Dispatches from the Killing Fields

Hellequin GB has translated three German-language articles that illustrate various aspects of the increasingly lethal dystopia we are all now forced to inhabit.

#1 Believe or burn

From Freischwebende Intelligenz:

In the clutches of the forced confessional community

Would you like a round of Russian hatred? A society that knows no more shades of gray is bound to be totalitarian.

by Milosz Matuschek

At the beginning of the pandemic, you were already amazed at how quickly it went. Did you notice it, too? Suddenly Islamist terror was gone. And not just a little bit gone, but completely gone. Probably killed by Corona. Or did ISIS take a short break out of pandemic piety? Well, the media kaleidoscope has just turned again. In the window “safe to hate” appears, like on the turntable of a juke box, after the man with the beard and turban and the Querdenker, now the enemy from the mothball box: “The RUSSIAN”.

Yesterday a doctor’s coat, today a camouflage patch

With the new image of the enemy, the solidarity industry immediately shifts. The cloak of virtue has changed colour, from a white doctor’s coat to camouflage with yellow and blue merchandising. It’s a bit like Carola Rackete, the sea rescue captain, who quickly retrained in green world rescue. Ukraine cheerleading has already started on Facebook and elsewhere. Nothing against real sympathy and help for war refugees, of course. But the suspicion creeps in that the new Ukraine fans are pretty much the same people who clapped frantically for the nurses on balconies two years ago before kicking them in the back with a mandatory vaccination. Instead of incidence numbers that nobody understands, there are now Ukrainian city names that nobody knows. While a real war rages elsewhere.

After the Corona cancel culture, whose most prominent final victim is the head of a German health insurance company, who warned of the greatly increased side effects of vaccination and then lost his job, it is now the turn of the Russian cancel culture. At the University of Milan, a lecture on Dostoyevsky was recently canceled. In Munich, the conductor Valery Gergiev was fired; Anna Netrebko’s performances are currently being canceled worldwide. Those who don’t distance themselves from Putin quickly enough are defenestrated. The German SPD dutifully removed the Gerhard Schröder coffee mug from their shop. The ex-chancellor has been lobbying for Gazprom for decades.

Does expulsion from the party come next?

The coffee mug with the likeness of Karl Marx, “Have a coffee with Karl”, is, by the way, still available. Yes, there is always something more ridiculous.

Shades of gray no longer fit into the picture

The first casualty of war, some say, is truth. It is neutrality. Anyone who draws the stereotype of war over society only accepts the distinction between friend and foe. Democracy, which always thrives on nuances, shades of gray and alternatives, is being transformed into a forced confessional community in the media. Anyone who has a Facebook profile, please contact their responsible propaganda unit immediately. In such a situation we would need more competence in complexity instead of boastful declarations of certainty. Incidentally, neutrality does not mean indifference or total non-partisanship. Above all, neutrality is the sovereign right to freedom from compulsory confession. Just as it is part of freedom of opinion not to have an opinion or to have to express a specific one.

Stratagem number 6 of the Chinese theory of lists reads: “Make a noise in the east, attack in the west”. The winner for the last two years has clearly been China. No matter what happens: lockdowns, compulsory testing and vaccination, expansion of surveillance methods or now the war in Ukraine. All of this helps China to quietly scale the summit as the new world superpower. While everyone is watching the bloodshed in Ukraine, the West is bleeding itself dry. Inflation is skyrocketing, the middle class is going to the dogs, their own identity is blurring, Western values only count in the right camp.

The war has long been in people’s minds and hearts; it’s raging among us, globally and under the guise of fighting the pandemic. It is a war against the citizens of the West which officially must not exist. How convenient that there is now a real, visible war that distracts from exactly that.

All that’s really missing now is an extremely contagious Russian mutant variant, which is born as a result of a cyber-attack and is spread around the world through Russian gas and Russian vodka.

#2: Where has the harshness of the law been for the past seven years?

