Goodbye, Sweden-That-Was

Sweden is an easy target for critics of Multiculturalism. Among the dhimmi nations of Western Europe, it leads the pack (with Britain trailing close behind) in its suicidal immigration policies and abject appeasement of Islam. Add to this Sweden’s nutty social fads — genderless restrooms, re-engineered pronouns to eliminate references to a specific sex, f***ing certificates for political leaders, etc. — and Sweden becomes a perfect dartboard for commentators taking aim at Socialist and Progressive insanity.

But there is another, entirely different Sweden. Call it the Sweden-That-Was. I’m not referring to the old hegemonic Sweden, the Sweden of three or four centuries ago that engaged in protracted warfare with Russia and Poland and gobbled up a big chunk of Denmark.

No, you only need to go back a hundred years or so to find a different Sweden. It was a dynamic, creative nation that led the world in science, engineering, mathematics, and industry. Its citizens — excepting the Sami and the Suomi, and those annoying near-Danes in Skåne — were ethnically homogeneous. They were, by and large, intelligent, inventive, honest, thrifty, industrious, cooperative, and devoted to the general welfare. Their form of governance, known as “The People’s Home” (Folkhemmet) , is held in distaste by those of us who despise Socialism. Yet for the Swedes it worked. For a while.

So what happened?

How did Sweden-That-Was metamorphose into Sweden-That-Is?

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Until a few years ago I didn’t know much about Swedish history and culture. Like most Americans who are alert to the Islamization of Europe, the bulk of the information I took in consisted of the absurdities that pour forth from Modern Multicultural Sweden.

However, as I edited more and more translations from Swedish sources, my knowledge gained breadth and depth. More recently, after I took on the job of copy-editing English translations for Dispatch International, large quantities of information about domestic Swedish issues began percolating into my understanding. Much of the material that passes through my hands concerns the recent deterioration of the Swedish welfare state, particularly its health care and elder care systems. What is striking about the current news on these topics is the implied functionality of the system as it existed fifty or sixty years ago.

Sweden’s welfare system, like any other, is constrained by demographics. Whether its administrators recognize it or not, in a society where medical advances continue to extend life expectancy, a socialized old-age pension scheme is very much dependent on an increasing population base to provide enough younger workers whose taxes will pay for the decades of generous care provided to elderly citizens. Never mind the current demographic decline — even a stable population is incapable of supplying sufficient resources to maintain indefinitely the same level of care for retired citizens. When the population stops growing, an inexorable pressure is exerted on the welfare state that guarantees its eventual collapse.

However, during those halcyon decades when there was an abundance of young workers in the tax base, the Swedish system of caring for the aged was an admirable success. Reading about Sweden-That-Was, one can see why Swedish Socialism was hailed as the model for the rest of the world by progressive-minded people.

Yet the Swedish system could not have been replicated in most societies, as it depended on national characteristics that are peculiar to Sweden. To function effectively, Folkhemmet required a population that was culturally uniform and predisposed to adhere to social consensus. Honesty, thrift, and industriousness were essential for the system to work. The Swedish character provided these traits in abundance, and the ideal — an entire nation-state that functioned like an extended family — was the result.

That system is now in the process of falling apart. After reading about Sweden-That-Was, the deep anger that simmers among the citizens of Sweden-That-Is becomes understandable. If they only dared to speak of it, their sentiment would run something like this: “Look at what we once had! How could we have thrown this away? What kind of traitors are responsible for the degraded state into which our nation has fallen?”

As mentioned previously, the days of the Swedish welfare state were numbered by demography in any case. However, the system would most likely have held together for several more decades, had the mind-virus of Multiculturalism not infected the minds of Sweden’s political class. By inviting in hundreds of thousands of unassimilable parasitic Third-World immigrants, policy planners guaranteed the early demise of Folkhemmet and foreclosed the possibility of a “soft landing” for the Swedish welfare state.

This bizarre passion for flooding the country with illiterate refugees — a sort of bovine spongiform encephalopathy infecting the entire West, and not just Scandinavia — drained away what remained of Sweden’s surplus resources and brought on the current crisis.

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The most perplexing aspect of this whole sordid business is why the elites who consigned Sweden to its current predicament ever thought their idea would work.

The outline of what they expected is obvious: by inviting in thousands and thousands of young immigrants and their families, they would replenish the diminishing cohort of workers whose taxes would take care of all those aging Swedes departing from the workforce.

Yet, after a cursory glance at the sociological aspects of migration, no more than a minimal level of intelligence is required to discern that this scheme was doomed to fail — and the Swedes, as noted above, are an exceptionally intelligent race. How could they fail to apprehend the disaster that lay in store for them?

What’s wrong with them?

The most important prerequisite for a functioning welfare state in Sweden is that it be run by Swedes, for Swedes. The mindset of those whose taxes fund it and those who receive its benefits needs to be, well, Swedish. They must be people who value labor over idleness; who are congenitally indisposed to game the system; who have a basic understanding of their duty to contribute to the general welfare. Absent such characteristics, the system could do nothing but fail.

Why was this fact so difficult to recognize? Why was it so hard to understand that Somalis and Kosovars and Iraqis are not at all like Swedes? How could anyone with an IQ above room temperature fail to predict that the newcomers would extract everything they possibly could from the Swedish benefits system, whilst putting as little as possible into it?

Inviting in the Third World is not the same as importing Finns, or Norwegians, or even Danes. The “New Swedes” originate largely from predator cultures, those benighted societies in which anyone outside the tribe, or even the immediate clan, is an object to be exploited. From their perspective, the Swedish welfare system is manna from heaven, a windfall just waiting to be harvested and consumed by the family and the clan. Such bounty! Such abundance!

No one in Puntland or Pristina or Karbala had ever experienced such a profusion of wealth, just sitting there waiting to be taken.

Throw Islam into the mix, and you have the current state into which modern Multicultural Sweden has descended. Yet it was all so predictable. This, as they say, is not rocket science. Why was it so hard to foresee?

Why is it even now, three decades later, so difficult to understand? The process is well underway. The endgame is clear. The results are mathematically inevitable. How is it that all the mathematicians and engineers with which Sweden is glutted are unable to comprehend such simple, basic facts?

I have no answer to these questions. Sweden is not unique; it is simply leading the insane headlong rush into the Multicultural pit, with the rest of the West following along blindly.

Mass hypnosis, perhaps. Collective insanity. A rampaging epidemic of political prions in the brains of the powers-that-be. The Mad Cow Disease of Multiculturalism.

I can’t think of a better explanation. Can you?

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While writing the dysphoric account above, I was reminded once again of “Crow’s Elephant Totem Song” by the late British Poet Laureate Ted Hughes. When you read this poem, visualize the Swedish polity playing the part of the elephant, with “New Swedes” in the role of the hyenas:

Once upon a time
God made this Elephant.
Then it was delicate and small
It was not freakish at all
Or melancholy

The Hyenas sang in the scrub       You are beautiful—
They showed their scorched heads and grinning expressions
Like the half-rotted stumps of amputations—
We envy your grace
Waltzing through the thorny growth
O take us with you to the Land of Peaceful
O ageless eyes, of innocence and kindliness
Lift us from the furnaces
And furies of our blackened faces
Within these hells we writhe
Shut in behind the bars of our teeth
In hourly battle with death
The size of the earth
Having the strength of the earth

So the Hyenas ran under the Elephant’s tail
As like a lithe and rubber oval
He strolled gladly around inside his ease
But he was not God no it was not his
To correct the damned
In rage in madness then they lit their mouths
They tore out his entrails
They divided him among their several hells
To cry all his separate pieces
Swallowed and inflamed
Amidst paradings of infernal laughter.

At the Resurrection
The Elephant got himself together with correction
Deadfall feet and toothproof body and bulldozing bones
And completely altered brains
Behind aged eyes, that were wicked and wise.

