Thanks to Social Marketing, You Will Be Assimilated

They really, really, want us to get vaccinated.

Whom do I mean when I use the word “they”? Well, for starters, there’s the government. All Western governments, in fact, even that of Hungary. “They” also includes the major media, Big Tech, the MSM, the universities and secondary schools, and all major philanthropic organizations. All of them are pushing relentlessly for all citizens to submit to the injection of an experimental medical treatment that uses messenger RNA, and whose long-term side effects are completely unknown.

For as far back as I can remember, I have never experienced such a relentless full-court press by all social and political institutions in pursuit of a single goal. Perhaps the war effort from 1939-1945 was like this, but I wasn’t alive then, so I don’t know.

Before I started researching the propaganda push behind the vax, I had never heard of the term “social marketing”. It is an important concept in this dystopian age, so we would all be well-advised to learn more about it. The California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center — which is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and is a joint project of the California Department of Health Services, Sexually Transmitted Disease Control Branch, the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, and the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine — gives the following definitionof social marketing:

Social marketing is the use of commercial marketing principles and techniques to improve the welfare of people and the physical, social and economic environment in which they live. It is a carefully planned, long-term approach to changing human behavior.

So one group of people — presumably quite small — uses subtle manipulative techniques developed by behavioral psychologists to change the behavior of another group of people — presumably much larger — and make them conform to a standard of behavior which the first group has devised and considers optimal.

My instinctive reaction to such a practice is: What arrogance! What hubris!

We ordinary plebs think we know what’s good for us, but they know better. And they see nothing wrong with conning us into thinking the way they want us to think.

I bring all this up because of a paper that was published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information, which is part of the National Library of Medicine, which is a branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH, as you may recall, is where Dr. Anthony Fauci rules over a little fiefdom known as NIAID, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The paper is entitled “Key Guidelines in Developing a Pre-Emptive COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake Promotion Strategy” [pdf]. It was published in August of last year, but I didn’t find it until a few weeks ago.

It is beyond my level of analytical competence to peel back all the layers of manipulative strategy found in this paper, so I’ll just highlight a few significant points. I recommend reading the whole thing carefully, if you have the time and the stomach to work your way through all the sociological jargon.

First, a word on some of the terminology used. A person who receives an injection with the experimental mRNA treatment is said to engage in “vaccine uptake”. Those who decline to take the vaccine are said to experience “vaccine hesitancy”.

In the epistemological framework of the paper there is no acceptable rationale for not being “vaccinated”. Those who have not been vaxed are either vaccine hesitant — in which case they will eventually do their duty and get the jab — or they are malicious actors who have been convinced by evil anti-vax propaganda to resist the injection, and thereby put themselves and their loved ones at risk of contracting a dangerous and potentially lethal disease.

In the mindset of the authors of this paper — and all the official pro-vax propaganda — it is not conceivable that one could investigate the available facts, think carefully, and make a reasoned decision not to get the jab.

Citizens are expected to give their informed consent to the procedure, yet it is impossible to give informed consent. The long-term side effects of the mRNA treatment are unknown, and will remain unknown for at least five more years. Therefore no one can be fully informed about the treatment. Giving informed consent is simply not possible.

But none of that matters to those who are pushing the jab. My reasoning is considered fallacious and maliciously motivated, and my arguments would be removed from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Big Tech platforms if I were to make them there.

There is only one possible outcome from the point of view of the vax pushers. You may be “hesitant”, but you cannot make a decision not to get the jab, and they will prod you and punish you until you do.

The first thing to notice about the NIH paper is that it’s not primarily an American document, despite its being published by an agency of the United States government. The spelling of certain words — for example, “sceptics” — serves as a clue. And it makes complete sense when you see the names and credentials of the four authors:

  • Jeff French of Strategic Social Marketing Ltd and the University of Brighton
  • Sameer Deshpande of Social Marketing @ Griffith, Griffith University in Australia
  • William Evans of George Washington University
  • Rafael Obregon of UNICEF in Paraguay

Mr. French is the lead author, so one may presume that it was his spell-checker that approved the spellings that no native American speaker would use.

Two of the authors list social marketing in their credentials, so we may deduce that the NIH has subcontracted with expert social marketers to produce strategies and guidelines to induce vaccine hesitant Americans to get the needle into their arm as quickly as possible.

