Implementing Geronticide

All Western democracies are welfare states to varying degrees, the most extreme versions being Germany and Sweden. An important component of the welfare state is its care for the aged. In recent decades life expectancy has increased, along with the cost of geriatric medicine. The cost increase is not linear — the last decade of life for those over 75 is, on average, very expensive, and governments are footing the bill.

Back in 2008 I posted about the coming demographic crisis and how various Western governments might decide to cope with it. It was clear that the Baby Boomers — my generation, the proverbial “pig in the python” — would eventually break the system as they entered retirement and became more and more expensive to maintain.

The current demographic debacle was foreseen long ago, all the way back in the 1960s and 1970s. The preferred solution back then was to import immigrants from the fecund Third World, who would become productive citizens, generating the tax revenues that would be crucial to supporting the Boomers in their dotage. In addition, Aisha and Mehmet would be trained to take jobs as nurses and medical technicians to staff the nursing homes that would eventually be bursting at the seams with the Aged of Aquarius.

Alas, the scheme failed to work out as planned: the newcomers tend to consume more in government benefits than they contribute in taxes. Furthermore, their occupational skills haven’t managed to reach the level of the natives they are supplanting, so that providing adequate care for the elderly becomes problematic. If the experience of the National Health Service in the UK is any indication, the on-the-job behavior of third-world immigrant caregivers goes beyond negligence to active abuse, and even becomes homicidal on occasion.

Raising the retirement age is one strategy to cope with the problem, but it is politically difficult to implement, and can even cause mass unrest. Besides, there’s a limit to how much it can be raised — just think of Joe Biden being employed as a bus driver or a store manager. We geezers tend to become less and less competent after attaining our allotted three score and ten.

By the time I wrote my post on the topic, it had become clear that the Powers That Be would have to do something fairly soon about the eldercare crisis. Projecting the situation a quarter-century into the future showed that it was catastrophically unsustainable. In 2017 I posted a follow-up, augmenting the gloomy prognosis with more detailed demographic data.

Obviously, it isn’t possible to increase the number of 20- to 50-year-olds in the population. There is, however, another way to increase the ratio of the young to the elderly; it’s just one that can’t ever be mentioned in public. Nevertheless, I’m sure it has been discussed extensively at closed-door meetings within the governing class, at both the national and the globalist NWO Davos-and-Bilderberg levels.

Geronticide has become an obvious necessity from the point of view of anyone who wishes to maintain the existing system in its current form. But how to accomplish it without generating mass unrest, rebellion, and systemic instability?

Half that quarter-century has elapsed since I first began making grim projections of geronticide. Back then I speculated about what form the culling of the aged would take, proposing several general strategies, beginning with triage and neglect. The latter was evident in care homes for the elderly in the UK. The quality of care varied by region, but overall the aged fared better if their families could afford something besides the NHS.

The NHS has also floated various schemes of triage, proposing to deny care to smokers, or the obese, or those with unhealthy eating habits.

Such actions, however, can only nibble away at the margins of the elderly population. To achieve a reduction that would lower costs significantly, more draconian measures would be required. Yet those would have to be implemented in a manner that the general public would not perceive as geronticide. How can that possibly be accomplished?

The past eighteen months of this extraordinary time we live in has allowed us to see the general outline of what is intended. The geronticide has now left the planning stages. The process of implementation has begun.

I’ve been waiting for the “vaccination” project to unfold completely before assaying an analysis of these momentous events. Enough data have now come in, however, to permit some educated guesses about what the man behind the curtain intends.

I’m making several assumptions. Firstly, all the actors in the process — Dr. Fauci, the Wuhan lab, the WHO, the CDC, the vaccine manufacturers, the media, various national governments, the pocket totalitarians among the mayors and governors who oppress their citizens with lockdowns — are being manipulated to serve the purposes of the architects of the geronticide.

The mayors and governors love their new despotic powers, but contrary to what many people think, that in itself is not the motive for the new totalitarianism. Those who designed the crisis understood well what a taste of tyrannical power would do to the progressives who rule our major urban conglomerations. Tyranny was indeed necessary to accomplish the ends of the project, so all those Li’l Hitlers were exactly what was needed.

The vaccine manufacturers and the patent holders for the mRNA treatments are making inconceivably large amounts of money from the rollout of the “vaccines”. Those players are surely motivated by profit, but their avarice is simply a tool that has proved useful to the Powers That Be.

The Red Chinese may be making what they consider to be a bioweapon derived from various animal-based coronaviruses and augmented by gain-of-function research. But the architects of the geronticide, by channeling the funding of the lab through the avaricious Dr. Fauci and his cronies, were able to direct the production of the exact pathogen required for their purposes.

Every bureaucrat at every stage of the process is gaining power and prestige from what is currently unfolding. Fiefdoms in medical bureaucracies are being enlarged and enhanced. The directors of corporations and state enterprises are getting richer and more powerful. Once again, they are all useful tools for those planners who never lose sight of the larger goals.

It’s also important to bear in mind that the apparent failures of the “vaccines” are actually not bugs, but features. The side effects of the vax further the goals of the project. The failure of the vax to protect people from infection, plus its enhancement of the virus’s infectivity, help achieve the desired result.

We’ll start by looking at the characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It was engineered to spread rapidly. It poses almost no danger to the young, but can be deadly to the elderly. What better agent to spread like wildfire through nursing homes?

Consider the fact that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered that COVID-19 patients be transferred from hospitals to nursing homes. Was that simple incompetence on his part? Or did someone higher up the food chain whisper the suggestion into his ear? Either explanation is possible.

Now consider the “vaccine”. First of all, the basic technique used in the jab was developed and even patented long before COVID-19 hit the scene. It was obviously a crucial component of the larger project.

The spike protein manufactured by the vax can do serious harm, spreading throughout the body via the bloodstream and potentially causing thromboses and auto-immune disorders. Among its sequelae is possible infertility, which would be an added bonus for the architects of the plan — population reduction has long been an announced goal for Bill Gates and other advocates of mass vaccination. So the disease itself knocks off the elderly, while the vax gelds and spays the next generation — giving the population-planners a twofer.

The long-range outcome of mass “vaccination” is to select for more virulent strains of the virus in those who enjoy its protection, while simultaneously inhibiting the immune response of its recipients to those variants. In other words, people who get the vax are more susceptible to later versions of the same virus against which they have supposedly been inoculated. Once again, the elderly and those with existing health problems are the most likely to die from it, thereby curtailing the expensive medical and maintenance care the state is providing for them.

