The Death Knell of Sweden

Sweden as a society is currently run by women, specifically feminist women. The prime minister is male, and numerous members of parliament are males, but important cabinet posts and administrative positions in the bureaucracy are filled by women. Female social workers. Female police chiefs. Female directors of enterprises, both public and private. And the ideology that animates public service and cultural institutions is avowedly feminist.

It is this feminist, feminized ideology that requires Swedes to welcome immigrants and celebrate them. Sweden has no legitimate culture of its own, so Swedes must embrace the multiculturalism that immigrants bring. Even if those culture-enrichers abuse, mutilate, brutalize, rape, and murder women and girls.

By 2050 — in less than thirty years — Sweden will no longer be run by feminists, because there won’t be enough of them left. Oh, there will be plenty of women, but the majority of them will be the property of patriarchal polygamous men who have been welcomed in from the Third World to enrich Swedish culture.

Unless there is a general societal collapse in the interim, Sweden in 2050 will be governed by patriarchal polygamous men under some form of sharia law. I don’t know what will become of the feminists under those circumstances. Perhaps they’ll become the obedient veiled third or fourth wives of the dominant males.

The following documentary discusses the anti-feminist consequences that Sweden’s gynocracy has brought down upon the country through its love affair with Third World immigrants. The video is in both Swedish and English, with the Swedish portions subtitled in English.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript (Swedish portions):

