Bringing Them All Back Home

After a hard, hard life as ISIS molls in Syria, three women have been repatriated to Sweden, along with their puir wee jihad bairns. Their plane landed in Sweden yesterday.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

New ISIS Women Deported to Sweden

October 20, 2021

Syria/Sweden — Three ISIS women, together with eight children, have left al-Roj camp in Syria and are now believed to be on their way back to Sweden, Expressen reports. According to SVT [Swedish state TV], they will land at Arlanda [Stockholm Airport] on Thursday.

It was around 9 local time when the women were taken out of the camp in northeastern Syria where they had earlier been held prisoner.

In the camp there are about 11,000 ISIS terrorists from all over the world. The Kurdish forces that control the camp have long held that Sweden should take back those prisoners with Swedish citizenship. But since that has not happened, they have chosen instead to deport the women who can not be brought to justice due to lack of evidence, writes SVT.

Of the women who now appear to be returning, two are reportedly from West Sweden and one from Stockholm, according to SVT’s information.

The Kurds who run the camps see ISIS women as a security risk.

“These women have been with ISIS, and we have said for months that those we cannot or do not have the resources to bring to justice will be deported for life since they pose a security risk,” said the northern representative for the Kurdish autonomous government, Shiyar Ali, in connection with the three other women deported to Sweden earlier in the autumn, according to Expressen.

At Arlanda, the women and children are expected to be received by police, social services, and doctors. In the case of suspected crimes, the war crime group of the NOA [Police National Operative Section] will take them in for a hearing.

According to SVT, several more Swedish ISIS women will be deported shortly. What number that involves is unknown.

One woman who remains in the camp complains to Expressen that the situation there is serious.

“I am happy that several have been allowed to leave. Especially children. They should not have to stay in such a place as this. But after the fire yesterday, I feel sad that several children still remain here. Every day one is here, one comes closer to death,” she says to the newspaper.

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  1. I wouldnt bring them home at all.
    But if I would be forced to bring them home and in command I would contact the russian government about renting Pyramiden on Spitsbergen. Grumant or Ny-London on the same island would also be sufficient for them.

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