Is Islam a Threat?

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this post from the Portuguese blog Inconveniente:

Is Islam a threat?

by Jose do Carmo

A few days ago, someone said to me that in his opinion, Islam is a religion like others, and he casually rejected the idea that it was a threat to the rich, strong, and civilized West.

Are there really no reasons to fear?

Well, beyond the very clear and explicit exhortations to violence and conquest, which can be read in the sacred texts of Islam, it is always history that shows us that since this religion emerged about 1,400 years ago, Muslims have consistently followed the Koranic command to make war on the infidels, on the House of War.

As a result, almost 75% of what was then called “Christendom” was definitively conquered by the House of Islam, including all of North Africa, Anatolia, Syria, etc.

Many European territories were under Muslim occupation, at times for centuries, from Portugal to Russia, passing through Spain, France, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, etc. etc, only being liberated by force of arms.

More than 15 million Europeans were captured and enslaved in the name of jihad, in a process that lasted until the 19th century, reaching faraway Iceland. In fact, one of the first external wars waged by the USA (Jefferson and Adams) was precisely against the Muslim slavers, with Portugal as an ally.

All in all, for more than 1,000 years, Islam has been the principal and permanent threat to Western Civilization and has always been on the offensive when the relative potential of combat has been in its favor.

In the 20th century, Europe modernized itself and managed to neutralize jihad, but now seems to have forgotten everything about this old and constant threat.

For many Westerners, Islam is just a religion like others, and some, without knowing anything of history and the texts, even proclaim that it is “a religion of peace”.

No, it is not.

What history tells us is that it is the most formidable and persistent enemy that our civilization has faced up to today, and this has not changed just because circumstantially, we believe that we are on top.

The major problem, still, is not the forgetting of history, but its rewriting, so that it fits into new, politically correct narratives.

And this woke narrative, conveyed in the schools, in the media, and in the cinema, is that Muslims are part of the extensive group of historical victims of the West, that is, of the “heteropatriarchal whites” or by definition, the “oppressor”.

For example, the Crusades, effectively a military reaction to the Islamic conquest of the so-called Christian holy places, is described as a cruel and unjust attack on the poor Muslims, who were peacefully in their lands drinking tea and smoking water pipes. Moreover, the Muslim invasions are not even described as such, rather as innocuous “advances” by Arabs, Moors, Almoravids, Tatars, Mamluks, Ottomans, etc., deliberately hiding their true rational aggregate, jihad against the infidel.

But that is history, the appeasers will say. That time has passed. We have to look to the future and enter into a new era of mutual respect and tolerance, even if to do this, we have to gild history a bit.

That might actually be a plausible position, if it were mutual.

But it isn’t.

All over the globe, millions of Muslims show the same supremacist and intolerant impulse as their ancestors, and hundreds of millions of Christians and other infidels are today subjected to implacable and genocidal persecution in the name of jihad.

None of this should surprise us.

In the schools, the madrassas, millions of Muslim children are instructed in the glorification of jihad and the contempt and hatred of the infidels.

Meanwhile, here a certain part of the Left demonizes our history, tears down statues, and transforms our heroes into villains; in “secular” Turkey, Mehmet the Conqueror, a pedophile who devastated Eastern Europe, is every year praised and consecrated on the anniversary of the conquest of Constantinople.

It is often said that he who ignores history is condemned to repeat it, but there is no proverb for those who rewrite it, demonizing their ancestors and excusing their enemies.

The result is visible.

Today, in this phase of “weakness”, those who open the path for Islam are not the scimitars, but the Western nations themselves, who throw open the doors of crime, demographic imbalance, social fracture, and the devastation of identity and belonging.

Two years ago, Mrs. [Ursula] von der Leyen [European Commission president] was singing that, “We must dispel the fears and worries about the impact of illegal immigration on our society.”

She was referring obliquely to Muslim immigration, which is the overwhelming majority.

And in terms of “dispelling fears”, the EU spares no effort, generously using the money of the European contributors (the money of the EU comes from states, which themselves look for it in the pockets of citizens, including mine and those of the reader).