It’s imperative that the general public remain totally unaware of what the Powers That Be are doing to them. To that end, public opinion — including carefully nurtured hysteria and panic — must be controlled and guided. Fortunately for the planners, all major media outlets and Big Tech are totally on board with the project, even if they have no clue as to its intended goal. No dictator in history has ever been able to manipulate public perceptions as effectively as can be achieved by media moguls in the third decade of the 21st century.

When the Wuhan Coronavirus was released — whether intentionally or accidentally is still unclear — the first goal of the planners was to instill panic in the general public. The dangers of the disease were hyped, and lurid tales of what went on in China were amplified in the media. Then, when COVID-19 arrived in the West, the PCR test was deliberately misused to inflate the number of “cases” and generate the requisite hysteria so that national and regional governments could more readily arrogate totalitarian powers unto themselves. In effect, the populace was induced to demand that its liberties be revoked and tyranny imposed.

After many months of deprivation and hardship, people were more than ready to embrace the vaccine as their savior. Do you want your normal life to return? Get the vax! Do you want to eat in restaurants or go to a ball game? Get the vax! Do you want to have a New Year’s party? Get the vax!

By the time 2021 rolled around, most people were begging to get a toxic mRNA injection in order to have their lives back. And, all too predictably, it turned out that the promises were lies — you can’t have your life back. You have to keep masking and distancing. And above all… you have to get more “vaccines”!

Last week I discussed the intensive “social marketing” push to overcome “vaccine hesitancy” among the general public and increase “vaccine uptake”. The propaganda effort has spared no expense. It is being rolled out via major media, social media, government information programs, churches, the educational system, and all other possible forums for public communication. Nothing like it has ever occurred before within my lifetime.

That’s what tells you that a concealed nefarious purpose is at work. As a disease, COVID-19 isn’t that much worse than the flu, yet the flu vaccine has never been pushed with even 10% of this intensity. The whole point of COVID is clearly to get everyone vaxed as quickly as possible.

That’s the way things stand today. When the “boosters” fail to work, and more and more “vaccinated” people catch COVID and die, a ready explanation has already been concocted: the unvaccinated are at fault. We deplorables who refuse the vax have become “variant factories”, generating new strains of the disease that are resistant to previous jabs. We must be reviled, shunned, excoriated, punished, and induced to get the vax by any means necessary.

It’s a perfectly-constructed program of deception, persuasion, and coercion in equal parts. As long as the number of people who become aware of the hoax remains manageably small, it can’t help but succeed.

The above discussion is meant to serve as an outline of the planned geronticide project. Various of its specific assertions can be wrong without invalidating its general conclusion: What is happening now is a carefully-planned component of a long-term project of population reduction, especially among the elderly.

There is still much that we don’t know. COVID-19 may have escaped from the lab accidentally. It may have been released deliberately by China. In either case, the Powers That Be seized the opportunity to implement a plan that had been decades in development.

On the other hand, a certain three-letter agency may have arranged the release in coordination with the geronticide planners. The proximity of the “Event 201” exercise lends some weight to that possibility.

There are other aspects of the vax that I have left unexamined because I don’t have enough data on them. For example, there has been much discussion of the possibility that the jabs include minute amounts of the toxic chemical graphene oxide, which can be activated by a magnetic field and allegedly used to connect the body’s cells to the Internet of Things. It’s an intriguing idea, but I don’t have enough information to assess its credibility.

Brandon Smith published an excellent essay speculating that induced infertility may be the intended result of the vax. However, he thinks that the failure of a large percentage of the population to get the jab has provided a control group that demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the “vaccine” and thereby frustrates the designs of the vax planners.

I think he’s mistaken on that last point. Under my scenario, a residual pool of the unvaxed is necessary to provide “variant factories” for the later strains of COVID that will emerge to kill more elderly people.

An article by Geert Vanden Bossche gives that speculation more plausibility. Dr. Vanden Bossche is an expert in the field, so his analysis is somewhat technical. The gist, as I understand it, is that the interaction between mutated variants being passed between vaxed and unvaxed people is guaranteeing the production of more highly infectious variants that the vaccines are ineffective against. The new variants will put more and more people at risk, beginning with those who have other health issues. He implores the medical authorities to immediately halt their vaccination program.

Once again, to my mind the scenario described by Dr. Vanden Bossche is a feature, not a bug. It dovetails with what Brandon Smith discussed. A pool of the unvaxed is necessary, at least at first, to make sure that new, more infectious strains of COVID-19 continue to appear. The disease and the mRNA treatment have been engineered to work in tandem, interacting to produce more infectious COVID variants.

Furthermore, as long as there are significant numbers of the unvaxed, they can be blamed for the existence of each new “variant”. By the time every vax refuser has been jabbed and/or exterminated, the program will have long since achieved its purpose.

I’d like to thank MissPiggy for the copious amounts of information on COVID-19 and the vax that she has provided over the past eighteen months, and to WRSA for tips on the pieces by Brandon Smith and Geert Vanden Bossche.

I’ll conclude with a (somewhat apposite) excerpt from the immortal words of William Butler Yeats, taken from his poem “Sailing to Byzantium”:

An aged man is but a paltry thing,
A tattered coat upon a stick, unless
Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing
For every tatter in its mortal dress…

108 thoughts on “Implementing Geronticide

  1. Likely it will result in the deaths of vast swaths of Boomers, but not in the manner described. The continuous push and provocation of the pro-choice uncontaminated will eventually result in violent conflict. That likely will not be the primary cause of mass Boomer deaths, but the fallout from that probably will. Depending on how violent conflict becomes, logistics to areas in rebellion and second and third order effects to areas not in rebellion will result in severe shortages of food, water, electricity, fuel for transportation and for heat, and disappearance of most medicines or severe rationing if still available. If this were to become the case, most Boomers would die of things like starvation or exposure, diseases related to sanitation or just due to chronic medical conditions for which their usual prescriptions are unavailable.

    And I will have little pity because most of them had a part to play in creating the current weather and will richly deserve it once it finally starts raining.

    • Alas, I am one of the unfortunate Boomers that you describe.

      Although I am otherwise in excellent health, my eye condition (wet macular degeneration) requires periodic injections to prevent its progression. When the Boogaloo arrives, and my treatments are no longer possible, I will gradually go blind.

      I will be Eyeless in Gaza.

      • It will be a shame in your case. Not every Boomer is evil, but most were culpable either by commission or omission.

        Since I have been politically aware I have never understood how such a large group could be collectively so shortsighted. My epiphany came when I realized it wasn’t the inability to see how their actions harmed the whole and ultimately their interests, but that they just didn’t care. The bumper sticker on a giant motorhome “We’re spending our children’s inheritance” sums this attitude up perfectly.

