Folkhemmet Befouled by Culture-Enrichers

Fifty or sixty years ago, Folkhemmet was the model for the world. “The People’s Home” in Sweden was a cradle-to-grave welfare system that assured the populace that everyone would be taken care of.

That was Sweden-That-Was. Sweden-That-Is has been culturally enriched, and things are different now.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Migration Board refuses to act: Damage and litter at migrant residence
00:04   Litter: A migrant residence in Västra Götaland,
00:07   for several years, has been a significant sanitary nuisance,
00:10   with extensive litter and damage also around the property.
00:14   Damage
00:18   For several years the Migration Board has carried out activity
00:22   and paid for renovations and cleaning of a migrant residence in Töreboda municipality.
00:26   The residence doesn’t seem to follow the landlord’s order regulations.
00:29   Garbage is thrown wherever, and repeated damage to the property takes place.
00:41   One of the residence’s prayer rooms hasn’t been cleaned for a very long time.
00:46   Dirty carpets lie willy-nilly.
00:55   Dirty clothes are also something that is recurrent when we examine the property.
01:00   Even in a common washroom we find dirty clothes on the floor.
01:13   Integration doesn’t seem to be a priority in the property as we couldn’t find signs in Swedish.
01:33   Increasingly fewer doors in the property are free from damage.
01:37   Most of the doors to the common areas seem to be broken.
01:45   Doors and windows are often left wide open,
01:48   which has caused a lot of water damage to the property.
02:03   In 2019, one of the houses burned, which caused extensive material damage.
02:09   Investigation of the location of the fire could not determine the cause,
02:13   but it was stated that arson, playing with fire, or smoking in a stairwell were possible causes.

4 thoughts on “Folkhemmet Befouled by Culture-Enrichers

  1. Perhaps Olly and Lena need to wake up and realize the new Swedes they’ve imported are uncomfortable living in accommodations for civilized humans and would instead prefer dirty corrugated metal shanty towns or the comforting chain link enclosures like the ones in the zoo for the ape house.

  2. Well what – how was it not in Seaatle,
    some time ago?
    – and the filth was domestic.

    What really offends in the Feminist and Humanitarian Superpower is the power elite’s import of babbar or call them orcs
    from the MENA – relation now stands at 2 to 8.

  3. Even animals don’t fowl their living quarters as bad as this 3rd world vermin. The time is coming faster than anyone can realize that this vermin will have to be driven from our lands with a bloody minded vengeance. Let it rain.

    On a side note, I am hearing whispers that in rural areas the third world vermin go missing all the time, it would be very interesting to get a take of the intelligence agencies and police on the stats on that? Oh yes of course, they won’t because it will open Pandora’s box of nasty horrors if it would be reveled. As with all things, sooner or later all secrets get reveled.

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