a black tent walking six paces behind a male dressed in Western attire. The image unnerved me as I watched them in the snow covered parking lot at Heavenly ski resort. I wanted to walk up to the woman and say you are safe in America. If a male cannot control his lust and assaults or rapes a woman, she doesn’t need 5 male witnesses to defend her honor. What a backward, primitive, misogynistic, sexist idea to cover up a woman because a man can’t control his own urges. If thy eye offend thee, pluck it out. Better to have one good eye in heaven or mecca than two roving, lustful ones.

      Burqas (black tents) should be offensive to all Western women with intellect. It represents oppression, misogyny, sexism, and second class status. When I visited Europe last year, I saw quite a few women wearing burqas at the major airports, walking six paces behind their husbands and older sons.

  15. The Baron said that it will be as difficult for those of a coming time to understand our time as we find it difficult to understand Europe in AD 1000. I would add that they will find it as difficult to understand our time as we find it difficult to understand it ourselves. We are living it and are closest in time to it than they will be. We have that experience they won’t have. I know that we may miss the bigger picture that may appear clearly with time, but we have been looking at our situation now from so many different angles, that I don’t think we are missing the forest for the trees. One thing is for sure: those looking back will see something that we probably won’t: how it ended.

  16. Frau Merkel is no fool. I feel that the migrants are an unwitting pawn in some larger plot that will end very badly for them.

  17. Frau Merkel is no fool. I have a suspicion that the migrants are being used as some kind of pawn for an end that isn’t obvious yet, and it will probably end badly for the migrants.

    Maybe it’s time to start learning Russian or Mandarin.

  18. What I see in these comments is that No One can get along. Why? Our children and we have been told for years we can’t. I see it all in the comments above. Why? Since the hippie days everyone could and should do their own thing. Hippies grew up and became MORE radical because no thing stopped them. Bill Ayres and Obama come to mind. It has become instiuionalized in the US. Socialism, communism. Taught in your schools. 9/11/01 was the worst day in America, as it was in my very own life. It was the day that we realized that the USA and the Free World had an vicious enemy that would stop at nothing. To win. And they have, in little bits, here and there, making Americans look weak and stupid. To them we are. Tennessee, now Islamic, nice for the Grand Old Opry, eh? Minneapolis, all jihad all the time. What in the hell happened to America? What in the hell has happened to America? Tuned into a bunch of politically correct wimps? Where are REAL American men? Where are the real men of the Free World? Canadians, Brits, Aussies, Swedes, Danes, Finns? Eunoched. Fixed, politically correct. I am furious at the Danes and the Swedes. I hate to say it but I see REAL Men in Hungary, Serbia, Russia. Men ready to stand to defend their countries. And their women, have you see the rapes among all the so called refugee women who are now lucky enough to be able to lock themselves in. Muslim men raping Muslim women in the camps and we know the men only brought a few women and babies for photo Ops. Especially the dead Babylon that got Europe cray, now it turns out the father was a people smuggler and dove the boat..and in dead baby porn, the wee guys body was moved several times to get he world’s attention. I think you should be ANGRY that you fell prey to ISIS and sharia, or that is exactly what it was. You politically correct people, welcome to thousands coming daily that YOU will share YOUR schools and YOUR hospitals with. I hope I don’t hear one complaint that YOU can’t get an appointment to see your doctor. If you are German, welcome the 500,000, now living in the Hitler Death camp at Buhecnwald. This I cannot understand: Sweden sends lovely young blonde women to greet them and get their info which wew know is a lie…Sweden is the rape capital ofnthe world. Smart move Sweden. Does MALMO no ring a bell.? I cannot think anything that Sweden wants its blonde daughter to be raped and turn Sweden into a dhimmi state. Make Sweden Muslim. What else can we think since their police will not even act like police everywhere and enforce the law. Swedish police will not protect their own women an people. So bloody sad. They could. They choose not to. Thy choose to side with Muslims. I bet Swedish police would agree with me, I hope they do under an assumed name

    • You are right and correct in your lament. What the hell happened will be occupying future generation for many decades, historians and archeologists for centuries thereafter, and some ET’s, if they exist, for a billion years later. For we are talking, in the long run, not about the survival of Western Civilization, or even the survival of the white race, but of the survival of the human species and the planet after our “new demographics” are in control of the nuke arsenals and the red buttons.

      One quibble: You say, “Our children and we have been told for years we can’t [get along].” To the contrary, we have been told for three generations now that we can get along, and the way to get along is for whitey to be “tolerant” and “inclusive,” and for the Christian to submit. Too bad that in Dar-al-Islam, in Africa, in Mexico and Central America, in China and North Korea, that have not been taught the same tolerant-inclusive-get along mantra… We have also been taught that in the eternal tension between Venus and Mars, the way to get along is for Mars to follow Venus (if you get my drift…).