From the news portal T-Online:

Faeser wants to protect Ukrainian women from human traffickers

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser wants to protect Ukrainian women with a high police presence at train stations from human traffickers and sex offenders. “Anyone who tries to take advantage of the plight of the refugees should know: We react to such acts with all the severity of the law,” said the SPD politician to Bild am Sonntag. Nobody should abuse the suffering of the refugees. “Such abuse is deeply despicable.”

There is therefore a massive police presence at the train stations, in uniform and in civilian clothes, according to Faeser. “Everyone is sensitized to report any threat immediately and to intervene.” The Federal Police have long been warning of dubious or criminal offers to women refugees from Ukraine who arrive at Berlin Central Station.

In the past two weeks, there have been repeated cases of men making dubious offers of housing or accommodation to Ukrainian women upon their arrival in Berlin. The federal police checked suspects and banned them from staying in the station. It was due to the suspicion of sexual exploitation, forced prostitution or human trafficking.

According to the police, the warnings have now had an effect. The impression was that such perpetrators who behaved conspicuously hardly ever came to the station, said a spokeswoman for the federal police last Wednesday. Overall, there have been a number of such cases in the lower double-digit range in the past two weeks.

Afterword from the translator:

Then they don’t wait at or in front of the train stations, but, for example, in front of the asylum accommodations or shadow the queues at the money issue/application offices.

Perhaps it would have made sense to inform Ukrainian women before their arrival that there has been a loss of control in the colorful republic since 2015, that hordes of mainly young men from predominantly Islamic and African countries have poured into the country and that there are also criminals among them who act as pimps or human traffickers, among other things. On top of that, human traffickers travel in and out of the open internal borders uncontrolled. Welcome to the pleasures of multiculturalism.

On a separate note: where has the harshness of the law been for the past seven years? one might ask. Simple: there’s NO protection for native Germans. And the political mantra has been and still is: German (female) lives don’t matter.

#3 Modern science, the ultimate evil — 40,000 new deadly poisons

From Report24:

Artificial intelligence designs 40,000 poisons that are deadly to humans

The software needed just six hours for its “research”. The goal of the scientists at Collaborations Pharmaceuticals was to invent as many new molecules as possible that would have a lethal effect on humans.

The work was created as part of the Spiez Convergence conference, which deals with the Biological Weapons Convention. Some of the poisons thus invented are more potent than the deadliest known chemical warfare agent.

Substance VX (O-ethyl-S-2-diisopropylaminoethylmethylphosphonothiolate) is the most common member of the V class of chemical warfare agents. It is a colorless to yellowish liquid that smells like rotten fish. The poison enters the body through the skin, eyes and respiratory tract, initially causing coughing and nausea. It then paralyzes the respiratory muscles and leads to death within minutes with severe cramps and pain. The LD50* for an average adult is around 1 mg for respiratory absorption (via the respiratory tract), or 10 mg for absorption through the skin.

Similar to VX were a number of the “inventions” that were made within just six hours by the “Artificial Intelligence” used. The pharmaceutical company otherwise uses its AI to create active ingredients that have as few toxic effects as possible. On the basis of the available knowledge, new molecules are modeled and automatically examined and evaluated for their potential toxicity. The lead scientist Fabio Urbina explained that the hit rate of these assessments would be very high.

Maximum toxicity was researched instead of minimum

The suggestion to reprogram the AI for sinister purposes came from the organizers of the Convergence Conference, a conference taking place in Switzerland that discusses the implications of new developments for the Chemical and Biological Weapons Convention. The idea was to use a system designed to avoid any toxicity of active ingredients to achieve maximum toxicity. Not much had to be changed in the program for this — the results were comprehensive. A number of results may even have led to substances that are far more toxic than the VX described above and deadly in even smaller amounts.