00:14   Kingdom of Sweden
00:18   Prime Minister Reinfeldt: “I come now to appeal to the Swedish people today.
00:22   To have patience with what lies ahead.
00:25   To open your hearts for the many vulnerable people that we now see all around the world.
00:33   And I can already say that there will be extensive costs associated with
00:36   the people who are already coming now, and those who will arrive in the coming years.”
00:39   TV journalist: “Can you imagine forty million immigrants in Sweden?”
00:44   Annie Loof (C): “As long as people can come here, support themselves,
00:47   work, and run a business, I see no problem with it.” TV journalist: “But what happens
00:50   to the Swedes, the Swedish culture, the Swedish language?”
02:58   Our values, those we grew up with, which make our country strong,
03:04   they are now throwing away.
03:09   Women are becoming increasingly less free in Sweden today,
03:12   when we are supposed to have a feminist government.
03:16   Why are women’s rights not valid for immigrant women?
03:20   Why only Swedish women?
03:40   When women ended Sweden
03:46   How kind girls and phony feminists sabotaged the world’s most equal country
04:02   Part 1 Violence and lies
04:09   [Sound of bicycles]
04:13   38% of Swedish women feel unsafe
04:19   17% have often refrained from some activity due to anxiety — National safety survey 2020
04:30   [Town of] Skara
05:15   They have to be tougher and actually deport more.
05:18   Those who come to Sweden and commit group rape or rape
05:23   must be automatically deported. That should be the punishment.
05:26   They should not be favored to stay here and take part of our welfare
05:31   if they have come here and committed crimes.
05:34   I think it is incomprehensible to the Swedish psyche.
05:37   For most English [people] it was a “no-brainer” to send them home.
05:42   No, no, “It is so good. Everything is free and delightful.”
05:47   “Our pensioners will be saved by high immigration.”
05:54   “That will be so good for Sweden.”
05:57   Why then do the Swedish people not think?
06:00   Four out of five foreign citizens registered in Sweden and convicted for rape are allowed to stay.
06:07   Nina calls a “feminist” and editor at the leftist newspaper Arbetarbladet [Worker’s Daily].
06:10   —This is Anna. —Hi Anna. My name is Nina.
06:14   I read the editorial you wrote.
06:17   It’s about the sexual attacks that have happened in Germany and Sweden.
06:21   In the last few days, we have learned that there is an Arab rape game, have you heard about it?
06:29   “Taharrush”
06:32   Oh, there are also Swedish men who rape.
06:40   Are you comparing these Arab rape games with Swedish men?
06:45   I mean that it is about a patriarchal structure.
06:48   A patriarchal structure that allows men all over the world to molest women.
06:56   It happens all the time. All over the world in all societies.
07:00   By all men. Do you understand?
07:13   Just with Taharrush, we know that there are foreign men who do that here.
07:16   But if you say that, then you would be a racist in her eyes.
07:20   As I see it, they want to paint all men in order to distract from what the problem consists of.
07:28   I am a social worker on the ground. And I think this:
07:32   To solve a problem, you have to also know what the problem consists of.
07:36   So you can’t generalize and say that all men commit Taharrush,
07:40   because not all men do that. We have no culture or tradition of that in Sweden —
07:44   or that view of women in Sweden,
07:47   where we surround women on the dance floor and sexually molest them, etc.,
07:53   as they did in Germany. —Have there been examples in Sweden, too?
07:56   Yes, in Kalmar something similar happened. I interviewed a mother whose daughter said that
08:01   the same thing happened in a disco in Kalmar.
08:05   Young women were surrounded by foreign men who sexually molested them.
08:09   It was also on New Years night , there were several women they tried to drag
08:15   into cars and doorways.
08:19   31.6% of women age 20-24 report that they were exposed to a sexual crime in 2019.
08:27   2018 Sweden’s first gender-segregated music festival was held. No men were welcome.
08:30   Does the State take responsibility? —No, I absolutely think they don’t.
08:34   They have to protect their own first. But as it looks today, they try to shift the focus from how
08:41   their policy has affected the Swedish people
08:44   by not admitting that violence has increased,
08:48   many murders, gang criminality.
08:51   And you can see that a large part of it is by immigrants.
11:06   There are ethnic Swedes who engage in gang rape —
11:09   but not in the numbers that we see by foreign-born men.
11:13   This is a cultural phenomenon. This is a view of humanity.
11:17   There is no doubt about this, and it is heard in interrogations:
11:20   They talk about that “whores are treated like whores,” “ They are whores,” etc.
11:34   All public servants, and in all the highest police ranks,
11:38   they must, of course, have better judgment.
11:41   They must, above all, conform to our government position
11:45   and the values that the government positions express. And these statements, of course,
11:48   do not do that. They are, of course, close to being racist.