The abstract outlines the techniques that will be recommended (emphasis added):

This paper makes the case for immediate planning for a COVID-19 vaccination uptake strategy in advance of vaccine availability for two reasons: first, the need to build a consensus about the order in which groups of the population will get access to the vaccine; second, to reduce any fear and concerns that exist in relation to vaccination and to create demand for vaccines. A key part of this strategy is to counter the anti-vaccination movement that is already promoting hesitancy and resistance. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a tsunami of misinformation and conspiracy theories that have the potential to reduce vaccine uptake. To make matters worse, sections of populations in many countries display low trust in governments and official information about the pandemic and how the officials are tackling it. This paper aims to set out in short form critical guidelines that governments and regional bodies should take to enhance the impact of a COVID-19 vaccination strategy. We base our recommendations on a review of existing best practice guidance. This paper aims to assist those responsible for promoting COVID-19 vaccine uptake to digest the mass of guidance that exists and formulate an effective locally relevant strategy. A summary of key guidelines is presented based on best practice guidance.

The paper’s introduction defines vaccine hesitancy:

…vaccine hesitancy (i.e., ‘the delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite the availability of vaccination services’)

In other words, it is not considered possible to refuse the vaccine based on the use of deductive reasoning.

In the rationale for the paper (Section 1.1) they tell us (emphasis added):

It is imperative that planning for a COVID-19 vaccination uptake strategy begins in advance of vaccine availability for two reasons. First, countries will need to determine population sub-groups and build a consensus about the order in which these will get access to the vaccine. Second, we should reduce fear and concern and create demand for vaccines. A key part of this strategy is to counter the anti-vaccination movement that is already promoting hesitancy and resistance.

In other words, this is not about providing the best and most complete information for the public and distributing it as widely as possible. The purpose is to act against all who would oppose their agenda.

In Section 1.2 (emphasis added):

The WHO advocates a pre-emptive pro-vaccination strategy that psychologically inoculates the population and maximizes uptake of vaccines as they become available. This paper sets out the core elements of such a strategy.

This is blatant, publicly acknowledged brainwashing. The United Nations, via WHO, says that people’s brains need to be washed, and the authors are telling us, via NIH, exactly how the washing should be done.

Section 2 (“Behavior Change Planning”) is too dense to analyze succinctly. I recommend reading the whole thing.

Section 3 (“Audience Targeting and Segmentation Strategy”) divides the population into four categories based on their attitudes towards “vaccination”:

  • ‘The hesitant’—Those who have concerns about perceived safety issues and are unsure about needs, procedures and timings for immunizing.
  • ‘The unconcerned’—Those who consider immunization a low priority and see no real perceived risk of vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • ‘The poorly reached’—Those who have limited or difficult access to services, related to social exclusion, poverty and, in the case of more integrated and affluent populations, factors related to convenience.
  • ‘The active resisters’—Those for whom personal, cultural, or religious beliefs discourage them from vaccinating.

Once again, in the epistemology of vaccine social marketing, there is no possibility that “active resisters” might include those who consider all the evidence and make a rational decision not to get the jab. Under this schema it is impossible for anyone to make a reasoned decision against the vax.

In discussing the anti-vaccination movement, Section 4.1 gives us some clues about the sticks that may be used when carrots fail (emphasis added):

A more effective approach is a combination of positive messaging that emphasizes the protective (individual, family, and community) benefits of the vaccine and the loss associated with not being vaccinated (death, poor health, loss of freedom and social solidarity, inability to travel, etc.).

Ominously, Section 4.2 tells us:

Anti-vaccination advocates should not be left free to spread misinformation. Public health authorities and their coalition partners, including both the traditional and digital media sectors, should proactively work together to reduce and remove at speed false content and misleading information. Traditional media providers should be supported and briefed so that they are aware of anti-vaccination propaganda identified by public health authorities and do not repeat it.

Traditional media and social media sectors should also provide authorities with the information they have detected that anti-vaccination advocates are propagating so that information can be rebutted. Public health agencies should seek protocols with media providers about the issue of how journalistic balance will be addressed. Agreements should be put in place about how the media will identify and flag false and misleading anti-vaccination information and advocates. In this regard authorities and media channel providers should be alert to ‘Astroturfing’ (anti-vaccination advocates disguising their views as coming from grass roots movements) and act swiftly to expose such tactics. Finally, agreements should be developed about how and when misleading information and advocates of such information should be removed and flagged as being problematic on social media.

