Silvia Sardone: “Belgium is Already a Lost Country”

A couple of days ago I posted a video from Silvia Sardone, an Italian MEP for the Lega, talking about the enormous mosque being built in Strasbourg with funding from the city government. In the following video Ms. Sardone visits the other “capital of Europe”, Brussels, to discuss the recent conviction of four members of the Flemish nationalist group Voorpost. The four men were given six-month prison sentences for displaying a banner with the words “Stop Islamization” above stylized figures clad in niqabs.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Now it is forbidden to say “No to Islamization” in Europe.
00:05   That’s what happened in Belgium, where four members of a Flemish organization
00:09   have been sentenced to six months in jail for showing a banner saying “Stop Islamization”.
00:15   According to the court in question, it constitutes “incitement to hatred”, apparently.
00:19   Yes, you heard me right: being opposed to a dangerous drift
00:22   is equivalent to incitement to violence, according to some.
00:25   That’s insane! This is not surprising, not at all.
00:28   The court in question is in a city, Mechelen, where Muslims
00:33   are already 20% of the population. Belgium is already a lost country.
00:38   Last March a Belgian editor removed the passage about Muhammad from the
00:42   Divine Comedy in order not to hurt Muslims’ feelings.
00:45   The new government has three ministers of Arab origin.
00:48   In Belgium the government is funding a committee against Islamophobia,
00:52   and a new Islamic party is fighting to establish the sharia.
00:56   In Molenbeek [famous culturally enriched district of Brussels],
01:00   where European jihadism started spreading, 21 out of 46 municipal civil servants are Muslims.
01:05   At this rate, in twenty years, Brussels is going to become an Islamic capital.
01:10   We cannot surrender to this drift. We cannot accept that
01:14   being opposed to Islamization can lead to being sentenced to jail.
01:18   This obsession with political correctness leads people to cover up what is happening.
01:25   Europe is more and more menaced by Islamism.
01:28   Mosques multiply; there are more and more hate preachers.
01:31   Already entire districts of several cities have been completely taken over by extremists.
01:35   We won’t bow, I won’t bow to this.
01:38   And we will go on, I will go on criticizing this subjugated EU.

20 thoughts on “Silvia Sardone: “Belgium is Already a Lost Country”

  1. That is Scary. Although Brussels is always known to inevitably be among the 1st Islamic European majority city democratically ruled by Islamists. It’s still terrifying to think that It has already happened.
    Yet STILL no outrage or even Any concern at all from these “unexplainable” people who purposefully and happily did this.
    For God’s sake people..! This is a history altering event/series of events that there’s no going back from nor halting or slowing it’s continuation. No such thing as buyers remorse in this case.
    Our Unwavering faith in Democracy will be very sorely tested very soon, as we’re no longer going to be the majority in many, and eventually close to all of our towns, cities and God forbid some of our countries too. …

    • Democracy is dead as we know it, we willingly gave it to our so called betters with standing applause to the marxist utopia. Now you will have to arm up and shoot your way out of this mess, for you ain’t going to vote your way out of this any longer, the way has been shut and there are no so called innocents any longer. Deo Volente!

      • Democracy is dead, and we allowed it, it is that coldly simple. Now get ready for the ruthless strongman to arrive.

  2. Have we forgotten Karl Popper so soon?

    Islamists know perfectly well that to live up to our so-called principles, we in the West have to tolerate literally anything. Plus, Europeans now have gone full Stockholm Syndrome and think surrendering to Islam will expiate the sins of the dreaded colonialism.

    Fun historical fact: A small group brimming with self-confidence (e.g. the Bolsheviks, the Muslims) can dominate a massive population awash in material luxury and indoctrinated with self-loathing. A masjid being built with city funding. Wow. Just wow.

    So long, Europe. It was a good run.

    • You just wait when it is culturally enriched by islamic-arabic and african vocabulary.

  3. Yes, and when we wake up in Sharia times then all those leftwing loonies will ask: How did this happen? We never saw it coming.

    • The lefty loonies are irrelevant and immaterial, they will get what is coming to them as all the weak, feckless and stupid are going to find out much to their horror. This is now the age of the ruthless man, prepare accordingly.

    • It would almost be worth islamization to see those fools be whipped, raped, and stoned into the reality they created through their stupidity.

    • Or number three of at least three for all public transport and you name it. Oh well. What’s new?

  4. The EUrabia conspiracy is alive and well.

    And the invasion, only somewhat concealed as a stream of refugees, accelerates again.
    Unhindered by such petty things as a supposedly deadly and dangerous pandemic.

    • Well let’s hope there are armed forces big organised and manly enough to take issue with any possibility.

      • There you go again wishing somebody will save you, you are the armed force, start bloody acting like it.

  5. It’s very sad , they did this for one and only one purpose, “ Islamization of Western Europe “ and is going very well, Heil Merkel&CO, good job !! I hope you burn in hell for the action you and EU. Did since 2015 ..

  6. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Merkel herself was a victim of her own 1930s Soviet communist style immigration initiative?

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