Lockdowns Don’t Apply to the Muslims of Milan

An illegal mosque in Milan is brazenly flouting the “red zone” lockdown rules that non-Muslim citizens are forced to obey. The two videos below concern the reactions of two politicians for the Lega, Matteo Salvini’s party.

The first video features Silvia Sardone, an MEP for the Lega, who has been threatened with rape and death for her opposition to the mosque. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The second video features Stefano Pavesi, an advisor for the Lega. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article from Il Giornale (translated by Gary Fouse) reports on the controversy over the illegal mosque:

Is this not a red zone…? It is crowded at the illegal mosque

Milan is in the red zone, but in the extreme west periphery, Muslims flock to the mosque. The anger of the Lega

by Francesca Galici
March 19, 2021

All of Lombardy is again in the red zone beginning Monday, 15 March with the resulting consequences.

It is prohibited to leave home if not for a valid, justified reason, which could be for health. The schools are closed, as well as restaurants, bars, and many commercial enterprises. The ban on assemblies is the same for the past year in all of Italy, particularly in red zones. The experts now say that even one meter of distance is not enough to reduce the risk of contagion due to variants, and therefore, it is necessary to at least double the social distance. If, for the most part, the majority respect these directions, there are those who seem to live above the rules, as pointed out by Silvia Sardone, MEP and Lega municipal advisor, and Stefano Pavesi, Lega advisor for Municipality 8.

The two Lega advocates denounced what is happening in Via Sabatino Lopez, on the extreme northwest periphery of Milan, between Bovisasca and Quarto Oggiaro. “Maybe something has escaped us, but Via Lopez is precisely around the illegal mosque inside a former bakery; is it not a red zone like the rest of the city? Judging by the gatherings of Muslims on the sidewalks, it seems not,” noted the two Lega members.

With the images from the outside of the building, the words of the Lega advocates take on more weight. “It is absurd and inconceivable that the municipality doesn’t enforce the laws, in this case, the regional law on religious locations, especially in a pandemic situation that we are going through,” explains Silvia Sardone, who then wonders: “Why are the Muslims free to gather together blatantly violating the anti-Covid regulations while citizens and merchants have to remain home or keep their own locations closed with the evident social and economic damages?”

In the Milan community, the question is long-standing, especially that which concerns illegal mosques. It is impossible to censor them all, especially when the police intervene to close one, another quickly opens. But Silvia Sardone isn’t giving up and continues to make decisive and timely inquiries to Mayor Beppe Sala: “This mosque is illegal and should be closed. Mayor Sala, make yourself heard, send the local police to make an inspection, and then proceed accordingly. To begin with, it would be enough to intervene on Friday, the day of prayer, to punish all those who don’t respect the rules, beginning with social distance.”

Stefano Pavesi is strongly committed to combating a possible violation but, “the municipality of Milan and Municipality 8 led by the PD (Partito Democratico) are sound asleep”. Numerous reports have already been sent in on the situation on Via Lopez, “but in return, we have received total silence, a sign of an evident lack of political will to resolve the problems raised.” The outermost areas of Milan are always alone, almost forgotten by the central administration. Stefano Pavese, however, has promised his community his maximum commitment for a resolution: “We will go forward to maintain high attention, at the side of citizens exasperated by this situation. Enough with “two weights and two measures” [different rules for different people]. The people of Milan cannot always be penalized in respect to the foreigners.”

