Vlaams Belang: Protect Our Flemish Identity

Last week I reported that four members of the Flemish “right-wing extremist” group Voorpost had been sentenced to six months in prison for carrying a banner that read “Stop Islamization” (“Stop Islamisering”) at a demonstration. I mentioned the fact that Filip Dewinter, the leader of Vlaams Belang, had carried banners on multiple occasions that featured the same slogan, yet he had never been prosecuted.

This week I dug back into the archives and found the photo shown at the top of this post. I took it in October of 2007, at an event in Antwerp sponsored by Vlaams Belang that featured Filip Dewinter and Robert Spencer as speakers. Almost fourteen years later Mr. Dewinter is still a free man, never having served any time in the slammer for displaying that “hateful” sign.

The following video reports on a demonstration in which members of Vlaams Belang protested the verdict and the sentences against the four men from Voorpost. Filip Dewinter can be seen in the video, showing a lot more grey in his hair than he had that night in Antwerp fourteen years ago.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   At the Great Market of Mechelen, some 10 members of parliament for Vlaams Belang
00:08   carried out an action about an hour ago against a judgment
00:12   by the Criminal Court of Mechelen, which has sentenced four members
00:16   of the radical-right organization Voorpost
00:20   for incitement to hate and violence during a protest in May of last year.
00:25   On a banner, seen here from a similar action,
00:29   under the words, “Stop Islamization”, some women
00:33   in burkas or niqabs are seen. That was
00:37   the reason for the court to infer that Islam in the future will dominate, and that women
00:41   will be forced to wear the burka or niqab,
00:44   and the court ruled that was incitement to hate and violence.
00:50   Vlaams Belang did not agree.
00:53   What we find today that the judges in Mechelen have directly attacked
00:58   the freedom of speech. The resistance against Islamization
01:02   is not incitement to hate and violence. It is for the freedom of speech, the
01:06   protection of what is dear to us, our identity.

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  2. They dont touch him because of the support for him. He is seen too mucgh.
    So they strike at his supporters. When he has no more supporters they will take their revenge at him. With interest and interests interest.

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