Let’s look at some examples:

The Islamic University of Gaza, an organization of Hamas, a terrorist and anti-Semitic movement, was financed, in 2019 alone, with almost half a million euros and is in the Erasmus program.

The Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations (FEMSYO), received about €300,000 over ten years.

For the purposes of, among other things, articulate the recent joint campaign with the Council of Europe and some Muslim countries, in the sense of promoting the hijab as a “symbol of liberty”. It is true that France was vehemently opposed, and the Swedish government, for example, already cut the financing for the radical group, but its members continue to be received and applauded in the European Youth Parliament in Strasbourg.

Various obscure organizations (Islamic Relief, Lokahi Foundation, Muslim Association of Ireland, etc.) all tied to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), received over the course of years tens of millions of euros, despite explicit and vitriolic anti-Semitism.

Today the MB has in Europe a dense network that comprises openly affiliated militants, activists, and sympathizers, spread through various NGOs that, as mentioned above, share the ideology of the Brotherhood.

What is this ideology and what are its goals?

Well, from the mouth of Yusuf al-Qaradawi himself, its principle ideologue, who lives like a nabob in Qatar (Qatar TV, July 2007): “The peaceful conquest is founded on religion, and for this, I hope that Islam conquers Europe without the need for sword or combat. Do it through dawah — that is, missionary work and/or proselytizing and the ideology.”

So we see that Von der Leyen and al-Qaradawi, certainly unwittingly, share exactly the same vision, even though the blind one is not Mr. Qaradawi.

And yet, the ideology of the Brotherhood (sharia, the submission of women to men, the marriage of minors, etc) is at the opposite pole from European values. Its objective is not to integrate itself within liberal democracy, but rather to promote a caliphate in Europe.

All of its activities have this as a beacon, including the strategy of Islamization of the Muslim communities in Europe and the tactical dialogue with the institutions of the EU and its member states.

The MB oozes total intolerance towards any belief that isn’t Islamic. The European Council for Fatwa and Research, based in Ireland, has already issued fatwas advocating the death penalty for apostates, the right of husbands to beat their wives, the obligation of the veil, etc.

In recent years the MB and its front organizations have honed and refined the capacity to manipulate European values, especially freedom of expression. The lexicon of their leaders includes the politics of identity and politically correct language, with a profusion of words such as “inclusion”, “diversity”, and “racism”.

What the Koran itself designates as taqiyya! (Dissimulation, deception, etc.)

The MB today is a well-organized pressure group, professional, with generous financial resources and excellent communicators who play on the naïveté and/or fear of officials and functionaries of the EU, fearful of being accused of “Islamophobia”.

The culmination is that functionaries of the European External Action Service (the diplomacy of the EU) received training from a member of the MB (advisor to the ex-president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi) concerning how democracies should be favorable to and understanding of sharia.

In effect, the EU chooses radical Islamics as interlocutors and gives them credibility and money from the taxes of its citizens, for an objective in flagrant opposition to the values and interests of these same citizens. At this moment I and the reader are literally financing, with our money, terror groups and supremacists.

Historians who in the future will study these times, known as “the information era”, will possibly be stunned to find that it was, after all, a time in which disinformation triumphed, ignorance spread like a stain, and people lived in bubbles of alternative reality, without perceiving that they were on a path to self-destruction.

The problem with bubbles is that inevitably, they end up breaking, and those who live inside them are immediately exposed to danger and the barbarism that they never wanted to see, or were never able to see.

Yes, Islam is a threat.

36 thoughts on “Is Islam a Threat?

    • Loathe though I am to say it, the CCP’s policy towards the followers of the ‘religion of peace’ has much to commend it.

    • @ G

      Re: “There will be war, just as it always has been. No more muslims = no more problem.”

      Europe, to the extent it has been safe from Islamic depredation these last two-to-three centuries, has only been so thanks to the bravery and military prowess of her men. That is what has kept Islamic aggression and supremacism bottled up – the credible threat of force.

      French writer Hilaire Belloc said in his poem, “The Modern Traveller” –

      “Whatever Happens, We have got the Maxim Gun and they have not.”

      Weakness is what is truly provocative. Strength often leads to stability, since everyone knows who is in charge – but weakness? That’s when the mayhem begins.