  19. To Max at 6:28pm:

    While there’s plenty of blame to go around, I blame the males also.
    Being men, they began thinking with their groins and not their heads; they have been delighted beyond belief that the sexual revolution redounded to them such unparalleled heights of rapture.
    And so they gleefully fell into step with woman’s sinister attack upon them, instead of seeing it for what it was: their demise, their cuckholding, their emasculation.
    Woman is her own worst enemy; and in giving away her body she lost her soul as well — and the men went along like boys do, for its obvious carnal benefits.
    And instead of caring for women as they should, men used them; and in being used women were demeaned — and they know it and hate themselves. And to get back at men for not putting a stop to their insanity, they despise them and seek to be men themselves.

    Anyway, it’s all very pathological.

  20. Fact checking is important even if you do not have a team of people working for you. Even more so if purported facts are being used to prop up one’s argument. Exceedingly even more so if those puproted facts are horribly incorrect. I appreciate the underlying message of this piece and as I consider myself a thinking person I am typically adept at wading past [false information] passed of truth. Unfortnately many peeople, even those who may be well educated, are not thinking people and tend to grasp at straws that will confirm their own biases.

    In order to move the thinking here forward beyond the target audience and into the mainstream one must present a non-biased and unbigoted view. Otherwise, people will shirk the ideas presented and simply go about life with their heads buried in the sand. The social climate on race, religion and ehtnicity is one that even the mere thought of being labelled racist or bigoted will drive people away in fear without even exploring the idea at hand.

    Getting these small details correct is far more important than any grand sense of writing style. Changing minds means giving people facts in simple and clear language, otherwise one is only singing to the choir or recruiting those with thinking skills so low that they provide no value at all,

      • The gent is right in one way and wrong in another, though I don’t see how it relates to my piece.

        He is right in a situation I find several times a week in my mailbox. Those are mass emails with outrageous “facts” about the BHO, conspiracy allegations etc. And some of these things are forwarded to me by people I know who have graduate degrees in the hard disciplines, though it’s enough to plug each such story into Snopes to see that it’s bogus. Sometimes I think that the Dems or some affiliated hard-socialist org has a black-ops disinformatsiya department, originating all that trash. We should not be deceived by it.

        On the other hand, Capt. Wrong is wrong in asserting than an even more punctilious attention to accuracy would “change minds.” GoV, by the way, already exhibits attention to accuracy that leftist media ten million times bigger do not: from CBS News to the New York Times. However, for the majority of us, everywhere, it’s accuracy-shmaccuracy; it’s too late. Nothing will turn our majorities but a huge wallop by what I call the 2 x 4 of history. Such will come, that’s the good/bad news, and they will turn, but it won’t be pretty and writing will have had little to do with it…

  21. “The Nationalist Right alone has been alert to the horrible calamity ever since it began — but it forfeited all for its monomaniacal blaming of the Jews.”

    Forfeited all? Is that so?

    They were ahead of the [epithet]-right, controlled opposition on the issue we are discussion here. Five years ago, most of the people here would have dismissed an article like this as paranoid rambling. But the Nationalist Right turned out to be correct, didn’t they? A reasonable person might wonder if the facts would fall to their side on the root cause as well. Anyone serious about solving the issue brought forward in this article would be well advised to explore all perspectives and theories related to it and make up their own mind after exposing themselves to all the facts.

    You rightly mentioned Coudenhove-Kalergi and called out the genocidal agenda he espoused. But you glossed over a very important part of his cultural and philosophical background.

    You “blame mostly the political and cultural ruling elites that I call The Club of Traitors, Thieves, Malignant Narcissists, Estrogen Dupes and Useful Idiots.” Rightly so. Its obvious these folks are part of the problem. But are they the root? What practical considerations motivate them? Who funds them? Who put them in power and who keeps them there? Who are the largest lobbying groups that play political gatekeeper by granting or witholding campaign financing? What is the background of the intellectual leaders in the feminist, diversity, LGBT and other Red-Left movements? How about the cultural background of the media and entertainment monopolists who steer popular opinion with their propaganda?

    Also mentioned was the NKVD in the 1920s and its infiltration of Western governments. Who were the early NKVD and its predecessor, the Cheka? Is there any commonality beyond “communist” that can be seen among Bolsheviks, their western financiers, the media who covered for them and the spies and traitors who handed over the state secrets of Western countries, the USA in particular?

    I invite readers with open, rational minds to investigate these questions on their own. If there is no connection, then accusations of bigotry made against the Nationalist Right would be well founded. But prejudice goes both ways. Being unquestioningly supportive of some group is just as mind-numbed and irrational as being unquestioningly against such a group. Something to ponder.

