Not My Country Anymore

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Not My Country Anymore

Germany has completely lost control. Just during the last weekend: several knife attacks in the Rhineland, in Dresden, in Bad Hönningen, in Berlin. Two dead. In Hamburg, clan members beat up a nurse in the emergency room at night — seriously injured her! In Aue, a train driver was beaten up and seriously injured by a young Afghan after trying to settle a dispute. And Eritrea holds its Federal Combat Games with us in Gießen; first the police reassured us that everything would be okay — then the scene escalated.

Civil war like in France, many injured, including 22 police officers. They took the brunt, so that our black friends can punch each other in the face. The festival wasn’t canceled the following day, either — because they’re afraid that things would really escalate. This is simply referred to as impotence. Woe betide us, when they’re let loose!

It will not end well

I want my old country back! Immediately! If possible, please five degrees cooler. Yesterday it was 35 °C — ideal conditions for these climate nutters that glue themselves to roads and lifeguards! Speaking of lifeguards: The Columbia outdoor pool in Berlin-Neukölln is closing due to a lack of staff. Pffff! You could actually do that with the whole of Berlin. But the question that comes to mind is: How do the majority of our “local” oriental village youth cope with this? [I guess they’ll simply force their way in, through cultural enrichment, since the German law means nothing to them. It’s Sharia or nothing.]

Those who got us into this are quite aloof and don’t notice much of it at all. It’s just so much easier to discuss the climate or bonus holes on talk shows than it is to discuss the actual problems of this country in decline — for example, the mass immigration that has gotten completely out of control and the crimes against the population associated with it, and unfortunately they happen every day — such as: clan crime, plundering of our social security funds, collapse of the health system, the destruction of the middle class. Just to name a few. It won’t end well! Any bets?

Afterword from the translator:

Well, I can only say; “Congratulations, Mrs. Merkel!” You and the other Left Green parasites managed finally to ruin Germany and its people. Erich, watching from Hell, must be so proud of your achievement and that of your Stasi minions. And if what I heard is true, then German people will soon have their antique guns, muzzle-loaders, bow and arrows and swords confiscated by the German state. I guess the next step will be pitchforks, hammers, axes, screwdrivers, chainsaws and any other tool that could be used as a weapon, and butter knives and forks that will be made illegal for Germans to own. Are they going to rise up? They’ve done it before, although initially unsuccessfully, but it paved the way and made the “elites” take note at the time and change some laws. Not for long, though. Not that I can see this bunch of feminized eunuchs fighting off a lonely grasshopper from jumping into their soy-latte and bug ice-cream.

“He who refuses to learn deserves extinction.” — Hillel, the Elder, around 2000+ years ago

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  1. The real question is what will the reaction of the “new germans” be when the German government runs out of money to keep them in the style to which they’ve become accustomed?

    Even more so since they’ve shipped off all their weapons to the Cokehead of Kiev. Not that the Wehrmacht is all that impressive any more in it’s modern iteration, but those neo-gestapo police thugs can only beat so many grandmas before their arms will get too sore to continue and then they’ll need backup.

    At this point I wouldn’t be too surprised if the islamists didn’t have more automatic weapons and ammunition squirreled away in their mosques than the military has in its arms rooms and bunkers. Perhaps islamic takeover of Germany wouldn’t be a bad thing if they were smart enough to only hang the leftists, bag the women in burqas, chase off the africans, leave the german men to design the machines and build them, and just rake off the profits. After all, why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?

    • “Cokehead of Kiev.” God, that’s good.

      “why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?” I think they’re too stupid to do otherwise.

    • They destroy whatever they touch, the same with the african orcs wherever they go. The arms business is booming, for the smart Germans are buying everything and anything they can get their hands on. It is going to be great fun watching the smart Germans in action once things really bad.

  2. My family (all women) think I am ridiculous for purchasing a number of items for self-defence. As a child, growing up in the 80’s, I could never have imagined arming myself with medieval weapons to protect my family. Europe is doomed unless we begin lynching politicians. They are the ones standing in the way of us maintaining a safe environment for our loved ones. We have nowhere else to go. This is our homeland.

