Silvia Sardone: “Muslims Are Taking Over the Capital of Europe”

Silvia Sardone is an Italian MEP for the Lega, the party of Matteo Salvini. She’s been seen several times in this space (most recently here) decrying the Islamization of Italy and the baneful effects of mass immigration.

As I reported back in March, the largest mosque in Europe is under construction in Strasbourg, which (along with Brussels) may be considered the capital of Europe. With a Green mayor in charge of Strasbourg, the construction of the mosque is being underwritten with public funds.

In the following video Silvia Sardone visits the mosque site in Strasbourg to express her anger at what is being done there with the help of the Greens.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We are in Strasbourg before the building site which is to become the largest mosque in Europe.
00:05   A huge building which is going to have 44-meter high minarets and 28 domes.
00:12   The 10,000 square meter area is going to comprise a prayer space
00:17   suitable for hosting 3,000 believers, several conference halls, a library,
00:23   a teachers’ room, a restaurant and some stores, plus a parking lot with a capacity for 600 cars.
00:29   Just think — it is only two kilometers away from another big mosque, in the city.
00:33   The total construction cost of this mosque is €32 million, 2.5 million of which
00:39   will be funded by Strasbourg City Hall, led by a mayor of Green background.
00:45   According to the Greens, including the mayor of Milan,
00:48   taxpayers’ money shall be used to build mosques.
00:51   The Strasbourg metro area already has 22 mosques
00:55   and has turned into a key location for political Islam.
00:58   The construction of this mosque has been funded mainly by Turkey and Qatar.
01:03   The project is supported by Millî Görüş, a cultural and religious organization
01:07   which has been blacklisted by the German Government
01:10   and which refused to sign the Charter of Rights for Islam in France last January.
01:14   In 2018 an Islamist terrorist attack that left 5 dead and 11 wounded took place here in Strasbourg.
01:19   A young Italian citizen named Antonio Megalizzi died in that attack.
01:23   Muslims are taking over the capital of Europe now.
01:28   Here political Islam, the most dangerous one, is taking over.
01:32   According to some data, 10% of the people listed for terrorism by the police
01:36   come either from Strasbourg or from the rest of Alsace.
01:40   Here Muslims are more than the 15% of the population.
01:44   Here the very first Muslim campus in Europe is being built.
01:48   It’s a college like others, or sort of, I’d say.
01:51   Its students will be able to attend two different courses of study.
01:55   One is the ordinary French national curriculum;
01:59   the other is the Islamic curriculum enforced in Turkey.
02:03   Strasbourg is considered Erdogan’s party’s political laboratory.
02:07   Some years ago the Turkish President held a rally here affirming Turkey
02:12   as the real defender of civilization, calling to fight Islamophobia to the cry of Allah Akhbar.

9 thoughts on “Silvia Sardone: “Muslims Are Taking Over the Capital of Europe”

  1. Europe is laying down for their conquerors. They are helping build the mosques of those who are conquering them. When Europe rejected the God of the Bible, they took leave of their senses. They don’t know enough to protect themselves or their children now. Pathetic.

  2. just bigger rubble to clean up one day. what a misguided waste by treasonous left

  3. Europe is finished with this EU. Traitors, and Germany witch creates so much distraction and filth with this illegal parasites..

  4. Want to stop this insanity, take care of the politicians that allow and encourage it.

      • WHAT PART OF YOU AIN”T VOTING YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS MESS ARE YOU NOT GETTING OR UNDERSTANDING!???> You will now have to [intemperate recommendation redacted] ! Jesus H K-Rist you people are thick!

  5. Well perhaps even the great leftover from Sovietnam Merkel and her conquering Muslims will experience some resistance at some point. Islam doesn’t think so.

    • What islam doesn’t understand and they won’t until it is far too late, when the western man gets angry, he conquers and kills all in his way. When the fun and festivities kick off, and believe me, they will at some point, the rules of war and so called Geneva convention stupidity will go out the window and the war of complete utter annihilation will commence with a vengeance not seen in a millennia. The day of the absolute ruthless man is almost here.

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