So through the orange blaze and blue shadow
Of the afterlife, effortless and immense,
The Elephant goes his own way, a walking sixth sense,
And opposite and parallel
The sleepless Hyenas go
Along a leafless skyline trembling like an oven roof
With a whipped run
Their shame-flags tucked hard down
Over the gutsacks
Crammed with putrefying laughter
Soaked black with the leakage and seepings
And they sing: “Ours is the land
Of loveliness and beautiful
Is the putrid mouth of the leopard
And the graves of fever
Because it is all we have—”
And they vomit their laughter.

And the Elephant sings deep in the forest-maze
About a star of deathless and painless peace
But no astronomer can find where it is.

To extend the analogy, will Sweden experience a resurrection? Will it get itself together with correction? How about the rest of the West?

There are optimists and pessimists among us, and they hold opposite opinions. Only time will tell.

77 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sweden-That-Was

  1. Well written, Baron. I knew the old Sweden, at least from 1956 and onwards. (In the countryside a much older Sweden existed then) I would say it existed until the beginning of the nineties.

    I ought to know the answer to your question, yet I find myself posing the very same question quite often. I have a lot of diffent answers as days go by, but deep down I simply cannnot grasp it.

    • We have to accept there are only two valid reasons for this. The first is that the left-liberal people behind it are monumentally stupid. The second is that they aggressively wish to destroy Western Civilisation.

      Both of these are mutually compatible of course, so we cannot rule out the possible fact that the majority of those who wish to destroy our way of life are also monumentally stupid.

      An excellent article Baron, and one I hope will receive a great deal of well informed comment. It would be nice if some left-liberals turn up on this comment board to provide some thoughtful responses to your questions, but they will be unable to do so, and will also be totally unashamed they are unable to do so.

      They don’t feel they need to justify or explain their perverted ideology today, because they are complacently aware there is no serious organisation calling them to account. But this will not be the case in the future. One day these questions will be asked of them in criminal court, so they really ought to start rehearsing their answers now, if they wish to avoid the consequences of treason.

      So over to you, you ghastly lefties. Can you really not mount a coherent defence of your criminal/mind bogglingly fantastical actions?

      No? I thought not…..

      • It is not so much that they are stupid but that they lack wisdom. It is stupefying to observe how unwise many intelligent people are. Wisdom cannot be acquired at our institutions of learning and it is precisely in them that wisdom seems to be despised.

        • The major problem in Sweden is actually that there is an elite of journalists with the agenda “our enemies enemies is our friends”. These journalist are communists. The journalist in Sweden is actually extremely left oriented in their mind. They hate USA, they hate capitalism, they hate Israel, they hate swedish culture, they hate everybody with an opposite opinion etc. The problem is that such people actually without reaction both can force unions to exclude members with wrong opinion, anyone with another opinion compared to themselves can be proclaimed as rasists, nazists, facists etc and many such people actually had lost their jobs – by saying the wrong thing. This had lead to that only one opinion is accepted in Sweden. Unfortunately many swedes don’t try to cheque what is correct or not-this is a problem. But it is actually difficult as all swedish newspapers, our television etc only sends out one message. For example the muslim brotherhood don’t differs especially from normal christians, Islam is completely compatible with democracy, we need new citizens as our nativity is relative low, they also for example writes that all form of antisemitism in for example Malmo occur from white swedes etc. Everybody that don’t agree is a rasist or some kind of person that send out hate messages.

          This had lead to that for example I always must be anonymous, note also that the muslims in Sweden have very low grade of education and a majority is un-employed (but if it is mentioned – you directly is a rasist), if anyone mention that the antisemitism in Mamlo actually occur from muslims (which is the case) he also is a rasist etc.

          The major problem in Sweden therefore is that there is no media that actually send out a correct message. Think for yourself-what happens if all public media only have the message (as a communist dictature): Islam is better than christianity – it is a feministic religion which take care of everybody and such nonsens. But also that the immigration to Sweden is of major economic advances (in reality the cost of it is in the same range as total cost for schools + hospitals). In every case we don’t have any media that tell the truths about those things. And people that don’t agree with media actually risks their job and economy.

          • Hi Sansear. Thanks for your post. I’ve never been to Sweden, or met many Swedes; but I should think there must be more to this than ‘incorrect information from the media’, etc. I’m British and our bureaucratic and media class have been similarly imbued with post-marxist denial of logic, unable to distinguish illusory dreams from reality; and for many years a lot of people were afraid to speak up (I get the sense it has changed in the UK now), so many people engaged in a horrible kind of self-censorship when it came to any of these kind of issues. But for example in Yorkshire (where I am originally from) I would say the majority of people were never cowed in this way. There must be something deeper in your national psyche, a fear of dissent or difference, that has allowed this to happen. Trying to take at least one positive from this, I should think that as your traditional culture crumbles away Swedes will probably lose this fear and speak more openly – in fact, with the rise of the Social Democrats this seems to be already happening. I’d advise you to vote for any party that will re-establish your country as a nation state, aiming to protect its native culture.

          • Sorry, I obviously meant ‘Sweden Democrats’ rather than ‘Social Democrats’, in the post above.

      • a commenter, LH, asked me to put this up for him. Didn’t see his request until now:

        This is a fascinating article with even more fascinating comments from readers. Clearly the time for complaining about the postmodern European
        multicultural dystopia is up. Action is now required.

        Simple things need to done, for example: create a database of and publish the names of every single indigenous countryman who is aiding and abetting
        multiculturalism: journalists, politicians, academics, business men, religious leaders, etc. This will help people know who the traitors are and thus they can be ostracised. Make it difficult for them to purvey
        their multiculti/socialist agenda (in a similar way Paul Weston exposed the backgrounds of the people on the British All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia [], but this has to be done on a much larger scale).

        Follow the lead of the 969 movement in Burma. Make it known which businesses in your European country are solely owned by indigenous Europeans. Make it known which businesses are owned or are partly owned or funded in any way by Muslim/hostile states or entities. Encourage people to support only indigenously owned and businesses.

        Most importantly, groups or movements have to be formed, particularly for the poorer indigenous youth (the ones abandoned by their governing elites). These groups should educate and foster national and racial
        pride, inculcate pride in the indigenous heritage, provide services to the indigenous population such as helping the elderly, etc, and of course provide physical training in preparation for the grim, conflict-riddled future.

        Perhaps these ideas are simplistic and have probably been discussed elsewhere on this leviathan of a website, but it’s time to start seriously organising and doing. Probably easier said than done, but it sounds as if the will is there.
        End of comment by LH

    • It started deteriorating when Olof Palme got into power in the seventies. He’s the one who opened the floodgates and they are now are wide open for the mass invasion that is occurring.

  2. One thing should be noted. When a person referred to Sweden’s socialism back in 1974, a colleague pointed out that Sweden’s economy was completely capitalist. They had no state run industries. Indeed, it was only this vibrant capitalism which permitted them to finance their elaborate welfare state.

    • Excellent point. With a capitalist base, Sweden was better described a welfarist rather than socialist. Let’s also note that Sweden also woke-up in the early 1990s, cut spending, paid down public debt, became competitive, and got back to work. I don’t count Sweden out yet.

  3. In UK, in the nineties, multiculti pushed the idea of us all being born ‘equal’, that nuture was responsible for the greatest chunk of our makeup, and the effect of nature was minimal. This model worked for immigrant groups who were prepared to assimilate.

    Not so Islam. Looting is a hard and fast norm in Islam, along with sexual exploitation.

    Our political masters, looking at the obvious ascendancy of Western culture, arrogantly assumed that their own humanism and socialism were responsible and therefore they had nothing to fear from Islam. In their cultural naivety they climbed onto the back of the tiger and we are now seeing the consequences.

    That same arrogance renders our elite incapable of admitting that they have been badly mistaken; for the religion of socialism is infalible, it has to be, because our political and intellectual elite have invested their credibility in this religious endeavour, they have become the demi-gods of the left, the popes of the new order, and it is impossible for them to be wrong, it just is.

    Holding the reins of power, they will juggle and contort and perform strange gyrations as they cast around for a face saving solution, or even a fortress in which to shelter the coming storm.