    • My friend, that Hakenkreuz armband hiding somewhere in your black avatar is an obsessive pathology with which a rational person with a busy schedule will not argue. You ought to discuss these issues with someone who charges by the minute. As to your kind’s mixing truth with heaps of fantastic inventions, quite evident in your comment, let me just mention that the founder of Cheka was a Polish nobleman who had studied to be a Jesuit priest, his successor was also a Polish nobleman, Beria was Georgian with fanatically religious Christian parents, Stalin spent five years studying for the priesthood in the Georgian Orthodox Church, etc., etc. See, were you able to apprehend the wide canvass, it would have been possible to discuss its Jewish details with you too.

      Concerning my “glossing over” an “important” part of Kalergis’ background — that his mother was Japanese – it’s far less important than you think and there is no room for such level of detail in an article of as wide a scope as this. And yes, among his many rich an famous supporters, some were Jews. If all were, this would have been worth mentioning.

      • When it comes to questioning Muslims, the writers here do a great job of digging into the facts, questioning assumptions and leaving no stone unturned in their quest for facts and empirical truth. I congratulate them for that.

        The hypocrisy enters when one suggests that other minorities should be examined in a similarly thorough manner. Here, reason ends and sentimentalism and rhetoric enter the picture. To even ask questions invites scorn and insult. That’s very interesting.

        Fair is fair. What we ask of the Muslim (can he assimilate? is he hostile? is he telling the truth? do his actions line up with his words? what effect will he have on our civilization?) we should ask of everyone: Somalis, Romanians, Syrians, Turks, Iraqis, Pakistanis, criminal elements within the native European population and yes, even Jews. Consistency and equal standards are the foundation of justice. No one, no individual, no special interest, no group, no ideology can be placed above it without doing violence to the concept of justice itself.

        Yes, Max, my questions were leading. But they were merely questions. Why so defensive?

        • Not defensive at all, but upset. Nothing personal, either. As I stated in the article, I think that your guys’ monomaniacal obsession with Jews that can be easily refuted by anyone with the right education and inquiring mind has soured conservative white Christian intelligentsia, and then the great majority of mainstream Whites.

          What it soured them to is first the true part of your criticism of Jews; for instance, were you not so obsessed with the history of Russia that none of you, not even Kevin McD, know much about, your false allegation that the atrocities in Russia were a “Jewish” job, and the lying by omission of the cruel, long-lasting and murderous anti-Semitism of the czarist system that provoked those atrocities that Jews did commit, has made it impossible for others to make the true allegation that the BHO creature is a Jewish golem, which per se is a weighty thing. (BTW let no outraged voices from the side opposite to Jason’s rant about my “golem” point, as there are heaps of evidence: think, don’t emote).

          And second, it has soured them to the true part of your message that your people, indeed alone, carried: that a mass ethnocide of Whites is unfolding all over the world, and in Europe it’s evolving into a trickling genocide.

          That you guys miscarried such two important issues because of a psychotic obsession with something else is plenty to get upset about.

          • Max, I understand that you’re angry. I understand that certain conclusions put one outside the limits of what is “respectable opinion.” I also understand that the mass can be wrong and that the opinion of others, even experts, has no bearing on the truth of a statement. You seem to understand these principles as you apply them to Muslims, even as our shared opinions on that subject are being drawn outside the bounds of acceptable discourse.

            I think you paint with too broad a brush when you assume that people who question Jewish influence and motives are ignorant and motivated by hate. This is a very superficial and might I add, prejudiced, way to view them. I cannot imagine a level of hate that would motivate people to sacrifice reputations, livelihoods, friendships and futures in order to embark upon a quixotic quest to defame an innocent group of people. But that is the narrative and you seem to believe it since superficial analysis and having the “right education” (interesting choice of words) have told you it is so. Quite seriously, is there any other possibility? People like me must certainly be crazed and rabid lunatics. Like the samizdat writers of Soviet Russia, right? Perhaps someday, you will find it in you to question your assumptions and apply the principles of rationalism uniformly without respect to sacred cows.

            Until then, I have one other issue to mention. Your assumption about my level of expertise in Russian history and culture is quite false, I assure you. Since you are more knowledgeable than I on this subject, I’m sure you will be able to read what follows.

            Я жил в Москве в течение нескольких лет, с 1998 по 2003 год я свободно говорит на русском и прочитал произведения Александр Солженицын на языке оригинала. Вы принимаете на себя слишком много о мое отсутствие фоне, как вы предположить, слишком много о “злых” мотивов тех, кто с вами не согласен. Я предлагаю вам прочитать больше оригиналов и меньше резюме и переводы. Вы узнаете больше тот путь.

            [Machine translation: I lived in Moscow for several years, from 1998 to 2003, I was fluent in Russian and read the works of Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the original language. You assume too much about my lack of background, you assume too much about the “evil” the motives of those who disagree with you. I suggest you read more original and less and resume transfers. You will learn more that way.]