    • Why the hell are you buying medieval weapons when you should be buying modern arms off the black market? It is this mindset is why you are way behind the bloody learning curve. Please don’t speak to me why it is illegal to do so, in case you haven’t noticed? Yours and our governments are illegal, so to hell with their so called laws passed in midnight sessions, it is your God given right to defend you and yours by whatever means necessary, so get with the bloody program.

  3. Re: “Those who got us into this are quite aloof and don’t notice much of it at all. It’s just so much easier to discuss the climate or bonus holes on talk shows than it is to discuss the actual problems of this country in decline — for example, the mass immigration that has gotten completely out of control and the crimes against the population associated with it, and unfortunately they happen every day — such as: clan crime, plundering of our social security funds, collapse of the health system, the destruction of the middle class.”

    Frau Merkel may look like a “failure” to ordinary Germans wondering what happened to the country they once knew and loved, but it is vital to remember that in her own heart and mind, and the hearts and minds of her fellow globalists, her time as Chancellor was a success. Not only a success, but an unqualified success.

    Don’t take my word for it, either: There is plenty of proof that is the case.

    In 2008, Merkel received the Charlemagne Prize, according to one story, for her work “uniting Europe.” Oh, these days is that what they call sowing chaos, disorder and destruction as a matter of government policy?

    The other name by which the award is known is as the Kalergi Prize, named after the founder of the European Union and its ideological fountainhead, Richard Coudenhove von Kalergi (1894-1972). Kalergi is known today for founding the EU, and doing much of the early work in the so-called “United Europe” movement in the first half of the 20th century. It all sounds innocuous-enough, until you delve into the details of the man’s ideology and plans.

    Amongst other things, Kalergi believed that the “ideal European” of the future would be – like himself (his father was Austro-Hungarian, his mother Japanese) – a hybrid of different peoples from around the world. Kalergi claimed until the end of his life that he opposed national socialism (Nazism) and Hitler, but upon examination, his ideas are no less bigoted and eugenic than those of the Austrian Corporal.

    Kalergi may have put something of a different spin on them, but in the end, his ideas amount to the same old eugenic wine in shiny new bottles. Whereas Herr Hitler hated those who were not Aryans, Kalergi evidently despised his own people, nation and birthright as a native of European civilization.

    If this is not so, then why do his ideas basically mandate the extinction of Old Europe and its peoples?

    If one takes the time to examine the recent winners of the Charlemagne/Kalergi Prize over the last quarter century or so, it reads like a “who’s who” both of modern European politics and also of European globalism.

    It can therefore be seen, then, that via the lives and work of people like Angela Merkel and her colleagues, Kalergi’s dream is being brought forth into the 21st century. Each “immigrant” and “refugee” who comes to Europe and stays, brings Kalergi’s dream that much closer to fruition.

    In short, then, there is nothing whatever accidental about this process. Although it has been gradual, the “Great Replacement” is very much alive and well in Old Europe, and is proceeding according to the plans of the globalists which were laid down many decades ago.

    • Merkel’s country was the GDR. It wasn’t bad to her. She was well on her career path there (which implies being well-aligned with socialist party doctrine) when the rug was pulled from under her feet. Who destroyed her country? When she was given the chance to rise through the ranks again in the Western CDU, she took revenge.

      • It’s ironic that a similar situation happened to another rising star also loyal to the communist regime. Yet the outcome was very different.

        Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was a lieutenant colonel in the KGB when the USSR collapsed. He had spent five years of his career undercover in Dresden and the collapse of the Soviet Union and it’s loss of power and prestige made a deep impression upon him. The irony is that Putin would like Merkel eventually rise to the top of his country’s government but would restore his country to its former power and prestige, while Merkel would act as a traitor to hers, destroying it from the inside out.

        • Men know loyalty, women don’t. This is rooted deeply in evolution. This also reflects in the very different ways, or mindsets, in which they exact revenge.

