The Knockout Game Comes to Antwerp

The following TV news clip from Belgium reports on a sudden attack on an American photographer by a culture-enricher in Antwerp. The incident, which was caught on video, reminds me of the “knockout game”, which was a fad here in the USA a few years ago. An African-American thug would randomly select a passerby, usually a white person, and clock him without warning from behind. It was customary to record a video of the incident and upload it to WorldStar Hip Hop or some similar site. The incident in Antwerp seems much the same, except that the perp is a North African.

The news report features an interview with Sam van Rooy of Vlaams Belang. As a matter of interest, ten years ago I shared a podium with Sam van Rooy at ICLA’s second Brussels conference.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Senseless beating in broad daylight in the center of Antwerp.
00:03   The American-Belgian photographer Donald Woodrow, who, among others, works for National Geographic,
00:08   was knocked to the ground out of nowhere.
00:11   He’s left with a dislocated shoulder and concussion.
00:14   Sadly, the violence is no exception in Belgium’s largest city,
00:18   says the parliamentary party leader of Vlaams Belang, Sam van Rooy.
00:21   Our streets, our neighborhoods are taken over by these Moroccan street thugs,
00:27   and street thugs from North Africa, from an Islamic country.
00:30   And the man in question, who was so badly knocked down, who himself says:
00:35   “In my career, I have traveled the whole world,
00:38   and I have never been attacked. Only in Antwerp, where I was previously robbed twice
00:44   of all my photo equipment.” Yes, I think that may count as an explanation,
00:49   and that shows how bad it is in the large cities of Western Europe due to mass migration.
00:55   So I wish Bart de Wever [Mayor of Antwerp] would take care of it,
00:58   that his police would be put in greater force.
01:02   An additional problem is that when these young rascals are arrested,
01:07   which doesn’t happen very often, unfortunately,
01:10   they are immediately set free.
01:13   So the leniency is enormous, and naturally, that must also be tackled,
01:17   by extremely harder, longer prison sentences.
01:21   Kees, in the Netherlands you also see increasing violence in the large cities.
01:24   Do you think harsher measures would help?
01:27   I think it is good to look at the people from Morocco
01:31   who are actually used to… the young ones, it should also be handled by the parents,
01:36   and that’s not happening in the Netherlands. They are given more and more space.
01:39   [Unintelligible] in my view from what I know of it.
01:43   I would favor a good tit-for-tat, a good way to tackle it.
01:47   This is impermissible. Absolutely not.

7 thoughts on “The Knockout Game Comes to Antwerp

  1. At least they have so many nice ethnic places to eat at now!

  2. They know nothing will happen to them as a consequence.
    Not from bystanders and witnesses and not even from the police and the courts.

    Try to beat up someone in public as a foreigner in one of their countries.
    Or at most other places on earth.
    It’s only parts of the West where you can get away with it.

    • Even in the West you can’t get away with it if you are white. Only ebonic-speaking thugs or fuzzy-wuzzies get a pass on assaulting white people or their own kind.

      • The 3rd worlders know better in my neck of the woods, the 3 rd worlders know if they act up here, the jackpine savage will come out of the sticks and deal with them with extreme prejudice, and just like that that, the 3rd worlder disappears without a trace.

    • We are marching towards the One World Government (WEF) and Islam is playing it’s part. The never-ending crises keep coming.

      I see today in the Daily Mail that Mitch McConnell wants to immediately appropriate more BILLION$ to send to Ukraine (so our politicians can loot it), since he just picked up his cut of the last $40 Billion in person in Ukraine this past week.

      The West is going down. We have all been betrayed by our governments.

      They want people to be murdered on the streets by foreign thugs: they want babies to starve without formula in the USA: our politicians are such evil cretins, taxpayers are the LAST thing on their mind.
      I could go on forever, but I won’t. I am totally disgusted and only worse is to come. Food crisis in the Fall, if not before.

      • good you picked up the word ” murder”, MM!
        because it is attempted murder. Figure the guy falling on the sidewalk being a 74 year old hitting his head on the pavement. This could mean lethal or being in a wheel chair the rest of his life.

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