    Europe has been betrayed and the penny is beginning to drop, and those responsible are panicking.

    • I hope and believe that the idea that human beings are born as a blank canvas and that all is down to nurture has finally run its course. It was another insane Marxist concept which previous generations would not have accepted. Even looking at my own children I can see how they have inherited certain characteristics not necessarily from my wife and me but from our siblings and our parents and grandparents. There is a large hereditary element to human nature.

      I recently attended an equality and diversity course and you could see that those attending were having a problem with the idea that whites are just supremacist and are bad and everybody else is like us but good. One lady finally said she had seen a recent programme which had pointed out that there are differences between the races. As somebody once commented, the third world is that way for a reason. I do not have a problem with the fact that the Chinese, the Japanese and some Jews have a higher iq than Europeans, although the Japanese at least admit that they lack Europeans’ inventive genius. So why does the Left scream at anyone who suggests that some races in the Southern Hemisphere, who have never had to cope with a cold climate, have lower iqs than Europeans? This is the truth they refuse to acknowledge or allow anyone else to acknowledge as well.

      Cohesive, homogeneous European nations were probably about as advanced as it got and now that peak of civilisation has been reached and we are rapidly going backwards, thanks in no small measure to Hitler’s declaring North Europeans the master race. We are not the master race, we do have high iq levels and run stable and organised societies. But we used to keep the rest of the world going by trying to organise it along the same lines and making sure it was clothed and fed. As the Left, whose hatred of us is incomprehensible, have just about brought Europeans and their civilisation to the verge of extinction, the rest of the world might as well be aware that they will go down with us. For we will not be around with our help, our aid, our money, our science, our organisational and inventive abilities or anything else.

      For the Swedish welfare system read the British welfare system and most of all the National Health Service. Today Russia Today informs us that it is on the verge of collapse, having had to cope with mass third world immigration and health tourism. When it was new and at its zenith in the 1950s it was serving a homogeneous nation in which everbody held values similar to those of Sweden.
      On the whole the British treat one another with respect and kindness and know they are shared blood much like the members of a large family. Unfortunately, those who have taken over large areas of this land do not share those values, even non-muslims from the Indian sub-continent. As you have said, Britain, the multicultural wonder of the Olympic Games opening ceremony, designed by Marxist Irishman Danny Boyle, is close behind Sweden as it is multiculturalised into extinction. Qualities which the British took for granted as being civilised are now laughed at as being naive and outmoded. The white liberal left is besotted with the third world. It is a fatal attraction like moths around a flame and as Marlene Dietrich said;”Und wenn sie verbrennen ja dafur kann ich nichts”. But some of us don’t want to be burnt to a cinder thanks very much so for God’s sake grow up before it is too late. Have just seen something on Russia Today about a possible discovery of the site of the lost continent of Atlantis off Brazil. Is this how that civilisation ended I wonder?

      • “One lady finally said she had seen a recent programme which had pointed out that there are differences between the races.”

        Of course there are differences between different ethnic groups. Some lefties like to pretend that the only thing that differs is skin color and other physical appearances, but anyone with a sanity would certainly wonder why differences would only exist on the surface.

        And we know that other differences exist. Far-east Asians are e.g. well-known to lack certain enzymes in their metabolic systems, causing them to get much more intoxicated by alcohol than e.g. Europeans.

        And skin color isn’t just for appearance. Dark skin evolved to protect the skin from the high-intensity solar radiation that is common in the lower latitudes. Light skin evolved to allow for sufficient vitamin D production even in the low intensity of sunlight of the high latitudes of the north.

        This of course causes problems in long-distance migration and tourism. A light-skinned person moving to a location closer to the equator is more likely to develop skin cancer because his skin isn’t adapted to the high intensity of the sunlight there. On the other hand, a dark-skinned person moving to the far north is likely to develop vitamin D deficiency, because the intensity of the sunlight there is too low to trigger production of sufficient levels of vitamin D. And it becomes even worse with the cultural norms of dressing up in mobile black tents, since it makes it even more difficult for the sunlight that do exist to reach the skin.

        “some races in the Southern Hemisphere, who have never had to cope with a cold climate, have lower iqs than Europeans?”

        The cold climate certainly is certainly one of the factors leading up to the advanced societies of northern Europe. The freezing winters disallow agriculture during roughly half of the year, and you need a sturdy house with at least a fireplace and fuel to survive. Sleeping under the bare sky in the dark and cold days of mid-winter is simply not an option here.

        Thus, cooperation is highly valuable in building houses, collecting fuel, farming and storing food, etc, quickly giving birth to a highly specialized society. Over the centuries, this might actually provide a genetic selection pressure towards higher cooperative and inventive intelligences.

        Compare this with the clan cultures of the MENA area. The aggressive and egoistical cultures there might actually inflict a genetic selection pressure favoring intellectually stupid but violently aggressive individuals, and that could actually be a factor that’s causing lower IQ levels in those countries. Add the repressive, intolerant and violent religion of Islam, and you have an even higher likelihood of selecting for aggressive thugs instead of cooperative inventors.

  4. Maybe the abandonment of the Lutheran faith (including by the State Church of Sweden) also had something to do with Sweden’s decline?

    • I’ve never believed much in Lutheran faith, but after having grown older – and hopefully wiser – I think that has a lot to do with it.

      Also, the way Kindergartens started to grow in the seventies, making many young people selfish, anxious, pushy and so on.

      Many people who “grew up” in Kindergartens during the seventies are now parents to children being very spolied and taking everything for granted. We call them “the children of the Kindergarten generation”.

    • No.

      Fighting an evil with another evil is never the answer. Islam is pure [noxious substance], christianity is pure [noxious substance], judasim is pure [noxious substance]. Sweden has a lot of problems and non-swedes will never fully understand how bad it is here, or how it came to be…but the last thing we need is religion.

      • Christian religion only adds to the West’s woes. Christianity inspires a lot of the equalitarian myths and submissive self-destruction. “We are all the same in God’s eyes and we are all equal in heaven, so, let’s start being equal now. Submit now, throw open the borders”. Also, let’s fill up those empty church seats with docile and compliant Third Worlders, we’ll grow our brand that way.

        We can’t afford to turn the other cheek anymore. Swedes would be better off with their old Gods.

        I was married in a Swedish church.

    • Yes,

      Baron Bodissey writes about introduction of ”genderless restrooms, re-engineered pronouns to eliminate references to a specific sex, f***ing certificates for political leaders, etc”. They are just some small examples of the big picture of replacing one religion/culture with something else which is completely man-made and which will change over time. This something else, is composed of the doctrine which is now preached in the climate, gender equality, anti discrimination, cultural relativistic, religion relativistic and family relativistic (”marry whatever, or your horse) ”churches”.

      The teachings in the Bible does not reveal that a man shall make anything evil to another human beeing but instead about ”loving your enemy”. For those who seems to hate the Christianity and it’s values, but have realized that the economical system of the Western world is superior to anything previous in the history should read ”The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” by the great German philosopher Max Weber. These are good starting ponts:

    • Kepha couldn’t help but notice your Aramaic word for Peter, is this significant?

  5. Muslim Immigration Destroying Sweden

    They’re immigrants like no others. They, Muslims, will be masters over the infidels. It’s taught in the Quran. It’s taught in mosques. Muslims are eager to obey and conquer our nations and install excessively cruel Islamic sharia law where we will be enslaved and Muslims will be the masters. We must not let it happen!

    The Islamisation of sweden

    It is not just Goodbye, Sweden. It is goodbye to all Europe, Britain, and other Western nations. Muslim conquest via demographics. Deliberately engineered by Western leaders. Our leaders are Destroyers. They HATE God, the Bible, Judaism and Christianity. They seek to destroy our culture and our MERCIFUL Western civilization.

    It’s part of the New World Order where Western leaders work closely with Muslim leaders. A cruel One World where human rights and freedom will be annihilated and a minority of power-hungry, wealthy elites rule with absolute power. NO SURRENDER, EVER!