A year later the Biden administration is following this exact playbook, and Big Tech companies are playing their prescribed role.

Section 4.3 deals with anti-vaxers, and suggests useful strategies for countering their malevolent influence:

Distrust in elites and experts and political populism can also fuel antivaccination sentiment. Social norms and cultural influences can have a significant effect on people’s willingness at the population level to take up vaccine programs. As an initial step, authorities need to understand what informs social norms and beliefs. Persuasive efforts should appeal to the values and beliefs that people already hold, such as a desire to protect family members, rather than a focus on factual or probabilistic messaging.

And a negative attitude towards Big Pharma is not supported. From Section 5:

The NGO and private sectors can play a pivotal role in promoting the uptake of vaccines. Partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry to develop, manufacture, promote, and distribute vaccines are underway across the world. Many other for-profit organizations can also be harnessed to provide logistical and promotional support. The NGO sector is also well placed in terms of its reach, high level of understanding about local communities, and high levels of trust to act as a critical advocate and network for vaccine uptake.

In Section 6 (“Vaccine Demand Strategy” they tell us (emphasis added):

The key to promoting demand is a deep understanding of what will enable and encourage uptake. Campaign managers should conduct formative research including secondary research based on published literature and case studies and primary research with interviews and surveys in each population to gain audience-specific insights. Governments will need to deliver and communicate what mix of incentives and penalty interventions will be used to promote demand.

So both carrots and sticks will be employed. Obviously the authors would prefer that the carrots alone — free ice cream, cash payouts, access to Bruce Springsteen concerts, etc. — would be enough to do the job. But they will punish us if required; it simply remains to be seen how draconian those punishments will be. We’ve already had some hints about them.

Section 7 has more on anti-vaxers:

Anti-vaccination attitudes do not always relate to factors like level of education. Instead, they are often related to anger and suspicion towards elites and experts and increasing support for anti-establishment political concerns. Governments should listen actively and build dialogue, encouraging continuous feedback from citizens, key commentators, and influencers. Regular proactive public media and influencer briefings should also form a central plank of trust-building strategy. The application of citizen-focused and human-centered design principles can also enhance program development and implementation.

So the government is advised to encourage citizens to give feedback, yet what happens when that feedback is negative? By now most citizens are well aware of what fate may befall people who say negative things about “vaccination” — it may cost them their employment. Only the mildest milquetoast negative questions are considered acceptable — “How long can I expect to feel poorly after I get the jab?”, “Will I need to get multiple boosters?”, etc. Those are OK.

But try asking this question and see what happens: “What are the long-term health effects of mRNA treatments after five years or more?” Anyone who asks that question is a “conspiracy theorist”.

Under Section 8 (“Vaccine Access Strategy”) we have:

Governments and public health authorities can enhance the effectiveness of their efforts by combining multiple strategies. For example, they could integrate financial and non-financial incentives, call and reminder interventions, along with penalties for non-compliance by imposing restrictions on travel, education, or employment.

More carrots and sticks there. What financial incentives? Will I get a discount at Food Lion if I get the vax? Will my bank account be locked if I don’t?

And it sounds like the government will be spamming me by phone to remind me to get the jab.

Section 9 (“Marketing Promotions Strategy”) provides some insights in how to manipulate people successfully through a narrowly-tailored marketing approach:

A coordinated national approach to communication will be successful among many groups, but not all. Success depends on the nature and degree of immunization hesitancy and the degree of segmentation. Tailored messages focusing on known motivators for specific groups are more likely to produce a desired behavioral response than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. To produce tailored messages, we recommend quantitative and qualitative formative research and ascertaining the efficacy of strategies with pre-test research before launch.

Section 10 (“News Media Relations and Outreach”) describes techniques that the MSM have already put into practice (emphasis added):

The news and general media can contribute significantly to address fears and risk perceptions, which can hurt vaccine uptake. It is, therefore, necessary to develop a proactive strategy for working with traditional media. Any media management and engagement strategy that is developed will need to include proactive, rolling media briefings, story generation, editorial feeds, facilitating access to medical and other clinical and public health experts, advisers, and data. The media management and engagement strategy will also need to include 24/7 media monitoring and rebuttal/correction systems.