13:30   There was a girl who asked, Can one think that
13:34   Sweden should not take in so many immigrants?
13:40   Can one have this opinion in school? She asked the question.
13:44   It was like a strategy, a common strategy. It is found
13:49   in the National School Administration, education, the textbooks.
13:54   You say yes to however much there is.
13:59   It was, of course, propaganda that more or less went out with no ceiling
14:04   as to how many we could take in. There were open borders,
14:09   and Swedish youth would just tell themselves that, “We have a moral duty to take them in.”
14:13   And young people are, of course, benevolent, good, kind, easily influenced,
14:18   so they are grateful victims for this kind of propaganda.
14:22   Do they become intolerant activists for asking this question?
14:26   Yes, many do, of course.
14:29   Like the cultural revolution in China?
14:33   Yes, exactly. Those who were then, perhaps,
14:36   a little more critical-thinking and who questioned this,
14:39   also learned that “one should be silent on this.”
14:42   We can talk about this outside school. We can try to talk about it at home.
14:47   But never show your opinion in the classroom.
17:29   Allah honored wives by instituting corporal punishment for wives.
17:34   Honored them by corporal punishment for wives? In what way?
17:38   The Prophet Mohammad said, “Don’t hit her in the face, and don’t make her ugly.”
17:51   Part 2 The Unholy Alliance
17:58   One like that? OK.
21:23   When we heard that Ayatollah Khamenei’s fatwa that forbids women to ride bicycles,
21:27   we immediately rented two bikes in order to say that we will not stop cycling!
23:47   Yes, I see my school as being Islamized.
23:50   And to this extent, schools have adapted themselves to Islam, changing their positions.
23:56   For example, here comes a student who wants to be free on Fridays to go to the mosque and pray.
24:02   It if were a Swedish student who wanted to go to Ullared, it would never be up for discussion.
24:05   Or if he had been a Pentacostalist, they would have said no.
24:09   But here they discuss it seriously: Maybe we have to do it.
24:14   Not wanting both together, they [unintelligible] them on a bus to another municipality,
24:19   so they have boys and girls separate.
24:22   “No, I don’t want to work together with girls, I don’t want to sit next to girls.”
24:28   They want to have this gender-separation in the classroom.
24:34   And there are Swedish colleagues who submit to that and think,
24:37   “Yes, but of course, they have their culture and their religion…”
24:40   Teachers somehow support this suppression of women with our
24:43   so-called kindness or compliance. —Is it then the Muslim religion
24:48   that is more dominant or gives greater rights to men?
24:53   Yes. Their religious faith is stronger than our secular societies,
24:58   because we submit ourselves to their religion.
25:06   Malmö
25:09   48% of Malmö’s residents have an immigration background
25:13   20% are Muslim
25:17   [Aggressive calling out]
28:36   Part 3 Swedish feminists love Islam=True
28:44   It began in 2011. I was on my way to pick up my son from school.
28:50   A car came raging toward me. He wanted to run over me.
28:53   It was a man with a long beard.
28:56   It was a Swedish man who saved me.
28:59   Pulled me away. Otherwise, I might have been dead.
29:02   After that it began with notes, letters, texts, telephone conversations.
29:06   Several times they “keyed” my car.
29:11   Once they loosened one of my tires. I’d have been killed driving.
29:20   I have gotten letters, threatening letters, with bloody knives.
29:26   They have thrown rocks at our windows. I don’t live like others.
29:30   In a country known for human freedom and rights, that is known for democracy.
29:36   I don’t have the freedoms that other women have.
29:43   I was one of those who the Socialists didn’t see what was happening at home.
29:47   I had bruises , but I concealed them, so nobody would see. It was shameful.
29:55   That was when you first came here, right?
29:58   Yes. So your husband beat you?
30:01   Yes. —Did he think you had become too free here?
30:07   No, I couldn’t go visiting so much. I couldn’t invite people to our home.
30:12   I couldn’t be like other women.
30:15   He himself was free. He went out. He was everywhere.
30:20   Women and everything out there were unclean.
30:24   I remember the first time I saw a pig.
30:27   I thought, oh dear, Allah will punish me! Or I saw lesbian women
30:30   who were kissing each other. I just stared at them.
30:33   That was so unusual for me. Or when I saw naked statues. What is this here?
30:37   What kind of country have I come to?
30:40   A women said that she was abused because
30:43   she had drunk coffee in the city.
30:46   As a child, I couldn’t come near a tea house.
30:49   Tea houses were only for men. So I thought, I’ll try — only for women.
30:55   We have over twenty communities that want to have a tea house. We have seven tea houses in Sweden.
31:00   We have saved more than 1,000 women and children. We have women who have lost breasts, nose, ears.
31:07   A 9-year-old girl who was given away in marriage to an older man here in Sweden.
31:12   It happens so much, which makes me angry, sad, disappointed.
