It’s Cold! People Are Mean! And I Hate Strudel!

This young Afghan is unhappy with Europe and wants to return to Afghanistan. But he says there is no way he can go back now.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

From the accompanying article in Die Welt, also translated by Nash Montana:

Young Afghan Totally Disappointed by Europe

Multiple problems, cold temperatures, he’d like to go back: Haschmat, 28, warns his Afghan compatriots of the dream destination Europe. His flight was the biggest mistake of his life.

The biggest mistake of his life: An Afghan refugee, apprehended at the border between Slovenia and Austria, has drastic words about his flight. He did not Europe expect to be this way, he explains to the Reuters video reporter. Haschmat, 28, now warns his fellow countrymen not even to begin the same voyage.

“Europe has so many problems. It’s too cold here, and nobody cares about us — especially families that come with small children; it is dramatic.” He would like to go home.

“We have to go on”, he says, “There is no way back. We have already crossed seven or eight borders.” Haschmat made it all the way to Sentji, few meters away from the Austrian border.

Meanwhile in Germany, hundred thousands of refugees and migrants have arrived in this year alone. After Syrians, Afghans are the second largest group of people that made the journey to Europe.

Should Haschmat continue his voyage to Germany, he will most likely be sent back. In the past week, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière criticized the fact that that among the Afghans that arrive in Germany, more and more people come from stable regions.

Many have to expect deportation

Many of these people will have to go back. How many is not clear yet. Afghan Refugee Minister Hossain Alemi Balchi was not happy about Germany’s decision to send Afghans back to Afghanistan. He says the problems from which people flee are not being eliminated by this action.

Afghanistan has agreed to take all Afghan citizens who are being deported from Germany. As a signatory of the Geneva Convention it is the country’s duty to take back all citizens whose petition for asylum has been rejected, says the deputy Afghan speaker for the President, Safar Haschemi.

Therefore a reintegration program that had been provided for voluntary returnees will now be expanded to incude deported refugees. President Aschraf Ghani and Chancellor Merkel had recently discussed this issue.

120,000 Afghans are thought to have left the country. According to records from the International Organisation for Migration, 76,000 of them traveled to Europe.

Video transcript:

0:02   Europe is very problematic. There are many problems.
0:06   Especially for those that come here with family, small children.
0:09   Here it is so cold, and nobody cares about us.
0:12   And now we want to go, to move, go, we want to go; there is no way back.
0:17   We already have crossed seven or eight borders.
0:21   There is no way to go back.

12 thoughts on “It’s Cold! People Are Mean! And I Hate Strudel!

  1. “Europe has so many problems. It’s too cold here.”
    To welcome its new people, Europe needs Global Warming, and fast. But the EU is anti-Global Warming. That’s not very welcoming to the replacement population.

  2. Two messages for the man in the video.

    1. Sod off back to where you came from.

    2. Don’t come back.

  3. I can’t wait for the snow to start, myself. Apparently it’s going to be a particularly brutal winter.

    Europe does indeed have problems. And we don’t need any more. It all comes down to money. We can barely afford to finance our own societies. And we are spectacularly unable to solve most of our own problems. In these times of austerity, we just can’t afford to spend *our* money on people who have never contributed a penny towards *our*societal systems. If you haven’t paid in to our societies with cold hard cash, then you aren’t entitled to a damn thing. These desert dwellers are lucky they get a tent to sleep in and a plate of porridge in the morning. They ought to be given a [painful blow to a certain sensitive area] and told to [absent themselves forthwith].

  4. “Afghan Refugee Minister Hossain Alemi Balchi was not happy about Germany’s decision to send Afghans back to Afghanistan. He says the problems from which people flee are not being eliminated by this action.”

    To tackle these problems is HIS job, not ours. Hypocrite!

  5. That brought a smile to my face. Maybe the various governments of the EU can offer a one way ticket to those who want to go back to their country uf origen. This would be cheaper than putting them up for years on end.

    Seriously. Members of this website can write their elected officials with this suggestion.

    • I agree ,a one way ticket would be a bargain compared to the estimated cost in the USA of $70,000 per ‘migrant’ per year. All the while the disappearing middle class is struggling for whatever jobs are left. I

      • We do offer one-way tickets, to Afghans and anyone else who wants to go back. Thank God our politicians at least have that much common sense left. Best use of my tax-euros ever.

  6. There is only one person to blame – Merkel! They all know her name. They all know she invited them. It shocks me that she has not yet been skinned alive.

    • And, the EU leders that were given the Nobel Peace Prize..! For what? Creating “Peace” = islam – in Europe!?

      Those grey leaders whom few recognize, or can put a name to. Juncker, being one of them.

  7. But it’s really a problem. People living outside the wealthy Western countries all too often get an over-glamorous idea of them. All those unsophisticated third world inhabitants see Europe and America as the incarnation of their wildest dreams, a sort of Promised Land with rivers flowing with milk and honey (or, perhaps, with whiskey and martini). If they have friends or relatives who emigrated to the West, it does not always help, because immigrants often conceal their disappointment and exaggerate their happiness.

    So, when an ill-informed immigrant arrives, he is often shocked by the difference between his dreams and reality. Yes, everything is glitzy and there is food galore. But he discovers that the society lives here by totally different rules which are incomprehensible to him and often seem outright crazy and immoral, that his social standing in this society will be very low, that people here speak some incomprehensible language, that, in order to achieve something, he will have to work hard and to adapt to a totally new way of life. In a word, he will have to unlearn everything that he has ever learned and to start life afresh, like a new-born baby in a new world.

    It is not at all easy, even if modern western societies are – at least, at the official level – quite friendly to such newcomers and very humane. Many people simply cannot do that and feel unhappy and can start to hate this brave new world and its inhabitants.
    Moreover they may notice that even the native inhabitants of this dreamland often encounter serious problems and do not feel that they live in a paradise. In fact, quite a few, live in their personal hells.

    If people in the third world only had a clear understanding how difficult it can be for them to integrate and how many problems they will have to overcome they might have stayed home. But they get their ideas of the West from silly TV shows and boastful tales of their compatriots who are ashamed that, after all the trouble and risks they have taken to get to the West, they are still unhappy.

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