Who will do the rebuttals and corrections? The government? Mark Zuckerberg? Jack Dorsey? A social marketing subcontractor, maybe?

Finally, Section 11 (“Digital Media”) describes the vax wars on social media that we’ve all been watching for the last few months, and speaks approvingly about the growing level of censorship:

Anti-vaccination advocates abound on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube. Social media platforms are already buzzing with misinformation about COVID-19 vaccine safety, development, and planned rollout, months before vaccines are ready to be used at population level. It is encouraging to see such media platform owners starting to act against the anti-vaccination movement. For example, Instagram avoids health misinformation in its Explore page; YouTube has demonetized anti-vaccination videos and GoFundMe has recently taken down anti-vaccination fundraising appeals. Governments and their public health agencies need to develop a dialogue and joint strategy with social media platform providers to review and action against anti-vaccination misinformation and vaccine hesitancy promotion. Governments and regional bodies should convince or regulate platform providers to remove misinformation.

You can’t make the decision not to get the jab and expect to be allowed to talk about it in public. And you’d best pull the battery out of your phone, because Google, Microsoft, or Apple can listen in even when it’s turned off. They would consider it their duty to report your anti-vax sentiments to Uncle Sam, after which you can expect a phone call, or even a tap-tap-tap at your front door…

My main conclusion from reading all this is that the “vaccine hesitants” have already lost the propaganda war. It’s done. There’s nothing left but smoking craters and shattered trees. The war is over.

I am able to think for myself, to a certain extent, and I assume most of my readers are, too. But we are a small minority. The vast majority of the population has been conditioned to take in information from certain acceptable sources and to adopt attitudes and opinions based on what those sources tell them. All major outlets that purvey information — governments, NGOs, the MSM, social media — are already under the control of the pro-vaxers. Collectively they command massive resources, more than enough to hire as many credentialed social marketers as they like.

And those social marketing experts know how to manipulate the average citizen into thinking exactly what they want him to think.

There is nothing new about all this. In a strange novel called Smallcreep’s Day by Peter C. Brown (Victor Gollancz, 1965), the Salesman says: “People can, with a little prodding in the right places, be persuaded to buy anything, eat anything, join anything, believe anything, vote for anybody, or do anything you like to think of.”

’Twas ever thus.

Ours is a rearguard action. We can have no measurable effect on these larger schemes that aim to get everyone in the world “vaccinated”. All we can do is withhold our own consent, and encourage others by showing them they are not alone.

And, just for fun, we can endeavor to be the little dog that pulls back the curtain from in front of the seedy little man who pulls the levers.

31 thoughts on “Thanks to Social Marketing, You Will Be Assimilated

  1. Baron, you can’t “save them.” And it would not be right. Their choice.

    Meanwhile, time… relentless time, it will show the right choice. Truth will out, whatever it turns out to be.

  2. Rafael Obregon of UNICEF in Paraguay.

    UNICEF??????? That is all I need to know about the ‘authors’.

    Voodoo shot and mask free for me!!

  3. Just like the virtual worlds inhabited by “vaccine hesitant and active resisters” and sheeple are separate, the physical worlds are also separate.

    I often wonder why there hasn’t been an effort to effect some resistance in the real world, and I think a lot of it may be due to just not occupying the same spaces or being in close enough physical proximity to do something about these evil creatures. And the fact that they’re likely just waiting for that physical resistance as the excuse to unleash their goons and thugs upon us. I don’t have any illusion about winning the propaganda war with the same creatures that created and own the virtual spaces. Besides they already indoctrinated the vast mass of sheeple via the public education racket and reinforced it via their overwhelming control of the mediums of communication and interaction in the public square. The only way to effect change is kinetically, but I think that needs to wait until they lose their patience and strike the first blows if only to demonstrate that violent compulsion was the goal all along and bring clarity to why arms must be taken up.

      • I’ll have my good friend Mike do it!

        A few strategically placed rocks dropped into Earth’s gravity well aimed at Davos, DC, Silicon Valley, and wherever Zuck the Cuck & Gates hang out would go a long way to ending the tyranny of the elites.

  4. I watch UK Column News quite regularly and they are reporting this use of behavioral psychology by governments on the populace for years now, and they even have covered the British government policy papers etc. It is outrageous, on par with other behavioral scientists from Communist or Fascist regimes.