      As for the Muslims, all of those “displaced people” flooding into old Europe these days aren’t “refugees” – they’re colonists or better still, conquerors. Islam has been using mass migration into infidel lands as weapon of war since the time of Mohammed, and they are still using it today. In Arabic, it is termed the “hegira,” and it is so significant to Muslims that they started their calendar when Mohammed and his followers made their migration from Mecca to Medina (Yathrib) in 622.

      Many of the new arrivals in places like Sweden, Germany and Britain are quite frank that they aren’t there to adopt Swedish, German or British ways, but to bring Islamic ways to those places. Meaning that they wish to enact sharia law and bring those places into Dar al-Islam.

      • And so you have outlined what we all know and what the governments of those countries know and why the people in those governments together with their lineages must be purged from the earth.

        It is the exact same mechanism being used with Quaxines. If people do nothing the weak are emboldened.

        All these people need to go. There is no place on earth for them.

      • Hence why there will be war, and when it kicks off, the high moral grounders will be buried in it, the elites will all perish for their treachery and after we Purge the 3rd world vermin from our midst, we can work on rebuilding, but it won’t be democracy as we know it.

  1. Is Islam a threat?

    After Madrid bombings, London, the islamic vibrant next to mecca bombings, The Pakistani Manchester massacre, Notre Dame cathedral arson, beheadings of Priests in France and desecrating churches all over Europe . . . etc. and an ass rears his head and

    chews crap and says The Pirate’s has a normal religion, well what can I say. If logic and examples do not work we have to use stakes.

    Even, do we have to remind them of these events? Where was their heads ?

    Inside an outhouse?

    Are those people who do not know what’s happening around the word

    Are they stupid, ignorant, or possessed? Is satan living in Europe?

    This type of universal perverted minds ( Sweden, Britain, France , New Zealand, Spain, … all the west) anointing themselves to be dhimmis and slaves

    does not happen unless it is a curse for faithlessness.

  2. I must say, these days, I have an appreciation of many elements in the Muslim community who have told the vax-police to get stuffed. I similarly appreciate ultra-orthodox Jews, for the same reason – they seem even less compliant on COVID matters. I enjoy shopping in their grocery stores, where people still act normally!

    The SJW left-fascsists are even more of a threat than Islamists these days.

    It’s really scary that things are so bad that I view the threat of Islam as secondary at this point. I almost wish to see the day when that changes back.

    • I would have disagreed with you a few years ago, I agree with you now that the woke ideology has shown its teeth. Especially, after the police shot anti-lockdown demonstrators with live bullets in Rotterdam. This ideology is every bit as totalitarian as that of the Taliban or ISIS.

      However, the prospect of Islamic future for Europe is also scary.

      The problem is that the modern West, although rich and seemingly powerful, is spiritually and morally bankrupt. It’s motto is “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you will die”. But the logical inference from this motto is “Après nous le déluge”. And the déluge has finally come. The West is flooded by waves of Muslims because it has no spiritual ideals to oppose those of Muslims. Europeans have nothing to die for. People do not sacrifice their lives for bodily comfort and pleasures – that would defy the purpose. Muslims, for all their sensuality, do have something to die for.

      The root of the problem is deChristianisation. Christianity is the highest and noblest religion that people have ever had. It used to be the soul of Europe, her life spirit, it gave meaning to a Europeans life. Now that Europe has utterly rejected Christianity, she lost her purpose. This has led to degradation of European morals, family life, culture, arts, education, etc. And it disarmed Europe spiritually. The spiritual void sucks in all sorts of poisons – Islam, Buddhism, occultism, satanism and what not.

      • I agree.

        The way I look at it now, Islamization is to a good extent a symptom of the disease – which you describe.

        Without rampant wokism/deChristianisation/loss of Western values, Islam wouldn’t get a serious foothold in the first place.

        Now, let me contradict myself: madness like the current one over the virus and/or wokeism will probably eventually go away. Madness due to increasing Islamization will NOT go away. So long term, it’s still a bigger threat.

        But right-right now, we have bigger problems.
        That’s how bad it is.