31:19   Feminists have one image: The oppressors are always the Swedish culture and white men.
31:25   Those who are oppressed are always people from other cultures —
31:32   by the white man. But this image doesn’t add up.
31:36   Because we see a different reality.
31:41   Those seen as victims are themselves oppressors.
31:46   They abuse women. They can’t stand people from other religions.
31:51   They ought to see this.
31:55   But they choose their map, their model, instead of reality.
31:59   And that disappoints us. Why are there no human freedoms — rights for immigrant women?
32:05   Are they just for Swedish women — but not for us?
32:09   But have you met some Swedish feminists and tried to explain what you are trying to do?
32:13   Yes, I have spoken often. And I have been often scolded by them after my lectures.
32:19   They say, “You give voice to the Sweden Democrats. You shouldn’t raise these questions.”
32:28   I was shocked.
33:10   To be a feminist is also to be a so-called anti-racist.
33:14   And if you are anti-racist, that means you are more or less for open borders.
33:19   Why do they fall victim to Islam’s patriarchy?
33:23   Why are they “enablers”, as they say in English?
33:26   They choose not to point out Islam and its followers
33:32   as if they had no different view of women.
33:38   They choose to lump it all together as patriarchy.
33:43   At the same time they actually place the focus on white, Swedish, heterosexual men.
33:50   But never other men from other cultures.
33:54   There is a fear. Or they want to protect Muslims because they are an “oppressed” group.
34:03   So therefore, they can never be blamed in any way. Because that would be racism.
34:08   I don’t think this is logical.
34:14   I took part in a public demonstration in Stockholm
34:17   and openly criticized the government and their policy.
34:22   And I criticized Swedish feminism as an ideology.
34:26   I want to see a new women’s movement grow out of this,
34:31   which is something completely different from what Swedish feminism is associated with today.
34:36   A movement that devotes itself to real women’s issues,
34:40   rather than sees life as a gender fight where it’s all about winning.
34:44   Or as a contest in suffering.
34:47   And it didn’t take many days before I was called in to see the rector.
34:52   I was immediately relieved of my duties and sent home.
34:55   And later, I was more or less given an ultimatum:
35:00   Resign.
35:08   Feminist demonstration against equestrian statues
45:14   Part 3 Society and Women’s Nature
52:00   Newly-appointed female professors have considerably fewer publications
52:03   than newly-appointed male professors.
58:06   Part 4 The New Country
58:12   Political indoctrination: There is no way back
58:16   “Sweden will never be as it was.” “It’s not just new Swedes who should integrate.”
58:21   “Everyone needs to be integrated, even established Swedes.”
58:25   “Integration is about reciprocity.”
58:28   “Something new.”
60:32   Our standards, which we grew up with, which made our country strong,
60:37   we are now throwing away,
60:41   and introducing standards and values that
60:44   prevail in certain dysfunctional cultures and states.
60:50   People must become conscious that our society will fundamentally change
60:54   if we don’t do something about it.
60:57   It is we who must do it.
61:03   We are damaged by war. But you Swedes are damaged by peace.
61:08   I don’t mean this badly, but you have forgotten what happened,
61:14   what they fought for. Your grandmothers and aunts, for a hundred years
61:19   they fought for these rights.
61:22   But it appears you have forgotten.
61:28   It is time to wake up and protect democracy.
61:31   If you don’t want to adapt yourself, move to your “paradise”!
61:37   It’s not harsh to say it. Otherwise we destroy this country.
64:07   Annell: Maybe in your or my generation there is a naïve superstition that
64:10   we Swedes are morally superior,
64:13   we manage to resist everything. And they don’t realize that their children have not
64:19   experienced the same freedom we have.
64:23   When people could run topless on the beach, there was nothing strange about it.
64:27   We could be together with guys.
64:30   I didn’t grow up afraid of anything.
64:34   Today you have to be afraid, both as a young woman and one a little older.
64:37   And that is becoming, of course, a normalization,
64:40   because in that this young generation will know nothing else.
64:43   And the parents’ generation has not understood that
64:46   this isn’t as obvious for their children as it was for them.
64:51   And they don’t see the developments.
65:43   Soheila: We have accepted two million immigrants.
65:46   We will change Sweden. But in what way? Will Sweden be open and tolerant…
65:50   or closed and intolerant? We must come to a decision here.
65:55   We must make demands. Demands for cultural understanding.
65:58   Demand that human freedom-rights apply also to women.
66:02   Nina: Women, when they come out of this kindness syndrome,
66:07   then we can change Sweden. I believe that only women can do this.
66:11   They must wake up. and start defending their children, their country, and their lives.
66:20   End