    Moreover – I suggest to watch this:

    It is a 4 hour long presentation by Dr Richard Fleming who is trying to get them on the science… In it, he suggests there is only about 1 to 2% real risk reduction of getting the covid by being vaccinated. But he says that there is also something else in the vaccine mRNA, except for the spike proteins, but not 100% sure what it is. The suggestion is being made that it really is a DNA modifying technology, and that it is paid for by the Pentagon, and that it will deactivate certain genes that are found active in “religious fanatics”. In other words, the vaccine real intention is to get rid of religious fanaticism. Sounds crazy, I know… But who in the elite class wouldn’t want to sheepify their sheep even more?

  5. Excellent piece, Baron. I’ll be promoting it as widely as I can …

  6. Of course, natural market forces will see a huge market for unvaxad customers and pro-trump voters, and will find a way to service those customers, maybe by setting up an ‘Orinoco’ outlet.

    And Alibaba will not discriminate either…..

    And if ‘they’ suppress ‘money’ then barter has always made an effective substitute.

    In modern history, the webs of leftist deceit, corruption and murder have always become so tangled and mangled at every level that the ship of state always ended up on the rocks of fear and Fascism.

    What will come first, the concentration (death) camps for the unvaxxed, or the mass die off of the vaxxed?

    What happens when the USA, en mass, suddenly realize that they are no longer the ‘good guys’?

    As ISAIAH said “For we like sheep have turned astray, we’ve turned every one to his (her) own way.”

    • In the US, there are over 500 million guns, most in the hands of conservatives who will NEVER EVER give them up to a government who will kill them. As soon as they start going after citizens with morning raids to take them, it will be open season on whatever alphabet soup agency sent out to do the marxist bidding’s.

  7. Ah, UNICEF………
    Why does “Satan’s Bible” comes to my mind reading this?
    Mein Kampf, Das Kapital, the Quran, The Great Reset, Brave New World, 1984,……. rolled into one.

    A roadmap for all tyrannical and utterly EVIL Dictators.

  8. “Persuasive efforts should appeal to …. beliefs … , rather than … factual ….messaging.”
    There you have it – from the horses’ mouths.

    UK column, in contrast, presents facts, and shows the deaths and adverse reactions to the injection. They also expose the psychological manipulations – neuro-linguistic programming – used by the state.

  9. My “measure” for the past eight decades: “FAITH + REASON.”

    They have not failed me, nor do I wish to abandon their Mother: WISDOM.

    Impart these to my kith and kin –and, well: “Devil take the hindmost.”

    The future of my FAMILY & TRIBE rests not on being the speediest, but rather merely being “one step ahead” of the catastrophe. And that’s simply enough!

    This too shall pass –for those prepared in body, mind, and spirit. Trust me.

    Peace, blessings, and lock ‘n load for the “Great Cleansing.”

    Isaiah 1:16 + King David PS 51

  10. The reason there is ‘no other option but eventually give in and take the jab’, is because the authors read their own work.
    Much like Huxley and Bradbury, controlling thought through language is the goal. The concept of a never-vaxxed person is anathema. It destroys the narrative, ergo cannot exist. Thus such a state will never be talked about, discussed, or acknowleged to exist. If brought up it will be ignored. There is no independece, only compliance. Now or later, your choice.
    See, you do have freedom!

  11. So I was commenting at Vox yesterday on the homeschooling article. I defended my small town public school for being pretty awesome and received quite a few hate comments. Of course I defended my comments and dismissed the haters as people that probably live near major cities where schools suck. Then I woke up this morning, grabbed coffee and checked emails. Then I saw this from the school.

    Good Evening Noble Public Schools,
    As we prepare for the 2021-2022 school year and all of our activities, we must resume our vigilance if we want to have any since of normalcy this year. We are in our second week of Fall Activities practices, and we are having to quarantine our first group due to a positive COVID-19 case. At this time, our MS Volleyball Team is quarantined while we conduct contact tracing and work to identify any exposures of non-vaccinated participants. Unfortunately, the virus now appears to be infecting more of our younger population, many of whom are not eligible to be vaccinated. We are not allowed to require any type of masking at this time, nor are we able to require vaccination.