The scientists want to see the experiment as a “wake-up call”. With experience in toxicology and chemistry one could produce some of these substances. It wouldn’t be that difficult to make some of these molecules — with the right expertise, a weekend of work would get you pretty far. The discoveries were published in the journal “Nature Machine Intelligence” , but kindly without concrete and comprehensible instructions for manufacturing these toxins.

It’s easy …

For me, the concern was just how easy it was to do. A lot of the things we used are out there for free. You can go and download a toxicity dataset from anywhere. If you have somebody who knows how to code in Python and has some machine learning capabilities, then in probably a good weekend of work, they could build something like this generative model driven by toxic datasets. So that was the thing that got us really thinking about putting this paper out there; it was such a low barrier of entry for this type of misuse.

We can easily erase the thousands of molecules we created, but we cannot delete the knowledge of how to recreate them.

— Fabio Urbina, senior scientist at Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Inc., senior author of the study.

New poisons could easily be ordered from synthesis labs

The production could also be very simple and would not even have to take place in dark cellars. The researcher explains that new molecules can be produced by many different companies. Care is taken there not to produce anything that meets the known criteria for chemical warfare agents or poisons — but that only applies to known substances. With completely new, unknown toxins, such as those conceived by the AI, it would be possible for a laboratory specializing in the synthesis of molecules to simply produce them and send them in the mail, no questions asked. There are numerous companies around the world that would be able to do this.

If you now consider how many biological and biological weapons laboratories the USA alone operates — many of them abroad because of the “more favorable” legal situation there, one can roughly guess the danger humanity is in. Because the principle also applies: Everything that is possible will eventually happen at some point. And it would be naïve to assume that such research is not already underway there. According to the publication of this study, it definitely is.

*   Median lethal dose. LD50 is the amount of a material, given all at once, which causes the death of 50% (one half) of a group of test animals.

8 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Killing Fields

  1. It all reminds me the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and especially the Kosovo crisis.

    At that time Serbs were appointed to the role of the absolute villains, while Kosovo Albanians were given the much more enviable roles of blameless victims and noble freedom fighters. People who knew nothing or next to nothing about Yugoslavian realities readily believed that story.

    Though, in countries closer to the place of action – in Italy and Greece for example – opinions were more nuanced, as many Italians and Greeks knew from personal experience that Albanians were the most violent, destructive and savage ethnicity in the Balkans, while Serbs, for all their faults, were a Christian nation that had built a civilisation of their own.

    Thanks to this media demonisation of Serbs, Albanians could in total impunity kill and rob the Serbian minority in Kosovo, ethnically cleanse the province, desecrate and destroy Serbian churches and monasteries, many of which were great works of architecture. Since NATO victory over Serbia, the few remaining Serbs are huddling in several ghettos and isolated villages under the guard of international armed forces. If they venture out they risk being killed. From time to time Albanians open fire on Serb ghettos. Albanian authorities enjoy cutting electricity supply to those ghettos. Albanian doctors refuse medical treatment to Serb patients.

    Serbs live in Kosovo like in an open-air prison. Kosovo is not a land “occupied” by Serbs. It is the cradle of Serbian civilisation, as witnessed by the numerous ancient churches and monasteries, most of which are now in ruins. Albanians had been slowly squeezing out Serbs from Kosovo by means of migration (lots of Albanians moved to Kosovo from Albania during World War II, burning and looting Serbian villages on the way) and by using the “demographic bomb”: Serbs’ birth for a long time has been much lower than that of Albanians.

    But almost no one in Europe feels any sympathy for the plight of Kosovo Serbs. They have been too much diabolised.

    And Albanians are now enjoying their independence. With the huge international aid they have built their own state, the independent Kosova, whose main industries are drug trafficking, women trafficking and human organs trafficking.

    The current demonisation of Russia and angelisation of Ukraine by the mainstream media is very similar.

