The Islamization of German Schools is Progressing Inexorably

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Ansage:

The Islamization of German Schools is Progressing Inexorably

Islamization in Germany’s education system has currently reached a level of progress that was not assumed, even in the boldest projections of 2015/2016, when the long-term social effects of a predominantly Arab-Maghreb Muslim mass immigration under the pressure of the wave of refugees were anxiously discussed. Not just where over 90 percent of non-German students at so-called “hotspot schools” dominate everyday school life, but also wherever Muslim students are — still — in the minority, a fatal attitude of submission and docility has become entrenched among school authorities and government officials, which, in cowardly and anticipatory obedience, places avoiding conflict at all costs above even a weary remnant of cultural self-assertion.

Previous excitement in this direction has tended to be anecdotal, such as the dispute over burkinis in school swimming lessons, the display of crucifixes in classrooms, the ban on pork in canteens, or time off for Muslim prayers. In the meantime, the obtrusive expectations with which the local Ummah is replete — often with the abusive use of trigger terms such as “cosmopolitanism”, “tolerance”, “diversity”, and of course “non-discrimination” and “anti-racism” — call significantly further for the enforcement of special and particular rights. It no longer demands that locals and “organic Germans” (more correctly: the Christian-Western “traditional Europeans” among the population) allow the German and foreign Muslims in the country all their freedom — this claim has long been exceeded! — but that they adapt themselves to Muslim habits and cultural expectations.

Cultural appeasement

Two recent events at schools in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia show how far the cultural appeasement pursued for this purpose — which is pure Islamization — has already progressed in this country.

Referring to a rule anchored in the house rules of a secondary school in Ebersberg as early as 2007, its headmaster this week imposed a ban on wearing” objectionable” clothes, which means short skirts and cropped T-shirts for girls. Teachers with a migration background had complained about this overly open fashion — and their cultural feelings had to be taken into account. According to the headmaster, his school stands for a “cosmopolitan society” (meaning the Islamic world) — but the principle asserts that “the right of the individual ends where others feel disturbed” — an interpretation of the constitutional principle of proportionality, with which one could have justified the disenfranchisement of Jews 88 years ago.

Perfidiously, said headmaster did not even shy away from pointing out the consequences of the “long-distance lessons because of Corona”, which left “traces”: There is just a difference between online and face-to-face classes; the school closures have made us aware of this. “School is different from the beach,” the headmaster stated — who also seriously instructed his class teachers to talk about and “discuss” this nonsensical topic with the students. Some even did it with a PowerPoint presentation, he rejoiced to say. Incidentally, the parents were not informed of this step.

Perversion of self-determination

Such a questioning of clothing fashions and censure of all too-“sinful” permissiveness, especially of female clothing, is fatally reminiscent of the mustiness and prudery of the ‘50s — only that it is the effect of a reactionary worldview that identifies itself as “religion”, but in truth raises an increasingly social claim to totality. The fact that wearing a headscarf or even a burqa is judged to be a legitimate expression of female self-determination while short summer skirts are branded as unseemly shows the perversion of this development, which not only turns 50 years of feminism and emancipation on its head, but also leads religious freedom to an absurdity.

A similarly worrying incident occurred back in April at a high school in Siegburg, about which Emma had reported: There, the question had been discussed as part of the philosophy class: “Are there actually moral norms that are binding for all people, or does every culture have its own norms that apply to it?” As a concrete example for discussion, the teacher chose the forced marriage of his daughter to his deceased brother’s son, which was carried out by a Turkish father in order to secure a residence permit for Germany and thus a livelihood. The statistics show that this is not an isolated case, but an increasing phenomenon of imported problem immigration from antediluvian societies that follow the Koran: In Germany there were 77 criminal proceedings for forced marriage in the past year 2021 — which is probably a grotesque under-recording of the true extent: Four years ago, an expert estimated the number of forced marriages in Berlin alone at 6,000!

FDP minister throws herself into the dust

Against this background, the school assignment was very topical — especially in a subject that is supposed to address real social problems. Not, however, in the eyes of the Federation of Turkish Parents’ Associations in NRW (Fötev), which wrote a letter of protest to NRW School Minister Yvonne Gebauer (FDP), in which they, tactically clever, denounced “extremely prejudiced assignment” in which the school uses the “vocabulary of right-wing extremist populists”. The radical Islamic organization DITIB, which is sponsored by Turkey, also joined the complaint. This was not followed by an instruction from the state representatives, who were committed to ideological and religious neutrality, that explosive social problems can of course also be taught in the public schools of the Federal Republic — but the exact opposite, namely a series of embarrassing and fervent apologies ensued.

First, the school management had to apologize — probably under pressure from the state government — to “everyone who might feel hurt.” Then the NRW Ministry of Education followed suit, also humbly apologizing to the Turkish-Islamist associations, and declared in all seriousness that the assignment had in fact violated the “criterion of non-discrimination”. But that’s not all: even the Cornelsen publishing house, which publishes the philosophy book in question with the relevant teaching material, promised that the assignment “would no longer appear in this form in the next edition”. This step is also supported by the Ministry of Education. According to the motto: what is not allowed is simply erased — and if the confrontation with reality might be “hurtful” for Muslims, then it should stop.