    If you are able to vaccinate, please consider doing so. If you are not able or willing to do so, please wear a mask. We must do everything we possibly can to prevent this from spreading through our ranks. If you would like to notify us of your vaccination status, we will add it to our records and if you are exposed, we will be able to remove you from the list for contact tracing and possible quarantine. Again, we can’t require you to inform us of your vaccination status, but we are requesting any assistance you can offer us.

    We now have a full time nurse at every site and they begin working next week. We believe that this will help us be more efficient and effective moving forward. We will release our full set of plans next week. As the numbers continue to increase, please know and understand that the rules and requirements will probably change frequently. Due to the lateness of the evening, I am sending notification tonight only through email. Thank You. Go Bears!

    Frank Solomon
    Noble Public Schools

    The sumbitches are trying to lure us into the vax by saying if not vaxed wear a mask. Which will single out the kids who don’t get the jab. And if you’re a good little slave you MIGHT NOT have to be quarantined if it goes that way. How sick is that? It’s not a guarantee. And they are identifying any exposures of non-vaccinated participants. But wait… people that are vaxed are still getting covid supposedly. How does that [solid waste] even work? So if you’re vaxed you get a pass POSSIBLY, but if not they are going to identify you and single you out as the spreaders.

    When I’m wrong I’ll admit it and maybe I was wrong after all. I guess my small town is becoming infected with covidiotism and the pressure from .gov and their money is too much for a small school district to defend against. Sad to see this but like I said when I’m wrong I’m wrong. This stupidity has got to stop man. But I know it won’t deep inside. Very disappointed and upset this morning after reading that. I talked to my daughter and she said if they make her mask she’s going virtual. She’s had enough. 2 weeks out from school start folks and it’s coming on like a freight train. They want us all dead or under control. Even here in small town America the leaders are spineless followers of Satan.
    I’m at the point now. Let’s get it on [epithets]. You’re not touching my kid!

  12. The UN? The UN is an American ruling class deep state doctrinal warfare weapon. Established in NYC on land owned by the Rockefellers the UN and its global affiliates eg WHO are quintessental American deep state projects constructed to impose the Americanist social marketing agenda. If you don’t believe this then explain why the Biden Adm and the UN are aligned on every subject.

  13. I just found a piece that gives you the creeps.

    a guy asks the australian PM about the “vaccine” and possible side effects and the PM just says that you gave consent before you got injected. And its your responsibility to get enough information but any side effects are not the faults of the “vaccine” producer, it is your fault because yiou should have informed yourself better.
    And then the PM wants more vaccinations.

  14. Have they ever considered that their ‘social marketing’ is the very thing causing ‘(not a) vaccine hesitancy?”
    If the disease was something dangerous like smallpox or pneumonic plague, the danger of death of would make people grasp at anything that might give them a degree of immunity. But this is just a flu, not even as bad as the Spanish Flu, and there are plenty of alternative treatments like HCQ and Ivermectin.
    Or if it were a conventional vaccine and not an experimental genetic therapy, then it would be just one more flu inoculation.
    But the very effort put into pushing the notavax, along with the ghoulish seizure on this disease as an opportunity for a “Great Reset,” makes people like me suspicious. I firmly believe that there is something else, probably nefarious, behind the notavax and the harder they push it, the more convinced I am.
    I have no intentions of taking it until the FDA approves it, the manufacturers are liable and a few years have passed to evaluate the long term effects.

    • The manufacturer’s are never liable. Even after approval.

      If you’re lucky and win in “Vaccine Court” (look it up), you might get a payout from …. yourself, the American Taxpayer (*actually, The Fed).

  15. 1) All this has been implemented. It has been the single most expensive “social marketing” campaign (propaganda) in the in history of mankind. I could not count the zeros of the amount spent on it (from our resources).

    2) The psyop is totally psychopathic: you cannot say ‘NO’ (you always remain a ‘hesitant’) — this is rape. And their language is totally cynical: “psychologically INOCULATES the population”

    3) The brainwashing has been succesful and very deep — dream level or deeper. Therefore it is not reversible by ANY means; not even by human tragedies or mass disaster because the cognitive dissonance will be so strong. Even if a family member dies from the jab it will be rationalized and explained away. Only the complete reverse of mass-opinion would do it (sheep-effect), but it will not happen.