    I wonder what will happen to Russia if the US wins the current war? Will its fate be more that of Iraq or Libya? Or Yugoslavia? Or will it be much worse? I suppose the US will try to dismember Russia into a number of small [sump] states wholly dependent on Western aid for survival. It will also use every means it can respectably use to decrease the number of ethnic Russians. It will “cancel” the Russian Orthodox Church, demonise and destroy Russian culture and try to instill self-hatred into Russians by something resembling critical race theory. In a nutshell, it will humiliate Russians as much as possible and reduce them to utmost misery.

    Ukraine will hardly gain anything in case of victory. During the eight years it was ruled from the US embassy, it became even poorer and more badly governed than before. The Ukrainian population has been in decline since the country seceded from the USSR. In the latest years this decline has been very steep: birth rate in Ukraine was twice as low as death rate. Massive emigration reduced the country’s population even more. History knows not a single example of population decline reversal. No matter how this war ends, Ukraine will die out in a couple of generations.

    • At the time I was asking myself why the Serbs didnt strike back?
      You dont need to kill people – destroy infrastructure.
      I once did a time in an electric power provider and one of the technicians told me that damaging four powerlines (no, thats not the real number!) and Germany would have a total brown-out = no power, back to 1800 for at least two weeks.

      And where are the Serbian Special Forces guys now? They do watch as their brothers and sisters are thrown out / killed and they dont care? Never heard of Black Ops?

      But thats not limited to Serbs.
      Today I read an article about dutch “people” (read Moluccan) who come to Germany, blow up ATMs and then hightail back to Netherlands. And if a police car gets in the way, they ram it.
      Where is the GSG-9? Long ag I did martial arts and one training was in Bonn-Bad Godesberg, the home of the GSG-9. There one of them told us that at certain points in Germany GSG-9 members are stationed with high performance cars, guns and ammo, ready to respond to an emergency in minutes everywhere in Germany. And they are trained in ramming cars.
      What are the doing? Eating donuts?
      Those guys are considered the Elite of the Elite. One of them should easily take out one of those cars with the ATM blowers.

      • Good questions. My guess (I’m nowhere near Germany but similar stuff is happening everywhere) is that the GSG-9 purged their ranks of right wing nationalists and are not so elite anymore and now function as a “state security”. The state is not concerned with Moluccan ATM bandits so the GSG-9 is not concerned with Moluccan ATM bandits. The state is concerned with right wing nationalists so guess what the GSG-9 is concerned with? They may have very well have taken up the eating of donuts, the bane of American police.

        If I remember right, the Serbs were betrayed by their leaders, some of whom were bought and some of whom were in it for themselves. There is much they could have done but did not.

      • Alex, just like the Special forces of the Bundeswehr, the GSG9 have been purged, cannot have anyone competent and right of marx anywhere near state security these days. It has caused a great deal of hate and bitterness towards the political class, as history has proved, it is never nice to make the military man angry. As the economy continues to tank, 3rd world invasion, the rape of our women and the one worlders like Schwab and his ilk cheering it on, it is creating the conditions for military coups all over Europe.

    • Interesting about the Albanians. That fraud Mother Teresa was from Albania and she caused the deaths of many sick people because she refused to give them medical care, while SHE herself was given free medical treatment by the hoi poli who fell for her lies. She was a terrorist.

      • Mother T trained with the Nunny Baby Sellers in Ireland. She doesn’t get a mention in case.

    • The Serbs are really looking to take back Kosovo, and with the war raging in Ukraine, they just might do it, I mean who at this point is going to stop them? Funny thing about wars once they start, they grow out of anyones control at some point and cannot be contained.

  2. While “Artificial Intelligence” is being used to kill some more, human intelligence is simply watching like it’s a Sci-Fi Soapy on Netflix.
    It’s reassuring to know what we’re dealing with in terms of our future.
    Everyone tinkers with something and we get presented with the aftermath, one after the other.

    Main export hits:
    Weapons for human destruction, whether as a machine gun, poison or virus, it is all about destruction and the power over the Life and Death of others.

    Doesn’t anyone notice that anymore in their Mainstream Media prescribed panic?

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