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Well… not only we but also the City Hall
00:03   and the Municipal Board expressly voted against this mosque.
00:07   Sala [mayor of Milan] disregarded the Municipal Board’s decision and went ahead,
00:11   granting this tract for the mosque, temporarily.
00:15   But in Italy temporary concessions often become permanent with time, unfortunately.
00:19   Well… they threatened to rape me. To gang-rape me.
00:23   I have received death threats. They threatened to burn me alive. To kill me and my kids.
00:29   Well… I see nothing moderate in all this.
00:33   Nevertheless… it’s also wrong to say that that is the real Islam, isn’t it?
00:38   Look, I am not saying that that is the real Islam.
00:41   I am just saying that the people who insulted and threatened me are people of Islamic faith.
00:47   And besides, they are not of Italian origin, because it is evident by their names.
00:52   Did you receive messages of solidarity from women? Politicians of the left, particularly?
00:57   Mrs. [Laura] Boldrini [Partito Democratico] and her friends were probably too busy fighting
01:02   to impose “ministress” instead of minister and “mayoress” instead of mayor.
01:07   Instead of expressing their solidarity with a woman who receives death threats.
01:12   Probably because I am a rightist woman, and the death threats are from Muslim people.
01:20   If I had been a leftist woman receiving death threats from someone else,
01:24   they would have done anything to defend me.
01:27   Which didn’t happen for me.

Video transcript #2:

00:02   So, we are on via Lopez, Municipality 8. Already, some years ago,
00:06   I pointed out the issue of this store,
00:09   in which there is an illegal mosque.
00:12   I alerted the municipal council, which gave no response.
00:16   Today, after so many years have passed, we again find ourselves here,
00:20   in full pandemic, full lock-down, in an orange zone,
00:24   which is Milan, and here we again can find many people
00:28   all gathered together and praying inside this store — while we Italians
00:32   are locked up at home, and we cannot celebrate Christmas with our relatives,
00:36   they can be here, pray, and do whatever they want undisturbed.
00:40   Among other things, this mosque is illegal because it is inside a shop. It has
00:44   no kind of control — it doesn’t respect any type of guideline.
00:48   But for [Mayor] Sala, and his council, this is completely normal.
00:52   Therefore, I once again ask the responsible institutions
00:56   that this mosque be closed, and that order be re-established on via Lopez and all of Milan.

7 thoughts on “Lockdowns Don’t Apply to the Muslims of Milan

  1. Damn! I almost made it! Now it’s looking like I am going to be here after all. As Western Europe for sure turns into another Beirut- or Syria. With all those new girl battalions the balance favour is easy to see. No live ammo and no men after six. Multi mulcherism.

  2. It is the same here in Greece.
    They live the way they like while we live locked in.
    We must not be more than 20 in churches while for them there is no restriction in praying in illegal mosques.
    We have no right to demonstrate and if we do it the police brutality is unbelievable.
    In our country we are second class citizens.
    When and how this will erupt i do not know but the unger is very high.

    • Use ole Lord Impalers tactics, Like Theresa said put pigs in their bloody mosques and tell them Lord Impaler is coming back.

  3. The more they allow these 3rd worlders to do what they want and work against their own people, the chances of getting a Mussolini on steroids becomes inevitable.

  4. Here in the Netherlands (population : 18 million, over a million muslims), those who observe Ramadan seem to be getting a break as well. After last weeks elections, several politicians openly speculated about softening / loosening Covid measures, the much disliked curfew in particular. Currently the curfew time frame is between 9 PM and 4:30 AM, and it was suggested to “give the people an extra hour” and change the curfew starting time to 10 PM. Then with summer daylight savings time beginning the last sunday in March, (next week) that’s gaining another extra hour.
    Talking about Ramadan in a Covid measures context, Rotterdam’s mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb (himself Moroccan and muslim) stated “It becomes complicated for a lot of people to obey the rules.” which may be a diplomatic way of predicting social unrest for all I know. An infuriated Geert Wilders called Mr. Aboutaleb’s statement “a slap in the face of every Dutch person who wished to celebrate Christmas with their families last December, but wasn’t allowed to”. Fact of the matter is that even without any Covid or restrictive measures, Ramadan already causing all kinds of problems that you don’t read about in the papers. Just check any highschool. From my perspective there is no way the Dutch authorities will be able to enforce Covid measures during Ramadan for a number of different reasons. They lack manpower and simply put, once they start fining “culturally diverse” people, all hell will break loose, all kinds of “racism ! discrimination !” accusations will be flying, and things might spiral out of control into social unrest on a large scale in the cities. I don’t think the authorities want that, they’ve got enough headaches as it is during the current pandemic.

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