    • No, it’s why small Europe is letting big Africa invade it.

      Perhaps more to the point, why are the Africans not back in Africa fighting for their own countries, as Europeans are going to have to do in Europe—or become Islamic.

  22. Did anyone write till now a serious analysis regarding the fate of any culture having polygamy at the root of its philosophy? Because this is a simple math equation:

    -given the fact that the proportion men/women at birth is quite equal all around the world, with minor variations
    -given the fact that polygamy will give at least 15% of the women + the usual 50% to 50% of the men population
    -you have a gap of at least 15% adult Muslims left without women
    -in order to solve this situation, Muslims have to:
    a. always struggle for power, to kill the more fortunate ones to take their women
    b. oppress the Christian and other monogamy based populations who live inside their Muslim territories, strongly deteriorating the genetic base as well as the culture of minorities, slowly pushing them out of existence
    c. launch aggressive campaigns against their neighbors to expand their dominance against future minorities, on top of taking the women into slavery disrupting other cultures and their natural balance.

    As peaceful as Muslims might say that Islam is, the core of its main reproductive laws makes Islam a militaristic doctrine.

    Not to mention the fact that you will always have dysfunctional families because every wife will tend to protect her sons against the rival sons for matters of power, control and inheritance. So you got yourself a deal, with a culture conceived to expand by design, deliberately or not.
    And then of course that as the gap between the rich and the poor widens in capitalist countries, the best social system for polygamy is communism, where instead having 25% of the population owning 80% of the women like you have with democracy, you have 10% of the population owing let’s say 40% of the women, which gives more chance to average Ali to procreate and thus not engage himself in conquering campaigns.

    This little detail is clearly showing why Islam is not compatible with Christianity or other monogamy based cultures and why the culture of Islam is designed to stagnation, and is a matter that should be further analyzed further by scientists and dedicated souls.

    • and I forgot
      d. having an ever increasing number of kids half of them obviously women, to have young and very young wives for the adults this is a demographic bubble who same like the banking bubble cannot sustain itself forever without the need to expand

  23. To DiMu @ 9-17, 8:54am —
    “If you have been here since the 1600s I guess there are a few skeletons in your family closet as well. I dare say the land your ancestors lived on was originally not theirs but was taken from the native tribes.”
    Your point here is nullified by the fact that all people of all time have ancestors somewhere in their lineage who conquered other peoples — and took their land.

    Only Adam and Eve and their immediate progeny are blameless in this regard.

    • And the Australian aborigines — don’t forget them. They were the first to arrive on their continent.

      But not the “native Americans”. They displaced earlier arrivals.

      • Horrors, you mean muslims? (well that’s what they say!)

        Just kidding Baron, but that’s an interesting comment; years ago some very old grave sites were uncovered in Washington state and pathologists say they pre-dated the local ‘first’ nations. They were people who were taller–and fair haired.

        The local Indians couldn’t get the grave sites demolished quickly enough…

        • I’d like to look up that Washington state find–do you have a reference? Tried googling it but I couldn’t find it.

      • I stand corrected, and happily so. Thank you.
        And that’s very interesting, what you note as well, Peter35.

  24. My discussion with “Jason” above will not continue; partly because the window no longer allows for it and partly because it’s a horrible waste of time –as bad as arguing with a “progressive” about the value of altruism or his assumptions about “racism.” Every word can be torn down, every mistaken assumption deflated, but ars longa vita brevis as we once used to say. For the same reason, should GoV allow “friends of Jason” to pile on here, I shall not respond, but not for lack of words or demolishing counterarguments.

    To wrap what I have to say to you, Jason, David Duke used to live in Ukraine and even got a doctorate from a local university there. That makes him no more the expert on Russian-Ukrainian-Jewish relations and history than you are. It all depends whom you read, what voices you listen to, what predisposition you’ve brought into it, and a dozen other things. The president of the Kiev university that gave Duke his “doctorate” about “Zionism” was one, Georgy Shchokin, professor of theology, who was given to expressions such as, “We’d like to remind that the Living God Jesus Christ said to Jews two thousand years ago: ‘Your father is a devil!’ The only problems with professors of theology in the part of the world where you soaked your inspiration is that Jesus was a Jew too, and that is all over the New Testament. And so were his family, his followers, his apostles, and the builders of the first Christian church, the Nazarenes, as well as the builder of the church as we know it today, Saul of Tarsus.
    Please go elsewhere.

  25. Apparently the “Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize” is a cyber mistake.
    Coudenhove-Kalergi was in 1950 the first person to receive the Charlemagne prize for pro-Europe work. It has to be pointed out that Charlemagne did not advocate mixed-race Negroid peoples in Europe: he drove out from France the Moors who had come from Africa. Other recipients of this prize have been Merkel and Rompuy.

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