        The generation that showed its appreciation of the love and care they had received from their own parents showed it by divorcing in droves and forcing their kids to fend for themselves. Then when it came time for their children to enter the workforce they broke the social compact by offshoring all the good middle class jobs so they could boost their stock portfolios. And when the market crashed, they used their political power to bail out companies that should have been allowed to fail, used the Federal Reserve as a feed trough to buy up bad debts and bail out companies holding toxic mortgages to goose the price of their own homes even higher and thus price younger generations out of homeownership. And this is to say nothing of the social and moral corruption they tolerated at best and eagerly indulged in at worst which they allowed under their watch. The irony is delicious, that just when they are preparing to exit stsge right with their ill-gotten gains that their sheer greed and unaffordability is going to result in the government they created planning to exterminate as many of them as possible, quietly, in order to avoid having to pay for their twilight years.

        • I understand and agree to some degree. However – can we not see all that as them being “trapped by the devil” – as the old christian europeans might have called it way back when…?

          My grandparents are still from a generation when divorce was a shame worthy of chasing divorcees out of the village. My parents, however, are from a generation “divorce is ok”.

          Chasing wealth before you die is also dicouraged in the “old normal”, but then the atheistic narcissism took over and the “boomers” simply want to spend it all before they die, because they don’t believe in anything after that….?

          When the people of Baal couldn’t deal with the Israelites, the prophet of Baal devised a plan to corrupt the Israelites with women and sexual immorality, in order to make the Israelites lose their protection from the LORD, so that the Israelites can be destroyed. Can we not see this very same plan being implemented on the Christian West since the 1960’s? It works just as well today as it worked 3000 years ago.

        • I am a boomer and I did none of those things. You think your generation won’t have their share of greedy grasping scum? What could I have done to stop offshoring? I dutifully called my elected representatives to stop the bail out. Did no good. Lessee how you do. Easy to play the blame game.

          Frankly, I think the people who are responsible are generations of evil elites making evil decisions. Starting with Wilson. Ike talked about the military industrial complex. Sure. And since he knew about the threat, what did he do about it when he had power? And FDR’s admin was full of commies and fascists… the rot goes deep. Anyways… we have a ways to go, and not much to lose.

          • Wow, just like a bunch boomers to shuck and jive they’re responsibilities. Trying to pawn off the errors, willful ignorance and horrible mismanagement and deterioration of the world at large that has occurred on your watch boomers is exactly what I would expect from the worst generation in the history of the world. The most polluting, the most consumerist, the least spiritual most atheistic generation in history who have bequeathed a [sump] world to the next generations! I am Generation X and I can say unequivocally that ALL the boomers I know are useless when it comes to the problems we face. They are all SHEEP! Who voted for bigger government every step of the way? Who cheered the wars of oil in the middle east, who fell hook line and sinker for 911 and allowed or cheered on the sexualization of EVERYTHING? Who voted for and financed with their consumerism all of those evil elites instead of living ecologically, voting in small government conservatives or libertarians and maintaining a sense of civic responsibility? Who has the largest alcohol problem of all generations? BOOMERS! I don’t think an entire generation of people should be put down for these crimes but don’t try to say that you have no responsibility in the current state of the world. IT’S YOUR WORLD! and Boomeritis has destroyed it!

        • Very self righteous attitude to condemn one group based upon your opinion of man’s involvement in “climate change” that has been ongoing long before man evolved. Well done!

        • Seeing as comments here are heavily censored, I will try again: almost ALL of the decisions leading to your “points” were not made by Boomers themselves but by the ruling elite who have increasingly and openly shown their typical arrogance over the last 75 years. It was always there but until now just kept in the background.
          Hollywood has been the leading arm of their propaganda since the 1950s and has markedly affected how everyone viewed the world along with its antichristian views and the decline in morality was far more much due to that than any decision by a non elite boomer,
          I can continue here but like your views on the “weather” none of this is due to any group except the ruling elite who have always had the view that the “little people” are there solely for their use and are disposable at will. They are now showing us their power.

          What we are seeing now is simply plutocrats emerging as the new version of the old aristocracies and making it more and more obvious that we all are no more than their serfs and that they can do as they like. The elite have always treated the common folk with arrogance and cruelty and even the middle classes did so until recently, and sexually they still do. The welfare state really played into their hands as it made man dependent upon them instead of one’s own efforts.
          I cannot understand how you can possibly blame one generation for the long existent evils of elite man. But then I cannot understand how you can worry about the weather as IMO we are lucky we ae not yet entering one of the regular vulcanism/ ice age scenarios that have littered geological history on this planet long before man’s arrival..

        • Ah, the certainty of youth.

          If one has been paying attention, one notices that TPTB continue on their rapacious and murderous paths regardless of widespread popular opposition. Such as right now, for example. So spare me the self-righteous “someone else should have fixed this” whine. Get over yourself. Yes, your parents should have guaranteed you a good life, or some such thing you deserve.

          Wanna know why Boomers have no faith in the future? Our kids turned out like you, in spite of our best efforts.

        • hahahha Mom and Dad split up and you had to borrow t get your Gender Studies degree. Don’t kid yourself Boomers know how to do things you have no clue about carpentry, farming, welding, etc You know the stuff not in Bond movies and video games

        • Dresser les jeunes contre les vieux, les Noirs contre les Blancs, les pauvres contres les riches etc, c’est exactement ce que veulent ceux qui tirent les ficelles et nous manipulent. Tout ce qui va dans ce sens fait le jeu des marionnettistes . Des imbéciles, des corrompus, des gens bien il y en a dans toutes les classes d’âge et dans tous les milieux.
          La classe des boomers est la plus nombreuse c’est tout simplement pour ça qu’on y trouve le plus d’imbéciles, de corrompus, de lâches ou tout ce que vous voudres, mais on y trouve aussi des gens très bien et courageux

          Pitting the young against the old, the blacks against the whites, the poor against the rich etc, is exactly what those who pull the strings and manipulate us want. Everything that goes in this direction is playing the game of puppeteers. Fools, corrupt, good people there are in all age groups and in all social environments.
          The boomers class is the most numerous that’s why we find the most fools, corrupt, cowards or whatever you want, but we also find very good and courageous people there

        • You are making a series of harsh and unjustified generalisations here. Most people had as much control over what was happening as you have over the chaos that is happening now. Are you prepared to take responsibility for something that isn’t you fault? Why should we?

        • You drank the Kool-Aid.