    MUSLIMS IN (BERLIN) GERMANY : School Rioting & Welfare

  6. Hmm it is difficult to know how the average Swede feels. It is bad manners, low status, to make any public comment about the newcomers, especially to an outsider like myself. I’ve heard a few grumbles here and there but there is no heart for a fight and no momentum for any major change. The young know no other world.

    Sweden is a cult-like and faddish state. Having divergent opinions is frowned upon. The leftist multicultural world view is the only acceptable world view. They will go to their death like a death cult. Hey but the economy is going GREAT…yipee.

    (They caught the mind virus off America. The original Enlightenment equalitarian state.)

    • It’s a matter of indoctrination, the ever pressing socialist ideology stemming from communism, which has been very successful in deciding what and where to care about things.

      Enter the masses of ultimate naive who says “Ok then!” and goes to town on anybody who dares to not follow what has been decided for the collective.

      It’s ever more present now, and still a very effective weapon against new comers in politics, even though the internet and more knowledgeable population makes it more challenging for this type of mental kidnapping.

      The collective group thinking and obsession with consensus is still very dangerous bubble to question, or challenge with different opinions.
      Pack mentality dictates the strongest member is the most likely to decide what the group thinks, but as the group dissolve everybody can return to their state of mind even if that would contradict the aforementioned consensus.
      Try balancing that!

      People have lost their jobs over this, here in the land of unimaginable equality and freedom of speech.
      It’s all [excrement] and smoke screens.

  7. As a youngswede I say this: The only party I will ever vote for is Sverigedemokraterna (Swedendemocrats). I live in Gothenburg, right next to a place called “Angered” (I know what it means in english!). This part of Gothenburg is infamous for its many immigrants (read: muslims). I’ve heard stories from my mom and dad what Angered (and other parts of Gbg) was like when they were kids. Those stories are UNbelievable when you see what they’re like today. Crimes has gone through the roof, you read about rapes and murders on a daily basis. Horror stories really!
    The governing party (liberals) even have a muslim member who’s trying to add sharia laws in our book of laws. Horrible!
    The other major party, the Democrats, recently kicked a muslim called Omar Mustafa. They kicked him cause of his anti-semitic opinions. After this incident, at least half of the swedes put up a rage against the Democrats in defence of Mr.Mustafa. In DEFENCE of him!
    I’m in my early twenties and I do worry about the future of my country.
    Please help, someone. I’m sitting on a sinking boat.

    Thank you very much, Baron, for such an “educating” article. I hope more people sees this!

    • As you are probably aware, the British government is already considering making polygamy i.e. bigamy legal for muslims here. I wonder if it will then be legal for the rest of us? They will do this by incoporating sharia law into British law so you are not alone there. But they have also given up making the Hindu caste system illegal here as well because of those Indians who have so much cash they can buy the government’s silence. Corruption, third world style is now here as well. The only people I consider untouchable are our elected representatives. I would not touch them with a barge pole!!

      • Well. I am a Hindu of Indian origin. Some of the comments above seem to show us in the same poor light as other, especially Muslim, immigrants to Europe. In fact, Hindus in Europe have almost the same employment rates and higher educational levels as compared to Europeans. In the UK, with 1,3 million Hindus, the percentage of Hindus in prison is on par with, or lower than, ethnic British and much lower than Pakistani and Bangladeshi and Black communities. If there ever was a concerted effort in Europe to stop Islam, we would be the first to volunteer. We survived 1000 years of islamic rule at a very high cost, so we know what we are up against. So I would kindly ask those who are concerned about the future of Europe to join hands with Hindus and Buddhists for the common good.

        • When Enoch Powell spoke of reversing mass non-European immigration into Britain he had in mind his vast knowledge of the Indian Sub-continent. He loved India but he did not think it would be a good idea to replicate it here. He was aware of the constant friction between Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims and the fact that the Raj seemed to keep this to a minimum. After all, it was a Sikh or Sikhs who murdered Indira Ghandi, a Hindu and Christians are still being murdered by Hindus there, as well as by Muslims.

          It would seem from the above comment that European Hindus bear a strong antipathy towards Muslims because of the history of the Sub-continent. In Britain, this has not yet manifested itself because of the larger percentage still of the indigenous Christian population. However, I often wonder as the demographs change and the indigenous population continues to shrink whether that same friction will begin to grow here, between Hindus and Muslims, Sikhs and Muslims (already happening in Luton) and Hindus and Sikhs. What I fail to understand is why so many from the Indian Sub-continent choose to leave and settle in Europe rather than staying and trying to turn the Sub-continent into the way Europe used to be but probably not for much longer. This is another thing that Powell urged them to do; i.e. to learn from how things are done here and return to replicate them back home. I have reached the conclusion that they feel that they can thrive in a continent which is still relatively free of corruption compared with the part of the world they have come from and where the native population, as far as Britain is concerned, have much in common with the Swedes. Whether this will continue I cannot say. Britain still portrays itself, the Olympic Games opening ceremony apart, in its traditional historic identity with a few ethnic minorities. This obviously cannot continue and eventually Britain’s identity will be vastly different from this, whether the British wish this or not. I realise that all this might be outside the scope of this website.

          • Dear Mr Anonymous.

            With all due respect, you would do well to study the history of the British Raj in India. The British entered India at a juncture in history when Hindus finally were beginning to turn the tables on muslims. The Marathas, Sikhs and other Hindus were slowly but surely finishing off what was left of the Mughal Empire. Unfortunately, a thousand years of slavery had weakened the Hindus so much that they could not muster the unity and energy to keep the Brits out or finish off the Muslims. The British Raj brought a great many good things to India; unfortunately it also enabled famines such as the one in Bengal in 1942-43 when millions of innocent people died due to the negligent or hostile attitude of colonial masters. The Partition Holocaust itself was largely induced by the British, who first fanned the flames and then quit prematurely, throwing the subcontinent into utter mayhem. In any case, I do get very concerned when you somehow seem to suggest that ordinary British people should NOT bear a strong antipathy to the muslims who have settled in their midst. Weekly, we hear about grooming rapes, terror plots and calls for Sharia legislation. As for Hindus settling in England, it may have to do with the fact that India is the single largest foreign investor in the UK with over 2000 Indian-owned companies including Jaguar Land Rover. I think your view of Indians coming to sit at the feet of British people to learn “how things should be run” is slightly dated. Today, India is rising fast and reclaiming its position as a global giant. Britain has had its days of glory – well-deserved – but alas! all things must come to an end. The good news is that Indians/Hindus are not imperialistic by nature and would prefer peaceful co-existence with all other races and nations. We are a large diaspora who contribute immensely to your pension system Sir, by working and toiling for the BRITISH economy.

            You changed our country for good or bad, without asking us. Now we are changing yours, but at least in a democratic and constructive fashion, so perhaps we can meet half-way and be friends and compatriots.

            My question remains: why are Europeans not doing anything about the menace that is islam? This, my friends, is the Great Challenge of our times, not the presence of a million brown, happy and peaceful Hindus/Sikhs in Britain.

          • @ Gordan Zaphalala,

            Broadly I share your sentiment. Britain, and other Western countries, for a long time had immigrant populations that did NOT cause any problems. Not only Indian, but Chinese, Japanese, Eastern European… Chinatowns existed in large cities many decades ago! Yet I can’t recall ever hearing about Chinese terrorists or grooming gangs, or Indian or Japanese ones. Maybe some mafia from Eastern Europe after the ’90s – but still minor, compared to other trends… On the other hand, it’s probably not an exaggeration to say that Indian doctors have saved the National Health Service, at a time when British students go to “study” courses like sociology or David Beckham Studies, with the sole purpose of getting drunk, while others drop out to spend a year out “travelling”, or focus on trying to join a band or football team – with maybe the top 1% having any chance of success. Yet young Westerners will not show the same eagerness to make pizzas for 12 hours a day, or man the tills in their local corner shop until 11PM… So is it any wonder why immigrants continue to be employed in droves?