      • @ Anonymous

        Re: “The root of the problem is de-Christianisation. Christianity is the highest and noblest religion that people have ever had. It used to be the soul of Europe, her life spirit, it gave meaning to a Europeans life. Now that Europe has utterly rejected Christianity, she lost her purpose.”

        The centrality of Christianity to the story of European civilization – the West as we term it – is evidenced not just by the past, but by the present. We see the influence of Christianity not by its presence in now-secular societies, but by its absence.

        The great G.K. Chesterton once said, “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

        Men will not risk their “lives and sacred honor” – as the saying used to go – in the name of secular humanism, post-modernism and cultural marxism.

        In recent years, over four-hundred churches in France have been torched – most famously, the world-renowned Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The official accounts blamed an electrical short, but that’s bollocks – close-circuit and webcam footage (since scrubbed by the authorities) showed a man in Muslim garb setting the fire. Priests have been slain – beheaded – in their own churches and upon their own alters.

        In contrast, the nations of Eastern Europe, such as the Visegrad Four – Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary – which have remained Christian, are still holding fast in the face of the assault of the globalists and the soldiers of Allah. Right now, at any rate, if European (Christian) civilization is to survive and thrive into the future, it looks to be the nations in the East which lead the way.

      • Dear Anonymous,
        I am surprised no one commented on your apt words.

        You hit the nail …. What is happening in Europe and the west putting islam on a pedestal and grinding their own native people for its sake, is proof that life is not only base, scungy pleasure.

        If we forget what islam has done to half of the planet, and now to what has remained of it, we will lose everything.

      • @ Anonymous

        Re: ” I agree with you now that the woke ideology has shown its teeth. Especially, after the police shot anti-lockdown demonstrators with live bullets in Rotterdam. This ideology is every bit as totalitarian as that of the Taliban or ISIS.”

        At first glance, communist/leftism and Islam seem to be extremely strange bed-fellows, as the old saying used to go. But their alliance, which has been termed colloquially the “Red-Green Alliance” – red being the color of communism and green representing Islam – is founded upon their shared hatred of western civilization and Christianity. The “enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and so on. They’ll have ample time later on in which to sort out their doctrinal differences, and it is already fashionable on the left to convert to Islam, apropos of that particular problem.

        Historically, the communists have sided with the Muslims before. The Albanians, who were both communist and Muslim, fought against Greek Christians during the Greek civil war 1946-1949, to name one example. So it isn’t unprecedented.

        • Rotterdam is almost all muslim now, so the chances that police shot native Dutch is almost nil. Most of the wounded have muzzy names.

      • I would take bets that the ” anti lockdown demonstraters” shot at in Rotterdam had only rioting in mind.A closer look at the camera footage showed an amount of blackhooded young folks who use each opportunity to take it to the police.
        It would be interesting to learn the first names( not christian names, for sure) of those bullet-victims.

    • You are confusing two things.

      The source of the issue is the same however – whether the result is Islamic filth on our doorsteps or quaxines.

      If you will give succour to the Islamic beast then you are my enemy. You are a disgrace to yourself if you are anglo and a disgrace to all anglos.

      [insults redacted]

  3. Gary, do you know where Jose gets his figure of over 15 million Europeans enslaved? I’m not doubting it, but it would be useful to know the source; as with Islamic enslavement of Africans and South Asians, I get the impression that the Ottomans, arabs etc. were less inclined to make an accurate count than the Europeans, and probably excluded those who died en route.

      • Simon Webb, author of Forgotten Slave Trade, has a brilliant YouTube channel, HistoryDebunked . …… …… He says things with great humour that ask very powerful questions on race, immigration, and slavery, that few others would get away with. …… Usually he has a long list of videos, including on slavery. …… I was hoping to find a suitable link. …… However his videos right now only go back 2 weeks, so maybe YT deleted all the rest as a warning. …… He is a joy to listen to, saying what millions think, in such a reasonable way, it is hard for all but the most rabid to take offence!

        • Zen, I clicked on your link here in London and was able to see a video from three months back, and email it to myself to save.

          I’ve subscribed to Mr Webb’s blog, but he is very prolific!

  4. “Is Islam a Threat?”

    You shall know a tree by its fruit. What are the fruits of Islam, where non-Muslims are concerned?

