Wolfgang’s Farewell

In the following video, a man identified only as Wolfgang records a message to his loved ones from his ICU bed about his medical condition. He is now paralyzed from the neck down a month after receiving an injection of the experimental Johnson & Johnson mRNA medical treatment intended to prevent infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   My loved ones, yes well, I’ve been in the Neurological Clinic
00:05   in Bad Neustadt exactly one month with GBS [Guillain-Barré syndrome].
00:09   It is a severe disruption of the nervous system,
00:13   caused by a vaccination with Johnson & Johnson.
00:18   For the last sixteen days I’ve been completely paralyzed
00:22   from the head down. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
00:26   Naturally, due this vaccination, at the moment my entire life
00:30   has been turned on its head. This isn’t just about my fate.
00:36   Everyday I see people being admitted with strokes four weeks
00:43   after their vaccination, or they have thrombosis two weeks
00:48   after their vaccination, but it isn’t acknowledged because
00:52   they say, and I quote, “no temporal limitation.”
00:59   That’s a very, very weak argument.
01:03   This must be acknowledged, because these are vicissitudes of life.
01:07   Even I had to inform myself, because I couldn’t believe it.
01:11   I will try a blood plasma therapy. I’ll received new blood and
01:18   we’ll wait and see if it works. In the worst case,
01:23   if it doesn’t work, my immune system will be so reduced that
01:27   it could lead to breathing paralysis.
01:31   I just wanted to share this with you and I wanted to
01:35   say good-bye and just really thank the doctors.
01:40   Without you, nothing would function here,
01:44   and the entire health system wouldn’t be where it is.
01:51   My loved ones, I wish you the very best
01:54   and I hope we’ll see each other again in the best of health. Your Wolfgang.

4 thoughts on “Wolfgang’s Farewell

  1. How about instead of foolish optimism, give the name of the medical fascist filth that injected him and the name of the hospital where it occurred.

    • I agree. I hope someone is keeping a list of all the culprits for the day when retribution is meted out.

  2. Ivermectin can ameliorate some side effects of the vaccine caused by intravenous injection rather than intramuscular. Dr John Campbell had an interview with Kyle in which Kyle says his myocarditis caused by Pfizer has been treated by Ivermectin among other things. The Ivermectin keeps the spike protein in his heart under control and improves his condition. I would be interested to know if Ivermectin stops the spike protein from causing these other effects. The spike protein in the vaccine reaches the heart because of the vaccine accidentally being injected into the vein.

  3. A few weeks ago I was in a hospital for surgery and in my room was a man, retired, who had gotten also the Johnson & Johnson vaxx. He was proud to have no side-effects. But a few days after getting the vax he had walked in his home against an open door. He claimed that the wind opened the door. He later had a car accident and the cops said he was drunk and sent him to hospital. And there he again walked into people and doors, because he was blind on the left side. But his brain told him everything is OK. An MRT concluded that a small artery was changed. It was no longer straight but looked like the Grand Canyon with twists and turns. It wasnt an aneurysm, but a small bleeding. They said they had to remove the blood from the artery.
    I kept my mouth shut but I think this was a side effect of the vaxx. All the doctors were: “You are not vaxxed? What kind of moron are you?”

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