            The big problem is immigration from certain areas – specificaly, of naturally aggressive cultures, mainly from Africa and Muslim countries – states where corruption is endemic, strongmen rule and the culture is diametrically opposite to the Western one. If Western countries are not careful, they may well find that these “aggressive groups” challenge the West’s authority – in government, or “on the streets”… And if that happens, then how easy will it be for the Westerners, Hindus, Japanese, Chinese, Christian blacks and others in the “melting pot” to find common cause and unite against the threat facing them all??

    • It’s good that you as a very young person worry about the future of our country! Do your share, vote for a party that wants to change what’s going on. Talk to your friends, make them see what you see. But be careful because it isn’t PC to feel the way you feel….

  8. I apologise for my language, but I AM SICK AND BLOODY WELL TIRED UP TO MY NECK, KEEP HEARING HOW THE TAX BASE CANNOT SUPPORT THE AGING POPULATION, NOW, will someone with HALF A BRAIN please take a look at what our governments are spending all of our money on, because IT AIN’T DAMN WELL PENSIONERS. In Britain, just look at what we are spending on around 2 1/2 million unemployed, AND STILL IMPORTING PEOPLE !. Also, a third of those classed as employed are working part time and are subsidised by the state. We need more people like we need a hole in the head ! The entire income tax take dosen’t even cover tax credits for people in work, a good proportion of which is paid to families of migrant workers WHO HAVE NEVER SET FOOT IN BRITAIN. Add to that the massive costs involved in importing disease: aids, t.b. etc. British pensioners were actually very well funded until Gordon Brown robbed them to fund New Labours’ new electorate. They supposedly paid for their old age pension all their lies through the graduated pension scheme, which was compulsory to all taxpayers. Many also had company pensions Which they had PAID INTO ALL THEIR WORKING LIVES, which were decimated by Browns successive tax grabs, many of whom finished up with NOTHING after a lifetimes contributions.
    If we stopped spending money on importing problems for ourselves our pensioner population would be completely affordable.
    NOW WILL YOU PLEASE STOP PERPETUATING THIS MYTH because I get thoroughly fed up with people keep repeating this lie over and over again without ever looking at the facts.

    • Then of course there’s the underlying assumption behind the multi-kulti logic – that immigrants coming in, often with large families to support back home, and debts to settle with the mafia who brought them in in the back of a lorry, will happily pay the taxes to support those “backward, racist” Swedish or English pensioners…

      What chances of that happening, when they could just as easily be employed “unofficially” and taking cash payments with no receipts directly into their back pockets??

  9. There are a lot of people in Sweden who will not let them selves be swalloved by the multicultidiotic sickness that has come to us and the ones who are guilty of this treason will one day stand trial for there crime… Im afraid that war is up on us . But we who know whats right will win or parrich … John v Svensson. Swedich Citizen.. Hopefully not the last Generation
    P,s if miss Spelling or other errors ,dont give me no s,,t English is not my launge

    • Well said John, express yourself. Many people share your feelings but are afraid to voice their opinion as political correctness got most Swedes in a headlock. Political correctness is pure BS and was invented by academia and socialists around the globe to muffle unwanted opinion. The traitors in the political system starting out in the seventies and continuing with Goran Persson lifting 20,000,000 + crowns worth of contents at the prime ministers residence while only paying 20,000 crowns to the taxpayers treasury and now Rheinfeldt who is another disaster that talk in circles while maintaining an open invitation to disaster. All these bastards have visions of grandeur with new titles and windfall incomes from the new world order scham. NWO talk among the political hierarchy in most western countries have the elite ready to jump from ruined pastures in their homelands to bunkers built under banks in tax havens around the world.

      UR EU !

  10. Once sharia law is established in Europe, I wonder if the Muslim slave masters will turn over the traitors so we infidels can deal with them. After all, once a traitor always a traitor, and once the treason has come to pass the traitor is no longer necessary.

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  12. Dear Baron, thank you for not removing my previous post, if I could explain why this aging population lie gets me so hot under the collar; Firstly EVERYONE perpetuates this lie without looking at the figures for themselves;Secondly, this argument renders mass immigration desirable, and to a large extent inevitable, in complete opposition to the facts, and; thirdly, and by far the worst, this demonisation of pensioners has led to the British government paying, YES, PAYING hospitals to murder elderly patients, many of whom had quite recoverable illnesses, MURDERED, YES, MURDERED, by the good old national health service. Oh they dressed it up nice like, called it the ‘Death Pathway’, said it was only for terminally ill patients, but people who could of had many years of reasonably healthy living before them were MURDERED by the withdrawal of nutrition and liquids, literally STARVED AND DEHYDRATED TO DEATH. – So please help kill this LIE.

  13. Being a Swede, and aged 60+, I have seen the “folkhem” ie. the welfare state, during its heyday, when there were hardly any immigrants from faraway lands.
    And I have an answer to the question in the article above — in my view, the reason for this immigration madness is mainly ideological and has really nothing to do with any ideas about these immigrants supposedly being good workers or any such practical reason.

    Around 1968, there was a great surge of extremist political leftism all over Europe. And in Sweden, these leftists were many plus a large share of them had university educations. Over the following decades, these have people infiltrated strategic positions where they could spread their ideas in an unobtrusive manner — often they for instance work as Journalists.

    Typical for this generation of lefties is that they are no longer interested in the working class in their own countries. Instead, they see the people in Third world countries as their allies and regard the Western civilization as the Enemy.

    Therefore, they just love mass immigration from those Third world countries. It serves the double purpose of degrading Sweden and other European countries, while giving a better life to some of those beloved Third world denizens.

    By clever use of slogans like “anti-racist” and “solidarity”, they manage to vilify anyone who dares question their mass-immigration agenda. Such people are immediately branded as “racist”. Politicians have been tangled in this mess also, to the point where hardly anyone dares say anything against mass immigration.

    There is only ONE political party in Sweden that stands up against all this vicious nonsense: Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats). And they are constantly being bombarded with accusations of being “fascists”, “rasists” or just “islamophobic”.

  14. Im swedish. Blond and everything, lived here my hole life and Im 33 years old. Let me do my best to try and explain how this could have happened. There are many factors at play here all working together quite effectively. Let´s start with something called “Jantelagen”. People may not talk much about it anymore but it still lingers in the minds of swedes. In short it means this: Do not think that you are special. Do not think that you are better than anyone els etc. Politics for a lot of people is synanamous with being a dweeb or a nerd. Only wimps are interested in those kinds of things… Funny thing is that a lot of times people will feel the effects of this mentality when implemented politics happen to them directly, only then it is to late…It is not in the swedes behaviour to say loudly what they think and say that WE HAVE TO STOP THIS OR THAT! And one reason for this is that… well I think it has to to a little bit with Jantelagen again, when someone does this it´s met like this: Who the hell does this guy think that he is? Why is he standing there expressing his opinion like he expects us to listen to him? You see? There is a hate involved towards people demanding other peoples attention even tough that attention very well may be justified. Swedish politicians knows this and plays on it all the time. Last time I saw it when Åkessons (Party leader for the swedishdemocrats) opponent said that to the swedish people that consider yourself lucky to live in sweden taking away the fact that luck might have not had to do anything with but extremely hard work and innovation mentality for a very long time! Perhaps it was the swedish people who made Sweden great with there dilligence, workmoral and intelligence and not pure luck! But due to in part Jantelagen swedes only nod there heads when they here this as the good worker bees they are!
    Another reason is in my opionion the very strong leftism we have here. It really happend during 68 was it? “Vänstervågen” and all that came from that. The patriarchy happend and suddenly the swedish male became a very big villain. Women HAVE turned against the male population and no matter how much feminists will deny this this remains an absolute FACT. Women bought the idea that men have oppressed women for all of eternity, a hatred towards men was born, and women said bye bye to the nuclear family. So now we have no nuclear familys in sweden anymore we have single mothers, single fathers, children living in joint custody scenarios, living with one mother and a stephfather and a biological father and vice versa, women inseminating themselves cause they found out that a man was NOT going to want to have them FOREVER (in other words they waited to long) and we also are having men saying [forget] it to ever getting married or having children. Can you blame people for not getting married in Sweden when the divorce rate is 55 procent? The highest in the world and men losing soul custody in 80% of the time. There is a war between the genders in Sweden (I feel how potent it is every time I go out to try and talk to a woman). So when people can´t stay together in a united front against an enemy cause they hate eachother the people becomes very weak and its enemys can much more easily control them.
    Another thing, Sweden has not known actual war for 200 years! We have been spared for a very long time… and in my opinion therefor a little bit too comfortable. We don´t think we have any enemys… perhaps we know somwhere deep inside that enemys may linger but Im so comfortable now with my computer game living with my parents not having to do my bed or brekfeast cause my mother does it for me. There is always enemys at the gates.