    Dr. Bill Warner, who heads the Center for the Study of Political Islam, has done yeoman work analyzing Islam and its works, as well the long history of Islam and the West, in terms of almost scientific rigor.

    Archeological evidence of the hundreds of military engagements, battles, raids and campaigns in the 1,400 year struggle between Islam and the West, shows that the vast majority of these battles took place either in neutral “no-man’s” land, or upon non-Islamic territory. Only a handful took place in historically Muslim lands. These findings show conclusively that the Muslims were on the attack virtually all of the time; that these were Islamic wars of aggression and invasion.

    These data, in turn, put the lie to the politically-correct claim that the Crusades were offensive in nature and an unprovoked attack on the Islamic world. This falsehood, one of the most-pernicious of the last seventy-five years of historical scholarship, is a bald-faced lie. By the time of the First Crusades of 1096-1099, the Islamic Moors had been in Iberia (modern-day Spain and Portugal) for nearly three-hundred years (since 711). It is only because of Charles Martel and the Christian victory at Tours in 732 that they did not extent their conquests into the heart of Northern Europe.

    Will and Ariel Durant, writing in their magnificent “The Story of Civilization” (1935), stated that Muslims are responsible for the largest genocide in human history, specifically in the Indian subcontinent where the Mughal Empire and other Islamic invaders slew an estimated fifty million Hindus and other non-Muslims during the 1500s. The Durants place the toll for the century at an estimated eighty million dead under the sword of Islam.

    Nor are such acts of mass murder confined to the distant past, as Islamic apologists claim: The first modern genocide, the Armenian genocide of 1915-1921, took place at the hands of the Sunni Muslim Ottoman Turks, who slew some 1.5 million Armenian and Greek Christians during that time span.

    Historians term this event “modern” as it was the first of its kind captured on still and motion-picture film and to take place in the age of electronic media such as radio and movies. The haunting images of young Christian girls crucified and dying a slow and horrible death in the desert sun, still remain in the historical record, as does the sacking of the Greek city of Smyrna in 1921, which was captured on film by vessels offshore.

    Muslims are the greatest and most-prolific slavers in human history. Meaning that they have taken more slaves, bought and sold more slaves, and kept more slaves, than anyone else, over a long time than anyone else. To read politically-correct contemporary sources, slavery was an exclusively western evil, but like so many things taught by the left, it is a precise inversion of the truth of history.

    Every civilization in human history – from ancient times until relatively recently in history – has practiced chattel slavery and human bondage. None more so than the Muslims, whose prophet held slaves and commanded that his fighters take them as well as the spoils of holy war or jihad. The United Kingdom and the United States, however, were unique in helping to eradicate the institution of slavery – including within their own civilization.

    Few people know that the Muslim world only formally and in law renounced slavery a half-century or so ago, and then only under political and economic pressure from the West. The Arab world in the 1960s and 1970s, and holdouts like Mauritania only in the early 21st century!

    Despite these statements, the ban on slavery was and is largely pro-forma, and was done mostly for appearance sake and to sooth western buyers of Arab oil and other goods. In reality, slavery is still widely-practiced in the Muslim world, including in the Arab Middle East. It is just called by other names, and done on a sub-rosa basis and largely out of the public eye.

    It is probably not possible to arrive at a comprehensive figure for all of the lost souls who were enslaved down through the centuries by Muslims and their accomplices, but it is known that the victims – whether black, white, or of other races – numbered in the tens of millions. In Africa, many tribal kingdoms raised revenue by helping Arab slave-traders round up and sell slaves, and many kept them as well.

    Uncounted millions died on forced marches across deserts and transportation under inhuman conditions of deprivation, filth and cruelty. Once in the captivity of the sultan, if a male slave was spared, he was often castrated – as the emir or sultan or caliph did not want any rivals for the affections of his harem.

    Christian boys from SE Europe and the Balkans were often taken from their homes via the dreaded practice of devshirme, the Ottoman tax upon sons. Forced into service in the Janissary forces, they were converted to Islam and made to fight on behalf of the caliph.