          Fwiw, no generation in US History has been looted more often and churned by Wall Street & The Fed at the most critical time in their lives.

          A boomer who turns 65 today has had his life savings looted 3 times in the final 20 years of his earnings life.

          1. The collapse stock market of the tech & internet bubble of 2000 in which the Nadaq fell 80% and the DOW by 50%

          2. The subprime housing collapse in which nearly 10 million people lost their homes… including the stock market collapse of 2008 in which the DOW collapsed by 50%.

          3. The Covid stock market collapse in March 2020 + loss of jobs, destruction of small businesses, and loss of income. Now to old to retrain or find new jobs.

          Boomers also saw the biggest, most consistent and longest loss of “real income” vs. the cost of living of ANY generation in US history. Costs have soared while “real income” has fallen.

          I’m a college educated boomer in a white collar, respected job who earns less than my blue collar/semi white collar “government union” protected parents… I earn less than they did, have less savings, no pension (they both did), worse healthcare coverage, none in retirement other than Medicare as an option… I make less in the same general position in 2021 than I in made in 1987 fwiw.

          Don’t buy the it’s all the Boomer’s fault. My parents born in the 1930’s reaped many more benefits… lower cost of living, non-stop increasing wages, gold-standard healthcare extended into retirement and pensions that paid them near full-time wages for 25-30 years into retirement + Social Security, while paying a much lower % of their wages in social security than the boomer generation.

          Don’t fall for this divide and conquer BS.

        • What sort of leftist elite [material that I deprecate] do you spout here? Why be a coward? Just come out and start shooting retirees for the sin of living in these times! Many of your leftist friends have already done so! Join the club!

      • Taking Tony Montana’s tact: Non-boomers need Boomers so they can point their F’ing fingers and say “There goes the bad guy.” Non-boomers think they are good? They’re not good…they just know how to hide.

    • lol – like Boomers are the cause of all this. Your generation, whatever that may be, aren’t doing a hell of a lot better.

      And by the way -[insult redacted].

      • I wholeheartedly agree with whatever was redacted. 🙂

        I’m not a boomer, but it’s ridiculous to think it’s a generational thing. This has been a plan long-term being implemented globally, it’s not clear which way is left to get out of the pot.

        • This line of thinking is just more leftist identity politics. Blame boomers (in general because individuals don’t exist) for all the sins of the world when most are just like every other generation, trying to make a living within the current society. Meanwhile the next generation sees all of the insanity imposed by leftists and blame the last generation while imposing their own additional leftist insanity on society and only making things worse.

      • It’s silly to start all of this inter-generational squabbling. For those of you who are Christians keep in mind the lesson brought to us by the prophet Ezekiel:

        1 The word of the Lord came to me:
        2 “What do you people mean by quoting this proverb about the land of Israel:

        “‘The parents eat sour grapes,
        and the children’s teeth are set on edge’?

        3 “As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, you will no longer quote this proverb in Israel.
        4 For everyone belongs to me, the parent as well as the child—both alike belong to me. The one who sins is the one who will die.

        Ezekiel 18:1-4 (NIV)

        • Ah! You’ve now identified yourself as one of those radical, evil christians who need to be shouted down by the leftist elite….good luck.

    • You who do not know how many genders exist, you are hilarious and your lack of life skills. Most of your folks will die of stupidity when video games become unplugged

    • My 7th an 8th grade history teacher was a Bircher; an anti-Communist. Turns out everything he taught me was true. I have been calling out Communists since I was 13. Told my FDR Democrat parents that Harry Reasoner and Walter Cronkite were Communists when I was 15. Cronkite later admitted in front of the CFR after retiring from broadcasting that he had in fact worked his entire career to promote a one world government; at 15 I could here it in what he said, how he slanted things. Was failed in an 11th grade English class because I had Goldwater stickers on my locker, notebook, English book, and my shirt. I have been called a “conspiracy theorist” a thousand times; raised a large family of educated, productive Christian conservatives. My kids think I am a prophet because I told them all of this in the ’80’s, now they are watching it play out just as I said. Told them then that the left wants you out of your private capsule of freedom called a motor vehicle; told them the left will end AC in the summer and heat in the winter. Told them their will be massive inflation; and told them how the Fed really works. Our whole family worked diligently for and donated to Ron Paul. You are wrong; there are [epithets] in every generation. To me it is obvious that death of the Boomer generation is vital to the globalists because we know what freedom actually looks like. I’m old, fit, very mean with no tolerance for uninformed [epithets]; be glad you didn’t say that in my presence.

      • I was given the Blue Book as a teenager. Your comment made me feel like I had an unknown twin.
        “Old Tigers, sensing the end, are at their most dangerous. And they go down fighting”. 👍

        • DOG. Dangerous Old Guy. No longer rolls in the mud or goes toe to toe. Will kill you. “Do you feel lucky, punk?”

    • You are correct, that generation is largely to blame for allowing such evils as the spread of communism and abortion to rise relatively unchecked.(Don’t get me wrong I have respect for the elderly, but I am glad you did bring that point up) Though at the same time, their generation was one that was much more righteous and moral than the ones today. Which makes it even worse that they complied. And somewhat explains why people today haven’t risen up to stop these evils. If their fathers and grandfathers who were in a generation better than them did not, why should we expect their generation to?

  2. Well, having read science fiction in my younger days, this scheme doesn’t surprise me. That it is being seriously considered by the powers that be, does. This is a dreadful scheme and totally immoral.

    I realize that won’t stop them. Without morals, they do not care about the elderly at all. They care about themselves, though.

    I hope you are wrong but I fear that you are not.

    • You have such a writer in the USA, William Gibson, in one of his last books “The Peripheral” (2014) he describes a world in which 70% of the population died out after the virus.

    • One has only to read the writings of Gerret Hardin, and then take it to its Malthusian conclusion to believe that amoral Globalists such as Bill Gates, Ted Turner, and those above them in the financial hierarchy have come up with such a neat and tidy solution to their perception of overpopulation. Witness their goals as carved in stone on the Georgia Guidestones.

    • The problem with the attitude of caring only for yourself is:
      Who cares about you?

      In the end those people will be removed without remorse by the other members of their organization. They have outlived their usefulness and then they must make way to the next generation.
      Of course this will be a total surprise for them as they didnt think that far into the future. Or as a bad internetsite once said: Think beyond the curve.

      • This is the inevitable nature of the leftist elite. When they run out of people to blame for their own insanity, they become cannibals and devour their own until only a few are left…Those few are the ones who will suffer the people’s rathe when retribution comes.

