The Great Replacement is Right on Schedule

Hellequin GB has translated three articles from PolitikStube about the migrant influx into Europe. The first two concern the activities of one of the “migrant-rescue” vessels, Ocean Viking.

The first article describes the unusual circumstance of a people-trafficker who asked to be returned to Libya:

Ocean Viking collects 10 people — a “rescued (smuggler)” wants to return to Libya

The Ocean Viking is cruising again in the search and pick-up zone off the Libyan coast, and found what it was looking for yesterday. According to SOS Méditerranée GER on Twitter, ten people (including two women, three children and a newborn baby) were pulled from a boat 36 nautical miles off the Libyan coast; the action was allegedly coordinated by the local Libyan coast guard, which had requested the support.

A normal “rescue mission”, apart from the cooperation with the Libyan coast guard; what is new, however, is that a “rescued person” wants to be brought back to Libya, so it says in the message from SOS Méditerranée GER on Twitter:

“During the rescue operation, one of the castaways on board the boat expressed the wish to return to Libya. Our crew provided a life jacket for safety and the person was taken on board the patrol boat by the Libyan coast guard.”

“Shipwrecked”, a gallant paraphrase for the smuggler or human trafficker. You just have to come up with stories after the NGO “Save the Children” have already been charged with working with smugglers and German “sea rescuers” with smuggling in Italy.

And the fiberglass boat was probably not directly in “distress”, either; the boat did not take in any water and was in perfect buoyancy.

Alas! High winds came in, so the Ocean Viking was only able to “rescue” 116 migrants and bring them to Italy:

Rejection from Libya — too much wind: With only 116 migrants, Ocean Viking is apparently heading for Italy

Unfortunately, the Ocean Viking has to leave the search and check-in zone off the Libyan coast in an unplanned manner and probably end the “mission” prematurely; the bad weather is wreaking havoc on the “sea rescue plans”. The wind makes it impossible, on the one hand, to initiate the “emergency at sea” and, on the other hand, to allow the boat occupants to transfer to the migrant ferry.

A migrant from Libya informed Sea-Watch International about the fresh breeze, that there was too much wind to make it to the ship in a tugboat. Cancellation from Libya, now the collections have to be postponed until the calm and the nice weather set in again.

After all, there were two pickups: on March 18, 2021 10 people were picked up, one castaway — the smuggler, was brought back to Libya, then 106 people were fished out yesterday. With only 116 migrants , the Ocean Viking is now heading for Italy or Lampedusa, the only safe havens in the region.

Finally, on a somewhat related note, Alice Weidel of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) talks about the fact that birth rates are rising in Germany because of the influx of culture-enriching baby-making machines from the Third World as a result of the Great Migration Crisis:

Alice Weidel: Increase in the number of births in Germany due to migrants

We can all rest assured, because Germany is on the rise. “The number of births has also risen, mainly due to asylum influx… The strong influx of women seeking protection in 2015 and 2016 from the Near and Middle East as well as from Africa, i.e. regions with a high birth rate,” was “largely responsible for the rise in the birth rate in Germany.” Women from Syria, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Iraq had “in the period 2015 to 2016 an average of 3.5 to 4.6 children per woman, a noticeably higher fertility rate than the average fertility rate of all foreign women (2.1).” Have a beautiful Sunday!

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