        • …and what I forgot to add, or emphasize more clearly: the FRG is -not- Merkel’s country, hence she did not (in her view) commit treason on her own nation. Throughout the GDR’s existence, its people were educated to see their Western brethren as the capitalist enemy who was to be conquered once socialism would win over the world, who in turn was intent on destroying her socialist paradise. After this is what happened, taking revenge by destroying its might was the rightful thing to do, given the chance. (At least this is my working theory so far, Merkel has never said anything to that tune. And she is wise not to say it out loud during her lifetime. Maybe a deathbed confession, who knows.)

          • Merkel was a good communist and always was, she just hid her communist ideals under the umbrella of so called democracy which she exploited to a very bloody ending, she should be the first to be hanged when the fun eventually begins. God how I utterly despise that wretched woman.

  4. More action, less words. No one will think badly of an intelligent, quiet, middle-aged German with glasses. Change the way you walk, leave your phone at home, plan your route… spill gasoline or some other combustible mixture and drop a burning match.
    I don’t know about you, but here you can find the Partisan Handbook of 1942 on the network. There is a lot of good and useful advice there.
    I am also capable of a lot, but my husband is a despot who controls me. By the way, he looks more like a German than the Germans themselves. Oh, that liquid blood!

  5. All of Western Europe will be Islam controlled in two generations. The Fall comes faster with the help of the idiot Left. Yet they will be the first to be eliminated by the cockroaches.

    • I’m a glass is half full type of guy and I have faith in the European DNA of conquer and kill all in his way to come out, despite 60 years of leftist stupidity, and once that DNAi s finally unleashed, the leftist marxist WEF and their 3rd world pets won’t know what hit them. It just takes a massive crisis to bring it all together.

  6. I wonder what the lefties, the radical feminists and HBTQ-loonies would do if all conservative minded men suddenly converted to islam?

  7. What will the radical feminist ,HBTQ-loonies do if all if the conservative minded men convert to Islam in western Europe ?They will be taking flying lessons off tall buildings in major cities without airplanes or parachutes I would guess? What they do in most Sharia compliant countries in Africa, the Mideast and Asia ,things do not go well when the useful idiots are no longer needed.

    • That’s what happened to the leftist loons in Iran after they helped overthrow the Shah.

  8. “Those who got us into this are quite aloof and don’t notice much of it at all.”

    For now. But when the supply chain breaks down, as it’s going to soon enough, they’ll notice it then. The only question is, how will the elites fend for themselves?

    • They won’t, for even their bodyguards will see the writing on the wall and eliminate their masters and take what is theirs.

  9. Germany brought us the insufferable 20th century , WW1, Bolshevism, WW2. Now they’re eliminating themselves. If that’s their wont, who am I to stop them?

    • I dont want to be impolite, but can you not see the big picture?

      Not only Germany is suffering these things – ALL of Europe is going down!

      • Not only all of Europe; all of the West.

        Knowing this, does one try to fight a rearguard action to delay the inevitable defeat? Or act to hasten the defeat so that a new West can rise from it’s ashes?

    • Germany didn’t bring this upon us, the bloody Brits and shifty Frogs did by playing their Great Games which brought us the current tragedy we all are suffering, do you think for one bloody moment the Kaiser or that bastard Hitler would have let the WEF exist or let the 3rd world invade us like those GD Brits or Frogs under De Gaulle have and pushed upon us for years?

  10. If you live in Europe and have not armed up by now for what is coming? You are all sheep for the slaughter. Spare me the but it is illegal and only the 3rd world orcs can do illegal things and the govt will cover for them nonsense, you are the master of your own destiny, not the bloody govt, so if not armed? Get armed, the black market will get you what you need. If not, then suffer the fate of all sheep in the end.

  11. Keine sympathie für die heutige Deutsche. Ihr Elend ist selbstverschuldet.

    [Machine translation:

    “No sympathy for today’s Germans. Her misery is self-inflicted.”

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments. —BB]

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