    • > Eric,

      You forgot to mention the institutionalized Swedish GOODNESS,
      amd the ‘state sponsored’ slogans like
      1. EVERYBODY’s EQUAL WORTH = allas lika värde, which is the magnum state mantra,
      These slogans are of the same magnitude and quality as once the nazi
      German ones were: Blut und Boden – ein Volk, ein Reich ein Fuerer,
      Sieg Heil.

      • Yes, everybody’s equal except the elite that are busy emptying your wallet while showering undesirable arrivals with generous grants and benefits. This will continue until those who built Sweden are either bankrupt or 6 feet under. Sweden needs to stop its idiotic spending spree and cultural decay immediately. Close the border and evict those that refuse to comply with Swedish laws and its customs. PERIOD.

    • This was a good little analysis, Eric.

      And I wasn’t aware that gender relations in Sweden had become so poisonous. I was under the impression that, though feminist, the women were nonetheless feminist of a different sort and basically got along okay with men.

      Other than the gender issue, what you describe matches up exactly with Nietzsche’s Last Man.

      In a very basic nutshell: People who believe there is no transcendent truth will simply become dogmatic relativists. And passive. Slavish. And think that they’ve invented happiness, etc.

      Baron wonders, below, what could have caused all this to happen. It was all prefigured a long time ago by Nietzsche. This isn’t to say that Nietzsche’s solutions (the overman, the eternal return, the will to power) are at all commendable or even remotely possible.

      But he was the sharpest diagnostician of what’s happened to the West. The other is Heidegger (again, similar caveats apply).

  15. The success of Sweden can, to a large degree, be ascribed to the combination of an altruistic sociability and a high degree of individualism. These two traits are extremely effective when we are left alone, or rather, when defened consciously and collectively.

    Swedes are also ridiculously moral in their thinking, partly due to genetics and partly due to the previous Lutheran faith and of course the general culture of altruism and moral/social punishment of ostracism. These traits are ruthlessly exploited by the mass media, the mass media didn’t invent them. (It is partly a quite militaristic behaviour, but without a hierarchical order, this will result in insanity.)

    These things are not bad in themselves, they are actually the basis for operating an empire of a large land mass with a very small number of people.

    But put an ethnically organized and aggressive group inside the system, and they can harvest as much as they like from this social capital. Even if they are a tiny minority, they organize as a group against any individual and the clan or group will be victorious any time.

    Enter the world of massive name calling and moral ostracism going on in the filthy mass media and the Swedes are very easy to control and exploit.

    So, the reason for the downfall of Sweden is the same as for all White countries, the purposfully engineered destruction of identity and moral shame of being who they are. Couple shame with the idea of identity, so the exploited cannot even begin to have the idea of self-defence.

    Now, these parasitic magic tricks only works with a highly indivualistic and moralistic host. It doesn’t work on any other people. Try to guilt trip an Arab or Somalian!

    Thankfully, the 6-7 months of winter and darkness will solve many of the problems and at least save the animals up here, even when the Swedes are exterminated and the power plants and this idiotic well-fare system with them. Try to convince the Arabs, Turks or what have you to pay humongous taxes to provide for some other group like the Somalians or Gypsies. Good luck I tell you!

    This is not an island in the Caribbean: You cannot fool around here. Without serious people to operate the power plants, industries, farms and so on, the winter will make this country quite inhospitable.

    The clan-thinking, group-behaving, name calling, violent, filthy gang-raping superstitious trolls will freeze to death in the darkness. Indeed, what altruistic group will give them foreign aid and well-fare, when the Whites are all dispossesed?

    The thought amuses me quite alot.

    The country will probably end up as a depopulated pure resource colony for the Chinese or some other serious group. 50 years perhaps?

    • Wow. Thanks for those thoughts. My gut tells me there is a lot of truth in those words…

    • Interesting that the “Northern” countries are often wealthier than the “Southern” ones… a different work-rate and mentality required to survive, and keep warm in the winter? Certainly I can’t think of any Northern country having 3-hour Siestas, or “Manana” mentalities like in Spanish-speaking countries… but were the whites to become “dispossessed”, would that be the end for the newcomers?

      Surely the remaining dispossessed, indebted whites could then become slave labour for the immigrants, building the houses and manning the power stations on their behalf, and getting a pittance in return.

      Meanwhile, the newcomers who stop liking Sweden could just as easily move on, and “enrich” new pastures with their presence…

  16. How did Norway-That-Was metamorphose into Norway-That-Is?

    And why? Those are the central questions posed by many. I do not know the political history of Sweden, but can list some main events indicating to how and why in Norway, which may give the Swedes (and others) some clues on where to look for the origins of their (multi-)cultural demise.

    From the end of WW2 and forward, the Norwegian political leadership supported the young state of Israel, as did most nations in Western Europe at that time. Very suddenly that changed, and within a very short time frame (in politics) all support was changed towards Palarabs and surrounding countries. The detectable change started in the mid 70’s. What else happened around that time?

    The oil production of Germany peaked in 1966, the same in USA and Venezuela in 1970. Iran, and Canadian conventional production, peaked in 1974. The Norwegian oil production was still in it’s infancy, and not yet producing much.

    In 1973/74 millions of foreign workers were already present in Europe. Many of them from Arab/Muslim countries. They all worked, because at that time they had no access to the host countries social security system, and had no right to stay without means to support themselves.

    The energy crisis created by oil producing countries in the early 70’s gave OPEC (dominated by Arabs/Muslims) countries a good grip around the balls of Western nations. To continue to sell oil to, and open their national markets for exports from the west, they made several demands on behalf of Muslims working in foreign countries. A lot of “diplomacy” went on at that time, checking the whereabouts of several European prime/cabinet ministers in early 75′ will give some clues.

    Some of the demands were: same social security rights as citizens of the host nation, and the right to stay there at will. Right to reunite with their family in the host nations, right to schools educating the children in mastering their parents language and last, but not least, respect for Islam (rewritten as “cultural rights and of individual and collective freedoms”). These demands were formally accepted at the ILO conference in Switzerland 1975. The demands became part of ILO convention 143/75, later ratified by Norway, and many other member nations.

    Around five years later, in 1979-80, the cabinet of Norway sent a formal document to the parliament, containing the proposed new policies. Such a message leads to a proposition, which results in a new law or other formal decision. This one in particular, nr. 74 (based partly on nr. 39 from 1973-74) proclaimed the change into a multicultural society. The cabinet/parliament decided to work actively against assimilation of immigrants, and only for integration. The essence of the entire document is a complete acceptance of the demands in the ILO convention mentioned above. Ever since, the workforce participation of third world immigrants has declined.

    The assimilation versus integration point is interesting, because the document defines those two words as they are understood by the Norwegian cabinet at the time.

    “ASSIMILATION: By assimilation the committee in this context understands that a foreigner should become as much like a Norwegian as possible. An assimilated foreigner will to a large degree be like any other Norwegian, he talks and thinks like most Norwegians, he has Norwegian, but not necessarily only Norwegian social relations, he participates in the Norwegian public life as a Norwegian, he has a wish to be recognized as a Norwegian, and to a large degree will be, and he thinks of Norway as his new home country.”

