Double Vax Report

Below are two videos from Germany which feature very different opinions about the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The first video features a young lady named Sarah Frühauf who offers her opinions on the television program Tagesschau for the state broadcaster ARD. Ms. Frühauf is quite strident and angry in her remarks about unvaxed people, who need to be punished for their insolence and selfishness in not allowing themselves to be jabbed by being forcibly “vaccinated”:

Nicolaus Fest is a member of the European Parliament for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). The second video shows excerpts from a brief speech given by Mr. Fest on the floor of the EP. His remarks concerning the “vaccine” are diametrically opposed to those of Sarah Frühauf:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Well, thanks a lot to all of you unvaccinated. Thanks to you, we’re threatened with
00:04   another lockdown this winter. In many places Christmas markets were cancelled again.
00:08   Perhaps family Christmas gatherings will be too. The measures that were recently announced
00:12   in Saxony and Bavaria are a slap in the face for everyone who showed their solidarity
00:16   these last few months. Namely, those who got the vaccination. Without a doubt,
00:20   the restrictions are necessary, but they wouldn’t have been necessary if more people
00:25   had acted responsibly. All those who refuse to get vaccinated have to live with the rebuke
00:30   that they are to blame for the present situation. They are responsible for society
00:36   being once again under pressure and doctors and health workers being forced
00:40   to perform beyond their limits. Shop and restaurant owners
00:43   struggle to keep their livelihoods, again.
00:46   Above all, they should consider their own responsibility for the thousands of lost lives
00:50   during this wave of Corona. The responsible politicians have wavered far too long
00:55   and should have put more pressure on the unvaccinated much earlier.
00:59   Apparently they were afraid that the anger of the unvaccinated would affect the election results.
01:04   That was negligent, and that’s why it is the way it is. The wave is now unstoppable,
01:09   but Germany needs to exit the endless loop of Corona.
01:13   Because, at some point, the vaccinated who have shown solidarity will no longer participate.
01:17   They don’t have any desire to continue to follow the anti-Corona restrictions.
01:21   Politicians need to provide them some incentive. A winter like this, can’t be repeated.
01:26   How? Our neighbors in Austria are leading by example with mandatory vaccination
01:30   for everyone who is medically able to get one.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   So now we want to vaccinate the entire world. Naturally one wonders why, because up until now
00:04   the reasons have all been either wrong or misleading. Allow me to summarize:
00:08   At first, they said they only wanted to vaccinate the vulnerable groups. So, the people over 60.
00:13   Now they say, no, you have to start at the age of 18.
00:17   Then the second reason was, we need 70% [vaccinated] for herd immunity.
00:22   Now they say we need 100%. The peak of this absurdity is that the unvaccinated
00:26   are a danger to the vaccinated. We haven’t heard that one before.
00:30   The third justification is that we had to be vaccinated out of solidarity.
00:34   Out of solidarity with vulnerable groups.
00:37   Now, it is said that the vaccinated have a particularly high viral load,
00:41   which means that for vulnerable groups,
00:44   it is obviously safest if they are visited by unvaccinated people.
00:47   And now, we have more and more vaccine breakthroughs,
00:50   i.e. people who become severely ill with COVID,
00:53   despite being vaccinated twice. The newest rationale to be heard here now is,
00:57   since the first two vaccinations have thus totally failed,
01:01   we should urgently be vaccinated a third time, with a vaccine that will probably fail
01:07   just like the last two vaccines did the first time around. That’s really smart.
01:13   In Germany, we have 48 confirmed cases of deaths
01:19   that occurred in connection with the vaccination. 48 cases,
01:24   those are just the cases that were autopsied. Of course, we know
01:28   that many people who died after a vaccination were not autopsied at all.
01:33   That means the unreported number is probably many times higher.
01:37   If any company, let’s say Nestlé or Pepsi or any other company were to put a product
01:41   on the market and then 48 people were to die from it within a year,
01:47   we wouldn’t talk about whether we should or should not distribute this product to the world.
01:52   We would talk about whether or not we should enforce liability on the management.
01:56   That’s what I would urgently suggest that this parliament do. We should be discussing
01:59   the [lack of] efficacy of these vaccines and about liability issues
02:03   for the management of the vaccine manufacturers.
02:07   I think that’s what this parliament should concentrate on, not
02:10   on vaccinating the world. Thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “Double Vax Report

  1. What she says is familiar. Blame a minority for society’s ills. Have they not done this in the past? How did that turn out? . So the vaccinated at some point will refuse to go alone with the anti corona restrictions? She should rather ask: if the vaccine is effective the vaccinated should not need to worry about anti C restrictions. I swear I could almost hear a Sieg HeilVaccine in the background.
    As for Herr Faust, I agree totally. His points are all valid but he will be labelled a ‘far right’ or right wing agitator by the PTB. They will not try to rationally refute his comments. They cannot.
    And still the German and Austrian media do not see the irony in trying to use force to vaccinate people. Are their memories really so short? Adolf must be laughing wherever he is.

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