    4) The segmentation serves a further goal beyond marketing purposes: divide et impera. They are taking down segments of the society one-by-one. (For example mandatory jabs for the doctors and then for the firemen and teachers etc); and when the remaining “active resistants” are only a tiny unjabbed minority they will be simply hunted down. They will be the ‘Vaccine-Kulaks’ who are held responsible for the (alleged) public health-disaster and declared free game. Expect widespread witch-hunts and public shaming of the unjabbed individuals and worse.

    5) A sign of the hubris mentioned by GoV: the only reaction the psyop-makers do not seem to count with is that they get caught in their game. That masses will notice the lies and contradictions and decipher the psychological codes of the “nudgers”. An this is happening: many honest people see through the game. But it is too late, as we are already in the kinetic phase of the vaxx-psyop where increasing level of physical force (and other force) is used:

    6) We are at the beginnng of the next phase of the operation that is branding “hesitants” and “resistants” terrorists:

    “A high-level inter-agency task force reporting to the UN secretary-general could assess the full impact of anti-vaccine aggression, and propose tough, balanced measures. The task force should include experts who have tackled complex global threats such as terrorism, cyber attacks and nuclear armament, because anti-science is now approaching similar levels of peril. It is becoming increasingly clear that advancing immunization requires a counteroffensive.” (Nature)

    7) No return. The brainwashing has been so deep and all-encompassing that the social disaster is unavoidable on a global scale. No good outcome can be expected, even if the brainwashed masses would immediately “wake up” — it would only lead to social unrests which is a wargamed scenario too. Which does not mean that they should not wake up. But prepare for the worst. There is no way back. It does not mean all resistance is ‘hopeless’ (which is another recent psy-lie ‘they’ have been trying to make us believe in order to weaken the resistance). It means it is war — and that has no ‘good’ outcome (because one characteristic of war is that the enemy is forced to choose between bad and worse outcomes). Peace is over but freedom is only over when we give up.

    • So what is the goal?
      Is it just to condition the public to obedience?
      Thanks for the link. It is interesting to see the thought processes of evil.

      • On a 2AD site it was speculated that if they can push those “vaccines” through, then they have prove that we are spineless cowards who will do anything and then they can take away the 1st AD and 2nd AD and then follows gun confiscation.

      • “So what is the goal?”

        — As to how exactly we could connect the dots from the mRNA jabs to the total takeover it would take some days to figure out…

        But the end-goal is obviously the long-term usurpation of what’s left of individual freedom and free market economies, and the imposition of a global socialist/communist dictatorship. The jab is just ONE weapon for it, whatever evil stuff or placebo they put in it.

        The detailed plan from the horse’s mouth:

        “World Economic Forum’s “COVID-19 transformation map” transforms society into open air prison, a technocracy”. In the video you can see that it is modelled in a 200 (!)-layer map.

        From a psychological point of view this is a global psychopathic takeover that aims to DESTROY and EXPLOIT the victim. To understand this mindset watch this:

        “4 Extremely Disturbing Interviews With Psychopaths”:

        In this case the psychopathic goal is no less than DESTROY HUMANITY because this is the entity that hinders the global takeover. This includes the destruction of human qualities like striving for individual happiness, solidarity and empathy, free thought, ability for hope and faith, and planning for the future. Therefore it would be no surprise if the jabs aimed to technically destroy some of these qualities by harming their vessel, the human body. They want us on our knees.

        All in all: this is just WW3 with new weapons that we are not used to and do not understand yet. In every new war the new weapons shocked the enemy. In WW1 in 1914 the 19th-century generals first ordered cavalry charges against the machine guns…

  16. The Apostle Paul, in his second letter to Timothy who at that time was the pastor of the church in Ephesus, wrote in the first part of the Third Chapter the following, “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: for men (and women) will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good,” and the list goes on and concludes with Verse 9.
    Given the correlation between what Paul described and the observed character of those in places of power and authority I would hazard that the last daze are truly upon us. Jesus also warned us of the coming dystopia in which humans would become not much better than brute beasts, but He said that when we see this along with the other signs of a troubled earth, like the 8.2 earthquake in the Aleutian Islands last night, that we should take heart and look up, for our redemption draweth nigh (is very near).
    Those who choose this world and its lusts over what the Lord God has provided will have their day. I am grateful that I and my rather extended family have chosen Jesus Christ and his love for us instead so that we won’t be around when those of this world have the day that is coming to them.
    Yes, what is described in the “Key Guidelines” paper is straight out of my business marketing textbook that I had to slough through on my way to my Bachelor’s degree in business management with my conscience screaming at me for entertaining such unethical thoughts, and when I invoked conscience and ethics as the preferable business practice instead of what the professors were promulgating my GPA was significantly reduced so that I would no longer appear desirable to prospective employers. It’s just as well, I still have my conscience and my relationship with my Lord Jesus intact and I know what cliff the rest of them are running towards to jump off of.