  3. The Corona-geronticide is probably really happening; and an additional plausible reason for that may be the issue of RESISTANCE to the NWO. Those who stand up to the New Tyranny (1) live mainly in the once free West (2) are white and (3) middle-aged or older.

    The younger a generation is the more brainwashed its members are by the neomarxist Matrix they were born into. So they have weaker roots in the Old Normal, thus the more useful idiot slaves they are for the Powers. The outgoing generations have tasted real freedom, and the oldest knew wars. Both kind of life experience may result in dangerous traits of smelling tyranny and longing for freedom.

  4. When I began to see the blatant, grotesque, and ridiculous propaganda for obesity, I was forced to conclude that ill health and higher death rates are obviously desired.

    And of course it touches on covid too. Everybody who’s looked into this knows that the obese are among the hardest hit. If countering covid was desired, then the PTB would of course start a heavy campaign against obesity. No such thing has happened. Instead, they pushed people to sit at home and get fatter.

    Baron, the only part where I differ is concerning the hysterical “uptake” campaigns. If they are not about eliminating the control group, or at least making it less obvious, then I have no explanation. And one could argue that the vaccinated are the ones breeding news variants. Either way, the new variants are more infectious but cause fewer problems. Who cares if the whole world gets the sniffles and a bit of cough? Maybe the whole thing is a test run for SPARS.

    Considering that there are high numbers of psychopaths in the upper echelons of power, them choosing geronticide is not surprising. But the whole system of spending huge amounts of money and effort to keep frail and miserable people institutionalized, heavily medicated, and cared for by strangers seems to me misbegotten from the get go. So how would a non-psychopathic elite handle such a blunder?

    If I were to step in, I would make shining health for elders the star on the horizon. Least meds, high well being as long as possible, fitness, communities of friends for those who don’t have families nearby. Healthy, independent people of even advanced age are not a burden on the medical system.

    • where I live, the houses are generally build in the early 1800’s, and it is always a big house for the young, with attached small house for the old. I see that as way better scheme than those big care home institutions which actually segregate the old away from the young.

    • My widower dad is 93, lives alone, is active and routinely shoots low-mid 80’s in golf. Grew up poor on a diet of real, fresh food. Current list of meds is short. Wanna know how much broccoli the guy eats?

  5. Let me boast a little, and say that I am a strong man with a proffessional carreer and a big house, and that I can take care of all 4 of my grandparents, and more – especially if they have money, and they do, so this whole geronticide thing must be planned by “artificial scarcity socialist population planners” or something…

    • Yeah, but you live in a country that has not bought into the institutionalization paradigm very much, and miserable old people’s warrens are only now getting going. Most people still take care of their own. How long?

      • Yes, but I really meant it in the wider macro-economic scale. At our level of development, one working guy can feed dozens of people. I believe that the reasons why the “elderly can’t be supported” are fake. I understand that when, for example, the managers of Enron steal all retirement funds of the whole Enron corporation, that it is a problem. But I don’t think that it is a problem of “producing support and means to live for the elderly”, just an “information problem”. Money=information=> Nothing could be easier to the overlords of the current world financial system than fixing this problem. After all – most people would support printing fiat credit for their elderly much more easily than doing the same for foreign immigrants…

  6. An interesting diagnosis.

    You should keep your mind open, so lets start with :

    1) China saying yesterday that it had ZERO cases of Covid in a population of 1.45billion.

    2) There are no forced vaccinations in China and the topic isn’t even a topic. There are no vaccination passports in China.

    3) China does not have the resources to feed its own population or provide them with the energy requirements they need. Everything must be imported.

    Never forget those three points. They are connected.

    Lets be clear of certain issues that are occurring across the western world:
    – every western government is using the same words on the same days in their pronouncements – so this is all coordinated.
    – every western government uses the PCR test on very high cycles which results in 90% false positives – see inventor of the PCR test.
    – covid 19 has never been isolated in a lab. Why is this important? Because it means that unlike previous vaccinations, a small inert part of the virus cannot be injected into your arm to create antibodies. So does it exist?
    – have you ever had pneumonia? It doesn’t pass with 3 days in a hospital. It doesn’t pass after 3 weeks. The effects of lung scarring last for years.
    – given the flu and pneumonia disappeared with covid – and covid hasn’t been isolated, does it exist?
    – the delta variant like any variant van only be detected by genomic sequencing which at a minimum takes 3-5 days. So how are these variants being detected so quickly after an initial test?

    The one thing you can rely on is that everything is a lie. So whether the purpose is killing older people, or sterilising younger people or whatever else, one thing you can be sure of the most populace country on the planet needs every resource we have just to survive.

    • What tests are being used now that THC PCR test is decertified stateside, why is the “Delta” variant being pushed so hard since the nomenclature designating the geographical region of India, not the 4th version of Kung Flu?

  7. But what about the politicians and other elites that get the jab. Do they get another type of vaccine or a placebo?

  8. In my opinion, what ever their plan is, they don’t want any anvaxed population.
    I guess that now, after the voluntary phase was completed, the vax will be obligatory, imposed by law, and later imposed by force, with very violent anthinkable measures.
    Very soon, probably before this coming winter, there’ll be no anvaxed ppl. Those who will not vax, will go untherground, and find a way to live outside the system.
    That’s my opinion.

  9. At last somebody has written down what I and, I suspect, many others were thinking. I remember when the first Agenda 21 documents were being produced, what stood out for me was the statement that the planet was over populated and that this needed to be addressed. After that, I recall that nothing more was said and until comparatively recently it was forgotten about. But now, we are getting scare stories on a daily basis and they cannot be ignored.

    Here in Thailand we did not have a serious problem until a few months back. Now we are under a complete lock down. New cases of the virus are being reported daily and people are afraid to go out. Alcohol sales are prohibited which is strange. Do they think alcohol spreads Covid 19 ? Do they think we are stupid enough to believe it does? Things get more and more curious. I used to have a fantasy that, when an area had a low level of reported cases of Covid 19, a secretive team of apparatchiks would go out in the dead of night with sealed containers from which they would spread the virus so that, by the next day, a prescribed number of people would fall victim to infection. Imagine if this were to happen in every country in the world. The various Governments could ramp up the pressure indefinitely. Is that what is happening now? If we are the victims of a global conspiracy I would not be at all surprised.

    In the meantime, if the scenario suggested is at all accurate then I am one of the targeted age group, the useless eaters as we have been called. It does not bode well.

    • Those “sealed containers” are being imported over our Southern border every day and spread to every part of the country.