    Women and girls captured by Islamic raiders faced an even harsher existence: Those deemed young and nubile-enough were kept for the slave market where they would fetch a large profit at auction, or for the harem of the sultan or emir. Older women or those otherwise rejected for the harems were killed or kept for manual labor and the dirty jobs Muslims were not supposed to do.

    As late as the presidency of Thomas Jefferson in the then-new republic of the United States of America, the Sultan of the Barbary Coast of North Africa took and held Americans and Europeans from various nations captive via maritime raids, and held them for ransom. Jefferson’s predecessor, John Adams, had been forced to pay the ransom demands, but Thomas Jefferson sent the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps to teach the sultan and his men a lesson they did not soon forget.

    Although it may ebb-and-flow, the ages-old twilight war between Islam and the non-Muslim world continues as it has for 1,400 years – and no end in sight. After reverses and setbacks over the previous 250 years, Islam is again on the march in the latter half of the 20th century and into the new millenium, fueled by billions in petrodollar profits.

  5. If you have lived in a Muslim dominated society you can see their values of justice, tolerance, and peace are completely alien to a civilized society. No wonder Japan and Korea forbid the immigration of Muslims. Having lived in Muslim societies and seen how they treat follow Muslims you understand how they treat non believers.

    The only good Muslim is a dead one.

    • Since I am the one who translated this piece, I feel the need to respond to your last statement. (“The only good Muslim is a dead one”.)

      That is a very dangerous statement that has been applied to many different groups of people.

      There are 1.5 billion Muslims on this planet, and nobody is going to kill all of them. Nor would it be right because you would include millions of innocent people.

      My solution is to stop Islamic immigration to the West and return all those illegal immigrants, criminals, jihadists, and phony refugee seekers to their counties of origin. The Muslim nations can be diplomatically put on notice that as long as this madness continues, we will protect our people from the threat of jihad and maintain our freedoms. If they want to be viable nations, they can take care of the problem themselves.

      One large problem is that we have an entire generation of young Muslims who have been born in the US-Europe, Canada etc. They cannot simply be deported. If they join the jihad, it will fall to law enforcement to deal with them.

      I am as opposed to Islam as the next person, but the more realistic solution is to stop the hizra to the West and the Islamization of our societies.

      • What [opinions that I find objectionable].

        Your idea is to hide. Your idea is to let them outbreed us, to multiply, to become a force that our children must deal with.

        If there are 1.5Billion of them, lets get started now.

        As to your [material that I deprecate] about the filth born in Europe, do you not remember the crusades? DO you think birth gives you the right to live in our lands?

        If you were born in my house would it give you the right to my home?

        Of course not. [insults redacted] Its the weak like you that need to go along with those you don’t have the guts to remove.

        [insults redacted] You are no patriot. You have no guts. You are on the side of the globalists.

        There is no honour in hand-ringing your way into a bigger crisis.

      • Like Dawg said above, I hold your hand wringing weak response to savages with utter contempt. Islam has always been a danger and to let it fester in our lands is to spill more blood, those born in our lands are not us and will never be us, for a dog born in a barn doesn’t make it a horse. The only way you deal with these 3rd world vermin is the good ole fashioned way, the bloody sword, every last stinking one of them and those that in anyway, shape or form who support, aid and defend them. You Brits have become so weak, feckless and dumbed down to the point of utter uselessness. The bloody Germans should have won the war, they at least would have the spine not to let these 3rd world vermin onto our shores.

      • Relying on law enforcement to take care of the jihadist problem is one of the many reasons why we are in the predicament that we find ourselves. Islam always, I’ll repeat that for you Gary, ALWAYS, ends with a military solution. Dealing with muslims must be dealt with extreme prejudice that is profound and absolute.

    • agree, but not only humans are treated badly. I have seen a donkey that collapsed under his cargo and the owner beat the poor beast with a club and in a frenzy I had never seen. Goes without saying that this scene did not occur in Norway or Switzerland! Get the picture?

      • I have seen a lot worse in every muslim country I lived and worked in, bloody effing savages, the whole lot of them.

  6. Thank you as always Baron for being tolerant of my lack of tolerance for those expressing the views that have got the West into the pickle it is currently in.

    Herb, that scene will soon take place in those countries and you the perpetrators will look exactly the same as the one you witnessed.

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