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  1. So if these foolish Swedish feminists actually do come to see and admit the error of admitting millions of orcs, what do they think they will do about it? How will they get the orcs to leave? Who will do the work of killing them when they don’t leave? And just why, exactly, would anyone do so at risk to life and limb for nothing substantial in return?

    • Well we could put collars on them feminaxi’s and slapem in the backside and put back in the kitchen, where they could not do as much damage ?

      • For what purpose ?
        They don’t know how to cock or clan ..What they know is being ” politicians” and scream and protest..

        • Shock collars perhaps, like they put on dogs to prevent them from barking. It would essentially perform the same function on a bull feminist.

          I wouldn’t trust them in a kitchen either even if they knew how to prepare a meal that didn’t come from a frozen box or a microwave. And as for keeping a bed warm, undoubtedly after Sweden falls to the caliphate there will be plenty of younger and prettier and more willing females for that role when the males aren’t molesting little boys or their livestock. The only role I forsee for old, unattractive, dried up, bitter feminists is as a slave laboring in the fields, scrubbing and cleaning, carrying water, cutting and stacking firewood, and laboriously cleaning laundry and diapers by hand for the master, his four wives, dozen concubines, and fifty children.

  2. “Sweden has no legitimate culture of its own…”

    If there ever was a lie that the Swedes should get rid of ASAP, this must be it.

    I have spent about 10 years working in Sweden, and I love Sweden – especially for its good old “protestant” work culture. The reliability of Swedes when it comes to mouth to mouth “contracts”, the smart, forgiving way in which they go about the law (they do not punish for punishment’s sake, which made me really respect the Swedish cops), and the general, easy going freedom that Sweden offers, thanks to its people, who tend to care their own business and not interfere much with the business of others – and if they do interfere with you, there is no guile – they come and they tell you what they want you to do and are ready to negotiate…

    In other words: If Sweden had no culture of its own, why does every other refugee want to go there?

    It’s simply a lie from people who think that “the law of the jungle people” with “colorful feathers” and “paint over their faces” – is a sign of “culture”.

  3. Never ! Ever! give women power, for they use feelings instead of facts, logic, simple reasoning skills and common bloody sense. Sweden is the result of how women will screw it up when given power, Merkel is another bloody example.

    • Whereas men, using facts etc, have never, say, started wars, in which at least one side is the aggressor?

      We share more of of our DNA with chimps than any other species, and they are extremely aggressive, tribal and territorial; the wonder is that we don’t attack one another more often.

      • Precisely.

        It’s best to recognize these biological truths and be honest about them; that we are tribal and aggressive, and tribes which try to ignore these truths are conquered and enslaved by those which don’t.

        We are in an unprecedented time when populations are dominated politically by females, who also being biological creatures have different motivations from males. This won’t end well because they will end up being subjugated by those same tribal societies where male aggression and dominance still reign superior. The Swedish response to the invited invasion of aggressive, male dominated tribal cultures illustrates this point. Multiple generations of feminist control of schools, legal system, family life, and now even the mechanisms of defence have resulted in a population of emasculated males who lack even the will to defend themselves let alone fight back against their displacement by aggressive tribal goat and boy molesters.

      • Mark H, Man is war and tribal by nature, and you screw with nature at your peril, you bloody Brits got too civilized to the point you won’t defend your own tribe against the savages from the 3rd world. Bloody pathetic! If the dead of both WW’s could rise from the dead, they would slaughter you all for being weak, feckless and stupid.

  4. What I don’t understand is why the Swedish men are putting up with the matriarchy.

  5. Considering that most Feminists look like Claudia Fatima Roth or others of her kind and definitely NOT like Rita Hayworth, Eleanor Powell or Claudia Schiffer, I think that those Feminists have not very fulfilling lives below the bedsheets.

    And their weak-willed male counterparts are also not very encouraging in this regard – and if you know that about 95% of who bought 50 Shades of Gray, this BDSM book nobody on the left knows but all call patriarchal sexist misogynistic crap (sorry for the word Baron), it makes you think.

    So I think that those Feminists have a deep desire to be taken, sorry, “liberated” from their dreary existence by a strong MALE with lots of testosterone and willpower, so that the true wish of those Feminists, to be controlled and subjugated can be fulfilled. Even if only as a third (if lucky) or fourth wife of such a man.

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