  10. I would contest that Germany is an extreme example of a welfare state. More an extreme example of bias. Yes, it is easy and relatively unbureaucratic nowadays to receive money economic support, that is, money. Because it’s easy, nobody needs to do more than a mouseclick for that. Everything else, from healthcare to the roof over your head to public security, you’re left to fend with, especially when your market worth is damaged for whatever reasons. You get easy money, but getting an account only to receive it means going through some humiliation. A flat? Nope, you get a printout of what’s available on the market which you already know is useless. Hundreds of homeless freeze to death every winter or become easy crime victims. Healthcare is a two-class system where those who can afford private insurance receive preferential service. The rest waits in line. They’ll pick you up when they find you bleeding by the roadside but then you’re spit out wherever you were. There is no genuine “taking care of everybody”. Because, see, not everybody is equal. If you happen to be part of some disadvantaged group favoured by the politics of the day, someone in the machinery gets a chance to improve their own profile by showering you instead of those fallen out of fashion. And since I am in Sweden now I’ve already seen some of the same. To a lesser extent because the healthcare disparity doesn’t exist here, but people getting kicked out into the cold, and that in high geographical latitute, is daily normality. And then some dumb reporter writes about suicide rates and laments being clueless where it comes from. The hatred against old white people gaining traction doesn’t bring about any new methods of torture, everything we see has already been there. Just a tiny shift in the direction of attention.

  11. The weird part is that so many Young applauding this, but somehow they forget that they will get there eventually too.
    Nobody stays young and Lives forever.
    And those that are heavily pushing and implementing the killing of the Elderly, have obviously themselves exempt and their own families of course.

    What they’ve all forgotten is the one component that cannot be avoided by anyone.
    And that is the Guy with the Scyth.

    I was always told from an early Age on that;

    “We are ALL born astride a grave.
    Live your Life knowing that, and you live your Life.”

    (this is also framed and hangs in my study, least I forget)

    And I believe that I’ve taken this piece of Wisdom heartily to Heart.

  12. A very good read and has been shared. I am near 70 and am in the minority of my generation. I have been speaking out for a long time against of what the country is now experiencing. I will die in my home, that decision has been made. My two whelps are successful so for. Daughter 29, son 25 and well on their own. My son has listened, read, studied and seen the world as fubar as I do. My daughter, much the same finally as she is learning dad was not loopy or very far off the mark. I have had pneumonia 13 times and the last time near killed me. I arrived at the hospital with half a functioning lung. My lungs are horribly scarred, add in smoking too long and fighting fires, it all adds up for me. We all have to die from something. If they come for me for ‘something’, I will take as many of them as I can with me. No camps for me. I find the company of dogs most pleasant. All I can say is arm and ammo up. I rue the day the Baron can no longer see.

  13. Can we agree that taking health advice from individuals or groups that believe the planet’s biggest problem is overpopulation is not a good idea, and taking their “shot” is madness?

  14. Brilliant essay, Baron. Thank you sincerely. As the light fades, find consolation in the fact that thousands of eyes will read, comprehend, and preserve your words.

    It’s vitally important to deny that the mRNA jab is a vaccine at every turn. Every dictionary, until 2020, agreed upon a common definition of vaccine. The experimental synthetic Messenger RNA gene therapy injection was only tacked onto the vaccine definition in 2020. This matters. A dog is a dog, a living mammal of the canine family. An electronic computerized robot dog made in a factory is still not a dog, even if every dictionary, tomorrow, suddenly included robot dogs with natural dogs.

    Refuting the new definition of the synthetic mRNA jab as a vaccine undercuts its validity at a very fundamental level. Few could be convinced to be injected with an experimental mRNA gene therapy, but the word vaccine is time-tested, and “anti-vaxxers” are already defined as anti-social knuckle-draggers and Bible thumpers.

    For those friends and relatives who cannot be convinced of the planning involved, just point them to videos by the uber-creepy Klaus Schwab, the evil Brainiac behind the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset. Five minutes of watching and listening to this madman can convince anybody of his evil intentions done by the elites “for the good” of the unwashed idiot masses, who must be culled for the Greater Good.

    Every time you hear Joe Biden or any other world leaders/installed puppets repeat the WEF mantra Build Back Better, you will know they are on board with Schwab’s Great Reset plan.

    Here is just a sample. Schwab has dozens of these previews of his Great Reset on video.
    “What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?” by Prof Klaus Schwab
    July 13, 2016 / 3 minutes

    Also highly recommended is watching “Who is Bill Gates” by James Corbett. Gates is the 3rd in his family line of eugenicists, and he’s been pushing global vaccines for population reduction for many years now. Doubt it? Watch this documentary.

    Who Is Bill Gates? The Corbett Report
    May 1, 2020

  15. The global Soviet UN defines a good citizen as a consumer/producer and boomers are only consuming at this point.
    Also they need the benefits for their lifetime serf voters who fancy themselves as hard and tough as they snuggle up to mommygov’s bosom.
    These replacements actually think that they have conquered something.

  16. Before the welfare state, old folks were tended to by their families. You know … the people who loved them. Now most are warehoused in ‘facilities’ with sub-par care and largely abandoned and forgotten by their families; families who have bought the lie that chasing mammon is the most important point in life. Families that are happy that Big Brother is footing the bill. I’m a great believer that people get what they earn. As a boomer who has fought the system all my adult life, I can appreciate the resentment the younger folks have for my generation. People like me are the exception. Most of my generation loved security and wealth more than freedom. The Founding generation would have been shooting long before now, and yet we sit on our hands. We are getting what we’ve earned.

    • And don’t forget one important fact: a significant number of the Boomers are childless. In their case, with no one keeping a gimlet eye on their treatment, the welfare state will find it quite easy to implement any final solution it wants, once they are shuffled off into their care homes.

  17. in all this, those who are in charge, along with their sycophantic minions, care only for themselves and not for others. Rest assured in that the consequences of their actions will be visited upon their heads with anarchy, lawlessness, and finally a totalitarian dictatorship that will brand them as so much cattle just as they have branded, (or have attempted to), with their ‘vaccine’ that was designed to rid the planet of those with certain genetic characteristics.
    May the Lord God have mercy on us all.

  18. It is well known that vaccine use leads to viral mutation. That this variation is somehow caused by the unvaccinated is an insidious lie. Viral mutations are almost always less virulent or lethal, though they may be more infectious.

    Still, if you repeat a lie long enough, people will accept it as truth, especially those who are not too bright to begin with.

    • So why is there a new ‘flu vaccine every year? To enrich the pharmaceutical companies, perhaps, but would socialised healthcare systems be a party to that?