    “INTEGRATION: Integration is a much weaker form of joining someone into the society than assimilation. By integration the committee understands that a foreigner is an accepted and functional part of the society without necessarily becoming like other members of the society. He may keep his national identity, his own language, his close relationship with his own country, and to a degree the customs and behavioral patterns. He may live in the country with no wish to stay here, and he may wish that his children shall return to the home country. Even so he can be a functional part of the society and find his place in it.”

    This does not seem so bad, until one starts to think about the ramifications. The political authorities has made a formal decision to work actively against all assimilation of migrants. How is that helpful for the host nation, or indeed the immigrants who wants to assimilate? Integration, as defined there, in practice means forcing the majority population into accepting whatever peculiar (to their culture) customs the migrants brings along.

    This is showing parts of what lead to Norway becoming multicultural. It was not just one ideology or particular group, although some smoothed the path and helped the OPEC initiative along as best they could. ( Thanks to “Buddy Ogilvy” for digging up documents and sharing them in various comments I have read. )

    The people of Israel felt the consequences of these events immediately and still do, populations all over the Western hemisphere has started to pay and will continue to pay for long time to come.

    Oil dependency is what keeps us where we are now. A nuclear reactor around the corner seems a lot easier to accept than the current trends towards serfdom, and there are several new/better energy technologies on the horizon. Make it a popular demand: better nuclear reactors, create Thorium reactors, more research on better energy capture, energy storage and energy production capabilities. The world needs oil right now, but there is no need to prolong it more than necessary.

    • My impression is that integration came about because assimilation failed and that multiculturalism came about because integration has failed.

  17. “The most perplexing aspect of this whole sordid business is why the elites who consigned Sweden to its current predicament ever thought their idea would work.”

    Well, some politicians might have other agendas, but I do actually think that to not so small a part, it is because many Swedes consider Sweden the absolute apex of civilization. They view every other country as naturally (in the long term) striving to become like us and to model their societies on ours. Almost every human being in the world really wants to become like us, they think. The only thing holding them back is evil dictators, clergy, warlords and (other) fascists. To even suggest otherwise is deeply blasphemous and can consign you to the social freezer if uttered publicly enough.

    Thus, Sweden is a model for the entire world, many Swedes are brought up to believe. We are a shining light for the rest of the world, which mostly wants to become like us. The end goal for all countries on Earth is a social welfare society modeled on Sweden. Yeah right.

    And that’s probably why any remarks that large percentages of Muslims really want to live under strict Sharia law is written off as nutty conspiracy theories or “racism”, and so is any mention of the Islamic goal of world domination.

    This subject also reminds me of the peculiar form of (selective) nationalism that is very common in Sweden (including among the multiculti left-wing journalists and politicians), despite many Swedes openly frowning on being labeled nationalist. This manifests itself e.g. in the assumption that anything produced in Sweden is superior to goods imported from abroad. This is especially obvious with e.g. food. Swedish food is good, foreign food is bad. We have stringent food standards, no antibiotics fed to livestock, strict animal welfare laws, and Swedish farms are closely scrutinized by the state inspectors for diseases, unlike those filthy unscrupulous foreigners.

    But to even suggest that Swedish culture is better than foreign cultures, especially if those cultures are Islamic cultures, is deeply racist and fascist, and if you actually think so, you are a nazi. Yes, I know, it’s hypocrisy on a massive scale. Our society is the apex of civilization, but simultaneously it’s racist, not to mention deeply blasphemous and offensive, to suggest that our culture is in any way better than e.g. Islamic culture.

    Speaking of hypocrisy I cannot avoid thinking of all those multiculti advocates among the politicians and journalists that live in (expensive) ethnically homogenous (Swedish) neighborhoods, work at ethnically homogenous workplaces (look at the “who are we?” page of any Swedish newspaper and try to find out if there are any Mohammads, Fatimas or Abduls on their payrolls) and place their kids in ethnically homogenous schools and daycare centers. They preach multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance day in and day out, but from their own behavior it’s apparent that this multiculturalism is best enjoyed from a distance. Not In My Back Yard. But when less fortunate people complain about becoming a minority in their own neighborhoods and want to change things politically, they are quickly shouted down as racist fascist nazis by the multiculti hypocrites.

    P.S. Yes, I know this comment is far too long. You could view it as a letter to yourself if you don’t want to publish it.

  18. The reason why Sweden is deteriorating today is the same as why its Folkhem worked so well in the past: Swedes are a very benign, trustful and naïve people. They have lived in a protected tucked-away place for hundreds of years without wars or neighbouring enemy-tribes, so they trust strangers.
    And they are thoroughly egalitarian, and believe that being born in Sweden is because of mere luck and that everybody in the world should have the same principal right to the Swedish welfare system.

  19. Beach Bum Canada is always finding reserves. I know and knew people who work in the oil industry and there are fields that are not to be made “public”. You know, artificial shortage, etc.

    As far as I’m concerned Sweden and Denmark are toast. If the Ruskies decide to invade Scandanavia, the men would be better off staying home. Why take a bullet for feminism and the Russians have a history of not putting up with bs from Muslims.

    • I know there are more reserves. in Canada and other countries. Offshore and on. The point is that as long as the industry and economies depends on oil, it will be bought from where it is cheapest. At this point in time that is the Middle East, and that will continue to be the case for a long time. If the US buys less (shale oil/fracking) China or someone else will pick up the shortfall. Some hopes the oil will be supplanted by other energy options for the sake of the environment. I hope the same, for geopolitical reasons.

      The stone age did not end because of the lack of stones. Let’s hope we can see a repeat of that now in the oil-age 😉 (I paraphrased that one from a comment I read on a Norwegian blog earlier today)

  20. Baron, you asked, “Why is it even now, three decades later, so difficult to understand? The process is well underway. The endgame is clear. The results are mathematically inevitable. How is it that all the mathematicians and engineers with which Sweden is glutted are unable to comprehend such simple, basic facts?”

    The question “Why do smart people do dumb things?” has been asked so often in this forum in one form or another it could almost be the subheading under the title banner, Gates of Vienna.

    To me it’s always seemed obvious that if one could answer this question, then one would be well on their way to solving what ails our western society. So it continually puzzles me that no one takes this question seriously enough to work toward an answer. It’s just a question asked rhetorically, without really expecting an answer

    Often, if you cannot find an answer to what seems to be an obvious question, it turns out you’ve been asking the wrong question. Consider carefully for a moment the question, “Why do smart people do dumb things?” You’ll notice that implicit in this question is the assumption that individuals are free agents with a free will. But, if for some reason(s) certain individuals have lost their faculty of free will, then this question becomes a meaningless one to ask of them.

    People often use the expression “to think out of the box.” But to say that implies there must be a box our thoughts can get trapped in to begin with. Rather than ask the question, “Why do smart people do dumb things?”, maybe the question we should be asking is, “Is it possible that people can get trapped in a cognitive box, which renders them immune to outside input, while leaving them stuck with a world view they’re unable, on their own, to reason their way out of?”

    Baron, I suspect the sometimes you must think I wear a tinfoil hat, but I can’t think of a better forum than Gates of Vienna to tackle this subject; so with your indulgence, maybe I can spark a conversation on this issue.

    Memes don’t appear one at a time; they come in groups or complexes of self-reinforcing, self-referencing, and self-enabling meme-sets.

    I firmly believe all humans are born with the potential for free will. But I also believe it’s possible to be caught up in a so-intertwined-upon-itself, self-referencing and self-enabling meme set, that it renders a person’s faculties of reason impotent; a kind of Gordian Knot of thought, if you will.

    Alexander did not untie the Gordian Knot; he simply cut through it with his sword. The equivalent in the meme world of Alexander ‘s sword would be a disruptive meme, that, finding its way into a person’s consciousness, would slice through some of the self-referencing loops, breaking up the Gordian Knot of memes entangling their thoughts.

    If one would rather make an attempt to reverse the decline of Western civilization, instead of just chronicling it, my suggestion would be to find that disruptive meme(set) that can penetrate that Gordian Knot known as politically correct multiculturalism and break it up the only way it can be, from the inside.