Final surrender of the Almans (Germans)

Above all, the Siegburg process shows the complete capitulation of the State to the sensibilities of radical interest groups. This had only become public because the Solingen lawyer Fatih Zingal had dragged it into the public eye — not with a critical intention, however, but for the purpose of strengthening Muslim associations elsewhere in Germany against comparable “discriminatory” cases of Alman-lesson content. Zingal is also the press spokesman for the “Union of International Democrats (UID), a lobby association according to the federal government supervised by officials of the (Turkish governing party) AKP” with the declared aim of influencing and of “promoting the political decision-making process in Germany in the interests of the AKP.” Turkish President Erdogan once described the UID’s mission as a “jihad”.

A small ray of hope: At least the authors of the attacked textbook do not want to simply accept being censored — and were at least able to ensure that the subject of forced marriage is not completely removed from the text, but can be retained in the future, albeit soft as wax. The case constellation may continue to be dealt with in class — however, in the future, among other things, the nationality of the father must be deleted. So it could also be a typical German forced marriage; no one needs to feel offended anymore; nothing has anything to do with anything. That these changes are now viewed as a victory shows just how far this country has come. Germany belongs to Islam — and is subject to it.

Afterword from the translator:

Only in the West can Muslims live a lavish lifestyle from the jizya, press-ganged by Western governments from the dhimmis through outright thuggery and theft. Something they could not do in majority Islamic countries with a minority non-Muslim tax base.

I can tell you one thing: reading and translating all this stuff about what is happening all around Europe and the Western World in general is not good for my blood pressure, and if I had the POWER I would probably lash out by now in more ways than with acidic words alone. But I guess Rasmus Paludan will eventually tip the balance of the powder keg, and a vale of tears will erupt from it. Better now than much later, although with what I’ve seen so far, I’m not so sure our “governments” would side with their law-abiding taxpayers in this — for certain — coming “Clash of Civilizations”. Especially since the Ukrainian government sells the weapons they received to fight Russia on the black market — and most likely to rabid Islamists — throughout Europe.

Hat tip: Elena, in the comments.

7 thoughts on “The Islamization of German Schools is Progressing Inexorably

  1. Why wait for Paludan? One can print pages of the koran and use those to pick up after puppies or just drop it in public restrooms.
    That will lead to riots and maybe wakes up the public to have some pushback.

  2. I am actually encouraged by the teenagers of European origin, who have finally realized that they are a hated species and are starting to get angry about it, more fights, less complying with authority figures who hate them, more aggressive behavior because the white male is starting to get angry and these 3rd worlders and the leftist useful idiots are pushing the angry white male to do what he does best, go to war and conquer and kill all in his way, as nature intended. It is also starting to happen in high schools across the US as well. Where race relations are starting to backfire against all those of the 3rd world.

      • Really Jan? So how many high school students do you know and talk to ? I have an extremely large family in the US, Austria and Germany and talk to the nieces, nephews and too many numerous cousins to count, and the teenagers are telling me, they are sick to the back teeth about being made to feel guilty because they are white and European and the fightback against this communist filth is starting to be felt at those levels, as the students refuse to comply with school demands that they bow before 3rd worlders and the diversity agenda. As a matter of fact the teachers are starting to feel scared because the students are not falling into line with their agenda, I am finding it quite fascinating that even the girls are getting squirrely about it. So Jan, I would suggest to acquaint yourself with human nature and look through history and what happens when it kicks into high gear.

  3. The Germans , like every other country , get what they voted for. No pity for fools.

  4. “Mustiness and prudery” are standard smears used by the licentious Boomers and their pedophile-adrenochrome heirs.

    Because a musty thing is old and old is supposed to be bad, do you see? Unless the old thing is an indigenous custom such as wife-bashing among Aborigines or clitorectomy in Somalia AKA Minneapolis, whereupon said custom shall be respected on pain of yells of Waycism!

    But I digress: suffice to say that Slavoj Zizek was right when he wrote: we force girls into the meat market and Muslims force them out.

    He was referring to the “feminism and emancipation” mentioned smugly by the liberalist German author: titillating clothing as it was promoted among young women from the mid 60s (compare Madonna’s bodice with the 50s retro look of Olivia Newton-John in “Grease”) is the Winner take All fashion correlate of the runaway increase in CEO salaries, Oxycontin white working class mass death, San Fran homelessness and the growing US police state to enforce them from 1970 to date.

    Which is why French novelist M Houllebecq, himself apparently a victim of his promiscuous Free Love mother, wrote “Whatever ” (1996):

    “The thesis is that the sexual revolution of the Sixties created not communism but capitalism in the sexual market, that the unattractive underclass is exiled while the privileged initiates are drained by corruption, sloth, and excess.”

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