  19. One thing I have wondered is that some of the therapies that have shown promise against Covid – 19 are the anti-parasite medicines ivermectin and hydroxychloriquin. Why on earth would anti-parasites work on viruses? Is Covid a virus or a parasite that has been
    dumped into our water supplies?

    • I believe it is sort of unexpected side effect, really, that’s why real doctors have trouble convincing the “medical mainstream”…

      “Ivermectin stimulates excessive release of neurotransmitters in the peripheral nervous system of parasites. It is thought to work by paralysing the parasite or inactivating the parasite gut. In humans the neurotransmitters acted on by ivermectin are in the brain. A protective barrier, called the blood-brain barrier, blocks ivermectin from reaching the human brain.”

      “The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro”

    • They have not just shown promise; they ARE effective.
      What is far more of concern is the timing of the sudden unavailability of both drugs just before CV19 showed up in its flight from Wuhan. Both have well known effective roles in malaria/parasite infections(scabies in the west) and were available without problems until CV19. Then suddenly unavailable along with the “timely” rubbish Lancet publication.
      This absolutely reeks of conspiracy and not at the big pharma level but above even that, in other words, pre-planned by the elite to force “vaccine” use. This hints at some ominous long term “vaccine” effect.

      • I agree.
        I tried to find Ivermectin in Germany but I found none.
        Like a giant black hole swallowed every last drop of it.

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          “Where there is the will, there is the way”.

  20. “Under my scenario, a residual pool of the unvaxed is necessary to provide “variant factories” for the later strains of COVID that will emerge to kill more elderly people.”

    I think that is incorrect. Given that the “vaccines” have failed, no secondary group is needed, and to the degree that the “vaccines” do anything, they stimulate mutation of the virus. And consider that the marketing failure was not foreseen in the master plan.

    • Read Dr. Vanden Bossche’s article. He makes it clear that it is the viral interaction between the two groups, the vaxed and the unvaxed, which causes the accelerated selection of more infectious mutant strains of SARS-CoV-2.

  21. Baron: Your coverage of and essays about the scamdemic have been excellent, and your latest essays, really terrific. Thanks!

  22. You put a robust case, Baron, but let’s suppose that you (and Dr Vanden Bossche) are mistaken: in this case, in areas where people refuse the injection when availableBut (eg the southern and western US), the abstainers (hope that’s sufficiently neutral) will act as a petri dish for new variants which are likely to negate the protection afforded to people like myself who took the jab.

    Having said which, I am absolutely against any form of compulsion or coercion to be “vaccinated”*; if you’re following, “G”, this is why I’m a liberal and not a socialist as you keep assuming.

    *Regular tests, paid for by the employer, would not be unreasonable, especially in areas such as healthcare.

    • Oops- don’t know where that big “But” came from (not that I have anything against big butts).

    • Being a liberal in the new age meaning of it is far different than the original meaning of the word ole boy.

      • I think not this side of the Pond (I guess you’re in the US?) Was it Bernard Shaw who called Britain and America two nations divided by a common language?

  23. I heartily welcome the scathing and strafing of the Boomers, (am one) by other generations. I am quite sure that not only are you wrong (evil comes to every generation), and that you might qualify as a fool. If your claim to fame is to place blame and scorn, you’re no better than the drunken whore who shouts her invectives at her departing patrons. If that’s all you’ve got, trying to generalize millions of people who were responsible for your nurturing and education and health as nothing but a bunch of foul-ups, good riddance. I’ll shuffle off my mortal coil, no thanks to you, and be always gone. You deal with this mess. I kind of doubt you’ll make out okay, but then again, it was you planted the doubt. You see, wise guy, you’re made of the same stuff I am, and therefore able to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune just like we were. Kind of makes you think about the challenge, hmm? You’ll figure it out and get it all right, sure, but what if you don’t? You’ll show up one day at my little shack in heaven, I hope, and run it down to me how you triumphed/failed/muddled through, while I heat up some dynamite chicken soup and check to see the beer is ice cold. You see, my Mom and Dad will be there, and they were very forgiving like they were in life, of my pompous stupidity, and my rash and nerveless ignorance. One generation after another fall into the same rut. And they always think they know better how to get out.

    • Judging by the unusually large amount of self-indignation, vitriol, threats, and ad-hominem attacks my observations garnered, I must have struck a very sore nerve.

      Suffice it to say, my observations regarding Boomers being disproportionately affected by possible schemes to use the plandemic as a means to eliminate as many of them as possible as well as having done much collectively to earn the enmity of younger generations and therefore being complicit in what’s about to befall them were valid and needed to be said and I don’t regret being the one to say them. I am a late Gen-Xer and remember constantly hearing in HS and my 20’s about what lazy, apathetic, cynical slackers my generation was. Forgive us that; we were raised by yours after all. However, regardless of my generation’s flaws, we will not be leaving the same mess for future generations that yours left to ours.

      There will be no social security for us, no fat 401k’s, retirement plans, pensions, Medicare, or indeed any help whatsoever from whatever government might exist when we are too old to work. The social safety net will be gone like a fart in the wind by then. Likely no homes either since your generation priced us out of that market too. However, we will clean up your messes and take out the trash after your overly long generational party comes to its end. There will be rivers of blood shed both from us and by us once the fiscal non-discipline of your generation’s stewardship finally brings about the end of the American Empire and the wars of dissolution start. It won’t be the Boomers shouldering the rifles, doing the street fighting, the door to door searches and killings to sort neighborhoods, towns, counties, and regions along ideological, ethnic, and class lines because there simply will be no other effective solution to the problems created by a generation of indulgent Balkanization. That necessity will fall to us and our sons, and likely theirs as well before it is all over.

      We, our children’s, and likely grandchildren’s generation will do without in order to clean up the fiscal, social, and demographic messes that were our inheritance from yours. And don’t make the mistake of thinking I only speak for myself on this. My generation and those after mine know we were given the fecal covered end of the stick to carry, and believe me, there’s nothing that many of us in the subsequent generations would love more than to cut off at the knees those who shirked their duties onto us were we ever to gain power. You think AOC is bad now, just wait until you see what happens when she and others like her are in charge.

  24. A farmer I know has a field worker from China; I’m talking fresh-off-the-boat. His take on COVID back at the beginning; “The Chinese government released this virus to take out the old people because they’re nothing but a burden on the system. They want to get rid of the old people” This was just a field worker, mind you…

    • More identity politics from the usual source blaming one group for the troubles of the universe. Are you certain that you are not a woke progressive in disguise as blaming anyone but those ultimately responsible(the elite) really seems an obsession with you?