    • wildiris —

      You’re quite right: that is the central question facing us. And your description of what happens to otherwise intelligent people seems likely to be accurate.

      But I’m still perplexed by the fact that this condition afflicts so many millions of people at the same time, in the same way, spread all over the Western world, separated by thousands of miles and speaking different languages. What an amazing mind-parasite!

      One must presume that this mind-parasite answers some deep need that all these people hold in common. But so far, I haven’t heard any explanation of what that need might be that makes me say, “Yup, that must be it.”

      It may be that we are too close to it to understand it thoroughly. Scholars a century or two from now may be able to look back and specify exactly what is wrong with us — assuming that we are not absorbed into the Ummah, in which case that sort of inquiry will vanish from the face of the earth.

      • Dear Baron & Wildiris,
        Being a swede but not sweet I think ouer problemo is, first:
        The Socialists, they feel the swedish middleclass has abandoned them and therefore they want revenge.
        Then the ones that really worrie me is:
        The Greens, who are so afraid the world is collapsing, they wantto stop the worlds engine/motor.
        I think Ayn Rand was accurate at describing the problem in the world but she missed two focus on the real threat here.
        In AR days the wore placards warning people of the Doomsday.
        Today they are so much better organised and there goal is to stop economical growth, here in Sweden and then spread it over the globe.
        The enviromentalists hate private owned cars, vacation-trips that includes flying and most shopping going on.
        A Field-biologist ones said – and she felt she was so much better than all the nazis, fascists and capitalists – that if their existed a button that exstincted humankind as a specie she wouldn’t hesitate for a second but push it into the abyss.
        They really scare me brothers.

      • Baron, you asked, “One must presume that this mind-parasite answers some deep need that all these people hold in common.” Rest assured, there is an answer to your question, but it would take a book to expound.

        While this sounds a bit cryptic even to me, it’s the best short answer I can come up with at the moment. In the end, it’s all about acquiring and maintaining a sense of self and self-worth. This prime directive is so strong within each of us; it will even override our instincts for survival and procreation. Tragically, for those unable to satisfy this prime directive, the only road out often ends with drug addiction or suicide.

        There is no end to the dynamics that come into being as individuals strive to comply with this directive. I’m sure readers here can think of countless examples. The operative point is that all of these various paths to self-identity don’t happen in isolation; they play off each other.

        As far as I can tell, every dysfunctional dynamic, as well as every positive dynamic, that you find in the world today ranging from the individual to societies to whole cultures can be explained by the interactions of the various ways in which people acquire and maintain their sense of self and worth. With all of this occurring, both enabled and constrained by our modern western technology and the West’s sense of morality inherited from its Judeo-Christian religious heritage. The upstream post, “Let’s be honest—Or maybe not” is a good example of how modern technology acts as an enabler for the more dysfunctional aspects of this dynamic.

        Of course, there has always been a way out of the traps that this dynamic sets up for societies. If there weren’t, we’d still be hunter-gatherers living in caves. There have always been moments in the history of humankind when a society has found a way out of the dynamic and made dramatic strides forward. Fjordman’s recent essay, “The Uniqueness of Western Civilization” is a good example of one of those times and places.

        It should be noted that all of this conjecturing is based on a certain view of what constitutes a person’s sense of self that comes out of the field of AI; but that is a discussion for another day.

        • wildiris —

          Yes, this is plausible. I wish I had a greater intuitive understanding of the emotional roots of such behavior, but, as a tentative hypothesis, it works.

          Any imperative as deeply self-destructive as this one must burn itself out in relatively short order. It’s hard to say how long it will take, but it can’t last for a whole lot longer. I’m surprised it has maintained itself this long.

          The fact that it has emerged throughout the entire West at more or less the same time tells us that something unusual is at work. If one refuses to posit a vast occluded international conspiracy – a hypothesis that not all GoV readers are prepared to reject — then one is left with some kind of process unique to our age, perhaps triggered by the ubiquity of mass electronic media.

          Oh, if only I could be alive fifty or a hundred years from now to read the analyses of what is happening today!

    • Why indeed do smart people do dumb things? And why is it that in the vast majority of cases those that make their living out of extolling the virtues of multiracialmulticulturalism (politicians/journalists/bureaucrats) tend to live in monoracial monocultural neighbourhoods?

      I wonder of there’s a connection between the two?

      Perhaps reality is the sword that will cut the multiculti knot.

      • Reality always rebalances. This is just the insane loser period before the crash.

  21. I am a Swede, and I thank you for this text. There are still many upper middle class areas in Sweden that are not yet affected. Or most aren’t. But I wonder how long this is gonna last. Already now for example people move their children to ‘white’ good schools. This is just a part that contribute to the segregation. Here is a daily fresh article about just that:

    Two white youths, 18 yo, are trained to think and say pc things. It is unclear exactly what the article is trying to achieve. They seem to think that by saying “everybody has the same value” and “multiculture is good for society” they somehow can force the parents to keep their children in the bad rejected schools.

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  25. The multikulti/PC/Progressive mneme destroyer maybe what the multikultis themselves identify and prosecute as their mneme destroyer and that is assertions and expressions of white supremacy.

  26. Smart people can do stupid things becuase emotion overrides the intellect.
    This brainwashing that has taken place and still has a strong hold, appeals solely to emotional needs and uses group pressure to enforce order. The multiculturals offer a comforting black and white world view that makes it adherents FEEL good about themselves, and as if they were part of an epic historical process for greater good, towards a paradise. If you throw all of you reasoning away, and blindly submit to the dogma, this paradise shall one day come. It’s the same pull as with religious cults. Which really is what it is – a form of religion.

    And once you’ve been suckered (nowadays, brought up) into this belief – it becomes a part of your very identity, of what you are. You are a good person not because of any inherent goodness, but because you are politically correct. Without that, you are a worthless and evil person. So few can cast it away without feeling as if they’re casting away a part of themselves, of all they are and believe in.

    And very much like a religion, the cult reserves severe punishment for apostates – those who dare speak out are shunned at best, often a lot worse. All dissidence (and dissidents) are demonized daily. Even violence against apostates is de-facto tolerated, even encouraged.

    The “faithful” are constantly reminded that unless they stay loyal, they will share that fate. They will lose everything, but if they submit to the cult teachings, they will be safe and happy, and will one day see paradise.

    That’s how it can go on and on. Because it is pure emotional abuse operating in the same way as a cult – whole states turned cults.

  27. “…It may be that we are too close to it to understand it thoroughly…” that there is hitting on something important. We don’t need a hundred years to separate us from what is happening in our countries, we just need a couple of hundred miles. One of the things not being exploited (and I mean exploited in a good sense; learning from) enough is the persecution of Christians in muslim controlled lands. By constantly pointing out what is happening to the Copts in Egypt, the Christians in northern Nigeria, Christians in Mali, Christians in Indonesia, Syria, Iraq etc. etc. gives us the very clear chance of educating the West on what happens under sharia law. Joining the dots could not be too hard!! These atrocities should be stuck under the noses of those bleeding heart, do-gooders who are so caring and want everyone to realize just how caring they are. Shame them into making some effort to help these people and force them to explain why these people are suffering; loss of life, loss of home, loss of dignity, loss of country. – Rene

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  29. Occam’s Razor applies quite precisely here.

    If Swedes as a whole are as insightful and intelligent as the article claims (and I fully agree they are), then they knew, and know, the sure results of their policies with the precision and certainty of one of their famed watches. Which means the answer is, it was done deliberately, on purpose and with foresight. The society did not commit suicide…it was not societal manslaughter (accidental)…it was deliberate murder of Sweden and the West as a whole. No other explanation, least of all mere stupidity, fits all the facts.

    And for the few up top slamming Christianity. I would never defend any state church past or present but if it were not for the Christianity, whoever you are and wherever you live, you’d likely have grown up praying to Mecca if it weren’t for the Christian influence that shaped Europe. You could at least TRY to show it a little gratitude for that reason, if for no other.

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