  17. No concern that only a minuscule percentage of people have died WITH covid, likely far less than the 0.26% figure we are presented with.

    No concern that the fakecine only offers approximately 1% difference from doing nothing, and does not prevent infection or transmission.

    No concern that more people (per official government records) have died directly as a result of the fakecine in the last six months than have been killed by ALL vaccines over the past 50 years (and likely far more, not to mention the many injuries and disabilities).

    No concern that the fakecine does nothing to address the virus itself, but only produces vast amounts of the chief viral pathogen by hijacking the bodies own cells to produce this pathogen endlessly en mass in lieu of producing needed proteins, leading to disseminated thrombosis throughout the body, and likely writing this into the person’s DNA to be passed on (if it doesn’t sterilize you first).

    And we are supposed to buy in that this is for our own good? No greater lie has ever been perpetrated upon the people of this planet.

  18. I recently read Ted Flynn’s book titled “Hope of the Wicked” which explained the origins of communism prior to the French Revolution, and the planned undermining of the US throughout the 19th to 2020, when the book was written. A lot of topics are covered: Secret societies, profitability of wars, creation on the Federal Reserve, public holding of gold being made illegal by FDR and the abandonment of the gold standard in 1971, US support for USSR, electronic bondage, infanticide, the role of the UN and CFR to create a NWO. Socialism is explained as a movement of the economic elites for ever more control, not a movement of the downtrodden masses.

  19. See you at the barricades/parapet/foxhole/whatever cover is available. Very soon, the people that consider themselves our masters will lose patience, and go to the whip. They always do. They have such Power, and don’t understand our resistance to it. So, a bit of flogging is in the offing. I have always expected it, and it will come. The four horsemen, in the saddle, at long last begin a slow canter. I suppose those in power inflict these things upon us for our own good, as zealots are wont to do. The lack of perspective regarding their own mortality, is a misstep for the ages, as their predecessors found out, 1945. Such is the empire of lies built by communists.

  20. The clot shots have hurt or killed too many people to be acceptable anymore. The marketing is irrelevant. If the “elites” try to force the issue, they will only invoke the people’s wrath.

  21. it’s going worse before going better, or maybe it is just going worse. the leading class, the elite, the establishment, in the best case scenario are just crooks and liars, who just want to get richer by selling these biothings, in the worst case, they are implementing long time planned mass suicide, in order to reduce the number of human activity in an effective malthusian way. I personally do not think the real problem is the biothing, but the economic shutdown, lockdown, “social” measures, pass checks, all of these are actually killing many small businesses and forcing people into poverty and possibly will end them in starvation, while at the same time all prices and costs are raising. There is no return to normality anytime soon.

  22. Well, right now it’s not being able to see my own family if I don’t get vaccinated.
    Forget what the ‘experts’ may want.

    Squeezed by the other week visiting my 97 year old Aunt. They asked me if I was vaxed, and I said, no. I thought they might kick me out but didn’t. We stayed masked and distanced. I felt reeeally lucky.
    Hope it stays that way.

    It’s getting very lonely, and have relatives a couple thousand miles away I like to go see. Little grand nephews, and a niece born last year. Couldn’t go before because everyone was freaked about the China virus.

    Now, I have been told I cannot see my nieces family if I am not vaccinated. Even if I social distance and wear a mask. I do understand her concern since she works with elderly in their homes. But, now I feel like my back is up against the wall, and that makes me hate this whole situation even more. This is truly agonizing.

    Also jobs in my field are limited. Vax required. Not sure if I can last much longer. I am not anti-vax. I just am not ready to get it, since I have good health, am concerned if I get any side effects, and hate having stuff poked into me anyway. I read food labels all the time. Can I get a list of the ingredients of what they want to put into me? What goes into my body is the only thing I feel I have a say in these days.

    Sometimes it seems I might as well be in a POW camp.

    I also think it’s weird how ‘they’ are paying people money to get the shots. Now, why the heck would they do that.

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