      • That reply was to the Heinlein fan, not Tom MacGyver. Apologies Tom if you thought otherwise : )

  25. Good God, Our worst nightmares of Logan’s Run is here. The Great Purge cannot come soon enough. These so called elites and their schemes of grandeur and really thinking they are immune to the coming chaos they are creating is really fascinating, for they forgot one small detail in all their scheming and calculations, human nature, for once unleashed it is impossible to predict where we end up, most likely scenario is that we will live under a totalitarian nationalist like Franco or Pinochet when the dust finally settles. One thing is for certain though, none of these billionaires in sneakers and t shirts and their wretched families will survive.

    • I dont want to frighten you, but

      If the elites start this now then they will think they can pull this off.
      And then it is us who get a one-way-ticket and not them.

      I hope with all I believe in that they fail, but they think it is us that will loose.

      • Alex ole friend, see here, these so called elites won’t be able to rule a bloody thing once an economy tanks and a massive Balkans on steroids commences where there was once abundance, there is now austerity and people will kill to eat their next meal.

  26. In fact, everything is much worse.
    After releasing the virus, they opened Pandora’s box.
    This muck mutates and young people have already begun to die. And even the burden of illness for those fortunate enough not to die is a colossal blow to the economy.

    Not knowing how your countries are, but I’m afraid Russia will collapse.

  27. If we get rid of the politicians and the public servants (serpents) then things just might get somewhat better for mankind.

  28. I’m amused at all the hate for “the Boomers”. You children suffer from your embarrassingly poor upraising, courtesy of your Gen X parents. You also suffer from poor education. You do nothing to address either.

    Boomers aren’t perfect (we raised Gen X, for example), but we invented every effing technology you use and depend on for your daily lives. We built the strongest nation in history. Now, with your assistance, some of our own are going to burn it all for their own benefit. While we may be killed off by one pandemic or another, you will live your lives out on their lands as a modern serf or stand in front of a wall for a short time. In either case, I hope my words haunt you.

  29. Exactly. The an important aspect of the Baron’s “Geronticide” is to usher cultural memory (wisdom) off the stage as rapidly and completely as possible. One blow as it were. A form of iconoclasm; but applied to living memory rather than mere statues.

  30. Well written essay. As usual many replies are off the mark trying to find someone to blame. Did the boomers’ fail? As a group yes. Did the previous generation fail? As a group yes. Did succeeding generations fail? Yes. When did the failure of a republic begin? When it was started.
    Very little critical thinking by any of the generations as they were taught by their schools to repeat patriotic bromides and banal cliches as though they were well thought out principles and ideas grounded in reality.
    The problem isn’t that garnering wealth and spending is bad. It is its destruction by those who claim to have a better plan if only they can use ‘the law’ and its authorized thugs to claim their right to plunder others. As such most of the people, left or right, are to blame, they all have their hand on the levers of power and will abuse it often if they can. The overall plan is the work of a few elite. The rest of the benefactors of the design are merely useful idiots and lieutenants who help implement the plan, who if aren’t very careful will find themselves in the same camps as the majority who think they are for freedom when the get tears in their eyes on the Fourth of July.
    This isn’t just a ploy in the USA. It is working in every country of every stripe no matter how advanced or how backward. Every news feed and every video that can be found the people are wearing masks to demonstrate their fealty to the state. In South Africa where the rioters have made looting an industrial operation they are dutifully wearing their masks while robbing the property of others. This majority will dutifully and fearfully turn on the ‘anti-vaxers’ when commanded to by their ‘leaders’. The unclean will be swept away by the state controlled zombies and they will be reduced to nothing.
    For those of us who fought against this predilection of the majority to be slaves it is a sad day. I have fought this for over fifty years and have never had a success in turning it around let alone aside for any short time. When the majority want slavery they will have it. They will pay the price. They will continue to blame others for the misfortune they have chosen.

    • The difference between SA and the US is orcs are only 12.5 % of the population versuse over 89% in SA and the white US citizens ain’t giving up our guns to the government or anyone else, and the chances are damn good we will have a shooting war soon as the left and elites push their agenda.

  31. First – The vaccines don’t confer immunity to viruses which can escape immunity, so those 50 percent fully vaccinated are back at square one. They’re vulnerable to variants which have been around since last October, and probably before. “An analysis of more than 50,000 real-life SARS-CoV-2 genomes isolated from patient samples further showed that most of these virus mutations were already circulating, albeit at very low levels in the infected human populations. These results show that SARS-CoV-2 can mutate its spike proteins to evade antibodies, and that these mutations are already present in some virus mutants circulating in the human population.”
    It doesn’t matter if you’re vaccinated or not, if you don’t have natural T-cell immunity, you’re not going to be immune to new variants. The vaccines all focus on the spike protein, and there are – as of three months ago – over 1400 variants in the US alone which can evade the vaccines. What the vaccines do is filter out the variants for which they’re made, so if you get infected with a soup of alpha, wild type, and delta variants as the major components, plus hundreds of other mutations as minor components, the vaccines will filter out the alpha and wild type viruses, and leave the Delta and the rest alone – and *those* will reproduce. The dominant strain will then, by natural selection, be the Delta strain, accompanied by the rest, and those will be spread to others. So let’s say we get a Delta booster shot. That filters out the Delta variant, and leaves the rest, including (say) the Lambda variant alone to reproduce, and be spread. So we get a Lambda booster shot, and that takes care of the Lambda, but the Epsilon variant isn’t touched, so we need another booster. And this could continue on for 20 years, until the variant names fill the page.
    Another thing – these vaccines produce spike proteins which get out in the bloodstream, and they produce lots of bad effects – brain fog, myocarditis, inflammation in blood vessels, blood clots, and so on. My bet is that the effects of periodic injections of spike protein-producing mRNA will have cumulative effects, so that mortality from side effects will increase over time. The vaccines are a dead end (excuse the pun). There are ways to stop the spread – – and cheap and easy ways to prevent and treat the infection – and these can be used in a public health context to prevent people from needing this long chain of ineffectual and frankly dangerous vaccines and boosters.

    Second – your analysis only holds if the younger population doesn’t take the vaccines. It appears that a large proportion of them have, and will continue to take the boosters. So there’s the cumulative effect of spike protein on the vasculature going on, one of whose effects would be on fertility. Most of the elderly dead are way beyond their life expectancy *and*unhealthy – the oldest survivor is 106 years old. You’d probably find a high survival rate in the 85 and above *healthy* cohort. The real killer is the spike proteins in vaccines and boosters, and this effect will be cross-generational.

  32. All this generational [excrement] is just another way for TPTB to divide us. Stop it.

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